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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 1, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,, ,, >> jack: you' re absolutely sure? 100%? you' re coming back to jabot? no second thoughts? >> billy: not a one. >> jack: fantastic. >> billy: all right. >> victoria: billy! you' re -- >> jack: hey! >> victoria: hey, guys. i just got the most wonderful news. >> jack: well, we got some pretty wonderful news here, too. billy, as soon as he has recovered, is coming back to jabot. >> victoria: oh. that' s fabulous. i know how much that must mean to you. >> billy: being back in the fold. >> jack: it means a lot to all of us. >> phyllis: let' s get a picture. >> jack: good idea. >> billy: no. we don' t need a picture. i' m wearing a hospital gown. >> jack: no, come on. >> victoria: here. let me take it. we should capture this momentous occasion. of course we should. so, everybody get together.
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little closer, please. okay. you ready? >> billy: we' re ready. >> jack: ready. >> victoria: say "jabot." >> all: jabot! >> victoria: perfect. okay. i' ll e-mail this to you. >> jack: thank you very much, victoria. >> victoria: mm-hmm. >> jack: now we will always have this moment to remember. >> sage: paranoid? i hate that word -- paranoid.
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would you use instead? >> sage: oh, what word would i use to describe how hmm. let' s see. violated. and you can write down in a mental ward so i' d be out of the way and she i mean, how would that make you feel? because the woman' s evil. >> dr. karshmer: how do you feel about nick? >> nick: we' re getting in really deep here, and you' re the one who' s taking all the risk. >> sage: well, it' s worth the risks if we can find out what she' s hiding. >> nick: okay, but the second you feel like you' re in any danger, i' m pulling the plug on this. >> sage: nick, uh -- he' s a wonderful father. that' s one of the reasons why i fell in love with him. he' s really good with his kids. >> dr. karshmer: you mean the kids he has with other women? >> sage: [ chuckles ] yeah, that' s -- thank you. you took the words right out of my mouth, dr. karshmer. something that i' ll never share with nick. never.
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nick for the loss of your child? >> sage: yes. don' t shut me out. s holding something over you. t say it' out of jail, because that' you' re fulfilling all of you' re no longer in danger. >> adam: i don' t know where this t know where you' getting this. >> chelsea: it is so obvious he is blackmailing you... again. don' t you remember what happened last time? do you really want to go down that road again? >> adam: no, no. listen. things are different between the two of us, okay? our relationship is different. besides, what -- what would he have to blackmail me with? i don' t have any secrets, sweetheart, especially from you. >> chelsea: please. i' m begging you. tell me what' s going on. and -- and we' ll just work through it together. it' s okay. you know i am strong enough to handle the truth. you can tell me, and then you -- you won'
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influence anymore. i mean, think -- think about how good that will feel. you' ll finally be able to break the stupid newman curse. >> adam: newman curse. i' m at newman because i want to be at newman, okay? that' s it. that' s the story. there' s nothing to worry about. >> chelsea: no. no, there is something to worry about. i am worried about why i have the kind of marriage where my husband can' t tell me the truth. >> adam: okay. >> chelsea: and can' t tell me what victor has on you. can' t you do that for my sake? can you let me know what we' re up against? [ knock on door ] come on! [ sighs ] what? >> nick: we need to talk about sage. let' s just get everything out in
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what the heck? re on the amazing race! premieres cbs, friday, february 12. >> additional sponsorship provided by... >> sage: yeah. now that you mention it, i do blame nick for christian' death. things. starting with the fact that he never really loved me. he always felt... trapped. and he actually was. the first time we met, he was stuck in a bear trap. i helped him escape. >> dr. karshmer: uh, a bear trap? >> sage: yeah. think i' m making that up? nick was always looking for a way out, you know, because i was never really good enough to be a newman. and he said that none of that mattered, but i knew, deep down, that it really did.
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he was stuck with us. and then i lost christian, and he said all the right things, you know, but i knew that, deep down, he was really happy that he was finally free from me. and then this woman comes along, and she pretends to be all nice she wants to help us with our grief. but she really, really just wants nick to herself. isn' t that right? go on. say something. admit that i' m right! >> dr. anderson: sage, i thought that by keeping you here under observation for a few days, you would begin to see for yourself that you need help. but unfortunately -- >> barton: dr. anderson? may i have a word with you, please? >> sage: oh, okay. yeah. just go on out there and talk about me like i' m not here. no, go on! why can' t you say it in front of my face? >> dr. anderson: dr. shelby, go ahead. anything you have to say in front of me, you can say in front of the patient. >> sage: thank you. >> barton: well, i' ve read the preliminary report on sage' s intake interview, and i' m concerned there may be some other cause of her... erratic behavior. >> dr. anderson: doctor, i -- >> barton: in which case, we should rescind her commitment papers, pending more tests.
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t do that. >> barton: mrs. newman, are you saying you want to be committed? >> adam: nick, i told sage what i thought at the police station. i told her again at the hospital. now, you' ve done a really, really great, bang-up job of convincing her that you' re on her side, but please don' t try to peddle that sorry story here, okay? because i don' t understand how locking her in a mental institution is helpful at all. >> nick: i signed those papers so sage could be evaluated. >> adam: evaluated by the same doctor that she supposes is after her, right? >> nick: no. by a different one -- an independent psychiatrist on staff at memorial named dr. leon karshmer. but since you brought up dr. anderson, why don' t you ask sharon and dylan about her? because they will tell you she is the reason they have a happy family right now. >> chelsea: well, i know how hard it is to do the right thing for someone when they keep fighting you. >> adam: yeah, no. that -- that can be difficult, but sometimes you just -- you should trust that the person you love knows what' s best for herself. >> nick: did sage ask you for help, adam? >> chelsea: yeah, uh, what did she say to you when you guys were alone in the hospital?
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off. she told me that, deep down, she knows that you care about her, you love her, and you know what' s best for her. >> nick: but you know better, is that it? >> adam: well... >> nick: your marriage to sage was an act. what gives you the right to meddle in ours? >> victoria: i think it came out great. >> jack: let me see. >> phyllis: oh, i love it! >> jack: perfect! >> billy: jack, your hair' s amazing in it. [ laughter ] >> victoria: the three of you running jabot, building it back together -- it just feels right. >> jack: it is going to be >> billy: it' s gonna be the first time that i' m equal partner. >> phyllis: that is gonna make all the difference in the world. >> jack: much as i hate to admit it, i thought this might be the end, that the company our father built was headed for the scrap heap, especially when abby decided she wanted to work with character. >> victoria: what? dad told me that she was taking a break from the company, but that' s just... >> billy: that' s bizarre. >> victoria: yeah, to say the least. >> jack: phyllis was the only abbott i knew i could count on. she' s the one that convinced me to reach out to billy. i thought maybe your pride would get in your way. >> billy: pride?
11:11 am
about your other little brother. >> jack: well, look, the point is phyllis was right. you' re coming back to us. you' re gonna work with us. and that' s great, billy. i know you' ve been through a terrible ordeal, but you' ve ended up in a great place. yes, you lost this internet deal, but you' re not bitter. and that' s a win for all of us. look, the three of us are gonna make an incredible partnership. no looking back, only forward. >> billy: okay. >> phyllis: amen. >> billy: amen. and i can' t wait to get started. as soon as i can get out of this place. >> victoria: oh! you know what? in all of the excitement, i forgot to tell you. >> phyllis: you had some news. >> jack: yeah, what do you got? >> victoria: i do. i have news. dr. shelby gave the word that you can come home. >> billy: what?! >> jack: hey! way to go! >> phyllis: fantastic! >> jack: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. i' it' >> victoria: well, there' s the getting dressed part, and i' ll help you with that -- but the nurse is processing the paperwork and she' s getting your wheelchair. i' i don' t need a wheelchair. re gonna have your hands full trying to keep this guy from rushing you >> victoria: actually, i' m going
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that internet security deal that you mentioned? my father' s putting me in charge of that while he'
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>> jack: i swear, it is so like victor to fight like hell for a project and then dump it in his daughter' s lap. >> victoria: i am my father' s right-hand man, jack. >> jack: no, that' s not what i' m saying. he fought for that project like -- like his life depended on it, and now he can' t be bothered to manage it himself? >> victoria: well, maybe he did that because he trusts me to handle it. >> jack: i' m not insulting you. i' m on your side. i' m just saying victor' s like a little kid with a shiny toy. he loves it for two minutes and then tosses it aside for another toy. >> phyllis: well, i think it' s a lot more complicated than just child' s play. >> billy: why do you say that? >> phyllis: well, he gave victoria a project that, by all rights, should have been yours. >> victoria: you think he' s trying to cause tension between us. >> billy: that' s not gonna happen. >> victoria: i already told my father that billy and i are stronger than ever. and besides, while i' m in charge, i can keep my eye on this hacker girl, natalie. i can make sure she doesn' t try anything underhanded. >> jack: oh, hold on. no more business talk. your chariot awaits, sir. hey, don' t rush coming back to the office. we don' t want you doing too much, too soon. >> billy: i' m ready now, more than ready. would you like to do the honors?
11:16 am
that i love pushing you around. >> billy: mm. and just for the record, i can walk out on my own two feet. i don' t need this wheelchair. >> jack: humor the hospital lawyers, will you? >> phyllis: don' t forget this, all right? >> jack: hey. i will be in touch, see how you' re doing, but, uh, if you need anything before then, anything at all... >> victoria: thank you, jack. >> jack: you bet. >> victoria: okay. let' s go. oh. >> billy: could we at least do, like, a little pop-a-wheelie on the way to the elevator? >> jack: as down as i have been these last few days, that' s how happy i am right now, and it' s all thanks to you. >> phyllis: you are the one that convinced billy to come back to work with us. >> jack: which i never would have attempted if you hadn' t encouraged me. >> phyllis: okay. then why don' t we celebrate? we can have a romantic dinner. we can dance. >> jack: it' s just... >> phyllis: what? >> jack: i cannot believe
11:17 am
he snakes billy out of a deal, a deal that meant everything to my brother, and then he slithers out of town and pawns it off on someone else. >> phyllis: that ship has sailed, jack. let it go. >> jack: i wish it were that easy. >> adam: i was willing to back off. i was gonna respect sage' s wishes. in fact, that' s what i was doing. i' m in my home, and you come over here, and you inject yourself into my marriage by insinuating that i' m over-invested in your wife?! that' s what you' re doing. >> nick: well, aren' t you? >> adam: well, someone' s got to be! she is grieving, nick! she suffered a loss she' s never gonna get over! yo-you' re comforting her? no. you stick her in a padded room! >> nick: you don' t know what you' re talking about. fairview is a well-regarded progressive facility. >> adam: well-regarded? progressive? what are you talking -- what, are you doing their p.r. now? >> nick: i' m doing what' s best for sage, whether you like it or not! >> chelsea: will both of you please lower your voices? connor is sleeping. [ cellphone rings ] >> adam: [ clears throat ] jack. >> jack: hey, i know it'
11:18 am
notice, but we need to talk. can you meet me at the gcac or is this a bad time? >> adam: no. actually, jack, this is a perfect time. the timing couldn' t be better. i' ll see you in a little bit. i' m sorry about our evening. >> chelsea: it' s okay. if jack called, it -- it must be important. >> adam: yeah. listen, don' t wait up for me, okay? i' m probably gonna swing by the office, get some work done before i come home, so... nick... man, you know, i really hope you' re right. for sage' s sake. i really do. >> nick: so do i. chelsea, i' m sorry. i did not mean to come over here
11:19 am
if -- if your kid wakes up, don' t worry, it' s like a gift of mine. i can get him right back to sleep. >> chelsea: thanks. it' s okay. and don' t worry about adam. i mean, if you really think that it' ll help sage to go into some hospitaliz-- >> nick: i' m afraid he' s right. i' m doing everything i can to help her. i think i may have gone too far. i...i put her in danger. i'm home! this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day.
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>> "the young and the restless" will continue. ,, ,,
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,, >> sage: i don' t know what i want. it changes from one minute to the next. but i do know that i hate this woman for what she did to me so she can seduce my husband. and i hate her for helping sharon, for making it possible for her to have a baby while mine is gone. because that is all that i think about, and no one can understand what that feels like unless they' ve been through it. because i know that i need help. and i know that i feel guilty and i feel alone. >> dr. anderson: sage, we are here for you. you are not alone. >> barton: doctors, if i may, i' d like to have a moment alone
11:25 am
>> dr. anderson: of course. >> barton: all right, sage. it' s just the two of us now. suppose you tell me what' s really going on. >> chelsea: how could you be putting sage in danger? i mean, if it turns out she needs intensive psychiatric treatment, isn' t fairview the best place for her? >> nick: you know, it' s -- it' s complicated, and i' m still trying to sort it all out. but just because i have this crisis on my hands, it doesn' t mean i need to involve you or adam. i mean, i came over here and drove him out of his own place, which i did not intend to do. >> chelsea: no. that wasn' t your fault. adam -- he' s -- [ sighs ] he' s kind of like one of those firehouse dogs, you know? they smell smoke and they hear the alarm and then they just run straight for the fire. but in adam' s case, the smell is more about money
11:26 am
>> nick: you okay? >> chelsea: yeah. yeah, i' m fine. it' s... nothing out of the ordinary. >> nick: well, you know, i hear all the time i' m, like, the world' s greatest listener, so...i' m here if you want to talk. >> chelsea: thank you. i' m okay. the truth is it' s the same old story. your mother could practically recite it by heart. it' s the newman men and how their main focus is always on secrets and shady business deals. how did you miss out on that gene? >> nick: [ chuckles ] not as immune as you might think. but what' s this about adam? i mean, i thought his secret-keeping days were behind him. >> chelsea: so did i. but you know better than anybody -- your father' s love and support is not unconditional. there' s always a price to pay. >> adam: champagne, huh? the way you sounded on the
11:27 am
wrong. >> jack: no, actually, everything is right for a change. >> adam: that' s great. phyllis, you look beautiful. >> phyllis: thank you. >> adam: but, uh, what are we celebrating? >> phyllis: billy was released from the hospital tonight. >> adam: that' s great. well, that' s -- that' s wonderful news. you must be so relieved. that' s -- >> jack: we are relieved. we are elated. we are grateful. >> adam: oh, good. and i' m glad to hear he' s getting a second chance. i mean, i know how that feels. i have first-hand knowledge of that, so... that' s really something. well, let' s -- let' s -- let' s celebrate. to billy. you know, to billy, victoria -- the entire family. >> phyllis: hear, hear. >> adam: yeah. >> jack: you know, we have something else to celebrate. >> adam: really? well, i like that. what is it? >> jack: well, actually, it depends on you. >> adam: okay. that sounds cryptic. >> jack: i know victor is out of town. i know he left you in charge. so, it seems to me this is a great opportunity for you to set things right. >> adam: mm-hmm.
11:28 am
>> phyllis: oh, the internet security idea that victor grabbed while billy was in the hospital. >> jack: to victor, this is just another acquisition. to billy, this was a new start. so, what do you say? you want to do the right thing and sell the idea back to us? >> victoria: you okay? >> billy: i' m fine. >> victoria: this is more exertion than you' ve had in a whole week. >> billy: okay. >> victoria: you' re going straight to bed. >> billy: oh, no. i didn' t think i was ever gonna see this place again. touch these things. this isn' t a dream, is it? i mean, i' m -- i'
11:29 am
[ chuckles ] look what i got. i was wondering where that was. >> victoria: [ chuckles ] >> billy: miracles everywhere. >> victoria: well, if this is a dream, then i' m having it, too. it' s real, billy. it' s as real as you and me. as this remote. >> billy: [ chuckles ] >> victoria: welcome home. >> billy: hey. get over here. come here! [ grunts ] look at you. [ chuckles ] did you come and welcome me home?
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than tough enough to cut it. people are probably going to underestimate me. man: watch out, the metrosexual cowboy oh sole survivor, yeah. >> billy: your little sister' s sleeping like an angel upstairs. she' s probably big enough to go to work with you right away. >> victoria: you remember the last time you saw dad? he was at the hospital. it was kind of scary, wasn' t it? >> billy: you weren' t scared, were you? you' re a brave boy. you knew everything was gonna be fine, didn' t you? hey, look. i got something for you. johnny, look. hey. [ clicking tongue ] look at what i got. look. it' s your car.
11:34 am
>> billy: do you remember giving me that? that helped me get home -- that car and your little sister' s first word. >> victoria: you know, it still mystifies me how you know that was her first word. i mean, you -- you were in the hospital. she said it at crimson lights. >> billy: i have no idea. it baffles me still, but i know, as much as i know anything, and i' m home. and i ain' t going anywhere else ever again. >> adam: you want me to sell you back the internet security idea thing? right. nope. no. >> jack: adam, just hear me out. >> adam: jack, listen to me. i' m not gonna go behind my dad' s back and divest newman of an asset that he just acquired. s property. it was billy' s, in partnership with kevin. with billy at death'
11:35 am
victor swooped in and took advantage of the situation. >> adam: well, you' re leaving out a really important piece of that, though, right? you had every opportunity to invest in that idea yourself. you turned -- you turned billy down. >> jack: you think i don' t remember that? you think i wouldn' t do anything i could to change that? >> adam: but you can' t is my point. you can' t. just like you can' t expect me to undercut my father just to clear your conscience. so, thank you for the champagne. appreciate that. have a lovely evening. i' m glad that billy is on the mend. he' s gonna have to find another way to start over. have a good evening. >> jack: so, is he right? am i just doing this to assuage my own guilt? >> phyllis: you' re just trying to do right by billy. maybe you still can. there are other ways. >> jack: other ways? you have something in mind? >> phyllis: it' s getting late. it'
11:36 am
s been a long week of long days. >> phyllis: which is why i would like to table this business talk, please. >> jack: okay. what did you have in mind? >> phyllis: i don' t know. how about that romantic dinner i suggested earlier? what about that? >> jack: how about i one-up you? how about we take this celebration upstairs? >> sage: i-i don' t know what you' re talking about. >> barton: i think you do. >> sage: i really don' t know how i could be more raw and honest as i just was. i bared my soul to three total strangers, one of whom i despise. >> barton: you had anderson and karshmer convinced. but being a surgeon gives me a different perspective than my colleagues. >> sage: oh, okay. well, then, would you mind enlightening me? you tell me how i feel, since i don' t seem to know what' s going on in my own head. >> barton: frankly,
11:37 am
you were giving a performance. i see no sign of psychosis. >> sage: why? why in the hell would i fake something like this? >> barton: good question. why would someone deliberately try to have herself committed to a sanitarium? she would have to be -- >> sage: crazy? you' re right. i' m just pretending. i' m -- i' m totally sane. can i tell you the truth? i know that my husband' s having an affair with that colleague of yours. so, this is a trap. i want to hide away in here, because i have people on the outside that are watching them. and as soon as i get the real proof of the affair, everyone' s gonna know that i' m right. isn' t that brilliant? >> barton: brilliant. >> nick: are you waiting for the other psychiatrist to finish with sage? >> dr. anderson: oh,
11:38 am
dr. shelby is in with her now. >> nick: dr. shelby? why? >> dr. anderson: well, while dr. karshmer and i have reached the same conclusion about sage' s mental state, dr. shelby has his own concerns. he' s exercising due diligence. >> nick: why are you involved with my wife' s case now? >> barton: i thought there might be some medical explanation for her behavior, but after speaking with sage, i' m forced to agree with her psychiatric diagnosis. i' ll sign off on the transfer papers to fairview for her treatment. >> nick: maybe something will change in the next 48 hours. >> dr. anderson: the medical we don' t need any more time to make our recommendation. nick, the sooner that sage is
11:39 am
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11:42 am
>> nick: look, i know i' ve asked you this before, but i need to be absolutely sure. you' re sure fairview is the best thing for sage? >> dr. anderson: trust me, nick. it' s the only way. >> nick: you know i do, sandy. i do trust you. the fact that sage is gonna be in your hands -- it makes all the difference. >> dr. anderson: that means a great deal to me. why don' t you step down the hall with me so we can arrange for her transfer? >> nick: uh, you know what? could you just handle the details for me? i want to spend a few moments with sage. >> dr. anderson: of course. >> sage: nick! >> nick: hold on. all right. you got them all convinced. you' re going to fairview. >> sage: i know. the shrink on staff was really easy. dr. shelby -- he saw right through my act.
11:43 am
convince him that i was nuts. what? >> nick: i just left adam' s. i went over there to try and get him to back off, but... all he does it keep accusing me of turning my back on you. >> sage: i know. i told him to stay out of it. he' s just trying to help. >> nick: look, even though adam doesn' t know what we' re up to, he has a right to be concerned. sage, what if we never figure out what anderson' s up to? is this gonna be worth the risk? >> sage: yes. nick, i have to take this risk, okay? listen to me. we' ve been through so much together. we -- we can overcome this. we cannot let this twisted woman try to break us apart. we just have to prove that she' s not fit to treat patients and she' ll be out of our lives forever. okay? >> nick: okay. >> chelsea: i hear the coffee' s pretty lousy here. >> adam: uh, only if i' m the one making it.
11:44 am
me to save you from yourself. >> adam: we still talking about the coffee? >> chelsea: i didn' t come here to fight with you. >> adam: good. that' s a relief. what brings you by? >> chelsea: seeing nick and sage and everything that they' re going through puts things in perspective. >> adam: yeah. >> chelsea: i know how lucky i am to have you back in my life. i do. to victor' s machinations, but i feel like i' m right about this, and i feel like he has some leverage on you. and i -- >> adam: you are right. baby, you are right.
11:45 am
s called family. and in all my attempt to run away from it, i finally realized who and what i am, and -- and i' m sick of running. you know, i like who i am. i don' t want to change. and i would never ask you to change. >> chelsea: but i' ve been asking you to change. and it' s not right. [ sighs ] i do trust you. adam, i do. i know if something' you' ll tell me eventually, if -- but in the meantime, i can' t control you, and i can' t... compel you to be someone that you' re not. [ sighs ] i just don' t ever want to lose you again. >> phyllis: let me do that, please.
11:46 am
>> phyllis: if you are thinking about victor right now, that makes you a very, very bad man. >> jack: i hate the idea of my brother being left out in the cold. >> phyllis: i have told you -- this life is about things going very well and also coming off, okay? >> jack: you know what? you' re right. nice guys don' t finish last. look at me. >> phyllis: i know. and you' re not so nice, which is exactly the way i like you. >> jack: [ chuckles ] if this is a taste of what' s to come, i can' t wait to start rebuilding jabot with you. >> phyllis: you know what my favorite part is? >> jack: what? >> phyllis: sealing the deal. >> jack: [ chuckles ] >> victoria: do you need more pillows? >> billy: no. >> victoria: are you sure? >> billy: yeah. >> victoria: okay. you were propped up more at the hospital. >> billy: i' ll be fine. >> victoria: your incisions -- >> billy: sweetie, i' m not gonna break. i' m okay.
11:47 am
how close i came to losing you... >> billy: we' re not gonna talk about that. i just tucked in our kids. i just kissed them good night. and now i' m here with you -- just me and you, the only two people in the world. oh. >> victoria: oh, i' m sorry. >> billy: no, no, no. it' s not that. >> victoria: what did i do? >> billy: no. beep, beep. not tonight with this thing. we' re non stop, we' ve gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat
11:48 am
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11:51 am
>> nick: look, after you get transferred, anderson may pull some stunt where she doesn' t let me see you. she did the same thing to sharon after she got transferred. she didn' t let her see any of her family. now, if that happens, you have to keep your eyes open. don' t trust anyone -- not any doctors, not any patients, and if anyone tries to give you any medication -- >> sage: i love you. but i' m gonna be fine. i can take care of myself. >> nick: well, i know, but it' s not gonna stop me from worrying. >> sage: because you' re a sweet and caring man. >> nick: i' m crazy about you. i don' t know what i would do if anything happened to you. >> sage: we won' t have to find out about that, because i' m gonna be okay.
11:52 am
re in here, i promise to keep doing my part out there, okay? >> sage: okay. you have what you want, nick. are you just gonna wait around for my final humiliation? >> dr. anderson: sage, it' s time for you to leave for fairview. >> sage: i' m ready. >> adam: come here. come here. you know you' re never gonna lose me, right? hmm? >> chelsea: maybe not to another woman, but nikki says, to the newman men, their work is like a mistress. >> adam: work is like a mistress? oh, i see. okay. well, maybe that applies to my father. but not me. all right? i came too close to knowing what it would feel like to live the rest of my life without you. i' m not gonna risk that again. and newman and my father get some of my ideas. they get a little bit of my time. they get a little bit of my
11:53 am
but... >> chelsea: i' m sorry for ever doubting you. don' you don' t have to be sorry for telling me how you feel. okay? telling me how you feel... is one of the things i love about you. >> chelsea: really? >> adam: mm-hmm. your honesty, your brain, your heart... >> chelsea: mm-hmm. >> adam: your hair, your eyes, your lips. >> chelsea: yeah? >> adam: yeah. your face. and your body. oh, it' s happening. just a second.
11:54 am
[ gasps ] >> adam: what' s wrong? you all right? >> chelsea: yeah. yeah. perfect. >> how did i end up here? a place i' ve never been i feel the dam about to break all those feelings rushing in i' ve thrown away the picture
11:55 am
for the first time in forever i know how it feels to be alive and all that matters now is the love we know we feel a heart that' s bursting open a truth that' s been revealed it doesn' t matter how we got here just that we got here somehow ' cause love is all that matters
11:56 am
i spent my whole life waiting stuck on how it all should look gave up living in the real world for a page in someone else' s book it doesn' t matter how we got here just that we got here somehow ' cause love is all that matters all that matters now all that matters now >> next on "the young and the restless"... >> faith: sage is sick, and she
11:57 am
>> nick: who told you that? >> sharon: i did. >> colin: are you ever gonna trust me?! >> jill: you' ve given me a million reasons not to. >> hilary: i couldn' t sign the divorce papers. >> neil: does that mean you' re ready to give devon a chance? next at noon, we know more about the man shot to death at the stock show complex and their ties to the department of corrections. plus the broncos are in california. they're getting ready to talk to our crews tonight. we're live from superbowl city on what to
11:58 am
we're getting closer,, ,,
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