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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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i didn't see anything that showed he was upset, just that he was standing there. again, i think he was in shock. mark: the trial will turn on mure's motivation for speeding. another officer who interviewed him at the hospital testified that mure told him someone in the other car showed a handgun before the chase and that the other car rammed him, causing the accident. but the officer says mure told him he did not know who was chasing him. an accident reconstuction expert also testified today the car was going 86 miles an hour when it zone. mure did not hit the brakes he . he was wearing a seatbelt. scalicity perez was not. this is a bench trial, no jury . so the judge will rule on the particular homicide charge. testimony resumes in the morning. stacey: the state rests in the murder trial of a former boone man accused of killing his wife. prosecutors called their final of criminal investigation today.
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with first-degree murder in the 2012 death of emily fazzino. he has pleaded not guilty, saying she drowned in a bathtub. todd: des moines police release new details in a late night shooting. it happened around 10:30 last night at 1422 east 17th court. 22-year-old dustin lee curtis of des moines told police he was visiting his child and girlfriend. he walked outside to his car and heard a pop sound, then felt pain in his stomach. police say the incident is suspicious and believe curtis' wound may be self inflicted to gain sympathy from his girlfriend. the case remains under investigation. stacey: right now two inmates , are missing from the newton correctional release center. the iowa corrections department says michael amodeo and jessy foley weren't present at inmate counts saturday night. amodeo is serving a 10 year drug sentence. foley is serving a 27 year prison term. in johnston, police have identified two fraud suspects caught on surveillance camera. investigators say this couple is wanted in connection with a
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it involves a credit card used to make fraudulent purchases around the metro. investigators say, thanks to help from the public, they were able to identify the suspects almost immediately. todd: it's been just over two months since an 18-year-old iowa state university student was hit and killed on lincoln way in ames. as kcci's vanessa peng reports, the city and the school are now looking at ways to make the road safer for pedestrians. vanessa: this intersection at lincoln way and ash avenue is extremely busy all of the time. you will see pedestrians walking across. to make matters worse, sometimes, some of these pedestrians ignore the crosswalk signal. loved ones continue to remember emily jacobs after police say in december, she was hit and killed by a cyride bus when the driver failed to obey a traffic signal. the memorial should serve as a reminder to be safe when crossing. we caught plenty of pedestrians ignoring it.
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before we have safety concerns. vanessa: the city of ames says they're looking at ways to make lincoln way safer. they're in the process of hiring a consulting firm to see if there are safety issues in areas that are heavily traveled by both cars and pedestrians. >> there is a lot of growth in student population and then if you look along campustown, a lot of that have been redeveloped. vanessa: during the half an hour our cameras were rolling, most people went against the crosswalk signal. >> me and a lot of students just kind of wait for there to be a safe enough gap of cars not to be crossing and then we cross the crosswalk. vanessa: isu sophomore hannah harfst says she doesn't worry too much about speeding cars. >> i don't usually pay attention to it because i just like look both ways and make sure there's no cars coming. and ever since the accident that like happened on this street, i haven't really been looking at my phone like i used to. vanessa: ames traffic engineer damion pregitzer says there's no
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run and the safety study but they want to make a busy road safer for everyone. pregitzer tells us the study is part of the city's long range transportation plan. they hope to finalize a deal with a consulting firm soon. they should get a plan to the city council by the end of march. stacey: voters in carlisle will decide tomorrow whether to approve a sales tax increase. city officials say the increase would give them new funds needed to improve. the city says it's not able to keep up with expenses and the increase would help. the sales tax in warren county is 6%. the referendum calls for an increase of 1%. nearly 1600 people who were overpaid nearly $434,000 in unemployment benefits won't have to return the money. the iowa workforce development voted to let the recipients keep the cash. of a faulty phone system. an audit shows the over-payments were part of more than
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and errors over 3 years. todd: time to check in with kurtis gertz with a reminder that winter is sticking around. kurtis: a fantastic weekend. a little band of light snow in northern iowa. the winter weather advisory right now. rarely making it to the ground. light rain along the quad cities north. the main area of snow in the dakotas. that will be dropping in a little later tonight. huge contrasted temperatures. lamoni, 65 degrees. in the metro, now at 44. central iowa south, start out as a little bit of a mix. north, upper 20's and 30's. when it precipitates up there, it will be in the form of all snow. a sharp cut off from north to south. right now it looks like areas down to the southwest. you had to story county, 1-3
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it looks like northeastern iowa could have a band of 3-6 inches of snow. if you like winter, there is a little more on the way in your 8 day forecast. of that, too. todd: the final game of the season against oklahoma state. stacey: tony seeman is live at hilton with a preview. tony: you can feel the hilton magic. it is a big one tonight. iowa state taking on oklahoma state, the final home game of the season. you know what that means. final home game means it is senior day. abdel nader, jameel mckay, and george the a.
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nothing short of magnificent. 350 assists. 95 career wins as a cyclone. career points. fifth in three-pointers. it has been quite a journey. >> i come in every day and give it my all. that is all i can control, how hard i work. i think if you do that, it is a recipe for success. i put a lot of hard work into this university and this program. tony: it should be a special one for george thes niang and all the seniors. back in des moines, the girls state basketball tournament.
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state hoops, especially when you go to school for it. the fans from exira, elk horn having way too much fun. they were taking on new will find. -- taking on newell fonda. abby smith, the strong move inside. what a game we had. third quarter, exira back in front. maggie rasmussen. in the end, the mustangs start to pull away. . newell fonda wins it. on the other side of the 1a bracket, turkey valley. shelby right with a runner in the lane. mount ayr response. with 30 seconds left in the game, down by just three. chelsea shields.
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by three. it is a turnover. class 2a. one of our teams only has one loss all year. we'll show you that game coming up tonight at 6:00. stacey: still ahead, birthday girl. how this calvin manor resident is turning 24-years-old today. todd: plus, medal of honor. the act of heroism that earned this navy seal a top military honor today. but first -- aixa: a controversial endorsement for donald trump.
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responding and how his opponents announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. todd: hundreds of delegates are at stake tomorrow and the republican presidential candidates are pushing themselves to finish strong on super tuesday. stacey: kcci's aixa diaz is live in washington. aixa, front-runner donald trump is facing an endorsement controversy. aixa: donald trump is explaining his reaction to questions about david duke and the kkk. mr. trump: david duke endorsed me? all right. i disavow, ok?
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david duke's endorsement on friday, but when he was asked on supremacist groups, the republican front-runner had no clear answer. mr. trump: i know nothing about david duke. supremacists. and so you're asking me a question that i'm supposed to be talking about people that i know nothing about. aixa: trump now says he had a hard time hearing the question through his ear-piece. sen. rubio: how can the nominee of the republican party, the party of lincoln, reagan, the party of hope and optimism, nominate someone who refuses to criticize the ku klux klan? sen. cruz: if donald trump is nominee, hillary, in all likelihood wins. ,aixa: a new cnn orc poll shows trump with 49% of support among republican voters, with marco rubio and ted cruz trailing by more than 30 points. >> rubio, cruz are just trying to survive to fight another day. aixa: analysts say trump's anti-washington message is resonating with voters, and could affect congressional incumbents who are also on the ballot super tuesday. >> if they're in a competitive primary, they should absolutely
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same fate as eric cantor. aixa: meanwhile john kasich, who , has 6 delegates so far, admits if he doesn't win his state of ohio in 2 weeks, it's game over. ben carson, who has 4 delegates, says he intends to stay in the race. stacey: stacey: aixa, we hear donald trump has picked up an endorsement from a sitting u.s. senator. aixa: that's right. alabama's jeff sessions is endorsing trump. he says the support behind trump is a movement. meanwhile, ben sasse of nebraska says he will not be supporting trump if he becomes the republican nominee. this republican senator becomes the first sitting gop senator to say explicitly that even if trump is the gop nominee will not vote for him. he also says that he will not vote for the democratic nominee. stacey: a navy seal who risked his life to rescue an american hostage in afghanistan received the medal of honor today at the white house. 36-year-old edward byers junior
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seal team 6. he's the first living, active duty member of the navy to receive the award in four decades. he says he was just doing his job. he also has 5 bronze stars and two purple hearts. also in washington a kcci , exclusive. steve karlin is on his way to dc -- two d.c. right now to have the first interview with senator charles grassley after grassley meets with president obama tomorrow to talk about the supreme court vacancy. steve's reports start tonight, only on kcci 8 news at 10:00. todd: also at 10:00 breaking the , law to ease the pain. kcci's mark tauscheck tells the story of a man going public with his very personal crusade. mark: it is once again a battle at the state capitol over medical marijuana. the latest research that came out during this legislative session shows 76% of iowans support the medical cannabis law. the owner of the company who did this research has a very
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bob lewis of windsor heights is so passionate about the fight to broaden iowa's medical cannabis laws, he's speaking openly about his personal 40 year battle with pain, and his solution, that is currently illegal in the state. >> i've had police officers tell me, good for you. mark: kits our story tonight on the kcci 8 news at 10:00. todd: once again be sure to , catch mark's special report, tonight, only on kcci 8 news at 10:00. i hate to think about it, but there is no snow on the way. kurtis: it has already been transitioning. we started out at 69. we have now cool down to 44 degrees. for your evening commute. humidity, 62%. rain in eastern iowa. a band of very light snow, at least for now, and some light
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creeping to the east. a little bit of light snow. we are expecting that to pick up especially as we slide through later tonight. look at the temperatures today. 39 in mason city. lamoni, 67. in contrast across the state. 50 nine in davenport. how high in the metro, 59. up in hamilton county, winter and will last through tuesday morning. also included in this, marshall county and tama county. winter weather advisory for a combination of snow and blowing snow. northwest at 7:00 p.m. slow transition from a mix to light snow. 10:00 p.m., 34. the metro by 7:00 a.m. know he'd wait tomorrow as we
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keep in mind, the average high this time of year around 42 degrees. you can see a bigger area of snow in the dakotas, and rain in the nebraska is. this will move through later tonight. this area of low pressure spins by the south. high-pressure fairly quickly and we will eventually have some sunshine midweek. it will also bring the colder air. the light snow moving on through. you see an intensifying by 11:00 p.m. the system wraps up, out of here by 6:00 a.m. clouds hanging around on tuesday and we will slowly break free to some sunshine on wednesday. depending on which commuter bottle -- which computer model, we will probably stay under get in cheer.
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story county, anywhere from 1-3 inches of snow. tomorrow, flurries early, breezy, colder. wednesday, 42. another system on thursday. spring returns. 40's to 50's. eventually, we will finish the weekend in the 60's. stacey: time to beat the traffic now. let's think a look at the big traffic picture in the metro. not looking too bad, but we do places. westbound 235 are around 56 -- right around 56 is slowing traffic to the west mix. todd: kcci 8 news is live with new developments right now. 6:00. emmy: a number of inmate escapes
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what prison officials have to say. cynthia: marco rubio hurling insults back at donald trump. what does governor branstad think of all the personal attacks? todd: a new coffee shop makes it nothing to do with coffee. first of several being built across iowa to give kids a second chance. how each cup of coffee helps young adults who have been in trouble or are headed toward it
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todd: she just turned 24 years old and she -- she just turned putting weirs old but she is really stacey: how's that 96. possible? helen phillips was born on leap day in 1920. she celebrated her 24th and 96th birthdays at calvin manor in des moines today.
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course. extra special on the leap years. stacey: phillips served in the marine corps reserves in washington dc during world war ii. secretary at pioneer until her retirement. todd: we already know how marco rubio and ted cruz feel about donald trump. stacey: today, we find out who for on super tuesday. take a look. jerry slankard says he's tired of politics and trump so he trucked manure to his pasture and spelled out his feelings. he says he doesn't give a well, crap, how others feel. >> i know there are a lot of people that might not agree with me, i know that is their right. but it is my opinion, not yours. todd: i guess you could call it
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stacey: we are all getting a little tired of the tone. u.s. astronaut scott kelly is getting ready to come home after nearly a year in space. todd: kelly and a russian cosmonaut served as test subjects on the international scientists studied the affects of space travel on the human body. it's all part of nasa's goal to make sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars. stacey: kelly has now spent the most cumulative time in space of any american in history. todd: we are next with a final check of the forecast.
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kurtis: looks like snow on the way. it will start later tonight in the metro. better chance to the north with heavier amounts. winter weather advisory in northeastern iowa. stacey: thanks for joining us.
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>> pelley: on the eve of super tuesday, trump clashes with black lives matter protesters. >> get 'em out. get 'em out. out. out, out, out, out. >> pelley: also tonight, a cop is gunned down on her first day on the job. the big chain food company pleads guilty to selling parmesan that had no parmesan. and david martin with an american hero. >> it's five bronze stars, two purple hearts? >> that's correct. >> pelley: and now the highest military honor of all. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: in candidate will


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