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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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good morning, everyone. i'm happening on the away from the superbowl. alan and lauren are there live. we're going to go to them in a moment, but it is only 9 degrees in denver. a really chilly start to the day. let's get to dave and figure out what's morning.
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>> good morning. you're going to have to layer up big time. take a look at these temperatures we have around the area. it's 12 in wheat ridge. stapleton at 6:00. minus 3 in -- gary is our weather watcher in -- on the satellite and radar, we have clouds on the west side pushing into the mountains and a break east. so we may have sunshine coming in once the sunshine rises for morning travelers and embedded in the higher foothills, there's a few flakes going on. we have a good northerly flow. at noon, about 27. a high at 29. they'll be peaks of sun mixed with cloud s. there's one chance about 4:00ish of seeing flakes flying by. no accumulation expected from that. let's check traffic. joel, i know it's
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early, but people are starting to get out there, aren't they. >> they are and they're probably surprised of how nicely the roads are plowed. this is i-25 and 110 coming southbound into town. you can see the sheen on the roads and the chemicals they have out there and be cautious because these chemicals can freeze, and those are probably what they had applied yesterday and the day before. so anyway, you make your way into town. cam. you can see the added volume we have out there. although the roads are fine as you get onto interstate and we're near posted speed limits, the issue is on the side streets where we have accumulated snow and ice. you can go post the speed limits. okay along i-25 but you don't want to try that into neighborhood side streets. >> great point, joel. back to the superbowl. the broncos hopefully come out winners.
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let's go on live to san francisco where alan and good morning. >>reporter: we're feeling good. >> the buzz around town has been awesome so far. we've seen so much orange around here. >> we're live this morning at superbowl city. welcome to san we're in this is francisco. of course, we're a number of miles from santa clara where the big game is happening on sunday. the broncos, we believe are safely asleep in their beds getting their rest and getting ready. >> they're pumped. we're pumped. last night we were around all kinds of activities. the city is with a buzz with superbowl fever. >> we've had a good covers with people about the excitement here, britt, and what's going on. everybody from the tired old hippy cab driver we had yesterday to the guy i talked to in the street last night about it, they love having the superbowl here. there's a lot of excitement in this city and
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this is superbowl 50. this is the big one. >> this is the big one. >> if you're going to have a superbowl, this is the way to do it. >> we'll have more in a little bit. we'll take you around superbowl city -- >> i imagine there's a colorful cloud in san francisco. thank you for that. the snow and the cold left a mess on the side streets around the metro area. chris is live -- chris, the very cold morning certainly doesn't help what's going on, on the roads. >>reporter: not at all britt. 14 degrees is the temperature where i'm standing. that's pretty chilly. over my shoulder, you can see colfax. they've done a good job getting this street cleared. on the turn lanes, you'll find snow accumulation, so you'll have to take it easy, but this is really where the issues are. you heard joel talking about it. a transition from a -- it's
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blacktop now to something like gill pin. solid snow packed and you'll have a loot of cars that are sitting along the side of the street snowed in. so a lot of challenges this morning. not so much the freeways, but side streets. it's a slow take off, so the tires don't spin. britt, coming up at 5:30, we're going to talk about another challenge you'll find and we'll do my shirt experiment to show you how cold it is. >> okay, chris. thank you for that. let's go to another part of the metro area. cbs 4 shawn chitnis is along federal and spear and shawn, i see the snow packed roads behind you. >>reporter: britt, good morning. a similar picture to what chris was describing. you can see the white all over this street that was plowed. it looks like it's
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going to be a challenge. there's better conditions for drivers as they go through the day. let's show the plows at work yesterday trying to get as much as they could. these residents streets -- in all, 1300 miles of denver residential streets were plowed yesterday. 12 hours to clear all those streets and we're expecting the city to reassess if they're going to need more plows in the area later today. these plows especially when hitting residential streets, they're able to clear the first few inches. that can make an impact and help you out, that's not going to take care of everything, so as we look back out here live, we can see what the challenges are going to be for this morning, and that is of course with these dropping temperatures. we're going to see ice crystallized and cars covered with the snow. we can see the streets starting to shine which means that's the ice you'll face as you start your drive this morning.
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live in denver, shawn chitnis, cbs 4 news. report. shoving is no fun, but it's the law in colorado cities. in denver, property owners have 24 hours to remove snow and ice from sidewalks and business owners have 4 hours. you can calling 311. delay. schools start at 8:30 or later are on a 1-hour delay while other denver schools will operate on -- we have a list of school closures on our website at many schools on eastern plains are not holding classes this including lie man, c-2, ray, and uma. we'll continue to add any delays or cancellations as they come in, so be sure to check that out. let's go back to alan and janai in san francisco. you finally made it out of town.
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fran. >>reporter: we had a delay leaving denver because of the weather in denver and we sat on the tarmac and our plane was that was fascinating to see. you fly into san francisco and you notice how green it is. there's a chill in superbowl city, but as we got into town last night, the important thing to find out what was to do. >> he's a bartender and we're in a beautiful building here, and people say you got to get out and experience wine and night life in san francisco. where am i going to go? >> come here in the ferry building right across from the superbowl village. >> wine in san francisco seem to go together well. people talk about it a lot. >> definitely. it's synonymous with napa valley. a great selection and great varieties
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>> if you get around in san francisco, you're obviously going to go here because this is where you work. where else am i going to go to experience that part of the night? >> you throw a rock and you'll hit something from north beach. there's a bunch of wine bars to the mission district. they have a great night community. great wine bars. >> so we're out here. it's a romantic evening and it's you guys and it's me and it's probably a little uncomfortable, but i'm curious, where should i go, what should i do? we just got to san francisco. where do you find the romance here that you've found? >> there's a bunch of places you can go for that, i think. one of them is the ferry building. they have great ice cream. great restaurants. >> do you go to dinner, a little ice cream? >> yeah, exactly. >> just ice cream. >> mostly ice cream. >> we don't go to dinner here. we go to alameda for that. >> a little pricey here. >> exactly.
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>> what kind of food should i have? >> ethiopian. there's a lot of variety here in california and the bay area. a lot of ethnic foods you can find. we like ethiopian, so we're going to try that. >> i won't go with you. there's beautiful buildings and wine and culture buildings. >> there's wine. as a local, one of my favorite things to do is take an urban hike, so you just start here, and you just meander through the streets and you can wander through china town and all these great neighborhoods and you come across little parks, and you come across wine bars, little eateries and you make your way to the golden gate bridge. it's a fabulous hike and i'll challenge you denver people to take it on. >> you have serious hills here. >> we have serious hills, but it's great exercise. make sure you get in the line street steps
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to get some hills, but it allows you to find the little neighborhoods and just -- the beautiful charm so you don't need to think of san francisco as the big city. >> there is so much to do here in the big city, britt. and i'm disappointed that that beautiful young couple didn't ask me to go along with them as they watched the ferries come and go along the water front. i don't know why that didn't happen. >> nothing says romance like a threes company date. you had wine tasting. bring me back a bottle of pinot. thanks for that. wine tasting, dave, really. >> i like how alan said there's they're in the 40s out there right now. and we're in parker, our weather watcher has 8 degrees. as you wait for your bus stop, you're going to be 8 degrees and partly cloudy skies. a cold morning here in colorado. joel.
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>> getting to that bus stop, you're going to go through snow and ice along the side streets, but take a look from the cbs mouse trap cam. the highways are nicely plowed. if you're getting in your car, you can,,
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hi, everybody, i'm alan gionet in the heart of san francisco in herman plaza. things are getting going this week. superbowl week gets that slow start, but you get to wednesday and things ramp up.
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lit up in san francisco for the superbowl. they project these buildings at night. sleepy this morning. dave, 40s here. it feels better than in denver where the temperature there. >> no kidding. we're 9 here alan. you picked a lucky week to head to california, i'll tell you what. hey, with all that snow we had around here yesterday, lakewood was the communities that had well over a foot of snow. mike herman sent this in. it took him a long time to shovel the walkway to his door. here's the numbers across the state. 0 in greeley right now. 8 at dia. 12 in fort collins. single digit s s in the mown an low-- in the mountain locations. bruce had 2 feet of snow. right now he's 9 degrees. it's not going to melt anytime soon. we have clearing skies overnight.
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we had radiation cooling. any heat we gained yesterday, what little heat we had, just going into the atmosphere. we have clouds on the west side into the mountains, so part -- part will be in the mountains and some in the sunshine. when it moves into colorado, it will heat things up. we'll have a warmer day tomorrow. future cast with that moisture coming in on the northerly flow might have flurries in the northern mountains. denver around 4:00 or 5:00, might see a quick flury pass by. nothing heavy duty. i don't think it will impact the rush hour. don't be surprised if you see that happening on way home. teens in the mountains ans and -- the break down for denver today, by noon, we'll be high 29. there's the flury in the afternoon and then we clear out and get cold again overnight tonight. looking
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ahead, a chance for flurries coming up on friday and again on superbowl sunday as well. february, typically is cold. and typically has a few flakes. >> it's still winter. take a look at colorado. i-70 well plowed. you can see the pavement along either direction. there may be residual chemicals and ice on the roadways. be careful of that. the tough part is transitions as you make your way from these nicely plowed highways all cleared onto side street and the transition from a side street like colfax to numbered streets, it gets worse. you're going to have varying conditions. allow yourself extra room between that car in front of you. we're across the denver, metro area. a lot of gray across this map and that's translated into excellent drive times as well. britt. c470 to i-25, that right now is just
5:18 am
13-minute drive. >> time for kelly werthmann. she's talk ing to players about the super experience. >>reporter: good morning from santa clara outside of levi stadium where superbowl 50 will be played on sunday. earlier yesterday, i got the cans to speak with omar, defensive back for the denver broncos and he says although he's not playing because of that knee injury, he's soaking it up and trying to enjoy -- >> this time around i took full advantage of enjoying the moment. when i came six years, i didn't do that. yesterday i had my camera and capturing as many moments as i could and grab a picture of my friends i have on the team so he can share with them. >> michael or the inspiration for the movie "the blind side" is taking questions from rotters during the media session yesterday.
5:19 am
he's in his 7th year in the nfl after an unlikely journey as chronicles in that movie and he has grown tired of talking about the film because it has come to define him. he wants to be known as a good football player. he appreciates what he went through to get here. >> i pinch myself being here in the superbowl and knowing the road i had to travel. it has been tough and hard. most people don't get the opportunity to -- opportunities and the chances that i've gotten, so everyday i pinch myself to be around. that's why i get up early everyday and try to be the first one in the facility. i love doing it because i know where i came from, and it's not so where i want to go back.
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hey, lauren. live in san francisco. we're at superbowl 50. it was quiet than yesterday evening. it's a beautiful morning. we have clear skies and it's in the low 40s. i don't want to rub that in because i know it's 9 degrees in denver. we're looking at a good stretch of weather in san francisco. i know a lot of fans are going to make their way over here the next several days. if you're coming in today, a chance for rain through the mid-morning
5:24 am
temperatures into the 60s and we may be in the 70s for superbowl sunday in santa clara. it's going to be nice around here. we wouldn't ask for more perfect weather. pack your umbrella if you're coming later today. overall, it's going to be a great week in san francisco. for a look at what's happening across the rest of the country. let's check with dave aguilar. good morning. >> laura, good morning. you'll be able to rub it in all morning long because we're expecting flurries on superbowl sunday. let's check it out. we have problem areas up around minnesota into the great lakes. the storm that came through here is producing snow there. that could slow you down. rain in new york state as well. and then pushing down south. we had big thunderstorms last night. mississippi, alabama, georgia there. they may have some storms again today, but they're recovering after seeing heavy rain there. still across the nation, not too bad. we're in between storms right in the middle, although it's going to
5:25 am
be cold around here. looking for a high of 29 degrees. joel hillan is checking out of traffic situation. on my drive in this morning, it looked like all the major ferries were awesome. cdot caking care of business. >> they had good lead time while we were waiting for that storm. they applied that liquid deicer. that came in time when it came to plowing off the roadways. they did a good job. you get down to the bridges. look at how nicely plowed the roads are. the transition is our danger. we're on the drive to dia along pena boulevard. it should be a great job. here's kelly werthmann with a look at your morning sports. good morning, from santa clara. we're outside levi stadium were in four days
5:26 am
for his 27th playoff game. manning's postseason game, 13 wins and 13 losses. a win this week and he can retire with a winning -- broncos won't ask much from manning, but while his arm isn't what it once was, he has the smartest players, always the most prepare and that makes everyone else around him better as well. >> i've studying everything of how payton goes about his business. i see the notes he takes and the questions he ask and sometimes i ask him, what is he seeing and i try to pick his brain. a guy like payton is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities you get to play with a guy like him and learn, so i'm trying to learn as much as i can before you decides to hang it up. >> the panthers are saying the same thing about cam newton. we'll hear from both teams later today and we'll begin our
5:27 am
see you,,
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,, ,, welcome back to the cbs 4 morning news. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, february 3rd. it's a frigid start at 9 degrees in denver and they'll likely be no melting of the snow. we'll have more on this morning's weather and traffic in a moment, but first, thanks for joining us for the cbs 4 morning news. i'm britt moreno. we're four days away from the superbowl and we're excited today have our morning crew in san francisco for the big game. let's go out live to alan and lauren so san francisco. good morning. >>reporter: good morning. britt, great to see
5:30 am
you back in denver. we're in san francisco and we're fired up. >> it has been so much fun. we touched down and hit the ground running, so we had a great time so far. fans are slowly starting to trickle in. it's going to get busy. >> did you think we were on the plane when they said go broncos. >> i think everyone was tired and ready to go. >> i think people are sort of geared up and expecting it, but the big crowds roll in over the next couple of days. this is a huge world stage. 118.5 million people watch the superbowl last year, and they think the audience is going to be bigger for superbowl 50, this huge superbowl this year. so san francisco is in the spotlight. >> yeah, there have been a great host city. we're going to bring a ton of actions. coming up, we'll have more on what's happen nothing the city and superbowl city, but first we need to check with dave aguilar, who is going
5:31 am
>> you're in the 40s, but check out our numbers here. single digits. we're 7 in aurora. 8 in lakewood. decona at 3 be low zero. so it's chilly out there. let's check out and see what you're face ing this -- see what you're facing. single digits. we have a few clouds on the west side of town, so we're going to have a mix of plow and sunshine down in alamosa, ed, our weather watcher has 10 below. we have a few flurries pop. a high of 29 degrees. a cold day. we don't make it above freezing today. we may tomorrow. we'll check that out in a little bit. it's time to check traffic. joel hillan is keeping an eye on that. good morning, joel. >> good morning. harder to keep track of the traffic as yesterday. this is i-25 and jewel.
5:32 am
you can see the line demarcations along the highway. it's not an issue once you get onto the highways. it's the side streets where it has been tough. take a look from our cbs 4 tech cam. a few cars on the roadway, but no real slowing. a little as you get between i-70 and -- i 225, 6th avenue, c 470 running at -- you can turn on 94.1 am for the latest traffic and weather together. joel, thank you. we're starting off on a frigid morning. 9 degrees in denver. there's no melting. the roads are pack ed. shawn chit near nextnis is live in the highland -- shawn chitnis is live. >>reporter: you're going to deal -- let's show you those plows at
5:33 am
work yesterday doing their best to make it easier for you today. the plows were going through 1300 miles of denver streets. we were told it was 12 hours to clear the street and it should be a reassessment if more plows will be needed today. the plows were able to clear the first few inches of snow. that's the challenges you're going to deal with. there's plenty of snow. as we come back out live, there's a ton of snow as i walk-through this section where the plow was able to push through the snow to the side. i mean, it's passed me feet almost to my chin. as we look at this plowed street, we can see patches of ice already forming. sometime conditions you'll need to deal with as you get ready to start your day. live in denver, shawn chitnis, cbs 4 news. way. thank you for that.
5:34 am
chris spears is live in capital hill . chris, you were going to talk about this experiment you conducted yesterday. >>reporter: absolutely, britt. 13 degrees here in capital hill, and there's a few hazards out here that you'll have to deal besides the side streets shaun was showing you. people haven't plowed out their vehicles. take a look at this yesterday. i wanted to do this at home to make sure it worked so i froze a t-shirt and it took a half hour to freeze and the air temperature was close to 20 degrees. so let's see how it does here. back out here in capital hill, it is 13 degrees. i have taken my gloves off, so this is going to be miserable on my hands. what i did was i brought one of our cbs 4 weather watcher t-shirts today just in one of my tupperware containers. it's in lukewarm water. air temperature water.
5:35 am
to ring the water out of this t-shirt because you want it to freeze. if it has too much water, it's not going to do very well. it will be heavy on hangers so we've rung water out. here's our cbs 4 weather watcher t-shirt. you can see the steam coming off the shirt. that's all the energy getting off into the atmosphere, so britt, i'm going to put it on this hanger and we'll check in the 6:00 hour to see how it's doing. >> i have a feeling your style is ice cold, chris spears. thank you for that. we'll come back to you in a few with that experience. denver public schools on a all schools which start at 8:30 or later are going to be on a 1-hour delay. all other denver schools will operate on normal schedules. we our website. and many schools along the eastern plains aren't
5:36 am
holding classes. this includes lymnon, jewelsburg. be sure to hang with us for the -- let's go live to san francisco to see alan and lauren. what have you found on your trip thus far? >>reporter: oh, boy. people are telling us where to eat. where to eat here and there. you've got to do this and do that. it's too bad. we're working. >> and we don't want to gain 9 00 pounds. i asked what's the best thing to eat and everybody said you have to get the bread soup. san francisco is known for their sour dough bread. it looked tasty. we found the superbowl bread bowls and we found a denver native living in san francisco getting late night grub. >> it's outstanding. it's clam powder in a bread bowl.
5:37 am
>> bread bowl at a superbowl. >> it is a superbowl. when the food gets going, it smells good in superbowl city. there's fresh sea food. you can come here and eat your way through superbowl 50. their food. some of these yeast they used in the sour dough goes back decades and it's treasured important. very classic stuff. >> oh, yeah. there's sour dough stuff everywhere. we heard a place that's making these crazy creations out of sour dough, so we're hoping to find some later this week. >> oh, boy. there's a lot to do here. britt, let's head back to you, and we're going to start thinking about food this morning, and we're going to talk about food a lot this morning. >> okay. so far, we've soon alan wine taste. lauren had delicious food. you drew the tough assignments this time. thanks for that. >> it has been hard for us. we're going to do more wine tasting.
5:38 am
>> i feel for you. thanks, guys. one year after winning their first championship, the broncos were looking to go back-to-back in 1999 against the atlanta falcons. their second championship came easier than the first. the broncos dominated the falcons. the biggest play came in second play when el way hooked up with smith. he threw under 300 yards and became the oldest superbowl mvp. not a bad way
5:39 am
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welcome back, everyone. it's 9 degrees in denver. we're talking about bitter cold temperatures this morning. let's get over to dave and figure out if this is going to last. good morning, dave. >> good morning, guys. you're lucky you're out there because your temperature out there is 46. at city park in denver, it's 3 degrees. brrr, it's chilly here. we're not going to warmup a lot today. a high of 29 degrees. we're going to have a mix of cloud and sunshine. maybe light flury about 4:00, 5:00, but no accumulation. we clear out and drop to 6 degrees. tomorrow, we should be above freezing at least by 32 degrees for the high and mostly sunny skies tomorrow as well. by the way, here on superbowl sunday, we have a chance of flurries popping here, and you guys out there are going to be in the low
5:41 am
so i wish i was with you all out there. >> i bet you do. >> hey, dave. >> take a look at i-70 and loveland. if you're heading into the high country either direction as you're driving up there over the high mountain passes, it's going to be icy and snow packed a little bit and make sure you have adequate traction on the tires. traction restrictions can fall into place anytime. watch from the cbs 4 tech cam. look at the headlights heading into down. we're seeing more volume on the roadways. a couple of side street accidents. this one northbound along i-225 as you get passed 6th avenue on the approach to colfax. you get along c-470 in the foothills and it's ice yes, sirce -- it's going to be an icy commute. you get onto the
5:42 am
case. it's going to be icy and snow packed. eastbound along c-470, the average speed, 62 13-minute drive. >> joel, thank you very much for that. when an avalanche hit, finding anyone trapped underneath needs to happen as soon as possible. matt shows us friend. >> [barking] >>reporter: this doggy classroom on arapahoe basin -- >> snow packs are tricky and we keep getting a lot of snow which makes the avalanche high. some dogs can be called in a moment's notice. >> giving these handlers and their dogs a chance to hone in on their skills. and just like in school -- >> let's do the same drill we finished with last night. >> younger pups -- >> get him out of there. get that toy.
5:43 am
>> they get a special course. >> the handlers built these snow caves and once they cover up the entrances, the dogs, the young ones can practice their skills at digging people out. >> that's a good dog. >> because in an avalanche, it's dogs like these that might be the only difference between life and death. >> well trained dog. when you don't have a beacon, they can do the work of 100 human beings in the same site. matt, mountain news room. >> the dogs are amazing. our jaime is fientding pretty interesting story -- our jaime is finding pretty interesting stories. >> the adventure on the way to the superbowl. we met with 14-year-old peterson. he won two superbowl tickets for his manning impression which he
5:44 am
demonstrated for me. >> check it. check it. sally, sally, omaha. ready, ready. go go, go, go. >> right now, we're on our way to las vegas to talk prop bets. you know the wacky side bets. we're meeting at mgm grand. it's apart of the stops we're making on the drive to the championship. in utah, jaime leery, cbs 4 morning news. now, the teams are getting set for another day of practice as we closer to the superbowl. our mark haas had a chance to talk to broncos manager john. >>reporter: there's no guarantee this is going to be a payton manning's final year, but even if he does come back for another season, certainly not guaranteed that he'll get another shot at a superbowl. el wood had a chance to go on top after winning the
5:45 am
superbowl, but he came back for another year and won another superbowl and he stepped away from the game. like manning he faced the retirement questions, so el wood knows what manning is going through. >> you never want to walk away from the game that you love until you have to. there's a lot of -- it depends on your standards and how well you want to be able to play and how well you think you can play. it's a long season, so those are questions he'll have to answer to figure out which way to go. >> yesterday, the nfl invited the media in the stadium. the play is looking ready for sunday. security, pretty tight around the stadium. every measure in place to keep fans safe. >> the help of law enforcement that the issues you've seen in the past unrelated to superbowl and unrelated to this area --
5:46 am
>> the broncos will have their second practice at stanford. we'll see it all day right here on cbs 4. cbs 4 drive to the championship coverage is brought to you by southwest airli,, ,, behold the power of protein in birds eye protein blends. ok. they're delicious side dishes with the protein of beans, whole grains.. ...and veggies! mmm good. my work here is dooooone! bird's eye protein blends.
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welcome back. just 4 an aday as way -- 4 day as way. our morning crew is lucky. they're in san francisco. alan, you're live in superbowl city. what's going on out there today? >>reporter: there's so much excitement it's just starting to build. we have the number one offense going up against the number one defense. the denver broncos. that happened two years ago when we had the number one broncos defense going up against the seahawks defense. we can forget that game and move on. we're in san francisco. it's a different city. this is not new jersey anymore. there's so much to do in this city. you just have to ask around. hey, what's going on? okay. so we're here now. where am i going to do?
5:48 am
>> superbowl city is all the action. you have the concerts and fan experience and players coming by if i autographs. that's the place to be. pictures and everything. >> that's awesome. you're next. i'm in san fran. where am i going to go? >> the golden gate bridge is cool to check out and behind us is the pier and the ferries. >> the food is great. we're not from here as we got our tea and pastry and see the golden gate bridge. >> go superbowl. >> yay! they invited us. we're from denver. >> i hope you win. >> if you have a few days to spend in san fran, where will you go? >> right here or apple valley. >> you have four days in san francisco, what are you going to do? >> year in the best part. you have the ferry building and fisherman's warf and you can go
5:49 am
anywhere on the pier. and the shopping. one, two, three and four -- you've got it all. >> you got it all. so britt, we're right here in justin herman plaza. this is in the heart of downtown. this is superbowl city where we are. the nfl experience opens today. in santa clara, there's events leading up to the game all week long as well. sillicon valley has its events. this is a stretched out metro area and people are going to find plenty to do. >> i know you're working hard, but i hope you experience the city. there seems to be plenty to do? >> there sure is. right where we are, we have the bay bridge over here, fisherman's warf in that area. over here, we're going to have golden gate bridge and behind us we have the ferry buildings and the gorgeous water front. you can walk 500 feet or 3 or 4 or 5 miles and find things all over the place. >> that's cool.
5:50 am
alan, thanks so much and look for the broncos fans out there. everybody wearing orange, hopefully. >> we'll find them. okay. dave aguilar joining us. >> good morning, gang. you'll have to wear five different layers of orange to stay warm today. let's check out our weather watchers here. a lot in the single digits. let's go to evergreen where john has 5 degrees. we have the city and we have 7 degrees in mitch in sandy granger. future cast for today. light snow on the northern mountains. we may see a flury between 4:00 is 5:00 in the denver metro area. it will be cloudy to partly sunny. a mix of clouds and sun. 26 in castle rock and 29 for the high in denver today. so not a huge warmup. tomorrow should be better. we'll outline that in a bit. time to outline traffic with joel hillan. how is it
5:51 am
looking sir? >> a better drive than yesterday. there's a couple of trouble spots and here's one. a car to the side of the road. looks like a stalled vehicle as you travel in the eastbound direction of i-70 making your way out to i-225. it has that right lane and right shoulder blocked off. that's the top one accident in the triangle. side street accidents, there's a new one on colfax. there's slowing from an accident near 6th. thank you joel, for that. we're not the only one deals with extreme weather. families in south is cleaning up after tornado. cell phone video captured one of at least 9 tornado. these are reported in mississippi and alabama. it tore through mobile homes and knocked out power, but thankfully no one was hurt. >> the fact is we only lost material things, makes you feel less. there's nothing here that can't be replaced. >> to the north, the same storm
5:52 am
system which dumped snow in our state produced nearly a foot of snow in wisconsin and nebraska. turning out a campaign, 2016, presidential candidates chris cross the state new hampshire. after the iowa caucuses, it's a 3-way race. trump was back on the campaign trail yesterday. he brushed off his second place standing in iowa and down played marco rubio's third place finish. >> he comes in third. i come in second. trump, no good. rubio, unbelievable night. unbelievable victory. >> rubio finished only 1% percentage point behind trump trump. they say he's a better -- >> we have to go out and convince more people that conservatism is the right approach for america. i've done that and will do that. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton campaigning hard
5:53 am
after she barely beat sanders in iowa. and if you're just waking up, 9 degrees in denver. you'll need to bundle up. still ahead on the cbs 4 morning news. >> we'll talk about the hazards that will greet you as we clean up from the big snow and we'll check with our t-shirt experiment and show you how cold it is outside this morning. >> that's neat, chris. a closer look at the slick side streets. you're going to have to shovel the snow off your cars. what's ahead for you as you head out the door. and a live look from san francisco. look at the palm trees there. excitement continues to grow for superbowl 50.
5:54 am
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