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tv   KCCI 8 News at 530  Me-TV  February 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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the pot on the campaign trail.
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evening news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:30. >> i don't expect this virus to get established in the continental united states. todd: but, the zika virus is in iowa right now with 3 confirmed , cases. those cases are all women between the ages of 41 and 80. laura: kcci's marcus mcintosh joins us live in the newsroom with a look at the situation. marcus: we know the unidentified women traveled to the caribbean or south america where the virus is spreading. cases in the state is far from three an epidemic, pregnant women are told to carefully think before traveling travel to -- travel to puerto rico, virgin islands, carribean, central and parts of south america. everyone traveling to those areas are being urged to wear long sleeves, pants use mosquito , repellant that contains deet. while the zika virus can be transmitted sexually, it is
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dr. patricia quinlisk of the state department of public health says she's not surprised zika crept into iowa. >> we have people who started traveling before all this information guide to the public so we do expect a few people who , travel to get zika and come back and get diagnosed but as we go forward we hope all the travelers hear our warnings. marcus: zika has been linked to birth defects, including infants with small heads. tonight, on our extended late news, we speak with iowans to find out if zika has them concerned or changing travel plans. laura? laura: nationally, a strong warning from health officials for pregnant women who want to attend the olympics in rio this summer. a new travel advisory is the strongest one the cdc has issued to date. it's triggering new concern for athletes planning to attend the games in august. >> at some point, i do want to start a family. i don't want to be worried, i don't want those anxieties. laura: two-time olympic gold medalist hope solo says she's
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most olympians are of child-bearing age, making them an especially vulnerable group. an infectious disease specialist says if a female athlete is pregnant or might be pregnant at the time of the games, they should strongly consider staying home. todd: right now officials search , for 2 escaped inmates from the newton correctional center. michael amodeo and jessy foley were discovered missing around 10:00 last night. amodeo is serving a 10 year sentence on drug related charges. foley is serving a 27 year sentence, also for drug related charges. if you see them or know anything about their whereabouts, call 911. commitment 2016 news tonight, republican front-runner donald trump lands an endorsement from former ku klux klan leader david duke. his rivals are now pouncing on him for refusing to denounce the support. meantime, candidates are busy on the campaign trail ahead of super tuesday. with a major victory in south carolina, hillary clinton is hoping to keep that momentum
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ahead of super tuesday. sunday, clinton traveled to tennessee, where she spoke to a congregation in memphis while attending a church service. ms. clinton: we all have work to do. i said last night, america has never stopped being great. our task is to make america whole. todd: as part of his super tuesday strategy, senator sanders skipped the palmetto state on primary day, and moved on to texas, than minnesota. sen. sanders: i'm going to be asking for your votes on tuesday, but i need more than that from you. i need your help the day after the general election, because i can't do it alone. todd: donald trump, who won 3 of the first 4 gop races, is confident he'll sweep the super tuesday states. and john kasich agrees, but the ohio governor believes a strong showing in his home state next month will provide the boost he needs. gov. kasich: i think trump's probably going to win probably all of them.
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our campaign plan was ultimately to hold our own in some of these places, and we will. what changes this race is my ability to win in ohio. todd: senator ted cruz, however, believes trump can be beat. sen. cruz: our campaign is the only one in a position to beat donald trump on super tuesday, and if you want to stop this trump train, the only way to do so is to beat him on super tuesday. todd: and new poll numbers showing now, tonight hillary , clinton leading bernie sanders by a wide margin in both georgia and tennessee. laura: taking a live look outside now at our downtown skycamera. very windy out there today. jason is in with a first look at your forecast. jason s: winds were positively screaming. gusts in the low 40's to 50 mile per hour. will eventually see those take a dip down a bit. out of the northwest, 36 miles per hour in storm lake, 37 in
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by this evening -- failed to the colder until then. 25 degrees cooler than yesterday in the metro. teens and cooler nearly everywhere else. not surprising when you top your day out at 71 degrees. clouds breaking as we head into the morning hours. more on how much longer this warmth will last and your next note chance coming up soon. laura: testimony continues tomorrow in the alexander fazzino murder trial. the former boone man is charged with first degree murder in his wife emily's 2012 death. friday, jurors learned more about emily's injuries. fazzino told police he found his wife submerged in a bathtub. the doctor who performed emily's autopsy testified she had bruises on her forehead, arm, thigh, and neck and a bump on her forehead. the doctor also said she had bruising on the inside of her throat, which could be from strangulation. the doctor didn't find definitive signs of drowning.
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grimes residents should expect detours on a major metro road. sections of northwest 70th avenue are closing around 100th and 107th streets for construction. the road is being widened as part of a larger project to improve the area of the new johnston high school. the closures and detours start at 9:00 a.m. todd: following a developing story in dayton, ohio right now, where a pastor was shot and killed during church services earlier today and officials just announced the arrest of his brother as the gunman. police say daniel schooler walked toward the pulpit at st. peter's missionary baptist church, where his brother, william schooler, was seated in a pew. one witness describes what happened next. >> he got up and went back in our pastor's office and then i heard two shots. wasn't a minute and i heard two shots. and so, i just got everybody out of the church. and we just kept hearing shooting.
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todd: schooler has not been charged yet. he is being held at the montgomery county jail. william schooler was 70-years-old. new details in the deadly officer-involved shooting in virginia. next the man police think shot , an officer during her first day on patrol. the slide continues for the hawkeyes. scott reister has the latest coming up.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:30 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. laura: we are learning more
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on her first day of patrol. 28-year-old ashley guindon was a former marine corps reservist and had a master's degree in forensic science. guindon was killed responding to a call about a domestic-related shooting saturday. two other offices were shot and -- two other officers were shot and wounded. authorities arrested ronald hamilton in connection with guindon's death and the death of his wife. an army spokeswoman says hamilton is an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the joint staff support center at the pentagon. right now, in salt lake city, police investigate an officer-involved shooting that injured one man and triggered hours of unrest downtown. authorities say two salt lake city officers were called to break up a fight and found a man hitting someone with a broomstick. they say the man tried to attack one of the officers and one or both of the officers shot he man twice in the torso. no word on the man's condition. todd: new numbers tonight show colorado's tourists aren't just buying weed now that it's legal they're ending up in emergency , rooms at higher rates than residents.
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emergency-room visits related to marijuana doubled among out of state residents during there was 2014. only a slight change among colorado residents. doctors say there needs to be more education about pot aimed at visitors. in alaska, boards began accepting applications for marijuana business licenses this week. it is the next step in setting up the state's legal pot industry. alaska joins colorado, oregon and washington as the only , states with legal recreational use. here in iowa, a bill allowing cannabis oil to be made and distributed is headed to the full house. the bill allows for 2 dispensaries. severe epilepsy, m.s., and terminal cancer are the only medical conditions eligible for medical cannabis under the bill. right now, there's a group of people dedicated to getting the legislation passed in iowa. kcci's mark tauscheck talks to a man so passionate about the fight to broaden iowa's medical cannabis laws, he's speaking openly about his personal battle
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is currently illegal in the -- here in iowa. you can catch his special report tomorrow on kcci 8 news at 10:00. laura: record-breaking money raised at this year's greater des moines heart ball. event leaders tell us it raised more than $400,000. that's more than $80,000 above their goal. kcci's eric hanson and elizabeth klinge hosted the fundraiser for the american heart association. people bid on items throughout the night. proceeds go toward training, research, and more. >> it's a celebration of the services that the american heart association provides. it's also an important night to raise some dollars for our mission that gets delivered in many, many ways. laura: more than 800 people attended the event saturday. another beautiful day, but pretty windy out there. when can we expect for the rest of the night? jason s: we will see it die down a little bit.
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temperatures have been dropping. that show would be even more magnified. 37 and marshalltown, 39 webster city. the 40's to the rest of the state. a little bit of unseasonable warmth continuing. as far a satellite and radar, that quick batch of light rain passed through and pushed eastward earlier on. clouds are continuing to clear throughout the evening hours. 21 days. it is hard to believe we have made it this far. the last couple of months have absolutely flown by. it looks pretty springlike. a beautiful sunset underway. 45 right now. gusty winds making it feel more like 37 degrees. we can those of a notch again tomorrow. mid-30's overnight. by 7:00 a.m., 37.
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pretty beautiful, though tomorrow evening, a system has a chance to bring in a little bit of light snow across portions of the state. a front comes through. high pressure to the north is not going to be enough to save us from this system here. more than -- most of us should dodge more than a couple of inches out of this thing. clouds rain out of the picture, at least for a bit. by afternoon, the start to move it, and by evening, we work in a light rain makes. mainly snow for notions -- four northern portions of the state. we are not talking a ton of snow with this system. most of us around an inch or two. i think southeastern portions of the state could pick up a little bit more than that. you can see that highlighted the blue sections here. otherwise, a band of an inch or
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if you are going to be traveling, know that there will be enough snow to likely make roads slick. tonight, wins dying down a bit as we head into the overnight. temperature still mild. 20 to the north, mid-30's up to the south. mile there again tomorrow. 56 degrees in the metro, 59 in council bluffs. a bit cooler to the north and we do have clouds that will work into the afternoon. 42 on wednesday. another shot for snow on thursday. we're back into the 50's on saturday. todd: scott reister has the watching some basketball afternoon, hoping and doing a little praying.
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>> from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: for a while, it looked like i was headed toward a number one or new -- toward eight 1 or 2 seed, but then the last few weeks happened and all bets are off. for staff, -- first half, drains
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the youngster throwing one down. a bit later on, still in the first half, off the turnover. mike gesell. who says he can't jump? the big jam and he was not done. real tight game in the first half. check out gesell. the crossover. we have liftoff! iowa still trailed by 5. second half. ohio state reclaims the lead with cam williams. closing seconds, iowa down by 2. mike gesell going to try to win it with the jam. that would have tied it, rather. iowa loses, 68-64. they fall to 11-5 in the big ten
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there is still basketball to play. they could regroup and make the case they may deserve a high seed and a shot at regional. saturday come on the road at michigan leading up to the big ten tournament a week from wednesday. ever march has in store for the cyclones, senior night is monday night at coliseum. the cyclones hosting oklahoma state at 6:00. cyclones coming off saturday's big win against kansas state. abdel nader, jameel mckay, georges niang. they will look to send these guys out in style. >> more than ever, honestly. as a player, you're finally like, man, i have one more game to walk through those doors. you can't take it for granted, ever. i think me as well as my own senior teammates, we wanted to
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scott: they finished the big 12 with a home game against oklahoma state and saturday against kansas. the big 12 turn it in kansas city a week from wednesday. the madness begins this week with arch madness. drake is the 10 seed out of 10 teams, therefore has to play has to play its plan game thursday night in st. louis. -- click -- play its play-in g ame. if drake should advance on thursday, they will play evansville. illinois state and indiana state are the last quarterfinal game on friday. the final home game for the drake women. they made the most of it. at the knapp center on sunday, taking on bradley. scoring machine. drake up big.
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just too easy right here. a game-high 24 points and they blow them out. 78-45. uni women won their sixth straight game, knocking out loyola at home. nba fans cannot get enough. steph curry of golden state. it was 46 points on saturday night, three after three after three. it was a record-setting night. here is how the game ended. tied at 118 in overtime. seconds left. check out curry. you have to guard him.
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-- an buries his 12th three. he has the record for threes in a season. steph curry, good stuff. legendary dowling coaches bob and sharon hanson will not be a part of this week's girls state basketball tournament. their team failed to qualify this year. it's gonna be strange not having them there. it's something the hoops community has to get used to, because the hansons announced this week they are stepping away. after 46 years and six state championships, the hansons are retiring. they have spent their lives coaching, most of those years at dowling, and it's the people that they'll remember most . >> if you are coaching for wins and losses, you should probably get out of it. is all about the relationships. >> we love it. love being with the kids and just love being around coaches, players, even officials of you can believe it.
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scott: pork chop, pork chop, chicken wing and what does it have to do with this incredible story, coming up tonight on sunday sports extra. nascar today, a wild finish in the back of the pack.
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hold todd: next on kcci, and all new episode of "60 minutes." scott pelly reports on the smithsonian's monumental project on african american history and culture. plus imagine you couldn't , recognize faces, even your own i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white .
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that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> tonight on 60 minutes presents, preserving the past. >> the $540 million national museum of african-american history and culture is rising on the national mall. its complexion rendered in shades of bronze, a building of color against history's white marble. >> this is not the museum of tragedy. it is not the museum of difficult moments.
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is a balanced history of america that allows us to cry and smile. >> italy is home to two-thirds of the world's cultural treasures, trouble is the country is too broke to keep its historic rooms, churches and monuments from crumbling to dust. >> but now, some of this most treasured and endangered landmarks are being saved not by a government but by a more respected institution: the fashion business. >> what is possible for us to do for the country, we need to do now. >> when pope benedict xvi came to the familia he consecrated the church as a basilica.


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