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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 10, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,, >> victor: listen, i' ve wasted enough time and money on you. i want proof of your so-called genius. you got it? that woman is absolutely maddening. >> summer: [ knocks on door ] hope you' re not talking about grandma. >> victor: sweetheart. come in. how nice to see you. >> summer: hey. sure i' m not interrupting? >> victor: no. come on. i' d rather talk to you any day than deal with unpleasant business. >> summer: oh, well, your business is my business now. >> victor: what does that mean? >> summer: hey. check out this mega-monitor. wow. >> victor: yep. >> summer: think i can get one
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>> victor: in your what? >> billy: okay. let' s talk jabot. we' ve got a lot on our plate. we need to start prioritizing -- >> jack: no, no, no, no, no. >> billy: what do you mean, no? >> jack: you are not going to discuss business. you are not going to think about business, at least for a few more weeks, right, red? >> phyllis: don' t drag me into this. your brother' s a grown man. >> billy: thank you for that. jack, what about the mile-long to-do list you rattled off a few days ago? >> jack: a future to-do list. none of those items need to be dealt with right this instant. >> billy: why wait? >> jack: well, a good reason is sitting right next to you. >> victoria: it' s true. i mean, the kids and i have loved having you all to ourselves. >> jack: there. there' s no reason to plunge right into work.
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>> dr. neville: i do hope you had a chance to go over this research i brought in. it might be a welcome diversion. the numbers are very encouraging. ms. abbott? ashley! >> ashley: [ gasps ] >> dr. neville: i' m sorry. i' m sorry. >> ashley: it' s all right. >> dr. neville: how are you feeling? >> ashley: fine. i' m a little tired, but i' m fine. >> dr. neville: which is why you should be home resting. i tried to warn you. it' s experimental treatment. it could come with a whole host of side effects. >> ashley: well, they are rearing their ugly little heads. >> dr. neville: home. now. >> ashley: no. >> dr. neville: yes. >> ashley: no. >> dr. neville: yes. >> ashley: listen, you' re not
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just because i impulsively kissed you one time... [ laughs ] listen. can you maybe get me something, you know, some kind of medicine that' ll just get me through the rest of the day so abby won' t realize -- >> abby: reporting for life-saving duty. so. where do we start? >> hilary: uh -- >> devon: i' m sorry. i' >> hilary: thanks. >> devon: sure. >> hilary: what' s with us and paperwork, huh? divorce papers, and now it' >> devon: which you haven' signed. t want to. and i' m surprised to see you i thought you' d want your space. on ashley and neville, ' cause i have a lot invested in this
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sure it pays off. >> hilary: oh. right. well, um, it' s a good thing, lately. t been to work? >> hilary: not since he pushed me to work things out with you. and you know, i get it. i get that it' s awkward, but neil still has a job to do. >> neil: yeah, my job, huh? which is to steer this company, balance the budget, and secure fda approval for our drug trials. your job is to be the doctor' s pin cushion. nothing more. you remember that, young lady. gerber' s panel of 2000 taste-testers on a mission to ensure your baby loves every nutritious bite. and they won' t rest until... well they might rest a little. gerber baby food. growing up gerber. you both have a perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck,
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desensitizes aggravated nerves with no odor. aspercreme with lidocaine. relieve the nerves. stop the pain. >> devon: nobody is questioning your dedication. >> neil: i' m getting a strange vibe here. >> devon: well, hilary is concerned that our personal situation could affect things at work. >> neil: right, yeah, your "personal situation." well, it seems to me that this story' s having a happy ending. lily and cane are finding their way back to each other. so are my son and wife. ex-wife. >> hilary: you seem a little on edge. >> neil: no, no, i' m great. why wouldn' t i be? want some gum? everything' s working out the way it was meant to. just like i told you it would. all i want is to be trusted to run this company. >> devon: we trust you. >> hilary: yeah, we just -- we know this is a difficult time for you.
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>> hilary: okay, that was... >> devon: it was tense. >> hilary: yeah, just a little. >> devon: you can' t tell? he still loves you. maybe we should tell him that there is no happy ending. >> hilary: well, i' m still holding out for one. >> neil: so you' re working here. >> abby: yes. >> neil: [ laughs ] since when? >> ashley: it' s recent. >> dr. neville: but much celebrated. >> abby: you' re probably wondering what do i know about medicine, and well, the answer would be nothing, but i do know marketing. >> neil: we are not selling lipstick here, abby. >> abby: even a wonder drug needs to be promoted. the more we sell, the more lives we save, and i can help with that. >> dr. neville: before we start talking about marketing or promoting, it' s vital that we perfect the treatment. >> abby: that would be a plus, yeah. [ laughs ] okay, what is going on? why am i the only one excited
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even you, mom. you look barely there. are you okay? >> ashley: yeah. >> hilary: she' s right. you look a little pale. did you want to sit down? >> ashley: no, i' m fine. we have a lot of work to do, right? let' s do some work. >> abby: i want to know what' s going on. right now. >> max: did "she" call? >> stitch: she has a name. and no, abby is probably neck-deep in her new job, i think. it' s been hard to keep up since our schedules are so different these days. >> max: you mean, since you' re stuck with me? >> stitch: that' s not what i said. >> max: you wish i was gone, don' t you? >> stitch: hey. look at me.
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had to lose your mom, but i am so grateful for the time that i get to spend with you. it' s just -- living out of a suitcase, eating french fries for dinner every night' s getting kind of old. wouldn' t you like to have your own room, your own space? eat a home-cooked meal? >> max: like "she" can cook. >> stitch: max. we can start to get settled here. together. all three of us. as a family. look, how about -- why don' t you just think about it, okay? in the meantime, i have to go to the club and take care of something. so while i' m gone, i asked a friend to hang out with you. >> max: you hired a babysitter? great. i can imagine her now. big, old, and ugly. just like the city. >> summer: seriously?
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>> victor: sweetheart. please don' t touch that, okay? >> summer: why not? >> victor: well, that' s the computer that houses the program that' s gonna be the future of newman enterprises, all right? >> summer: sounds major. >> victor: now, let me ask you. what' s this thing about your own >> summer: oh, luca didn' t talk to you? luca didn' t talk to me? what does that peacock have to >> summer: um, i' ve just been thinking about coming to work for newman for a while, and he was totally onboard. >> victor: you don' t talk to that man about anything. do you understand that? >> summer: well, i didn' t go to he was just there. but he actually had some really cool things to say about it. >> victor: he is not cool, he' s a menace. let' s just forget about luca. i thought that you' that i -- >> victor: do not talk to that man. do me a favor -- yes, come in. >> natalie: wow. it looks even more hard-core in person. you were in chelsea' s fashion show? re the reason for the fashion show.
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kidnapped, right? >> natalie: i win? >> victor: sweetheart, uh, you were just leaving, weren' t you? >> summer: yeah. >> victor: okay. >> summer: yeah, um, i have somewhere to be, but even if i didn' t, i can take a hint. so...bye. >> victor: have a great day, okay? >> summer: thanks. >> natalie: i like her. >> victor: i don' t give a damn if you like her. where the hell have you been? and where' s this fancy program i paid you for, huh? >> billy: i didn' t agree to this partnership to just sit on the sidelines, jack. >> jack: you won' t be sitting on you have my word. right now. kids. >> billy: and it will be. when i come home from the office every single night, just the way victoria does it. >> victoria: yeah, the balance s doable. >> jack: and you do a wonderful job. >> phyllis: it' s true. it' s very impressive how much you balance. i mean, this internet project that victor left you in charge of, i know that' s demanding. i hope for your sake that he snatched it back up as soon as
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>> victoria: well, to tell you the truth, we haven' t had a chance to discuss it, but i am sure that he' ll still want me involved. >> phyllis: well, i' m sure he will, with the windfall that belongs to billy -- >> jack: i' ll tell you what. why don' t we change the subject? >> victoria: why? billy' s over the whole mess, aren' t you? >> billy: further thing from my mind. >> victoria: [ scoffs ] >> phyllis: speak of the devil. >> victoria: i have to go. >> billy: duty calls, huh? okay. >> victoria: i' ll make it up to you tonight. >> billy: count on it. >> victoria: okay. go be brilliant. >> jack: good night, victoria. that woman has a lot of faith in you. >> billy: more than i deserve? >> jack: you tell me. have you moved on the way she thinks you have? or do you still want in on this internet security project? you' re damn right i do. hey, remember the game when i set the rookie passing record?
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11:17 am
here to act like a professional. you' re not doing that right now. >> neil: you' re talking to me about being professional when you' re sleeping with one of your employees? >> devon: you need to watch your mouth. >> hilary: i am not one of his employees, okay? i' m his wife, which you spent a lot of time reminding me of that, so we' re not breaking any rules. >> neil: it' s not about the rules. it' s about having a moral compass here. >> hilary: yes, a moral compass. wow. this coming from the man who left me locked a boathouse for weeks, making everyone think i was dead. >> devon: hey. just -- please. you' re talking to? i saved your life. i fought for you and devon when you sure as hell wouldn' t. talk about no gratitude here. >> hilary: gratitude? >> neil: yeah, gratitude. you want your virtue and you want me, too. you can' t have both. >> devon: hey. listen. how about you go home and you cool off, you relax? t like this. re managing me now. needs to. >> devon: this conversation isn' t going anywhere, all right? let' tomorrow. how about that?
11:18 am
[ laughs ] yeah, man. to hell with both of you. >> devon: hey. i' m sorry that he came at you like that. >> hilary: no, if he' s gonna treat us like that, maybe you should tell him that he shouldn' t come back here. >> ashley: there' s nothing to tell, honey. >> abby: clearly something' s wrong. >> ashley: you know what? you' re right. somebody has made a mess of my desk. >> abby: [ scoffs ] look at you, mom. this is not normal. and given your medical history of the aneurysm -- >> ashley: would you please tell her that i' m fine? >> abby: and would you please tell her that she can' t ignore symptoms if she' s not feeling well? >> ashley: have i felt better? yes. in all truthfulness, i have. but it' s nothing that a good night' s sleep won' t help. >> abby: then you admit that you' re sick. >> ashley: honey, it' s not serious, okay? >> abby: prove it. come with me to the hospital and let ben run some tests. >> stitch: hey, come on. do you think i' d stick you with some lame babysitter? >> max: whatever. >> summer: hey. sorry i'
11:19 am
no problem. >> summer: hi. >> stitch: hey. >> summer: hi! you must be max. i' m summer. >> stitch: max was just saying he finds genoa city, uh, how did you put it? old, big, and ugly? >> max: not all of it! >> stitch: so, you sure you' re okay if i leave? >> max: take your time. >> stitch: all right. come here. um, listen. i think -- i think he might actually listen to you, but just -- keep a close eye on him, okay? >> summer: yeah. on it. >> stitch: thanks. >> summer: okay. >> stitch: let me slide by you. >> jack: i appreciate you being honest with me, i do. >> billy: if i would have told that i wasn' t interested in that internet project, you would have saw right through me. >> jack: that' s right, i would have, and i suspect victoria would see right through you, as well. >> billy: right. exactly. and she wants to trust me, and i want to earn that trust, which is why, as much as it stings, i' m not gonna let some business deal come in between me and victoria. >> jack: good. >> phyllis: and if there' s such a thing as karma, this hacker-girl'
11:20 am
will be a bust and victor will lose his investment. >> jack: now, you' re both looking at this the wrong way. give victor his little victory. it pales in comparison to yours. you' re here, you' re alive. you get to watch your kids grow up, you get to dance with your wife at their weddings. come on. you' re the luckiest man in town. >> billy: it has a nice ring to it, doesn' t it? >> jack: yeah, it does. look, and for what it' s worth, once you start punching the clock again, the three of us will come up with something bigger and better than victor' s little internet project. >> phyllis: well, let' that. >> billy: hear, hear. >> phyllis: you have somewhere to be? >> jack: i have a meeting with a potential buyer. you want to sit in? >> phyllis: i have some of my own work to take care of. >> jack: all right. see you. ll see you later. bye. >> billy: bye. >> phyllis: we both know that you are risking everything you love. >> billy: yeah.
11:21 am
so if you want out, you let me know now. didn' t give you an update? i' ve given you all kinds of i' ve extended your deadline several times. hmm? >> victoria: i got your message. what' >> victor: i' m glad one of you did. meanwhile, i' ve given this young lady here an ultimatum. >> victoria: put up or shut up? >> victor: you got it. >> natalie: here' s what you paid me the big bucks for. may i demonstrate?
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>> "the young and the restless"
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,, ,, ,, >> natalie: the internet has brought the world closer. sometimes too close. is true privacy a thing of the past? thanks to my breakthrough, no way. with this security program in
11:27 am
our plans, our identities will be protected. and a person' s work and home will be what it should be. >> victor: hmm? >> natalie: private. impenetrable. accessed with only one -- pass key. >> victoria: so this is about a password. >> natalie: there is no password. nothing for you to remember, someone else to steal. the programs know you. just you. and it only opens for you. >> entry denied. entry denied. entry denied. entry denied. entry denied. >> victoria: can you please make that stop? >> natalie: i' m trying, okay? i could have sworn i worked out all the kinks. >> victoria: [ sighs ] well, apparently not. >> entry denied. entry denied. >> natalie: i -- i don' t know what the problem is. >> entry denied. entry denied. >> victoria: lower the volume, at least! >> entry denied. entry de-- >> victoria: thank god. >> natalie: i think --
11:28 am
>> victor: you know, i don' t give a damn whether you know what the problem is. i want a solution. i give you one week to come up with a working prototype, is that clear? >> natalie: genius can' t be rushed. >> victor: is that clear?! >> natalie: [ sighs ] one week it is. [ sighs ] >> victoria: what are you thinking? >> victor: [ sighs ] i don' t think she has any idea of who she' s working with. >> victoria: maybe. or maybe she' s working for somebody else. >> phyllis: i' ve made my choice. unless it was not clear when i arranged to have adam kidnapped. >> billy: i would say that was definitive.
11:29 am
if you are having your doubts, i am happy to take victor on by myself. >> billy: i made my choice. i' m in. >> phyllis: good. >> billy: but we have to be more careful. victoria almost caught me once already. >> phyllis: when was this? >> billy: she came up to natalie' s. >> phyllis: and you were there? >> billy: yeah. hiding like i was -- >> phyllis: like you were cheating on her. >> billy: aren' t i? >> phyllis: well, i think that' s being a little melodramatic. >> billy: is it, really? i mean, i' m running around behind her back, working on the real success. meantime, i' m setting her up for failure. >> phyllis: when you say it like that, it sounds awful. >> billy: you think? >> phyllis: we play this smart, victoria and jack will never have to know. natalie. >> billy: me, too. >> phyllis: she wants to see us in her room. >> billy: i' ll take the stairs, you take the elevator after me. >> ashley: clearly i' m too busy to go to the hospital, honey. and besides, ben won' t even be there. he' s with max. that'
11:30 am
remember? >> abby: if i call him and tell him what' s going on, he will make the time. and if he can' t, there are other doctors at memorial. >> dr. neville: or you could interrogate the doctor who' s standing right in front of you. it' s perfectly obvious your mother isn' t feeling well. i noticed it this morning, so i gave her a quick check-up. it' s nothing more serious than a simple case of the flu. >> abby: why didn' t you just say that? >> dr. neville: in case no one' s tried to express this to you, young lady, sometimes it' s hard to get a word in -- >> abby: the flu? >> dr. neville: edgewise. >> ashley: see? yes. the flu. it' s nothing fluids and some rest -- it' ll go away. i' m fine. >> abby: you' re sure? >> dr. neville: positively. >> abby: it' s ben. >> ashley: oh, honey, we can give you some privacy. >> abby: no. don' t move. i' m gonna get a second opinion. >> abby: hey, you. i' m glad that you called. i wanted to ask you something. >> stitch: hey. i need to see you right away. it' s an emergency. >> abby: what' s wrong? is it max? >> stitch: just meet me at the club. i' ll explain everything then. >> ashley: what' s wrong?
11:31 am
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know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. always be real. don't be artificial, but always be sweet. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. rrator: how do we top the biggest season ever? with the biggest big bang secret ever. thursday can' t get here soon enough. cbs all-new thursday. >> phyllis: all right, this
11:35 am
being seen with one another. >> billy: especially after the close call with vicki. >> natalie: don' t worry. she' s still at the office with grumpelstiltskins. >> phyllis: who i hope is grumpier than usual. >> natalie: couldn' t have gone any better. >> phyllis: okay, so they bought it? >> natalie: [ chuckles ] victor was furious. he gave me exactly one week to fix it. >> phyllis: or what? >> natalie: i don' t know, but i' d rather not find out. >> billy: how was victoria? was she -- was she upset? >> natalie: hard to tell. she was doing her best sphinx imitation. i think she was disappointed, but not necessarily surprised. >> phyllis: you don' t think she found out that we' re -- >> billy: no. it' s impossible. >> phyllis: nothing is impossible when it comes to the newmans. one week? >> natalie: clock' s ticking. >> phyllis: all right, that also means that we have a deadline to produce a product. how close are you? >> natalie: why tell you when i can show you? you ready for this? >> phyllis: are you kidding me? i was born ready. >> billy: yeah, i know, but with her, it'
11:36 am
>> welcome to pass key. >> victor: you have any evidence that natalie could be working with someone else? >> victoria: i paid her a i don' t know -- it just feels like she' s hiding something. >> victor: in what way? what do you mean? >> victoria: she promises results, but only if we give her privacy. more privacy. i mean, what does she want? a drawbridge, a moat? i mean, what the hell? we' re letting her work from her hotel room as it is. >> victor: so you think this need for privacy on her part could mean that she' s working with a silent partner? >> victoria: it' s a possibility. do you have someone in mind? >> victor: i have several someones in mind. obviously jack abbott. i think he' s feeling very guilty. >> victoria: honestly, dad, i just don' t see it.
11:37 am
relaunch of jabot. >> victor: with phyllis by his side. >> victoria: let me guess -- someone number two. >> victor: she hates my guts. >> victoria: well, that' s an understatement. but she' s crazy about jack, and i just can' t see her going behind his back in the way that you' re suggesting. >> victor: wouldn' t be the first time, i assure you. but assuming she has learned her lesson, that leaves only my favorite, billy, doesn' t it? he wanted the project in the first place. >> victoria: until you intervened. >> victor: until fate intervened. >> victoria: dad, he almost died. billy finally has his priorities straight. >> victor: or so you think. >> victoria: i know him. he' s sincere. being with me and the kids means more to him than losing out on some business opportunity. >> victor: well, considering his track record -- >> victoria: dad, stop it. please. he has a second chance at life. that means everything to him. he wouldn' t risk that just to one-up newman. trust me. >> victor: it is billy boy i don' t trust, all right? but if this is how you think, then... >> victoria: i do.
11:38 am
okay? >> victoria: okay. >> dr. neville: you can drop the act. your overbearing, but well-intentioned daughter has left the building. it' s more than all right to admit that you feel like dreck. >> ashley: i feel like dreck. >> dr. neville: which is why you should be resting. >> ashley: no. >> dr. neville: it' s dangerous for you to be here. [ scoffs ] you think this is bad, the effects of the protocol will most likely get worse before you start to get better. >> ashley: you mean if i get better. >> dr. neville: well, for now, you' re not getting worse. glass half-full, remember? >> ashley: i don' t want a glass half-full. i want a glass completely full. i just want to be well. i' m tired of this. i' m tired of lying to my family. i' m tired of hurting everywhere and wondering if the next time i' m go to sleep, i' m never gonna wake up. i' m just -- i' m just sick of being sick. >> dr. neville: i know. >> ashley: no, don' t. you know what? your miracle cure is crap, and so are you. i' m sorry.
11:39 am
i didn' t mean it. >> dr. neville: no, no, no. please don' t do that. don' t apologize, it -- well, you have every right to be angry, every right to be scared. after all, we both know that you -- [ sighs ] we both know you could be right. >> ashley: i hope i' m not right. >> dr. neville: me, too. >> ashley: i just want to live, you know? is that too much to ask? [ knocks on door ] >> abby: ben? i got the message you left at the front desk. what' s going on?
11:40 am
>> abby: [ chuckles ] >> stitch: hi. >> abby: hi. [ laughs ] you did this? >> stitch: sorry about all the secrecy. it' s just -- we' re newlyweds, damn it. and i just needed some quality time with my wife. can you forgive me, mrs. rayburn?
11:41 am
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11:44 am
ve seen a face that looks nothing like me ooh, you can change the light you can turn it all to black but you can' t change memories >> summer: admit it. you were so scared. >> max: i was not. >> summer: [ laughing ] yes, you were. your sled was going, like, a million miles an hour. i thought it was gonna burst into flames. >> max: you were going pretty fast, too. it was cool. for a girl. >> summer: what? okay, girls are cool. especially ones in my family. hey, take abby, for instance. >> max: no thanks. >> summer: hey. i know it must be hard. finding yourself with this ready-made family. >> max: it kind of sucks. >> summer: look, i get it. my parents are -- they' re not together anymore. and they' ve both moved on and
11:45 am
t know where i belonged, either. and it was really hard, but then i realized, i was crazy-lucky to have all these people that cared about me. even if they weren' t my flesh and blood, you know? more people, more love. that' s what i say! as long as they' re the good ones, and abby is definitely a good one. i promise. >> max: [ gasps ] i forgot my gloves at the park! i' ll go run and get them. >> summer: oh, wait. hey. so you can have more times on that sledding hill? i don' t think so. >> max: busted. >> summer: yeah, uh-huh. stay here, finish your hot chocolate. i will go find your gloves, okay? don' t move. >> devon: [ sighs ] i wish i knew while neil woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. >> hilary: it' s probably because he woke up in an empty bed. >> devon: well, that' s his damn fault. he could have had something with gwen, but he, uh -- he messed that up.
11:46 am
t try so hard to push us back together. >> hilary: okay, no. you know that that' s not true. devon, i chose you. even if you won' t let yourself choose me. >> devon: this isn' t the time to rehash old things. >> hilary: yeah, or the place. >> devon: too bad neil didn' t see it that way. >> hilary: this research is way too important to let your father get in the way. >> devon: well, i mean, i hate to fire him, but i think it might be for his own good. maybe being around us is too much for him, and god forbid he starts -- >> hilary: drinking again? >> jack: hey. trade you. >> neil: nah, i' m good. >> jack: no, you' re anything but good. come on. drink up. >> jack: you think i' m gonna coddle you? you think i' m gonna go easy on
11:47 am
is that what you did with me when you confronted me about my pill use? no. you gave it to me straight. now it' s my turn. >> neil: you want me to fight. >> jack: you' re damn right i do. >> neil: well, let me tell you something, jack. i don' t have any fight left in me, so go home. go home to your beautiful wife and your beautiful life. >> jack: you have a life, too, neil. >> neil: hey. my cup runneth over. my son is with the girl of his dreams. see, that was -- that was my wife, that was my girl, that was my dream. and where am i now? >> jack: i' ll tell you where you' you' this isn' you can' t just crawl into a hole with your pain and a shot glass. >> neil: all right -- just leave me alone, jack. >> jack: no, the hell i will. is this the example you want to grandkids? "oh, don' t mind grandpa there. he' s just drooling into his scotch." >> neil: hey! now, you listen to me. i' m gonna drink if i want to, and there' do about it. do you hear me? >> jack: no fight left in you,
11:48 am
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11:51 am
>> natalie: well? >> billy: that was, uh -- >> phyllis: that was phenomenal. >> billy: i honestly can' t believe that that came from your brain. >> natalie: and it' s not even perfected yet. can you imagine when it is? >> billy: no. >> phyllis: no. >> billy: i can' t, and you know what? i don' t want to burst a bubble here, but -- >> phyllis: oh, of course you should. >> billy: we can' t keep meeting like this. it' s too dangerous. >> phyllis: all right. >> natalie: he has a point. >> phyllis: i will think of another alternative. >> billy: you keep up the good work. >> natalie: you got it.
11:52 am
>> phyllis: yep. okay, seven days. that' s not a lot of time. you sure you' re up for this? >> natalie: is there another option? >> phyllis: not really. >> natalie: then yes. >> phyllis: good answer. >> natalie: you see, mr. newman, my demonstration wasn' t a total disappointment. it let me plant a fancy device in your new computer. >> victor: tell you what. i want eyes on this natalie it' s the only way we find out s up to, if she' s working with a third party. >> victoria: well, we could put a guard outside her door, but that would only tip her off. >> victor: no. i have someone in mind for this. i think she would be perfect for the job. >> summer: hey, max. i looked everywhere, and i
11:53 am
max? max. >> abby: i missed this. >> stitch: [ laughs ] >> abby: i miss you. >> stitch: oh, tell me about it. >> abby: [ laughs ] you know, they say the first year of marriage, all you do is have sex and argue about money. s awesome, let' second part. >> abby: [ laughs ] deal. >> stitch: mwah, mwah. what, are you cold? >> abby: no, um... i' m just worried about my mom. >> stitch: why, what' >> abby: well, she just doesn' look well. she has barely any color in her skin, she' s exhausted. dr. neville said it was just the flu, but -- >> stitch: oh, the guy' whack job, but he' s competent. i' m sure that' s all it is.
11:54 am
well, i should go check on my mom, and you need to get back to max. >> stitch: yeah, not right this second. >> abby: no. >> stitch: mnh-mnh. >> abby: how many more seconds? >> stitch: as many seconds as it takes for this. mmm. >> abby: oh, my god. max. um, hi. >> stitch: hey. >> max: uh, sorry. >> stitch: are you really? you know, i' ve been really understanding about a lot of things, but this is out of line. you have no business here, and you know it. >> ashley: by the way, just for the record, i believe in your miracle cure and i believe in you. >> dr. neville: ashley. >> ashley: i just want the cure now. >> dr. neville: ashley. >> ashley: i can' t take the sad looks and worried faces. >> dr. neville: ashley. it' s all right to be scared. the fact is -- i' m scared, too. >> ashley: you do realize that doesn' t make me feel better, right? >> dr. neville: huh. sorry about that.
11:55 am
t i be, you know? you' re my only patient and my boss. just imagine my eyes if you decide to croak. [ both laugh ] there. see? better already. so why don' t you please allow me to take you home? >> ashley: you know, you are truly something. >> dr. neville: it' s been said. >> neil: okay, i can do it. i can do it. you know something? you don' t fight fair. >> jack: yeah, well, as long as it gets you to fight back, i don' t really care. look, i' m gonna get my coat, i' m gonna get my car, and i' ll come around. we' ll take you home. >> neil: no, no, no, you' re not. i' m gonna take a cab. what, you don' t trust me? >> jack: would you in my position? >> neil: oh, look. there' s one -- there' s one right there, okay? >> jack: uh-huh. >> neil: i' m gonna -- what are you doing? are you gonna watch me get in? >> jack: i don' t need to watch you get in, but yeah. i'
11:56 am
what are you two doing upstairs? >> next on "the young and the restless"... >> victoria: what is that? >> patty: i' m not a murderer! i' m not a murderer! i' m not! you' re lying! >> dylan: i' m just trying -- >> patty: you' re lying! >> nick: you need to accept some responsibility -- >> victor: the hell i will! -- captions by vitac -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company,
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