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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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coming up. eric: and phone scams. polk county authorities say they've seen a rise in fake calls. how to protect yourself and your family from thieves. welcome back and thanks for waking up with kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: it is now 6:00 on friday, february 26. a cool start, but lots of good things to come. metinka: temperatures are headed back up, and the sun is in the forecast. headed for 49 degrees this afternoon, plenty of sunshine, and not much wind. tomorrow, there will be wind but it will be a warming wind with highs in the low to mid 60's. even sunday, despite a change in the wind direction. elizabeth: developing overnight, police are investigating a deadly workplace shooting in kansas. shaina humphries is following
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, shaina, police still don't know the motive for this, right? shaina: no, they do not. officials say the alleged shooter, 38-year-old cedric ford, was killed by a responding officer. ford's coworkers say they never saw any red flags. >> never came off to be a bad guy. and, like, he was someone i could talk to about anything. shaina: police say three people were killed and 12 others injured thursday when ford opened fire inside the lawn mower products plant where he worked. two other people were shot as ford randomly fired at drivers before getting to the plant. this morning, we're hearing from some of the surviving victims for the first time. >> people were just running, saying somebody was shooting, and next thing you know i felt i running. shaina: the atf and fbi are helping with the investigation. at last check, at least of the five shooting victims in the
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condition. also overnight, we learned the united states conducted a nuclear missile test over the officials say this was a routine test to ensure the minuteman three nuclear missile works correctly, but it also serves as a show of strength to north north korean tested a hydrogen bomb in january, and announced missiles. u.s. military officials also announced they've launched an aggressive campaign of cyber attacks against isis militants. the attacks are intended to prevent the group from using social media to recruit and spread propaganda videos. elizabeth: in commitment 2016 news, it was a wild night in houston as the gop candidates faced off for the final time before voters head to the polls in about a dozen states next week for super tuesday. nikole killion is in washington with more. nikole: they say everything is bigger in texas and the debate seemed to live up to that billing. mr. cruz: name one specific thing you've done.
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: this guy is a choke artist, you have a combination of he can't do it for the obvious truth. other than that, i rest my case. nikole: in houston, it was texas hold 'em as ted cruz tag teamed with marco rubio to lasso frontrunner donald trump, while john kasich and ben carson fought to stay in the pack. but rubio took the most agressive stance as he tries to emerge as the establishment's with only days to go before super tuesday the candidates sparring over issues from , immigration to healthcare, the economy and foreign policy. and if that isn't enough , republicans have at least three more debates scheduled next month after super tuesday. in washington, i'm nikole killion. elizabeth: the latest polls show ted cruz leading or running even with donald trump in texas. in other super tuesday states like georgia and virginia, trump has a commanding lead with marco rubio in a distant second. on the other side of the aisle, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are holding events in south carolina today ahead of
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recent polls show clinton with a strong lead in that state. eric: big stories in central iowa now, after spending the past three months in the hospital recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound barney fraaken finally appeared thursday. the 47-year-old is accused of shooting and killing his wife amy and teenage daughter amber at their des moines home in november. degree murder and is being held in the polk county jail. fraaken's stepson tells kcci that his mother told fraaken she wanted a divorce the day of the shootings. greg russell lane says he's happy his stepfather survived, so he can spend the rest of his life with his own thoughts. >> every time he does close his eyes he's going to relive that , night every day for the rest of his life. and that's much more satisfaction to me than anything else. eric: fraaken's next court appearance is march 4. stick with kcci for updates on this case. jurors will reconvene today in decorah to hear more testimony
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fazzino is charged in the death of his wife, emily in 2012. on thursday, jurors watched a video of investigators questioning fazzino. he said his wife's addiction to pain killers was putting stress on their relationship. emily's sister, however, denies that addiction. elizabeth: students at dallas center-grimes are speaking out about monday's controversial basketball chant when a group invoked presidential candidate donald trump's name taunting the racially-diverse perry high school. thursday morning a group of , student leaders from dcg met with perry athletic leaders in perry. dcg's student body president apologized for their cheer section's repeated trump chants. some dcg students even showed up to support perry's team in their game against boone last night. eric: the polk county sheriff's office is warning of a rise in scamming calls here in central iowa. they say most calls involve the irs, jury duty, utility bills, or lawsuits.
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suspicious calls like that, hang up, do not call the number back, and contact authorities. it's also important to not give any kind of personal information over the phone. they say any type of fraudulent activity is a crime and will be investigated and taken seriously. des moines water works is taking another step in its efforts to get rid of nitrates in the city's water. it wants to do away with its chemical dumping process, by building a pipeline. the utility currently dumps nitrates and chloride back into the raccoon river after treatment to go downstream. the new pipeline would run under the river and connect to a sewer at the metro wastewater authority. construction will cost one and a quarter million dollars. ready by the end of the year. a day to dress in layers. metinka: it is a little frosty, nice afternoon. 31 in des moines, not much wind,
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highs today will be about 10 to . the air. headed to 49 degrees this afternoon with a light breeze way for the weekend. eric: taking a look at high school boys basketball, last season, grand view christian this year? they needed two more wins, starting last night. they took on colo-nesco last night at ankeny high school. grand view christian here in the white had a slim lead toward the end of the game. in the fourth quarter, robbie seyler had some clutch threes to open up a lead for gv. but colo-nesco bounced back, tying it up with less than three minutes left to play. but grand view christian ended up on top, 58-54. they'll face montezuma tomorrow in knoxville for sub-state play. perry and boone met up in johnston for a class 3a district final. perry led by 7 early, and boone just was not able to catch up. perry wins it 75-57 over boone to move on to sub-state.
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at 7:00 p.m. and that game will be in atlantic. and another class 3a district final, pella took on bondurant-farrar. pella's will warner was on fire, here he is hitting two 3s. pella wins 62-50 and advances to sub-state. they'll face ballard in johnston on monday. elizabeth: we're just weeks away from march madness now. selection sunday is on march 13. iowa and iowa state are working to improve their tournament resumes with just a few games left in the regular season. iowa state lost monday to west virginia. they'll look to bounce back tomorrow at home against kansas state. tipoff that helton is at 5:00 p.m. on espn 2. the iowa hawkeyes are back in action this weekend as well, coming off their third loss in four games wednesday to wisconsin. the hawks are heading to ohio state to take on the buckeyes. you can watch that sunday at 3:00 p.m. rate here on kcci. surveying the damage. coming up, new information on tornadoes in the south and east coast this week. plus a new look at the , devastation they caused.
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why one business in oregon is serving its beer, in a tub. plus -- emmy: summer may not feel around the corner but jobs are being posted everywhere. we are here with your summer job preview. shaina: everything looks great on the road. traffic is starting to pick up but it will be another hour or so before it starts to get dizzy. our map is all green right now -- before it starts to get busy. our map is all green right now. the roads are dry, it is going
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka:elizabeth: 6:12, the snow in indiana has been so bad even a snow plow got stuck. drivers were stuck after a blizzard wednesday night don't
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-- don't 15 inches -- dumped 15 inches of snow. eric: police and chicago were called to dozens of crashes thursday, including a car versus bus accident and he downed power wire. drivers are encouraged to stay home if possible. metinka: at least we missed out this time. we have the nice weather finally moving back into the forecast for a change. looking frosty out early this morning, it is going to be a beautiful day. light wind and warmer highs, and getting close to 50 degrees this afternoon. 50's and 60's, especially on saturday. tuesday, snow is back in our forecast so let's enjoy the warm weather while we have got it. shaina: overnight, we learned the national weather service confirmed a tornado in virginia
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to 165 miles per hour. this is a look at some of the damage from that storm. meteorologists rated the twister an ef3, damaging more than 100 homes. it was on the ground for 13 miles. three counties had damage from a series of tornadoes in the state. a mobile home was blown off its foundation and one man was killed. the weather service also reported as many as 13 tornadoes hitting louisiana earlier this week. one twister was rated an ef3 with winds of 140 miles per hour and it was on the ground for 21 miles. killed two people. crews are still working to clean up the damage there. meteorologists say another round of severe weather could hit the south, midwest, and east coast early next week. eric: nasty storms down south and snow in chicago, we have that has many of us dreaming about summertime. looking for ways to make some extra summer cash.
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are up on websites across central iowa. kcci's emmy victor is live with one place that needs to hire hundreds of people. emmy: the des moines parks and recreation department says they have a job for you as long as you are willing to work hard and have some fun along the way. over 100,000 people use the swimming pools over the open season. 2000 people sign up for swimming lessons and they are in need of people to assist them. pool cashiers can start off making anything from $7.25 to $8.30. doc attendance are offered $8.28. up to $9.85. the highest demand this season are for swim instructors and lifeguards those interested need to complete a certification course available mid-march ranging from $100 to $175. >> you wouldn't think that in february that it's time to be
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is. emmy: applications for seasonal aquatics and park program positions for both returning and new employees are now online. eric: more economic headlines. this morning takata is being , accused of faking test results to cover up exploding airbags. a report from the senate commerce, science and transportation committee cites documents from the past 12 years, showing company officials may have manipulated data to hide problems. their airbag recall now involves 14 vehicle manufacturers and millions of u.s. vehicles. officials call the takata recall the largest and most complex safety recall in u.s. history. wall street had a second consecutive day of gains thursday after news that durable goods numbers exceeded expectations in january. analysts say that could be a sign of better days ahead for american manufacturers. at the end of the trading day, the dow gained about 212 points. the nasdaq added more than 39. and the s and p 500 was up
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airlines for the next few weeks may be willing to waive fees if you change your travel plans. severe weather and parts of the country caused delays and cancellations. call the airline before they make any changes. many airlines are temporarily dropping the fees because of the experiencing. jc penney will soon start selling some merchandise, for just a penny. the retailer is unveiling a new slogan called get your penny's worth in an effort to turn around declining sales. the penny sales will involve it's house brands, like arizona. the first penny sale starts sunday, february 28. elizabeth: the country's first beer spa is open for business. it's in the small oregon town of sisters. customers go to soak in a tub of beer, get hops body wraps, or have massages with beer-infused oils. it all started after one of the founders actually got into a car accident. the owners say the beer soaks have a lot of health benefits.
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proprietary blend of beer, hops, barley. it's great for insomnia, relaxation. >> i soaked in it and i used it and my pains went away and i slept great. elizabeth: after only a week in expanding. the owners will soon be rolling out a beer garden and a coffee with hops in it. eric: stereo, it is the gals who say they want to go to the spa -- stereotypically, it is the gals who say they want to go to the spa. metinka: after you are done marinating in your beer, you can head outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. temperatures are starting out in the 30's that headed for above average by all most 15 degrees. a strong southwest wind tomorrow will drag and warmer conditions.
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northwest, knocking the temperatures down, but it will still be pretty mild for the start of next week. we will say goodbye to the clouds, sunny skies in the forecast today. if you have travel plans, no major storm systems to slow you down. that could be changing as we head into next week. the wind is already calm enough to clear out the skies. saturday is looking very nice. front. to the northwest and it will become pretty gusty. behind the cold front, there the temperatures will be warm enough for no snow. we have a light breeze coming in from the southwest, and the wind factor.
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over the weekend, a taste of spring will be in the air, 60's on tap for saturday, sunday cooler with highs in the 50's. more 50's for monday, and watching. we will be keeping an ione system that will bring -- on a system that will bring rain or snow. elizabeth: let's see if everyone will enjoy their drive to work. shaina: the weather is going to be great, and we have no problems this morning. traffic will not be picking up for another hour or so. the mobile speed units are mostly in des moines, 2500 south union street, 735th street, --
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north east 50 4th avenue, and 500 northeast 80th street. eric: tangle in texas. the republican presidential candidates square off one more
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which candidates made the most eric: welcome back to kcci at 6:24. ronald reagan's 11th commandment, thou shalt not attack fellow republicans, was thrown out by the wayside last night in a raucous five-man debate. elizabeth: to explain what went down exactly let's go live to , political analyst marc sandalow in washington, d.c. and marc, is it possible to declare a winner from last night? marc: the winner was hillary clinton. they spent more time on that stage beating each other up then mentioning her, and no one on that stage looked presidential. if you take a look at the guy who was the leader in the polls, donald trump, he called mitt romney a fool, the supreme court chief justice john roberts a disaster. he said his opponent marco rubio is a choke artist who sweats so much on stage he looks like he is coming out of a
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he called ted cruz a liar. he says he is being audited by the irs, probably because his christian religion. this is not the emerging ronald reagan that republicans hoped for. eric: you mentioned that donald trump is ahead of the polls. at the same time, the establishment is reluctant to embrace him. why? marc: trump is bringing independence into the republican fold but first of all, he is not a spot orthodoxy republican. he supports planned parenthood and said the world would be better off if saddam hussein were still in power in iraq. they are concerned that if he is at the front of the ticket, congressional candidates get wiped out this november.
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trump may be charismatic in his own way and he made -- may be able to pull off these insults, but the republicans will be branded as a party of fear, anti-immigrant, anti-muslim, and they want to avoid that. elizabeth: let's look ahead to tomorrow's contest in south carolina and super tuesday. what should we be watching for? marc: tomorrow is a big night for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. 50% of the voters in south carolina are african-american. if hillary clinton wins, the democratic side is winding down. she is building an insurmountable lead. just the magnitude of it. it started in iowa, 319 delegates so far. 1530 being selected on tuesday, so we are going to -- from the opening minutes of the match to
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one third of the country is voting on thursday. eric: thank you so much, marc sandalow live in washington. elizabeth: more stories ahead after 6:30. we'll have the very latest on that shooting at a kansas factory. what we've learned about the gunman from survivors. plus an inmate assaulted an iowa , prison guard now questions are being raised about safety and security at the facility. and a new name surfacing to challenge senator grassley in november. why she's not ruling it out,
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if you missed our stor >> then everyone said that there were gunshots, and there was a shooter. we just kept hearing a pop-pop. matt jarrell: he yelled "hey," and then boom, boom, boom. elizabeth: chilling stories and sleeping. another workplace shooting. this morning, how quick reaction by police likely saved lives. eric: and don't be a victim. police report a huge spike in phone scams. we are going to tell you the 4 fall for them. announcer: the most viewed
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this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: also this half hour, it is maybe too early to be pool. but it's not too early to think about working at the pool. we'll tell you who's hiring now for this summer, ahead. good morning, everyone, and welcome back. i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: i'm eric hanson. along with shaina and metinka here. we must be thinking spring. we all dressed like it. you want to embrace it because it is on the way. metinka: time to celebrate spring. at least it will feel like it. this morning may be frosty, but we have great weather headed our way. 31 in des moines. sunrise before 7:00 a.m. already. a light breeze out there. skies beginning to clear out. that means sunshine on top this afternoon with highs near 49. highs jump into the 60's
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shaina: sounds good. back to a story we've been watching very closely overnight. the shooting overnight at a factory in hesston, kansas. video shows the frantic scene outside the excel plant. 3 people are dead, 14 are wounded. what led to the shooting is unclear. but don champion reports this could have been much worse if it weren't for the quick police response. don: investigators describe a chaotic scene inside this plant near wichita, kansas when a gunman opened fire. sheriff t. walton: the shooter was actively firing on any target that came across his sights. don: police say an employee shot 15 people at excel industries shortly after 5:00 thursday. in his hospital bed, jesus fierros remembered the moment he got hit. running, saying somebody was shooting. and next thing you know, i felt i got hit in the leg. started running. don: a law enforcement source tells cbs news the shooter was 38-year-old cedric ford. he was killed in a gunfight with the first officer who got to the scene.
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josh tucker: everything was just hunky dory. i mean, didn't seem like this kind of guy. don: before getting to the plant, investigators say the gunman randomly shot at motorists, hitting 2. anxious family members could be seen looking for their loved ones. the atf and fbi are helping with the investigation. don champion, cbs news. shaina: a check of the gunman's background does show an extensive criminal record. at least 5 of the injured victims are now in critical condition this morning. overnight, we are also learning the u.s. conducted a nuclear missile test. an unarmed minuteman 3 missile launched from the california coast over the pacific ocean. officials say it was a routine test, but also meant to remind north korea of the u.s.'s power. we're also learning more about the cyberattacks the u.s. is launching on isis. the pentagon says it's a new, aggressive campaign to cut off the group's abilities to recruit followers. the u.s. campaign is targeting
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propaganda videos. elizabeth: also new this morning, a warning from the polk they're seeing a huge jump in phone scams here, with multiple people falling victim. they say the caller usually threatens some sort of immediate action or arrest unless a payment is made over the phone. the irs scam claims you owe back taxes. the jury duty scam claims you owe money for failing to show up. the utility scam claims you are late in making your monthly payment. and the lawsuit scam claims a federal suit will be filed and you need to take action immediately. if you get one of these calls, hang up. you can also report the call to local police. also new, we've learned a correctional officer at the women's prison in mitchellville was assaulted this week. the department of corrections says an offender was being disruptive in the dining hall and then assaulted the officer. three other officers who responded were also injured. union officials are questioning whether there are enough officers on staff, and whether they are properly equipped to handle disturbances. eric: more big stories this morning.
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and sister were killed says he's glad the suspect didn't die, too. greg russell-lane: he could have just walked away. but no, he decided to do a stupid thing and take two people. eric: greg russell-lane is reacting to the arrest of his stepfather, barney fraaken, saying he wants him to spend the rest of his life in prison, now charged with first degree murder for killing his wife amy and their teenage daughter amber in november. russell-lane says his mom had asked for a divorce the day of the shootings. former lieutenant governor patty judge may challenge senator grassley in november. judge told the "register" that she believes grassley deserves a real race in 2016, due in part to his refusal to consider a president obama. three other democrats have already announced plans to challenge grassley. that includes state senator robb hogg, and former lawmakers bob krause of fairfield and fiegen of clarence. -- and tom fiegen of clarence.
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donuts while you can. the donut king in west des moines will have to close by march 20. the building is going to be torn down to make way for a new development. owner lou king says he hopes to open again somewhere else. a customer has started a gofundme page to help pay for the new location. elizabeth: it is now 6:36. it is not even technically spring yet, but now is the time to start thinking about a summer job. emmy victor is live with a run down of who needs the most help. emmy: who does not love making a little extra money. i'm live here at the northwest aquatic center in des moines, one of the many places hanging help-wanted signs in their office. hiring managers want to find the perfect people. we're looking at some places looking. adventureland has ten kinds of rules for this summer. starting wages are $6 to $10. the good news is he only need to
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the iowa dot has nearly 50 positions available to complete the statewide traffic survey. starting wages are $13.07. positions could last as long as 5 months. des moines parks and rec needs around 300 people to manage the park programs. each season, one hiring challenge is finding employees that will stay optimistic under unpredictable circumstances like rain. jen fletcher: in operating any huge factor. we just do the best we can to coming back each and every year. emmy: if you're interested in rules, some of them start as early as mid-april or may. so you want to make sure you are starting that now. eric: thank you. , one woman's unbelievable story of how she rode out an ef3 22 yesterday and lived to tell about it. elizabeth: and the reason you may be seeing stars wearing brown at this sunday's oscars. all ahead on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: spring is in the air
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shaina: found out about an accident at 8035 and 2nd avenue. it could slow you down. other than that, things have been looking good. we are not looking that. people moving along.
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it will be eight great day. starting frosty and cool with temperatures in the low 30's, but he skies are clearing out. readings are headed towards the upper 40's and near 50 degrees. it will feel a lot better than the past week has. springlike temperatures are in the forecast. 50's and 60's, especially tomorrow. tuesday, a storm system could make things a little more interesting. so check out the springlike weather while it is here. eric: thanks, metinka. this morning, we are learning the tornado that caused this devastating damage in virginia wednesday night had winds up to 165 miles per hour. look at all the damage. surveyors say it was an ef3, and it was on the ground for 13 miles. a damaged more than 100 homes. four people were injured. others barely survived. sharanda totty: literally in the blink of an eye, the walls were gone. south i tucked beneath the mattress and held my baby girl really tight, and say god, please, no, please no, no, no.
6:42 am
one woman rode out the storm underneath a mattress with her one-year-old daughter. her home is now unrecognizable. everything she owned was thrown across the street. shaina: very close call for her. this one, too. watch this. a missouri highway patrolman was side-swiped by a tractor trailer. it was all captured on his dash cam. the trooper was on a traffic stop. he was inside his patrol car at the time but was not hurt. officials say it's just more proof that cars need to move over when emergency workers are on the side of the road. elizabeth: that could have been so much worse. eric: another couple of inches, it would've been deadly. shaina: hey, if you are looking for something to do tonight, try one of des moines' it places. last night at 10:00, kim st. onge showed us all the hotspots for young professionals. sakari is a popular place to grab a bite. it's a sushi lounge on ingersoll that has great food and drinks. a couple blocks east of there
6:43 am
, moon has only been open a couple of months, but is attracting a lot of people with its trendy decor and comfy seating. and if you want to go clubbing, you can head downtown to the exchange. it is on the top level of court center and is apparently the place to go. eric: while everyone will be talking about the oscars. you have seen quite a few. >> so many good ones to choose from. eric: they are rolling out the red carpet already in los angeles outside the dolby theater. many say the key battle is for leonardo dicaprio. his movie "the revenant" has 12 nominations, the most of any film. elizabeth: of course, a lot has been said about the lack of diversity this year. one actress, eva longoria, is encouraging those attending the awards to wear a brown ribbon. it's meant to call attention to the lack of latino representation in film. trying to raise awareness. shaina: and former oscar hostess
6:44 am
in on the diversity controversy. she has a special oscars-themed monologue today. ellen: the oscars are on sunday. you excited about that? [cheering] ellen: yes. the oscars are on sunday, because the best way to end black history month is to have the whitest oscars ever. [laughter] >> gets right to work. shaina: there will be more on today's show, including including actor ray romano, at 4:00 here on kcci. eric: let's give you some alive looks outside. the sun is coming of earlier.
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downtown on the right and -- so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for,
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way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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announcer: weather is never more than five minutes away only on kcci 8 news this morning. metinka: finally getting some nice weather today. warmer highs than yesterday with upper 40's and low 50's this afternoon. the wind will pick up tomorrow, but it will be from the southwest, helping warm temperatures. the the wind will shift that to
6:48 am
front, dragging in slightly cooler temperatures. but it will still be nice through monday. it has been such a great week across much of the state. the weather is nice and quiet. less wind today and more sunshine in the forecast. sunny skies will be with us saturday with a stronger southwest flow and warmer temperatures on the way. that will be ahead of the next storm system. it will not have much moisture, but it will have wind with it. the wind will come back from the northwest, dragging in chilly rain drops and higher costs by afternoon. temperatures do not have a chance to bottom out too much. we start with a few clouds, but they are heading out of here. a light read from the southwest makes it feel slightly cooler. dress in layers. it will be a nice afternoon.
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sunshine and a light breeze from the southwest. saturday, breezy and warm. had it to 62 degrees. sunday looks ok. we will probably hit our highs earlier on in the day. 50's to maybe 60 before the wind shifts plus a couple of sprinkles. monday looks great. tuesday turns interesting. eric: let's get a check of the traffic. shaina: found out about a couple of accidents. the first when i told you about is slowing things down on 2nd avenue. it is walking the southbound lanes just before you hit 80/35. if that is how you had south, take a different route. it will take a while to clear that. there is another at ninth and university. keep in mind. here are your mobile speed units. four in des moines. one on the south side at 2500 south union.
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one at grand.
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elizabeth: >> it did not matter who it was. he had no specific target. just shooting anyone who got in his way. >> my good friend got shot in the leg. >> he was following people out of the back. i thought he was going to shoot me so i ran. , elizabeth: terrifying stories of what witnesses saw when a co-worker started shooting at their plant in kansas. we've been closely following this story overnight. 4 dead, including the gunman. 14 others injured. eric: we want to go to reporter eli rosenburg in hesston, where one of the responding officers is being called a hero. eli: the sheriff says a local police officer saved lives. he says that police officer, despite not having any back up, ran into the building, exchanged gunfire with the suspect, and killed him. the sheriff adding, as far as he was concerned, that police
6:54 am
>> even though he took fire, he went inside of that place and save multiple, multiple lives. eli: a little bit about where we are. hesston is a community of 3700. it seems like everyone knows someone who works at excel. so as word came out about the shooting, a lot of people came here, searching for answers about loved ones. really gut wrenching stuff. now this is what we know about the suspect. according to a federal law enforcement source, 38-year-old cedric ford is being investigated as the shooter. the ceo confirms he did work at excel as a painter. now, there are several different crime scenes here. the sheriff laid out a timeline, saying from the first shooting call to what happened here it , all played out in under 30 minutes. now hesston is a town changed forever. i'm eli rosenberg in hesston, now back to you. eric: obviously, they will have much more coming up on this after 7:00 on cbs this morning. elizabeth: more news to go.
6:55 am
don't fall victim. officials say they are seeing a huge spike in phone scams. callers threatening jail if you don't send money right away. the callers claim to be from the irs, a utility company, even claiming you missed jury duty. officials say you should just hang up right away. and union officials are raising concerns about security at the correctional institute for women in mitchellville. an officer was assaulted there this week by an inmate. three others were injured as they tried to break it up. the union is questioning whether staffing there is adequate. shaina: and last night in texas, it was supposed to be a republican debate. but it turned into an all-out war between donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz. they tangled over healthcare, immigration, and the economy. super tuesday is now just 4 days away. eric: a chilly start to the day, but it will start ramping up after this. metinka: we have super weather headed our way. it will be sunny, which will be a welcome sight. 31 in des moines this morning. 49 later today.
6:56 am
with highs in the 60's. sunday a touch cooler in the 50's. tuesday, a storm system could bring interesting weather. shaina: things are looking ok on the roads. a couple of accidents to be aware of, especially if you tend to head south on 2nd avenue. an accident is blocking the house -- southbound lanes at 80/35. there is also an accident on night and university. seven minutes to get to downtown from the west. eric: we also want to say goodbye and thank you to director damond fudge. you see him here in the control room. this is his last morning show after 19 years on the shift. a lot if days waking up at 2:00 a.m. but he's not going far. he is moving to the night side. >> going to the other part of the day. but he will be greatly missed in the morning. thanks for joining us.
6:57 am
you can check for the latest updates. have a great weekend. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 26th, 2016.
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marco rubio and ted cruz tear into donald trump in the final debate before super tuesday. could this be a turning point? a gunman storms a kansas factory, killing coworkers. victims describe the chaos as they tried to run from the bullets. and spike lee is in studio 57. we will talk about the oscars backlash and creating change in hollywood. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. seen the guy pull up and hopped out with ak-47 and fired a few shots outside before he went in, and then ducked down and went into the building. kansas. >> law enforcement officials are calling this an act of workplace violence. it was a good debate if you like the roman coliseum. >> this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a liar. >> when with i was leading the fight against the gang of eight,


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