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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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temperatures are nice. clouds are going to be with us for most of the day. headed for a high of 36 degrees. -- headed for a high of 46 degrees. elizabeth: des moines police say they have solved a murder from last month but it turns out the suspect is dead. two violent stories colliding here and both involve the same man. eric: 29-year-old ali yahia was shot and killed by urbandale police officers over a week ago. now his death has closed a murder case in des moines. kcci's mark tauscheck explains the bizarre situation. mark: when urbandale officers responded to a drug complaint at the urbandale holiday inn february 13 they encountered ali yahia who fired a shot at least one officer shot back and killed him. this morning des moines police announced dna evidence has linked the deceased 29-year-old to a murder on the south side. in january police found the body of 71-year-old norma mcneeley
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with her sister on pioneer road . some of the blood evidence at the scene was processed and the dna results matched yahia . mcneeley's death is essentially now closed her killer dead himself. >> the circumstances of how this case closed are definitely unique and rare. mark: des moines detectives actually had yahia on their radar within hours of mcneeley's murder because that same night after police believe he killed the woman in her home he called police to come to his douglas avenue apartment claiming he had been the victim of a home invasion. >> we investigated that. he staged a pretty well thought out elaborate crime scene. mark: police found a pool of blood on his floor splattered on the wall all to apparently justify a large knife wound on his left hand that required treatment at the hospital. that night detectives were suspicious yahia had been at mcneeley's home earlier that night, not only because of his bloody hand, but also because they knew him so well. >> given his criminal history,
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offender both with burglaries or robberies we can speculate he went there to commit one of those crimes. eric: that des moines police spokesman told kcci they don't know why yahia picked mcneeley's home. they can't find any evidence they knew each other and now they will likely never know. elizabeth: daycare providers in des moines are scrambling after a recent city crackdown on the number of children allowed in a single home. many providers are just learning of a 33-year-old city ordinance that limits in-home day care to six children. kcci's cynthia fodor has the details. cynthia: laura beckler ammann has watched children for 12 >> this is all paperwork i keep track of because i am a registered divider. cynthia: -- registered provider. cynthia: she runs her business by the book but never heard about a city ordinance until now. >> actually i'm registered up to 8but now city saying i can only have six. so how do you tell your neighbor i can't watch your child
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cynthia: she and others worry kids will fall through the cracks with no place to go. >> it's horrible. unbelievable. cynthia: councilwoman chris hensley whose mother ran a day care thinks the ordinance needs to change. >> i would like to see us get in line with the state the city -- with the state. the city doesn't do the inspections that's the state we -- that is the state. we should be compatible with what the state is doing 15. -- is doing. cynthia: the city is now sending out letters to the largest day cares that have more than 16 children. >> whether or not fire codes are being met or if sprinkler systems are necessary in the larger forms. cynthia: the city manager says providers with more than six children need two approvals. one from building inspectors to determine if a sprinkler needs to be installed and another from the zoning board to make sure the daycare is appropriate in their residential neighborhood.
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many? the state allows 12 children in a home but the city manager says 8 may be the right number before safety measures like sprinklers are required. chris hensley says she will take action on this quickly possibly at the next council meeting so parents won't have to worry about finding care for their kids. eric: the des moines police department wants every uniformed officer equipped with a body camera by june. but at more than a million -- but more than $1 million do des moines residents think its worth the cost? kcci's marcus mcintosh shows us where the money is coming from. des moines police will capture of its interaction with the public. its 270 some uniformed officers are expected to be equipped with body cameras. >> our organization from top to bottom, newest officers to some of the oldest, they all support idea. live and work in des moines and learned their opinions of police are mostly positive but for some different reasons. from getting to the truth.
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so they will say anything to get out of being a criminal so it's a good idea to protection. -- a good idea. marcus: to protection. >> i'm for it. i think it protects everybody. having cameras on police protects me as a citizen. i think it protects everybody it protects innocent people. marcus: to an unbiased view on any encounter between the police and the public. >> it is like a third eye on the street you know. you have your witnesses you have your officers who say what they say and you would actually have something there that is not taking the side of the police department or witnesses or victims if something happens. marcus: the police department is confident the money to pay for the body cameras will not be an obstacle. they cant wait to put them into use. >> a long time coming we are excited about it. marcus: in des moines, marcus mcintosh, kcci 8 news. for through a combination of public funds and private donations. police say they're looking for a body camera system that will be compatible with the departments
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metinka: temperatures are looking pretty good. 35 in des moines. we are checking a couple of snow iowa. they are checking to the south not going to amount to too much. we may see a snowflake from time to time. to the north. highs are looking good with readings 10 degrees to warming -- to warm. tomorrow, winds of change will be blowing. elizabeth: a central iowa man is demanding answers after visiting his mother's grave site. it happened at laurel hill on the eastside. kcci's ryan smith shows us the damage and explains who is responsible. ryan s.: it's the final resting place for hundreds of loved ones. laurel hill cemetery is tucked away on the city's east side. >> she got diagnosed with leukemia and it was a fast
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ryan s.: nathan foster visits his mother at the century-old site once a month. >> it is something for me, my sister and family to remember her by. ryan s.: but his latest visit took a frustrating turn. >> operators of this machinery to dig is not respectful at all. it kind of pisses me off. ryan s.: in a video posted online foster documented an area where workers recently dug a new grave site. you can see the path shows machine tracks rolling over at least two flat stones. both just steps away from foster's mother's resting place. after only a few minutes here at the cemetery, we spotted additional tracks left by heavy machinery that appear to have rolled over multiple grave stones. >> it's frustrating and heartbreaking that they don't just have any respect for that person. ryan s.: turns out the cemetery is owned by the city of des moines. maintained by its parks and rec department. we're told action is now underway to fix the issue.
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dispatched. they are out there. if they're not out there already they'll be there first thing in the morning taking care of business. elizabeth: in addition to laurel hill des moines operates six other municipal cemeteries. we're told the city employs 11 full-time workers to maintain all 7 sites. coming up on kcci the mud is , flying in the race for the gop nomination. a campaign ad attack that led to the firing of a senior aid. what candidates had to say on the nevada caucuses. eric: plus a look at the
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attention for its unique view. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. we have enough -- we have a couple of snow flurries across western iowa. otherwise, the weather is quiet. from carroll, you may encounter a few snow flurries. they are tracking to the east and south. if they hold together, we will see them in the metro in the next couple of hours. the wind will be shifting this afternoon. keep those jackets handy. temperatures are going to be ok but you will still need the
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some cool air is on the way. along with some blustery winds from wednesday into thursday. followed by a straitjacket for saturday. eric: commitment 2016 news. the mud is flying on the eve of tuesday's republican caucuses in nevada as the top 3 candidates in the polls spent the day attacking each other. elizabeth: kcci's stacey horst has more. stacey: ted cruz fired his communications director monday after rick tyler posted misinformation about rival marco rubio. >> we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. stacey: tyler was ousted because of a video showing rubio walking by a cruz staffer reading a bible. >> got a good book there >> yes sir >> all the answers are in there. stacey: but tyler tweeted that rubio said not many answers in it rubio blasted cruz. >> i think it's a very disturbing pattern of deceptive campaigns and flat out just lying. stacey: gop frontrunner donald
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saying the texas senator is the "biggest liar in politics." voters we talked with are sick of the negativity. >> i'm very disappointed with the politicians that are in washington, dc right now. >> it just distracts from the whole thing. it's ridiculous. stacey: cruz and rubio are locked in an intense battle for second in the polls here in nevada. trump holds a double digit lead over both of them. john tuman is the chair for the political science department at unlv. >> a second place win might be important but at some point people have to start winning and beating trump. stacey: nevada republicans caucus tuesday and voters in 12 states pick their candidate next week on super tuesday. elizabeth: on the democratic side hillary clinton has 52 delegates awarded in primaries and caucuses to sanders' 51. but clinton holds a substantial lead when super delegates are added. eric: it is 4:43. we are waking up to 35 degrees.
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the day is going to >> weather is never more than 5 minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: the weather is pretty quiet this morning. from carroll back to harlan.
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atlantic will probably be seeing snow flurries over the next half-hour. it is moving to the southeast. this is along a very weak system. it is not a major storm but you might see a couple of slicks. you can't escape any like precip to the south. futurecast shows even toward the afternoon hours we cannot rule out any stray sprinkles. right through 6:00 p.m., a chance for a range upper to. nothing too aggressive. we will start out with snow flurries. we might see a little late day sunshine followed by a little snow working in from the northwest. we are not expecting any major storm systems but this next one will have an impact. today, you're looking pretty good, into the 40's across much of the state. tomorrow, much of the cold air
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35 degrees right now. we do not have much wind. just enough breeze to make it feel slightly cooler. this afternoon, headed for 46 degrees. damages up slightly, this -- temperatures up slightly, despite the clouds. increasing overnight coming in from the north. frosty overnight, back to 29 here in des moines. tomorrow stays cool. we are going to need a warmer coats and mittens. thursday looks like a blustery and cool day. highs mainly in the 30's. temperatures cool -- temperatures warm back up as we head toward the weekend. elizabeth: we will look for to that. thanks metinka. -- we will look forward to that. thanks metinka. eric: a second chance for a proposed downtown development
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famous bald eagles. todd magel has more on the $18 million plan. todd: it's been more than a year since hansen development announced plans to turn this riverfront parcel into the eagle view lofts. back in 2014 developer troy hansen unveiled the project with the obvious name. >> it's called eagle view lofts. there's a ton of eagles to the south on the river. it will be cool. todd: but funding for the plan dried up. fast forward to today and it appears the $18 million project is ready to go again. 120 efficiency and one bedroom units just south of the east village. the site over looks the dm river -- overlooks the des moines river to the south and the downtown skyline to the north west. >> this is a really good project. todd: monday night, the des moines city council voted to give it's initial approved to the revised plan. city leaders say they're glad it's back on track. >> we don't have too many developable riverfront sites downtown. this is a great site. mix of affordable and market rate housing. so it's perfect for young professionals living downtown and incredible views. eric: the plan is begin construction here this spring and the eagle view lofts should be ready to go by spring of
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>> i think the fact that it sat there for 71 years waiting to be discovered. all things that are lost are eventually going to be discovered. elizabeth: a discovery and recovery 71 years in the making. you will not believe what workers found inside an old movie theater in nevada. kcci's laura terrell shows us the discovery that is bringing history to life again. >> this was built in the 1920's. so many generations of people saw their first movie here. their first kiss up in the balcony. i love thinking about the history that made for those people. laura: larry sloan owns the talent factory theater in nevada. he's transformed the once old movie theater. [laughter] into a live performance comedy club. but larry and his staff never thought they would find a piece of history right inside. >> it was sitting right here upon this ledge right here. laura: while working on renovations they spotted it lodged in floorboards here on the third floor.
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so the first thing that came to my mind it this must be child's wallet. i had no idea how old it would be. laura: but a clue inside the wallet revealed just how old. >> a pocket calendar. that said 1944 and i thought wow. laura: there's also ration stamps from the war, a boy scout card, old faded photos and the biggest clue -- biggest clue. >> we found his hand written id that of course said clare mcintosh. and it said in the event of an emergency contact r.e. mcintosh colo, iowa, telephone number 8. just 8. and i thought wow that's old. laura: but who was the mysterious clare mcintosh? >> when we are doing something like that 71 years later the hopes of finding them alive and well are kind of small. >> so you're the famous clare mcintosh? >> i guess so. laura: but 85-year-old clare mcintosh is very much alive. and monday he got to see his wallet for the first time since he was 15.
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this is a friend of mine. this is my boy scout card. laura: larry a former investigator used his skills to track down clare who lives just outside des moines. >> i said i think i found your wallet. he said well i haven't lost my wallet. [laughter] >> at first i thought it must be some sort of a joke but i thought well it couldn't be. laura: no jokes here. just a trip down memory lane . what are you going to do with these things now? >> well i'm just going to cherish them i think. [laughter] elizabeth: clare tells us he now remembers the night he went to go see a movie and lost his wallet. the theory is maybe a staff member 70 years ago found the wallet, took the money out of it and hid it because they didn't want to give it back. eric: there are basketball fans and then there is chris evans. see how this superfan cranks up the grandview crowd and the team
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metinka: good morning. the weather is pretty quiet here in the metro. temps today are going to be all right, headed for 46 this afternoon. it is good to sit tomorrow, and dragon some chilly air for wednesday. elizabeth: every spring buzzer beaters get basketball fans screaming. eric: but at grand view university one guy gives his a voice a workout even when he's , watching a blowout.
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eric: find a gym and a team and you will hear them. >> the mighty vikings. eric: students whose job description's right in their cheer leader. >> our job is to basically stand there look pretty and cheer on our team. eric: but spend the night in grand view gym and you'll quickly realize the dance team and cheer leaders. >> shout, shout, shout it out. >> shout, shout, shout it out. eric: are actually following. >> shout that viking spirit out. >> shout that viking spirit out. eric: the superfan at mid-court. >> defense. >> defense. eric: at hilton or carver chris evans might blend in. here? >> here we go vikings. here we go. eric: he literally stands out so much the gals on the baseline just let him lead. >> he steals the show and we can't compete with that so that's ok. >> i mean it's just crazy. eric: it started last season when the junior from earlham decided grandview's crowd was being too iowa-nice. >> here we go vikings.
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whew! eric: so he appointed himself a one-man cheer squad who doesn't let a timeout go by. >> wave action. >> woo. i do it because i feel people should be more into this game. eric: which is remarkable given what chris evans was like just a couple seasons ago. >> growing up i had a lot of trouble talking to people. i have autism. meaning i can't communicate with others as well as other people do. eric: just verbalizing that is amazing. standing up in front of a crowd and leading his school in pride? >> gvu. >> gvu. eric: that's a lesson he didn't learn in a textbook. it's taken more hours of practice than any point guard on the court. >> he's found himself a lot you know? and he's very confident when he comes to games.
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being in front of the crowd. eric: and since he found the courage to cheer? even halftime conversations have gotten easier. >> i cheer them up. >> you do. eric: but just as impressive? the loudest voice in the gym -- in the gym. >> defense. defense. eric: really does blend in on a campus where even the cheer-followers have his back. >> you can't help but smile. >> it's just fun. eric: chris is already fired up for wednesday grand view's last home game of the season. then his voice will get a rest until football season. elizabeth: just ahead after the break. caucusing in nevada. the candidates vying for a big win in the silver state, plus murder solved. how des moines police were able to match dna to a suspect and the interesting twist. and isu falls yet again after
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next, at 5 >> you are watching kcci 8 news. eric: right now on kcci who will win? the next crucial test is today in nevada. can the other candidates stop donald trump? elizabeth: grave concerns. a man visiting his mother's grave is surprised to discover who has been defacing her resting place. alyx: millions and millions of dollars add up to a record breaking year for the city of des moines. what that means for residents moving forward. elizabeth: welcome back everyone it's tuesday february 23. i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: and i am eric hanson. great to have you with us. metinka, going to be a pretty nice day. metinka: maybe a stray sprinkle or's flurry -- or flurry. just the clouds and the wind is called. checking a couple of larry's.


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