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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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wind between noon and 3:00 p.m., where it could be close to 50 miles per hour. first this morning, -- eric: elizabeth: first this morning, a woman victimized by a peeping tom is pushing for changes. it's all in senate bill 21-85. eric: right now you may be surprised by what it takes to convict a peeping tom. kcci's ryan smith explains how new legislation could eliminate legal loopholes. ryan: ruth lapointe found holes inside her iowa city apartment in the ceiling and floor. the landlord systematically carved out places to peep using crawl spaces to spy on his unsuspecting tenants. elwyn miller is reportedly still a landlord in the college town. >> because he's a landlord he fell under special circumstances and he had full access to our homes right after the incident so we were barricading our doors and things like that. it was definitely a scary time. ryan: a peeping conviction requires the victim be partially nude and the suspect be aroused while spying on their victim.
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court revictimized her and others in the apartment. >> it was hard for me and the other victims to have to describe the fact that our landlord was or was not aroused and knowing that his guilt was resting on that was burdensome. ryan: senate bill 21-85 drops those requirements. and stiffens the penalty from a simple misdemeanor to a serious misdemeanor. just this week iowa city police arrested robert hightower for multiple charges including peeping, burglary, and criminal trespass. this after investigators distributed his picture caught in the act video taping a woman in the shower at burge hall. >> every year that goes by more people are not being brought to justice. elizabeth: sb 21-85 made it out of the judicial committee this week, its first hurdle. it is on the calendar for debate in the senate. a similar bill failed to make it through the statehouse last year. eric: new information on sunday's shooting in eagle grove. eagle grove police have now released the names of the two men involved. they say 21-year-old marcos
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26-year-old hugo salinas. castaneda then exited his vehicle, shot salinas, a then shot himself. it happened in the 100 block of north lucas avenue. hospital. neither man's condition being released this morning. castaneda has been transferred to a secure facility and has been charged with attempted murder. elizabeth: we told you wednesday about the parent arrested after threatening school staff members, because of an incident on a bus. a maxwell mother says the school bus driver assaulted the parent's son and her own daughter. eric: alena mcguire tells us she spoke with the elementary school principal tuesday after the alleged incident happened, but they did nothing. that's why she wants to press charges. kcci's kim st. onge has the details. >> what are you drawing? >> a circle. >> a circle? kim: alena mcguire's 4 daughters are all home from school today. >> careful. way. kim: she says they aren't going back until the bus driver is
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>> to allow somebody to drive these students home that's going to get physical with them and allow her son to beat on them and then not do anything about it, it is a huge deal. kim: 10-year-old alivia hickman was on the bus tuesday and says she watched as the driver's son punched ortan haywood's son. when other students stepped in to help, that's when alivia says the driver turned on her. >> she wrapped her arm around my mouth. kim: the driver also allegedly assaulted or tan's son. >> kept on hitting him, pushing him down into the seat, kind of like hitting him in the back of his head. kim: ortan was arrested wednesday shortly after confronting school officials. i asked collins-maxwell school officials about the bus incident and whether there have been any others issues with the driver, but was told they can't comment because it's a personnel matter. >> we haven't been informed of anything so once we are informed , we'll do what we need to do on our end.
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four willing to home school her children so long as that driver is still behind the wheel. >> anything it takes to protect my children, i'm going to do it. >> i love you. elizabeth: we are told the bus did have a camera on it, but it doesn't work. alena told us the bus driver will not be fired but her son will no longer ride the bus. eric: it is 4:34 this morning, warmer temperatures and high wind. metinka: the temperature in des moines went from 49 to 59 degrees in just the last hour. it is a gorgeous star if you do not mind the wind. 45 and fort dodge. a wind advisory will last through 6:00 p.m. with the west wind gusting over 50 miles per hour, with the strongest wind around 2:00 or 3:00. mid-50's across the southern half of the state with 50's --
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elizabeth: after a fire at jefferson's pizza ranch, investigators turn their attention to the manager, who admitted to stealing more than $12,000 from her old job. eric: in an exclusive interview, kcci's vanessa peng spoke to the manager, who says she's innocent. vanessa: that's right, melinda wood, the jefferson pizza ranch manager, tells me she's stressed and upset people are pointing fingers at her because of her troubled past. as investigators piece together what led to this fire damage inside the jefferson pizza ranch , they've turned their attention to restaurant manager melinda wood. >> i feel really upset right now . i don't think it's fair to me. vanessa: wood says it's all because of what she did at her old job. >> everybody in town automatically thinks i did it because of my past. vanessa: according to court documents, in 2011 wood was working as the assistant manager at the jefferson subway. in 2012, she pleaded guilty to stealing more than $12,000 from them by keeping deposits for herself instead of putting them in the bank.
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it. the person i took the money from has forgiven me and i've moved on with my life, and i'm a better person now. vanessa: a search warrant was issued for text messages that were sent and received on wood's cell phone from january 22 to the 29th. the fire happened around 12:15 in the morning on january 27. police interviewed wood the day after the fire and released her. according to court documents, after an investigation. jefferson police, fire and a state fire marshal agent all concluded the fire had been intentionally set. wood says she was on a four day weekend when it happened. >> i was in bed at 12:30, when i got the phone call. i know that i didn't do it, that i'm innocent. vanessa: wood says the owner, rob schultz hasn't fired her . she's still the manager. he also told her he plans to rebuild. as for who she thinks might have done it wood says she knows of a , few disgruntled former employees. vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader.
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counted up more than two weeks ago. now local police departments are adding up the costs. elizabeth: police officers in des moines were busier than ever, with 22 candidates to cover over months and months. but they won't be reimbursed by the campaigns. our chief political reporter cynthia fodor has more. cynthia: remember this? campaign events every day sometimes four a day, kept , police officers on their toes. like many, sgt paul parizek was also hired off duty by the candidates. >> if an officer wanted to work 16 hours a day it would have been very possible for him. cynthia: the iowa caucuses overall brought in millions of dollars to the des moines economy. but the dmpd won't see any of that cash coming in. in fact, it will pay out an enormous amount in overtime. the last caucus budget year about $50,000 was spent on dignitary protection. this year, more than double that, $129,000.
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cynthia: and it has been tight. >> it is really tight. fair to say we're going to feel $100,000 in overtime. somewhere we'll have to cut something. cynthia: while it has been dm policy not to bill campaigns for police support, the city can charge candidates for rallies that need a street use permit like hillary clinton's katie perry concert which involved 45 officer hours at a cost of $2020. a bernie sanders rally the same day involved 7 officer hours at a cost of $321. according to reports, other towns that have tried to recoup some of the money to protect candidates are still waiting for reimbursement as officers are finally getting some rest. >> i enjoy it. it is fine, he get to meet some interesting people. you're tired by time caucuses are over. elizabeth: as much as local police departments spent on the candidates, the cost of federal protection is even more. four candidates have secret service which is ultimately paid
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eric: help for flint. how hy-vee teamed up with an
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give back to his hometown. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage
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metinka: good morning, you are waking up to a warm and breezy day, 59 degrees already in des moines. to the north, temperatures are a little bit cooler. mason city at 37. temperatures headed for the low to mid 60's. the other story will be the wind. we are expecting very strong wind to build in by midmorning lasting until the mid afternoon. we could have wind gusting close to 50 miles per hour. if you have travel plans, make sure you keep a firm grip on the wheel and watch for that crosswind. the weekend is still looking pretty nice. eric: the flint water crisis is near and dear to the heart of one iowa state university basketball player. cyclone guard monte morris is from flint. elizabeth: hy-vee teamed up with the basketball star to send thousands of gallons of water to flint. morris says it pains him to hear how his hometown is struggling. he says this shows he's all in
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story. rose: junior guard monte morris leads the cyclones in assists. but now ames is working to assist him. >> i know it's rough back home. the water is coming out like orange or something and you can't really put words behind that. my hometown flint, michigan has been hit with a water crisis. rose: last week morris posted this video to his twitter asking people to donate. help came in the form of trucks. all filled with drinking water. >> it brought a lot of tears to my eyes because nobody wants their city to be like that. it's just hard to talk about honestly. rose: hy-vee's ceo heard morris' call to action. he decided to donate five trucks of bottled water and six trucks with gallons. in all, 11 trucks for number 11.
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the 11 semi trailers that you see here filled with water because he's building awareness for what's going on in his community. rose: for morris it's a response he never imagined. >> i'm very honored, truly blessed young man to have this opportunity to do this to my hometown and they really need it. rose: call it a 600-mile alley oop. elizabeth: the trucks are expected to arrive later today. morris said he wished could have gone along but his mom will be there at the receiving end. eric: it is now 4:44, and you are waking up to 59 degrees this morning. it is not even 5:00 and it is 59 degrees.
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: let's start with the good news -- it is warm out there, 59 degrees in des moines, the 40's to the north. bad news is the wind. it will really be picking up this afternoon. it is shifting across western iowa, not too strong just yet but the strongest wind is across south dakota.
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gust of 71 miles per hour, and these will be building into western iowa so we will have some concerns throughout the mid afternoon for the wind gusting close to 50 miles per hour, or even greater to the northwest. the wind advisory will remain in effect until this evening. -- we have a quick moving system moving through the region coming in from the pacific. it has one temperatures, a lot of wind and rain. this system will be bringing wind right through the state through mid afternoon, so be careful today if you will be driving. over the weekend, the weather
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sunday, temperatures will be headed back downward and getting closer to where they should be. 50's across northern iowa, 60's across the southern half of the state so if you do not mind the nice day. right now in des moines, 59 degrees, south, southwest winds to the west and increasing. headed for 64 degrees today. it is going to be a warm day with plenty of sunshine and too much wind. tomorrow the wind will be much calmer. sunday still looks pretty good, close to 50. next week looks a little more season of. eric: it is still going to be beautiful. elizabeth: a conservative group will start airing ads in iowa pushing for the next president to pick a nominee for the supreme court vacancy. eric: these ads promote the
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obama should take a pass during his final months in the white house. they also applaud u.s. senators like charles grassley who may be targeted in november for trying to delay the appointment process. kcci's mark tauscheck explains the group's motivation. >> the supreme court has a vacancy and your vote in november is your only voice. mark: the ad comes from the judicial crisis network. they describe themselves as committed to the constitution and limited government. it will air in swing states to benefit republicans facing reelection in november, and blunt potential backlash at the polls. >> i think that it should wait until the next election. mark: we went to gauge iowans. >> i'm going to show you a 30 second ad. mark: it was an even split. >> president obama should select the next supreme court
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mark: why do you say that? >> because he's the president and it's the president's role to select the next supreme court justice and it's the senate's role to confirm that justice. mark: those who think it's on president obama's watch. >> he still is, has duties to do, and those are part of his duties, it's not as if he just quits. mark: and those who think this is not obama's decision. >> i think the next president should it's too big a deal for a lame duck president. >> i think a fresh set of eyes and ears might be the best thing for the country right now. mark: the ad didn't change minds. >> i still think at this time the president has the first choice. mark: but it did get a reaction. >> the supreme court has a vacancy, and your vote in november is your only voice. >> i helped with my vote for the last president, the american people already voted, they voted for barack obama and he gets to choose. elizabeth: a cbs news poll out thursday found 47% of americans would like to see president
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46% would like to see that done metinka: waking up to a breezy and warm morning, 59 degrees already in des moines. the southwest wind has been picking up overnight and will be shifting to the west and increasing throughout the morning. headed for 64 degrees today with
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the strong wind beginning to push into the sioux city area and should arrive in the eye 235 -- i-235 corridor this afternoon. >> it's the caring of our people, like you will see in this store, that's what makes it successful. eric: he's the man who runs hy-vee. which is no small job. that's because hy-vee employs more than 82,000 people. the 35,000 in iowa make the grocery store chain the state's largest private employer. and the is plan to keep growing. elizabeth: hy vee now has 240 stores in iowa, illinois, missouri, kansas, nebraska, south dakota, minnesota and wisconsin, all filled with workers with one mission. to make customers happy. kcci's todd magel tells us the secret to their success. >> i grew up with no dishwasher. todd: it's a busy day at the flagship hy-vee grocery store in waukee. and without thinking, cashier carol warren is showing off one key to the company's success. >> i'll be standing here and i will smile down the row and
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will come down to me. todd: the helpful smile in every aisle is more than a slogan. >> the smile is very important. >> want to make them smile, that's the best feeling for me as a manger walking through the store. todd: it's helped turn hy-vee into a company with more than $9 billion in sales last year. >> we're successful because of the relationships we have in our local markets. we can have the biggest, shiniest stores but if you don't have personal relationships with your customers, take care of them every single day, that's what makes a company strong. i think you have to be picky. todd: chairman randy edeker is just the 4th ceo in hy vee's 86 history. charles hyde and david vredenburg opened the first store in beaconsfield, iowa in 1930. their last names make up the hy-vee name. and their unusual plan of allowing store managers to run each store has eight off. >> each dept is given their own opportunity to basically price their own dept and actually bring in what's best for our customers in our area. todd: jeremy johnson manages the perishable section of the waukee hy-vee.
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one seller. prepared food has overtaken groceries. that's what customers want, and hy vee is listening to its customers, like tammy chance. >> it just has great variety, everything you can imagine under one roof, a lot of organic products, name brand products and of course the hy vee fuel saver is a benefit that i take advantage of. todd: hy-vee is not only expanding the number of stores but it's expanding what you can do inside the stores. for example, the new market grilles are a huge success. they offer made to order food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. >> we want something that is different. for instance we have the wow-key pizza. where people can come in and see something different than they would see even in another hy vee store. we always want a chance to bring them in here to see what makes it special, what makes it different than our competitors down the street. >> we adapt and change to make sure we have the products and the services that fit the customers lifestyles of today. and if we don't we'll get left behind. todd: edeker says growth is the
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the goal? six new stores a year. he plans three in minneapolis in 2016. >> yeah, i guess that is pressure. but i also know if you just stick to what we do well, and what we know well, we will be just fine. todd: just fine as long as the smiles keep growing too. >> you have a great day and you have fun. thank you. eric: hy-vee is also planning big changes for its west des moines corporate campus. construction on a new $28 million corporate conference center is underway. hy-vee is also looking to expand its headquarters building to make room for 100 more workers. work on that should begin this fall. metinka: elizabeth:elizabeth: we have two hours of today's top stories are coming up at 5:00. remembering scalia. the late supreme court justice laid to rest this weekend. taking the mat. a look ahead at today's quarter and semi final state wrestling competition. and another big event downtown
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attempted murder. in eagle grove. what landed two men in the hospital. eric: another step to decide whether the bakken pipeline will happen. elizabeth: the harsh conditions making it tough for firefighters in the south to put out dozens of fires. >> you are watching kcci eight news. eric: we are previewing the blue-ribbon bacon festival. welcome back to kcci eight news this morning. elizabeth: it is 5:00 on february 19th. metinka: 59 starting out in des moines, a great way to kick off a friday.


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