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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 2, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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>> neil: hello. [ knock on door ] what are you doing here? >> hilary: i am writing up the latest financial reports for dr. neville' s research project. >> neil: really? that' s not your job. >> hilary: and you are not my supervisor. >> neil: okay. come on, hilary. give me a break. >> hilary: i' m trying to help a doctor who saved my life. is that okay with you? >> neil: you have better uses for your time. >> hilary: you made your point, neil. >> neil: there are bigger issues to deal with. i heard you. i heard everything that you said. you could never love me again. you think i still love devon. i heard you. i couldn' t sign the divorce papers. >> neil: i' m not sure how to take that. does that mean you'
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give devon a chance and try to make your marriage work? >> devon: so, i had divorce papers drawn up. >> lily: oh. i' m sure that made hilary happy. >> devon: you' she hasn' t signed them. >> lily: why? >> devon: says she can' >> lily: i don' t -- i don' t understand. >> devon: i don' t understand, either. i, uh, you' d think she' thrilled i' m finally giving her what she wants. s not going back >> devon: doesn' t look like it. she want? >> devon: hell if i know what s like she' with me. >> lily: well, of course she' s playing games. she loves playing games with you and dad. is it about money? >> devon: i don' t know, and honestly, i-i really don' t care. i just want things to be settled and done. >> lily: i' m really sorry. i know it' s hell being in limbo like this. >> devon: it' s what it is. has anything changed with you and cane? >> lily: um, no. cane still can'
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>> lauren: i' m treating you and colin to lunch today for your anniversary. >> jill: my, that is a sweet sisterly surprise. >> lauren: anything for you. >> jill: [ chuckles ] >> lauren: and you, colin, you know. you' re married to her. >> jill: [ chuckles ] >> colin: you' re too kind. >> jill: oh. did you know that cane was meeting michael here today? >> cane: thank you. >> lauren: i knew that michael had a meeting, but i didn' t know it was with cane. >> jill: i have a very bad feeling about this. >> cane: so, um... i want to talk to you about lily and me and our situation. >> michael: the separation. mike, it' s been really hard on us, you know, and i just need to talk to you about, you know, what i should do next. >> michael: well, are you looking for personal advice or for a lawyer to help end your
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>> dr. anderson: how are you feeling today, sage? >> sage: why don' t you tell me? you' re the expert. >> dr. anderson: sage, i' m just asking -- >> sage: i' ve been committed to a psychiatric facility. how am i supposed to feel, doctor? i hate being here. and i guess i' m kind of relieved that i' m here. >> dr. anderson: really? >> sage: yeah, i' ve been doing a lot of thinking. not much else to do around here. >> dr. anderson: thoughts on? >> sage: how angry i' ve been at nick and you. i keep telling myself that the two of you are the problem, that i don' t need help.
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that i do, i guess i do. but i do know one thing. >> dr. anderson: what' s that? >> sage: i never apologized to you for attacking you. i never said i' m sorry. so... sorry. >> dr. anderson: well, i think we both know that you don' t mean that. >> faith: i drew something for daddy to give to sage. see? this is sad sage. this is how she feels now. but this is how she' ll feel later. >> nick: can i see that? >> faith: yeah. [ sighs ] i drew it because sage is sick and she might not be coming home for a while. >> nick: who told you that? >> sharon: i did. your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist
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with you, all right? woman: oh, my god. all right, we' re going to have an evacuation! oh, sole survivor, yeah. >> additional sponsorship provided by... my cholesterol is borderline. i can worry about it, or do something about it. helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. ommended. garlique. >> nick: why don' t you go get that hot chocolate i promised you? >> faith: okay. >> nick: [ chuckles ] why would you tell her sage is sick? i didn' i didn' t tell her that sage attacked dr. anderson or was arrested. >> nick: well, that' s not your place. >> sharon: okay, well, our daughter had questions. and besides, faith knows that i fairview. >> nick: you should have run it >> sharon: okay, well, i' i didn' t mean to upset you or step on your toes, but our daughter needed an explanation t gonna be around for a while. sage is in real trouble.
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t in as much trouble as you think. >> sharon: how can you say that, nick? what' s going on with you? >> sage: i really do feel awful about what happened. attacking you like that, it was wrong. and i-i really regret it. >> dr. anderson: taking responsibility for your actions, expressing remorse, if it' s sincere, is a first step. but it doesn' t mean that you' re ready to leave fairview. >> sage: it scares me that i need to be here, you know, but it scares me more how i lost it like that, how out of control i really was. >> dr. anderson: because you believe that i' m conspiring against you. you think that i want your husband for myself. >> sage: it sure as hell looks that way, now doesn' i' i don' t know what' s wrong with me. i'
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>> dr. anderson: look, sage, now that you' re here, we can work through all of this, okay? but you and i are gonna have to start trusting each other. do you think you can try to do that? >> sage: i will do everything i can to earn your trust. >> hilary: when i realized that i wasn' t ready to just grab a pen and divorce devon, i... it surprised me. i really don' t know what i want anymore. >> neil: oh, yes, you do. >> hilary: you made it perfectly clear where you stand in this, neil. you want me back with your son. but it' s not about what you want. it' s about what i want, what' s right for me, what' s right for devon. >> neil: exactly. >> hilary: i don' t know how to decide that. >> neil: hilary. try getting rid of the guilt and the fear and look right in here where your heart is, and you' ll find the answers. >> devon: i don' t think cane' s
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he won' t touch me. he barely speaks to me. >> devon: he' s afraid of getting s not like he' s never hurt me. but i found a way to get past it. but cane -- it' s been months. and i keep telling him that he' s the only one that i want and had, but he doesn' t believe me. >> devon: well, i mean, you' ve done your part. i' m giving up. >> devon: i think that one day maybe cane will let down his guard and admit that he still wants to be married to you. and when he decides to take that leap of faith, you should be there to catch him. it' s all i' m saying. >> lily: what if he doesn' t take that leap of faith? what if he can' t ever trust me again? >> cane: we' re living separate lives, and we' re co-parenting, you know, trying to be amicable for the kids. >> michael: well, it' s not the ideal situation, but everybody seems to be behaving. what' s the problem? >> cane: well, the problem is, i don' t know what my options are in case lily get tired of the arrangement, you know what i
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>> michael: hold on. has she given you any indication that she is tired of you? >> cane: no, no, no, no, no. i just -- i just want to be prepared, you know. >> michael: well, a custodial arrangement would be required should the situation escalate to a divorce. listen, cane, tell me. what is it exactly that you want? >> cane: i want to wind the clock back. i want to go back to the way lily and i were. but every single time i think how she cheated on me, michael, i just get... >> michael: you get angry. >> cane: god, i get so angry. >> michael: i know. you get angry. of course you do. look, i know something about that. when lauren had her affair, it crushed me. >> cane: how' d you bounce back from that? >> michael: it was work. we went to counseling. we talked and fought and cried a lot. >> cane: [ chuckles ] >> michael: but what really cinched the deal for me was the vision of my life without
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so i made the decision to trust so i made the decision to trust my wife again. >> cane: i would love it if lily and i can get to that place. >> michael: then make a decision. now, look, those three have been desperately trying to act casual while they' ve been watching us. >> cane: [ chuckles ] >> michael: let' s go say hello before they fall out of their seats. >> cane: you go first. >> michael: hey, wife of mine. >> lauren: hey. >> jill: hello, sweetheart. >> colin: didn' t expect to see you here. >> jill: good to see you. we are being treated to lunch. >> lauren: yes. so, uh, what were you two discussing? >> cane: so, how' s billy? how' s billy? is he good? >> jill: he' s recuperating. he couldn' t be happier to be back with victoria and the kids. which reminds me, how are things going on your home front? >> cane: you know, things are cordial. you know, we' re just trying to put the kids first. as long as they' re healthy and safe, that' s all that matters, you know. hey, i hear there' s a congratulations in order, right? second year anniversary. congratulations. >> jill: thank you. as a matter of fact, my darling husband and i are in the mood to
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lauren that we' re gonna throw together an impromptu family celebration to honor the occasion. >> colin: yeah, um, well, um, me and the little lady, you know how spontaneous we are. >> jill: we' re very spontaneous. so could you join us, please, maybe in an hour at the club? >> cane: i would love to. >> jill: great. we' ll see you then. >> cane: all right, i have an appointment. let me go take care of it and all. >> jill: okay. bye, sweetie. >> colin: okay. >> jill: [ chuckles ] >> colin: when did we decide to have a party? >> lauren: yeah. what' s going on? lips appear to age faster than other skin. no worries. now, there's new chapstick total hydration. its 100% natural, age defying formula is clinically proven to provide healthier, more youthful looking lips. chapstick
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>> lauren: okay, same room. i' m on that. >> jill: and the nudge. >> michael: that' s me. plus recruits. >> jill: and the shove. >> colin: that' ll be all of us. >> lauren: so, you and cane looked a little too intense for a friendly chat. what were you talking about? his marriage? >> jill: and legal repercussions? >> michael: i can' t divulge that. but if the question is whether or not i believe cane to be
11:18 am
with his wife, the answer is yes. the man is still in love with his wife. >> jill: good, good. >> colin: uh, i just can' t see this working. >> jill: darling, it won' t work without you. >> colin: but if there' s a snowball' s chance in hell of this fixing my son' s marriage, then i' m in. >> jill: what a prince you are. okay. >> colin: thank you. >> jill: so we' re all on board. let' s get to work. >> lauren: okay. >> devon: i still think you have a much better chance of working things out than i do. >> lily: yeah, if only. [ cellphone rings ] lauren, hi. sure. yeah, no, no, don' t worry about the short notice. my dad and devon? um, yeah, i' ll ask them. okay, see you soon. bye. >> neil: ask me what? >> lily: hey, uh, jill, colin, lauren, and michael are coming here for, um, an anniversary celebration, and they want us all to attend. >> neil: i don' t know about that.
11:19 am
>> lily: okay, this is for jill, so the two of you can put your feelings aside and be there for her to wish her a happy anniversary. so i' m gonna get things ready. you two talk. >> devon: i don' t have anything to say to you. >> neil: okay, fine. then just let me do the talking, all right? [ cellphone rings ] hold on one second. yeah, hi, michael. uh, yeah, i' m aware of the party. lily just told devon and me. oh, no, i' m not in the mood for celebrating, so i -- what about lily and cane? >> sage: am i crazy? >> dr. anderson: we don' t like to use that word here. what you are is grief-stricken over the terrible loss of your child. and now that grief, unfortunately, has evolved into paranoia and delusion. >> sage: [ sighs ] all i ever wanted was a family, and now i' ll never be a mother, and nick probably doesn' t want me, either. >> dr. anderson: perhaps.
11:20 am
thing for you to do right now is to maintain some distance from nick. >> sage: [ sighs ] i don' t think i can do that. >> dr. anderson: well, if you' d just done that before as i had suggested, it would have given you time to grieve. and would we be here now? >> sage: probably not. >> dr. anderson: sage, you have to concentrate on getting well. and you might want to consider what you' re gonna do after you leave fairview. >> sage: you think i should do that? you think i should leave town? >> dr. anderson: [ sighs ] yes. i mean, listen, it has to be your decision, sage, but i think it' d be really great for you to get a fresh start. there' s an additional assessment, a brief written test. i' d like you to take it. would you be willing to do that? >> sage: sure. >> dr. anderson: okay. all right, i have to get a copy from the main office. i' ll be right back. >> nick: all i' m saying is, sage is working through her problems, getting past the struggle. >> sharon: but you got her a good therapist at fairview, right? she' ll be okay. >> nick: she'
11:21 am
dr. anderson. >> sharon: but sage can' t stand dr. anderson. >> nick: that' s part of the problem that sage is dealing with. anderson knows us so well, so she will help sage get to the place she needs to get faster. [ cellphone rings ] sorry. excuse me. hello? >> sage: nick. >> nick: how' d you get to a phone? >> sage: anderson left the office, and i' m in here alone. she' s definitely moving in for the kill. under the guise of psychiatric advice, she says that you and i should break up. >> nick: you' re kidding me. >> sage: no. and she also said that i should leave town. she definitely wants you. >> nick: have you been able to find out anything about anderson' s past, i mean, why she injected herself into our lives? >> sage: nothing yet, but i think i can probably find something in her office, maybe some pictures or some documents. i just need a little more time alone. >> nick: [ sighs ] i don' t know about that. i mean, it' s just -- it' s not easy on your end. it just gets you in deeper. >> sage: honey, i' m fine. don' t worry about me.
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>> nick: hey, uh, sorry. i got to take off. but i will make sure that sage gets this, okay? >> faith: okay. bye, daddy. >> nick: bye. don' t forget -- my place tomorrow night. big sleepover. gonna be fun. >> sharon: give sage our best. >> nick: i will. hey, sandy. uh, is this a good time? >> dr. anderson: hey, nick. um, i have a moment. >> nick: good. i was wondering if we could meet. >> dr. anderson: sure. uh, when? >> nick: right now. top of the tower? >> dr. anderson: um, look, if this is about sage' s case, i mean, i will be giving you regular and official updates. >> nick: no, uh, it' s not just about sage, uh, sandy. i' d like to talk about us. >> dr. anderson: um, okay. let me, uh, let me wrap this up and i'
11:28 am
um, hey, uh, can you follow me? i need some help with the patient. >> sure, dr. anderson. >> dr. anderson: thanks. sage, this is the test. try not to overthink it. just write down your honest responses and leave it on my desk. um, chris will escort you to your room. >> sage: you aren' t staying? >> dr. anderson: uh, no. i actually have an appointment i have to run out for. but i' ll check on you later. okay. thanks. >> sage: bye.
11:29 am
>> neil: so i heard that, uh, hilary didn' t sign the divorce papers. >> devon: you spoke to her? >> neil: yeah, briefly. i did. devon, it' s a good sign. >> devon: no. maybe she' s just hedging her bets and keeping me on the line in case things don' t work out with you. >> neil: that' s impossible, because things can' t work out with her. and i already made it clear to her that we don' t have a future together. >> devon: did you? so, what? you sleep with her, you reject her, and then i' m the backup plan? >> neil: i' m not even gonna answer you on that one. do you understand that those papers were a great reality check for her? it made her think about what she really wants. >> devon: ever since we found her, all she' s wanted is you. >> neil: you' ve forgotten that she lost her memory. she' s been confused about everything. i believe that she has deep feelings for you. don' t shut her out, okay? i want you to talk to her. >> devon: i think i' m done talking about this with you, ' cause we' re here to save a marriage that actually has a chance right now. >> neil: you know what?
11:30 am
>> lily: hi! >> lauren: nice to see you. >> lily: hi, everyone. welcome. >> devon: happy anniversary, guys. >> lily: yeah, happy anniversary. hi. good to see you, too. >> jill: ohh. this is so beautiful. how lovely these flowers are and the champagne. thank you for doing this for us. >> lily: of course. >> jill: isn' t that nice of her, colin? >> colin: hmm? oh, oh! yeah. >> lily: i was happy to do it for you. >> lauren: well, why don' t we have some drinks? >> jill: oh, lovely. >> lauren: here we go, neil. your sparkling water. >> neil: my water. >> lauren: perfect. champagne for you? >> lily: yes, please. of course. we' re celebrating, right? [ chuckles ] >> michael: yes, we are. >> cane: hey. >> lily: hi. >> jill: contact has been made. on to phase two. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture... i can tell you prolia is
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cer: these 11 teams will have no cell phones... what the heck? e-mail... that' s so surreal. they take on the world. this is fun. amazing race season premiere-- february 12. >> hilary: i didn' t want this. i tried so hard. but you' re always there. in my mind. in my dreams. i did everything i could to stop myself from running and finding
11:35 am
i love you. >> devon: i love you more than i ever thought was possible. and i cannot imagine my life without you in it. >> devon: i notice you can'
11:36 am
stop staring at my sister. >> cane: well, i never said i stopped caring for her, so... >> devon: i think it goes a little deeper than that. when' s the last time you guys were together without the kids? >> cane: it' s been awhile. >> devon: ' cause you' re trying to keep your distance? it seems like, uh, from where i' m standing, keeping your distance isn' t helping very much. >> cane: [ chuckles ] >> devon: just an observation i' m making. you know, you can' t stay frozen in time forever, cane. believe me. i know that. [ cellphone vibrates ] >> cane: you know what? uh, you should get that. excuse me. >> neil: something wrong? >> devon: hilary wants to see me. >> neil: oh. well, go. go on. this could change everything. >> devon: about what? >> neil: the rest of us will handle things here. go on. >> devon: hey, excuse me. sorry. i' m gonna have to take off, but
11:37 am
>> jill: oh, thank you. thank you for everything. >> devon: of course. of course. good to see you guys. >> lauren: bye, sweetie. >> devon: see you. >> jill: so...[ clears throat ] where was i? >> michael: in hong kong with tucker. >> lauren: yeah, he wouldn' t climb up to the buddha. >> jill: oh, that' s right. and nothing i could say would change his mind. he just would not do it. and then from across the room, this woman with white hair, she looked a little bit like katherine, screams out, "my prayers have been answered!" apparently all the way from tulsa, she' d been dreaming about this big blond hunk of masculinity would help her up the 260 stairs and back down again. [ chuckling ] so she grabs poor tucker, then he escorts her up 260 stairs and back down. i thought the man' s legs would fall off. >> neil: all that way? >> jill: yes. it was ridiculous. [ laughter ] sweetheart? hey. sweetheart. honey, are you with us? >> colin: uh, uh, yeah. yeah. uh, uh, please, no, continue with these stories you' re
11:38 am
>> jill: my god, why did you say it like that? >> colin: well, you love to talk about this guy. >> jill: it was a silly, little story, darling, not that you heard any of it. >> michael: [ chuckling ] it was hysterical. >> lauren: would, uh, anybody like more champagne? >> jill: hmm. how nice of you to offer, lauren, since clearly my husband' s head is elsewhere. >> colin: you' re not still on me about the phone here, are you? >> jill: oh, darling, would i do that? >> colin: good. >> jill: let me see it. >> colin: ah! don' t be ridiculous, jill. >> jill: colin, let me see -- >> colin: maybe, just maybe, it' s a special gift i have for our anniversary and i don' t want you to see it! >> jill: and maybe, just maybe, it is some lying, cheating thing you' re doing, like an illicit deal. wouldn' t be the first time, would it? >> colin: are you ever gonna trust me?! >> jill: you' ve given me a million reasons not to. >> colin: oh, double for you, sweetheart! you -- >> jill: don' t you dare call me anything! >> lily: okay, hey, that is enough, you guys. >> colin: what about being locked in the attic with the furry handcuffs?! >> jill: never mind the furry handcuffs. you lied to my face. >> colin: what?! >> cane: guys, guys, it' s your anniversary.
11:39 am
last anniversary. >> devon: i really don' know why i' m here, hilary. >> hilary: it' s about the divorce papers. >> devon: you haven' them. i know that. is that it? >> hilary: it' haven' t signed them. >> devon: if you asked me to come up here so you can tell me my father -- >> hilary: devon. >> devon: what? >> hilary: i want to be with you. can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. only on you deserve more than this, darling. well, a new samsung tv would be nice. but we need low monthly payments. we can go to yes!
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11:42 am
from gerber. >> dr. anderson: it seems like being removed from the pressures of the outside world is actually
11:43 am
s better? >> dr. anderson: i don' t want to mislead you. she' s still exhibiting a lot of erratic behavior. but she was able to carry on a rational conversation with me. surprisingly, she seems open to treatment. >> nick: [ sighs ] yeah, i can' t, uh, stop worrying. our situation has gotten complicated. >> dr. anderson: because you and i have grown so close. are you having second thoughts about my being sage' s doctor? >> nick: uh, only because, uh, it must be difficult for you, knowing sage has all these outrageous suspicions of us. >> dr. anderson: if you want me to withdraw -- >> nick: no. no, sandy, i... i trust you with sage. selfishly, i want you to treat her. >> dr. anderson: why is that? >> nick: because you understand me. well, sage and me, you know. you were so compassionate after sage tried to attack you, and you were willing to do anything you could to help her. >> dr. anderson: it'
11:44 am
s just as important for me to help you. >> sage: just...? >> yeah. i' ll walk you back to your room. [ crash ] >> sage: oh! >> hey! hey! come back here! >> devon: i' ve waited a really long time to hear you say those words. >> hilary: i couldn' t say them before. >> devon: you pushed me away. >> hilary: i was confused. >> devon: and you' re not confused anymore? you choose me now? >> hilary: okay, i know how it feels like it' s coming out of nowhere, but... >> devon: why, hilary? >> hilary: because i remember what we had. >> devon: you know what i remember? i remember that you just slept with my father. that memory is very fresh in my mind.
11:45 am
s a little too fresh. >> hilary: devon, devon, devon, please. please. >> devon: why, hilary? >> hilary: i almost died, okay? and coming out of that, i-i was disgusted by the lies that i told, by my selfishness, by everything i did to neil. >> devon: what we did to neil. >> hilary: no, i was married, devon. you weren' t. so every time i thought about our affair, it just -- >> devon: our love. >> hilary: i couldn' t escape the guilt, so i tried to reset my life back to who i was when i was with neil. >> devon: how' d you feel once you got there? >> hilary: i was relieved. you know, i was certain. i was so certain that i was doing the right thing. devon, i was that same woman in fix everything that i' d broken. neil -- he made me see. >> devon: he pushed you away. >> hilary: no, no, he made me look, just really look, at everything that i was doing to
11:46 am
s when i saw. i saw that i never set out to hurt neil. i saw that i wasn' t careless with my marriage or my vows, and i wasn' t blinded by love. and you -- you weren' t just some itch that i had to scratch. that' s not why i cheated on my husband. >> devon: so why did you? >> hilary: i love you, devon. i do. i' m just sorry that i hurt you. i remember what we had, and i want that. i want that forever. devon, you fought for us. please don' t stop fighting for us. just give me one more chance. >> neil: the only problem that you two have at this moment is that you' re too much alike. >> michael: i agree, and i respectfully suggest that you get over it. >> jill: and i respectfully suggest that he get a room, because i am through with you, darling. >> lauren: oh, please.
11:47 am
have begged and pleaded with you to walk away from him and you refused? you know why? because the two of you work together. listen, no marriage is perfect. [ chuckles ] but despite your issues and your arguments and your atrocious errors of judgment, you two have chemistry. and i suggest you start remembering that instead of fighting about it. >> colin: you know, of all people, your sister does make a good point. >> jill: i suppose so. so, go ahead. >> both: apologize. >> jill: no, you first. >> colin: no, no, please -- >> cane: guys, enough, enough, enough. dad, you spent decades and you were miserable. you were married to my mother, the wrong person, and then you met jill, and it' s the first time in my life i' ve seen you happy because she loves you despite your...obvious gaping character flaws, so... >> jill: i do, and there are many gaping character flaws. >> cane: right. and he loves you despite your flaws. >> jill: mnh!
11:48 am
m trying to say is, what you have is real. and in the end, that' s all that matters, isn' t it? >> colin: yeah. you' re right. i' m -- i' m sorry. >> jill: i' m sorry, too. i love you so much. >> cane: hey. >> lily: that was some speech. >> cane: thank you. do you, um, maybe want to go somewhere where we can talk in private? >> lily: more than anything. >> cane: yeah.
11:49 am
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11:52 am
>> cane: i, um... i don' t know -- i don' t know where to start. >> lily: just say it, cane. good or bad, just say it. >> cane: i miss you. i miss you so much.
11:53 am
>> michael: all right, brilliant plan. i said so from the start. [ glasses clinking ] >> neil: that' s what they needed. >> colin: indeed. our fake fight, it paid off in spades. >> jill: outstanding performances. >> lauren: [ chuckling ] did you see how they snuck upstairs? >> michael: i know. they' re probably off reconciling as we speak. >> lauren: ooh! >> colin: i wouldn' t mind doing a spot of that myself. >> jill: oh, where? >> colin: maybe home for a more intimate celebration. oh, and by the way... >> jill: hmm? >> colin: there is a rather special gift on the way. >> jill: let' s go open it, honey. [ chuckles ] >> lauren: very nice. >> michael: i wouldn' t mind
11:54 am
>> lauren: really? >> michael: mm-hmm. >> jill: neil, do you mind? have fun, everybody. wait, uh, before you go, one more toast. to the two of you. congratulations. >> jill: oh, thanks. >> neil: and like i said, you are lucky. [ glasses clink ] >> colin: i agree, my friend. >> jill: i know we are. >> neil: cheers. >> jill: thanks. hmm. >> neil: the right people got back together. mission accomplished. >> jill: thank you for everything. >> michael: have a good night. >> jill: bye, sweetheart. >> colin: bye. >> neil: yep. bye, mike.
11:55 am
>> hilary: devon? >> devon: i' m glad. >> hilary: you are? >> devon: yeah. it' s good. it' s good that you -- you found some clarity. but, um... i don' t think that i can do this again. [ door opens ] >> sharon: now that you' ve had your bottle and you' re all bundled up, we' re gonna go for a ride. and i bet your big sister will love to sing you your favorite
11:56 am
faith? i thought you were ready to go. well, what' s wrong? >> faith: i don' back to daddy' s. i want to live with you and dylan and sully. >> sage: damn it. >> nick: yeah, it' s been a rough time, sandy, but i' ve been through rough times before.
11:57 am
>> dr. anderson: we all need help sometimes. i' ve just hated watching you suffer. sage and sharon -- i mean, these women you' ve been with, they' ve treated you so badly. you deserve better. >> nick: well, i' ve -- [ chuckles ] i' ve made my share of mistakes. trust me. >> dr. anderson: no doubt. and it would be easy to blame you for the choices you' ve made. but i can' t. i know you always mean well. i know that you' re a genuinely good man. this? >> dr. anderson: because i care for you. >> next on >> noah: i' m so sorry about what
11:58 am
>> billy: you were there. >> adam: how do you think he' s gonna respond when he finds out that this isn' t just something that we found out, you' re the one that ratted him out? >> marisa: i need to know where adam is springing the trap on luca. i need to stop this before all hell breaks loose. next at noon, the snow hadn't let up yet. many schools are out. businesses are closed. now, it's time to dig out. dave shows us when the snow will move out of here. plus, hillary clinton wins a close race in iowa, ted cruz captured the first republican
11:59 am
primary. and the drive to the,, ,,


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