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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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republican primary. trump came out ahead of marco rubio and ted cruz, who finished in a virtual tie for second place. donald trump: i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state. craig: jeb bush finished in the bottom three. he told supporters this was his last primary as a 2016 presidential candidate. jeb bush: the people of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina have spoken, and i really respect their decision. so, tonight, i am suspending my campaign. craig: south carolina voters said the most important quality in a candidate is that he shares their values. and they said the most important issue is terrorism. for cruz and rubio, a strong finish in south carolina means momentum heading into super tuesday on march 1st, when almost 600 delegates are at stake. sen. cruz: we can stand together with a proven, consistent,
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bring back morning in america. sen. rubio: the 21st-century conservative movement is the son of a bartender and a maid from cuba. who, tonight, stands one step closer to being the 45th president of the united states. craig: donald trump will try to make it three in a row tuesday at the nevada caucuses. craig boswell, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. todd: and in nevada, bernie sanders says "the wind is at our backs," despite his loss to hillary clinton in the nevada caucuses. tonight, sanders congratulated clinton on her victory in nevada, crediting her for running a very aggressive and effective campaign. meanwhile, clinton says many doubted her in nevada, but that she and her supporters never doubted each other. laura: thousands of bacon-lovers were in des moines today for the ninth annual blue ribbon bacon festival. about 40 food vendors filled hyvee hall, with everything from bacon cotton candy to bacon ice cream and bacon marmalade. this year's theme was "body by bacon," so festival-goers could
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despite the health theme, one bacon fanatic says you still have to try all the food. mike: i try as much as i can. because, why not? it's great variety. most of these places don't really have it on the menu. anyway, so, it's a great opportunity for them to show their creativity, as well. laura: at least 12,000 people celebrated everything bacon this year. and organizers are already planning on topping that number in 2017. todd: well, today was the day an awful lot of people had been waiting the whole week for. plenty of sunshine, and temperatures in the 50's, made it the perfect day to shed some of those winter blues and get outdoors. have some fun. this is video from earlier this afternoon, showing folks enjoyi the pappajohn sculpture park downtown. let's check in now with jason, to see what tomorrow has in store for us. jason: it is going to be another beautiful day. we are going to have cloud cover, and we will see decent warmth throughout the day. mid 40's is what we are topping
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41 in the metro, 36 down in creston. so much sunshine and warmth today, it was beautiful. if you do not have that wind. clouds will spill income off to the west, a chance for light rain to start the day. not more than a few sprinkles out there. but another beautiful day where they are well before average. i will have more on the beautiful week we have coming up, shortly. todd: a nationwide tax scam is sweeping through iowa. laura: phone calls from a fake irs agent, calling and threatening people to pay money. kcci's rose heaphy spoke with a des moines woman who was targeted. rose: she told me she's received multiple calls. she says she wants to get the word out, so others don't fall victim to the scam. marlis: they've called me twice, just today. so, i wish i hadn't answered the phone. rose: marlis wagner received a call similar to this one.
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from the irs, telling her to call back and pay up for a fake lawsuit. marlis: it's quite frustrating, because i am older and retired. and i think they tend to prey on older folks, because they're more gullible. rose: wagner says her neighbors are also getting the calls. she says one friend would have paid the scammer, if she hadn't stopped her. marlis: i felt really bad for her, because her level of anxiety was quite high. rose: i tried giving the number a call. but no one picked up. the treasury inspector general for tax administration announced in january more than 5000 victims have paid more than $26.5 million from phone scams, since october 2013. also on the rise? email scams, with links to fake government sites. this tax season, there's been a 400% increase in phishing and malware. marlis: it's just amazing, that there are so many ways that
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people to share their money with them. rose: now, the irs only communicates through mail, and would never call or send an email. if you do get contacted by a scammer, just don't respond. you can report a scam to the irs. a link is on our website. laura? laura: tonight, a community is showing support for a local man who lost his entire family in a house fire last month. john sorenson was working, when flames tore through his home in boxholm, killing his wife, amber, and three children. dozens showed up at the southside club in boone earlier his evening for music, food, and a live auction. organizers say all they had to do is put the word out, and the goodwill of the community did the rest. luke: the out for of the public for people wanting to help john has been truly amazing. laura: investigators have said that the deadly fire may have been caused by a space heater, placed in the rear of the home, where the family kept rabbits. todd: supreme court justice
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god, country, and family. scalia's son paul, a catholic priest, led a solemn funeral mass for his father today at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington. the conservative icon and father of nine died unexpectedly last weekend. friends remembered him for his jovial nature and great sense of humor. dick: it gets me, when i hear in the media about him being a curmudgeon. he was the warmest, funniest guy i know. todd: mourners from both sides of the aisle, including vice presidents joe biden and dick cheney and senator ted cruz, attended today's service. and we want to let you know that the issue of replacing late justice will be the subject of tomorrow morning's kcci 8 "close up." be sure to tune in sunday morning at 10:30, right after "face the nation." laura: in other national news, a gunfight has left a mississippi law enforcement agent dead and three state troopers injured. authorities say it happened after a six-hour standoff, with a man holed up in his home with his wife and 10-year-old daughter.
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but the man was killed, after he opened fire, as tactical teams entered the home. todd: two new york city police officers were wounded in a shootout with a man who crashed his car into a police car. police commissioner william bratton says one plainclothes officer was struck in his bulletproof vest. the other was shot in the hip. both are expected to make a full recovery. the suspect was shot multiple times, and he is in critical condition. laura: and in washington state, a murder suspect was killed in a gun battle with a dozen police officers on interstate 5. police say the man was suspected of killing his girlfriend at a nursing facility near tacoma. coming up, you'll hear the chilling audio recordings played during a hearing looking into the sinking of a doomed freighter last october. todd: and is he a superhero, or an anti-hero? john pascuzzi answers that question, in tonight's review of "deadpool." laura: and champions are crowned at the well tonight, as the iowa state wrestling tournament wraps
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. todd: in recordings of calls from the el faro cargo ship to its owners, the captain can be heard pleading for their help, as the vessel goes down in a
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the emotional calls were played saturday, during the coast guard's ongoing investigation into the worst u.s. maritime disaster in three decades. laura: the ship was lost after sailing directly into the path of hurricane joaquin last october, killing the captain and all 33 crewmembers. chris parenteau reports. it's new at 10:00. captain davidson: the clock is ticking. can i please speak with a qi? chris: after captain john lawrence didn't answer his cell phone, captain davidson called the call center. trying to get in touch with anyone he could about what he and his crew were experiencing. captain davidson: i have a marine emergency, and i would like to speak to a qi. we have a hull breech. a scuttle blew open during a storm. we have water down in three hold with a heavy lift. we have lost the main propulsion unit. the engineers cannot get it going. can i speak with a qi, please? chris: as families listened, some hung their heads. others wiped tears away. during a recess, executives from
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those family members. pastor greene: hearing the recordings, the captain, shoreside, was difficult. just really recalling what could have been series of events at the time, and really having a feeling for what our loved ones could have been experiencing. chris: captain lawrence got a call from the coast guard response center in miami, to give up more information about what the response would be. the coast guard said they believed el faro could anchor 48 miles east of san salvador, since this was a disabled ship, not a distressed ship. even suggesting that tote get a tugboat to the ship, sooner or later. >> i'm not in the distress phase currently, because they are not at risk of sinking. chris: according to the coast guard, there was no need to try and evacuate crew from the ship. lawrence says he had received an e-mail the night before that
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route south-southeast, to avoid the storm. still, lawrence says it wasn't until after davidson's call that they plotted the ship's location, in relation to the storm. pastor greene: based on the policies and procedures, i may personally have responded differently, just being a layman and having feeling for those that were on board. but right now, i think all of that is going to be revealed as we get deeper into the details. laura: that was chris parenteau reporting. some family members of the lost crew are suing the ship's owner in federal court, while others have already settled out of court. the coast guard will determine if misconduct, negligence, or law violations contributed to the accident. and federal prosecutors will then decide if criminal charges should be filed. todd: time now to check back in with jason for a look at your full forecast. jason: it is looking good. we have the warm today, the sunshine. we will lose one of those today -- the sun, that is. warmth will stick around, temperatures still in the low 30's.
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is 30 84 beyond 10:00. and we are still beyond that, prime snow-melting temperatures. the we do not have a lot left. we have really snow up in the northern portions, and the rest of the state is almost completely dry as far as snow goes. the ground is pretty soggy. nearly the entire state was covered in snow, and we have chances for a little bit of rain making its way in. clouds have pushed income and and using the scatterbrain off to the west. as you wake up, could see a few sprinkles out there. other than that, a beautiful night and day. 41, wind chill at 36, fairly comfortable as you head out and about this evening. and we will build on the warmth of little bit tomorrow. not as warm as today, we are back in the mid 40's. starting the day off a degree above freezing. notice the clouds sticking around for a good portion of the day. a chance for a little bit of sunshine in an afternoon. we should remain fairly cloudy,
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has been a warm stretch for the ages. you see that light rain making its way in, trying out as it pupues eastward. not expect a lot, just a few sprinkles for the morning hours. do not be surprised if you see that either. this can front will continue to sack down, and that will keep the cloud cover out there. but we will continue to melt the snow pack that we have. you can see we have some sunshine, not a lot to the north to help melt that. but we do have light rain that at at least little bit of it. clouds continue throughout the day on sunday. by late afternoon and evening, we have a few more riblets of rain that could push through. just cloudy skies come on a relatively warm day, as we see our eyes in the mid 40's. not surprisingly, with the overnight low of 33. another night above freezing.
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upper 20's for low to the north, mid 30's south to lamoni. 35 degrees. the weather tomorrow, calling it 46 in sioux city. we have some 30's well to the north of the state, but we do have a bit of snow down. looking at the next few days, we hover around mid 40's. next shot for rain on tuesday, a high of 46. after that, right back down to average as we sit in the upper 30's wednesday through friday. but we are back to 40 degrees with sunshine on saturday.
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r-rated superhero. laura: think you've seen just about every kind of superhero movie? well, think again. todd: john pascuzzi says you've never seen anything like "deadpool." john: you know, in the world of movie superheroes, there's batman, superman, spiderman. but now comes a different kind of superhero -- make that anti-hero. his name is "deadpool." ryan reynolds stars as wade wilson, a former special forces operative who's now in love. you see, unfortunately, his love affair will be short-lived, when he's diagnosed with inoperable cancer. now, he ends up going through a rogue procedure that gives him
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leaves him hideously deformed. >> you are a fighter. >> you are hard to look at. you look like a topographical map of utah. >> wait, you may be wondering why the red suit> that is so bad guys cannot see me lead. john: now, "deadpool" is rated r for a reason. actually, a lot of reasons, like language, nudity, violence, and sexual situations. this is not a film for kids. but for adults, there's a lot to like. especially reynolds, who has a grand old time playing this foul-mouth, motor-mouth anti-hero. whose mission, in his homemade red costume, is not to save the world, but to get revenge on those who harmed him. "deadpool" -- better red than dead. for kcci 8 news, this is john
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todd: next week, john changes gears of little bit, and he will give us his picks for this
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leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: we just had four straight days of sheer emotion and wrestling intensity on the mat at wells fargo arena. it all let up to tonight's final. here we go by way class. to see who finished the top the medal stand. 106, 3a, the champion is kyle bisoglia, waukee. kyle: i worked all season for this. this is the ultimate goal. my goal was to win state. scott: at 113, brody teske, fort dodge. an undefeated season.
10:25 pm
atlantic. his brother also one. >> there are olympians, ncaa champs, they wanted to do better in my future, as well. scott: at 126, fort dodge wins. >> i just will not let that happen again. scott: at 132, 3-2 championship decision. >> last year, it was not a good thing for me. i just want to come back and prove that i could be a winner and be number one. it is really exciting. scott: 132, a state championship, and an emotional moment for his coach/dad. michael zachary, dowling. undefeated.
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great right now. at 145, lisbon. 160, interstate 35, looks about 35 years old with a mustache. at 182, often celebrates a state championship. and we keep it going. at 195, sam cook of fort dodge , the powerful running back is equally intimidating on the map. the defeated taylor mehmen, 9-6. cook, the state champ. 220, ethan anderson of southeast polk did not win the 3a title. he was upset by north scott. gavin dinsdale of webster city pins levi duwa. and there is carter isley of all via at 285. he is a future panther wrestler.
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wrestlers. in the team scores, southeast polk narrowly in front of fort dodge. valley in third. 2a, creston. clarion-goldfield-dows, 73.5. second-place. albia and third. it is all alburnett. catholic comes in a distant third. whatever is going on with jameel mckay is, once again, going on. the cyclone star was already suspended for two games earlier this year. that was for practice-related issues. saturday agaisnt tcu, isu coach steve prohm opted to leave mckay on the bench -- the entire game. more on that, in a bit. but first, how do they do against tcu at home? early action, fastbreak, matt thomas to georges niang. we don't see a lot of this, but it looks good when he does. georges with the powerful throw down. isu, 15-5. tcu had this game tied midway
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but the cyclones kept scoring. look at the beautiful passing. nader had 24. isu by 8. second half, niang, 3. he had 27. isu by 10. final 2 minutes, deonte burton. look at this. finishes at the rack. burton had a season-high 23. 92-83, isu wins. prohm says mckay is not suspended. but he offered very few details as to what led to his benching one of his most important players. steve: coaches'decision. it is the best interest of where we want to be down the road. and you know all we are excited to move on to west virginia. and that is it. it is my decision. there is really not much more to it. i want to put him in, but it is my decision on what i want to do. and that is it. no more, no less. i was that we need him to be great.
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he will be ready to go. and our team will be ready to go. scott: cyclones are 8-6, tied for fifth. they are at west virginia, monday night. uni faces illinois state. bennett koch, nice lay-in. wes washpun, 18 points. he is fun to watch. breaking down the defense, matt bohannon for the 3. that is a recipe for success for the panthers. uni has won 7 of 8 and is not giving up. wes: we are a scary team now. we have shooters on the fall. klint carlson, playing the best basketball as well. , march the we could be a scary team to go against. ben: you have a guy like wes, matt, jespersen, morgan, you had guys for that team.
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women get into games like this against a team like illinois state, which is a terrific team that is playing great and we have guys that can compete. scott: they certainly do. the baylor bears at home on the women's side. baylor has only lost once in the year. 78-41 the three. speaking of the fee, drake loses again to bradley. the bulldogs fall 73-70. once again, state wrestling, it is almost like -- whew! what an incredible show of sportsmanship and intensity all week long. tony seeman, andy garman myself have been privileged. laura: so much intensity and emotion. scott: you feel so bad for these kids can we see them all around
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jason: welcome back. if you missed that warm air today, we have three more days in the 40's. otherwise, beautiful out there. todd: it is the heart of winter right now. thank you for joining us tonight. we will be right back here tomorrow. see you then. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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