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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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steve: rapping for unity. the new effort to connect the community. stacey: plus big 10 battle in , iowa city. how the hawkeyes fared against wisconsin. steve: good evening. new at 10:00, combating human-trafficking in iowa. the iowa senate has approved 2 bills to fight the growing problem. stacey: kcci's laura terrell joins us live from the statehouse to tell us what the bills will do. laura: there are more than 24,000 human trafficking victims across the country, according to national statistics. while we don't have specific -- don't have exact numbers for iowa, officials say the problem is getting worse and worse. it's everywhere, from iowa truck stops -- >> it was normally at night. you see the girls going from truck to truck. laura: to small towns like osceola, where a november sting netted six prostitution arrests. >> it is a big problem here in our state. laura: senator kevin kinney knows a lot about human trafficking.
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state. >> human trafficking is modern -- is a form of modern day slavery. laura: to educate about all the stings he's busted and the young sex slave victims he's rescued. >> to be able to return a child who has been kidnapped was very gratifying. laura: that's why kinney is behind a new bill that would create an office within the department of public safety where several agents would focus solely on human trafficking. >> the way to effectively combat human trafficking is by setting up a task force. >> some of the most vulnerable ages when it comes to human trafficking are ages of 11 to 14. laura: senator rita hart is behind another bill that calls for adding human trafficking to the state's legal definition of child abuse. that means more training for educators and other mandatory reporters. >> trained on what to look for. how to ask the right questions. what the criteria might be that would help them to understand that this child is being affected by human trafficking. laura: hart and kinney say these two bills are no brainers.
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phenonenon in iowa that we know exists. laura: both bills have passed the senate, but need to go through the house. kinney says his would cost about $500,000 a year to run at office. hart says her bill uses resources we already have. live from the statehouse, laura terrell, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: also at the statehouse a , protest today against the governor's plan to privatize the state's medicaid program. former governor chet culver, health care providers, and medicaid clients staged a rally in the rotunda. they fear problems when private companies take over the management of the program april 1. steve: in 2015, des moines hit its highest homicide rate in 20 years. now, the police chief is finding a unique way to combat violent crime. kcci's ryan smith shows us how the city's top cop is doing community outreach. ryan: by day, chief dana wingert helps solve crimes at the police station. but, as we found out, he's
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office and into a music video shoot. the untimely death of 16-year-old terry harris. inspiring local hip-hop artist will peeks to the microphone for "wake up iowa." >> it is all about bring that passion to the music, how you feel to the music. ryan: peeks, who at one time was left for dead in chicago, has since dedicated his life to keeping that gang-environment out of central iowa. >> everybody goes through something. everybody goes through something. it's how you come out of it and i want to teach people how to come out of it. ryan: today, the music video taking center stage on the des moines police's facebook page. dmpd promoting the song's peaceful message. >> will's heart is in the right place and he's all in, and to be able to use his talents in this way, i think it helps the community across the board. laura: police chief dana wingert admits will's lyrics are making
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officers can't. >> that talent that can reach people that we wouldn't reach through our normal means. he can reach them through the music. ryan: it's community outreach so effective the chief is stepping in himself making an appearance , in will's next single "we fight," a track encouraging unity among police, communities and everywhere in between. ,>> i'm done saying all cops are bad, all blacks are bad, all whites are bad. i'm ready for you to start saying names. start giving names or stop saying everybody because all of us aren't bad. ryan: i asked and unfortunately chief wingert will not be rapping, freestyling, or dancing in the music video. "we fight" will be released on social media on tuesday, march steve? 1. steve: the men's ncaa basketball tournament will take over des moines in just 3 weeks. right now, officials say the
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are in place. hoops tournament spectators will be searched with hand-held metal detectors. extra police officers will also be on duty. a number of other enforcement efforts are designed to blend into the background. >> again we want to make sure , this is a safe and secure event and we are ready to meet those expectations . >> it's important for someone who comes to wells fargo arean -- arena to feel comfortable. steve: chris connolly of the events center says stepped up security measures being used
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wild games will get them ready for the ncaa basketball tournament. stacey: what happens if the des moines saint patrick's day parade is not on st. patricks day? we will find out in just a few weeks. kcci's todd magel is live downtown along the parade route with a big change in store this year todd: we're at 15th and grand, this is prime viewing spot for the parade. the problem kind of conflicts with the ncaa basketball tournament here in des moines. it is a tradition, the st. patrick's day parade as marched through downtown for decades. this year, the parade moves the day after, which is friday march 18. why? the ncaa basket ball tournament comes to town on thursday march 17. >> is going to be cool to have both things here going on. but boy it could create a lot of congestion downtown. todd: greg edwards at the greater des moines convention and visitors bureau went to work and asked the friendly sons of saint patrick to think about moving their historic celebration. >> i mean this was like moving christmas. i totally understood that. march 17 to st. patrick's day. todd: parade organizer o'connell says they came around more quickly thanks to a $10,000
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-- from downtown des moines leaders. now, st. patrick's day revelers will have two days to celebrate. think of it as an extra dose of luck. keep in mind, ironically greg , edwards, the ceo of the convention and visitors bureau, will be the grand marshal. clearly, no hard feelings about the parade downtown next month. stacey: iowa senator charles grassley defended his decision today to refuse hearings for any of president obama's supreme court nominees. senator grassley: does it become an issue about who he nominates? absolutely not. it's an issue about the process. and this is an opportunity for the people to have a voice in choosing next supreme court justice. stacey: senator grassley added the decision is not entirely up to him as chairman of the senate judiciary committee. 52 of 54 his senate republican colleagues say the country should wait.
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, will be difficult for republicans to explain. pres. obama: i recognize the politics are hard for them, because the easier thing to do is to give in to the most extreme voices within their party and stand pat and do nothing, but that's not our job. our job is to fulfill our constitutional duties. stacey: reports today that the white house is considering nevada's governor, brian sandoval, for the supreme court position. but a communication director for the republican says he hasn't been contacted by the white house. steve: prosecutors called paramedics and police to the witness stand today in the trial of a former boone man accused of killing his wife. alex fazzino's trial continued today in winneshiek county. death of his wife emily. an officer who responded to the fazzino home the night of
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would start sobbing when someone new arrived or called. but moments later, he would return to normal. testimony continues tomorrow. excuse me. the des moines water works board is recommending the utility spend $241 million on improvements so the city's water system meets federal standards. the board oversees the water supply for about a half million central iowans. nitrate runoff is at the center of a lawsuit filed by the des moines water works, against 3 drainage districts upstream on the raccoon river. this sunday on kcci 8 news close up, we hear from both sides, and try to get a handle on how this may eventually be settled. stacey: a big big ten battle at carver hawkeye arena tonight. wild game. andy: physical, back-and-forth, really felt like an angry carver
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jarrod uthoff and peter jok trying to get the hawks past the badgers. the first of four games, with four wins, iowa would win the crown. jok at a huge day with 21 points. unfortunately, the death the rest of the offense didn't. the last basket of the game came with six minutes to go. badgers stun the hawks 67-59. we will have more highlights and if we get fran mccaffery's reaction in time, we will have that. kurtis: just how hot will the weekend get? >> all i could do is pray and pray and pray. steve: living through a tornado. new chilling accounts from the deep south. steve: benched for a heart condition. new research reveals the why, for player problems on the hardwood. stacey: comfort twist. the design that could give you some relief when you're flying
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director
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steve: listen of air travelers, there is a new twist on economy airline seating. designers in london are creating a new airplane seat with comfort in mind. the skeleton design makes for a chair that adjusts to your body, and is more comfortable to sit in, and even sleep in, for long stretches of time. it can literally twist with you as you move. the designers hope it will take off within 2 years. stacey: primary push. hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaign in south carolina ahead of saturday's vote. right now, the two are nearly tied in early competitions. clinton has 52-delegates awarded in primaries and caucuses to sanders's 51. on the republican side, donald trump is on top. after tuesday's win in nevada, he has 81 delegates. ted cruz and marco rubio are tied with 17 going into super john kasich has 5. tuesday. ben carson, 3. voter turn-out at the nevada republican caucus reached record-highs. officials say more than 75,000 voters cast ballots. winner donald trump received
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of people who caucused four years ago. steve: new details tonight on tuesday's deadly storms in the southern united states. virginia state police say 3 people died after powerful storms ripped through the eastern part of the state. that now brings the death toll from this line of storms to 6. frank rose was trapped in his truck as heavy weather rolled through. >> it was scary, my truck went up in the air, the glass started caving in on me, i saw everything coming off the roof and i said, i hope this isn't it. steve: people were also killed three in louisiana and mississippi. dozens of others were injured. kurtis, that was one massive storm system. kurtis: the storm still ongoing, but these sick here -- but these severe weather threats have diminished, the last tornado watch for the outer banks in north carolina has expired. some stronger thunderstorms new jersey and some rain off the
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then, some snow toward chicago. these red areas, the tornadic activity, the most widespread tornado threat from north of raleigh up towards richmond and just south of washington dc. the member, that line of storms yesterday was in louisiana, mississippi, and the panhandle of florida. we have chilly north winds flowing in. 33 degrees, but wind-chills in the 20's. clarion, 32. grinnell, 32 degrees. 33 in ottumwa. sun comes up tomorrow at 6:56. wind-chills in the teens. mostly cloudy at 9:00 a.m. noon, 34. those winds gusting. it is going to be a breezy day tomorrow. average high around 40 degrees. a high tomorrow 37. 6:00 p.m. temperature of 33. a little snow along the missouri river valley.
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southside of chicago, northwestern indiana and michigan, with a whole lot of wind. near blizzard conditions, especially in northern indiana. as low and paul's can provide a little light snow in western iowa. most locations probably only going to get a dusting. anyone tomorrow in st. louis, 32 minneapolis. some 40's up to the west. not a lot of, but there is some building in the southwestern united states,s,nd that will slide our way. a fast-moving system drops south and then high pressure builds in. it will finally erode the clouds away. some nice sunshine on friday. those winds moving in tomorrow. here is that band of snow. like dusting. could be a few flurries northwest tomorrow. then the clouds slowly thin as we head into thursday evening. friday looks different sunshine
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iowa. i think those sunny skies will last for a good majority of the weekend. temperatures tonight, it is going to be chilly. down to 27. if you flurries, maybe like dusting in western iowa. tomorrow, winds gusting over 25 miles per hour. more sunshine late in the day. clouds early. temperatures on friday with sunshine. look at this. the big one up on the way saturday. sunshine, southwest winds at 61. the record -- southwest winds, 61. 50's in central iowa and maybe some 60's down in southern iowa. we stay in the 50's on monday with some wind blowing in. then we will see a system moving next week with temperatures in the 30's and 40's.
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stacey: seeing double today on "the ellen show." it's the segment trending tonight. steve: here's a clip from the opening monologue featuring saturday night live's kate mckinnon. >> happy wednesday. i have to tell you about something happened last asked that happened last night. portia and i got a puppy, we named it kid. i love baby goats. steve: remember, you can catch "the ellen degeneres show" every weekday before kcci 8 news at 5:00.
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th stacey: a new home for iowa native shawn johnson. the gymnast and her fiance andrew east told a local seattle tv station they are hoping to become locals there. east was released from the kansas city chiefs this year. he will join the seahawks as a long snapper. johnson says it was a dream place for them to land. the couple is planning a wedding for later this year. stacey: a first of its kind study could help doctors determine what's normal and abnormal when it comes to athlete's hearts. steve: basketball players have
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of sudden-cardiac-death in the united states. >> you know, accepting it and accepting that life and health is more important than a game. steve: back 7'1" former baylor , standout isiah austin was built for basketball. in he was headed for the nba 2014, draft. then, league doctors ran tests and found he had marfan syndrome, a genetic condition that puts patients at risk of sudden-cardiac-death. >> we have provided a frame of reference that all positions can use to help decide what is normal and what is abnormal. steve: researchers at columbia university medical center analyzed the echocardiograms of more than 500 nba players. they found that while the heart increased proportionally with their size, the aortic root, which connects to the body's main blood vessel, was not proportional. they say their findings can be applied to all sports that involve tall athletes.
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andy: hawkeye fans have to be a little worried at this point that the football and basketball
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the football team, 12-0, and historic regular season only to lose the final 2 games. the hawkeye basketball team was a number one seed a couple of weeks ago, and now this team is flagging at the wrong time. against -- at carver hawkeye arena tonight. a physical scramble of a game. fran mccaffery needs more from his defense in the first half. he also is the offense not to give the ball away. peter jok with a three. a big done for the badgers. inside, jok. he had 17 in the first half. the second half, the badgers took over. wisconsin hitting 3. i would giving the ball up at inopportune times.
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14 of its last 16 shots lose. fran mccaffery still hasn't met with the media. tony seeman will have a report coming up tomorrow morning. the hawkeyes have to regroup in a hurry and had to columbus. sunday afternoon, 3:00 tick time. senior day at northern iowa as the panthers wrapped up the regular season at home in the mcleod center. and inspired night for the seniors. paul jesperson, nba range as he knocked down a three. then it couldn't have a fantastic highlight. he will throw it down with two hands. panthers run the sycamores right out of the gym. 66-44 is the final. the panthers have hired david harris as the school's new athletic director. he replaces troy dannen, who left for tulane. harris has been a senior associate athletic director at
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more valley basketball. drake comes up short. missouri state beats the bulldogs 61-52. the cyclones women's team is a young squad, taking lumps and getting better. unfortunately, tonight, they ran into a couple of storing droughts. playing without shauna johnston, she was all for a family issue. jadda buckley knocking down the long three early on. towards the end of the first half, doing it all on her own. 8 points on the day. kansas state rolled up iowa state. isu with a couple of buckets late to make the score more respectable. hawkeyes lose at penn state. lisa bluder's team looks like they may need to win the tournament to make the ncaa tournament. high school bowling
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class 3a title, and it is a dynasty for the johnston dragons. jonathan wins their second consecutive bowl and crown3a. -- 3a bowling crown. linking came in fifth, roosevelt seven in the team standings. cedar falls is the 3a voice champ. marshalltown, the test central iowa team followed by southeast polk, johnston, and waukee. the state wrestling toward that they have ended on saturday, but there was one more award to be headed out today in west des moines. three recipients, one in each class. when hundred 40 -- 140. in the 3a, the runner-up at 200,
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kurtis: freezing, cooler -- breezy and cooler tomorrow. 60's for parts of the weekend. stacey: that's for joining us. the late show is next. then, don't forget come our morning show starts at 4:30. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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