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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 17, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,, >> dylan: patty wanted to warn me. that's why she broke out of fairview the night of the fire. she wanted to warn me. and when i asked her what it was that she wanted to tell me, if it had something to do with why she killed dr. anderson -- >> paul: d-dylan, look, i appreciate you looking for some reasonable explanation for what happened. but patty's beyond reason. she's beyond logic. she doesn't even remember being in dr. anderson's office. >> dylan: okay. all right. but if patty had a reason to be worried or frightened -- >> paul: she's always frightened. listen, her mind, her brain, has been attacking her for years, torturing her, turning her in to this person who does these horrible things. >> dylan: [ sighs ] >> paul: i have been where you
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and, trust me, it cannot be done. so save yourself the misery. [ door opens ] >> dylan: ah. look who it is. >> paul: hi, you guys. >> sharon: hi. >> faith: hi! >> paul: now go spend time with your family. that's all that matters anyway, in the long run. >> dylan: hey. >> sharon: ah. >> dylan: what's going on? >> sharon: goodness. >> dylan: ohh. >> sharon: ohh. >> dylan: what's happening here? >> faith: well... >> dylan: being a handful? >> faith: yeah. he spit up on mommy twice already. >> dylan: he did? well, little man -- look at him. little man, i got a closet full of shirts. bring it on. >> sharon: paul. >> paul: hey, sharon. >> sharon: how are you doing? >> paul: i'm doing better now, seeing you, dylan, and the kids. >> sharon: i'm really sorry about what you and patty are dealing with. you know, she tried to help me when i was at fairview, and i just wish i'd realized it sooner. >> paul: that's okay. i wish for a lot of things, too. but you know what?
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and i mean all of you -- to go gift. i want to thank you, sharon, from the bottom of my heart. >> sage: christian! christian! can you hear mommy?! [ gasps ] where are you, baby?! where's my baby?! i want my baby! >> sage: [ gasps ] [ breathing heavily ] >> nick: hey. hey. it's okay. it's okay. it's okay. it's just a dream. you know that.
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>> hilary: i wasn't sure you'd still be here in the morning. >> devon: i'm here. >> hilary: i know this doesn't mean anything. >> devon: it doesn't? >> hilary: well, i just -- i want you to know that there's no pressure. i know this wasn't something that you expected or maybe even wanted. >> devon: i didn't want this? that's what you gathered from last night?
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emotionally, it's confusing for you and complicated, and i understand. >> devon: it was awful being away from you, trying to do the right thing, when all i wanted was you. >> hilary: nothing has made sense since our honeymoon -- not one second -- until now. at least that's how it feels for me. >> devon: hilary, this is right. this is how things should be. >> stitch: well, the good news is, since nothing's wrong with her, ashley will be released this morning. >> abby: uh, nothing wrong? my mother is pregnant, knocked up, p.g. -- my mother!
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yell that since i broke a hell of a lot of rules telling you? >> abby: only because i was gonna lose my mind if my mom was really sick. >> stitch: okay, you're still freaking out a little bit. >> abby: yes, okay? i'm gonna have a little brother or a little sister. yeah, that's reason to freak out. >> stitch: look. okay. and i can guarantee ashley's freaking out, too. >> abby: true. very, yes. oh, god. so very true. [ sighs ] >> ashley: hi. >> abby: hi. mom, i-i-i know that you weren't happy about having to spend the night in the hospital, but... you're glowing. >> ashley: i'm glowing? >> abby: mm-hmm. >> ashley: you told her? >> abby: about the baby? yes, but only because i was panicking, thinking that there was another aneurysm or that you were really sick, but this -- this -- this is great news! you're creating life instead of dying. >> dr. neville: i -- never mind.
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would you mind giving me a little clarification as to why exactly i'm here? >> neil: what are you doing? you don't have a tie. >> dr. neville: no, i don't have a tie. i wasn't aware that an expedited little chat with you was a formal occasion. >> neil: hey, wait. hey, lily. we some-- we need to dig up a tie from somewhere. i don't care where -- the boutique. go ask lost and found -- anywhere. i don't care. the resident genius over here -- he needs a tie. >> lily: yeah, of course. >> dr. neville: whoa. no. i'm sorry. i assure you, i can be a genius without a tie. >> neil: you need a tie in front of the cameras. >> dr. neville: c-cameras? why? why? are we taking selfies? >> neil: hey, look at this. hey. here we go. hi, everybody. >> mr. winters. >> neil: yeah? >> can you tell us why you called the press conference? >> neil: sure. i can tell you what's happening here. >> dr. neville: no, no, no, no. n-no. i'm s-- no. no, no, no. >> neil: what " no" ? >> dr. neville: there is no press conference. >> neil: why are you saying, " no" so much? don't listen to him. hey, listen, this is gonna be your lead story tonight. get ready to roll those cameras. roll it all, especially you.
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>> additional sponsorship provided by... when heartburn hits figh t back fast tums smoothies neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum, smoothies! >> nick: hey, i-it's okay. it's over. patty can't hurt you anymore. hopefully dr. anderson finally found some peace, but it's over. it's just a bad dream, and it's over. >> sage: it's just those images and the feelings are so close to me, nick. i -- they just don't go away. >> nick: i know. i know.
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i honestly thought dr. anderson was the danger. but then finding out -- finding out patty snapped -- i hated that you were in that position. >> sage: [ exhales sharply ] nights like that, i don't ever want to sleep again. [ sighs ] >> nick: well, we're supposed to see dylan later today -- talk about the case. are you up for that? i can tell him you're not ready for it. >> sage: no, no. no. i think it's good, you know -- give me something to focus on, finally get some answers. >> nick: well, we have one answer. >> sage: yeah. >> nick: we know dr. anderson was sandra allen. >> sage: yeah, but there's more to it, nick. what did she do to patty to make her snap? why did patty kill her? there's a reason for that, and i need to know what that is. >> lily: okay. this should work. >> neil: ooh, yeah! that does work! nice purple. hey, brava, lily. you're the only kid that i can count on. love you. >> dr. neville: this is -- ugh. no. take it back. set it free. i don't care. i don't need a tie, ' cause i am
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>> neil: this is a beautiful tie, and i want you to wear it. you're the lab guy, and i'm the business guy. this is the next step for us. >> dr. neville: what -- what next step? you mean cameras and reporters and overpriced haute couture? >> neil: yes! yes! we got to look good when we're our breakthroughs! >> dr. neville: what breakthroughs? i was very specific at jabot. >> neil: okay, okay, okay, okay. research. there is nothing to announce. >> neil: shh. yes, there is. hilary is the announcement, right? she's the success story, right? she -- she got her life back, didn't she? she's energetic. she's vibrant. she's back with her husband. we should be screaming everything, all of this, to the whole world. hey, let me tell you one more time -- i'm the business guy. you're the mad scientist. [ chuckles ] >> lily: dad? >> neil: yeah? yeah, that's me. just, uh, go ahead. put that tie on my tab. >> lily: forget the tie.
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>> neil: everything's excellent. you see what's going on here? we got to get the media hyped up about all this. we got to get some heat, some attention. this is how the machine works. >> lily: yeah. okay. >> neil: we got to gain momentum to push through to fda approval. >> lily: but you have time. does it have to be today? >> neil: mm-hmm. why not today? >> lily: because i know that yesterday was stressful for you. i heard about what happened at the valentine's party. you knocked over the table. >> neil: yeah, that. well, me and some eclairs took a trip. no big deal. >> lily: listen, you can be honest with me. if you are having trouble staying sober, we can deal with it as a family. >> neil: maybe i can't count on you. you're not the only kid. i got the reporters waiting, and i'm gonna go do a press conference. bye. >> ashley: stop right there. i am not pregnant. there's no way in hell that i could be pregnant, okay? >> abby: mom, no birth control is 100% effective. >> ashley: abby, i don't need a lesson in birth control. i mean, obviously, the samples got mixed up somehow.
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pregnant. >> ashley: i'm not pregnant. there's no way i can be pregnant. i'm sure you understand what i'm trying to say, correct? >> abby: so, you and dr. neville have never...? >> ashley: no, never -- nothing like that. nothing's going on between us, abby. >> abby: only i've seen the way he looks at you. >> ashley: honey, i didn't have sex with him, okay? i'm not in the habit of going to bed with people i work with. so, clearly, there must be somebody out there... who is pregnant... and might not even know it. >> stitch: you know, i could do another blood draw... >> ashley: nope. >> stitch: another blood panel. >> ashley: no. nope. >> abby: mom, if we don't know why you passed out and hit your head, i mean, we need to find these tests. if you're not pregnant -- [ cellphone rings ] >> ashley: i'm sorry. i got to take this. it's neville. hi. ashley. >> dr. neville: ms. abbott, please believe me when i tell you i need you out of the hospital and down at the athletic club. you need to do damage control --
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>> dylan: all right. back to business. sorry about that. >> paul: oh, don't ever apologize for being with your family. i was just telling sharon how
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and...the kids. >> dylan: well, sharon's part of the reason that i need to understand what happened with patty and dr. anderson. sharon put her life and sully's life into dr. anderson's hands. patty knows something. now, whatever her and dr. anderson were arguing about, i don't know. >> paul: you know, dylan, you didn't know your aunt patty before... she became the way she is. but that's who she is now. patty is dangerous. and violence, i am sorry to say, is a part of her, and we've got motive and we've got opportunity. >> dylan: okay. okay. then what do we know about motive? >> paul: anderson was gonna sedate her. for patty, that's motive enough. >> dylan: paul... >> paul: no, i'm serious. >> dylan: paul. >> paul: listen, the case is closed. >> nick: well, if that's true, why did dylan want to see us, then? >> paul: i assume that dylan wants to talk to you for personal reasons, because he has no police business to handle regarding dr. anderson's death. >> nick: is that true?
11:19 am
i see my stepdaughter and her baby brother. hey, everyone! >> sharon: hi! >> sage: hi, sweetie. >> faith: hi. >> sage: you ready for your hot chocolate? >> sharon: oh, yeah. it'd be 24/7 if it were up to her. >> faith: [ giggles ] hey, sage. want to watch me make sully smile? you have to hold him, though. >> sharon: oh, yes. yes, you do. here. please. you have to hold him to get the full effect. >> faith: [ giggles ] >> sage: hey, you. hi. >> faith: hi. >> sage: you make such beautiful babies. >> sharon: oh, thank you. >> sage: hey. are you gonna like all those treats just like your sister does? >> faith: you seem all better, sage. >> sharon: yeah, she does. doesn't she? >> nick: my wife woke up in a panic this morning over patty and sandy. >> paul: sage doesn't have to worry about either one of them anymore. >> nick: yeah, i understand that, and i don't mean this with any disrespect, paul, but if dylan has some more questions
11:20 am
maybe we shouldn't be so quick to let this go. >> neil: i want you to actually publish your story fast. it's gonna be good. hey, what are you doing for dinner? >> devon: what's neil doing? >> lily: i don't think he even knows right now. >> dr. neville: i do. he's blowing up my life's work with an ill-conceived press conference. >> neil: okay. hello. hello? everybody -- ha. thank you for coming on such short notice. this is big news. it's about a big project that i've been working on that, actually, i spearheaded. so, forget about me working with jabot and newman, ' cause i don't work there anymore. i'm working on this project. it's -- this is big. it is. >> dr. neville: i wonder if he'll work in the word " big" again. >> neil: th-this is, um -- no, this is big news. >> dr. neville: and there we go.
11:21 am
people, uh -- [ chuckles ] you people are the first to hear it right here, live and in person, right? >> ashley: okay. why did you let him get up there? >> dr. neville: what do you expect me to do -- staple him to a chair? >> devon: we just walked in on it. we didn't know he was planning this, either. >> ashley: he can't do this. he's gonna jeopardize our work. >> devon: well, i won't let him do that. all right. thank you, neil. >> neil: what? >> devon: thank you. let's, um -- let's introduce the doctor who is leading the research on the project, dr. simon neville. would you join us up here, please? >> ashley: what are you gonna say? >> dr. neville: i don't know. maybe i'll talk about my tie. >> devon: the doctor can explain the research for everyone. let's just step aside, okay? get your hands off me. why did you and hilary come back here anyway? >> devon: don't worry about it. let's just go. let's just -- >> lily: ohh! (clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying,
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>> " the young and the restless" will continue.,,
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,, ,, 1 >> neil: hey. hey. hey, come here. come here. >> devon: yes. yes. yep. >> neil: hey, this is -- this is my press conference, all right? and you're trying to take it away from me. why are you doing that? just like you took away my wife. you did that twice. now you're taking my project. >> devon: shh, shh, shh. pull yourself together, will you, please?
11:27 am
they're taking pictures right now. do you realize what that means? >> neil: yeah. >> devon: think about your son. think about moses. think about the twins. >> neil: stop poking me. you're making a scene, okay? where was your concern about the family... when you stole my wife? hmm? >> ashley: excuse me, everybody. my apologies. clearly, mr. winters is not feeling well today, and i'm afraid we're gonna have to cut this short. >> hilary: ashley, may i? >> ashley: oh, sure. >> hilary: hi. i'm glad you're all here today, because there's been something that i've wanted to talk about for quite some time. simon neville saved my life not that long ago. when i was in a coma, when things were bleak... dr. neville took chances. he used bold, innovative thinking. he defied current neurological
11:28 am
he broke the rules. and he gave me my life back. today he's privately funded, working at a state-of-the-art laboratory, among colleagues and friends who recognize his genius. and, yes, we are still in the research phase, and many may say that this press conference is premature. but the research -- it's... it's promising. and the goals -- they are far-reaching. so what we need now is for members of the scientific community and the fda to get behind this research. just embrace and support this new perspective. neil knows this. that's why he's so passionate and devoted to the cause, even coming out here today, when he isn't feeling his best, because it is that important. i am standing here today as
11:29 am
protocol is. now, we have already saved one life. how many more can we save? hmm. okay. [ applause ] i will take your questions now, if you have any. >> nick: there's more to this mess with sandra and patty? >> paul: we have connected patty to the murder. that's the primary function of police work. >> dylan: yes, paul. we know that. but what was dr. anderson's end game? >> nick: i thought we already established that. it was me. >> paul: according to what nick said, she wasn't even subtle about it. >> nick: sage saw it before i did. there were signs everywhere. this is a woman i haven't thought about in years. >> dylan: right -- a woman who treated sharon for months, delivered her baby -- your high-school sweetheart, sharon. of a coincidence. >> paul: sharon checked herself into fairview. there. >> dylan: yeah, i know, but what that did was put dr. anderson that happened... >> nick: sandy was always around, especially after
11:30 am
then she made her move, and she kept telling me how unstable sage was, that i needed my own life. i'm really sorry this woman's dead, but i can't stop thinking about sage. if she had stayed in fairview any longer, i mean, we don't know what sandy was capable of. >> dylan: nick, you're -- you're right. i mean, from the beginning, things seemed off. she was always hovering. remember when she insisted that sharon couldn't have any visitors? whack. sharon was out of it half the time. >> paul: yeah. nothing egregious enough for you to pursue it. >> dylan: okay. i wanted everything to be okay with sharon and the baby, but once sully was born, sharon was released, i just focused on my family. nothing else mattered. >> sharon: i really admire you, sage. >> sage: me? >> sharon: mm-hmm. i know you -- you put yourself in danger to get answers from the doctor, and that was really brave of you. >> sage: well, i admire you, sharon, because i just got in to fairview, but you're the one that got all the answers. you and nick figured out anderson's connection to his past and all those secrets that
11:31 am
>> sharon: all of those months i depended on her. i took her word like the gospel. i would have done anything she said. and she knew how to play me. " you have to protect the baby." " you have to take your medicine." " say these words." " don't see any of the people you love, and do it for the baby." and the most awful thing is i can only remember about half of it. >> sage: why is that? the medication you were on? patty said something about dr. anderson and needles. >> sharon: i-i don't know. maybe. it's all a blur to me. but the strangest thing is it all worked out. i came out of that facility with a healthy baby boy, feeling strong and in control, and i was handed my child, and everything in my life was normal again. >> sage: well, you're right to focus on sully, you know. what else is there? >> sharon: dr. anderson can't
11:32 am
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three is company, the musketeers. and in the eyes of real cheese people, never, ever a crowd. sargento balanced breaks. we're real cheese people. >> dylan: dr. anderson and i butted heads a few times, but the second that sully was born, i just let it go. i was just grateful to get sharon and the baby home and they were healthy.
11:36 am
wrong with that. that's your priority. >> dylan: right. right. but if i would have followed my instincts... >> paul: you think that dr. anderson would still be alive? >> dylan: probably, yeah. >> paul: right. that's because you're thinking logically. patty doesn't. that's my point. there's nothing you could have done to control that situation. >> dylan: dr. anderson was after something. was it just revenge? was it to break you and sage up? what? >> nick: years of resentment and jealousy, thinking we had a shot together. >> dylan: so, she lost the use of her leg. she's laying in bed, obsessing over you. that made dr. anderson who she was. and then sharon walks in to the office, a woman that you married and had kids with. >> nick: sandy took full advantage of the situation. >> dylan: this is the part that i don't get. dr. anderson could have messed with sharon mentally and emotionally. she had sharon at her mercy. but, in her own way, dr. anderson was good to her. why would she do that when sharon had gotten everything that dr. anderson ever wanted?
11:37 am
>> ashley: well, you -- you were so fabulous up there. i was watching the faces of the reporters, and they were just focused on you and not what had happened with neil. >> hilary: well, i hope so, because i couldn't let anything jeopardize dr. neville's work. >> ashley: i don't think you just saved the press conference. i think you saved our entire project, and i can't thank you enough. >> hilary: oh, no. don't even mention it. we are all on the same team. >> ashley: we are? >> hilary: yeah. >> ashley: let's talk about this press conference. i think we're gonna have to monitor the press. >> hilary: okay. yeah. >> abby: [ sighs ] >> stitch: hey. hey, hey, hey. what's wrong? >> abby: [ sighs ] >> stitch: oh, you look white as a sheet. are you having flu symptoms? >> abby: does not feeling great count as a symptom? >> stitch: okay. come on. we're going to memorial. i'm gonna check you out, get you fast. >> abby: this is why i was smart enough to marry a cute doctor. >> stitch: let's go. >> devon: what are you doing? you called for a press conference here without notifying, without consulting,
11:38 am
drunk like this? this is my club, first of all, and this is my investment that you're messing with. >> neil: okay. first of all, i am not drunk, and i guess you're right. it's your-- all of this -- everything is yours. >> devon: are you aware of how much you put at risk by stumbling and slurring up here? you were -- you were barely coherent. >> neil: i am the one who's been trying to put your project -- not mine, your project -- on the map, make some noise, get it some attention. wait a minute. hold on. >> devon: hmm? >> neil: didn't -- you were the one -- you hired me! >> devon: i did. i sure did. and, uh... i'm firing you. >> neil: ha. you can't do that. >> devon: i can do that -- of course i can -- because you're obviously drinking again, okay? that's very obvious. you're going down a hole. you need to get help, and until you do, you're not gonna be a part of this project anymore, okay? >> lily: no! >> devon: what do you mean, " no" ? you want me to enable him and tell him it's okay to drink? >> lily: no. of course it's not okay, but attacking him doesn't help, either.
11:39 am
>> lily: yes, you are. >> devon: i am not. you, okay? you have to get help. you have to do the steps -- rehab, sponsor, the meetings, all that stuff. but in the meantime, i'm not gonna let this job stand in your way. >> neil: mm-hmm. the big man doing me a favor. >> devon: i know you heard hilary. she stood up here, said all that stuff to fix what you did today. this project, all this research -- it actually means something. it's important, and i'm not going to humor and coddle you so you can screw it up. >> neil: oh, shut up. you're not the -- your -- your money... is your club. it's your project, your life, your wife. to hell with you, son. to hell with you. to hell with everybody. >> lily: damn it, devon. go after him right now. >> devon: [ sighs ] cur\l itch defense
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11:43 am
>> paul: dylan, dr. anderson had been obsessed with nick for years. she found an opportunity and exploited it. >> dylan: but maybe she intended to take it a step further somehow. if patty wanted to warn me about dr. anderson, patty knows something. >> paul: it doesn't make any difference. >> dylan: it does make a difference! >> paul: it doesn't change what patty has done. she killed dr. anderson. that is the crime. we have our perp. and it's my sister... my broken... violent sister. i appreciate, nick, that you came down here and you're willing to help and that you were okay with answering dylan's questions, but we have all the pertinent information we need. we don't need anything else, and
11:44 am
change that. there's nothing anyone can do to change that. it's just the way it is. >> dylan: i'm sorry. paul and i have a difference of opinion on this one. >> nick: [ sighs ] that's all right, man. he's tore up over patty. understandably so. i mean, he's been holding out hope for years that she would get better, and she just hasn't. >> dylan: maybe part of that was dr. anderson's fault, too. >> nick: look, uh, i appreciate the fact that you, uh -- you know, you have cop instincts and gut feelings about this, and i have questions, too, but sage has been through so much, dylan... i just want to try and move on. dwelling on the past is not gonna do anyone any good. >> sharon: hey. what was that about? >> nick: oh, dylan thinks, uh, there was more to sandy and what she was really after, and he doesn't feel like it's over.
11:45 am
same thing. >> nick: yeah, i don't see it. maybe i don't want to, or maybe i just want life to get back to normal, or at least as normal as it can be. >> sharon: well, no amount of detectivework can heal your heart after losing christian. and i...added to that pain. i let the doctor convince me that sage couldn't be trusted around sully, and i'm sorry, and i hope you both know that. >> nick: sharon, you're also the person who listened to me when i told you there was something wrong with dr. anderson. you didn't have to do that. >> sharon: well, it was scary for me to think that the person who had been treating me had problems of her own, but, of course, i-i trusted your instinct, nick. >> nick: thank you. you helped me figure out who sandy really was. you got her to talk. forever. >> sharon: i want to be there sage, ' cause she's your wife,
11:46 am
i always wanted her to be a part of his life. you know, it's true what they say about babies -- that no amount of love is too much. >> devon: so, what should i do? should i chase him down and tell him that it's cool to badmouth >> lily: how ' bout a little support for a man with an illness? >> devon: all i'm doing is protecting myself and the people that i love until he decides to get help. i know i fired him. i wish i didn't have to do that, but it had to be done. >> dr. neville: you know, i would tell you you were good, but i would be lying. you were brilliant, and you didn't even need a tie. >> ashley: the way you made your point -- it was incredible. i mean, the reporters were just riveted. >> hilary: thank you. >> dr. neville: you know... maybe this is the face of our project. she's a p.r. bonanza, especially when she's saying such nice things about me. >> hilary: [ chuckles ] >> ashley: well, we're not actually in a position to make
11:47 am
we have to wait and see what happens with neil, don't you think? >> hilary: well, i just -- i want to help, whether it's with my blood tests or talking to the press. this matters to me. you saved my life, and you're gonna save many more. i just know it. >> stitch: okay. i put a rush on your bloodwork. >> abby: you know, you're superhot when you're all doctorly. are you gonna make me put on one of those hospital gowns? >> stitch: oh. would you? >> abby: absolutely not. they're too boxy, and the stitching's bad. >> stitch: oh, yeah? >> abby: mm-hmm. [ chuckles ] >> stitch: all right. [ sighs ] let's see here, mrs. rayburn. so, have you been running a fever? >> abby: no. >> stitch: headache? >> abby: vaguely, but only because i've been feeling tired. >> stitch: okay. any change in routine or diet? >> abby: not really. >> stitch: any chance you could be pregnant? [ both laugh ] >> abby: um, i think that's pretty much impossible, considering how little alone
11:48 am
>> stitch: uh, i'm pretty sure we had a wedding night and half a honeymoon. >> abby: yeah, and it was great while it lasted, but, um, no. no. there is no baby bun in this oven. no. absolutely not. so, is it the flu or something? >> stitch: let me check with the lab -- see if your results are in. be right back, babe. >> abby: okay. [ door closes ] it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. vyou've tried to forget your hepatitis c. v but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer.
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11:52 am
>> devon: hey. well, this was almost a complete disaster until you said what you said. i think you undid neil's damage. thank you. >> lily: wow. i cannot believe you two. you both are the reason that he was driven to that dark place all over again. >> devon: and how do you figure that? did i put the bottle in his hand? >> lily: no, but you made it very clear that you took hilary to bed, and then you fire your own father. >> hilary: what?! just now? >> devon: it had to be done. >> hilary: neil has been pushing me towards devon for months.
11:53 am
>> lily: because he was doing what he thought was right and fair, and then devon thanks him by firing him. he didn't deserve that, and you know it. >> devon: i just want neil to get help -- that's it. >> hilary: i know. and while he's doing that, neil is gonna decide what kind of man he wants to be. you already know what kind of man you want to be, right -- the man who funds lifesaving research, the man who makes me incredibly happy? >> devon: [ chuckles softly ] >> hilary: neil has to take care of himself. we're just giving him the motivation to do that. >> neil: fire me. just fire me. big man... big money... big life.
11:54 am
that's my wife. [ coughs ] >> dr. neville: if you must know, i was actually on my way to memorial to get you sprung when neil came up with this extravaganza. >> ashley: meanwhile, abby was busy congratulating me on my pregnancy. >> dr. neville: mm. >> ashley: i kept looking at her and thinking, " oh, my god! my little girl's gonna have a baby! i'm gonna be a grandmother!" >> dr. neville: so, i guess balloons and confetti are still in order, nonetheless. >> ashley: well, don't be so amused. they assumed that you were the father. >> dr. neville: me? >> ashley: mm-hmm. >> dr. neville: awkward? >> ashley: yeah, very. >> dr. neville: huh. >> ashley: ben wanted to run some more blood tests. >> dr. neville: oh, no. no, no, no, no. >> ashley: that's right when you called, and so i came running,
11:55 am
even though maybe this time it was inadvertent. >> dr. neville: i think i'll go on saving you... on purpose... because you, my friend, are now my life's mission. >> stitch: okay. got your lab results. let's check your levels. >> abby: okay. >> stitch: [ sighs ] all right. let's see. oh. >> abby: [ chuckles ] you can't just say, " oh." that's terrible bedside manner. just give me some antibiotics and let's get out of here. this place is full of germs. >> stitch: antibiotics aren't gonna take care of this. >> abby: okay. not funny. is this because i wouldn't wear a hospital gown? >> stitch: abby... >> abby: no, come on! you're starting to worry me. is it something serious? >> stitch: [ chuckles ] you're pregnant. >> abby: shut up. >> stitch: no, it -- it's here. it's so here. they even noted that they ran it
11:56 am
no wonder the lab tech was smiling at me. >> abby: so, you and i -- we, uh... >> stitch: we're having a baby, baby! >> abby: we're having a baby. we're having a baby! >> stitch: we're having a baby! >> abby: [ laughs ] [ both laugh ] >> sage: i keep having these dreams, these nightmares, and nick thinks it's about patty and dr. anderson, but i think there's something more to it, like things are connected somehow. something's bigger than we know. if you feel that way, dylan... say it. >> dylan: in everyone else's mind, it's done, okay? it's already getting under paul's skin. my wife and nick -- they want it over, too. >> sage: i understand that, but there are so many questions that haven't been answered. >> dylan: who do we ask? dr. anderson's dead, and patty isn't lucid. >> sage: there's got to be some other way, then. what did patty want to warn you about, dylan? >> dylan: i don't know. i don't know -- probably who dr. anderson really was. >> sage: no, because she would have just said that to you. >> dylan: we don't know why patty does anything. paul thinks that it was something that she might have made up in her head. >> sage: do you think that?
11:57 am
there's no reason to keep digging up the past. it's not gonna fix anything, okay? you and sharon are out of dr. anderson's reach. you're both safe, and nick and i are very grateful. >> sage: yeah. i'm grateful for that, too. >> dylan: look, when it comes down to it, we know everything that really matters. >> sage: yeah. yeah. i can just hang on to that, then. >> dylan: well, and nick. >> nick: [ sighs ] how you doing? >> sage: hey, you. i'm -- i'm, uh, feeling better because of dylan. i just think it's time to move on and get back to our life. >> nick: yeah. it's a good life. i promise. i mean, it's not the one we expected, but it's gonna work out. >> sage: yeah, it is. >> next on " the young and the restless" ...
11:58 am
>> billy: the sooner, the better. >> phyllis: yeah. >> luca: we're all on the same side here. >> summer: the hell we are. >> adam: luca and noah are working together to take down a common enemy. >> victor: who? >> adam: you. -- captions by vitac -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company, sony pictures tele next at noon, a mother to be describes the brutal attack that cost the life of her unborn child. how the defense is describing the behavior of her assailant. >> what made fighting a house fire in broomfield so difficult this morning.
11:59 am
terrorist phone. >> how close we'll get the world a president has to imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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live from colorado's news channel, this is cbs 4 news at noon. an up pulseive reckless act, that's how her defense attorney described dynel lane's bhooif


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