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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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i'm britt moreno and we'll get to your friday weather and traffic in just a minute, but first, we're just two days away from superbowl 50 and our crew in san francisco is alan gionet is live. what is on tap today? >>reporter: there's so much going on around san francisco and santa clara. a battle between two quarterbacks young and old. separated by 13 years and 48 days. speaking of 48, it's 48 degrees in san francisco right now. a lot warmer than it is in denver. i have to say this, britt, i did notice yesterday that there were a lot more broncos jerseys than there were carolina panther jerseys around town, and i'm beginning to think the sentiment of the crowd here is with the denver broncos. we have full coverage coming up this morning. we'll take you around san francisco and set up the game. >> you know what.
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back to you. >> it doesn't surprise me one bit, alan, thank you for that. let's look at the friday's forecast. everybody want to make the preparations for the super bowl parties so let's find out what's on tap for friday and the weekend. good morning, dave. >>reporter: good morning, gang. i wish we could all go to san francisco and santa clara where they have the superbowl. it's going to be 74 degrees at check off. here, it's warmer. most of our readings are in the 20 s. 25 in louisville and 25 in highlands ranch this morning. we did have some snow last night. just popped through light flurries of snow, further down south in colorado springs, they had 2 inches of snow. not that much in denver. we're socked in with clouds. we'll be at 23 by 8:00 a.m. 37 degrees should be the high and we should make it into the 40s tomorrow. a warming trend into the weekend.
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joel hillan's watching that. >> the problems on the side streets. we've got a lot of melting to do, but it sounds like we'll be able to accomplish that. flury and out of focus. maybe that's how you feel this morning. it's friday. we've made it to the end of the week. we have tractor -- we're across the den ver, metro area. an earlier accident cleared out. britt, it's green across the screen. >> joel, thank you very much. and this morning, if you remember, we got nearly a foot of snow earlier this week and much is still lingers around. it has been tough on drivers and pedestrian and people trying to catch a bus. if you believe this one, stan bush shows us some of the stops are snowed in. >>reporter: bus stops around the area looks like this. jammed with ice and snow with plows kicking snow off the streets and some from negligent.
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>> the cleaning of the stops vary. bus stops in front of homes and businesses are the responsibility of the individual owners closest by. rtd is responsible for stops where they have their own shelters and shelters where there's advertised billboards. rtd says the advertising company selling that space have to clean those on their own. >> that's what happens. >> this rider busted open his knee chasing after a bus at jewel. >> it sucks because everything is so icy right here and when you're trying to get off, you never know because your shoes are always slipping or you can fall, bust your butt. >> the conditions are particularly challenging for the elderly and disabled. elizabeth richmond says she's fallen twice today trying to get on and off the bus and says plowing the sidewalk is every bit as important as plowing the road. >> it basically makes it so you're not sure if you're going
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>> that's sad. stan bush reporting on that. it's a $50 dollar fine in the city had to shovel. the democrats battled in a debate with sanders and clinton. lauren malone shows us the gloves are off. >> i'm not making promises i can't keep. >>reporter: clinton took a sweep at sanders. >> the republicans want to repeal "the affordable care act." i want to improve it. i want to build on it, get the cost down, get prescription drugs cost down. senator sanders wants us to start over again. >> on the health commission committee. the idea i would dismantle health care in america while waiting to pass a medicare for all isn't accurate. >> clinton accused sanders smearing her credentials.
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are worthy of you and enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it. >> instead of arguing -- let's talk about what we should do. >> sanders didn't back down. >> i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pack. who is not raising huge sums of money from wall street or special interest. >> in my view, the business model of wall street is fraud. >> clinton trying also attempting to distance herself from wall street. >> i have a record and i have stood firm, and i'll be the person from preventing them from wrecking the econ meal again. the roads cleaned up. it was closed for hours because a huge wind turbine blade fell off a truck. crews got that out of
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let's go out like to alan gionet in san francisco. as we get closer to the superbowl, i would imagine there's more broncos fans popping up in the bay area as you were talking about a moment ago. >> what's your name again? >> guess who i found here. i fount christian hampton, she's a reporter for an affiliate in charlotte. she's got the panthers wear on. are you kind of a little bit of shamed of the turnout so far of your people. >> i'm not ashamed at all. i've seen 9,000 panther's fans so far and what time is it here? i don't know what time it is? >> are you having delusions here because there's nobody here. >> no, there's lots of people here. go luke, go panthers, we're going to bring it back home to charlotte.
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>> you've got to. >> it's interesting though. your folks have to travel 2800 miles across the country to get out here. that's a big journey. and the broncos fans seem to show spirit , but i think the locals appear to be favoring the you? >> i don't know that i agree with that at all. i will say that i think it's kind of half and half. there aren't a lot of broncos fans here. there aren't a lot of panther's fans here. that's the honest truth. you have to be honest about that. >> um. >> there's a lot of 49er fans here. >> mostly raider's fans. >> there's a lot of those. >> christian, thanks a lot. you enjoy. >> thank you. >> i like your accent. >> thank you very much. i really appreciate it. now back to you ya'll. >> we found people who know how to keep the faith. we found people who love their denver broncos and denver. >> absolutely. we're home sick
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probably the toughest time for a 12-year-old. it was the fall after denver lost to seattle in the superbowl. and the first day of school, our son said to us, he comes downstairs and he's wearing his julius thomas, number 80 jersey, and we said, buddy, we're not sure that's a good decision to make in seattle on the first day of school. you don't know anybody. you're trying to make friends and he goes, mom, he goes, if they don't like me for what i'm wearing or what i'm representing, he goes, then they don't need to be my friends and he's remained true. he wears his blue and orange in seattle. >> he loves broncos. i taught him young and he grew up loving the broncos and he continue to represent, and so he's always just loved that football team, and so i don't think he'll quit. >> does he have friends at all? >> one good friend from denver. [laughter]
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>> he's a great kid, though. you have to give him credit for keeping the faith and wearing that broncos's gear all the time even in enemy territory. we're going to have a different superbowl. he's not here, but he did go with his dad two years ago, but dad said we don't want to spoil him and take him to too many super bowls, so this time the wife came. >> that's great. he's loyal to his team. i love it. and by the way, we have to a pologize to the viewers. that's the last panther's fan you'll see on cbs 4 morning news. >> we did it very early. >> got it out the way. >> she says she sees panther's fans. i'm looking far and wide and there's nobody here but a bunch of security people and police and tv people. >> a swarm will sweep in. thanks for that alan. we start at 6:00 in the morning.
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championship is 8:30. the superbowl today begins at noon and the kickoff is 4:25. let's get to the friday's football. let's check with dave. >> yes, britt. if have you to wait for your carpool or bus top, it's cool. it will be 23 degrees this morning. joel, our high today should make it to 37 degrees. >> hopefully we can get some stuff melted. icy in the high country. some chain passenger restrictions remains in place as you get over loveland pass. that remains open, but it's icy and dicy. if you're about to head out to your car, you can turn to 94.1 and you can get your weather together and britt they do it every ten minutes on the tens. >> joel, thank you. a police k-9 in loveland is the only dog on force without body armor, but you can change that.
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the dog win a vest. after an 8-year absence, el way and the broncos were back in packers. the broncos were determined to win their first championship despite battling severe migraines, davis ran for 157 yards and three scores where the broncos went onto their first superbowl prompted -- to dedicate the world championship
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,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, ,, good morning, everybody. i'm alan gionet. live in san francisco as you're two day as way from the superbowl right now, and wow. have things
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people are rolling in as you see them coming into the hotels tonight. a lot of parties. there are corporate parties, there are all kind s of parties that are going on tonight in san francisco as things really get swinging and the red carpet comes out. dave aguilar, we have moisture, but the weather has been very good this week. >> very nice and we're confused by here, alan. britt and i have orange and blue on. and we look at you and you have silver and black on. aren't those raiders colors. [laughter] >> yeah, our photographer, eddie who is -- i wouldn't call him a closet raiders fan. he's handy to walk around here because he loves the raiders. >> a little protection for you. >> it may take a little journalistic balance here, dave,
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>> we'll let you slide. you should find orange some where. we had a little dusting of snow around here last night. no big deal for us, and if you're wondering how it's going to be where alan is in santa clara. 4:30 kickoff time. it's going to be 74 degrees. meantime around here, we're shivering. we have a little wind kicking up on the west side into the mountains, but it's a breeze right now. so not as strong as yesterday. wind chill factor in greeley is at 9 degrees. richard hoffman is our weather colorado springs had 2 inches of snow on the north side of town. we have snow down here in south eastern colorado and also a few flakes some is -- as we go through the day, we're
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which means more clouds than sunshine all due to this disturbance. in california, a big high pressure ridge that should clear things out. the future cast today, we have clouds this morning and breaks in the clouds this afternoon, and we'll see sunshine for sure, but in large, the cloud cover will be in control for most the day. temperature wise, warmer today. the start of a warming trend in the 30s and 40s across the eastern plains and 20s in the high countries. my forecast for denver 37 degrees and 18 is the overnight low and tomorrow, 49 degrees and superbowl sunday, it will be a little breezy and 47 degrees. how is the traffic looking this morning, joel. >> we have traction restrictions in place. you get over the high mountain passes, it may be tough for you. take your time. i'm sure there's great skiing to be
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you get to catch superbowl football this weekend as well. we're across the denver metro area. a little of this white showing up on the road index. the side streets, we have more than white showing up. this is going to be icy and dangerous. allow extra time. once you get onto main roads, anything plows along the interstates should be a great drive. look at southbound coming into town, britt, 60s and 50s, so ten minutes from 120 to 170. >> joel, thank you. loveland police say at one point or another, all four of its k-9s have been punched or kicks or threatened with a knife. the department has been able to buy vest for all but one of their dogs. you can help protect the last k-9. here's lauren. >>reporter: had he sniffs out narcotics, he goes with the one thing that could save his life.
5:19 am
>> it's a relief knowing he has that added layer of protection when he needs it. >> without $2500 in the budget to buy one themselves, loveland police entered monte into a contest. five k-9s with the most likes wins a vest. monte's hander will have it stitched. the colorado trooper killed by a suspected drunk driver. >> every time we see it, she'll be remembered as a hero that was tragically killed. >> anyone can vote by liking monte's post and so far he's at the top of the pack. >> it's outstanding. i didn't expect it to go this far. lauren dispariton.
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again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors
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so you can love cereal... again! well, good morning. good to have you here. if you're traveling across the nation really problematic areas. we're looking at a little bit of snow around minneapolis and parts of new york out here, you nothing really heavy duty. one area that may be concerned is montana into the dakotas here. they have high winds warning and hurricane forced winds in the higher passes winds and montana at 75 miles-an-hour. that's it. you should have smooth sailing today. if you're going out to
5:24 am
have a high of 62 today for the big superbowl gathering that's happening out there on the west coast. let's see how travel is gathering up. joel hillan's watching that. >> if you're lucky to head to san francisco to santa clara to see that game, it should be a great drive along i-70. britt, if you're head to go superbowl, come back monday ask be horse as can be for cheering for the broncos. >> that's when you know you're a diehard fan when you lose your fans. thanks, joel. some of the broncos seasoned fanned made a wager. check this out. at senior park community made the bet over skype with carolina's plantation estates community. residents and staff on the losing side will have to sport the winner's gear and share pictures on social media. >> we would like you to wear the broncos colors.
5:25 am
[ cheering ] >> i love it. hey, they have pride. both communities have also been raising donations. if the broncos wins, the money goes to the alzheimer's association with a panther's win, it will go to former carolina player and coach. if you're waking up this 24 degrees and coming up next, the republicans will debate this weekend and last night, the to toe. you've got something to -- if you've got something to say, say it directly, but i will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. and i have stood up and i have represented my constituents through the best of my ability and i'm proud of that. >> the gloves are off. a look at the heated debate coming up. live look from superbowl city in san francisco this morning.
5:26 am
we have full coverage ahead of sunday aez 's superbowl. broncos, panthers, stand bi -- standby. i'm kelly werthmann from santa clara outside of leve stadium where the broncos and panthers will face off in the final game of season. it's the final time that the broncos will take to the field together. many will be back, but not all of them. that's the reality of the nfl, cuts and retirement will cause turnovers. who knows if next year's team will love to play together as much as this year's team. >> huge, huge. i don't know pay cut huge, but huge enough where we love each other, we take care of each other. that's all you can ask for. >> i'll miss a lot of these guys who are going to be gone. we understand it's a business and you'll never have the same team
5:27 am
a good thing a lot of guys signed here, and a couple of guys will be here for a while. >> no team is the same every year. i'm enjoying this moment with my teammates and doing everything i could just to relish it moment with everybody and i'm trying to smile more. >> the last practice this team will have today takes place at stanford university. we'll have more coverage for you later today.
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,, ,, ,, (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound) everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full. so veggie good. welcome back to the cbs 4 morning news. it's seconds away
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we'll have your weather and traffic in just a moment. i'm britt moreno and let's go back out live to san francisco where alan gionet is up early for us this morning, and alan, it seems as though you've been everywhere in the bay area. what's on tap for today? >>reporter: i'll tell you, what you do notice about san francisco that's different from denver, you know our traffic problems are increasing, but in san francisco, it's another world. getting around it town is tough. but when you get around, you find a lot of cool stuff. we've been to fisherman's warf and we've been over to the ferry building and that's cool. and a lot of embark -- and yesterday we got into china town. here's a look. i'll tell you what, i'm going to have that story coming up, britt. i'm jumping ahead of myself because i'm excite today
5:31 am
coming up in a few minutes -- i'm excited to show you that story. that's coming up in a few minutes. we're looking at what the team is up to today and what's coming up tomorrow as we approach superbowl sunday, two days away. back to you. >> it's gravy and this gives people a good indication as to what's to come on the cbs 4 news morning. it's orange friday. let's get over to dave aguilar dawning the orange and find out about the friday forecast. good morning. >> can't wait to see that china town story. i'll tell you what. this morning, we're milder than we have been the last several days. take a look at our readings. 22 in wonder view. and sadel at 22 degrees. we had a little bit of snow go through overnight last night and that's pushed to the southeast. colorado springs picked up to 1 to 2 inches of snow. up in the
5:32 am
with wind kicking up, and a little snow still falling, but we're socked in with clouds. cloud control for the start of the day. might see sun in the afternoon. we're going to be warmer today. 34 by noon and 37 ought to be the high temperature today and tomorrow, we make it into the 40s. if you're one of those folks who goes to work early, we have your traffic. hopefully joel has that -- >> you're rewarded to going to work early. it's friday, so we expect lighter volume, but more volume in the high countries. in place. watch out for that. it's icy and snow packed in some along the side streets, but
5:33 am
and c-40 -- you can get the latest traffic and cbs 4 weather together every ten minutes on the tens. >> joel, thank you. denver police wants you to stay safe while cheering on the broncos. we have a closer look at what they're doing this weekend. shaun, we know dpd tweeted out a short message, can you tell us about this. >>reporter: that's right, britt. they tweeted this outlast night. we're going to look at it in a second. this is many spots they want to monitor and be taking care of as we get closer to the superbowl and during that day depending on what happens for the team. either way there, he want to be on alert. this is a tweet they put out around 7:00. really making point that denver has done this before. we're not new to the superbowl, so we
5:34 am
been to the superbowl before. let's take a listen. [ cheering ] >> hey, denver, ed here. as you know, the broncos are heading to their 8th championship. please celebrate responsibility. >> and so denver police enlisting the help of a former broncos to know -- there's no way to -- denver police already preparing and have a plan in place to make sure things stay happens on sunday. chaun -- shawn chitnis. >> al handan -- alan has gotten the chance to experience the culture in san francisco. good morning. >>reporter: a lot of people coming out for this game is excited about that and getting around town. now, as shawn was
5:35 am
superbowl. only the steelers have done that and the patriots has done this. the folks arriving in town are just fire d up today. you can bet on that as they begin to roll in more and more. now, we did get around town yesterday and a in china town. let's take you there. the day starts early here in china town where people come out looking for fresh fruit and vegetables and meats. if you're from out of town, there's a lot of observe. workers bring out the produce and the sidewalks jammed with people. there's fish in windows at some places like the new golden daisy. they line up. >> the most bang for your buck. >> in china, the restaurants open at 6:00. if you go to a tea house, that's what you eat. but over here, you have it for lunch.
5:36 am
>> we come here every morning for breakfast. this is the best restaurant in san francisco. the prices are right. the food is good. >> you're here from china visiting. >> yeah, yeah. travel. >> how is the food? is this authentic. >> i like chinese food so we come here to have breakfast. american food is killing me. >> the american food? >> yeah. >> have you heard of the denver broncos? >> this shop has pork and chicken, fresh as can be. i want to britt the drumetts. that's what people are telling me? >> yeah. >> i'm with panthers. >> hang your head in shame. >> we met some great people. a really wonderful culture experience. so many people speak cantonese.
5:37 am
wonderful fascinating place to go, and really that's the difference between coming to san francisco over denver. it's a totally different community. it's such a diverse city as well. you got to enjoy that while you're here while you enjoy the whole superbowl experience. >> good food crosses all language barriers, doesn't it? >> absolutely did. i managed to get italian food last night and that was tasty. >> all right. alan, it's fun keeping up with your adventures. thanks very much and we'll check with you in a fun. turning now to the campaign, the democrats debated in a heated affair last night and the republicans are getting ready for new hampshire next tuesday. here's leila chang. >>reporter: there were progressive values. >> if you're going to get into labels, i don't think it was progressive to vote against the brady bill five times.
5:38 am
think it was progressive to give gun maker and sellers unity. >> and finance reform. >> in my review -- it's allowing congress to represent wealthy campaign. >> clinton is trailing the vermont senator in new hampshire. the former secretary of state says she won't give up. >> we're going to work as hard as we can between now and tuesday. >> reap presidential contenders have their site set on a win which holds the first in the primarily this tuesday. political experts say a win in new hampshire isn't indicative how the rest the country will vote. >> it's a sense of what voters will do and send a -- whether donors money is invested.
5:39 am
iowa, marco is on trump's heel in new hampshire, put the florida senator ahead of cruz. rega chang. >> trump will take center stage when 7 of the 9 candidates will debate in manchester. it's 37 degrees on this orange friday. we had extra media members asking broncos players some questions. what snoop dog had to say to the broncos. in 1977, the orange crush was born. behind a stingy defense, the broncos went to a team that never made the superbowl to being the first against the cowboys. it was no map for tony dorset. the
5:40 am
more was the love affair sparked,,
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,, ,, ,,
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,, ,, welcome back. jaime leery is drive to go the championship from denver, and today she's actually finally going to make it to san francisco. her latest stop took her to modesto where she met an incredible broncos fan. >>reporter: the toro family didn't always live in modesto. he moved to modesto to save his daughter's life. denver's air is too thin. erica attends every single game at mile high while jessica stays at home and family.
5:43 am
>> her family friends flew in from denver, they want to give her the full experience in her backyard. >> she could never go to mile high stadium and experience what we get to experience what so many people take for granted, so what better way for her to experience that in the biggest game in the denver, broncos game. >> they started a go fund me page to get a ticket. the odds of raising enough is -- >> she never complained. she always had a smile on her face. >> she's focused on future-- >> she says she'll get to mile high. >> her and photographer mike will head to golden gate bridge today. dave. >> looks like fun. >> i had fun yesterday when i
5:44 am
run elementary in highlands ranch. there were eager to learn about the weather. i always bring in different weather instruments like the weather balloon there and of course the tornado machine is always a big hit with the kids. it tells them how tornado form and we get to make snow. we did that later on. thanks to teacher colleen thompson for shooting the video. we had a great day. let's check what's going on this morning. we have wind on the west side going on. not as strong as yesterday, but in golden, we have a 17 per mile gust. 12 in estes park. really windy from will ker son to wolf pass. there's a 40 mile an hour gust. blow ago lot of snow down there. temperature wise, it's cold in alamosa. 27 at dia and bob lockhart is our weather watcher in glenwood springs. thanks, bob, for joining us. he has 10 degrees. lots of cloud cover. a shot of moisture go through with snow. light snow in denver.
5:45 am
parts of colorado springs. that's push to go the southeast, but it's delivering a lot clouds. we might see peeks of sun. there's a storm coming through here. on the backside of that in california, high pressure is moving in. we have a warmer day coming. and then we have another cool down coming up for sunday. it's up and down over the next several days. ads we go through day, a couple of light snow showers in the mountain. we'll see breaks in the clouds later tonight. and today's highs are warming up. despite the cloud cover, we should be in the 30s 40s in the east. and 30s in the west and 20s up high. grand junction had a record low high yesterday. they only made it to 17 in the grand valley. 37 for a high.
5:46 am
. a warming trend to start next week. 40s on monday. 50s on tuesday. and joel, after that, we might see 6 60s return to town. >> you're not going to hear me complain. i-70 into the high country. this is at the vail rest area. their side streets are like our side streets. icy passes. i'm sure there's great skiing to be done with the fresh powder. just be aware of that. passenger traction restrictions in place. make sure your car has adequate tires before you head into the high country. we're across the denver metro area. federal -- 14th and walnut, remember, to treat those as a four-way stop as you come upon them. we expect a light commute this morning because it's a friday morning. speeds in the 60s. they dip into the 50s once you get passed 92nd.
5:47 am
take to get from i-20 to 110th. a rapper was asking questions. snoop dog got a chance to ask manning a question, and talk to anderson who is from the bay area. >> can i get a 50% discount on papa johns pizza in the state of colorado. >> absolutely. >> yo, snoop. you come to come talk to your boy. >> i've got to go. where you at? >> it feels great to be home. >> i heard you don't lose when you're at the house. >> that's true. that is true. >> what's your record at the house? >> 90-0. >> snoop also talked withed cam newton and did he rap -- he talked to cam newton and did rapping. alan gionet, who did you meet?
5:48 am
get wound up. the pack 12 party with britt and tiki barber going to show up. he's going to be in the downtown area, but the espn party at fort and mason. that's a hume one every year. they're going to have folks like rob groncowski and victoria models. there's parties starting overall the place and many corporations here have put in big money. they're hosting a lot of those parties. not long ago, we had a big broncos fan working with us at cbs 4 denver, but she moved a few years ago and came to san francisco. she's an old fan you just might recognize. this is michelle. she was an core and reporter with us and she's a native of the denver area. michelle has been loving it in
5:49 am
what, she's still a broncos fan at heart. >> it's amazing to work in city that's hosting the superbowl. hello. it's in our backyard, but to have my favorite team come here and i can work it. it's a dream come true. >> you're not telling people here that you're not a 49ers or raiders fan? >> no. i can't fake that. but i don't advertise i'm a broncos fan here too much except for the last two weeks and with this guy, he's a big patriot's fan. >> look at her sweats. >> i'm not wearing sweats right now. it has been cold here anchoring for three hours so to keep warm what, i had my broncos sweats. i'm always showing the broncos love. always. >> her coanchor there is a new england patriots fan, so the two of them out there, and they're anchoring the morning news above us to the left this morning. the two of them out there who aren't actually either 49ers or
5:50 am
people here very much about that. you know, you have to keep that stuff in the closet. britt, back to you. >> the good thing about you and i, alan is we both support the broncos, couldn't we say? >> i think you're right. >> no rivalries here. okay, alan, thanks for that. cbs 4 drive to the championship coverage is brought to wake up in your first home. wake up in a home you've made a bit bigger. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home that doesn't even have an address. as your life evolves, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. see how you can save with ring video doorbell
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good morning. dave with you in the weather center. pretty uniform on temperatures. a lot of 20s showing up, but there's cool spots in johnstown. our weather watcher dawn is coming at 14 degrees. chilly. than we take you into the south met ro area down here where we have 24 degrees from ron ranic in lone tree. that's where a lot of communities are in the mid-20s. as we go through the day, we're starting out cloudy. not much sunshine. this afternoon, they'll be breaks in the cloud cover. should be in the mid-30s
5:52 am
30s in castle rock and 34 in some parts of denver as well. at dia, the high should be 37 degrees this afternoon. an improvement on yesterday. tomorrow should be -- time to outline the traffic situation with joel hillan. hey, joel. >> good morning, dave. we expect sunday to be better, right. take a look at the vail rest area. if you want to catch fresh powder, now is a great time to do it. the traction restrictions remain in place. 120th to i-70, just a ten minute drive. >> the other big draw to superbowl is the commercials during the superbowl. these are going to bring more people than usual no check out the -- this features a walk-in closet. >> there's two types of people
5:53 am
content who blend in these people who walk in like beige socks and there's some who excite more and they have pazaz. people get devoured. >> oh, my gosh. aerosmith stephen tyler will be hocking candy. here's a taste of that. >> that is e to the z, dis disgusting. you haven't heard me sing dittlely zing. >> higher. >> higher. dream on. >> dream on. >> he hit that note. the nfl is doing a commercial to show off what it's calling super babies. they come around 9 months after the winning team's parents enjoy the game.
5:54 am
adore, it is the day so super and were born in the end >> we tell one thing to another that night >> okay, you get the drift, right. plenty of excitement about the superbowl half time show. lauren whitney was at a group with "cold play" set to perform with beyonce. >> they kept pretty hush about their performance plans. >> we want to make it about togetherness and acceptance and the things we believe in. >> the band did give a few detail was their program. >> provide fun and a great atmosphere for people to come to be together and enjoy the general experience. >> the real star of the press conference was father of the late, late shows james cordin.
5:55 am
i could join you. >> let's hear what you've got. >> i asked cordin what he's looking forward to most? >> as long as it's exciting which we know it is and the stuff -- >> pure entertainment. it had been a brilliant day. >> a complete joy. >> tune in tonight and we'll find out where else lauren will 6:00. this morning, it's 24 degrees in denver. we're finally starting to thaw out and warmup. still ahead, denver police wants you to be safe this weekend. the message they
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