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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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the black and blue ball honored the 124 officers who died last year. laura: kcci's rose heaphy attended the ball tonight. rose, you spoke with the widow of an iowa officer, killed two years ago? rose: yes, todd and laura, amanda buenting told me she still remembers the last words her husband ever told her. that he loved her and he'd be back soon. but, tragically, that was a promise he wasn't able to keep. amanda: i can tell you that not a day goes by that i don't think of him. rose: for amanda buenting, september 13, 2013 is a heavy day in her heart. her husband, rockwell city police officer jamie buenting, was shot and killed during a standoff. he was just 37 years old. amanda: when they tell you a loss gets easier, it doesn't. it just gets more dealable. you just learn how to live with the loss, live with the hurt. rose: buenting is one of many officers who never came home. 700 people attended the cops black and blue ball to honor those lives. the event raises money for families and co-workers of officers killed in the line of duty. toni: the support that we give
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we can't give their loved one back. but we can stand by them, and hold their hand, and get them through the rough patches. rose: rough patches felt already by about a dozen families this year. most recently, in colorado, where an officer was shot this week. so far, in 2016, there have been 10 firearm-related deaths. last year, in the same time frame? just 1. toni: it's concerning to everybody. because the trend that's going on in the united states is not good. and when you have a loved one that is out there every day putting their life at risk, it's very scary. rose: a risk, buenting says, she knows all too well. amanda: i really hope that, tonight, lots of people recognize that there's blue lives that matter. and that everybody puts their life on the line every day, when they put that badge on and go to work. rose: the money raised tonight will help families attend national police week and visit the memorial in washington, d.c. todd? todd: in kalamazoo, michigan today, hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects to barbara hawthorne. the 68-year-old was one of six people killed one week ago, when
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shooting spree. vicki: she was a very free spirit. she had an infectious laugh. and she gave the most wonderful hugs. and she didn't deserve this. todd: hawthorne was shot in the parking lot of a cracker barrel. also today, a memorial service for a father and son killed in that same shooting spree. 53-year-old richard smith and his 17-year-old son, tyler, were shot and killed in the parking lot of a car dealership, while looking at a truck together. president obama addressed the shooting, and a second in hesston, kansas thursday, where three people were killed and 14 others wounded. he says america cannot grow numb to gun violence. pres. obama: anybody who says they want to keep the american people safe has to care about this. because it's happening in far too many towns and effecting far too many innocent americans. and there are some things we can do about it. and right now, this congress may not have any appetite to talk about it.
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todd: jason dalton is accused in the kalamazoo shooting rampage. he was taken into police the man behind thursday's shooting, cedric ford, was shot and killed by an officer. laura: how about that saturday sunshine? i hope you got out to enjoy it. a perfect day to wander downtown des moines. we spotted lots of people exploring the pappajohn sculpture park. jason, we broke a record today? jason: 71 degrees -- that breaks the record. the previous record was set back in 1981, 3 degrees. this is the warmest february day, that we have seen, and three years. still hanging on to that warmth, 53 in ames. hanging onto a fairly warm evening for us. those winds, though, have been absolutely gusty. that is driving in the warmth
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into the 20 mile per hour range in carroll, iowa. plenty of sunshine for us today. some cloud cover making its way in, we will continue to see that throughout the day. 57 degrees by noon. you can plan on temperatures, again, in the middle of the week taking a little of the dead. i will have your next chance for snow, and how much we can plan for this incredible, record-breaking warmth, to continue for us. todd: thank you very much, jason. commitment 2016 now, a landslide victory for hillary clinton. the democratic front runner is the winner of south carolina, but bernie sanders says the nomination process is far from over. laura: kcci's aixa diaz is live in our washington bureau. and aixa, a big night for clinton ahead of super tuesday. aixa: that is right, laura and todd. hillary clinton gains momentum
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the first-in-the-south primary. sec. clinton: tomorrow, this campaign goes national. [cheering] aixa: a decisive victory for hillary clinton in south carolina, winning the overwhelming support of african-americans. the democratic front runner thanked voters, commended her opponent bernie sanders, and looked ahead to the remaining races. sec. clinton: we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything, and we're not taking anyone for granted. sen. bernie sanders: i congratulate secretary clinton on her very strong victory. aixa: sanders, who admits he was all but unknown in south carolina when his campaign began, spent the day stumping in texas and minnesota -- two of the states up for grabs on super tuesday. the vermont senator, whose only victory so far has been in new hampshire, says his campaign is just beginning. and they won't stop now. sen. sanders: i'm going to be asking for your vote on tuesday. but i need more than that from you. i need your help the day after
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because i cannot do it alone. aixa: more than 850 democratic delegates are at stake, in 11 states, on super tuesday. live in washington, aixa diaz, kcci 8 news. todd: new at 10:00, des moines police are investigating an early morning stabbing. it happened around 4 a.m. at a duplex at 2733 boston avenue. police say 29-year-old isaac sando was attending a party, when he was stabbed. he's in the hospital right now. no word on his condition. so far, no arrests in the stabbing case. an urbandale lawyer, who punched a woman in the face while drunk, has had his law license suspended. the iowa supreme court imposed the three-month suspension yesterday, against 33-year-old jamie deremiah. he had pleaded guilty to domestic abuse and trespassing charges, after breaking into the woman's home and attacking her back in 2014. laura: popeye's louisiana kitchen is investigating after a customer recorded a worker, who
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off, as he cursed and seemed to be badmouthing customers. >> keep on doing that and dropping that [beep]. they gonna eat that [beep]. they high and drunk anyway. laura: a customer recorded the incident from the drive-thru of the cedar rapids popeye's. the worker is apparently referring to serving customers dropped food. the video is making its way around the internet. and popeye's released a statement, saying it's taking necessary steps to make sure this never happens again. a northern iowa strip club owner says he's not worried about the city rezoning and closing his business. dale peterson says the pole barn theater in downtown nora springs is a "theater of performing arts." the city council plans to discuss changing zoning for adult entertainment next week. todd: new at 10:00, gas prices in the metro continue to jump. filling up your tank tonight will cost you a $1.79 a gallon. that's up $.10 from yesterday. and up $.23 from earlier this week. aaa says the national average for a gallon of gas is going up, too, as the price of crude oil rises.
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should expect detours, starting monday, on a major metro road. sections of northwest 70th avenue are closing around 100th and 107th streets for construction. the road is being widened, as part of a larger project to improve the area of the new johnston high school. the closures and detours start monday morning at 9:00. the project is expected to be completed by fall. laura: drake university broke ground today on its first new academic building in 20 years. collier-scripps hall is a $15 million, 50,000-square foot facility that will house the university's school of education, department of mathematics and computer science, and the robert d. and billie ray center. the building is part of the stem at drake initiative. it's one of two under construction right now. and the initiative also includes creating six new academic programs. todd: more than 800 people turned out tonight for the greater des moines heart ball. kcci's eric hanson and elizabeth klinge hosted the fundraiser for
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people got a chance to bid on items throughout the night. proceeds go toward training, research, and a whole lot more. eric: it's a celebration of the services that the american heart association provides. it's also an important night to raise some dollars for our mission that gets delivered in many, many ways. todd: now, event leaders hoped to raise $320,000. but we are just learning they raised a record amount this year -- more $400,000. how about that? next at 10:00, sanders' singles. how the democratic presidential candidate is playing cupid online. laura: plus, pascuzzi's picks.
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win the oscars at tomorrow announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. andrew: that can always be awkward. if you, like, get down that far down the road, and you find out they're voting for someone like donald trump or something like that. todd: well, you might call it the lighter side to the presidential campaign. bernie sanders may not have won south carolina, but he's helping win hearts nationwide. laura: a new website offers a place for people with a common interest in the politician to meet.
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sister station in vermont, explains. and it is new at 10:00. katy: we both got involved with bernie. and it is like calling on the phone, doing signs, and knocking on people's doors. keele: katy osterholtz and andrew whitney are best friends, rooting for bernie. there's now a new way for sanders fans to connect -- at katy: i mean, hey, i'm not going to be on the dating site now, because i'm only 17, but i think it's great. keele: the free dating site was founded by bernie supporters. and it's an online community for people, of all walks of life, who are 13 and older. but it's specifically for those who share the philosophy championed by presidential hopeful bernie sanders. in their words, it's a place to meet cool, bernie-loving dudes and dudettes. or, people that have a general understanding of how the economy works. josh lambert isn't on the market, but likes the idea. josh: i think it will definitely
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people together. keele: more than 5000 people are now registered on this site, and some you might be surprised to know. there is a george w. bush and a donald trump. finding out who another person supports before getting serious is something whitney says is crucial. andrew: that can always be awkward. if you, like, get down that far down the road, and you find out they're voting for someone like donald trump or something like that. keele: according to the website, it has had to shut down several times, to handle rapid growth. a momentum osterholtz hopes will only continue. katy: even more people are going to know about bernie and his beliefs, and be able to, like, join together about how much they like bernie. and i think it's a really good thing. todd: dude, how about that? a des moines woman built a seven-foot tree in her living room to honor her ancestors. 77-year-old velma turner spent two months building it, using real leaves and even tree bark. the tree spans eight generations and traces her family history back to the late 1600's. it's especially meaningful now, being black history month. several of her relatives were
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velma says seeing her ancestors' names on the leaves gives her a sense of belonging. velma: i just wish i could be there with them. that's what happens to me when i look at this. todd: velma plans to take the tree down, because she's worried about the warmer weather ruining the leaves. we nothing but -- we have nothing but warm weather. jason: 70's in february? that is nuts. but we only have a little bit longer, no 70's left. you can see this tumbling down to 32 by tuesday. so if you are getting outside, do it over the next couple of days, because we chill out pretty soon here. some of us have been going outside. downtown, the brilliant sunshine we had out there. incredible warmth, i don't know if he is searching for a dog
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but thank you for sending in that picture. plenty out there today, some clouds starting to push from the west. eventually, we will see those wishing in tonight and the afternoon hours tomorrow. pretty good day out there. 59 degrees, very mild air, averages in the low 40's this time of year. we are still well above that. plan on another beautiful day out there. it will be warm. we keep the wind around, dropping off after that. 3:00 p.m., starting to break the cloud cover. all around, the day for us. dropping the temperature a little bit from today, we had those winds screaming, and the system will push eastward and reorient them out of the northwest. still gusty wind, and you can see the clouds associated with that system pushing eastward as high pressure slides through. no precipitation, does cloud cover throughout the day tomorrow.
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to bring in this light batch of rain, mainly north of the metro. could see it north of fort dodge and mason city, but by evening we will clear that out. headed through monday, a chance for that little picks of rain-snow mixture rolling in. not until the evening hours, though. pushes off to the south, not looking anything as far as accumulation at this point. we will keep you posted. in the mid 40's tonight, clear skies, wind remain strong out of the southwest at 15-20. very mild air across the state. back up to the mid to upper 50's tomorrow. absolutely beautiful day. 20 of sunshine, after that first wave of clouds. next chance for light rain-snow maxwell drop the temperature of it. after that, we start to ramp back up. 48 on saturday.
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todd: coming up next, john todd: well, sunday night is the biggest night of the year for movies fans. laura: and tonight, our john
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will win the coveted oscar. john: you know, it's oscar's night, to get all dressed up with somewhere to go. it's the 88th annual academy awards, live from the dolby theater, in the heart of hollywood. here now are my picks for the top three awards. for best actor, leonardo dicaprio in "the revenant." dicaprio plays legendary frontiersman hugh glass, who's left for dead by his own men in the dakota wilderness, circa 1823. now, he is absolutey raw and riveting in this sweeping saga of revenge and redemption. dicaprio is winless in five previous nominations, but six will be his lucky number. brie larson is my choice for best actress in "room," a harrowing tale of a mother and her five-year-old son jack, played by jacob tremblay, who are held captive by jack's father in a squalid shack they call room. this is larson's first academy award nomination. and she will bring home the gold in a heart-tugging and heart-breaking performance. now, in the toughest category of the night, my choice for best picture is "spotlight." it's the true story of the "boston globe" investigative team called spotlight, that
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abuse by catholic priests in the greater boston archdiocese. it won the "globe" the 2003 pulitzer prize for investigative reporting, and it's my pick to win best picture. of course, nothing's for sure. but one thing's for sure. with chris rock hosting, it promises to be a wild and unpredictable night. for kcci 8 news, this is john pascuzzi at the movies. todd: thank you, john. next week, he is back with a
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olympic ski jumper eddie announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: the cyclones can no longer win the big 12 regular season title. but iowa state still has big plans for the month of march. taking on kansas state saturday , trying to close out the regular season strong. georges niang playing in his second to last game at hilton. making it count. he had 17 on 7-9 shooting. tied right before the half, monte morris, isu led, 31-30. second half started in style.
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6 in the corner. he had 20 to lead the way. and the clones were in command. deonte burton, jam. fifth straight 20-win season. best street in school history. he had 14. isu rolls, 80-61. tony seeman says the team looked great, especially jameel mckay. tony: there is definitely a lot of positive numbers to talk about in saturday's win. five cyclones" in. 17 -- 17 rebounds for jameel mckay. the big man has big things happening. steve: i am proud of jameel. terrific game tonight. three blocks, 17 rebounds. terrific, terrific job. we need that type of effort. he was terrific. jameel: when i play with that
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the coaching staff, they have been on these lines just talking to me, checking on me everyday. that was big-time. i think all of that helped out. scott: look anywhere on the court saturday, jameel mckay was probably there. 17, yet 17, rebounds. the guy was all over the place. jameel: i just wanted to -- i only have two games left. i want to leave a positive note. tony: he will try the energy into his final game as a cyclone. jameel: i wanted to win. i need people to know that i will give 100% every time i am on the court. i want people to recovery for that. tony: next up, iowa state will take on oklahoma state on monday. tony seeman, kcci sports. scott: they finished the regular season at kansas. big 12 tourney starts a week
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speaking of the big 12, kansas was one win away from extending its amazing run of big 12 regular season championships to 12. against texas tech, no problem. second half, frank mason puts them up 12. 67-58. 12th straight year kansas has 12 regular season title. this has only been done one other time in history. ucla had 13. 10 title in 37 years. that drought could end. but only of they go on a run. they have to win out. beginning at ohio state on sunday, then indiana on tuesday, and a week from today i'm at michigan -- leading up to the big ten tournament in indianapolis. victorious in the valley, uni had won 8 of 9 heading into their regular season finale at evansville. wes washpun, the little floater. he had 14. uni, at the break. final seconds, uni had a 2-point
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evansville had a chance to win it for the three. blocks by washpun. mislav bruhzoya gets the loose ball. no good. uni wins again, 54-52. they finish 11-7 in the valley. 9-10 wins. they will either be the 4 or 5 seed in st. louis next week. drake has struggled to a 1-16 record in the league. the regular season finale was a good one. hosting loyola. 30 seconds left, drake down 3. reed timmer for the tie, at 48. there was also a foul. dom olenizak had a career-high 19 points, but missed the front end of the 1 and 1. that allowed loyola to come back down. final seconds, chance to win it. milton doyle misses, then gets it back and is blocked by casey schlatter.
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it was all reed timmer. timmer scored the first 6 of ot. 69-59. drake gets a much needed win, as they head to st. louis. reed: we stuck together. and we just know that break was going to come, and that was today. finally, something to hang your hat on and be happy about. scott: they will be the 10 seed in the conference tourney and play thursday. well, the hawkeye women may be on the wrong side of the bubble this year. they need all the wins they can get. regular season finale at home, against illinois. honoring the seniors, draining the three. iowa wins 61-56. they finish 8-10. they will find out thereir seeding sunday. iowa state loses at ou 85-54, dropping to 5-12. they finish the regular season tuesday night, at home. let us talk high school hoops. the girls state tournament tips off monday at wells fargo arena. that bracket is set. the boys will be the following week.
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well, some of the spots were up for grabs tonight. 2a sub-state final, des moines christian and panorama met up in waukee. panorama was down 8 in the final minute. looking for a miracle. gabe richey scores. they are not done. they steal the inbound pass. des moines christian made their free throws down the stretch. and they hold on. headed to the well. fans rushed the court. they got the state qualifying banner. 66-58. 1a sub-state final at the mcleod center in cedar falls. lynville-sully facing gladbrook-reinbeck.
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