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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm CST

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campaign, but it could not let him get any headway in south carolina. tonight, a jeb bush advisors says it is hard to be surprised because he could not be seen to come out from behind. >> he was a different kind of candidate. maybe his personality and style to work this cycle. that is too bad, because when he was here, iowans saw a very thoughtful person that really knew what he was talking about and had great ideas. >> oman does point out that it was hard for a republican to get a message out, since at one time 17 gop candidates were in the , race. he says the gop race is likely to end up a fight between marco rubio and donald trump. some political analysts say jeb bush campaigned like someone whose heart just wasn't in it, and seemed out of step with the times. >> his brother ruined the brand and he just expected people to , fall in line with him.
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ginned up the base all these years, have created a tiger, and the question is, who can ride that tiger and jeb bush could not. grace goldford also says time : will tell if the trump victories will continue beyond super tuesday, because the other contenders are splitting the non-trump vote. political analysts tend to agree on one thing, that this is the most unique presidential race in decades. more twists and turns are expected as super tuesday looms large. that day is march 1. laura: still ahead, a look at the democrat race. how bernie sanders is hoping to rebound from a tough loss over the weekend. and, a look at the events from the campaign trail. new tonight, a des moines woman is facing attempted murder charges. police were called to the 1900 block of east walnut saturday on reports that a man had lit himself on fire. when they arrived, police say they found the victim burned head to toe, and yelling that his girlfriend set him on fire. after questioning the
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amy thornton is facing charges of willful injury and attempted murder. todd: looking ahead, we'll be watching tomorrow as the murder trail of alexandar fazzino gets underway. fazzino is charged with first-degree murder in the 2012 death of his wife emily beckwith fazzino, daughter of fareway ceo richard beckwith. the trial has been moved from boone to decorah. also tonight, a van flips on its side after a crash involving an suv. this all happened just after 2:00 this afternoon on east 14th street. investigators say the suv was exiting off i-235 when a van crossed it's path. both vehicles were badly damaged. no one was injured in the crash. authorities are still looking for the cause. laura: take a look at this. a close call for a semi on highway 5 near southwest 9th street. it happened just after 5:00 today. no word on what caused the semi to go off the road. no one was seriously hurt in this crash. checking in with jason right now.
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jason s: they are not going to stick around through the start of spring. i know people are hoping for no more snow, but some of us picked up a little bit this morning. two inches in humboldt. that snow pushed eastward, but we were still left with quite a few clouds. those will linger into the evening tonight. we'll also see some fairly patchy, dense fog develop. if you are out traveling tonight, be wary of that. we up to 40 by noon. a sunny forecast to give you a look at coming up soon that will have a lot of people smiling. todd: every single uniformed police officer in des moines could soon be wearing body cameras. des moines police chief dana wingert says he wants to see the cameras in place by june. the body camera system will cost around $1.4 million. some of the money will come from
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the department's budget. laura: a nationwide irs phone scam is surfacing in iowa. residents report receiving an automated message from a fake irs agent. the caller claims the resident has a pending lawsuit and needs to pay up. the irs says it does not call people and only communicates through mail. officials say the best thing to do if scammers call, just hang up. new tonight investigators in , michigan are trying to figure out what motivated a man to allegedly commit a series of random shootings. todd: 6 people were killed. two of them seriously injured. kenneth craig shows us how the kalamazoo community is healing tonight. kenneth: music and prayer brought hundreds of grieving kalamazoo residents together sunday night, at a church service to honor the victims killed in a deadly shooting rampage. >> this kind of tragedy happens in california, or in new york city, or overseas. it doesn't happen here. kenneth: authorities say 45-year-old jason dalton's spree
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seriously wounded a woman around 6:00 saturday night, outside an apartment complex. four hours later, a father and son were killed at this car dealership. then, investigators say, dalton killed 4 women at a roadside restaurant. a 14-year-old girl was seriously injured. investigators say the women were in 2 vehicles here in the cracker barrel parking lot. authorities are still searching for a motive. cbs news confirmed dalton was working as an uber driver and passed the company's background check. matt mellen says he was daltons passenger less than 2 hours before the rampage. >> we were driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along, and finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. kenneth mellen's fiance posted : on facebook to warn other passengers to stay away. authorities believe dalton would have continued his shooting spree if he weren't stopped. kenneth craig, cbs news,
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todd: police say dalton did not have a criminal history and they do not believe the acts are terrorism related. dalton is being held at the county jail, and is set to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. laura: celebrating 25 years. the well-know radio dj celebrating a major milestone. todd: new heights. why drones aren't just for taking photos. hear how researchers are designing drones to help farmers. laura: it was the closest finish in daytona 500 history. scott reister shows us what
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. laura: this weekend, a community showed support for a man who lost his entire family in a house fire. john sorenson was working when flames tore through his home in boxholm, killing his wife amber and 3 children. dozens showed up at the southside club in boone on saturday for a live auction. organizers say all they had to do is put the word out and the goodwill of the community did the rest. 25 years ago, "home alone" ruled the box office and vanilla ice released "ice, ice baby." todd: and disc jockey jimmy wrights was starting at star 102.5 radio. kcci's marcus mcintosh sat down with wright to talk about his
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>> -- marcus: february 11 of 2016 marked a milestone for what is now a very familiar voice in central iowa. >> i did think i would last three or four years, at that. marcus: jimmy wright talked his way well past that estimate. he has worked in radio for 27 years, the last 25 behind the mic at star. wright says radio was always in his blood. >> this was my passion. i remember when i was a kid -- a kid, growing up, hundred of listening to the radio in the car, and i would listen for hours until the battery went dead. marcus: a quarter century at star has not drained his batteries because every day he is recharged and renewed. >> has been a long ride, it has been fun. every time i crack that mic opened, it is like the first time. marcus: what wright was never nervous about was having dark
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>> it is not anything about race, it is just having fun. if they enjoy what you're doing, you enjoy what you are doing, it all comes together. marcus: it has come together quite well for a man who arrived at star 102.5 radio more than 25 years ago and never wanted to leave. >> i have family here, i have friends here, i am established here. marcus: wright has done well for himself in central iowa. along with his shift behind the mic, he's also star's music director and assistant brand manager, who has one goal for his next radio milestone. >> come back in 25 years and maybe i will grow some hair. todd: jimmy wright can be heard on star 102.5 weekdays from 3pm -- from 3:00 until 8:00. laura: it was another successful year for the blue ribbon bacon festival. this was the 9th year of the annual event. 40 vendors filled hy-vee hall saturday. there were all sorts of bacon
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cream. todd: checking back in with jason. we have to remind ourselves that february is still winter. jason s: portions of the state, and it -- mainly northern portions, still hanging on to a little bit of snow. sunshine in some spots. not a lot was out there. you can see clouds. look at the iowa field. hopefully we can sneak in a little bit more sunshine soon. layer of clouds is going to continue through the night tonight and into tomorrow. if you're hoping for a lot of sunshine, we have got it back in the forecast. tonight, mild. 36 degrees. average high was 38. temperatures only back down into the mid to upper 20's. wind-chill not exactly oppressive.
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3:00 p.m. you can see clouds are going to stick around. we could see some of that patchy, dense fog in the morning hours. if you are traveling coming of his ability 80 hampered at times. -- traveling, your is visibility may be hampered at times. monday evening into tuesday morning, a chance to pick up a little bit of a light rain-snow mix. you can see, really locked in with clouds. started playoff day off cloudy with that patchy fall. chance we could see that in the metro. clouds try to break up for a little bit. there is a chance we could see a few peeks of sunshine, but then that next system starts to rear its ugly head as we move to the morning hours on tuesday.
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anything as far as accumulation. a lumen colder, but still mild by all accounts. peaks at 30 in lamoni. tomorrow, a reasonably warm day. four degrees above average in the metro. low to mid 30's and extreme northeastern portions of the state. flirting with 50 off to the southwest. we have a couple days of those 40's before we start to drop. a chance for a light rain-snow mix on tuesday. we continue to build and sunshine wednesday. beyond this, we'll he have one day with partly cloudy skies.
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. discuss got a ways to go until the iowa speedway gets fired up, but what we saw today at the daytona 500 may just tide us over for a little while. it was the closest finish ever, and that is not just hyperbole. denny hamlin in the 11 car. as he approaches the finish, he passes his teammate matt kenseth, in the yellow car. then it was neck and neck with martin truex jr. hamlin by 11 1000 of a second --
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the iowa baseball team getting off to the one of the best starts ever for a year. nick roscetti gets the rbi to to tie the game at 1. bottom of the seventh, double play, nicely done. dallas baptist would score three in the 8th to pull away and win 4-1. the hawkeyes actually get swept. the home opener is not until march 8. speaking of the hawkeyes, the iowa women hosted indiana in a pink out game. they are taking the court. whitney jennings, one of all five starters in double figures, she hits a 3. some girl scouts on hand. tania davis to megan gustafson. iowa wins 76-73. , they improve to 17-11. 7-9 in the big 10. the cyclones fans are getting ready for a big monday game of west virginia. the big question is will jameel , mckay play?
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over tcu, but coach steve prohm did not put the guy and. he is not suspended, prohm called it a coach's decision. he said that keeping mckay on the bench was what was best for the team, and that mckay is available monday night. speaking of the cyclones, it was the diante garrett and -- the deonte burton show. some of the best storylines from state wrestling. kobe's courage. a father-son combo, and michael zachary from dowling. todd: never-ending amount of stories from the wrestling tournament. laura: still ahead health , warning. why that hacking cough could be a lot more serious that you think. the colds and congestion taking
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todd: and, the bizarre find on a highway.
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some iowa authorities. announcer: the most-watched
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this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00. laura: donald trump is looking for his third victory on tuesday. todd: and senators marco rubio and ted cruz battle for second place. danielle nottingham continues our commitment 2016 coverage. danielle donald trump is on a : roll after picking up 50 delegates in his south carolina victory. but trump is not underestimating his republican rivals. mr. trump: i'm dealing with very talented people, smart people, good people. i think they'll be competing. we still have competition. danielle it's shaping up to be a : three man race between trump and senators marco rubio and ted cruz heading into tuesdays caucuses in nevada. rubio picked up the endorsement of nevada senator dean heller, it could be key in his effort to become the choice of establishment republicans. sen. rubio: the democrats don't want to run against me, but i
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danielle: ted cruz is hitting the ground hard here in nevada after a disappointing third place finish in south carolina, where he lost the evangelical vote to donald trump. sen. cruz: it is becoming clearer and clearer that we are the one campaign that can beat donald trump. in fact, we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump. danielle his supporters agree. :>> he will do the best to save our country, but he is also going to save the constitution. danielle senator bernie sanders : was also looking to rebound from a tough loss in nevada to hillary clinton. he attended church services in south carolina sunday, trying to court black voters. the democrats have their next contest saturday in the palmetto state. danielle nottingham, cbs new, pahrump, nevada. todd: kcci's political analyst dennis goldford says ted cruz's campaign strategy is based on one idea. dennis insofar as ted cruz's : entire strategy is based upon appealing to the most conservative and the most
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constituency for the party, the fact that donald trump did pretty well among them is quite surprising and i'm sure the , person surprise the most is ted cruz. todd: overall, trump has 67 delegates, ted cruz has 11 and marco rubio has 10 delegates . laura: jason, what can we expect for the next few hours and into the morning? jason s: we could see some light, patchy fog develop into the overnight. temperatures have been hanging onto a little bit of warmth. advertise in the upper 30's depending on where you are at. 32 down in knoxville. mild air lingers, but so does a cloud. we have a full moon, but it will be hard-pressed to go see that. some clearing northeastward. been actually got a picture of that, a break in the clouds. you can head out in the next
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we should have slightly clear skies tomorrow night if you want to head out and see that. as we start our day, temperatures into the 40's by noon. todd: new tonight the dalai lama , is assuring his followers that he's in good health. the 80-year-old tibetan buddhist leader has been receiving treatments for a prostate condition at the mayo clinic. he spoke to a crowd of 3000 people at the minneapolis convention center today. laura: call it unmanned milestone. in nebraska, researchers at are heights. and just wait until you see their lab. andrew ozaki has the story. andrew in the same place husker : football players used to break down opponent's air attacks, n.u. researchers are now making break-throughs in unmanned aircraft. tucked in the south part of memorial stadium, in what used
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auditorium, is now the nebraska intelligent mobile unmanned systems, or nimbus lab. >> what we are working in the lab are the drones of the future. andrew flying robots that can : preform tasks like drawing water samples from streams and rivers picking up objects, even , dropping fire balls to help farmers or fire crews in prescribed burns. >> the idea of sending them up high and taking pictures isn't really the focus anymore. now, the focus is how to get low and how to interact with people. andrew the lab started 5 years : ago through the computer science program. but since it also includes mechanical engineering, and aero-science, it encompasses designed to application. the goal according to one of its , founding members, to make drones more powerful, safer and smarter. >> we want these vehicles to be more autonomous, more able to do things on their own. andrew the lab brought in some : of the top researchers in the country newly recruited justin bradley is from michigan's aerospace engineering program. and attracting some of the brightest students even
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>> it's really cool that there's a lab in nebraska that is doing projects like this. andrew the lab has already be : awarded millions of dollars in research grants from the usda, u.s. air force and national , science foundation. while i was there, a retired vice admiral and retired general toured the facility. they are with the university's national research institute, a group that works as a liaison with the military department and the strategic air command. >> dating ideas and being able to identify potential opportunities that the university might fill for the department. >> robots are even cooler than you think and flying robots are the best of the best. laura: that was andrew ozaki reporting. researchers say they'll start testing the fire starting drones on real fields this spring. todd: a health alert right now at 10:00. drinking coffee could cut your chance of developing a type of liver disease. researchers say two cups a day could cut your chance to develop alcohol-related cirrhosis by 44%. but experts say coffee will never balance out all negative affects of excess alcohol.
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research is needed to confirm those studies. it's a familiar sound this time of year, that hacking cough. colds and congestion can take over in the winter. but not all coughs are the same. don champion tells us why. don: mariel felix has had it with her nagging cough. >> i have been ill for a week or so now and i haven't gotten any , better, bronchitis. don: so what exactly does your cough mean? mount sinai urgent care doctor judah fierstein says this time of year most patients have a cold and cough from post nasal drip. >> what starts out as something like a cold with nasal congestion and a mild cough that , gets deeper into the upper part of the chest and causes drawn out illness. don: if a person has a dry cough that ends in a rattle, it may be asthma. when the cough is wet with colored mucus, that can be a sign of pneumonia.
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someone to go to a doctor earlier would be coughs associated with real difficulty breathing. don: other coughs to watch out for, a dry cough that gets worse when someone lies down or eats, can mean reflux disease. and, a severe hacking cough followed by a high pitched whoop could be pertussis, or whooping cough. mariel suffers from asthma. a chest x-ray ruled out pneumonia and determined she has bronchitis. >> unfortunately, that is not uncommon for bronchitis to last two to four weeks. don: dr. fierstein recommended an asthma medication to open her passageways, and dark honey to soothe her throat and cough. don champion, cbs news, new york. todd: doctors say experiencing pain when trying to breathe indicates a need for immediate medical attention. next on kcci, commercial travel to space.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. todd: commercial space travel is becoming a real possibility. laura: virgin galactic unveiled the new spacecraft more than a year after a crash killed one of their test pilots. teri okita has the story. teri: sir richard branson rolled out virgin galactic's new spaceshiptwo. >> when i saw it for the first time last night it brought an , immediate lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. teri: this latest model, christened with the help of branson's one-year-old granddaughter and her milk bottle, could be the first to fly tourists into space. been done before. we're opening space to people from all walks of life. teri: the vss unity looks nearly original spacecraft.
10:36 pm
during a test flight in the mojave desert, killing one of the pilots. branson questioned if they should carry on, but the team stood firm in its resolve. >> they picked themselves up at the end of 2014, they redoubled their efforts. teri: engineers say the space craft has new safety measures in place, including a device to prevent pilots from braking too early, one of the causes of the 2014 crash. it seats six passengers and can fly 62 miles above earth. virgin galactic says 700 people are already on the wait list for a trip into space, at a cost of $250,000 each. branson's friend harrison ford was there to support the project. harrison that's the wonderful : thing about these bold adventures, these incredible achievements, is that they move all of our lives forward in ways we can never anticipate. teri: there's no timetable set for the first commercial space flight.
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california. laura: the spaceshiptwo will begin various stages of test flights. virgin galactic is among a handful of companies working on shuttles to fly people and cargo into space. todd: it's not something you'd normally find on a iowa highway. check this out. officials in dubuque found this bearded dragon on the side of the road. when she was found a couple weeks ago, deputies say she nearly froze to death. >> literally so stiff and not moving. i mean, you picked it up and it just came like a board in one piece. todd: folks in dubuque named the bearded dragon "daenerys" after the popular series on game of thrones. daenerys will not be adopted out . instead, she will be used as an educational tool to train people on how to deal with exotic animals. laura: checking back in with jason now. jason s: we will see more sunshine. we have been locked in clouds for a wild.
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some clearing and eastern portions of the state and even into the metro. some of us saw a little bit of snow this morning and it has prompted quite a few questions of, are we done yet? not seeing that much on the ground at this point. the latest snowfall des moines has ever seen of one inch, that is made third 2013 -- that is may 3, 2013. a trace of the ground was back in 1947. it is completely plausible that snow could still fall even in may. 36 degrees, wind not causing too much of a pastor. we will continue to stay relatively warm throughout the day tomorrow.
10:39 pm
after that, we finally promised to bring in some more sunshine. we are going to bring a chance for a light rain-snow mix into the early hours on tuesday. i don't think we will see anything coated the ground, but differently a chance to pick up some mixed precipitation. not seeing much besides cloud cover. a chance for a flake of snow or two. some areas to the west by tomorrow night, and by tuesday morning, we start to work in some mixed precipitation. that pushed through early into the morning. expected to fade away as we head into the afternoon hours. looking pretty nice tonight. we do have a chance for a little bit of patchy fog, mainly to the north. 22 in mason city, 24 in waterloo. tomorrow, mild air. chances for 50's for extreme
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otherwise, to the northeast, mid to upper 30's. the matter what, we are all cloudy at least for another day. by wednesday, 39 degrees. you look at the sunshine, and it never ends. clear for next weekend, even at week -- even after we cool down on sunday. todd: iowa state has a new starter who is getting pretty good reviews. scott: we will see what his
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the most of his opport announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. discuss got jameel mckay -- scott: jameel mckay did not get off the bench saturday for the cyclones. steve prohm would not elaborate. deonte burton has made the most of his playing time.
10:44 pm
role, he is averaging 16 point for game, shooting 55%. against tcu, yet a season-high 23 points and a career-high 14 rebounds. is coming off the first double-double of his career. >> more minutes. he started to get some more. he has done a good job. the one thing i need to hard with him on his decision-making and shot selection. tonight, he was terrific. 14 rebounds. we need this kind of rebounding effort up in morgantown. scott: did somebody say morgantown? big monday coming up. in :00 to against west -- 8:00 tip against west virginia. big 12 standings. right now, iowa state tied for fifth. can this is in sole possession
10:45 pm
i'll will host a suddenly resurgent wisconsin team on wednesday. that game starts at 8:00 over at carver hawkeye arena. two of the top teams in the big ten squared off sunday as maryland hosted michigan. jaylen brantley steal and put back the other way for maryland . late in the game, a three. we were neck and neck. maryland on their home court. robert carter, the dunk put back. 86-82. looking at the big ten standings, it is actually indiana on top. the hawkeyes right there behind in second place. marilyn is in third with an 11-34 record. northeast. winners over westchester. since bringing the nhl back to the outdoor arena, the league
10:46 pm
the first ever game outdoors for the minnesota wild. right around 30 degrees. early on, matt dumba gets his own rebound and scores. this game was all wild. thomas vanek blasts one in. minnesota wins 6-1. since firing their coach, they have now won 4 in a row with the new head coach john torchetti. the iowa wild were on the road at no waukee, falling 2-1. no doubt, there were countless stories during the weekend of state wrestling, but if you are from moravia, chances are youre talking about just one. briar cochran brought home moravia's first state title ever, but it meant so much more than that.
10:47 pm
the ad and assistant wrestling coach. 25 years ago, jamie was on the same stage and lost in the finals. now a quarter century later, his son briar grabbed some bragging rights. >> they were like, if he goes up there and doesn't do very good -- there is always talk about the school, my dad's friends, like you are going to get second place. >> 25 years later, same opponent, think coach. -- same opponent, same coach. this time, he redeemed his dad's loss. scott: speaking of proud, how about kobey pritchard? the sophomore from indianola made his first career state tournament. he lost his leg to cancer 10 years ago. he made it all the way to friday's semifinals, where he lost to valley's nick oldham. he had worked so hard to make it
10:48 pm
we put this image on our kcci facebook page. this went viral. it has actually been seen 662,000 times. just under 10,000 likes and 2500 shares. the comments of supprt and congratulations have just come pouring in. it prompted kobey's mother to comment on all this going on. saying "thank you everyone for , your kind words. we certainly didn't expect all this attention he's been getting. most that know him don't see him as having only one leg because that's not what defines him. he's a great kid first and foremost, and hoping to be a future state champion. he'll do whatever it takes to make that happen. cuz that's just who he is." we certainly don't doubt that. as we know, high school wrestling in iowa is among the most elite in the country. so when you are an elite among the elites, it's pretty special. to cap off tonight's sunday sports extra, tony seeman introduces us to a wrestler who absolutely attacks the mat.
10:49 pm
if you are a 3a wrestler at 125 pounds, you will go against -- you go against michael zachary and you lose. >> a lot of times you just sit back and you are amazed at the things he does. tony: the dowling senior has one thing on his mind -- win. >> he did not give up an offensive point all year. >> that was more of a goal been going undefeated. it is kind of hard to not go undefeated if you aren't taken down. tony: usually the way opponents would score points is when zachary would let them go just to take them down again. >> when you get to coach the best athlete in the state of iowa, and that is what i truly think he is, it is a blessing for us. tony: therefore every takedown
10:50 pm
zachary comes from a family of 10 brothers and sisters, including his dad, dennis zachary, who works as a doctor at the tournament. >> i am proud of michael. >> it is just a great feeling to know that they are right there, supporting me for everything. tony: in front of his family, undefeated, back-to-back state champ.
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what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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todd: in guthrie center, a husband used nostalgia to make his wife's dreams come true. laura: eric hanson introduces us to a guy with a sore thumb and a grateful wife. barrett: -- eric all week, : guthrie center's main street preached valentine deals and everlasting love. but nothing here says commitment like the stranger that wandered into dina christensen's storefront a few weeks ago. >> i'll be in here and i'll listen to the conversation and they'll all want to figure out , how'd they do that? eric a 13 point buck that'd be : impressive if it was a painting. it really is the supersized toy
10:54 pm
girl. >> it was the coolest toy in our house. eric a lite bright. :original lite brites are simple. >> you slap the paper in and put 15 or 20 pegs in and you're done. eric troy's wife, the graphic : designer, wanted one big enough to light up main street. at least 8 feet wide. >> i was trying to figure out how to drill 72,000 holes in a perfect grid and went, no. >> when i went up to the local welder and asked him if there was anything he knew of that was perforated like that, he rolled his eyes at me. eric husbands know when to argue : and when to act. >> she comes up with the crazy ideas and like i've said, impossible is not in her mentality. and, in order, to make her dreams come true, it's best just to find a way to do it. eric so, he searched america : until he found a sheet of perferated steel in ohio and pegs from strangers' attics on ebay. >> and when the first one went in, i thought this is pretty cool. and about the 7000th one, i'm
10:55 pm
: roses at the supermarket. >> we put 14 hours in and i was like, i'm not leaving. let's get it done. eric troy pushed plastic pegs : for with his sweetheart and their 7-year-old for 3 days. 16,000 of 'em. >> well, my fingers were numb for 2 weeks after that. eric just so his wife could see : her silly childhood dream on main street. >> it was like, ok, this is really neat. >> i think mostly, for me, it's the childhood memories and really wanting something i couldn't have and something beautiful. eric: until his thumb recovers and she comes up with her next brite idea. >> oh, i can't wait. eric the christensens have now : amassed 70,000 pegs, so plan on a lot more of dina's designs on main street guthrie center. eric hanson, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. laura: tomorrow on eric hanson this is iowa the next few weeks,
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their voice, cheering for their team in confidence and campus-wide support. that's tomorrow on kcci 8 news at 6:00. jason s: looking pretty good. tomorrow, a chance for a little bit of fog in the morning. 33 degrees by 3:00 p.m. likely some clouds around, so don't expect a lot of sunshine. highs in the upper 40's if you are off to the southwest, upper 30's to the northeast. you look at the next week, we had a lot of sunshine. genesis for that light rain-snow mix on tuesday. after that, cruising cool and in style. laura: that you just come up with that? >> that is what they say about jason. laura: we will see you tomorrow. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.]
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national captioning in [woman speaking in spanish] [speaking in spanish] i know i've failed you.. ...but please, lord..
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[sniffles] hey. i was afraid you wouldn't come back. i got scared. but you know what? 'maybe we'll get through this.' [woman shrieks] [groans] - come on. what are you doing? - i got it. maura, we, we should use plastic. for a christening? it's sparkling cider and t.j. doesn't care.


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