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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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right now we haven't heard any information on the extent of his injuries. police did stop a possible suspect nearby. stay tuned to kcci throughout the morning as we learn more. eric: in commitment 2016 news this morning, donald trump and hillary clinton have momentum after big victories this weekend in south carolina and nevada. while republican presidential candidates are now turning their attention to the west, the democratic candidates are focused on the south. don champion has the latest from the campaign trail. don: senators ted cruz and marco rubio are essentially fighting for second place as the republicans turn their attention to the nevada caucuses. both are courting the latino vote. >> each generation before us confronted their problems. they did not leave their problems for the kids. they solved their problems. >> if you look at the hispanic community right now, few communities have been hurt harder by the disastrous obama clinton economy.
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solidify support in the dozen states that will vote on super tuesday, march 1. >> something really special is happening here. don: bernie sanders is hoping to bounce back with wins in oklahoma, colorado, minnesota and his home state of vermont. >> we are going to see one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. don: but first, he and clinton have to get through saturday's democratic primary in south carolina. don champion, cbs news. eric: another big story, jeb bush is out. over said bush campaigned like his heart was not in it. >> his brother ruined the brand and he just expected people to fall in line behind him. the republicans in the way they
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years created a tiger and the question is who can ride that tiger and jeb bush could not. eric: goldford also says donald trump's success in south carolina could be a huge blow to ted cruz's campaign strategy. >> insofar as ted cruz's entire strategy is based upon appealing to the most conservative and the most evangelical protestant constituency for the party, the fact that donald trump did pretty well is pretty surprising and i'm sure the person most surprised is ted cruz. eric: overall trump has 67 delegates, cruz has 11 and marco rubio has 10 delegates. on the democratic side, over half the votes would be determined in the 28 states that hold primaries and caucuses in march. elizabeth: new information overnight in shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan, this weekend.
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shaina authorities are piecing , together the timeline of the killings this morning. shaina: that's right elizabeth. overnight we learned the alleged killer jason brian dalton is an uber driver and may have actually picked up passengers in between the shootings saturday. the shooting spree lasted 7 hours and ended up killing at least six people at three different locations. mark dunton says he and his friends were picked up by dalton saturday and got nervous when his car matched the one police were looking for. >> my buddy scott actually said something to him, said hey this isn't the hhr you're not the guy are you? and he said no. shaina: dalton is expected to be arraigned today on multiple murder charges. police are still trying to find a motive. uber issued a statement saying they are horrified by the senseless violence and that their thoughts and prayers are with the victims' families. the fight between the fbi and apple is still going right now. this weekend fbi director james comey said the agency owes it to the victims of the san bernardino terror attacks to try to gain access to the cellphone used by one of the gunmen. last week the fbi ordered apple to help hack the phone used by
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who killed 14 people there in december. right now the small town of petersburgh, new york is being forced to drink bottled water after dangerous levels of a man-made chemical was detected in their public water supply. officials say a plastics factory is the most likely culprit despite the city reaching out to them already once this year on their use of dangerous chemicals. health officials are also testing private well water to make sure that is safe for people to drink. and today the supreme court is expected to hear arguments in two cases. this is the court's first action since the death of justice antonin scalia. scalia could have been a deciding vote in those cases which center on the rights of criminal defendants. he was laid to rest this weekend at the age of 79. still no word on who president obama plans to nominate to take his place. elizabeth: back in central iowa a des moines woman is facing attempted murder charges. amy thornton is in jail this morning after police were called to the 1900 block of east walnut on saturday on reports that a man had lit himself on fire. when they arrived officers say
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from head to toe yelling that his girlfriend thornton set him on fire. she's now facing charges of willful injury and attempted murder. happening today the murder trial , of alexander fazzino begins in decorah. fazzino is charged with first-degree murder in the 2012 death of his wife emily fazzino. emily is the daughter of fareway ceo richard beckwith. the trial was moved from boone to decorah due to pre-trial publicity. every single uniformed police officer in des moines could soon be wearing body cameras. des moines police chief dana wingert says he wants to see the cameras in place by june. the body camera system will cost the city about $1.4 million. donors. budget. warning has been issued for parts of central iowa. webster county officials say an ice jam is causing some flash flooding at the north raccoon river near perry. flood stage there is 15 feet.
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slightly above that. it's expected to crest tuesday at nearly 16 feet. all of that is because the warm weather we had over the weekend. metinka: the ice breaks up and jams and causes the water behind it to back up. you can barely see it here on the maps, it is behind that first the and fort dodge. never drive through water covered roadways. the weather is quiet except for those ice jams. 30 degrees in the ames area. grab a warm coats. temps will not warm up at all today. headed for 43 degrees this afternoon. we will have the clouds linger with us and it will be a great monday -- it will be a grade monday. eric: sports news now it was a good weekend for 14th ranked iowa state basketball. but one thing fans didn't see jameel mckay again. mckay didn't touch the court once in saturday's game against
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but his replacement deonte burton really showed up. he had a season high 23 points against the horned frogs this weekend as well as a career high , 14 rebounds for the first double double of his career. the cyclones ended up beating tcu 92 to 83. tonight they have a chance for revenge on a loss from earlier this season. it is big monday. iowa state is on the road at number 10 west virginia tonight at 8:00 p.m. on his p.m. nationwide. meanwhile, fourth-ranked iowa had the weekend off after a tough loss to penn state last week. we'll see if the week off gave them the boost they'll need when they face wisconsin wednesday. that game tips off at 8pm from carver hawkeye arena. we'll also see how last week's loss will affect the hawks in the national rankings. a new ap poll is coming out today. trust kcci to bring you the updated rankings on air and online at elizabeth: and what a finish in the daytona 500. it was the closest finish ever
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matt kenseth with the lead coming around for the final lap but teammate denny hamlin shoots up to second. kenseth gets lose and drops way -- gets loose and drops way back. now he's neck and neck with martin truex jr. for the win. and it was a photo finish. hamlin wins by .011 of a second about 4 inches and gets his first daytona 500 win. matt kenseth finished all the way back in 14th place. and today the state bowling competition kicks off at plaza lanes. competition continues through wednesday. we want to say good luck to everyone who is competing in that this week. eric: scam alert. you get a call saying you missed jury duty the one clue that lets you know it's a sham. elizabeth: plus 25 years behind the mike and on your radio. why star 102.5's jimmy wright says he still gets nervous. alyx: throwing out food and money. misleading expiration terms could be causing you to throw
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shaina: things are looking pretty good. it is going to be really quite if you're heading out early. you should not run into any problems. quiet weather this week and pretty quiet traffic situations. hardly anyone out there and
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yo >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: you are waking up to quiet weather. no precip to worry about. a little bit of light haze so far it 33 in des moines. it feels like 29 because of a light breeze from the east.
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you will need the coats. highs will be right where they should be this time of year, in the upper 30's and low 40's. the week ahead is looking pretty quiet as well. kind of a boring stretch of weather. we are expect the highs right where they should be. warming up by the weekend. shaina: thanks metinka. developing right now the death toll from a weekend cyclone that hit fiji rose to 18 overnight. this is video of some of the damage from the devastating storm. winds from cyclone winston reached more than 175 miles per hour. at least 6000 people are now forced to stay in emergency shelters because their homes were destroyed or flooded. happening today bill cosby's wife camille is expected to take the stand in a defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by seven women who claim he sexually assaulted them. the women say cosby defamed them by branding them as liars after
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allegations. cosby's lawyers have tried to keep camille off the stand saying she does not have any relevant information but a judge sunday denied their request. and virgin galactic is gearing up for another trip to space. the company is unveiling its new spaceship called spaceship two. it will replace the original spacecraft that was lost in a fatal crash in 2014. ceo richard branson says right now the focus is on testing but they hope to launch the world's first commercial human spaceflight program sometime in the future. more than 700 people have already signed up for a ticket. elizabeth: back here in central iowa a familiar voice in des moines is celebrating a major career milestone. on february 11 star 102.5 radio dj jimmy wright celebrated a quarter century of being on the air. wright has worked in radio for 27 years. 25 of those behind the mic at star 102.5. wright has done well for himself in central iowa along with his shift behind the mic he's also
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assistant brand manager. it has been fun. i enjoy every minute of it. every time i crack that mic open , it is like the first time. college. i get nervous. elizabeth: jimmy wright can be heard on star 102.5 weekdays from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. eric: cutting waste and saving you money. some states are looking into misleading food labels. kcci's alyx sacks is following the story this morning. alyx, what's the issue here? alyx: a whopping 40% of the u.s. food supply is thrown away because of food labeling. experts say the reason is very simple, people don't understand what some of the labels mean. when people see the words use by sell by or best by it might make , them think it's time to dump once that date rolls around. but that is not the case, instead shoppers are losing good food and cash. here's what you need to know about expiration terms. use by and best by dates tell you when the item is at its best quality. sell by dates are for the
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we went to local food grocery store hy-vee to help sort through some more tips on how long to keep food. chef andrew says pay attention to how it smells, looks and feels. also he recommends food is kept exactly how it's recommended on the label. >> if you have some meat or products that say use by or freeze by and you don't think you're going to use it by that date, then throw it in the freezer. it's going to give you longer shelf life and make sure you're really ensuring a safe quality product for your friends and family. alyx: a lot of foods don't spoil as quickly as you might think. what you need to know about some of the products in your fridge. that is next in 30 minutes. eric: we look forward to that. more economic headlines now on friday stocks closed the week mixed. the dow fell more than 21 points. the nasdaq was up almost 17. and the s&p 500 was flat. an old scam is making a big
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con artists tell people they're going to be arrested for missing jury duty, but then the caller offers an payment option. it's called the jury duty scam and the federal trade commission says these types of scams are on the rise nationwide. in many cases the criminals use technology to make their number look like it comes from a local court or police department. they say there is one clue that gives away if it's a scam. >> he said all you need to do is send some money via paypal and that's when i knew something was wrong. >> do not believe the caller. when they start demanding money from you over the phone that's when you know it's a scam. eric: one woman says she paid nearly $900 before realizing she was being scammed. and a nationwide irs phone scam is surfacing in iowa. residents report receiving an automated message from a fake irs agent. the caller claims the resident has a pending lawsuit and needs to pay up. the irs says it does not call people and only communicates
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officials say the best thing to do if scam is call, just hang up. elizabeth: hoverboard makers may soon get hit with recalls if they don't figure out how to make them safer. that's the warning this morning from the consumer product safety commission. some models of the self-balancing scooters are prone to catching fire and exploding. several airlines have banned the hoverboards and new york city has banned them altogether. and barbie is going high tech. mattel unveiled a new version of the doll at the national toy fair riding on a hoverboard. the barbie star light adventure r.c. can actually fly. the toy uses a joystick to control the height of the hoverboard. eric: barbies got one. she's moved on from her dream house.
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weather for a change. starting up on either side of freezing. grab a warm coat. seasonably cool readings. highs in the low 40's. hopefully they will be breaking things up. that's they will be brightening things up. foggy conditions especially near ottumwa. also across west central iowa, do will watch -- you watch for changing visibility. a little bit on the cool side. temperatures holding in the lower 30's. we have some opportunities across southeast iowa. ottumwa starting off at 27. this guy had a chance to get out and enjoy the weekend weather. a little bit of snow left over. most of us, -- temperatures holding in the 50's and 60's. now things are back to normal
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otherwise, quiet weather travel wise. there is going to be a cold front dropping in here from the dakotas on tuesday. maybe a brief sprinkle. temperatures look to stay above freezing for the most part. another week system will affect his by wednesday. the main weather headache will be across the great lakes area across toward the east coast. chicago could be looking at heavier snows. des moines it's all quiet. making it feel like 29. headed for 43 this afternoon. watch for patchy fog early this morning. tuesday, a single or flurries possible. otherwise, we're looking really nice. by saturday, highs could be back near 15 degrees.
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elizabeth: let's hope for a normal condition on monday morning commute. shaina: when weather is quite it usually means traffic is to especially at this hour, not to make people out there. i do want to see where those local mobile speed units are located. eric: big changes in the race for president. we'll talk live with our washington bureau about what to expect in this week's contests next. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar.
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and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area which may be pancreatitis. tell your doctor right away and stop taking januvia if you have an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys.
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side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar
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eric: welcome back to kcci. it is 5:25. in commitment 2016, it's deja vu on the campaign trail. after weekend contests in south carolina and nevada, both states will do it all over again. elizabeth: our nikole killion is live in washington to explain, and nikole, the parties are swapping states? nikole: yeah elizabeth and eric, that is pretty much what is happening here. tomorrow republicans will caucus in nevada while democrats hold their primary in south carolina saturday. fresh off his win in the palmetto state donald trump is , looking for a trifecta. meantime second place finisher marco rubio picked up the right
5:25 am
wahlberg. singing a different tune ted cruz who argued rubio isn't electable. as for democrats bernie sanders seeks momentum after a close loss to hillary clinton in the silver state. >> we are in this race to the convention. i think we've got some states coming down the pike that we're going to do very, very well in. >> there's an underlying question that maybe is really in the back of people's minds. and that is, you know, is she in it for us or is she in it for herself? nikole: clinton acknowledged she has more work to do with voters. meantime all the candidates are looking beyond this week to the next round of contests on super tuesday which is march 1. eric: according to the latest polls, who looks most likely to win in nevada and south carolina? nikole: in the gop field,several polls have trump leading in nevada with ted cruz and marco rubio battling it out for second place.
5:26 am
polls show hillary clinton beating bernie sanders by a considerable amount. elizabeth: back to the republicans, donald trump is now taking aim at another candidate's eligibility to run for president. who is the front-runner questioning this time? nikole: trump is now suggesting marco rubio isn't qualified to be president. this after he retweeted a post saying both rubio and ted cruz were ineligible. trump was asked about it in an interview, trump said he doesn't know if rubio is eligible or not and that lawyers would have to determine that. rubio brushed off the charges calling it a game that trump plays to suck up media coverage. eric: nikole killion, live in washington for us. we've been checking with des moines police to bring you the latest on overnight news. a stabbing victim calls for help from a local quick trip. find out what happened when we update the story at 5:30. also this morning one of the
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spree reveals the chilling question he asked and the answer. plus new numbers show two iowa towns had the biggest drop in crime rates in the country. and tax scams new information -- tax scams. new information shows the scheme is spreading across the state. elizabeth: and she just can't help herself the viral video of a 106-year-old dancing her way
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streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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>> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. eric: well, it was a few weeks ago that elizabeth revealed she is expecting. today, she has more news to break -- the gender. we're taking your guesses at, facebook and twitter . we're even trying an old wives' tale to see if we're right. elizabeth: the true test. eric: we do not even know what the answer is. welcome back, everyone, great to have you with us on this monday morning. elizabeth: we do not have a lot to talk about whether-wise. metinka: we are coming off of a great weekend. it was so pretty and so warm. temperatures have settled back to where they should be, and we're dealing with a little bit of fog. storm lake, visibility is down
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central iowa, nothing to worry about right now. starting at 33, heading to 43 this afternoon. grab the jacket and gloves as you are heading out. shaina: thank you. right now, des moines police are investigating an early morning stabbing. it happened around 2:30 this morning near the quik trip on southeast 14th. police reported that one man had been stabbed. we are not sure of the extent of his injuries but this morning, police did stop a possible suspect in the area. a michigan man will be arraigned today in connection with a seven-hour shooting spree saturday night that left six people dead. >> it's crazy to think that someone could have gone out and just done all these horrible things and came to work straight-faced, like he's just going to work doing his job. shaina: that's a passenger of uber driver jason dalton police -- dalton. police say he picked up passengers in between the shootings. eight people were shot at three different locations all at random. police say one of the survivors helped save the lives of several
5:32 am
12-year-old girl. >> he shot her once, and she was still running, and then he shot her again, and she fell, and she was asking, joi, help me. shaina: dalton, a married father of two, had no prior criminal history. uber's chief security officer released a statement say they are horrified and heartbroken, and sending prayers to the families of the victims. the dispute between apple and the justice department continues this morning, fbi director james comey says the bureau owes it to the victims of the san bernardino attack, to try and gain access to the cell phone used by one of the gunmen. syed farook and his wife killed 14 people in the december attacks. apple has refused to hack the phone. and look at this cell phone video -- a megabus on fire outside chicago. it was traveling to minneapolis. thankfully no one was injured, but most of the luggage was destroyed. no word yet on the cause. eric: more big stories this morning. a des moines woman is facing attempted murder charges after reportedly setting her boyfriend on fire. police were called to the 1900
5:33 am
saturday. when they arrived police found , the victim burned from head to toe and yelling his girlfriend , set him on fire. amy thornton is facing charges of willful injury and attempted murder. kcci will be watching today as the murder trial of alexandar fazzino gets underway. fazzino is charged with the 2012 first degree murder of his wife emily beckwith fazzino. she was the daughter of fareway ceo richard beckwith. the trial has been moved from boone to decorah in northeast iowa. every uniformed des moines police officer will soon be wearing body cameras. chief dana wingert wants to see all of those cameras in place by this june. the body camera system is going to cost the city about $1.4 million. some of that will come from donors, the rest from department budgets. elizabeth: the irs scam we have been talking about is spreading across the state.
5:34 am
taking calls from victims every day. police say scammers will ask for personal information such as social security numbers and bank accounts. and they will threaten victims by saying they could be arrested or fined. police say they're working hard to get the word out. people across the state are working on solving an ongoing issue in the foster care system. according to iowa kids net , there's a disproportionate number of children of color in the system. over half the kids in two iowa county foster cares identified as something other than caucasian. a woman who's taken in nearly 30 kids is working to find a solution. >> considering that the population of the state is a fraction of the population in comparison to what that looks like for foster care, it is concerning. elizabeth: iowa kids net says the uneven number of minority children did improve in the last year, and they hope to continue that progress moving forward. the violent crime rate has
5:35 am
list. ames has seen a 56% decrease in violent crimes since 2010, although the incidence of rape was above the national average there. and dubuque saw the largest decrease, dropping nearly 58% in the last five years. the two were among 10 cities with the biggest declines. eric: a couple of flood warnings in central iowa. first, a flash flood is possible in webster county. a large ice jam just south of the highway d14 bridge is causing some concern. in dallas county the raccoon , river near perry is rising reaching flood stage overnight. it is expected to rise another nine inches today, before wednesday. metinka: we also have some fog concerns in west central and southeast iowa, skipping over the central part of the state. lowered visibility across
5:36 am
visibility at three quarters of a mile. in the metro, no fog just yet. 33 degrees, it will be a seasonably cool day and a great monday with clouds holding -- a gray monday with clouds holding tight. elizabeth: we're helping you plan your day by looking ahead at the stories we'll be covering here at kcci. first, west des moines city planners are talking about the microsoft data center this morning. they'll be discussing the next phase of the billion dollar project north of highway 5. tonight, the des moines city council will be giving the go ahead to new lofts on southeast 6th street. the eagleview lofts is an $18 million development, with 120 planned units. congressman david young will be hosting an agriculture-transportation roundtable with usda representatives at the iowa farm bureau. and today begins the state bowling meet at plaza lanes in des moines. good luck to everyone competing.
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basketball fans will be losing their voice, cheering for their favorite teams. but at grand view university, one superfan has found his voice by being the loudest guy in the gym. the cheer squad even follows his lead. but the junior says it's about more than just team spirit. and this week's this is iowa, i listen in for a lesson in confidence and campus-wide support. that's tonight on kcci 8 news at 6:00. elizabeth: going against the girl scouts. why one top catholic leader wants you to stop buying cookies. alyx: throwing away food before it's time, what you need to know about the labels on your food, and why experts say they can be misleading. eric: and did you give us your guess yet? we want to know if you think
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. grab a warmer coat, it is a bit on the cold side, 33 in des moines. so far, the metro is missing out on the fog, but watch for cassie -- patchy fog that are developing to the south and northwest. clouds will be lingering through
5:41 am
highs in the low 40's, and the whole week ahead is looking quiet and pretty uneventful. a couple flurries on the way tomorrow, followed by blustery wind and cooler highs for thursday, but nicer weather is back in the weather -- in the weekend. shaina: more news stories. pope francis wants a one-year moratorium on the death penalty. he's proposing catholic leaders suspend the practice during the holy year of mercy the push for forgiveness runs through november. the pope also expressed hope that one day the death penalty will be abolished around the world. elizabeth: girl scouts in missouri are vowing to continue on with cookie sales as normal , despite the st louis archbishop urging priests to sever ties with the group. archbishop robert carlson says the scouts promote values incompatible with catholic teachings, things such as contraception and abortion rights. the girl scouts say those concerns involve adult issues and are not appropriate to discuss with children.
5:42 am
this morning, another water crisis. officials found high levels of a toxic industrial chemical in the drinking water. they say it's likely from the nearby taconics plastics company. people are coming to the town hall to get bottled water for now but it's unclear what the next steps are going to be to make the water safe again. also this morning wasting food , and money. misleading expiration dates are causing some lawmakers to raise questions. shaina: alyx sacks is following the story. what do they mean by misleading expiration dates? alyx: 90% of american consumers throw away food after the food date has passed, because they believe it is no longer safe to eat, but that is not always the case. >> we are responsible to provide good quality food and products to our customers, that is our responsibility and we're going to make sure we do that. alyx: one study says a lot of foods do not spoil as quickly as
5:43 am
eggs can last up to five weeks after their labeled expiration date. milk can last about a week after. there is one catch though, make sure everything is stored correctly. chef andrew says follow your senses, how does it look, smell, feel. and under 10 -- understanding terms like used by, best buy, and sell by. sell by dates are for the grocer. coming up next, we met with hy-vee and they have a few ways they like to keep food past the shelf life, and give back to their own community. i will explain that at 6:00. eric: well, we have a very important question to ask you in the morning buzz today. is our mother-to-be elizabeth having a boy or a girl? shaina: you know the answer.
5:44 am
elizabeth: i wanted it to be an authentic reveal so you guys do not know yet. we will be announcing it at 6:45. shaina: we have a little behind-the-scenes bet going here at kcci so far. most of our co-workers say it's going to be a boy. we also tested an old wives tale on friday you take a pencil, a needle and thread and you hold the pencil over your arm. if the pencil moves sideways it's a girl. if it moves up and down the length of your arm, it's a boy. the pencil said it was a girl. elizabeth: very high tech. shaina: side note -- our engineer steve houg said he knew a family with 11 children who did this test during every pregnancy and it was always right. we also have a now poll today just for fun. we want to know what you think. eric: i think it is a girl. shaina: 38% of you are hopefully correct. eric: we do not know whether or
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if you have not just yet, go ahead and call or text 200-1508, go to or our facebook and twitter pages. and you're going to reveal pink or blue in one hour, at 6:45, correct? elizabeth: i am. i feel like i can hardly talk about it or i will let something slip. finally in the buzz, 106-year-old virginia mclaurin made a visit to the white house that she and the president will never forget. >> how are you? >> i am fine. >> nice to see you. do you want to say hi to michelle? she has 106. >> you are not 106. >> slow down. >> i want to be like you. >> dancing, come on.
5:46 am
eric: a ball of fire. elizabeth: virginia can't stop dancing. she is so happy. she says she never thought she'd get to the white house, and she never thought she'd see a black president. shaina: and she danced with a black president. elizabeth: in the white house. shaina: in downtown des moines,
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weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, we are headed for a quiet weather day. the weather has settled down, and the clouds will be lingering. cool readings in the upper 30's to the low 40's across the state, and we are dealing with some patchy dense fog developing across southeast iowa. here in the metro, so far no fog he reported just yet, but across west central iowa, sioux city, some fog concerns. what's for changing visibility over the next several hours, and grab the jacket.
5:50 am
freezing, and in the 20's in the northern side of town. quite a few clouds streaming in from the west, but we have a little clearing taking place across southwest iowa, and fog has developed. we have some light snow across north dakota into minnesota, and that front will be dropping in here as we head toward tuesday, bringing flurries or a sprinkle by the afternoon. that is not going to impact your forecast at all tomorrow. wednesday, another fast-moving system drops in, possibly bringing snow showers across iowa, followed by a push of cooler air for thursday. 33 degrees, a light three, enough wind to make it feel cooler. the wind chill is at 29.
5:51 am
light side -- south east wind will be on the low side. watchers the more patchy fog to develop after midnight. tomorrow, a stray sprinkle are flurries possible with highs around 44 degrees. blustery conditions for thursday, with a quiet stretch of weather for the weekend. elizabeth: thank you. eric: should be an easy day. shaina: we have no accidents to report or anything like that, no closures that should affect you. just the standard morning commute, and it is looking good. we have a number of mobile speed units, 2400 woodland avenue, 7000 fleur drive, 2800 easter
5:52 am
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1500 northeast 20t eric: welcome back to kcci. "deadpool" destroyed the competition at the box office once again this weekend. it's now brought in a total of $235 million in just 10 days. "kung fu panda three" came in second for the second straight
5:55 am
and "risen," the drama about a roman tribune searching for the body of jesus, took third with $11.8 million. "how to be single" came in fifth and "race" rolled in sixth. also in hollywood, one of the most exhaustive and damning reports on diversity is out just before the oscars. the new study finds the films and tv produced by major media companies are what they called whitewashed, and that an epidemic of invisibility runs top to bottom through the industry for women, minors and lgbt people. 10 major media companies were given a failing grade. elizabeth: "x-files" star david duchovny joins "ellen" today. the star talks to ellen about his daughter west being concerned about his eyebrows being " on fleek." david: my daughter, i told her i was going on your show and she said, just make sure your eyebrows are on fleek. i have no idea whats she's talking about. are they? ellen: yes, tell her that your eyebrows are on fleek.
5:56 am
ok, good. ellen: that's hilarious, she cared about your eyebrows being on fleek. david: it's like a joke we have because she will never tell me what "fleek" means. ellen: it means on point, like looking good. elizabeth: who knew? david also plays a fun game of know or go with three members of the audience. that's today at 4:00, right here on kcci. eric: more great tv tonight too. starting at 7:00, catch all new episodes of supergirl, scorpion and ncis los angeles. then stay tuned for kcci 8 news at 10:00. all followed by the late show and late late show. elizabeth: time is now 5:57. as we quickly approach 6:00 a.m. our morning team is live with , new overnight news. here's what they're working on for the next full hour. alyx: throwing out food and
5:57 am
shaina: a deadly shooting this weekend. metinka: after some nice, warm days over the weekend, back to reality. eric: thanks so much for waking up with us, central iowa. we hope that your week is off to a great start. we'll take a live look outside
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> you're watching kcci 8 news. elizabeth: right now, you're waking up to overnight news, a man stabbed in des moines. we just got some details from police. chilling details, he picked up passengers during his shooting spree. customers of an uber driver in michigan reveal the suspect's behavior. eric: and state of play. this weekend's presidential contests cause some shifting among the gop candidates. what could happen this week, this monday, february 22. good morning, everyone, and welcome back.
6:00 am
elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge. after our taste of spring, we are headed to more normal conditions. metinka: we have a little bit of fog to deal with as well, across southeast iowa near ottumwa. so far central iowa is looking pretty good, but west central iowa, visibility has fallen to a half a mile. right now in des moines, 33 degrees, and not much wind. the kids will need the warmer coats this afternoon, headed for 43. elizabeth: new details from the overnight stabbing. officers were called to the quik trip on southeast 14th around 2:30 this morning. that's where they found the victim. right now, daniel cruz is in the poll county jail, charged with


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