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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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want to hold on with both elizabeth: right now at 6:00 -- attempted murder. new information in a weekend shooting in eagle grove. what we now know landed two men in the hospital. eric: yes or no? another step today in deciding whether or not the bakken oil pipeline project will continue. elizabeth: and whipping wildfires. the harsh conditions making it tough for firefighters in the south to put out dozens of fires coming up. >> you're watching kcci 8 news. eric: also this morning, bacon. look at that. a lot of it. we're live at the iowa events center previewing the blue ribbon bacon festival. a busy weekend coming to downtown des moines. welcome back to kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: it's now 6:00 on friday, february 19. busy anywhere outside. we have beautiful temperatures. metinka: and a lot of wind.
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trails. strong out of the west, close to 50 miles per hour near sioux city, storm lake, council bluffs, spreading over the next few hours, with yesterday mid afternoon. starting out with a great temperature of 58 degrees in des moines and headed for 64 and sunshine and a lot of wind. a u.s. airstrike in libya. isis camp and libya, a u.s. had to believe a senior isis operative was there who played a leading role into deadly terror attacks in tunisia last year. the operative over anyone was killed but -- or anyone was updates. eric: new information this morning in sunday's shooting in eagle grove. police have charged one man with attempted murder. officials say 21-year-old marcos castaneda pulled up alongside 26-year-old hugo salinas in the
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sunday. castaneda then got out of his vehicle, shot salinas, and then shot himself. both men were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions right now. castaneda is now facing attempted-murder charges. the collins-maxwell school district is looking for a new superintendent this morning. district officials say jason ellingson resigned thursday, effective immediately. earlier this week, the district received a report making allegations against ellingson. the nature of those allegations has not been released. elizabeth: after a fire at jefferson's pizza ranch last month, investigators are turning their attention to the manager. melinda wood admitted to stealing more than $12,000 from her old job at the jefferson subway. a search warrant was issued for text messages on wood's cell phone at the time of the pizza ranch fire. after an investigation officials determined the fire was intentionally set. we spoke with wood thursday, and
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>> i was upset because they brought up my past. everybody in town automatically thinks i did it because of my past. i know that i didn't do it, that i'm innocent. elizabeth: wood says she hasn't been fired and she is still the manager at the pizza ranch. police interviewed wood the day after the fire and released her. eric: a woman victimized by a peeping tom is pushing for changes at the statehouse. in 2012, ruth lapointe found holes inside her iowa city apartment in the ceiling and floor. the landlord carved out places to peep using crawl spaces to spy. right now, a peeping conviction requires the victim be partially nude and the suspect be aroused while spying on their victim. lapointe says proving that in court re-victimized her and others in the apartment. >> it was hard for me and the other victims to have to describe the fact that our landlord was, or was not, aroused and knowing that his guilt was resting on that was burdensome.
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current requirements and bumps up the penalty from a simple misdemeanor to a serious misdemeanor. elizabeth: happening today, kcci will be watching as the iowa utilities board meets again to discuss the bakken oil pipeline. the board held four days of hearings last week on whether to allow the pipeline project to move forward. today, they're expected to review the pros and cons of the project and could consider a motion to meet in closed session to discuss. today's meeting is scheduled from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and today, the iowa economic development authority is meeting to consider helping fund dupont pioneer's merger with dow chemical. the financial assistance could help the company bring its new headquarters to iowa. stick with kcci for the latest on that decision. eric: a conservative group will start airing ads here in iowa, pushing for the next president to pick a nominee for the opening on the supreme court. >> the supreme court has a vacancy and your vote in november is your only voice. eric: not only do these ads
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that president obama should take a pass during his final months in the white house, they are also applauding u.s. senators like charles grassley who may have targets on them for trying to delay the appointment process. iowans we spoke to were split on whether president obama, or the next president, should select a nominee. >> president obama should select the next supreme court nominee, . >> wide you say that? >> because he's the president and it's the president's role to select the next supreme court justice. and it's the senate's role to confirm that justice. >> i think the next president should. it's too big a deal for a lame duck president. eric: a cbs news poll found 47% of americans would like to see president obama appoint the next supreme court justice. 46% would like to see that done by the next president. shaina: president obama will pay respects at the supreme court today, but is not planning to attend justice scalia's funeral tomorrow. several republican lawmakers have criticized him for that decision. sen. cruz: he's going to cuba, but somehow president obama
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scalia's funeral. shaina: vice president joe biden and his wife jill biden are attending the funeral tomorrow in place of the obamas. thousands are expected to attend, and scalia's son, father paul scalia, is set to lead the funeral mass. some lawmakers expect president obama to announce his replacement nomination in a couple of weeks. news around the nation, fire crews are battling grass fires in across several states in the south. this is video from okmulgee county, oklahoma, where one of several fires burning across the state continues this morning. that area is full of ranchers who have been forced to evacuate from their property and quickly momo their cattle out as well. here's another grass fire burning right now in missouri. the strong winds you can see here are what's making all these fires so difficult to put out. thousands of acres of land have burned, and several buildings have been destroyed. thankfully, though, no one has been hurt or killed in any of the fires. eric: the winds make the fires so awful and today they are tough.
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morning. keep a firm grip on the wheel, the struggles wins across south dakota and entering the northwest part of the state and this will be the trend throughout the morning, sticking with us in the afternoon. des moines, 54 in the metro and 46 in ames. you need a windbreaker or a spring or fall jacket today. this afternoon, sunshine with p.m.. i high of 64. eric: the first day of state wrestling individual competition is in the books at wells fargo arena. here's a look at where things stand so far. fort dodge leads 3a competition so far. but southeast polk is right on their heels heading into this morning. johnston and valley aren't too far behind. in class 2a, creston/orient-macksburg setting the pace by just a half point so far. and south tama is right there. clarion goldfield dows, atlantic, adm, and albia are all
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several other central iowa teams right up there. competition continues with another big day today. this morning are quarter-finals and consolation matches. semi-finals begin this afternoon at 3:30 with class 1a. 3a is at 7:30 p.m. and 2a starts at 8:45 p.m. elizabeth: also happening at the iowa event center this weekend, the blue ribbon bacon fest. that's where emmy victor joins us live from this morning. emmy, what can we expect this year? emmy: expect a lot of bacon and 10,000 people at the blue ribbon they can festival, one of the premier food festivals. the second year at the high the hall -- hy-vee hall.' tell us about the theme this year? >> body by bacon, sweating to the sizzle.
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offering worker classes on saturday, zumba, dance, yoga. 10 classes throughout the day. you can work off the bacon you will ingest. emmy: for those coming this weekend, a lot of things going on. how can people navigate and find a parking they need? >> get here early, it starts at 10:00 a.m.. get here early, parking will be an issue but a beautiful weekend, 51 degrees. park downtown and walked a the skywalk is closed so you have to walk outside. we think this is a great place. the iowa event center, a great facility, showcasing des moines. a beautiful place for all things bacon. emmy: people are looking forward
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there are still some tickets left. about $38 for general admission and you need to be 21 years or older to attend. elizabeth: thank you. recall warning -- still ahead, a central iowa dairy company concerned about the safety of one of its most popular products. nikole: contest countdown and christianity. i'm nikole killion why the pope and presidential politics are colliding coming up. eric: and growing hy=vee. how the state's largest private employer became so successful, and the plans the company has moving into the future. shaina: it is windy out side. keep both hands on the steering wheel and be ready for the blustery weather but at least nice and warm. no problems on the roads, no accidents, people making their way to work, traffic picking up on the east side. looking pretty good. if you are joining these folks,
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: we have a lot of wind across the western third of the state, gusting close to 50 miles per hour along the iowa-nebraska border. in central iowa, close to 40 miles per hour. strong winds will continue throughout the morning. it will take your breath away. temperatures mild, south of highway 20, 54 in des moines. mild conditions but a very windy day. the strongest wind will last until the mid afternoon before they settle down. through 3:00 p.m., gusting close to 50 miles per hour coming in from the west, a warm day with a high of 64. shaina: warm temperatures in iowa. but in northern california, people are cleaning up after several inches of snow fall this
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near lake tahoe thursday. luckily, no one was hurt, but rescue crews pulled three people from two cars buried in the avalanche. several roads and one ski resort are closed down because of the potential danger of more avalanches. pope francis is chiming in on the recent spread of the zika virus. on his flight home from mexico, the pope indicated that contraceptives may be used to stop the spread of the virus despite the church's long-standing ban on most forms of birth control. zika can cause devastating birth defects if contracted by pregnant women. this has prompted some latin american governments to urge women to avoid getting pregnant. eric: flint, michigan is getting a helping hand today thanks to iowa state university star basketball player monte morris and hy-vee. morris is from flint, where they're in the middle of a water crisis. hy-vee's ceo heard morris asking for people to help, so he decided to donate eleven total trucks for morris's number 11.
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blessed young man to have this opportunity to do this to my hometown. and they really need it. and they are going to appreciate it just like i appreciate it. eric: morris' mother will be there today to receive the water. with 35,000 employees in iowa, hy-vee is the state's largest private employer. and as kcci's todd magel found out in a special report last night, the man in charge says the plan is to keep growing. ceo randy edeker says he plans to open six new hy-vee stores every year. this year, he has three new stores planned to open in minnesota. edeker is the 4th ceo since hy-vee opened in 1930. he says their business plan of letting store managers run each store, and employees' relationships with customers have helped grow the company into one that made $9 billion in sales last year. randy edeker: we're successful because of the relationships we have in our local markets. we can have the biggest, shiniest stores, but if you don't have personal
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customers, take care of them every single day, that's what makes a company strong. eric: hy-vee is also planning big changes for its west des moines corporate campus. construction on a new $28 million corporate conference center is underway. by the back semester nestor. -- by the west mix master. hy-vee is also looking to expand its headquarters, building to make room for 100 more workers. work on that should begin this fall. elizabeth: maytag dairy farms in newton is now expanding a recall of some of its famous blue cheese because of a possible listeria contamination. maytag says it is recalling blue cheese with the lot number 150482 written on the packaging. this follows a recall earlier this week of cheese with the lot number 150481. so far, there have been no reports of anyone getting ill from the cheese. a popular downtown store is planning a new spot in west des moines. the business record reports west end architectural salvage will open a new store at west glen town center.
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and re-purposed custom furniture and has its own tv show on the diy network. wall street was unable to keep a fourth day thursday. the dow closed down about 40 points. the nasdaq fell more than 46. and the s&p 500 finished down nine. a new announcement from apple. the company will reduce monthly your old phone. part of their trade up with installments program, in some cases payments will be as low as $15 per month, how much you pay depending on what model you trade-in. the phones condition and the new iphone you by. -- new iphone you buy. eric: coffee lovers and harry potter fans have something new to try at starbucks right now. the company has come out with a new, limited-edition smoked butterscotch latte. starbucks has made no specific connection between the movie and the drink. but many fans believe the drink is inspired by butterbeer.
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elizabeth: i know a harry potter fan who says the new drink is delicious. we have some great weather on our hands despite the wind. metinka: the bad news, the wind will be very strong, extreme wins across western iowa now and hour. central iowa, wendy, 40 miles per hour in des moines and coming in from the west, the strongest gusts blasting through mid afternoon and the highest winds across south dakota and just now getting across the northwestern corner of the state. keep a firm grip on the wheel and check on your recyclables. expecting strong winds to master midafternoon, close to 50 miles per hour, the entire state under a wind advisory until 6:00 when they will be settling in. sioux city, orange shaded counties, high wind warning and
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clear skies early after a band of clouds worked through and we north across the dakotas and now in minnesota. not missing out on the wind. coming in from the pacific and that is why the air behind the cold front is not all that cold. that system heads to the east and high pressure builds in with the wind building in. and tomorrow, beautiful, sunshine, warm, not as windy. ames, 46 now with cool readings north of highway 30. starting out in the upper-50's across southern iowa. south of i 80, expecting the warmest temperatures, 60's and 50's to the north. 70's across missouri. in des moines, 54 now. we have the west wind increasing and will become gusty with close to 50 mile-per-hour winds through the afternoon and headed for 64.
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wind it will feel good. tomorrow, better, west wind on saturday, warm, highs new 60 and sunday, temperatures turn colder with 50's. eric: garbage cans rolling down the streets today. shaina: so far so good on the roads. two hands on the steering wheel. very windy. not creating any issues on the roads. mobile speed units. this one will be a hotspot. if you are headed there, a unit at 1800 fleur drive. one at 49th hickman road. as well as 1700 university drive. polk county, ankeny, 1600 northeast 70th. bondurant, 9000 northeast 94th. elizabeth: contest countdown. this weekend, republicans and democrats face key states in the
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washington, d.c. next. eric: welcome back to kcci.
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decide in nevada and south carolina and the candidates are scrapping until the finish. elizabeth: but republican front-runner donald trump is taking things to a new level, taking on the pope. nikole killion is live in washington with more on that. and nikole, what's trump saying this time? nikole: donald trump initially dismissed the pope's criticism as disgraceful. but now he seems to be softening his stance. mr. trump: he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican, i will tell you, so it's going to be an interesting -- anderson cooper: but people do come and go through the vatican and it's open. mr. trump: and they're going to come and go through the wall. nikole: in a town hall on cnn, donald trump said he doesn't like fighting with the pope as he defended his proposal to build a wall at the u.s./mexico border, something the pope said was not christian. but amid the holy war of words, democrats had their own bickering battle over their credentials at a their own town hall on msnbc and telemundo. polls nationally and in nevada reflecting the tightening democratic race, a brand-new nbc news-wall street journal poll shows hillary clinton leading
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points in south carolina -- by 30 points in sumter line a. eric: hillary clinton may be today. can you tell us who? nikole: congressman jim clyburn is expected to publicly back clinton before the state's primary on february 27. clyburn is one of the top capitol hill and the highest ranking elected deomcrat in south carolina. he has a strong voice and could sway some influence among the african-american voters in the state. elizabeth: nikole killion, live in washington for us. thank you. eric: new stories coming up, wind advisory in iowa today. find out the cities affected and if it will clear out by the weekend. plus, two big decisions could come down today regarding the bakken pipeline and a new corporate headquarters in iowa. bad bridges, two reasons iowa has the most deficient ones in the nation. elizabeth: who is hungry for
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we will tell you about it >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader.
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morning. eric: batten down the hatches. the winds will whip today and missouri has had grass fires in the wind blowing into iowa. a great friday. i'm eric hanson. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge. shaina and metinka here as well. temperatures are amazing. metinka: if you can hide out from the wind, you will enjoy it. warm, 50's. the wind is the main problem. gusts in central iowa close to 40 miles per hour and nearing 50 across northwest iowa. it is headed here. our wind steadily increasing throughout the morning. in des moines, 54 and headed for 64 with strong winds with us through mid afternoon coming in
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elizabeth: thank you. new details this morning attempted murder charges now filed in that shooting in eagle grove. it happened sunday night. police say 21-year-old marcos castaneda shot 26-year-old hugo salinas, and then turned the gun on himself. castaneda now being charged in the case. no word yet on either man's condition. now to maxwell, school officials there are without a superintendent this morning. jason ellingson turned in his resignation on thursday effective immediately. the district received a report earlier this weekend making allegations against ellingson. the nature of those allegations was not revealed only that they are related to off-duty matters. officials say there is no evidence anyone has been harmed, or that district programs have been compromised. in jefferson, the manager of a restaurant that burned down says she didn't do it. >> i feel really upset right now and do not think it is fair to
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elizabeth: melinda wood manages the pizza ranch. officials have ruled the january 27 fire was intentionally set. she admits stealing more than $12,000 from her old job at the jefferson subway but denies having anything to do with the pizza ranch fire. police interviewed wood the day after the fire and released her. eric: an american airlines flight landed safely after it was diverted to waterloo. the plane was flying from sioux falls to chicago. the pilot declared an emergency after smelling an odor in the cabin. 26 passengers were on board some said they could smell smoke and the floor felt hot. a different plane took the passengers on to chicago. a new bill at the statehouse would increase the penalty for peeping toms. senate bill 2185 would change the crime from a simple to serious misdemeanor. and it would no longer require the victim had to be partially clothed and the suspect be aroused. victims tell kcci those requirements are difficult to prove in court.
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interstates is not going anywhere this session. the effort to bump the speed limit from 70 to 75 did not make it past the funnel deadline. lawmakers wrapped up work for the week on thursday afternoon. also out for this session a death with dignity bill. it would have allowed iowans with a terminal illness to get a prescription for medication to end their lives. also out, a bill that would have forced state regulators to grant a gambling license for a new casino in cedar rapids. elizabeth: looking ahead today, we will be watching for two potentially big decisions to be handed down. first, the iowa utilities board meets on the bakken oil pipeline. the board may consider a motion to meet in closed session to discuss their decision on whether to allow the project to move forward. the board held 4 days of hearings last week. they are expected to review a written order of the pros and cons of the project. we will also be watching to see any news related to bringing a new corporate headquarters to iowa. dupoint pioneer in johnston is
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today, the iowa economic development authority is meeting to consider a financial assistance award related to those efforts. we'll let you know what happens. shaina: updating the breaking news we're following, u.s. warplanes hit an isis camp overnight in libya. u.s. officials believed a senior operative was there his status is not known yet. the u.s. military has launched dozens of airstrikes on isis targets in iraq and syria but only a few in libya. also this morning, president obama is facing criticism for not planning to attend the funeral of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> what the president thinks is appropriate is respectfully paying tribute to high profile , patriotic american citizens even when you don't agree on all the issues. shaina: the president is planning to pay his respects today when scalia lies in repose at the supreme court. thousands of people are expected and his funeral is tomorrow. the president's also considering scalia's replacement on the high court, sources say an
6:35 am
weeks. also right now, firefighters are working through the night to put out grassfires in oklahoma. new video from overnight shows how bad it is in tulsa. fire officials are estimating 40,000 acres of land are burning across the state. no one has been killed or hurt but several homes were destroyed. part of the problem is the strong winds, they're spreading those flames fast. eric: we are definitely not too dry here in iowa. forecasters say we have an increased risk of spring flooding right now. the national weather service released the spring flood outlook, noting the snowmelt is causing concern right now. it shows the risk of minor river flooding is higher north of interstate 80. ice jams could also be a problem north of highway 20. but forecasters say if we get normal weather conditions through may there's little risk of major or even moderate flooding. that snow melt is also making for some messy trails around central iowa right now. but many riders say with the
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by tomorrow. and cross your fingers golfers , because des moines parks and rec says if all the snow does melt, they could open up blank so you could get a round in in february. elizabeth: still to come this morning -- bunches of bacon. eric: they're getting ready to bake, fry and sizzle at the iowa events center. emmy: we will show you the setup and what you can expect to see tomorrow for bacon best. elizabeth: media i will wrestler who is not letting the loss of -- meet the iowa wrestler who is not letting the loss of his leg stop him from dreaming of the state tournament one day. eric: and sweet gift what a little girl gave her brother to get this reaction ahead on kcci. metinka: a lot of warm temperatures in the front of shaping up? wheels today. it is windy.
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enjoy the nice warm morning. mixmaster but no problems.
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metinka: extreme wins million across western iowa, close to 50
6:40 am
in des moines, 40 miles per hour recently and wind coming in from the west and will get stronger through the morning and last until mid afternoon. temperatures are warm, south of i 80, 50's and north of i 80, 40 but mason city a little bit chilly, mid-30's. springlike levels of temperatures with 60's across the southern half of the state and in des moines, 64 degrees. the wind will play a huge factor in your outdoor plans, gusting goes to 50 miles per hour through mid afternoon. eric: that is awesome. bodysuits and bacon. you'll be sweatin' to the sizzle this weekend. this year's blue ribbon bacon festival is promoting a healthy bacon lifestyle. you'll be able to eat all you want and then work it off in the body by bacon gym. fashionable. shaina: have to where the
6:41 am
-- wear the spandex. elizabeth: emmy victor is there to tell us about it. emmy: in less than 24 hours, we expect this main hall of hy-vee hall developed with 10,000 bacon lovers. -- fill up with 10,000 bacon lovers. they spent yesterday preparing things. what we can expect tomorrow, the mainstage, this will be where the headliners will be performing. as early as 10:00 in the morning and going until 5:00 when the event ends. sizzling entertainment as they call it. in the main area of the room, they have eats. about 10 different chairs. table cloths and napkins to enjoy, 80 different bacon
6:42 am
that will fill up the appetites. we will also have workout classes. this year's theme is called body by bacon. they will have a of different yoga classes, zumba lasses so you can break a sweat. we are expecting a lot of different events. there are still tickets and you can find them on their website and hours for information. come hungry, a fun event. every single food inside will have bacon. shaina: if you are thinking about a crossfit gym body by bacon. i saw a couple of people get married the last time i went.
6:43 am
like to know, what is your favorite breakfast meat? bacon is clear the winner -- clearly the winner. nobody really likes him. 31 for -- nobody really likes ham. call or text as or you can vote at or you can vote on facebook or twitter. elizabeth: the iowa event center busy this weekend, stay wrestling going on at wells fargo arena. parking will probably be at a premium so all around the event center, so plan accordingly. one wrestler to watch who lost
6:44 am
eric: jake childs wrestles for clarinda in southwest iowa. and he competes with only one leg. childs was 6 when a lawn mower badly damaged his leg. he's now 13 and with the help of his coaches he's doing pretty well. >> he figured his angles out, how to use his long arms and everything to his advantage >> jake has always been a hard worker. he gives us 100% in practice everyday. jake childs: i probably can't do a lot of stuff, but i try my best. eric: great inspiration. jake also plays baseball and football. shaina: we wanted to show you one of the sweetest videos we have seen in a while. a 6-year-old girl knew her big brother wanted a hamster more than anything. so she decided to spend her birthday money to get one for him and here's what happened when she surprised him. >> it's a hamster, i paid for
6:45 am
eric: i love that. shaina: i cannot handle it. you can see he just burst into happy tears there and hugged his little sister. daniel had been doing extra chores, but abigail told their parents she wanted to surprise him because he had been working so hard. elizabeth: sister of the year. eric: we hope you have a happy friday. live in downtown des moines, a warm day.
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metinka tells us how gr >> weather is never more than 5 minutes away only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: winds picking up, in des moines, 40 miles per hour and stronger winds from the northwest and building in throughout the morning. the strongest winds across south dakota but now moving in across the northwestern part of the state with winds near sioux city close to 50 miles per hour.
6:49 am
today and the strongest wind will last until mid afternoon and then they should begin to settle down towards the evening. a wind advisory statewide, gusting to 45 or 50 through the afternoon. northwest iowa near sioux city, a high wind warning, extreme wins over the next couple of hours. this system has a lot of wind but warm temperatures and rain showers. to the north of iowa, across the dakotas and minnesota, the we can't rule out a stray sprinkle across northwest iowa with the whole system ending. the cold front has moved through central iowa and the wind has shifted and from the west now but this system originated out of the pacific so the air behind the cold front is not cold. as this system has out the wind will settle down and the weekend looking beautiful, especially tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and temperatures warm, we get rid of the wind.
6:50 am
across the southern half of the 60's. 50's to the north, a beatable day if you can get out of the wind. -- a beautiful day if you can get out of the wind. the wind will be a problem today, pretty strong already, 24 miles per hour and gusts today close to 50 at times. 64 degree the high temperatures, will feel great if you can get out of the wind with but the of sunshine and tomorrow a beautiful day with a sunny saturday with highs close to 60 degrees and the wind tomorrow will be light appeared sunday, temperatures cool down a little bit with highs near 50 and next week looking pretty quiet and more seasonable with highs falling back to the 30's. enjoy the 60's. eric: you will feel it when you drive. metinka: yes -- shaina: yes, no
6:51 am
the mobile speed units to this one will be a hotspot. this is by the entrance of grayslake -- 1800 fleur drive. another at 49th hickman road. and one at 1700 university drive. this one outside of ankeny at 1600 northeast 70th. another one in bondurant 9000 northeast 94th. eric: news to go is next the latest on an overnight airstrike on isis in libya.
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bakken oil pipat's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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elizabeth: so here at kcci, we do what it takes to help you start your day, even if means sacrificing your hair. we are demonstrating the wind. shaina: you will be eating your hair. eric: yep, it's windy out there. elizabeth and shaina taking one for the team so you can see how windy it is, metinka, how long will this last?
6:55 am
p.m. come after that, it will settle down but expect the west wind to best 245 or 50. -- to 45 or 50. today. the strongest winds are still yet to come. the winds will not be a problem of the "mild temperatures and i high saturday near 60. sunday cooler. elizabeth: more news to go -- the collins-maxwell school district is without a superintendent this morning. jason ellingson resigned after some allegations surfaced earlier this week. officials would only say the allegations are related to off-duty matters. the iowa utilities board meets today on the bakken oil pipeline. the board is expected to review the pros and cons of the project counties. there is a possibility the board
6:56 am
to make a decision. eric: also this morning, iowa may be moving closer to landing the new corporate headquarters for the expected merger of dupont pioneer and dow chemical. the iowa economic development authority will vote on financial assistance for the company. that meeting is at 8:30 this morning. shaina: u.s. officials still trying to confirm is a senior isis operative was killed in an airstrike in libya overnight. word of the strike came just about one hour ago. the operative is believed to have orchestrated deadly attacks in tunisia last year. today, thousands of people are expected to pay respects to justice scalia today at the supreme court including president obama. his body will lie in repose his funeral is tomorrow. two more crucial tests this weekend in the presidential race. tomorrow, the democratic caucus in nevada and the republican primary in south carolina. eric: busy weekend in des moines with state wrestling and the be patient if you're driving downtown, right, shaina?
6:57 am
unit -- no accidents now. a speed unit at 1800 fleur drive.
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cbs this morning c captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 19th,
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welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump fires back at faith. a new poll shows his lead narrowing in south carolina. breaking news. american war planes target a major isis operative linked to two terrorist attacks. the bombings reportedly killed dozen. a helicopter crash in hawaii's pearl harbor. the race to trap those inside. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> trump takes on the pope. >> he also talked about having a wall is not christian. he has an awfully big wall at the vatican. >> defend the constitution! repeal obamacare! and kill the terrorists! >> just one more day of campaigning in south carolina. >> the governor of the state


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