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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning Saturday  Me-TV  February 20, 2016 8:00am-9:00am CST

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. it is 8:00 a.m. on saturday, february 20, and a good saturday temperatures. get out and enjoy. frank: i cannot believe how many shorts. it was kind of windy but today you will not have to worry about the wind as much. a lot of blue sky, wind out of the south and west at five miles per hour. a lot nicer than 50 miles per hour we saw yesterday. ames, 33, low 40's in ottumwa. a lot of blue sky, a lot of sunshine. not as windy by noon, 55, with a high today of 64. alyx: it's the final countdown for voters in two states. republicans head to the polls for the south carolina primary
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caucus in nevada. the presidential candidates spent friday making their final appeals to voters. danielle nottingham has the latest from henderson, nevada. mr. trump: boycott apple. danielle: donald trump is urging americans to stop using apple devices until the company helps the u.s. government unlock the cell phone of one of the san bernardino attackers. the gop front-runner isn't shy about speaking his mind on the campaign trail. he told cbs news' major garrett he won't lie to the american people. mr. trump: you know, one of my problems is i'm straight, i tell it straight, i tell it like it is. danielle: trump once held a double digit lead in south carolina, but a poll released friday shows him just five points ahead of ted cruz. mr. cruz: the next 24 hours we are fighting to determine if the next generation will have the same constitutional liberties everyone of us has been blessed to enjoy. danielle: democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck and neck here in nevada ahead of saturday's caucuses. it will be the first test of
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hispanic community right now. we have a lot of impact. danielle: nevada is more than 25% latino. immigration reform is a major concern here. ms. clinton i want people to : come out of the shadows under comprehensive immigration reform. i want them to register. i want them to be on a path to citizenship. danielle: sanders agrees. mr. sanders: if congress does not do its job, we will use the executive orders inherent in the presidency. danielle: the democrats also have an eye on south carolina, which holds its democratic primary next saturday. danielle nottingham, cbs news, henderson, nevada. alyx: polls opened at 7:00 this morning in south carolina. the nevada caucuses begin at 11:00 a.m. and zika fight. an iowa woman tests positive for the mosquito-borne disease. iowa health officials releasing limited information about iowa's first positive case of zika.
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who recently traveled in central america where the disease is being transmitted. the cdc is now advising pregnant women against traveling to affected areas. >> if the woman's pregnant, the virus can go to that fetus and then unfortunately, rarely that fetus does have what they call microcephaly or is born with a , very small head, which is a lifelong disability. alyx: 80% of people infected with zika will experience no symptoms at all. the remaining 20% suffer mild aches and pains, rashes and fever-like symptoms. symptoms typically last a few days. right now, an ames company is working to develop a zika virus vaccine. newlink genetics made headlines for its work on an ebola vaccine . now they hope to do the same with zika. the bio-pharmaceutical company says it is still trying to figure out what type of vaccine they are going to work on. >> we are just starting. everybody is just starting .
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the beginning of the year. think about how short that is, you know, we are basically six, seven weeks into the year and , we're talking about how far our way. it takes a long time to develop a vaccine. alyx: iowa senator joni ernst toured newlink genetics friday. iowa will not be the new headquarters for a merged dupont pioneer and dow chemical company. instead, the headquarters will be in delaware where dupont is currently located. but, state and local officials say they are excited the global seed and biotech business center will be based in johnston. a dupont pioneer spokesperson tells kcci there are no additional job cuts in iowa tied to this announcement and no immediate plan to move iowa employees to delaware. >> we expect over time we will see the jobs grow in johnston, whereas that may not happen in
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in the short-term, you are going to see a little shake out as they put the merger in place, so there may well be some additional job loss. but over the long term, the next three to five years, we will see jobs increase. alyx: friday morning the iowa economic development authority approved $16 million in incentives for the merged company which will be called dow dupont. that will go toward keeping 500 research jobs in johnston. the major drinking water donation hy-vee made to flint, michigan on behalf of iowa state basketball player and flint native monte morris has made it to its destination. the 11 semis loaded with water that left ames thursday rolled into flint friday. the donation was greeted by members of morris' family, including his mom, grandfather, godmother, aunt and cousin. they were overwhelmed by hy-vee's generosity. >> it just kind of takes you back a little bit.
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you are just kind of speechless because you really did not have to do it. alyx: frank, you can really hear the wind whipping around in that interview but the good news, not as bad today. frank: that is not a halo above my head, that is the sunshine outside, and boy, is that nice to see on your weekend. satellite radar, we have clear skies all across the state, going to stay that way much of the day. there is a system to the north and west bringing a few more clouds tomorrow and cooling us down a little bit, but the temperatures will be nice. 39 in creston. all around the region, temperatures feeling pretty good. st. louis, 54 degrees waking up. your weekend planner looking good. it is going to be feeling like
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alyx: this is the only thing that might prevent people from being outside. it is the ninth annual blue-ribbon bacon festival and it starts in less than two hours. kcci's marcus mcintosh is live at the iowa event center. the bacon festival starts at 10:00 but there are people in line already? marcus: we are here live where we decided to come inside. the same this year for the blue ribbon bacon festival is body by bacon, sweating to the sizzle. we are in the main hall where all the activities are going on. you can see there is a number of people in yellow t-shirts. they are all volunteers. this is the big hall where a lot of things take place, but this is just the tip of the iceberg for everything that starts.
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you can see in the background, there is a whole bunch of activities going up there. people are lined up and excited. we can smell the bacon cooking and that is one of the best parts of all. if you could be here to smell what we were smelling, it is incredible. at the iowa event center where bacon fest starts for vips at 9:00 and for the general public at 10:00. it is not just in this room, there are four different levels, there is going to be music, there is so much going on. it shuts down today at 5:00. i am marcus mcintosh live at the iowa event center. it is starting to smell great in here. i guess i wish you and frank were here but that would mean less taken for me. alyx: we do plan on you bringing some back. state wrestling will also cause some congestion downtown today.
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wells fargo arena the past three days. and our very own scott reister has found himself in the middle of all the action. if you haven't seen it yet. take a look at your television screen. scott posted this touching photo. he said, "i just witnessed a truly courageous young man lose in the state semifinals. indianola's kobey pritchard fell to valley's nick oldham. kobey who lost his leg to cancer 10 years ago, should hold his head high. what an inspiration." championship rounds start at 10:00 this morning. still ahead on kcci, remembering scalia. thousands paid their respects to . the funeral service planned for today. plus, what state leaders are saying about the recent vacancy, and whether or not president
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next >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekends with alyx sacks and meteorologist metinka slater. frank: good saturday morning, welcome back, 8:13. the temperatures yesterday were just perfect. if we could have not had that wind it would have been a great
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52 is the high in fort dodge, 60 in des moines, 64 in council bluffs. i asked people on my facebook page, did you like the wind yesterday, and it was unanimous. if it were not for the wind. ames, 36, marshalltown, 34. the wind has definitely dialed back, out of the west, northwest at 10 miles per hour. some changes ahead in your 8 day forecast. today, 60 degrees, tomorrow back in the mid to upper 40's, and we level out at around 40 degrees for the middle of the week. alyx: paying their respects to a longtime justice. thousands visited the u.s. supreme court building today -- supreme court building friday where the body of antonin scalia , now lies in repose. aixa diaz has more from washington. aixa: president obama and the first lady were among the thousands who paid their
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justice antonin scalia. >> may his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of god rest in peace. aixa: one of scalia's sons, a catholic priest, prayed during a private ceremony for family, friends, and fellow justices, before the public was welcomed inside. >> very solemn, very beautiful , very well appointed on every level. aixa: law clerks who worked under scalia are taking turns standing vigil around the clock, until the casket departs for the funeral saturday morning. >> he was a giant on the court and has left an imprint and a legacy on the law that is unmatched. aixa: scalia served on the high court for nearly 30 years. the president reagan appointee was known for his conservative ideology and passionate personality. >> justice scalia's views and opinions are going to be discussed and read in law schools and by lawyers and by
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alyx: here is a look at where the funeral will be held. the church is starting to fill up as things are getting underway. vice president joe biden will be there, president obama will not. justice scalia died last weekend in texas at the age of 79. right now, iowa's elected officials are weighing in on the supreme court vacancy. republican senator joni ernst says she believes the president will make a nomination, although there is no timeframe for his decision. ernst says there's one important thing getting lost in the partisanship. >> one thing that i've been stressing. stressing over the past week stressing. . he was a father and a husband and a grandfather, and instead of partisan bickering we should be focusing on condolences to the family. alyx: republican representative david young stopped by kcci's studios friday. he says president obama has a right to nominate the next supreme court justice. >> the president under the
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and i believe the president will and should practice that right. can either take it up and approve, take it up and disapprove, or not even consider it. alyx: when it comes to naming a replacement for the late justice american opinion is split. a cbs news poll found 47% of americans would like to see president obama appoint the next supreme court justice. but 46% would like to see that done by the next president. and on capitol hill, things are equally divided, with the issue igniting a partisan battle between senate republicans and democrats as well as with candidates on the campaign trail. >> both parties are trying to put lipstick on a pig . bear both looking for some sort of general principle to justify what they want to do, but it is deep down a highly contentious, partisan issue. conservative republicans simply do not want a democrat to make a
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particularly to fill justice scalia's seat. the democrats felt the same way in 2007. alyx: we'll have more from kcci 8 news political analyst dennis university constitutional law professor mark kende and leading local republicans and democrats as well. be sure to tune in this sunday morning at 10:30 right after "face the nation." time now, 8:17. we will check back in with that forecast. frank: the sunset sent in by megan wagner last week down by indianola, just a neat shot. you can see the sun reflecting off the lake and some cirrus clouds. another nice shot from our downtown skycam, we are seeing the blue sky, 40 degrees. the wind is light out of the west at about three. the big thing you will notice today over yesterday is the
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cooler out to the west, carroll in the 30's. the wind is manageable now, less than five miles an hour in des moines. generally it will be out of the west and northwest today. we do have clear skies and a system to the north that we are keeping an eye on will start to change our conditions. starting out 9:00 this morning, we are going to see the sunshine. the sun has his sunglasses on and will be all around the state. more clouds as we head through the afternoon hours tomorrow and eventually that will start to cool us down. 60 degrees is your afternoon high in des moines, wind out of the west at generally 10 miles per hour. 8 day forecast, we are going to cool down a little bit sunday,
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sunday, -- monday, 43. the next chance of rain is tuesday, just a 20% chance, 47 degrees. then we level out right around 40 degrees. it is still a pretty average 8 day forecast. >> the stage is set for the final day at state wrestling. we will have all the highlights from the semi finals, plus a
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prep. >> there is one day left in the high school wrestling season. tonight, the championships. before then, all the consolation action at the well. how did we get here? with a spectacular semi final evening. scott reister and tony seeman have our team coverage. >> andy, i have to tell you i think i need to hit the weights because looking at some of these high schoolers, they are ripped. we had kids with mustaches here. i am still working on that. what a day on friday. the tickets to saturday night's finals were punched. let's start with the class 3a semifinals. all eyes were on the inspirational kobey pritchard of indianola who lost his leg to cancer. it was tied 2-2 with nick oldham. oldham gets it for the two with
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he hangs on for the 4-2 win. oldham wins it. kobey absolutely overwhelmed with emotion but that man should hold his head incredibly high as he continues to be an inspiration to us all. at 126, tristan laura of fort dodge. the junior chasing his first state title. he has a tattoo, "believe" right on his chest. >> just believe in yourself. for the one who believes, anything is possible. >> michael zachary of dowling defeated plans valley -- pleasant valley's spencer neville. >> every time i step out on the mat, i am going to take it and get them. >> 170, marcus coleman takes down josh at all of marshalltown. the cheering section on hand as: advances to the final.
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195, dodge remains perfect. he wins it 8-3. at 220, timber. that is ethan anderson. anderson goes down to get the pin and the advantage. in the class 2a semi finals, the place was electric. 145 he was tied with mason , buster of minneapolis in the closing seconds, when he gets the takedown and the 3-1 win. the other 145, brady braun comes back in the final minutes to win it 8-7. the crowd loved it, but not nearly as much as brady. that was so much fun i would , call it a two hug win. at 170, creston continues to be a docket -- a bracket dominator.
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finals, brady geithner in green. remains undefeated, getting the pin. >> it has been a long year coming. i have been wanting it bad and i finally got it. >> at 160, i-35 in the blue what , a takedown. with the manly mustache just , hurting nate van buren. at 182, undefeated austan lent of often -- ogden in the blue defeats nathan kruger 9-1. >> saw a whole lot of great moments like that at state wrestling all week long and , there is still one day to go. as we finish the semi finals, here is how the team standings look. southeast polk ahead of fort dodge. valley in third and dowling makes it into the top 10. creston orient macksburg with a
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over clarion goldfield downs. albia is in third. so close for the 1a championship. the best team, i-35 is in ninth. the action gets going at 10:00, for the consolation finals and semi's a lot of points up for , grabs. the awards program is at 5:45, and the finals are at 6:00 tonight over at the well. how about some playoff basketball? girl's semi finals in the district, winner gets one step closer to wells fargo arena. this is des moines christian against south-central calhoun. three for south-central. back come the lions. olivia penn when finding the range. good defense. mia rosener goes up with a big swat, get it out of here. des moines christian wins 59-47
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boys wrapping up the regular season, dowling hosting ames in west des moines. ted brown inside the big man using has frame to his , advantage. ames has the answer. wide open at the top of the key, one dribble, and a nice scream from his teammate. he locked down the jumper. then it is eric stier going down the wing right around the defense. dowling would win this one, 49-38 the final. speaking of great games, waukee last night was a place to be for the warriors and the roosevelt roughriders. adam rose went baseline, a pretty layup. roosevelt in the gray, finding a way to answer. ethan schaeffer drops the mid
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roughriders win in overtime, 65-60 the final. northern iowa takes over first place and the missouri valley conference women's standing, with the 85-74 win last night at the mcleod center. speaking of last night nba ball , with a local twist, doug mcdermott from ames high school, a career high, 30 points for the rookie. mcdermott is not a rookie, but a big, big game. he scores 30. the bulls win by 10. the kicker, fred hoiberg only had 28 in his career high. mcdermott letting him know that
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alyx: right now on kcci, down to the wire. republicans face off after a week of bitter attacks. plus, it's the first test for the democrats in a more racially diverse state. details from washington ahead. and zika fight. iowa health officials confirm the virus has been tested positive in an iowa woman. where she recently traveled and , the symptoms you may or may not experience if you have zika.
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live at the event center, this event is entering its ninth year. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci eight news this morning weekend. alyx: welcome back to kcci, everyone. it is 8:32 on a beautiful saturday, i am alyx sacks. meteorologist frank scaglione sitting by. frank: it will be pretty much an identical day to yesterday temperature wise, but the wind is a lot less ferocious than yesterday. i know yesterday was trash day for me and everybody's garbage can was across the neighborhood. today, not as bad so you can go outside and not worry about
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the airport skycam, beautiful blue sky. waking up to 40 degrees, wind out of the west at five miles per hour. off to the north, a bit cooler, 36 fort dodge, 34 mason city. your day planner, going to be a great morning, not as windy. noontime temperature already 55 degrees. high 60 but we have some changes coming up. alyx: first on kcci, key contests. today voters in nevada and south carolina way in on the 2016 race for the white house. nikole killion is in washington with the details. nikole: in nevada, bernie sanders and hillary clinton duke it out as the democrats caucus. >> nevada will be helpful in maybe assessing kind of how the rest of the nation maybe feels about the democratic race
8:34 am
fairly similar. nikole: minorities make up a larger percentage of the electorate in the silver ste compared to earlier contests in iowa and new hampshire, a key test for both candidates, especially when it comes to hispanics, who make up about 24% of nevada's potential voters, according to the census bureau. >> we've engaged with partners through a very aggressive voter-registration campaign to ensure that latinos who want to participate are registered. nikole: meanwhile in the south -- >> support me on saturday. nikole: it's the evangelical vote that could decide the palmetto primary. a pew center study finds 35% of south carolina's christians make up that bloc creating an all out battle between ted cruz and donald trump for the religious right. >> if trump does well amongst those voters, it will be a good sign for him heading into super tuesday because again, there are a lot of states that kind of look like south carolina that vote on super tuesday. nikole: and in a few days, both parties will do it all over again. democrats hold their primary in south carolina next saturday, february 27 while republicans will caucus in nevada this
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in washington, i'm nikole killion reporting. alyx: you can count on kcci for complete coverage of the south carolina primary and nevada caucus tonight at 6:00 and 10:00. also today, a funeral mass for justice antonin scalia is scheduled for today. this is a live look inside the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate can section, the largest roman catholic church in the nation. friday more than 3000 people, including president obama paid tribute to scalia at the supreme court. vice president joe biden and his wife jill will be among dignitaries attending the mass today. in fiji, they hunker down as wind reaches 190 miles per hour. any domestic or international flights were canceled and authorities are urging people to not go outside.
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cyclone to hit fiji. right now, an iowa woman has tested positive for the zika virus. >> they're doing both a lot of work within our boarders to look at the cases and potential transmission of the virus. alyx: iowa health officials are releasing limited details about iowa's first positive zika case. we do know that she is a female between 60 and 80-years-old, who recently traveled to central america. the cdc is now advising pregnant women against traveling to affected areas. 80% of people infected will not experience any symptoms at all and the other 20% suffer mild symptoms like aches and pains, rashes and fever-like symptoms. right here in iowa, an ames company is working to develop a zika virus vaccine. newlink genetics made headlines . with zika. the bio-pharmaceutical company says it is still trying to figure out what type of vaccine
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central iowa lost the bid for the new headquarters of a merged dupont pioneer and dow chemical company. the headquarters will be in delaware where dupont is currently located. state and local officials are excited the global seed and biotech business center will be in johnston. a dupont pioneer spokesperson tells kcci there will be no additional job cuts with this announcement and no immediate plan to move iowa employees to delaware. iowa's congressional delegation was disappointed with the news that dow-dupont decided not to make johnston its home headquarters. >> we will maintain a presence here. by the way, i understand through the merger for research and development in johnston, iowa, it does not help those families and employees that are losing their jobs right now. alyx: friday, the iowa economic development authority approved $16 million in incentives for the merged company which will now be called dow dupont.
8:38 am
research jobs in johnston. if you liked yesterday, today you might even like it a little bit more. frank: yesterday was kind of like one and a half thumbs up. today we are going to put them both up. the wind has died down. here is a live shot from our stewart webcam -- stuart webcam off to the west. we do have those clear skies, satellite radar not showing much going on across the midwest. we do have a cold front that will slide through tomorrow and coolest down a little bit but not bring any precipitation. low 40's in ottumwa and knoxville this morning. it is just a bit cooler out to the west, 20's in rapid city and north platte, the 40's pretty much everywhere else with the
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60 degrees today. tomorrow, more clouds and cooler but still nice. alyx: the only thing that might keep iowans inside when it is so nice outside is the blue ribbon bacon festival. marcus mcintosh is inside, making his way through the flurry of people. it already looks dizzy. -- busy. marcus: there's a number of there is so much going on. it is right here in the iowa event center, the blue ribbon both -- bacon festival. our first question is, nine years ago, did you think this would turn into what it has? >> we never thought it would be this monstrosity that it is today. we started with 200 people and
8:40 am
marcus: from room to room you have activity, activity, activity. >> we have four levels of bacon excitement, bacon lectures, a karaoke bar, food vendors with over 100 different bacon items. there is a bacon jim so you can sweat a little of the bacon more. marcus: what do you think is the key to this being so successful and singing to grow year after year after year? >> it is kind of a cabin fever event. february 20, it is a beautiful day outside for people to get out and do something. why not celebrate bacon? marcus: what are some of the highlights? >> we have got a lot of great entertainers that are here. club sizzle is upstairs, a bacon
8:41 am
we have a few performers that have been to cirque du soleil. it is a fun day all around. marcus: there's a whole lot going down at bacon fest. 9:00 the doors open to vips and 10:00 is open to the public. be patient, find a parking spot, and, and enjoy. marcus mcintosh, kcci.
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taking a look at a b frank: good morning, welcome back, 8:44. look at these temperatures, they are actually above our average high temperatures in some locations. way off to the north in kossuth county, the wind is manageable today, less than five miles per hour. the same and fort dodge and lamoni. 55. 2:00, 60 degrees. it is going to feel like spring. it's time to get cooking with chef andrew. alyx: we are talking about getting outside and enjoying the weather and this is good for your heart.
8:45 am
health month and i have a recipe, a roast salmon with weight being ragu. it has -- white bean ragou. we are going to make the ragou here. garlic flavored olive oil, shallots, and garlic. i like to start out dishes like this with these two ingredients. they add a lot of flavor. saute those a little bit, and we will throw in some of our thinly sliced mushrooms. these will take about 30 seconds to a minute to cook down. mushrooms to have quite a bit of moisture so they take a little bit of time, but if you get a nice high heat, you can get a
8:46 am
color as well. alyx: mushrooms are something that also add a lot of healthy stuff. it adds flavor and texture. chef andrew: the more vegetables you can throw in, the better you will be. we are going to throw in some fresh kale. that is the hot vegetable for the past few years. i like to put it in saute is because it holds up so well in heat. alyx: spinach will break down. chef andrew: you can also eat it raw in salads with a nice vinaigrette. it has a lot of different options. alyx: some of your recipes could switch out spinach for kale, or use both. chef andrew: absolutely. then we are going to throw in
8:47 am
these are just canned white beans. saute that, and i rinse those so you get rid of some of the extra sodium. alyx: good to know. sometimes taking your health into consideration. chef andrew: a little bit of chicken stock and parmesan cheese. we will throw in just a touch of butter, everything in moderation. alyx: everything in moderation, our favorite saying. chef andrew: and there you have it, that is what it looks like when it is completed. my salmon in the oven, 400 degrees about 10 to 20 degrees for every inch of thickness. alyx: to help bring it home for our viewers, how long would you cook that? chef andrew: nine to 10 minutes.
8:48 am
next week, a delicious dessert
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. frank: good saturday morning. we cannot say it enough, it was a beautiful day yesterday, minus the wind.
8:51 am
facebook page from trish out lake panorama. what the picture did not show you is the leaves on the trees and the blanches -- branches blowing around everywhere. the iowa event center, a lot going down there today. the wind is very light compared to yesterday, generally less than five miles per hour, temperatures feeling pretty good to start things out. knoxville at 45 already, and 43 in ottumwa, just a bit cooler off to the north. the wind is the big story today and was a big story yesterday, but the change is it will be a lot lighter. carroll at six. here is today's forecast, i have the blue sky and a few clouds,
8:52 am
by noontime, already in the mid-50's. mostly sunny skies at 3:00, six degrees. the average for this time of year, 38 degrees. we have clear skies all across the midwest, nothing to worry about for your weekend plans other than a few more clouds that will pass through on sunday. here is that on futurecast. just off to the north we have a cold front that will be sliding in, cooling us down a little bit for sunday but it will still be mild. this arctic area of high pressure will stay mainly to the north. not too bad. here is futurecast, a nice sunny day all across the state today. i'm thinking about a bike ride this afternoon. it would not have been a good day for that yesterday.
8:53 am
tomorrow, maybe a bike ride tomorrow with temperatures still in the upper 40's. 60 degrees, our high temperature in des moines today. 35 the low tonight, a mild night . your average high temperature is 38 and the low tonight will be 35, 47 tomorrow, 43 on monday. the only chance of rain is tuesday and it is only a 20% chance. wednesday into thursday, back in the low 30's and around average on friday, 36 degrees. highs in the 40's and 50's and 60's, that is just not typical. alyx: that is why there are so many people out on social media talking about loving this weather. to have 60 degrees and sunshine
8:54 am
frank: we have today without the wind. it will be nice to chill out today. alyx: and a temperature drop
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marcus: i am marcus mcintosh live at the iowa event center at the blue ribbon bacon festival. sweat to the sizzle is the same this year. vips are allowed in at 9:00 and everyone else at 10:00. four floors of bacon themed activity, a bacon nightclub, bacon activities. it is going to be a lot of fun. parking might be a little bit tricky because the state wrestling tournament is going on as well. i am here, as you remember last year, joined by the bacon babes. they are going to do a cheer. >> go bacon!
8:58 am
marcus: with that great or what? it is mollie, christie, a rate, angela, and sam. they are going to greet you and it is going to be a great time at they confessed. there is music, there is events. it starts at 10:00 and it ends at 5:00 at the iowa event center , and you get to eat a lot of bacon. iron marcus mcintosh live at the iowa event center. alyx: bacon and babes. we just love it. frank: i was trying to count how many times he said bacon during that report. i was on my third hand full. alyx: you were on your toes.
8:59 am
frank: a time of bacon, kind of like the weather. 65 in des moines, 64 in council bluffs. tonight, 35 degrees, a mild night. sunday, a bit cooler behind a cold front that will not bring us any moisture, 47. [kcci captionings broughto you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mo: welcome to "the henry ford's innovation nation." i'm mo rocca, and today we're going to ring your bell!
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breathing easy with lab-grown lungs, when breaking ground meant breaking your back, and pieces of pizza from the greenest box next on "the henry ford's innovation nation." some of the simplest pleasures in life come from things that we take for granted, going for a walk, parents dancing around with their children, but for some kids, life and walking are more challenging and in need of innovation to help them along. alie ward introduces us to the mother of invention. alie: this is debby ocko elnatan. she is a mother and an inventor. debby invented a mobility device that lets children with motor impairment walk with the help of an adult, and it's called the upsee. her motivation to innovate was very personal. debby has a son named rotem, who is now in his


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