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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 18, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,, >> abby: so, you're positive? ' cause it's not like the lab doesn't make mistakes. i mean, look at what happened with my mom, unless that was all an act. >> stitch: ashley called and said she had another test run and the results were negative. >> abby: negative negative? >> stitch: as negative as you can get. yeah. so, yes. the lab messed up with her results, but -- >> abby: but not with mine? >> stitch: you're having a baby -- our baby. >> abby: [ laughs ] >> stitch: how do you feel? >> abby: oh, my gosh. i-i feel like i'm gonna throw up, but in the best possible way. how do you feel? >> stitch: is it not obvious? >> abby: i mean, we just got married like two seconds ago, and we had the shortest honeymoon ever. i can understand if you're not ready. >> stitch: this is the best surprise i've ever gotten.
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i-i can't wait to tell everyone. [ sighs ] everyone. >> stitch: what? >> abby: " everyone" means max. how are we gonna break the news to your son? >> victor: in a few weeks, it's gonna be noah's birthday. i want him home by then, okay? >> adam: yeah. yeah, we got to be patient with that, you know? i know it's not your strong suit, or mine, but, uh... >> victor: but nothing. natalie's about to finish the pass key, and she knows the clock is ticking. so i want noah home. and that'll allow us then to throw out luca and the santoris, and noah can continue his life without a prison sentencing over his head. why are you not saying anything? is it because you know something
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>> adam: [ sighs ] >> natalie: i can see you, victor, but...why isn't the sound working? [ doorbell rings ] >> luca: natalie, right? >> natalie: yeah. summer's not here, so go away. >> luca: not a problem, since i've come to see you. adam's filled me in on the security program -- pass key, i believe. i'm here to monitor your progress. perhaps a quick demonstration? >> natalie: uh, perhaps not. >> luca: you can trust me. we're all on the same side here. >> summer: the hell we are.
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>> phyllis: victoria, this is absolutely gorgeous. >> jack: you like that, huh? i'm stunned. >> victoria: i just like that it's untraditional. is that even a word? >> billy: it is now. >> jack: traditional or not, i couldn't be happier for both of you. >> victoria: thank you. >> jack: and, victoria, i commend you, taking on marrying >> phyllis: ohh. >> billy: easy. >> victoria: i actually think that he's the one that deserves the medal, being my father's son-in-law for the third time in >> billy: see? >> victoria: that's a lot. >> billy: third time's a charm. >> victoria: yeah. that's right. >> phyllis: [ laughs ] congratulations to the both of you. you both deserve all of your dreams coming true. >> jack: hear, hear. >> billy: back atcha. >> lily: jack, thank god. have you seen my dad? >> jack: no. why? phone, and no one's heard
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>> jack: whoa, whoa, whoa. slow down. what happened? >> phyllis: is this about the tumble that he took at the valentine's party? >> lily: no. no. that was nothing compared to this morning. he turned the press conference for dr. neville's research project into a disaster. he was drunk. he was slurring his words. he even knocked over the >> victoria: oh, no. >> lily: as soon as the reporters left, devon fired him on the spot. >> jack: what? >> lily: jack, i'm scared that
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gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. >> stitch: max hasn't exactly been easy since he got here. >> abby: can you blame him? >> stitch: the kid loses his mom, has to start over on the other side of the world -- new family, new school, new life. >> abby: now he's gonna have a new little brother or sister, and that's an adjustment under the best of circumstances. maybe we should wait to tell him. >> stitch: the sooner he hears it from us, the better. >> abby: not us. and this is not because i'm trying to avoid the conversation. it's just, you know, max tolerates me on a good day. i think it would be better if you told him by yourself. >> stitch: you're probably right. >> abby: exchange " probably" for " always," and then you'd be on to something. >> stitch: [ laughs ] hey, so you know, this is the last solo mission when it comes to this baby. >> abby: oh, don't you worry. yes. for the next nine months, we are gonna be in this together -- the good, the fat, and the ugly.
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you're gonna be beautiful. and guess what -- we're having a baby! can you believe it? [ laughs ] >> jack: your father looked me in the eye and swore he had not been drinking. >> lily: yeah. well, he's good at that. his behavior has been beyond erratic. >> phyllis: for the record, no explanations needed. we cannot stand here and judge your father. >> billy: amen to that. >> victoria: lily, i'm so sorry. if there's anything that we can do -- >> billy: yeah, if we can help you look for him or -- >> jack: no, no, no, no, no. you two are in celebratory mode. you stay there. lily and i should be able to find neil. >> victoria: well, i'm sure that hilary and devon are searching for him, too. >> lily: oh, yeah. take time from congratulating themselves? i didn't even tell them that he's missing. >> jack: fortunately, i know most of neil's haunts. i can check there. you check elsewhere, and we'll stay in touch, all right? >> lily: please, jack. we have to find him. >> jack: we will -- hopefully before neil does something else he regrets. >> billy: there goes the white knight of genoa city. >> victoria: must feel really good, huh, knowing that you have your life back together and jack won't have to be riding to your
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>> summer: i should have seen through it. >> luca: seen through what? >> summer: " poor lonely summer, all alone on valentine's day. why don't i pour her some cheap champagne and she'll spill all the corporate secrets?" >> luca: okay. first of all, that champagne was not cheap, and second, is that what you really think happened? >> summer: well, isn't it? >> luca: no, summer. look, you've got me all wrong, okay? i thoroughly enjoyed your company the other night, and as for newman secrets, there are none -- at least not where natalie's project is concerned. adam's filled me in on everything. >> summer: oh, he has? >> luca: yes. that's why i'm here. look, i've studied spreadsheets and projections. i even have the latest passwords to access the program. >> summer: does he know what he's talking about? >> natalie: i hate to say it, but yeah. i guess adam really did let him in to the inner circle. >> luca: and thankfully, because i relish the opportunity to learn from a genius such as yourself. >> natalie: laying it on a
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>> luca: [ chuckles ] let's get to work. [ sighs ] >> adam: you remember luca asking for a meeting even after finding out noah had left town? >> victor: yeah. instead of emptying his desk, that arrogant bastard dug in his heels even further. >> adam: yeah. there's a reason for that. [ telephone rings ] >> victor: yeah? >> summer: grandpa, it's me. >> victor: hi, sweetheart. >> summer: hi. um, i can't believe you let him get involved. >> victor: who? >> summer: luca santori. he's here with natalie right now. >> victor: that isn't possible. >> summer: yeah. he says adam brought him in on the internet-security thing. >> victor: sweetheart, you tell her to keep her mouth shut, okay? no one -- no one hears about this. is that clear? >> summer: he has passwords and everything, not to mention a whole briefcase full of information on pass key. should i still tell natalie --
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just -- just keep an eye on them. >> summer: grandpa, did -- did i do something wrong? >> victor: no, sweetheart. you did nothing wrong. you did everything right, okay? thank you. what hell have you unleashed on
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just 7 days. osteo bi-flex. made to move. >> victoria: hi. >> abby: hi. >> victoria: what's wrong? >> abby: uh, nothing. >> victoria: your message sounded really urgent. >> abby: because i, um -- i urgently need to tell you something. i'm pregnant. [ laughs ] >> victoria: what? >> abby: yeah. [ laughs ] yeah. there's a little mini-me floating around in there, or a mini-ben -- t.b.d. >> victoria: oh, my god. abby --
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you, is it, since it's ben's? >> victoria: yes, it's weird. how dare you start a family with your new husband? no, it's not weird! it's the best news i've ever heard! a baby?! oh, my goodness! congratulations! >> abby: thank you. >> victoria: uh-oh. pregnancy hormones are starting to kick in already, huh? >> abby: no. it's, um -- it's everything. it's hormones, happiness, husbands. >> victoria: oh, my gosh. ben must be so excited! >> abby: yeah. yeah. he is. um...but then we remembered that we have to tell his son, max, so he's doing that right now. >> victoria: oh, i see. and you don't know how he's gonna take it? >> abby: i'm...pretty sure i know. >> victoria: and that's why you're here and not there? >> abby: yeah. we both thought it would be less of a blow if ben told him by himself. >> victoria: abby, come on! this is great news! everything's gonna be okay. i'm sure that max will be in shock at first, but, eventually,
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how could he not? >> abby: yeah. >> victoria: yeah! >> abby: yeah. you're right. of course you're right. yeah. >> victoria: i'm right! so...what else? >> abby: [ sighs ] just, um... ben and i -- we just got married. what if it's too soon for diaper changes and 4:00 a.m. feedings? >> victoria: for you or for ben? okay. how did ben react? >> abby: i've never seen him so thrilled. >> victoria: well, then, he's ready, and so are you. and, more importantly, so am i. i'm gonna be an aunt again! >> abby: yay! [ both laugh ] what is this? >> victoria: it's a ring. >> abby: of the engagement variety? >> victoria: yeah. billy asked me to marry him again, and i said yes. >> abby: oh, my gosh! this is the best day ever! we get to plan a baby shower and a bridal shower! >> victoria: yeah.
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>> stitch: how are you liking your new school? >> max: it's fine. >> stitch: yeah? you making any friends? >> max: a couple. >> stitch: what are their names? >> max: why? >> stitch: just curious. >> max: you think i'm making them up. >> stitch: no! god, no. i just want to know you're settling in okay. >> max: i'm fine. >> stitch: your teachers aren't ' cause, you know, i can talk to them, you know. >> max: dad, i said i'm fine. >> stitch: good. cause genoa city is your home now... and always will be. >> max: just say it. >> stitch: what? >> max: whatever it is you brought me here to talk about. >> phyllis: congrats. what made you pull the trigger? >> billy: [ chuckles ] delia. she, uh -- she came to visit me in my dream on valentine's day morning. >> phyllis: her birthday.
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she gave me the wake-up call i needed. [ chuckles ] let me ask you something. is this getting harder to keep jack in the dark? >> phyllis: yeah. not only jack -- it's summer. using my daughter this way -- it's not right. >> billy: just say the word, and we stop, phyllis. >> phyllis: i just... have to make sure the risk is worth it. this has to work. better? ' cause if we don't, victor's gonna see right through it, and when you bring the king down, you only get one shot, and, like it or not, my daughter is our silver bullet. >> natalie: it's still not operating the way it's supposed to, and i don't know why. >> luca: are you deliberately stalling? >> natalie: because being on victor's hit list is oh so appealing. i've been working on this thing 24-7, but between his unrealistic timetables and now
11:20 am
the pressure's a little intense. nobody treated einstein this way. >> luca: einstein didn't work for victor newman. come on. let's go. >> natalie: where? >> luca: i think it's time you had a meeting with the man who writes the checks. maybe he can inspire you to explain what you're doing -- or not doing. >> natalie: seriously? >> luca: seriously. >> summer: here. do you want me to go with you? >> natalie: thanks, but i know what i'm doing. >> victor: this internet-security venture is not just an investment. it means the future of newman enterprises. >> adam: i know it's the future of newman enterprises. why are you telling it to me like it's news? >> victor: then why the hell would you let the santoris in when we're trying to get them the hell out?! >> adam: i didn't let him do anything. he blackmailed his way in. >> victor: how?! they have nothing to hold over our heads. >> adam: well, that's what i thought.
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,, ,,
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,, 1 >> victor: i don't believe it. luca must be lying. >> adam: yeah, no. that -- that's what i thought, too. it's his default position, right -- to lie? so i reached out to noah. i told him what luca said, and i thought he would deny it. >> victor: but he didn't? >> adam: no. no. he didn't. um... >> victor: [ sighs ] >> adam: ...he's pretty mad at you. he wanted you to pay for your sins. but, look, i mean, for what it's worth, he, uh -- he swears he's done with it. >> victor: that's not worth a damn thing. my grandson is ready to stab me in the back for what? to save that girl marisa's honor? >> adam: right, which is probably another thing i should mention to you. um...noah's not alone on that island. he took marisa with him. >> victor: well, then, maybe she turned him against me.
11:27 am
um...she's actually the one that convinced him to cut ties with luca, and he claims he did. >> victor: [ sighs ] well, well, well, well. >> adam: listen. uh... he's young, right? he's impressionable. he's in love. all he wants is to ride off into the sunset with his girlfriend. that's all. >> victor: [ breathes deeply ] my grandson... [ sighs ] ready to stab me in the back... after all i've done for that boy. kept his secrets, kept him out of prison... and now this. >> adam: well, he didn't go through with it, right? he didn't do a damn thing, so --
11:28 am
let him have his sunset, and you and i, dad -- we're gonna focus on things that we can control, okay? like scoring big on this internet-security deal, getting the santoris out of newman -- that kind of stuff. [ door opens ] >> luca: we need to talk. >> abby: do you think i should go with a traditional name, like emma or matthew? or i could pick something unique, like -- oh, aspen. aspen is a good name, right? >> victoria: uh, yeah, for a tree. yeah. would you slow down? come on. you have nine months to come up with the perfect name. >> abby: what if i don't? what if the baby hates its name? what if i'm a terrible mom? >> victoria: i don't know. i guess that's what psychiatrists are for. [ chuckles ] come on! why do you think you would be mother? >> abby: because i'm selfish and i'm flighty -- a lot flighty -- and did i mention that i'm selfish? >> victoria: well, all of that will go out the window the minute that the baby is born,
11:29 am
you'll see. come on. newman determination coupled with abbott heart and humor? come on. you've got this. >> abby: i hope so. >> victoria: i know so. >> abby: still, any advice would be much appreciated. >> victoria: unfortunately, the only trick to understanding parenthood is parenthood, and even then, it's a crapshoot. >> abby: oh. excellent. >> victoria: okay. i do have a piece of advice for you. when you're rocking your sweet little precious baby in your arms and looking down at that all-consuming soul, just... don't forget that you're somebody's wife. make sure that you show ben a lot of attention, okay? even if all you want to do is sleep. >> abby: so, take care of my marriage is what you're saying. >> victoria: mm-hmm. and by doing that, you'll be taking care of your family. >> stitch: when two people love each other, when that love is so strong that they want it to grow and grow --
11:30 am
>> stitch: what? >> max: ' cause you don't have to. we learned all about it in health and hygiene. like you and abby the other day. >> stitch: yeah. well, uh, i'm not actually, uh, talking about s-- >> max: sex? >> stitch: [ chuckles ] right. i'm talking about what happens as a result. god, could i sound any more like a doctor? >> max: not really. >> stitch: [ sighs ] okay. here's the deal. abby's gonna have a baby. we just found out today, and we wanted you to be the first to know. now, this little boy or girl -- they're gonna count on you to show them the ropes. think you can handle that? >> max: sure. >> stitch: it's gonna be pretty cool, right -- having a kid sister or brother to boss around? >> max: yeah. really cool. >> stitch: well, i guess this is -- this is time for a toast. how ' bout some hot chocolate? >> max: don't forget the whipped cream. >> stitch: are you kidding me?
11:31 am
all right. >> jack: neil?! is anybody -- >> lily: did you find him? >> jack: no. i tried every bar i could think of and turned up nothing. [ cellphone rings ] >> lily: where could he be? >> jack: can you try sofia? maybe neil wanted to spend some time with moses. >> lily: uh, yeah. it's worth a try. >> jack: okay. good. what? >> lily: thank you. >> jack: hey, i would do anything for your father. lucky for me, it goes both ways. >> lily: i'll call you with any updates.
11:32 am
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>> jack: oh, god. neil? neil, can you hear me? neil! oh, god. i got a man passed out here. head is bleeding. possible alcohol overdose. get an ambulance here right away. the croyden hotel, out on delancy. right. room 39. right away. hurry! neil? neil, can you hear me? neil! don't you die on me. don't you even think about it. >> victor: i happen to agree with you. we have a great deal to discuss. >> adam: tell you what -- natalie, why don't you go check out our new i.t. facilities? i would love to get your expert opinion on that. >> natalie: i'll take notes. >> adam: all right. thank you, natalie. [ door closes ] >> victor: so, seor luca... i hear you've decided to
11:37 am
natalie's security project. >> luca: yeah. it was adam's idea. >> victor: really? >> luca: a new set of eyes. and from what i've seen, i'm not sure this alleged genius can be trusted. >> victor: and why is that? >> luca: it's just a feeling. i know when someone's trying to pull a fast one. >> victor: [ chuckles ] you would know that, wouldn't you? >> luca: you still don't trust me? well, i don't blame you. but i hope, in time, i will earn that trust, victor. >> adam: you know what? um...get a word with you outside? >> adam: do me a favor. don't push it, okay? >> luca: push what? you didn't tell your father about our arrangement? >> adam: no, i didn't tell him. i didn't want to break his heart -- tell him that his own grandson was out to get him. i did have to make up some kind of a story as to why i brought you on board. >> luca: joining forces with noah was shortsighted on my part. i want victor to know that i'm on his team. >> adam: i think everybody knows whose team you're on.
11:38 am
>> phyllis: what's wrong? is it the new roommate? it's not working out, is it? i know. i know. it's a change for you, having someone live here. >> summer: no. it's not that. it's not that. she sticks to her room and her laptop. we barely get in each other's way. >> phyllis: then what is it? >> summer: [ sighs ] i don't know. something's off. >> phyllis: with natalie? >> summer: yeah. i-i think i underestimated her. she's not as innocent as everyone thinks. >> phyllis: okay. what makes you say that? >> summer: well, luca santori was here. >> phyllis: really? >> summer: yeah. i guess adam is having him oversee natalie's project. >> phyllis: yeah. that is weird. >> summer: yeah, that's what i thought, so i called grandpa just to double-check, and he was. the job? >> summer: no. he just told me i that means. i don't -- mom, it was so bizarre watching them work together. >> phyllis: because they're having success? >> summer: no. she kept messing up, and it kind of seemed like
11:39 am
>> phyllis: for luca's sake? >> summer: i don't know. i mean, if she can lie to luca, what's to stop her from lying to grandpa? >> phyllis: what's your gut tell you? >> summer: what do you mean? >> phyllis: it is possible that natalie is conning everyone? >> abby: so, your dad told you the news? >> max: yeah. >> stitch: i did. we had a good talk. >> abby: yeah? >> stitch: yeah. i think max is looking forward to being a big brother, aren't you, buddy? >> abby: you'd think i was climbing mount everest, wouldn't you? [ laughs ] max? what's wrong? why are you looking at me like that? aaaaaaaaaaaaah! >> abby: you're sure you're okay with this, max?
11:40 am
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>> lily: how is he? >> jack: he's had his stomach pumped and his head stitched, but he's gonna live. >> lily: yeah, because of you. >> jack: no. >> lily: i can't thank you enough for finding him. >> jack: i told you, your father would do the same thing for me. >> lily: is it okay if i...? >> jack: i would use your indoor
11:44 am
i have a feeling when he does come to, he's gonna have a hell of a headache. >> lily: hey, dad. don't ever scare me like that again, okay? what were you thinking? if jack hadn't known where to go looking for you -- >> neil: [ coughs ] >> lily: okay. >> neil: what is going on? wh-wh-- i got to get out of here! what's going on?! >> lily: you need to rest. stop. >> jack: yes, and while you rest, you're gonna listen to me, and i'm gonna tell you exactly what's gonna happen next. >> neil: a-- ugh. i -- >> summer: i was actually starting to like natalie -- that we might even turn out to be friends. >> phyllis: honey... you are an adult. if your gut tells you that natalie is not on the up-and-up, i would listen to that. your grandfather hired you because of your instincts, and he trusts that. it's probably one of the only
11:45 am
>> summer: thanks. >> phyllis: i didn't do a thing. >> summer: yeah, you did. i always see things more clearly after i talk to you. >> billy: hey. >> victoria: hi. that was fast. >> billy: you know, when my soon-to-be wife texts me, i come running. what decisions are we making? hmm? food, music, venue? and by " we," i obviously mean you. >> victoria: oh, yes, obviously. i know, but... there's something else that i want to talk to you about. >> billy: uh-huh? >> victoria: abby's pregnant. >> billy: what? wow. >> victoria: yeah. >> billy: wow. really? they're not wasting any time, are they? >> victoria: no. well, i think it was kind of a surprise. >> billy: a good surprise? >> victoria: she's ecstatic. she's also a little scared. you know, things aren't that great with max. >> billy: yeah, but that's a whole other situation. >> victoria: i know that and everyone else knows that. >> billy: just not abby. >> victoria: she's convinced that she's destined to be the world's worst mother. >> billy: [ chuckling ] oh. well, just give her a copy of the manual. >> victoria: what manual?
11:46 am
how to be a better parent" manual. >> victoria: billy, there's no such thing as that. >> billy: just give her whatever you read. it took me three kids, and i'm still trying to figure it out. as long as she knows that parents make mistakes -- sometimes they're bigger than others. father. you know that? hilarious. the kids would all tell you so, including delia. >> billy: yeah. i miss her. >> victoria: i know. i miss her, too. >> billy: i'm just grateful for the time that i had. >> victoria: well, you know what they say -- don't cry because it's over. smile because it happened. >> billy: yeah. easier said than done sometimes, but...i'm trying. >> victoria: you have me and the kids. we'll help you. >> billy: that's my world right there... just in case i ever forget that.
11:47 am
>> abby: did you just sugar-coat it for me, or was it really a good talk? >> stitch: i'll say it was. nothing. >> abby: well, i guess we'll find out when the baby gets here. >> stitch: i mean, he'll probably be jealous at first -- have to go through an adjustment period. but don't all kids when another sibling arrives? >> abby: you're asking me? yeah. >> stitch: it's gonna be good. >> abby: thank you... for handling this so well. >> stitch: oh. >> abby: our baby is very lucky to have you. >> stitch: [ chuckles ] are you kidding me? even luckier to have you as a mom. >> abby: mm. i hope so. but will you promise me something? >> stitch: yeah. what's that? >> abby: that no matter what, if we're neck-deep in diapers and swaddles and teething rings -- >> stitch: yeah? >> abby: yeah? teething rings? [ laughs ] that we'll never lose sight of us. >> stitch: are you kidding me?
11:48 am
>> abby: i'm serious. i'm so excited to be parents, but let's never forget that we're husband and wife. >> stitch: wow! you seem to have it all figured out. [ both chuckle ] >> abby: just a teeny, tiny part. >> stitch: yeah. i love you. and you. >> abby: ah, right back atcha. you have any names picked out? >> stitch: i don't know. do you have any names? >> abby: mnh-mnh. vyou've tried to forget your hepatitis c. v but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator
11:49 am
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each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> billy: well, i'm just, you know, saying that sometimes, or at least right now, it feels a little too good to be true, so i start thinking the other shoe's about to drop. black cats, broken mirrors -- that kind of thing. >> victoria: billy, haven't you learned by now that we make our own luck? >> billy: [ chuckles ] you are my luck -- you and our beautiful children. i just want to make sure that you know how special you are.
11:53 am
that every day. >> victoria: oh, i do. it's funny you should mention that. i was just telling abby that she needs to love her children but never forget the guy that crawls into bed with her at night. >> billy: there's a guy? who is this guy? >> victoria: he's a guy. >> billy: just a guy? that's sound advice, i have to say. >> victoria: thank you. >> billy: i think you should put that in the manual. >> victoria: do you think so? >> billy: mm-hmm. chapter 1. >> victoria: okay. i think we should go collaborate on that. >> billy: mm-hmm. >> victoria: okay. let's go. >> jack: when the doctors say it's okay for you to leave, you're only going somewhere where it's safe for you to detox. >> neil: jack, i don't need to detox. i need a scotch, okay? i'm fine. >> lily: you think you're fine?! the twins almost lost their grandfather today! >> neil: oh, come on! >> lily: i almost lost you! >> jack: this is not your decision anymore, neil. >> lily: please, dad, just listen to jack. do what he says. >> jack: you will not be alone.
11:54 am
side, just the way you were with me. >> lily: do this for us but mostly for you. please...just say yes. >> neil: [ clears throat ] >> natalie: what are you doing here? >> phyllis: did victor fire you yet? >> natalie: no. but the seeds have been planted. i deliberately had some trouble with the program today in front of luca, and now summer thinks i'm holding out on grandpa dearest -- or at least i think she does. >> phyllis: well, you are obviously playing your part very well, because summer's definitely on the fence about you. >> natalie: then all's going according to plan. before we know it, adam and victor will believe they've shelled out millions with nothing to show for it. i can see the pink slip now. which means i can get to work for you and billy sooner than expected.
11:55 am
what i want is for you to get out of this apartment and out of my daughter's life. every minute that she's involved with this mess is one minute too many. >> summer: grandpa? >> victor: yes, sweetheart? come in. >> summer: is this a bad time? >> victor: no, not at all. how are you, my darling? >> summer: are you okay? >> victor: yep. better now. what can i do for you? >> summer: um, it's -- it's this whole natalie thing. >> victor: mm-hmm. >> summer: i'm really feeling like i can't trust her and like her whole security program was never supposed to work. >> victor: mm-hmm, just supposed to fool some people into paying a lot of money. >> summer: i'm sorry. >> victor: it's okay. don't be sorry. i'm glad i have one grandchild i can trust completely, okay? thank you for all the hard work you've done.
11:56 am
um...what are you gonna do? >> victor: well... [ sighs ] you know? >> summer: yeah. >> summer: okay. well, good luck. >> victor: you have a nice day, my sweetheart. thank you for coming by, okay? >> summer: love you. >> victor: i love you, too. >> victor: chief williams, please. this is victor newman. hey, paul.
11:57 am
billy abbott. it was my grandson noah. >> next on " the young and the restless" ... >> dylan: you're under arrest for the hit-and-run that almost killed billy abbott. >> nick: why the hell would you turn your grandson over to the cops? >> marisa: noah's life was in your hands, and you sold him out! >> chelsea: hey! hey! -- captions by vitac -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company,
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a weather alert for you as our temperatures climb to a new record today but with wicked winds. fire dangers climbing as well. let's get right to meteorologist lauren whitney. she's in colorado's weather center. how close are we right now, lauren?


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