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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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and the champion that will be named today. also today, it's the final push for voters in two states. republicans in south carolina will vote in the primary today , along with democrats in nevada who are caucusing. the candidates' final push to voters in the neck and neck race. good saturday morning, everyone, thank you so much for joining us at 5:00 a.m. on saturday, february 20. a beautiful day yesterday, only entered by some wind. -- hindered by some wind. frank: i asked people yesterday and they said, we would like a little less win. 47 in the metro and ottumwa, cooler to the north. notice the wind is not as strong and still out of the west at about 13 miles per hour in des
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west in lamoni at about 15. a lot less windy than yesterday. noontime, 55, and look at that, headed for 60 degrees this afternoon. changes on the way, i will tell you what is coming. alyx: it's the final countdown for voters in two states. republicans head to the polls for the south carolina primary today, while the democrats will caucus in nevada. the presidential candidates spent friday making their final appeals to voters. danielle nottingham has the latest from henderson, nevada. mr. trump: boycott apple. danielle: donald trump is urging americans to stop using apple devices until the company helps the u.s. government unlock the cell phone of one of the san bernardino attackers. the gop front-runner isn't shy about speaking his mind on the campaign trail. he told cbs news' major garrett he won't lie to the american people. mr. trump: you know, one of my problems is i'm straight, i tell it straight, i tell it like it is. danielle: trump once held a double digit lead in south carolina, but a poll released
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points ahead of ted cruz. mr. cruz: the next 24 hours we are fighting to determine if the next generation will have the same constitutional liberties everyone of us has been blessed danielle: democrats hillary running neck and neck here in nevada ahead of saturday's caucuses. it will be the first test of their appeal to minority voters. >> i'm really excited for the hispanic community right now. we have a lot of impact. danielle: nevada is more than 25% latino. immigration reform is a major concern here. ms. clinton i want people to : come out of the shadows under comprehensive immigration reform. i want them to register. i want them to be on a path to citizenship. danielle: sanders agrees. mr. sanders: if congress does not do its job, we will use the executive orders inherent in the presidency. danielle: the democrats also have an eye on south carolina, which holds its democratic primary next saturday. danielle nottingham, cbs news,
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alyx: those numbers are going to start rolling in pretty quickly. polls open at 7:00 this morning in south carolina. the nevada caucuses begin at 11:00 a.m. zika fight. an iowa woman tests positive for the mosquito-borne disease. iowa health officials releasing limited information for now about iowa's first positive zika case. we know the victim is female between 60 and 80-years-old. who recently traveled in central america where the disease is being transmitted. the cdc is now advising pregnant women against traveling to affected areas. >> if the woman's pregnant, the virus can go to that fetus and then unfortunately, rarely that fetus does have what they call microcephaly or is born with a lifelong disability. alyx: 80% of people infected with zika will experience no symptoms at all. the remaining 20% suffer mild headaches and pains rashes and
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symptoms typically last a few days. right now, an ames company is working to develop a zika virus vaccine. newlink genetics made headlines for its work on an ebola vaccine . now they hope to do the same with zika. the bio-pharmaceutical company says it is still trying to figure out what type of vaccine they are going to work on. >> we are just starting, right. everybody is just starting . literally this vaccine was only , recognized as a threat around the beginning of the year think -- of the year. think about how short that is, you know we're basically six 7 weeks into the year and we're talking about how far are we it takes a long time to develop a vaccine. alyx: iowa senator joni ernst toured newlink genetics friday. she answered questions from employees and told them she is thankful for their work. as the zika threat intensifies the cdc has declared that the , ebola outbreak in liberia, sierra leone and guinea is over. there will no longer be ebola screening for people coming to the u.s. from west africa.
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in october of 2014, after a man died from the disease in dallas, just after arriving from liberia. central iowa lost the bid for the new headquarters of a merged dupont pioneer and dow chemical company. instead, the headquarters will be in delaware where dupont is currently located. but, state and local officials say they are excited the global seed and biotech business center will be based in johnston. a dupont pioneer spokesperson tells kcci there are no additional job cuts in iowa tied to the announcement and no , immediate plan to move iowa employees to delaware. >> we expect over time we will see jobs grow in johnston,in -- in johnston, whereas that may not happen in wilmington as the headquarters. in short term you'll see a little shake out as they put merger in place. there may well be some
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the next three to five years we actually see the jobs increase. alyx: friday morning the iowa economic development authority approved $16 million in incentives for the merged company which will be called dow dupont. that will go toward keeping 500 research jobs in johnston. another open meeting, but no decision yet on whether or not to allow the bakken oil pipeline through iowa. while board members discussed the evidence already presented and procedures proposed, they still have two more potential hearings next month. iowa is the only state left to approve the pipeline. the pipeline will bring oil from north dakota to an illinois refinery. the major drinking water donation hy-vee made to flint, michigan on behalf of iowa state basketball player and flint native monte morris has made it to its destination. the 11 semis loaded with water that left ames thursday rolled
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the donation was greeted by members of morris' family, including his mom, grandfather, godmother, aunt and cousin. they were overwhelmed by hy-vee's generosity. >> just kind of takes you back a little bit. it is crazy. you are just kind of speechless because you really did not have to do it. alyx: you can hear the wind in that interview, a little bit less of that. frank: not as much wind around here today so pretty much a lot like yesterday, minus the wind. a few clouds over portions of southern iowa late last night, we are going to clear those clouds out to see mostly sunny skies and temperatures that will feel more like spring. 44 waking up in des moines, 43 in knoxville, and 30's just out to the west. a pretty mild start to the day
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when we are waking up in the 40's and upper 30's, that is not so bad. 41 in dodge city. a bit cooler tomorrow behind a cold front that will not bring us any precipitation, but will just coolest down a little bit. knar 60 today. alyx: you may not be sizzling at 60 degrees, but something downtown will be. the blue ribbon bacon festival will sizzle today at the iowa events center. the wildly popular event is back for its ninth year with 10,000-pounds of bacon. expect to see more than 80 bacon flavored foods from nearly 40 local vendors. the event runs today from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and tickets are still available. plus, our own marcus mcintosh will be live from the bacon festival coming up at 8:00, am right here on kcci. state wrestling will also cause quite a bit of commotion downtown.
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wells fargo arena the past three days and our very own scott , reister has been in the middle of it all. if you have not seen it yet scott posted this touching , photo. he said "i just witnessed a truly courageous young man lose in the state semifinals. indianola's kobey pritchard fell to valley's nick oldham. kobey who lost his leg to cancer $10 years ago, should hold his head high. what an inspiration." championship rounds started 10:00 this morning. still ahead on kcci, remembering scalia. thousands paid their respects to the late supreme court justice yesterday. the funeral service planned for today.r. mom: seriously? culligan man: problem water. i'm on it. anncr: a culligan whole-house water softening system turns your problem water into culligan water, pure and simple.
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dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey! anncr: a culligan whole-house water softening system turns your problem water into culligan water, pure and simple. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekends with alyx sacks and meteorologist metinka slater. frank: welcome back, 5:13. these temperatures yesterday were nice. did not really feel like february, 60 and the metro,
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low 60's down around lamoni. look at council bluffs yesterday, 64 degrees. 44 and the metro, ottumwa, 47 degrees. ames at 39 and mid to upper 30's just off to the north. it sure was a windy day yesterday. these are the wind gust from midnight. several locations yesterday saw the wind at times 40 to 50 miles per hour. today, they will be out of the north and west at about 20. we do have some changes in the 8 day forecast. alyx: paying their respects to a longtime justice. thousands visited the u.s. supreme court building today where the body of antonin scalia now lies in repose. aixa diaz has re from washington. aixa: president obama and the first lady were among the thousands who paid their respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia.
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all the faithful departed through the mercy of god rest in peace. aixa: one of scalia's sons, a catholic priest, prayed during a private ceremony for family, friends, and fellow justices, before the public was welcomed inside. >> very solemn, very beautiful and very well appointed on every level. aixa: law clerks who worked under scalia are taking turns standing vigil around the clock, until the casket departs for the funeral saturday morning. >> he was a giant on the court and has left an imprint and a legacy on the law that is unmatched. aixa: scalia served on the high court for nearly 30 years. the president reagan appointee was known for his conservative ideology and passionate personality. >> justice scalia's views and opinions are going to be discussed and read in law schools and by lawyers and by judges for decades to come. alyx: that was aixa diaz reporting. a funeral mass will be held in washington today. the vice president will be
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be attending. justice scalia died last weekend in texas at the age of 79. right now iowa's elected , officials are weighing in on the supreme court vacancy. republican senator joni ernst says she believes the president will make a nomination although there is no timeframe for that decision. ernst says there's one important thing getting lost in the partisanship. >> one thing that i've been stressing over the past week is that justice scalia has not been laid to rest yet. he was a father and a husband and he is a grandfather. instead of partisan bickering, we should be focusing on condolences to the family. alyx: republican representative david young stopped by kcci's studios friday. he says president obama has a right to nominate the next supreme court justice. >> president under the constitution has a right to nominate. i believe the president will and
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then it goes to the senate, where they can take it up approved, take it up disapprove, or not even consider it. alyx: republican senator chuck grassley is chair of the senate judiciary committee. he says he's taking things 'one step at a time.' when it comes to naming a replacement for the late justice , american opinion is split. a cbs news poll found 47% of americans would like to see president obama appoint the next supreme court justice. but then 46% say they would like to see it done by the next president. and on capitol hill things are equally divided with the issue , igniting a partisan battle between senate republicans and democrats as well as with , candidates on the campaign trail. >> both parties are trying to put lipstick on a pig . it is deep down a highly contentious partisan issue. especially conservative republicans do not want a
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the supreme court, especially to fill justice scalia's seat. democrats made the same argument about president bush in 2007. alyx: we'll have more from kcci 8 news political analyst dennis goldford along with drake university constitutional law professor mark kende and leading local republicans and democrats as well. that is coming up sunday morning at 10:30 right after face the nation. we will check back in with that springlike forecast. frank: it is going to be another great day today. let's reminisce. this is a picture from late and around the of a sunset out on the -- lake panorama of a sunset out on the lake. thank you for sending that in. our downtown skycam this morning, things looking pretty nice.
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the wind is much lighter than this time yesterday, starting things out in the middle 40's. west. southeast when they do not have temperatures a little warmer. the wind speeds have really to 15 miles per hour around the state. we do have clear skies. that is going to mean a nice sunny day with temperatures a lot like yesterday. another system just off to the north that is going to be sliding through tomorrow, calling us down for the end of the weekend. relatively dry air of the midwest, this cold front will be sliding through sunday and just a bit cooler as high pressure begins to build in on the backside. here is futurecast.
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it is going to be all over the state and even the sun has it sunglasses on. the cold front passes through tomorrow, but we will not see any precipitation. a few more clouds around, temperatures a bit cooler to end out the weekend. above average and a lot less windy today. the wind could gust in the 40's. tonight, 35 degrees. 8 day forecast, cooler temperatures on sunday. monday even cooler, 43. a slight chance of rain on tuesday, 47. >> the stage is set for the
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we will have all the >> there is one day left in the high school wrestling season. tonight, the championships. tomorrow, -- before then, all the consolations at the well. scott reister and tony seeman have our team coverage. >> and a, i have to tell you i think i need to hit the weights because looking at some of these
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what a day on friday. let's start with the class 3a semifinals. all eyes were on the inspirational kobe prichard of indianola. it was tied 2-2 with nick oldham. old town gets it for the two with time winding down. all 10 wins it -- oldham wins it. kobe should hold his head incredibly high as he continues to be an inspiration to us all. at 126, tristan laura of fort dodge. he has a tattoo "believe" right on his chest. >> for the one who believes, anything is possible.
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defeated sensor neville. >> every time i step out on the mat, i am going to take it and get them. >> marcus colby. the cheering section on hand as colby advances to the final. undefeated sam cooke of fort dodge remains perfect, going to 8-3. at 220, timber. that is either in anderson. anderson goes down to get the pen. in the class 2a semi finals, the place was electric. he was tied with mason buster of minneapolis in the closing seconds, when he gets the takedown and the 3-1 win.
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minutes. the crowd loved it, but not nearly as much as brady. >> thatthat is so much fun, i would call it a two hug when. earlier today, in the 1a semi finals, brady geithner in green. remains undefeated, getting the pin. >> it has been a long year coming. i have been wanting it bad and i finally got it. >> i-35, what a takedown. just hurting nate van buren. at 182, undefeated austan lent of all didn't defeats nathan
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>> saw a whole lot of great moments like that at state wrestling always long, and there is still one day to go. as we finish the semi finals, here is how the team standings look. valley in third and dowling makes it into the top 10. creston orient macksburg with a narrow lead. albia is in third. so close for the 1a championship. the best team, i-35 is in ninth. the action gets going at 10:00, a lot of points up for grabs. the awards program is at 5:45, and the finals are at 6:00 tonight over at the well. how about some playoff basketball?
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district, winner gets one step closer to wells fargo arena. des moines christian against south-central calhoun. back come the lions. good defense. mia rosener goes up with a big swat, get it out of here. des moines christian wins 59-47 the final. boys wrapping up the regular season, dowling hosting ames in west des moines. ted brown using has frame to his advantage. ames has the answer. wide open at the top of the key, one dribble, and a nice scream from his teammate. erik steiner going down the wing right around the defense. dowling would win this one,
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speaking of great games, waukee last night was a place to be for the warriors and the roosevelt roughriders. the baseline, a pretty layup. roosevelt and the gray, finding a way to answer. ethan schaeffer drops the mid range j for two. 69-60 the final. northern iowa takes over first place and the missouri valley conference women's standing, with the 85-74 win last night at the mcleod center. nba ball with a local twist, doug mcdermott, a career high, 30 points for the rookie. mcdermott is not a rookie, but a big, big game.
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alyx: right now on kcci, down to the wire. republicans face off after a
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plus, it's the first test for the democrats in a more racially diverse state. details from washington ahead. zika fight. iowa health officials confirm the virus has been tested positive in an iowa woman. where she recently traveled. and the symptoms you may or may not experience if you have zika. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekend. alyx: welcome back, everyone. it is just after 5:30. i am alyx sacks with frank scaglione sitting by. you are smiling from ear to ear. i want to know, is it good enough to go bike riding? frank: i think so. i have not ridden my bike since i think late november.
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not too much wind. yesterday was a lot of wind. i ride on a trail that goes east to west and yesterday without west wind i would have been running into a brick wall. 44 your wake-up temperature, wind out of the west at 10 could gust as high as 20, so not nearly as bad as yesterday. 39 in ames, 47 in ottumwa. not as windy. noontime, 55, headed for 60. we have a cool down in the 8 day forecast. alyx: first on kcci, key contests. today voters in nevada and south carolina weigh-in on the 2016 race for the white house. nikole killion is in washington with the details. nikole: in nevada, bernie
5:34 am
it out as the democrats caucus. >> nevada will be helpful in maybe assessing kind of how the rest of the nation maybe feels about the democratic race because its demographics are fairly similar. nikole: minorities make up a larger percentage of the electorate in the silver state compared to earlier contests in iowa and new hampshire, a key test for both candidates, especially when it comes to hispanics who make up about 24% , of nevada's potential voters, according to the census bureau. >> we've engaged with partners through a very aggressive voter-registration campaign to ensure that latinos who want to participate are registered. nikole: meanwhile in the south -- >> support me on saturday. nikole: it's the evangelical vote that could decide the palmetto primary. a pew center study finds 35% of south carolina's christians make up that bloc creating an all out battle between ted cruz and donald trump for the religious right. >> if trump does well amongst those voters, it will be a good sign for him heading into super tuesday because again, there are a lot of states that kind of
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vote on super tuesday. nikole: and in a few days, both parties will do it all over again. democrats hold their primary in south carolina next saturday, february 27 while republicans will caucus in nevada this coming tuesday. in washington, i'm nikole killion reporting. alyx: you can count on kcci for complete coverage of the south carolina primary and nevada caucus tonight at 6:00 and 10:00. a funeral mass for justice antonin scalia a is scheduled to be held at the nations largest roman catholic church. it caps on two days of official mourning for the 79-year-old. friday, more than 3000 people paid tribute at the supreme court. vice president joe biden and his wife will be among dignitaries attending the mass. right here in iowa, a woman has
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>> they're doing both a lot of work within our boarders to look at the cases and potential transmission of the virus. alyx: iowa health officials are releasing limited details about iowa's first positive zika case. we do know the female victim is between 60 and 80-years-old, who recently traveled to central america. the cdc is now advising pregnant women against traveling to affected areas. 80% of people infected will experience no symptoms at all. the other 20% suffer mild aches and pains, rashes and fever-like symptoms. right here in iowa, an ames company is working to develop a zika virus vaccine. newlink genetics made headlines for its work on an ebola vaccine . now they hope to do the same with zika. the bio-pharmaceutical company says it is still trying to figure out what type of vaccine they are going to work on. central iowa lost the bid for the new headquarters of a merged dupont pioneer and dow chemical company. the headquarters will be in delaware where dupont is currently located.
5:37 am
excited the global seed and biotech business center will be based in johnston. a dupont pioneer spokesperson tells kcci there will be no additional job cuts with this announcement and no immediate plan to move iowa employees to delaware. iowa's congressional delegation was disappointed with the news that dow-dupont decided not to make johnston its home headquarters. >> we will maintain a presence here. by the way, i understand through that merger, research and development in johnston, iowa, it does not help those employees and families that are losing their jobs right now. alyx: friday, the iowa economic development authority approved $16 million in incentives for the merged company which will now be called dow dupont. it will go towards keeping 500 research jobs in johnston. still no decision on whether or not to allow the bakken oil pipeline through iowa. board members discussed the friday, evidence already
5:38 am
proposed. they still have two more potential hearings next month. iowa is the only state left to approve the pipeline. it would bring oil from north dakota to an illinois refinery. the iowa department of corrections has cut a rehabilitation program for offenders. the 12-week victim impact program taught offenders to take responsibility for their actions and realize that every decision they make affects someone else. the doc says the program wasn't preventing people from re-offending so it was replaced with a behavioral cognitive program. a convicted murderer who went through the victim impact program says slashing it is a huge mistake. >> i don't want somebody that's just been warehoused in prison for x amount of years to come out and be my neighbor. i want somebody that i know that has been rehabilitated and been given every opportunity to change themselves, to come out and be my neighbor. alyx: the yearly cost for the victim impact program and new
5:39 am
about $127 per person. spring like temperatures meant lots of people outside. playgrounds were full and people sporting t-shirts and shorts. the car washes were also pack. our crews found a 20 minute wait at the south side mister car wash, where a typical busy february day they see 400 cars. friday, they doubled that and some. >> right now we are currently at 845 the most i've ever washed since i've been here is 740. alyx: people are really excited to get out and experience those springlike temperatures. frank: i have a membership to that car wash and i went through twice yesterday. satellite radar, we are clearing the clouds out right now.
5:40 am
southern iowa, but for the most part, clear skies and pretty good. 37 in creston, low 40's in knoxville. temperatures above average. 46 waking up in kansas city. the warmer air stays just down to the south. 70 today, kansas city, low 70's in st. louis, and cooler off to the north. we are talking about some changes in the 8 day forecast. i will eight you know when things will change. alyx: thanks, frank. it's going to be a busy weekend in downtown des moines. the blue ribbon bacon festival kicks off today at the iowa events center. the popular event is back for its ninth year with 10,000 pounds of bacon. you can taste more than 80 bacon flavored foods from nearly 40 local vendors. the event runs from 10:00 to 5:00 and marcus mcintosh will be live this morning starting at 8:00 a.m. next on kcci, race to space.
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blast into space. the unveiling that brought out the stars. plus, going to new heights. how researchers in nebraska are
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advancement. frank: good saturday morning, welcome back, 5:44. the temperatures yesterday were just outstanding and if you liked them, they will be
5:44 am
50's and fort dodge and waterloo and lamoni make it up to 63 degrees, almost 30 degrees above average. this is what you are waking up to this morning, ankeny, 31. knoxville at 44 degrees. definitely a windy day yesterday. we do have a couple of 40 mile an hour wind gusts. today will not be as breezy. it will be a nice day. lots of sunshine today, less windy. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20, headed for 62 degrees. alyx: virgin galactic is back in the race to become the first major private company to blast into commercial space travel. founder sir richard branson unveiled the new spacecraft friday. more than a year after a fatal crash destroyed the original model and killed a test pilot. teri okita has more from the virgin galactic facility in the mojave desert. teri: sir richard branson rolled
5:45 am
spaceshiptwo. >> when i saw it for the first time last night it brought an , immediate lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. teri: this latest model, christened with the help of branson's one-year-old granddaughter and her milk bottle could be the first to fly , tourists into space. >> what we aim to do has never been done before. we're opening space to people from all walks of life. teri: the vss unity looks nearly identical to virgin galactic's original spacecraft. it crashed in october 2014 during a test flight in the mojave desert, killing one of the pilots. branson questioned if they should carry on, but the team stood firm in its resolve. >> they picked themselves up at end of 2015 -- 2014, they redoubled their efforts. teri: engineers say the space craft has new safety measures in place, including a device to prevent pilots from braking too early, one of the causes of the 2014 crash. it seats six passengers and can fly 62 miles above earth.
5:46 am
are on the waitlist to take a trip into space at a cost of $250,000. branson's friend harrison ford was there to support the project. >> that's the wonderful thing about these bold adventures, these incredible achievements, is that they move all of our lives forward in ways we can never anticipate. teri: there's no timetable set for the first commercial space flight. teri okita, cbs news, mojave, california. alyx: the spaceshiptwo will begin various stages of test flights. virgin galactic is among a handful of companies, including elon musk's spacex and jeff bezo's blue origin, working on shuttles to fly people and cargo into space. and in other space news, there are a whole lot of people hoping they have what it takes to go to space. nasa said it received a record applications for its astronaut 18,300 candidate training
5:47 am
that's nearly three times the number the agency got in a more recent class in 2012. the previous record was 8,000 applications, set back in 1978. of the thousands who apply only , between 8 and 14 people will be chosen. since 1959 there have only been 338 astronauts. once final candidates have been selected, they will undergo basic training for two years, and those who graduate will be assigned to one of the four spacecrafts. thanks so much for waking up with us, central iowa. taking you on a trip to the a beautiful saturday morning there and you can expect the
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. frank: 10 minutes until 6:00 on your saturday morning, another beautiful picture, this one from megan wagner in indianola. a neat sunset picture out on the lake. thank you for sending that in. you can send your pictures in on my facebook page or the wind is still a little breezy out of the west but not as bad as yesterday, generally
5:51 am
waking up in the low-to-mid 40's, 44 in des moines. to the north, a little bit cooler where they still have some snow on the ground. ottumwa, 46 degrees. the wind has decreased and is not as strong as yesterday, 10 miles per hour in des moines and generally five to 10 around the state. sunrise this morning at 7:03, a few clouds to the north and west . that is the next system that will be cruising in throughout the day tomorrow. starting things out 9:00, we see the sunshine. a system will come through tomorrow that will bring a few more clouds, but we will not see much in the way of precipitation. notice 9:00 tomorrow morning there is the clouds as a week cold front slides through the state.
5:52 am
good, they will stay in the 40's to end the weekend. today, a lot like yesterday but less windy. 35, the low tonight. there's the cooldown sunday, 47 degrees. monday, 43. the only chance for rain in the 8 day forecast is on tuesday, and it is not much. just kind of an average rest of the 8 day forecast. alyx: i like the way february is shaping up. call it the unmanned milestone. there are now 325,000 drones on record with the u.s. government. that's 5000 more than manned aircraft. researchers and nebraska are taking their drones to new heights and just wait until you see their lab. andrew ozaki has exclusive access. andrew: in the same place husker football players used to break down opponent's air attacks, n.u. researchers are now making breakthroughs in unmanned
5:53 am
tucked in the south part of memorial stadium, in what used to be the football team's auditorium, is now the nebraska intelligent mobile unmanned systems, or nimbus lab. >> what we are working in the lab is the drones of the future. andrew: flying robots that can perform tasks like drawing water samples from streams and rivers, picking up objects, even dropping fire balls to help farmers or fire crews in prescribed burns. >> the idea of sending them up high and taking pictures isn't really the focus anymore. now the focus is how to get low and how to interact with people. andrew: the lab started five years ago through the computer science program. but since it also includes mechanical engineering and aeroscience, it encompasses design to application, the goal according to one of its founding members, to make drones more powerful, safer and smarter. >> we want these vehicles to be more autonomous, more able to do things on their own. andrew: the lab brought in some of the top researchers in the country. newly recruited justin bradley is from michigan's aerospace engineering program.
5:54 am
labs, i think, in the nation for developing this kind of technology. andrew: and attracting some of the brightest students even internationally. >> it's really cool that there's a lab in nebraska that is doing projects like this. andrew: the lab has already been awarded millions of dollars in research grants from the usda, u.s. air force, and national science foundation. while i was there, a retired vice admiral and retired general toured the facility. they are with the university's national research institute a , group that works as a liaison with the military department and strategic air command. >> gaining ideas and trying to identify potential opportunities that the university might fill for the department. >> robots are even cooler than you think and flying robots are the best of the best. alyx: very cool. researchers tell us they are
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in real fields this spr alyx: news to go at 5:58. downtown will be packed all day long. state wrestling will cause some congestion. thousands of fans and athletes will pack wells fargo arena for the fourth day. today's session kicks off at 10:00.
5:58 am
consolation semi finals and finals. also at the events center today , bacon fest. this is the ninth year for the popular event. nearly 40 local vendors are flavored foods. the event starts at 10:00 this morning and our marcus mcintosh will be there live starting at 8:00 a.m. you're just minutes away from today's eye-opener on cbs this morning saturday. here's a look at some of the other stories you'll see next at 6:00. anthony: can drinking beer help cut down on global food waste? a london brewery thinks so. see how they're using surplus bread, to make a brew that satisfies the soul. also, kevin gillespie turned down a chance to study nuclear engineering at mit. he went on to become a top chef. he'll be in the dish. and wynonna judd performs in our saturday session. ahead, on "cbs this morning, saturday." alyx: later today on matter of
5:59 am
for democracy? he discusses the impact on campaigns and voters, and will share his thoughts on justice scalia's love of country and constitution. frank: today is a day you want to be outside if you can. 60 and des moines. -- in des moines. less windy today. 35 degrees tonight. cooler tomorrow. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption conten . iii . captioning funded by cbs good morning.
6:00 am
welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." a primary push and the countdown to caucus. with two contests to be decided today, the candidates try to make their cases to undecided voters. and borrowing the keys to crack the code. the justice department offers a compromise to apple over a gunman's cell phone. a single book, she changed american literature. a look being backat the legacy of harper lee. and saving the planet by drinking beer! meet the company that is turning unwanted bread into a beloved beverage! we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> so it's crunch time, folks. it's crunch time. >> this election matters! >> primary day for republicans in south carolina. >> jeb bush getting help from mom. >> jeb is one of my four favorite sons. >> democrats caucus saturday in nevada.


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