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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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news this morning weekends. it is 5:00 a.m. on the dot on saturday, february 27. a gorgeous day yesterday. will that weather continue? frank: it is going to get warmer this weekend. temperatures crews right into the 60's -- cruise right into the 60's. the wind is pretty light out of the southwest at about five. a pretty mild morning out there for many locations. right around 30 degrees, a popular number two wake up to this morning. council bluffs this morning at 37. the wind is not very strong, but by the afternoon they will be breezy out of the south and west, bringing in some nice warm air for us. your 1:00 temperature, 62 degrees.
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we do have some changeups in the 8 day forecast. alyx: we begin with 2016 there's -- commitment 2016 news, donald trump stopped his closest rivals in their tracks friday, with a high-profile endorsement that surprised almost everyone. on the democratic side, the candidates are down the wire in south carolina. cbs' weijia jiang has more from the white house. weijia: former gop presidential candidate chris christie endorsed donald trump, saying he's the only one who can defeat the democrats. alyx: as you can see from that footage, and effort to get you that story later on.
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donald trump said it's too early to say whether he'd consider christie for a running mate. the caucuses are over, but their economic effect is lingering at least for one southside business. smitty's tenderloin shop on army post road has sent packages of their famous tenderloins to customers in 32 states in the past month. all because they were featured on several national tv networks including fox news, nbc, and bloomberg television. the free advertising made for an especially memorable weekend before the caucuses. >> 20 seconds after i was off-camera our phone lines lit , up for 9 hours straight. >> as soon as i'd hang up with one customer, the phone would ring again and they would say i , just saw you on fox news, i want to place an order, i'm in alaska, or california or alabama. alyx: smitty's uses fed ex air to ship their pork tenderloins customers can get a dozen packaged in dry ice for $95. a woman has been charged with providing firearms to the gunman who killed three people and injured several others in kansas. sarah hopkins was charged with one count of knowingly transferring a firearm to a convicted felon. hopkins gave two weapons to cedric ford, who was fatally
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thursday shootings. prosecutors say hopkins knew ford wasn't allowed to have a firearm. right now, three iowans have tested positive for the mosquito-borne zika virus. all three are women who traveled to countries where the virus is present. the cdc says it's confirmed nine pregnant women with the zika virus in the u.s. of those cases, two women had healthy babies two had miscarriages and two terminated their pregnancies. one child was born with severe microcephaly, a condition that leaves babies with abnormally small heads. the zika virus has been linked to thousands of cases of microcephaly in brazil. a fight at the women's prison in mitchellville injured four corrections officers. now some are now calling for increased safety measures for prison staff. four officers helped break up an altercation tuesday in the dining hall. two of the four staff members needed medical treatment off-site. one man suffered a bruised eye and several cuts and abrasions to his face.
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have been avoided if staff were allowed to carry pepper spray. >> if those officers would have had mase on their body they would have been able to deescalated that situation a lot quicker and without staff being punching bags for inmates. alyx: according to afscme there have been sixteen inmate assaults on prison staff in one year. department of corrections officials could not verify those numbers. a spokesperson did say the department is committed to operating safe and secure facilities and will continue to work to improve our operations for the safety of all. a windsor heights developer, who kicked out a number of long-time tenants, is now looking for some new renters. retailers were told to move out of the apple valley shopping center last fall to make room for an aldi grocery store. the windsor heights city council denied that plan in november. now realtor steve scott says bringing in new tenants is
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>> it's in demand for restaurants. the area is underserved by restaurants. banking, we've got a lot of interest from financial institutions. alyx: the new business could be open this fall. warren county voters will decide on a new sales tax next tuesday. right now, sales tax in warren county is 6%. the local option sales tax would increase by 1% raising it to 7 , cents per dollar. if approved, the tax increase could bring in a lot of money. the city of carlisle could see $190,000 in the fiscal year. but the tax could also impact business owners. >> so say you did a million dollars in sales, that's $10,000 that you're going to have to come up with. >> it's important for them to make that decision as to whether they would like to see things improve in their community and allow the city to grow. alyx: if the local option sales
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effect on july 1. an important celebration friday and a fresh start for the iowa air national guard. it was the 75th anniversary of the 132nd fighter wing. two months ago, pilots again began flying missions out of the base, without ever seeing the aircraft. they are flying remotely piloted drone aircraft called, reapers, all over the globe. >> when aircraft over in theatre take off and get up in the air, we will then take control of the aircraft and fly the mission until it's time to come back and land. alyx: the other two missions being conducted out of des moines, are intelligence surveillance, cyber security operations. your weather is never more than five minutes away, we will check in with frank. frank: we do not have a cloud in this guy, satellite radar, not much to show you. we are watching a system off to the north and west, some precipitation. it will be sliding through the
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31 in des moines, not a bad start to the weekend. seasonably mild across much of the midwest for our wake-up temperatures and early morning lows. 34 in minneapolis, 20's in chicago, and close to 40 degrees waking up in dodge city. how about 63 degrees today, a whole lot of sunshine. a little windy today and tomorrow. a few more clouds in the state tomorrow, 50 degrees. snow could be on the way soon. alyx: say it isn't so. we will enjoy this warm weather while we can. with the warm weather headed our way this weekend it's easier to starting thinking about summer. des moines parks and rec says, more than 100,000 people will use the city swimming pools during the warmer months. it expects about 2,000 people to sign-up for swimming lessons between the city's five aquatic
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that means hundreds of employees are needed to work as pool cashiers and dock attendants. but the highest demand this season is for swim instructors and lifeguards. those who are interested, need to complete a certification course that's available in mid-march. >> you wouldn't think that in february that it's time to be looking for a summer job, but it is. alyx: applications for seasonal aquatics and park program positions are posted online. iowa's chicken population continues to grow after the bird flu outbreak last summer. the iowa department of agriculture says iowa farms had 40 million chickens last month. that's up 6% from december, but down 32% from last year. more than 32 million birds were destroyed last summer because of the bird flu outbreak. iowa farmers grew more crops, but earned less money last year. farmers grew 6% more corn in 2015 than the year before, but earned 2% less. still ahead on kcci, farmer's market feud.
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want to see the farmer's market pack up shop. and what city council members plan to do about it. plus, defying the odds. how a special little girl is taking the world of show jumping by storm. what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekends with alyx sacks and meteorologist metinka slater. frank: 5:12 on your saturday morning, check out these temperatures. right around 30 degrees for much of the state. that is a great start to the day. yesterday was perfect, 49 in des moines, a bit cooler off to the north. if you liked yesterday, here is your graphic. i put the barbecue out. noontime, 62. we make it up to 63 degrees, just a bit windy. >> it does not help it. it cuts off a lot of customers on saturdays. alyx: should it stay or should it go? some small business owners say the ames farmer's market is hurting their business. they want it moved from main street and now the city council
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this coming tuesday. kcci's vanessa peng shows us why. vanessa: some brick and mortars on main street want the tents and booths gone from outside their windows this summer. >> it's like cutting me out of business for a month. vanessa: rick swank of swank's jewelry started a petition to have the ames main street farmer's market moved. the market is held saturday mornings may through october. in the 300-400 block of main street. swank says for 26 saturdays, his customers can't find parking or an easy way to weave through the crowds. >> if somebody wants to come to my business, they cannot get here at all on saturday. vanessa: swank wrote a letter to the city council. the city council will take up the topic at their next tuesday meeting in march. >> there's no foot traffic brought in to me. they're staying out there, they're doing their market thing and that's where they're at. they're not shopping. vanessa: just down the street from swank's at cooks' emporium, they're seeing the same problem. >> my business, which is normally saturday is our busiest day, is much less busy than it
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a very few people maybe wander in and then say oh, isn't that nice, and then they'll walk out. vanessa: other businesses say they're happy for the jump in foot traffic. nearly 80,000 people check out the farmers' market a year. >> people will even if they're just walking by, will look in the window just to see what's going on inside. >> it should stay, i think. i know there are some businesses that speak contrary but i think it lends something to the city of ames. i really cannot see any problem with it. alyx: according to the main street cultural district 11% of businesses they surveyed don't support the farmers' market current location. show jumping is in her blood and soon the entire world will know her story. how she's defying all odds to chase her dreams. >> i competed in my first horse show when i was 4-years-old, i've grown up with it, i've never known anything else. >> genevieve has grown up on the horse farm. when we brought her home from
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into the house for her. >> a jumper for as long as she can remember, genevieve is heading to south florida to represent team usa in an international show jumping competition. >> it was a very big deal. it was a long shot. >> right now she's riding as the number one ranked 12-year-old and she's ranked number three in the fei children's ranking list, and only four riders are selected from the entire u.s. and that's all the girls who aspire to be show jumpers in this age group. >> having just turned 12, she will be one of the youngest and her age class, guiding a 1500 pound animal over a wooden rail. >> you have to be able to trust your horse, that they will help you out when you really need it. for genevieve that trust has to go a little deeper than most. >> i don't have depth perception.
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different and i've always just kind of done it. >> some may call that a disadvantage. >> there are very few people that have that same problem not -- that same problem. >> not genevieve. >> i think it forces me to have a better connection with the horse. >> without being able to see how far away from a jump she is genevieve has to rely on other senses. >> i just feel what the horse is feeling and when they have options, maybe i could go deep or go long, i just, i find the right one. >> she counts off the distance between jumps before the competition. but once she is on the horse it's all about her and her , horse. >> i do my very best to give them all i have. alyx: what a remarkable young lady. at 12-years-old genevieve is too young for rio at 2016. but she has her sight set on the olympics in 2024.
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pictures sent in on my facebook page by sherry irons last week. a great week to be outside. that is that gray's lake just outside of downtown des moines. too bad gray's lake is an open for the kayaking and canoeing quite yet, but it will be soon. temperatures out there feeling pretty good, 31 in des moines, 29 in ames. a live shot from our downtown skycam, things looking a ok, not a cloud in the sky. 31 in des moines, wind out of the southwest. if you look at your forecast today, i think we might see a few passing clouds, otherwise a whole lot of sunshine. 1:00, 62, 63 by 4:00.
5:18 am
it is going to be a comfortable evening to be outside. satellite radar, we have clear skies across the region, not much to talk about. we have a system to the north and west and you can see some clouds building. that system will slide through the state at the tail end of the weekend. close to 80 degrees in dodge city, close to 70 in kansas city, we will be hanging out in the 60's. minneapolis, 64 degrees. the system off to the north and west, we will have to keep an eye on that. along this cold front, we might bring in a few more clouds on sunday and an isolated chance of more precipitation during midday before high-pressure roles in and will clear us out through the rest of the week. i think we see plenty of sunshine. a slight chance for some precipitation by sunday afternoon, but it is a slim
5:19 am
i think that system is pretty moisture starved. it will just coolest down a few degrees. 45 degrees below tonight, a mild night. wind out of the southwest at 15 to 20. tomorrow, a bit cooler behind that cold front but 15 degrees above average. i want to keep an eye on tuesday, that is when the next system will roll through. it looks to bring some snow to the state. it looks like a few inches are possible. we cool down for the rest of the week, 37 on wednesday. >> it is the final friday night hopes of the season. ter. dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless.
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culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. andy: good morning, everybody. last night we put the bow on friday night hoops for the season. from here on out, it is state tournament play on friday evening. let's check out the final highlights, beginning with valley against roosevelt. curry making it look easy inside. it is a tough bucket that he simply knocked down. trying to bring the rough riders
5:23 am
valley would put this one away. tigers win 51-27. >> we are doing all right, we are doing what we need to do. working really hard, playing great defense and offense. andy: the other west des moines schools, dowling catholic hosting urbandale last night for the state semi final. urbandale. dowling roles 69-34, the final. hoover high school, the huskies playing host to fort dodge. last night, the winner moves on. three, a great-looking shot. showing off his nba range right here. this was a low-scoring affair
5:24 am
the beginning -- the end of the first quarter. a baby hook. hoover would end up winning 46-33. the polar bear's visiting the ankeny hawks, moving on to the substate finals. turned into that three and knocks it all, ankeny had an 8-7 lead. north would find a way to answer end. tyreek, circus finish. ankeny finding ways to answer. tristan cummins 43. ankeny up 19-14. they win 76-46. centennial against southeast
5:25 am
colin is driving for the tough two in the lane. his feet go straight up and knock it home. rams making a run as you knew they would, but centennial had just enough on the home score, 62-50 five the final. centennial onto the substate finals. >> i told our guys, it is going to be a war. now it is all about surviving to advance. we have one more game for sure, so we will give it our best shot. andy: ames beat waukee, 64-46. night, drake bulldogs playing host to loyola. drake just a game out of first place in the valley, but behind three other teams.
5:26 am
year, and easy backdoor hit. drake was rolling, nice ball movement. into the hands of paige greiner, and that is a three-pointer. drake wins by 30, 91-31 the valley -- 91-61. the panthers are the half game player of the field. the iowa barnstormers are back home. last night, game two of the season, game one of the home season against a way overmatched green bay team. that is a former cyclone with the awesome pick six. bonus points for the dance. barnstormers win 73-21. grand rapids beat the iowa wild 4-1. the box when at home, 4-3 final
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the most watched morning news in central iowa. that this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning weekend. right now i'm kcci -- alyx: right now on kcci palmetto , state push. democratic candidates are looking for votes today in the south carolina primary. why nabbing a win would be a big push for hillary clinton. plus, zika fight. the cdc is closely monitoring those infected. how the virus has effected pregnant women here in the u.s. and how many iowans have been infected so far. it is 5:30 on saturday, fairbury 27th. i am alyx sacks along with frank scaglione. frank: yesterday it was close to 50, today we will be in the 60's. any time you can be above average this time of year, that usually means no snow, and not a lot of snow on the ground across the state right now.
5:31 am
find that. the wind is light out of the south and west, bringing in some nice mild air. upper city -- upper 20's in sioux city. the day planner, a whole lot of sunshine, a nice morning. we are in the low 60's by 1:00 and 4:00, 63 degrees. some changes on the way. we will let you know when. alyx: first to commitment 2016 news. south carolina spotlight. today, it's the democrat's turn to head to the primary polls in the palmetto state. nikole killion is in washington with a breakdown. nikole: palmetto primary, where democratic demographics present a key test -- >> being able to win the minority vote in big numbers is critical for democrats. nikole: analysts say african americans are anticipated to make up over half of south
5:32 am
voters. a constituency that could be critical for hillary clinton after losing the state to president obama in 2008. >> in 2008, barack obama cleaned up with african americans, won a huge majority, obama did in that election. now, african americans like hillary clinton. mr. clyburn: we need a real fighter. nikole: clinton has already secured the backing of prominent south carolina congressman jim clyburn, and courted communities of color with appearances by mothers who lost sons to gun violence. but bernie sanders has rolled out his own big endorsements from actor danny glover, to director spike lee, who cut this radio ad. >> when bernie gets to the white house, he will do the right thing. nikole: hoping to chip away at clinton's support. >> if for some reason bernie sanders soars in south carolina, it's a real headache for hillary clinton. nikole: most polls show sanders trailing clinton by double digits in south carolina, but the vermont senator insists he's not writing off the state.
5:33 am
killion. alyx: 53 delegates are up for grabs in today's south carolina democratic primary. we'll have complete analysis from the primary tomorrow morning live from washington, right here on kcci. and on the republican side, south carolina senator lindsey graham says his party has lost it, and calls donald trump a "nut job." meanwhile new jersey governor and former presidential candidate chris christie has endorsed donald trump. calling him the best republican candidate to lead the country and beat hillary clinton. christie dropped his own bid earlier this month following a disappointing finish in new hampshire. the endorsement is the first for trump from a sitting governor and former rival. right now, an update from the kansas shooting. a woman has now been charged with providing firearms to the gunman. three people were killed and several others were injured at the kansas factory. 28-year-old sarah hopkins was charged with one count of knowingly transferring a firearm to a convicted felon.
5:34 am
cedric ford was a convicted felon. also right now four people are , dead following a shooting in a rural washington state home. authorities say the suspect took his own life after an hours long standoff. a 12-year-old girl related to the victims survived and was taken to the hospital. the officer who took the call had dealt with the man before. now to the zika virus the cdc , says doctors are continuing to monitor two u.s. pregnancies which so far appear to be without complications. >> this is more than we had anticipated. alyx: the cdc has confirmed nine pregnant women in the united states with the virus. of those, two women had healthy babies, two had miscarriages, and two terminated their pregnancies. and another child was born with severe microcephaly a condition , that leaves the babies with abnormally small heads. the zika virus has been linked to thousands of cases of microcephaly in brazil. so far, three iowans have tested
5:35 am
zika virus. all three are women who traveled to countries where the virus is present. more big stories this morning some are now calling for , increased safety measures after a fight broke out at mitchellville's women's prison, that injured four officers. two of the four staff members traded -- injured needed medical treatment off-site. one suffered a bruised eye and several cuts and abrasions to his face. according to afscme there have been 16 inmate assaults on prison staff in one year. staff and supporters plan to march next wednesday in a correctional officer safety campaign. friday, the iowa air national guard celebration the 75th anniversary of the 132nd fighter wing. two months ago pilots again , began flying missions out of the base without ever seeing the aircraft. they are flying a remotely piloted drone aircraft called reapers all over the globe.
5:36 am
being conducted out of des moines, the intelligence surveillance and cyber security operations. speaking of the skies, it is going to be beautiful this weekend. frank: improves just in time for hopefully your days off, saturday and sunday. satellite radar, clear skies across the midwest. we are keeping an eye on this system that will be moving in to the north and west tomorrow. temperatures waking up a bit on mild. grab a jacket as you head out. 31 in the metro. a pretty mild morning all across the midwest with mid-30's and low 30's to the west of rapid city and bismarck. if you take a look at the week ahead, i have some good news for you. a good stretch of weather for
5:37 am
monday, 59, and we kind of slide, back in the 30's for the middle part of the week. could see some snow in there to. alyx: john deere announced that they are cutting 100 workers from two iowa plants starting april 1. 80 of those jobs will be cut at deere's davenport facility. another 20 at its dubuque plant. the job cuts are connected to deere's forestry and construction division. and kohl's says it's closing 18 of its stores. business insider says the company won't say which stores they are closing. but they plan to release a full list next month. there are kohl's stores in 17 iowa cities. no word if any of them are among the ones scheduled to close. kohl's says the closings will save about $45 million. and a windsor heights developer kicked out many long-time tenants to make room for a new grocery store. now those plans have fallen through. and the apple valley shopping center is looking for new tenants.
5:38 am
of the shopping center last fall , all to make room for an aldi grocery store. the windsor heights city council denied that plan in november. one former tenant who has moved her salon to clive is surprised everyone was thrown out when the plans were not set in stone. >> at first, you are angry and then you're excited because you're moving into some place new and now we feel settled but it just looks like a ghost town down there now. alyx: the owner's realtor says some of the new retailers could be open for business this fall. still ahead on kcci the , countdown is on. the academy awards are sunday . why celebrities, award show producers and party planners aren't the only ones busy preparing for hollywood's biggest night. >> our phone line rang from noon on a saturday afternoon until 8 that night fulfilling orders. alyx: plus, it's a business owner's dream come true. and it happened to a small, family-owned des moines
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all ahead on kcci. so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month.
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so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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frank: good saturday morning, welcome back, 5:42. people getting up and going in madison county in winterset, seeing some traffic on the square. you are going to need a jacket as you head out. in the metro, 31 degrees, upper 20's in ames.
5:42 am
it made it up to 49 in des moines, and we squeezed out a few 50's in western iowa. do not have any clouds out there to mess up your outdoor plans. maybe it is a barbecue for you today. it will be a bit windy but a whole lot of sunshine. by noon, 62, and 2:00 we are in the low 60's for highs. alyx: a longtime southside des moines restaurant is now doing big-business all across the country, all because of attention it received during the iowa caucuses. kcci's mark tauscheck explains. mark: journalists covering the caucuses three weeks ago dumped a lot of money into the pockets of des moines business owners. >> when we're done, we just pull them out of here and drain them off. mark: but when everyone left, the money faucet didn't turn off for everyone. >> seconds after they were off air, the phones started ringing
5:43 am
mark: smitty's, a pork tenderloin institution on the south side received more than it's share of attention during the caucus cycle. al roker from "the today show," bloomberg television, and fox news all walked in the front door. >> 20 seconds after i was off-camera our phone lines lit , up for nine hours straight. mark: for a family business that doesn't spend any money on advertising, this was another world. >> honestly, it was like we went to survival mode, let's keep answering the phones, let's get through this. mark: in a typical year, smitty's might mail 25 boxes of a dozen tenderloins. in the past month, they've mailed 75 to customers in 32 states. >> and then we place inside the cooler to be shipped. mark: while locals don't blink an eye at the enormous undertaking -- >> how many tenderloins you put down in your life. >> whole bunch, that's all i can say. mark: these out of towners are stunned at this giant piece of deep-fried breaded pork on the cartoonishly small buns.
5:44 am
how exactly? >> you just have to go for it, because it is so big. mark: 15 minutes of fame during the caucuses has turned into a pretty good run. >> just before the super bowl, i had a guy from california call and offer me $300 to have them overnighted, he wanted them so bad. mark: mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news. alyx: smitty's employees pack the tenderloins with 5 pounds of dry ice to ensure they arrive fresh. coming up on kcci 8 news this morning weekends, they give police and doctors a view like no other. tiny scopes that are packing big power. plus, frank says we're in for a
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it in the days >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. frank: welcome back, a cool photo from last week. he got the iowa state capitol building, and the word that came to mind was golden. that is a long exposure shot and some folks on my facebook said it seems like there is a lot of facts on the picture. believe it or not, this picture was not touched up much. it is just the natural beauty of a long shot.
5:48 am
mid 30's and low 40's -- and low 30's around the state. the average high temperature is in the low 40's. downtown skycam looking good. the wind is pretty light out of the south and west at five miles per hour, pressure on the high side. we will see plenty of sunshine today. a bit cool to start things out, but look at this, 1:00 temperature 62 degrees. that is 21 degrees above average. 7:00, still in the mid-50's. it is going to be a great evening to be outside. satellite radar, not much to show you, maybe an isolated sprinkle with a system that is off to the north and west. the 70's are not too far away.
5:49 am
i think we will take the mid-60's across the state. high pressure in control, bringing in the south, southwesterly wind. this system will slide through by tomorrow morning, bringing a change in the wind, out of the northwest. temperatures well above average. we are starting things out this morning, and we will see plenty of sunshine today, although we might see a few more clouds by the afternoon. 63 degrees today, going to be a nice, warm day. went out of the southwest at 15 to 20. tonight, 45 degrees. a bit cooler on sunday, could see an isolated sprinkle late morning, early afternoon, but i think most of us stay dry. the difference between today and tomorrow be a few clouds in a
5:50 am
a changeup on tuesday, 36 degrees, could see some snow. we will definitely keep an eye on that, but nonetheless, it cool down is on the way. alyx: it is certainly a great start, leaving our way into march. thank you very much. oscar gold fills tinseltown this weekend as the red carpet is rolled out for its 88th annual academy awards. but as teri okita reports, amid the preparations, protestors are also planned for hollywood's biggest night. teri: hollywood certainly knows how to throw a party. at the governor's ball venue, the champagne is chilling, artwork is up, and wolfgang puck's famous feast is being prepared. >> we flew in 40 crabs, 40 whole, big crabs. each one cost like $450 to $500. teri: experts expect plenty of surprise winners on sunday, including best picture. >> i've been at variety for 30
5:51 am
oscar race that was more confusing than this year because the big prize is really up for grabs. teri: after five nominations, this could finally be leonardo dicaprio's year to take home gold. brie larson is also a frontrunner for best actress, but there's no clear cut favorite in the supporting actor and actress categories. it's hard to talk about the oscars this year without mentioning the lack of diversity in nominees. protests are planned here in hollywood and across the country on sunday. snoop dogg is the latest celebrity to speak out, saying, "the oscars weren't made for us." gray says the industry needs to change out of self-preservation. >> the film industry is at least 20 years behind what television is, and they're going to have to catch up or people are going to stop going to movies. teri: the controversy could be a dark cloud hanging over hollywood's brightest night. teri okita, cbs news, los angeles. alyx: comedian chris rock is getting his jokes lined up. some say he should have stepped down as host.
5:52 am
choice to get people talking about the diversity issue. when public safety or someone's health is on the line, you need to use every tool. a massachusetts company is helping with a tiny scope that has extraordinary vision. doug meehan shows us how. >> if you look at this $20 normally you'd never see any of these lines. doug: getting up close and personal with andrew jackson is pretty cool, but the technology being developed and the products that are made here is serious business. >> our focus is on optics. our focus is on visualization. doug: paul joyce is ceo of optim. the sturbridge company making products that essentially allows people to see where the human eye can't go. these precise scopes are used by doctors on the human body to detect disease, and by security professionals all over the world to fight crime. >> we have a shipment of scopes that are going actually to the saudi royal guard. doug: their patented l.e.d. technology lets police
5:53 am
spaces with the brightest light possible so that tiny video cameras can detect hidden criminal activity. so far, optim scopes have help locate hundred of millions of dollars in cash illegal drugs , and other contraband. and the emails are pouring in from those on the front lines. >> we just got one last week with a picture of a really cute dog sitting next to a whole pile of cocaine that was found in a car with our scope. doug: you can find an optim scope at every u.s. border crossing in the country. a fact and a responsibility, not lost on those who work here. alyx: optim has taken its 40-years of experience and developed a third business element. they produce very precise components for other companies
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,we have alyx: eight news to go at 5:57. the cdc says doctors are continuing to monitor pregnant women infected with the zika virus. nine pregnant women in the u.s. were confirmed to have the virus. two had healthy babies, two had miscarriages, two terminated their pregnancies and one child was born with severe microcephaly. three iowans have tested positive for zika. all are women who traveled to three countries where the virus is present. today, democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be vying for the palmetto state's vote. a sizeable victory over sanders today could set clinton up for a big delegate haul in next week's super tuesday contests in the south. rather than devote time to a state he's prepared to lose, sanders spent much of the past week in other areas that vote in march. plus, another big 12 matchup today.
5:58 am
gearing up to take on the 15-3 kansas state wildcats. isu is hoping to bounce back after a tough lost at west virginia. game time is set for 5:00 today live from hilton. that game will be on espn-2 you're just minutes away from today's eye-opener on cbs this morning saturday. here's a look at some of the stories you'll see next at 6:00. >> coming up, the days news, plus the big question ever big data as tech companies continue to gather information. there is growing concern about what they will do with that information. a new documentary shows us the consequences. >> with the big oscar weekend, we will get our critics' predictions and how the show will address the controversy. >> the museum of modern art in new york is credited with amazing work saving hollywood history, finding and preserving classic movies. >> all that, plus your
5:59 am
alyx: before relate you go, we will take a final look at the forecast. frank: i think i'm going to be making some friends today, with temperatures in the 60's. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] captioning funded by cbs
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27th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." a showdown today in the democratic presidential primary in south carolina. hillary clinton looks for a boost over bernie sanders in the states she lost eight years ago after years of alleged corruption, a new day for the world's biggest sport and counting down to tomorrow's oscars. we will take a look at the contenders and the controversy surrounding hollywood's biggest we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> let's make america all it should be again. >> the spotlight to democrats on primary day in south carolina. >> we got to rise the minimum wage to $15 an hour! >> the republican free for all overshadowed everything the democrats did today. >> i absolutely believe that donald trump is the best person


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