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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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including a handful here on the las vegas strip, so casino workers could attend. unions gave workers a paid, two-hour break, so they could caucus. both sanders and clinton spent millions in tv ads here to win their votes. danielle nottingham, cbs news, las vegas. laura: and voters cast their ballots today in the south carolina republican primary. todd: all six candidates are preparing for big rallies tonight, hoping they beat expectations. craig boswell has more on that. craig: jeb bush greeted voters at a polling location in greenville, south carolina with a message about donald trump. jeb: trump can't win, plain and simple. craig: but trump is predicting he'll take south carolina, and then some. donald: they always say the field will shrink, and they add up 100% of everybody. i'm going to get a lot of those votes. craig: at least one palmetto state voter is not sold. mary ann: i'm just a little bit afraid he is a loose cannon. craig: ted cruz is polling second, and volunteers at his
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him on top. >> it's crunch time. so, you bring all your family and friends to vote, too. ok? craig: today, cruz attended the funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia. john kasich is also out of town, campaigning to standing-room-only crowds in massachusetts, ahead of super tuesday. gov. kasich: i'm going to run a positive campaign, whether i win or not. craig: his campaign predicts his showing in south carolina will be enough to drive at least one, maybe two, candidates out of the race. marco rubio is hoping the endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley will help him rebound from a disappointing fifth place finish in new hampshire. craig boswell, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. todd: "matter of fact" with fernando espuelas is coming up, right after the news at 6:00. the subject? are super pacs dangerous for democracy? fernando discusses the impact on candidates and voters. plus, he shares his thoughts about justice scalia's love of country and constitution, coming up at 6:30. laura: back here at home, it felt a lot like spring today, with temperatures in the 50's. plenty of people got out to enjoy the weather. let's check in now with jason, to see if it will be sticking
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jason: we are going to have some semblance of warmth. but it will start to taper back. i hope you made it out today, and tomorrow, not looking bad. 30's off to the north portions, 50 in the metro. 38 down in crestobn. most of the snow is melting. this little guy was dodging around in the snow, chasing after what looks to be a feeding bin. moving it all around the yard, that squirrel -- the snow is not going to let it get him down. he cannot quite make it up. 36 by 7 p.m. 33 by 7:00 in the morning. i have a better forecast for the latter half of the weekend, as we keep some warmth. laura: two major events in des moines today, that each draw thousands of people every year, made finding a parking spot almost impossible. todd: kcci's kim st. onge is in the studio now to explain.
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bacon-lovers had to battle it out over parking spots near the iowa events center. it's the second year the blue ribbon bacon festival has been held there, in an effort to spread out the 300 food vendors. -- the 40 food vendors. call it a bacon wonderland. julie: it was definitely on my bucket list. kim: 10,000 pounds of pork, made just about every way possible. julie: i love bacon. i could eat it all the time. kim: bacon cotton candy, bacon ice cream, bacon drinks. even a bacon bike? marc: if you like bacon, this is the place to be. there's no doubt about that. kim: thankfully, for marc korver -- marc: if i was in iceland, i would come here. kim: that pricey plane ticket would be his only cost. he gets into baconfest free for life, after winning a contest last year. marc: i did a bacon rap, to the tune of "the fresh prince of bel air" theme. kim: he agreed to give us a taste. marc: now, this is the story all about how i make my bacon all crispy gold and brown. only got a minute, so sit right there. kim: unlike previous years, when the festival was held at the
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room, korver and other bacon-lovers alike had endless areas and multiple floors to navigate, inside hyvee hall. mike: very overwhelming, with all the stands and samples you can get. kim: this year's theme? body by bacon, sweating to the sizzle, which explains all the workout outfits. and it counters the world health organization's october report, saying processed meats cause cancer. bacon is one of those foods people seem to either like -- >> we love bacon! kim: or love enough to write a song about. marc: in western iowa, i was born and raised. in the kitchen, where i spent most of my days. making the bacon, it smells so nice. kim: that guy was pretty awesome. get this. there could be up to 30,000 people here today, between the wrestling tournament and bacon fest. todd? todd: got to love that rap. a disturbing trend is continuing here in iowa -- fewer farms.
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agriculture says the state lost 500 farms last year. however, they say that the ones that do remain are becoming larger. most of the loss was smaller farms, with sales of less than $10,000. iowa posted a total of 87,500 farms in 2015, with over 30 million acres in production. laura: iowa health officials are not releasing where in iowa the state's first positive zika case is from. we do know the female victim is between 60 and 80 years old, and she recently traveled to central america. the cdc is now advising pregnant women against traveling to affected areas. symptoms include mild aches and pains, rashes, and fever-like symptoms. todd: well, as tax season gears up, irs officials and political leaders are warning people of phone scams. laura: people receive calls, from people claiming to work with the irs, and demand payment. rose heaphy joins us to explain. rose: the irs will never contact people over the phone. the agency only uses the mail. but phone scams top the list of the irs agents' "dirty dozen" list of tax scams. the inspector general says, as of this january, more than 5000 victims have paid more than
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since october 2013. people say the callers are aggressive, and use threats to convince people to pay a fake tax bill. they trick people into sending cash, giving credit card info over the phone, or paying with a wire transfer. often, at the nearest walmart. it happens so often, state leaders are asking workers to help customers recognize a scam. sen. schumer: to have employees instruct anyone who comes to take out a money order and send it to the irs, you better wait. there is a scam going on. rose: i spoke with a des moines woman, who is being targeted by scammers. tonight at 10:00, hear from her. and find out what happened, when i tried to call the suspected scammers back. todd and laura? laura: thanks, rose. it was a final farewell today in washington for late supreme court justice antonin scalia. todd: dozens of dignitaries, including the vice president, attended a funeral mass to pay their respects. weijia jiang has more on how he was being remembered. weijia: church bells tolled for justice antonin scalia, as pallbearers carried his
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of the immaculate conception. father scalia: let us pray. weijia: father paul scalia, the justice's son, presided over the mass, and delivered the homily. father scalia: god blessed dad with a love for his family. weijia: father scalia was on the verge of tears, as he talked about his dad's love for his wife of 56 years and the couple's nine children. father scalia: to have each other for support, that's the greatest wealth parents can bestow. and right now, we are particularly grateful for it. weijia: scalia's funeral service was the first for a supreme court justice held here, at the nation's largest roman catholic church. religion was an important part of his life. john: it was a reminder that there were more important things in his life than the job he did every day. he was somebody who loved his church and loved his country both. weijia: and he loved his
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with scalia. dick: it always gets me, when i read something in the media about him being a curmudgeon. he was the warmest, funniest guy i know. weijia: mourners from both sides of the aisle, including vice presidents joe biden and dick cheney and senator ted cruz, came together to say goodbye. weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. todd: and justice scalia was buried after today's mass, in a private ceremony at an undisclosed location. laura: and a reminder, the issue of replacing late justice antonin scalia will be the subject of tomorrow morning's kcci 8 "close up." be sure to tune in this sunday morning at 10:30, right after "face the nation." todd: next, how did a teenager posing as a doctor go unnoticed for months? we'll have the details, straight ahead. laura: and a big day on the mats
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we will prev announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. perseus: i don't know whether he's lying or not. but i do know one thing. if he is lying, the government
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lying. todd: well, the business partner of a florida teenager, accused of pretending to be a doctor, is now speaking publicly about a situation, he says, took him totally by surprise. according to police, he was no doogie howser m.d. laura: the 18-year-old florida licensed doctor, going as far as opening his own offices. reporter teri parker explains how authorities finally caught up with him. teri: when undercover sheriff's deputies marched malachi love-robinson out of his clinic in handcuffs, his new business partner stood inside, in shock. perseus: i wanted to ask him, you know, come on, come clean. is this true? teri: perseus wells says he thought love-robinson's claims of being a naturopathic doctor were legitimate. and his diplomas from colleges he claims he attended were real. until i showed up several weeks ago, asking questions. perseus: i didn't have doubts. i had doubts, when you first did the interview with us. teri: wells says love-robinson assured him he was a real naturopathic doctor, with a phd
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and he says the teen even got approved for medicaid. perseus: in order to take medicaid and all of these insurances, you have to show proof. and the proofs have a doc number. and the doc number had to be valid. how did he get a doc number? how did he get this stuff? teri: tuesday, an undercover female deputy came in, posing as a patient. and she says love-robinson took her blood pressure, put a stethoscope under her shirt, and told her to take allergy medicine. listening in on a wire, deputies moved in for the arrest. perseus: they came in with masks on and whatever. and they were just like, put your hands on the table. teri: wells says he couldn't sleep for two days. and he is especially bothered by charges against love robinson that he stole $3,000 from an 86-year-old patient. perseus: the fact that he is saying he robbed that old lady, that's what's bothering me. you know, i couldn't think he would do that. i really couldn't. teri: but for now, he's clinging to a thin hope that his partner is somehow telling the truth. perseus: i don't know whether
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if he is lying, the government needs to hire him. because he's good, if he's lying. laura: and that was teri parker reporting. and even more bizarre? the palm beach county department of health had previously investigated and cited the teen in october, for the same scam. todd: let us check back with jason to find out if tomorrow could be kind of perfect? jason: nice, no 50's or 60's like we saw today. still want to be beautiful out there promising quite a bit of sunshine today. starting to watch those clouds move in from the west. those will stick around tomorrow, too. a to say the sunshine is going away, we could see some throughout the day. but that is what we will see. the wind lightened yesterday, cruising upwards of 40 miles per hour. right now, 5-10 miles per hour out of the north, trying to drag
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not enough to spoil an otherwise perfect day. 46 now, wind chill at 40 degrees that light wind. average high sits at 38. mild air is going to be with us for a few days, and you can see we barely just bump underneath that for the morning hours. clouds do build in the morning hours, stirring to break up a bit in the afternoon. a chance there could be some chance of afternoon sunshine, and a high of 46, mild air truly sticking around for a while. you can see the wild expanse that will make its way on in. not looking at much by way of rain or snow with this, mainly a few flakes in the early morning hours. or a few raindrops. other than that, besides that slightly soggy start, going to be a beautiful day. it is going to succeed throughout the end of the weekend, and you can see it really s srting to dry out and
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a beautiful look to the start of the work week. futurecast pushing in cloud cover the early morning hours. you see the light rain-snow mixture. i do think there is a chance we could see that in the metro. but that pushes eastward and dries out later in the afternoon, morning. but the clouds do linger. again, could see some sunshine. not enough to run wild outside, like we have had. but that is still looking pretty darn nice. 32 degrees, overnight low, look across the state -- temperatures only in the upper 20's to the 30's, across the entire state. the morrow, back to where we were today -- 46 degrees. 51 in lamoni. 51 down in council bluffs. looking at the middle of the week, looking pretty good. chance for precipitation on tuesday. after that, looking nice. 38 on friday, back to the 40's for the beginning of next weekend.
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: they have worked years, in some cases since they were old enough to walk. wrestlers hit the mat, all leading up to a shot at eternal glory at the high school championships.
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tony: the super bowl, the world series, the stanley cup -- forget about it. if you are a wrestling fan, this is as big as it gets. state wrestling titles on the line, and they are ready to make some history. >> of yeah, that is the goal right now. everybody wants to wrestle their best. and the mentality has to be you have to be the predator. it is a hard, cruel world. if you're the one being hunted, you will not succeed as much as the others. >> has been a long time coming since last year. i lost in the quarters. but i finally got it. >> ever since i lost in the finals last year, it has been a motivator. i definitely do not want to ever have that feeling again. and i do not plan on it. tony: the state finals are right around the corner. highlights coming up tonight at 10:00. at wells fargo arena, tony seeman. scott: taking a look at the team scores. southeast polk come after the
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the rams look to be in control in class 3a. valley a distant third. 2a, a commanding lead over creston. and in class 1a, take a look at the team scores. it is all albert. still a chance, depending on how the finals go. they have 103. as you can see, it is a two-man race. if you have been following, here is a man who lost his leg to cancer 10 years ago. as a sophomore, here he is moments after losing. this venture on our facebook page has been seen over 500,000 times. it has 7800 likes. as this inspirational image continues to grow, his message continues to spread. do not feel bad about anything, he has inspired so many people. keep your head up high. after losing to loyola, the uni
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away with a heavy dose of wes washpun. the senior has the panthers on a roll. packed house at the mcleod center. we go inside to bennett koch, the youngest of the three brothers. how about some washpun. he had 18 points in this one. washpun breaks down the defense, and matt bohannon will make that all day long. uni, broken play, paul jesperson drops the 3. uni takes care of business. they have won 7 of 8 and is not giving up on march. wes: bennett is playing his best backs of all of the year.
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favorite team. ben: you have a guy like wes, matt, morgan, they are our guys. they can play. so when we get into games like this, like illinois state, this is a terrific team. they are playing great. but we have guys that can compete. scott: love the kids behind him during the interview. how about oklahoma and west virginia? it was all oklahoma. buddy hield, 28 points. isaiah cousins finished with 12 points and 8 rebounds. they take care of west virginia on the road, 76-62. speaking of big 12, the cyclones have a golden chance to get back in the win column tonight. they host last-place tcu. the cyclones are coming off another close loss.
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baylor. iowa state is just 7-6 in the league, with all of their losses coming either by 5 points or less, or in overtime. the cyclones are just 2-4 over its last 6 games, but has been scoring a ton. in that span, the cyclones have shot 50.1% and 41.0% from 3-point range. we will see if they can stay hot and convert that into a win as they take on tcu. game tips and about five minutes. we will have that story coming up tonight at 10:00. speakin of the cyclones, the women go to waco and fall hard to the mighty baylor bears. the cyclones are struggling, just 5-10. baylor is 27-1. drake in action tonight 8:00, taking on the bradley bulldogs. trying to get their season turned around. finally, congratulations -- excuse me. iowa wild on the road, taking logic on a very they cannot play at home because the wrestling tournament.
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alex stephenson. we did a feature on him, from the iowa energy, he just got the call. he sighed and it's in with the l.a. clippers. he will play tonight, and it is pretty exciting. they're playing none other than the defending world champ golden state warriors. the last time in iowa, all of a sudden playing with steph curry. this the first taste of the nba.
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jason: no 50's or 60's, but it will be gorgeous the next few days area could see an isolated sprinkle, nothing more than that. laura: that is what we like to hear. spring-like temperatures.
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todd on the nigh >> today on "matter of fact," immigration and obamacare. >> we could have really a perfect storm of some of these social issues in particular. >> will the "supreme" arguments determine a presidential winner? and -- campaign "dark money." fernando: how can we know if a candidate is effectively being bought? >> are mystery donors destroying democracy? plus -- [crowd chanting "bernie!"] >> hillary! hillary! >> the battle for the soul of southern democrats. then, a penalty for prayer breaks on the production line? >> i've never heard of a company not allowing its employees to pray five minutes. >> conflicts over religion on
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welcome to "matter of fact." i'm fernando espuelas. the presidential campaign among republicans has gone into full attack mode -- against the man they say is a lame duck, president barack obama. republicans could mount an effort to stop any nominee he proposes for the supreme court. it's the political fallout from the death of justice antonin scalia. politico's chief investigative reporter ken vogel knows the risks and rewards of the various strategies. ken, welcome. ken: great to be with you. fernando: thank you so much. so how is the scalia replacement process, the nomination of a new justice, coloring the whole political system? ken: well, the supreme court has


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