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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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elizabeth: it is thursday, february 25. we are focused on the weekend warm-up but we have another cool day to get through. metinka: we need to bundle up. 32 in des moines but the breeze makes a big difference. coming from the northwest at 15 miles an hour making it feel like 22. no fog to worry about what those kids will need to bundle up for outdoor recess. temperatures will fall a couple more degrees closer to 30's so they will need warm coats and mittens. a high near 37 which is a few degrees shy of the typical hide. we all make up for it for the next several days with 40's on friday with 50's and 60's on the weekend. eric: new information overnight. charges are filed in a months old double murder case in des moines. emmy victor is live in des moines with more. remind us about this case. emmy: this stems from a double murder have been following since
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yesterday police were able to finally talk to the suspect. that's because 47-year-old barney fraaken has been in the hospital since the shootings from self-inflicted gun ones. he now faces two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his wife amy and her 16-year-old daughter amber. they were found shot and killed inside their home on whole avenue after a reported to mastic -- domestic dispute. his stepson says any plan to leave her husband shortly before her death. barney fraaken is being held in the polk county jail. we want you to stay with kcci as we follow more about what's going on on air and online. we know he could make his first court appearance today and we'll have more on that later. eric: testimony continues in the murder trial of alex fazzino. he was accused of killing his
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on wednesday, prosecutors called police and paramedics to testify. one officer who responded the night of emily's death told jurors alex would start sobbing when someone new arrived are called but would return to normal moments later. testimony continues today. elizabeth: combat human trafficking in iowa. the iowa senate has approved two bills to combat this problem. one would create an office within the department of public safety were several agents would focus on human trafficking. another bill calls for adding it to those states legal definition of child abuse. that means for training for educators and other mandatory reporters. >> some of the most formidable ages are ages 11 through 14 -- most vulnerable ages are ages 11 through 14. elizabeth: those bills will go to the house and the human trafficking office with cost of hundred thousand dollars a year to run.
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year to run. former governor chet culver the rotunda yesterday. they hear problems with private companies take over management of the program april first. eric: new developments in the zika virus. new cases have been found in the u.s.? in florida have tested positive. it is linked to a birth defect called microcephaly were babies are born with small heads and possible brain damage. officials say all three cases are believed to be travel related. it has been confirmed and washington, d.c. the who recently estimated up to 4 million people will be infected by next year.
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republican governor brian sandoval of nevada is the latest name. despite sandoval being republican, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says grabs of who obama nominated to be the next president. shaina: the deaths were all in waverley virginia, a small town hit by one of several tornadoes in the storm. they yoenis victim was two years old. tornadoes were reported in north carolina on wednesday while the same storm brought heavy rains to the northeast and snow to parts of the midwest. eric: expect special enforcement on i-235 today. the central iowa safety task force says law enforcement officers will be cracking down on excessive speed and other violations. you will want to pay extra attention on i-235 today. a little chilly again for this morning. metinka: it will be cold like yesterday and maybe cooler.
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across central iowa meaning we need warmer coats and the kids will need hats and mittens. in des moines it is 30 degrees but feels like 20 with a brisk wind from the northwest. the brisk wind will be with us through the afternoon and you notice a bite to the air. high temperatures today are headed for the upper 30's by around 37. we have a few clouds and sunshine but the warmer temperatures are on the way beginning tomorrow. eric: the iowa hawkeyes were trying to bounce back against wisconsin after a shocking loss last week to penn state. unfortunately that did not happen. tony seeman was in iowa city that has more. -- and has more. tony no shortage of heartbreak at hawkeye arena. iowa has lost three of four games and was three games left in the regular season, iowa needs to fix the ship. >> we have not played well in the last two games. yet we have done some good
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you tend to only focus on what we did not do or should have done. we did a lot of good things in both of these. just didn't do enough to win. >> i think rotations aren't as good as they were earlier in the year. a few broken plays. >> we had a three to go up nine and we don't make it eight to three and cut to the two. you take it upon yourself to make sure this doesn't snowball. >> either be kayvon or we continue to succeed. >> we didn't get the necessary stops. like we need to. we have to do a better job of that and they have to understand
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done. they just have to get back to playing. eric: you can catch iowa's next game on kcci. the hawkeyes go on the road to ohio state on sunday. the hawks tip off game at 3:00 p.m. on kcci. the hawkeyes will be at hilton coliseum saturday to take on the wildcats. that caps off at 5:00 p.m. on espn2. elizabeth: we are three weeks away from the ncaa taking over des moines. officials say the appropriate security measures are in place for the event march 17 and 19th. hoops fans will be scanned with handheld metal detectors as they entered wells fargo arena. extra police officers will be on duty. >> we want to make sure this is a safe and secure event and that we are ready to meet expectations. >> support for somebody who comes to wells fargo arena to
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elizabeth: chris connelly of the event center says stepped up security measures are being used right now at events like iowa wild games that will help get them ready for the ncaa basketball tournament. elizabeth: because of that tournament, a smug saint patrick's day parade will not happen often patrick day. the holidays on the same day as the first day of that and see double -- ncaa best alternative. city officials are worried there a be too much traffic in the heart of downtown. they agreed to pay the sums of saint patrick $10,000 to move the parade to the day after. it's a tough sell but both sides worked it out. >> we think it's a win-win because we have basketball, st. patrick's activity, and more basketball. >> so you can look for the parade on friday, march 18, one day after st. patrick's day.
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the longtime girls basketball coaches at dowling catholic high school are retiring. the des moines road -- register reports bob and sharon hansen have stepped down from their cohead coach positions. the couple 16 girls basketball champions in their 46 coaching seasons together. five of those at dowling. this year dowling went 15 and eight and lost in the regional final. they had been coaching since 1982. class three a bowlers competed at plaza lanes and a measure team finished on top for the girls. johnston finished first. rylee blood of cedar rapids prairie had the top individual score with a 470. for the boys, cedar falls came out on top. eric: why tempt cox says the company's cooperation would be bad for america.
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elizabeth: the 2016 nomination. eric: the new way some airlines are looking to make your flights more comfortable. metinka: everything looks fine on the roads. pay attention to i-235. there will be stepped up enforcement so watch your speed. we are looking for our dod camera. this is 35/80 and merle hay road.
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pretty good shape when i was >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back. heavy rain wednesday is making a mess on roads in lancaster county, pennsylvania. high wind also damaged several buildings and brought down trees. the nws is working to determine if a tomato -- a tornado hit the area. eric: some flights to and from chicago had to be delayed. the snow was bad enough that drivers were being told to stay off the roads. only one flight out of des
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a 6:00 a.m. flight to washington, d.c. metinka: we have quiet weather and that's ok. wind chills into the teens across central iowa. dress warmly and dress your kids warmly as well. brisk wind will make the difference, it will be cooler than yesterday with highs into the mid to upper 30's. a warming trend begins tomorrow, wind will settle down and shift to a warmer direction. it will make a huge difference with 40's on the way tomorrow and 50's and 60's on the forecast for the weekend. shaina: the encryption dispute between apple and the fbi continues. in an interview with abc, ceo tim cook said it would be bad for america if apple helped unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. he maintained a mocking that phone would put public safety at risk.
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he says he would be willing to obama. six states are suing the obama administration over the aca. they claim it did not provide clear notice the states would insurance provider's fee. the suit was filed on wednesday and will allow the federal government to collect between 13 and $15 billion from states over the next decade. elizabeth: in two thousand 15, des moines had its highest homicide rate in 15 years. now the police chief is finding a unique way to combat violent crime. des moines police chief dana wingert is making an appearance in a new music video with will keeps. "we fight" is a track encouraging unity between police
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he claims they are making an impact in some places that police officers just can't. wingert: he can reach them through the music. >> everybody goes through something. that's how you come out of it and i want to teach people how to come out of it. elizabeth: the "we fight" video will be released on social media on march 1. eric: a barbecue that has been on ames campus town for three -- 30 years will move out. comment go but out the building two years ago. they plan to move out of campus town but they will open a new restaurant somewhere else and ames within the next year. >> it's our chance to do something bigger and better. campus town is a fantastic place but unfortunately it is not a place where we can grow the business. >> the type of people that make it to campus town are basically
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to get a family crowd or an older crowd to come and hear because the traffic is hard and there's not a lot of parking. eric: the new restaurant will be called battle cry iowa smokehouse and bar and they hope to move in by the end of march 2017. elizabeth: wall street finished higher wednesday, the dow was up 53. the nasdaq added 39. the s&p 500 gained more than eight. new oil numbers are partially to thank. there is a decline in oil production and a possible rise in demand that could drive up prices. in the metro, gas prices went up overnight dramatically up 13% -- $.13 from $1.59 to $1.69. walmart has pulled hoverboards from its website. this follows the government morning that they posed a fire
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target, toys "r" us, and amazon have pulled them from their websites as well. a new career building survey finds one and five human resource managers admit women earn less than men. a survey of more than 3000 workers found that men are nearly three times as likely to earn a six figure salary. facebook users can do more than like a post. you can now be wowed, saddened, or angered. to use the new reactions, hold down the like button on your smartphone. on your desk that in -- desktop, hover over the like button and new icons will appear. eric: economy seats have become smaller and smaller as airlines try to fit more passengers on flights. but designers in london are working to make the seats more comfortable. they have a skeleton design that adjusts to your body as it moves , making it more comfortable to sit in for long stretches of time. >> in your body you have this
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does this. for a five hours into the flight, i'm doing this and twisting. eric: i will have to try that out. see designers hope they will take off in the next two years. elizabeth: we are heading over to metinka and another cool day ahead. metinka: that's right, it will be breezy and the breeze makes it feel colder. we have wind chills into the teens. the windchill in a come what at 21 at a feels like 18 in lamoni. wind coming from the north and northwest at 15 miles per hour. you will notice it on the roadways and it will be bothering you. it will settle down and switch direction coming from the west and southwest on friday and into saturday. that will be bringing in welcome temperatures. overnight, a weak disturbance triggered a few light snow showers and flurries and across
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stray flake or two. weather is quiet around the region. we are still dealing with messy weather, strong storms overnight followed by very heavy snow through the chicago and detroit areas that will be heading out to see later on today. our weather is quiet with clouds in the forecast and maybe sunshine every now and again. tomorrow, we will stay pretty mild. the warmest air will be to the northwest behind the stronger winds coming from the southwest. that is coming our way on saturday. toward sunday, a system of purchase from the north but the precipitation looks to be staying to the north or most of the day but through late sunday we have light rain showers through the state. in des moines it's a cool start heading for a cool afternoon in the 30's a little bit below average. making up for that with highs in the 40's to near 50.
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at 31 in des moines, but feel like temperature is hovering close to 20. highs close to 37 with a brisk wind making it feel cooler. it looks like a good day overall tomorrow with clouds going out and temperatures in the 40's. in saturday, warm highs around 60. sunday has maybe a stray rain shower. elizabeth: what's happening on the roads? shaina: things are looking good. later today you want to pay attention on i-235. there will be stepped up enforcement watching speed. make sure you don't get a ticket. the same goes for these locations. 1800 2nd avenue, 700 mlk junior parkway, 4500 beaver ave.
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-- two polk county cars as well. eric: the snow metinka was talking about is hitting the area with schools closed in chicago. we didn't get much but it has been following for several hours and drivers are encouraged to stay off the roads if at all possible.
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the gop candidates eric: welcome back. the lone star focus. the gop candidates are gathered in texas as they prepare to face off in the last debate before super tuesday. elizabeth: nikole killion as live with a preview. why texas?
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it will award the most delegates out of the super tuesday states next week. as it plays host to tonight's debate, the racist on the five candidates will appear on stage. -- they race is on as five candidates will be on stage. ted cruz: we are not a people who are impressed by a lot of blustery rhetoric that is not backed up by truth. marco rubio: donald trump is diluted and thinks parts of obamacare is pretty good. when i'm elected we will be getting rid of it. nikole: rubio's attacks marks a shift in strategy as he is largely tried to stay positive and steered their of trump but perhaps it's a review of what we could see. eric: we're hearing donald trump could come under fire for another issue that has been brewing. his taxes.
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even coming from his rivals, it is coming from former gop nominee mitt romney who says he thinks there could be a bombshell in donald trump's tax returns. donald trump fired back on twitter saying romney blew the election and that his own tax returns made him look like a fool. he also said when mitt romney -- he when he was endorsed romney around alaska that romney was awkward and goofy. quite the heated rhetoric back-and-forth with trump going on to say that he will release his returns eventually. elizabeth: then what are the democratic candidates up to? nikole: their focus is on south carolina which comes this saturday. that is why hillary clinton is at a number of events off the heels of her win in nevada. yesterday she got the endorsement of senate minority
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also bernie sanders will be in the midwest today in flint, michigan where he plans to speak at a church addressing the city's water crisis. eric: nikole killion live in washington for us. elizabeth: we are updating the day's top stories at 5:30 including an arrest and double murder. >> live at the des moines police department on the update from a case that stood months ago. elizabeth: you will have trial. des moines must pay up after three women sued and won.
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returns to reporter: "so when you hear, say, one side, saying that they'd like to wait 'til
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justice o'connor: "i don't agree. i think we need somebody there, now," "to do the job, and let's get on with it." eric: new overnight, charged. a des moines man now accused of killing his wife and daughter. what family members told kcci about their stormy relationship. elizabeth: plus, they sued the city of des moines after this crash. find out how much money they won. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. eric: also this morning, save yourself the headache and about 168 bucks.
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have extra eyes on speeders today, that is straight ahead. welcome back on this thursday morning. i'm eric hanson. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge. shaina and metinka also here with you. we are a couple of days away from the weekend and people are making plans to be outside. metinka: it is the second nice weekend in a row. 31 degrees in des moines. with that brisk wind from the northwest it feels like it is in the teens. tomorrow, temperatures start to warm up into the 40's but over the weekend, 50's and 60's are on the way. weekend. overnight. a des moines man finally charged in a double murder last november. kcci's emmy victor is live with the story. emmy, why the delay? emmy: i am joining you live from the des moines police department where detectives in this holding
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interview their chief suspect in the case, 47-year-old barney fraaken last night. he was released from the hospital where he had been recovering from self-inflicted injuries ever since that shooting. he is now charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of his wife amy and their 16-year-old daughter amber, both shot and killed on november 22 inside their home on hull avenue. police say it is considered a domestic conflict. after the murders, kcci spoke with amy fraaken's son, who described a very stormy relationship between the two, and said that amy was planning on leaving her husband. >> she said that, she didn't want to see him anymore. she didn't want him to be around, that she was going to be talking to other people because she wanted to find somebody who actually would love her and not
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emmy: barney fraaken is being held inside the pole county jail where he could make an appearance today. live in des moines, emmy victor, kcci 8 news. elizabeth: thanks, emmy. also, new information this morning in the trial of a former boone man charged with killing his wife. alexander fazzino is accused in the 2012 death of emily fazzino. the trial was moved to decorah because of publicity. emily was found on the bathroom floor. the family's nanny testified on wednesday that emily had been growing more and more worried about her safety in the days leading up to her death. >> and she was worried that alex would harm her in any way or that he would kill her, if emily thought that he would harm her or kill her. >> what was emily's response? >> she nodded her head yes. elizabeth: the nanny also admitted under cross examination that she didn't know anything about emily's addiction to prescription medication. the trial continues today.
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learned three women have won a nearly half million dollar lawsuit against the city of des moines. the three women sued after their car was hit by a des moines police officer as he drove intersection. this happened in april 2013 at 19th and forest. the officer did not have his lights or sirens on. the women said they suffered of it. $422,000. we want to show you this new video now just into the newsroom. urbandale. a fire in the 3800 block of 70 eight st just south of douglas avenue, you can see some damage. elizabeth: more big stories now, watch your speed, set your cruise control on i-235 today. local law enforcement are going to be doing a special enforcement on 235, watching for speeders particularly. no specific timeframe given, so be alert to those safe driving
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eric: looks like the bill requiring drivers to change lanes when passing bicycles has now made it through one big hurdle at the statehouse. the iowa senate has passed the bill. it now goes to the house. the bill would mean drivers would have to move into an adjacent travel lane or the opposite side of the roadway before passing a cyclist. the senate has also approved two bills to fight human trafficking in iowa. one would create a new state office to focus on the problem. the other would add human trafficking to the state's legal definition of child abuse. both are now on the way to the house. shaina: and right now, a long day of cleanup ahead after deadly storms tore through the northeast overnight. four people have been killed in the storms. waverly, virginia hard hit after a tornado tore through. you can see major damage in this new video overnight. several tornadoes also reported in pennsylvania and the carolinas. other areas like new york getting heavy rain, causing some flooding problems.
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northern indiana, which you're seeing here is expected to get the heaviest amounts, up to 18 inches. the winter storm canceling thousands of flights in chicago and other airports. we checked des moines overnight and only cancellation so far today to washington, d.c. ,this morning, it looks like president obama may have his eye on nevada. governor brian sandoval is said to be under consideration for a possible supreme court nominee. sandoval is a former federal judge, a republican, and also supports abortion rights. so far the senate gop is sticking with its vow to not hold hearings or vote on the president's pick. and the zika virus is spreading in florida. 32 cases now reported there. health officials say three of them are pregnant women. that's the cause of concern because the virus is thought to cause birth defects. here in iowa health officials at , iowa state university sent out an alert asking students traveling to affected countries over spring break to take precautions against mosquito bites. eric: just a minute ago, we had
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they are socked with snow. metinka: for a change, we are not getting the bad weather. we have a brisk wind at 15 to 20 miles per hour, making it feel colder than the actual temperatures. the windchill in des moines, 20 degrees. do not be surprised to see a straight flurry this morning. highs today below average, 37 degrees. eric: ms. around iowa now, a horrible crash in davenport. a man died when a piece of road debris went through his windshield last night. police haven't said what the debris was. a female passenger was also injured. state lawmakers are now going to be looking into those child abuse allegations at the midwest academy in keokuk. the former boarding school closed in january. law enforcement conducted a raid while investigating sex abuse allegations. lawmakers say they want to know how the school was able to operate without any state
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elizabeth: new renderings show what i $80 million renovation will look like for the state historical building. renovations call for the building to shrink significantly and size. the east side of the building would be converted to green space. they hope to pay for it through state and private funding. and an eastern iowa group wants to recognize wounded and fallen veterans with a purple heart monument. it would be similar to this one in north carolina. the group wants to install the monument at a park in cedar rapids. the cost $25,000. they've raised 30% of that so far. eric: coming back down. astronaut scott kelly on what he'll miss most about the international space station and what he's most looking forward to when he returns. elizabeth: plus how many hours
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need? >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. you are waking up to another chilly morning, with wind chills in the teens. the northwest winds will be brisk all day long, so grab the
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31 degrees in des moines, we still have a lot of clouds, that from time to time. headed for highs actually below average, near 37 today. a warm-up is on the way. tomorrow in the 40's near 50, and 50's and 60's are in the forecast for the weekend. >> think i might jump in the pool or take a shower. eric: that is a good idea. astronaut scott kelly has big plans for his return to earth after spending the past year in space. you do not even think about what you miss. the countdown is on. kelly returns to earth and five days, next tuesday, march 1. elizabeth: he's been documenting
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media. just last night he posted this spectacular picture -- 96 sunsets or 6 days and a wake-up. good night from the international space station. shaina: no doubt he's had some cool views from up in space this is a picture of the himalayas. also the colors of africa just breathtaking. he talked with reporters yesterday about his preparations to come back down and said he's eager to return, but it's also going to be hard. >> leaving this amazing facility will be tough because i do not expect i will see it again. i have flown in space four times now so it is going to be hard and that respect. but i certainly look forward, to going back to earth. sometimes i feel like i have lived my whole life up here. shaina: kelly spent the year on the iss because nasa wanted to study the effects of space on the human mind and body. he also revealed that yes, he did it to watch the movie "the
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a unique experience. elizabeth: well, speaking of coming back home, des moines is known for attracting young professionals from across the country. but when they get here where are they going? kim st onge found des moines' it places. kim: in a city with a growing number of options -- >> hi, guys. i'm sarah. i'll be your server tonight. kim: the 20 and 30 somethings tell me it's all about finding a place with the right atmosphere and reasonable prices. >> the atmosphere and vibe of sakari is that for people who are 25 to come and get their night started. >> i feel like if i want to treat myself and have a good time at the same time, this is the place i would want to go. kim: i'm kim st. onge. i'll take you inside three des moines hot spots for young professionals to relax with friends -- >> it's a place where adults can play. >> i feel like des moines was just missing a bar similar to this. kim: or break it down and dance. in des moines, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader.
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if you want to find out where all the cool kids are going be, sure to watch kcci 8 news at 10:00 tonight. eric: it has changed so much. shaina: new places are opening all the time. eric: one thing making des moines cool, did you hear our police chief is starring in a new music video? chief dana wingert appears in the we fight video by local hip-hop artist will keeps. there is the chief right there. the song, encouraging unity between police and the people, getting a lot of positive reaction on facebook. it is going to come out in the next few days. shaina: that is a nicely produced video. speaking of facebook, we've been talking about the new reaction buttons. have you noticed that you can now do something more than just like something you can love, , haha, wow, sad, angry. you can test it out on my page if you want. go ahead and give me any reaction you want. click on it, hold it.
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shaina: a lot of people, all they wanted was a dislike button. elizabeth: finally, we have to show you this cat. look at her. sally ann is a girl but she has a pretty prominent mustache. she was left in a salvation army donation bin and then rescued. the new owners say she could be the next internet sensation. shaina: i am not a cat person but i cannot stop looking. it is so cute. eric: you might notice the skycam bumping around this morning as we take a live outside. but metinka tells us there are
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forw >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: good morning. grab the warmer coat as you are heading out today. teens. it feels like 18 and fort dodge. just in fort dodge. it is going to remain strong today, settle down tomorrow,. overnight, there were a few snow flurries western iowa, and those have diminished can bitterly.
5:50 am
considerably. to the east of us, they are getting very heavy snowfall and overnight the had severe weather across the northeast united states. our weather stays pretty boring today, a lot of clouds and the forecast. tomorrow will be kind of a gray day -- today will become of a gray day. friday is looking beautiful. the warmer air will be arriving on saturday, a picture-perfect day coming up for the weekend. as we head toward sunday, a system will come in from the northern plains, bringing a few rain showers, and temperatures will begin to cool back down. today, temperatures are headed for close to average if not cooler. tomorrow, 40's and 50's across
5:51 am
and 60's. 31 degrees now, wind chills in the teens, headed for highs around 37. tomorrow, milder air begins to move back into the area, highs degrees. saturday looks to be the warmest day over the weekend, close to 60. elizabeth: thank you. eric: should be a pretty nice day weather-wise for traffic. shaina: things are looking pretty good out there. we have no accidents or closures. keep in mind on i-235, they will be doing some extra enforcement. also around these locations, 1800 2nd avenue, 700 mlk, 4500
5:52 am
3rd street, and 3900 northeast 108th street. elizabeth: how many hours of sleep you really need and the
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seats, next. elizabeth: health alert, you've heard it before. you need more sleep. a new study shows seven hours is what most of us need to be in good health. if you're not getting that much, try these things. stick to a schedule, the same bedtime and wakeup every day. keep your room dark. turn down the thermostat. put the phone down. don't eat a big meal or drink alcohol or caffeine before bed. and try to get some exercise at some point during the day. eric: also this morning, safety experts say many parents are still getting it wrong when it comes to car seats. they're either installed wrong or being used incorrectly. the most common mistakes you can look for -- it's not at the correct recline angle.
5:56 am
and leaving the chest clip too low. also, turning the child forward to early is bad. doctors now say children should stay rear-facing until age two. elizabeth: the first plus-size model to grace the cover of sports illustrated is on "ellen" today. ashley graham talks about the honor and what are often unrealistic expectations of women. ellen: explain what plus size is. ashley: that is a really good question. i've always been told its size 8 through 16-18. >> it starts at eight? >> so basically everyone in this room is a plus size. hope you feel better about yourself. elizabeth: ellen also has gwen stefani today at 4:00, here on kcci. eric: next here on kcci, another full hour of the news you need to start your day. emmy, shaina, and metinka tell us what they're working on.
5:57 am
police department with new updates overnight in a double murder case we have been following since november. shaina: new developments in the zika virus, i will tell you about the latest cases in the u.s. metinka: you will need the warm coats but in a couple of days we have a taste of spring headed our way. elizabeth: so far this morning,
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>> you're watching kcci 8 news. elizabeth: right now it's 6:00, charges filed. a man is finally behind bars in connection to a double murder from last november. what took so long for authorities to charge him. also new, early morning sirens. what brought several local fire departments out in the middle of the night. eric: and another loss for the iowa hawkeyes. what went wrong in last night's game against wisconsin, and how
6:00 am
focused on the future. welcome back to kcci 8 news this morning. thanks for waking up with us. elizabeth: it is now 6:00 on thursday, february 25. we have one more chilly day to get through before we start improving. metinka: it still feels like winter, 31 degrees in des moines. it feels chilly air because we have a brisk wind coming in from the northwest. wind chills in the teens and 20's through the afternoon. tomorrow, the weather gets better, the sunshine will be in full force headed for 40's to near 50. 60 degree temperatures headed our way this weekend. eric: we'll start with new information in overnight. charges filed in a months-old double murder case in des moines . kcci's emmy victor is live at the des moines police department with more. remind us about this case, emmy. what happened? emmy: des moines police


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