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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. steve: next at 10:00 remarkable , discovery. a des moines man reunited with something he lost 71 years ago. stacey: plus a look at the , downtown development getting attention for its unique view. steve: but first, cemetery concerns. >> any kind of defacing of them is just disrespectful. steve: a central iowa man demanding answers after visiting his mother's grave site. it happened at laurel hill on the east side. stacey: kcci's ryan smith is live there tonight to show us the damage and explain who is ryan: nathan foster has been responsible. coming here to visit his mother for more than 10 years. he contacted kcci after discovering what he called
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it's the final resting place for hundreds of loved ones. laurel hill cemetery is tucked away on the city's east side. >> she got diagnosed with leukemia and it was a fast , process that took her life. ryan: nathan foster visits his mother at the century-old site once a month. >> something for me, my sister, and family to remember her by. ryan: but his latest visit took a frustrating turn. >> operators of this machinery to dig is not respectful at all. it kind of pisses me off. ryan: in a video posted online, foster documented an area where workers recently dug a new grave site. you can see the path shows machine tracks rolled over at least two flat stones, both just steps away from foster's mother's resting place. after only a few minutes here at the cemetery, we spotted additonal tracks left by heavy machinery that appear to have rolled over multiple grave stones.
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just have any respect for that person. ryan: turns out the cemetery is owned by the city of des moines. department. we're told action is now underway to fix the issue. our teams have already been >> dispatched. if they are not out there thing in the morning taking care of business. ryan: in addition to laurel hill, des moines operates six other municipal cemeteries. i also learned tonight that the city employs 11 full-time workers to keep all seven musical cemeteries properly maintained stacey: right now, . day care crackdown. providers in des moines just learning of a city ordinance that limits the number of children they can care for in their homes. state law allows up to 12 children. the only allows six. city of des moines -- the city of des moines only allows six. council member chris hensley says the city needs to change
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>> is a huge issue because day care is very personal. people choose to go to a home care provider for a number of reasons. if you were to shut all those down, there is not the capacity to handle them. stacey: the city manager says providers with more than six children need approval from building inspectors to determine if a sprinkler needs to be zoning board to make sure the daycare is appropriate in their residential neighborhood. city council is expected to take up the issue soon. steve: a second chance tonight for a proposed downtown development with a view of central iowa's famous bald eagles. todd magel joins us live near the des moines river and southeast scott bridge with more on the $18 million plan. todd: we're just south of downtown des moines, and this dark locks behind me to the river could soon be home for the eagleview locks a rare apartment
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of the best views in downtown des moines. it's been more than a year since hansen development announced plans to turn this riverfront parcel into the eagle view lofts. back in 2014, developer troy hansen unveiled the project with the obvious name. >> it's called eagle view lofts. there's a ton of eagles to the south on the river. it will be cool. todd: but funding for the plan dried up. fast forward to today and it appears the $18 million project is ready to go again. 120 efficiency and one bedroom units just south of the east village. the site overlooks the des moines river to the south and the downtown skyline to the northwest. >> this is a really good project. todd: monday night, the des moines city council voted to give it's initial approved to the revised plan. city leaders say they're glad it's back on track. >> we don't have too many developable riverfront sites downtown. rate housing. so it's perfect for young professionals living downtown. and, incredible views. todd: if everything works out,
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begin this spring and hopefully the doors will be opening on the eagleview lofts sometime in the spring of 2017. steve: there might also be a second chance for the century old burns united methodist church at 9th and crocker downtown. last month the city council , approved plans to demolish the historic church. now, there is talk of moving the building to a site at 9th and university. hubbell realty has plans to build new apartments on the site once the church is gone. case closed in the january murder of 71-year-old norma jean mcneeley of des moines. mcneeley was found inside her home on pioneer road. today, police say dna at the scene matched ali yahia. yahia was shot and killed by urbandale police responding to a report of drug activity at the holiday inn on merle hay road. des moines detectives say yahia was a suspect within hours of mcneeley's murder. that night, yahia called police claiming he had been the victim
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police say he staged an elaborate crime scene, all to apparently justify a large knife wound on his left hand. stacey: a vigil in kalamazoo, michigan tonight for the people killed in saturday's shooting rampage. police say uber driver 45-year-old jason dalton opened fire at 3 locations over the course of nearly 7 hours. six people were killed two others wounded. police and prosecutors say the shootings were random and have not revealed a motive. in commitment 2016 news the mud , is flying on the eve of tuesday's republican caucuses in nevada as the top 3 candidates in the polls spent the day attacking each other. ted cruz fired his communications director monday, after rick tyler posted misinformation about rival marco rubio. sen. cruz: we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. stacey: tyler was ousted because of a video showing rubio walking
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stacey: but, tyler tweeted that rubio said, "not many answers in it." rubio blasted cruz. sen. rubio: i think it's a very disturbing pattern of deceptive campaigns and flat out just lying. stacey: gop frontrunner donald trump unleashed a series of negative tweets about cruz, saying the texas senator is "the biggest liar in politics." voters we talked with are sick of the negativity. >> i'm very disappointed with the politicians that are in washington dc now. >> it just distracts from the whole thing. stacey: cruz and rubio are locked in an intense battle for second in the polls here in nevada. trump holds a double digit lead over both of them. john tuman is the chair for the political science department at unlv. >> a second place win might be important, but at some point people have to start winning and , beating trump. stacey: nevada republicans caucus tuesday, and voters in 12 states pick their candidate next
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on the democratic side, hillary clinton has 52 delegates awarded in primaries and caucuses to sanders's 51. but clinton holds a substantial lead when super delegates are added. steve: ice jams are now causing some flooding problems. an ice jam that broke free on the des moines river in fraser damaged the old wagon wheel bridge downstream. that bridge now has kind of a kink in it and it could collapse at any time. ice jams, now breaking apart because of this weekend's warmer temperatures, are leading to flash-flooding worries. kurtis, looks like developing weather just continues. kurtis: we are not going to be as outrageous as we were this weekend. look at this pretty shot coming in from marysville, iowa. the sun poked through right at the end there. temperatures at the morning hours, around 30. they will stay around throughout
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3:00 p.m. temperature, 46. highs tomorrow comes upper 30's in northern iowa, where they early. ottumwa, 45. if these temperatures keep up in going to head north. mcallen, 98 degrees. we are going to see a little bit of a warm-up. upper 30's thursday. the warmest day right now looks to be saturday. 51 degrees. we turned back to the 30's as we head into early next week. stacey: next at 10:00 amazing , find. renovations reveal a wallet lost 71 years ago. the quest to find its owner. steve: plus vaccine success. , what a new study shows about hpv rates. stacey: monday night hoops. a big night on the hardwood for the cyclones and area high school teams.
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highlights. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. >> i think the fact that it sat there for 71 years waiting to be discovered. all things that are lost are eventually going to be discovered.
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71 years in the making. you will not believe what workers found inside an old movie theater in nevada. stacey: kcci's laura terrell shows us the discovery that is bringing history to life again. >> this was built in the 20's. so many generations of people saw their first movie here. their first kiss up in the balcony. i like thinking of what kind of history that made for those people. laura: larry sloan owns the talent factory theater in nevada. he's transformed the once old movie theater into a live performance comedy club. but larry and his staff never thought they would find a piece of history right inside. >> it was sitting right here upon this ledge right here. laura: while working on renovations, they spotted it lodged in floorboards here on the third floor. >> it was plastic. so the first thing that came to my mind is this must be child's , wallet. i had no idea how old it would be. laura: but a clue inside the wallet revealed just how old. >> a pocket calendar.
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,laura: there's also ration stamps from the war, a boy scout card, old faded photos, and the biggest clue. >> his handwritten id, that of course said clare mcintosh. , and it said in the event of an emergency, contact r.e. mcintosh, colo, iowa, telephone number 8. just 8. and i thought, wow that's old. laura: but who was the mysterious clare mcintosh? >> when we are doing something like that 71 years later, the hopes of finding them alive and well our kind of small. >> so you're the famous clare mcintosth. >> i guess so. laura: but 85-year-old clare mcintosh is very much alive. and monday, he got to see his wallet for the first time since he was 15. >> it's unreal. this is my sister. this is my boy scout card. laura: larry, a former investigator, used his skills to track down clare, who lives just outside des moines. >> i said, i think i found your wallet.
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wallet. >> i thought, at it must be some first, sort of a joke, but i thought, well it couldn't be. laura: no jokes here. just a trip down memory lane. what are you going to do with these things now? >> i'm just going to cherish them. i think. laura: clare tells us he now remembers the night he went to go see a movie and lost his wallet. the theory is maybe a staff member founded way back when, kind of hid it, and now it is back. stacey: that is so cool. laura: he was so excited, it was great. steve: a few big performances are announced today. 12-time grammy award winner paul first, simon, the rock 'n roll legend will play for one night , only, wednesday may 18, at the des moines civic center. tickets go on sale friday february 26. plus, popular comedian jim gaffigan also plans to make a
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he will perform at wells fargo arena july 31st. tickets for his show also go on sale february 26. >> you make all my screws come loose. steve: and country star brett eldredge will perform in des moines on saturday, august 13. he is the latest iowa state fair grandstand act to be revealed. tickets go on sale march 5 at 10:00 a.m. stacey: now, let's take a live look outside from our downtown skycam road. still pretty warm for this kind of year -- this time of year. kurtis: not doing so bad with the cloud cover kind of keeping the temperatures up. we didn't have a tremendous amount of wind. we are staying that way tonight. ames, 37. ottumwa, 37. many locations made it into the
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sun comes up tomorrow at 6:59. temperature around the freezing mark. a little light snow tomorrow, mainly north of highway 20, a dusting possible. i did the best chance in extreme northern iowa. new, mostly cloudy, 44 degrees. temperatures tomorrow about normal. we will be around 46 at 3:00 p.m. still in the 40's at 6:00 p.m. we have the cloud cover today. there wasn't a lot of sunshine. a little more sunshine in east central iowa. here is a little light snow trying to develop overnight. eventually, this is going to crews across with a band of maybe a dusting north of highway 20. that activity will continue on and off to the dakotas and back through minneapolis. chicago, partly cloudy.
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only 40 to the west, so none of those outrageous temperatures like we had last week, especially west and southwest of iowa. a little light snow moving on through. major system down to the south but it won't have much impact here. that is kind of locking up all the moisture cloud cover hanging around. clouds continue to race around. not a lot of sunshine. a week front drops in. you might get a snow shower wednesday evening. thursday, the winds blow and the clouds hang around with a few flurries here and there. tonight in the metro, down around freezing. east wins, 5-8.
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late snow chance on wednesday, not going to amount to much. thursday, probably out of the next eight days, the least comfortable. cloud cover maybe a flurry. warm up so nice just in time for the weekend. saturday sunshine, 51. in the colder next week with a
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stacey: stacey: new at 10:00, rates of hbv, or the human papilloma virus are plummeting since the , cdc recommended a vaccine. the infection is responsible for 66% of cervical cancers in the united states. a new study shows in just 6 years, the rate of infection among teenage girls dropped more than 7%. for people between the ages of 20 and 24, a more than 6% drop. steve: a new push is underway to reduce infections contracted at hospitals. it is estimated that 1-in-25 patients pick-up an infection from the hospital and tens of thousands die every year from those infections. betsy mccaughey founded the committee to reduce infection deaths.
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most importantly, make sure visitors and doctors wash their hands before coming near you. >> it is hard to do, patients are intimidated by those white coats and nurses uniforms, but you can be saving your life by asking them to do that. steve: patients should also bring along bleach wipes. research shows wiping down surfaces around the hospital bed can reduce some infections by as much as 80%. experts also say you should bathe with chlorhexidine soap days before surgery. it can remove harmful bacteria you may be carrying on your
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stacey: announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: going into morgantown is never fun for the opposing team. tonight, iowa state had their hands full with a physical west virginia team -- physical press virginia team. that is what west virginia called himself because they play 40 minutes of full-court basketball.
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but back came the mountaineers. the story of the night, 34 points, a career high for page. isu loses 97-87. cyclones giving up points in bunches. they will try to get the defense tightened up a little bit before kansas state comes to town. the wildcats struggling lately. on espn2. when it comes to basketball. there is hockey there tonight. around the corner. high school hoops. regional finals.
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kelcie shields, the huge block, but it goes right to make it s -- right to megan stubbs. shields is right there for the bucket to ice it. mount ayr wins. the boys teams just starting. waukee play host to east. cade longnecker with a bucket. earlier, it was mason city and fort dodge. fort dodge answered with clayton coming in, gathering. fort dodge would win over mason city. 3a, perry taking on dcg. dcg not perry out of the
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the big bucket and the excitement for dcg. the mustangs in white were trying to get the big win. into the fourth quarter, the three. blue jays moving on. blown -- boone taking on adm. boone would go on to win, 67-58. congratulations to benton shellsburg -- vinton shellsburg, they win 1a state bowling. on the ice tonight, the iowa wild get a big win over manitoba. finally, it is monday, it is
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just finished the state wrestling tournament. valley winning the state team duals. number seven, another trophy. southeast polk winning individual state tournament for the third time. number 6, the closest daytona 500 finish in history. denny hamlin. number 5, michael zachary. undefeated, second straight state title. never taken down all season. number georges niang. 4,number 3, marqueze coleman from nevada hits the 3. it would be the game winner but patrick mccaw would force overtime. number 2, vince carter. vince used to be known for
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finally, number 1, carter happel wins the fourth state title of his career. he is the state of iowa's 25th
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there. 46 for a high tomorrow. northern iowa. a week system late thursday. nice weather friday. saturday, very nice.
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before we go, a special happy years at kcci. [kcci captioning is brought to
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