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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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,, ,, cbs 4 evening news. aurora. people evacuated from homes while decadent desk deputies work to stand up. >> this is been going on since last night, west of 470. >> reporter: we have been watching this standoff for hours now. at this hour we are still seeing a large police presence and the sheriff office in the area as the close off what we are looking at. this happened last night when to deputies were trying to
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specific location and look into something that someone had called and. when they tried to make contact with the man he fired a gun from the front of the house. one round went off but we are told no one was hit and no one was hurt. there was a reverse 911 call that when two people in the area and the homes closest to where this is happening were evacuated. there was an rtd bus if anyone needed to stay warm. overnight we notice it that said aurora police are assisting arapahoe county sheriff's office and dealing with a suicidal man who barricaded himself inside a home. at this hour the big issue will be this intersection that remains blocked off. this is hamden and himalaya. himalaya going east where jericho hits handed. they have a lot of different vehicles in that area. in the surrounding area you may see other patrol cars that may have lanes reduced were fully blocked.
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life, she -- let's get to the weather. there's a chance of snow tonight. >> a chance of snow and maybe rain later today in the denver area. temperatures aren't too bad. starting off with 31 at dia. 22 colorado springs. 19 leadville. 24 telluride. you will see we don't have a lot of activity now so it is pretty mellow outside at the moment. we're looking at conditions that are dry for the moment. we will see snow showers kick up later as we see. we can see some clouds to start the day and drive for now but we are watching the chance for rain later today and winter weather advisories and winter
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mountains will get hit hard. for today in denver by noon, 48. after that we have a chance for rain and by 11:00 tonight that could change over to snow. we will talk more about that in a moment. concern from cdot that this may cause an extended closure by i 70. it is open until 9:00 this morning when they do pilot work. i 25 and 110 s. into town, they have cones up and traffic moving nicely. you have trouble spot to the west of e- 470 on hampton between 2 to 5 meant e- 470 where we saw sean at those intersections. happening this morning, closing arguments will begin in the case of a woman on trial for a brutal track on a pregnant woman.
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trial of dinah lane. the defense rested without calling witnesses. lane is charged with attempted first-degree murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. after allegedly cutting a baby from the women's world. the judge will allow jurors to convict lane of a lesson -- lesser second rig charge. this managerial accused of random shootings that left six people dead and injured 2. 45- year-old jason dalton was driving for uber and picked up a delivered passengers between killings. here is don champion. jason dalton faces multiple murder and weapons charges connected to a deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo. officials say that driver targeted his victims and rent them. mark danon gets chills. >> it is crazy to think this man could have done these things. and came out with a straight
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>> he heard about the killings and got nervous when dalton picked them up in a car that matched the one police are looking for. >> he said this is in the hh are. you are not the guy. he said no. >> richard smith and his son tyler were killed car shopping at this dealership. barbara hawthorne was killed at a cracker barrel. >> when this kind of thing strikes you never expected to be this close to home. >> the first victim was a woman who was shot multiple times at this apartment complex. she is expected to survive. the sheriff says her quick actions saved the lives of children including julie coleman. >> he shot her once and she was running and charter again and she felt. she asked to help me. >> dalton had no prior criminal uber chief security officer released a statement saying we
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at the senseless violence and our hearts and prayers go out with the families of the victims. a man in custody after the denver. a welfare check yesterday turned into finding a body in an apartment off park avenue. the identities of the suspect in the victim are not out. the closure of i 70 and glenwood county. cdot did reopen one lane. that stretch has been closed since last monday. there is a lot more work to be done. they will close the highway from 9 am this morning until 4 pm over the next several days. and even when the road is an open drivers still will have to expect delays. a pilot car will be guiding vehicles between bear creek and the lake tunnel. >> people have to be prepared that while we are running cars in this pilot situation that
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enclosures as we do more permanent rock scaling. >> driver should use detours because of the long delays as they blow up the rock and move it. we had this detours on our website. brandy applegate posted this on facebook saying traffic around here is just ridiculous. this is estes park. the elk are following the rules of the road as the beer into the turning lane. >> did they signal properly? asian markets boosted. could be a good sign of things to come in the us. happy monday. >> reporter: good morning. the markets opened this morning and the best week of the year on friday. the dow dropped 51 points. futures are moving out. bloomberg reports the struggling tech company yahoo will approach buyers today.
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verizon and comcast. if you are thinking about saving your money is a good way to start. america saves week begins today. they instruct your bank to pull from your checking account every month. samsung announced two new phones. they are desperate and waterproof for as long as 30 minutes in water. they run the white pages. jerry seinfeld is selling his beloved porsches. 16 cars will be on the auction block in florida. they are worth $30 million. he said he has never considered himself a collector and he is selling the rare sports cars so he can enjoy -- so others can enjoy them like he has. will stuff. if you have a cool million,
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it is not often first responders get a chance to reunite with people that they have saved and it is rare to happen a decade later. one little boy had to say thank you. here is jeff todd. >> reporter: -- we went to this other pond. robby love still fishes. >> one of the biggest things i turtle. >> he loves to tell fish stories. >> i jerked my pole with a warm and hook and a proper next to a whole and a fraud came out. >> he has another story. >> isaiah pitchfork and i wanted to grab it.>> march 3, 2009. a davies firefighters will never forget. >> i think of that call every time i drive by. >> we pulled a one-year-old child out of the creek. the two-year-old child is not
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>> we got him in the ambulance and he was slippery and cold and wet. came into the ambulance doing cpr and when we arrived at the hospital we delivered him screaming. >> i knew it was hard for them to find a baby in that condition and then actually bring it back to life. >> robby now grown-up wanted to say thank you. >> because they saved my life -- >> his big sister saw him fall in the creek. it meant a lot to her. >> seven years ago, no one could forget the story and now an unforgettable reunion. we get enough things that go on to have something positive come out so many years later is feeling good. >> i will remember this my whole life.>> that is a beautiful story. jeff todd reporting. the mother is looking for two more people to say thank you to produce of the man that
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that pulled him from the water and started cpr. ernest gallegos and mr. montoya are the names. 31 degrees in denver this morning. an update on the lost and found story about a wedding ring down that a broncos game. the latest on the search for the owner.
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and eco-well-known made a trip to colorado. >> this is an effort to save
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>> reporter: he is the symbol of auburn university spirit. >> his name is no by. >> the golden eagle impermanent captivity at the se. raptor ctr. in alabama. this bird weighs 8 pounds. and a bald eagle named spirit recently flew cargo to colorado. >> he is very excited. >> test flights for research at the wind technology center near boulder. >> the goal is to do everything that we can to understand how birds interact with the wind. >> it involved identified, a system created by whereas america's. it uses cameras to monitor airspace around the wind farm. >> we detect eagles at 1000 m out and separate objects that are moving in the apartment
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>> nova blue test flights. before one flight there was an unexpected delay.>> he was on the other side. >> they detected a bald eagle flying nearby. once in the air, he made the 250 yard flight to his reward below. >> they know when they come to the letter target debris cash received a reward. he perceived pieces of mouse and chicken. this is the telemetry device and the gps device that monitors the birth location. >> as nova made more flights, engineers gather data. >> we are analyzing their size and their speed and their flight patterns. >> his handlers monitored his health. giving him breaks when he was tired. mortality rates for raptors like nova barlow, the goal is
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>> they hope to be operational within the year with a goal that if the eagle is in danger software can automatically shut down wind turbines in as little as 30 seconds. >> this is a great collaboration to solve a problem. >> chris peters. incredible birds i think. let's have a look at the weather.>> a mild start with 31 in denver, 25 greeley, 24 burlington, 21 steamboat, 30 grand junction. we had a few clouds to start the day and some sunshine throughout the morning. this afternoon we get a chance for rain. teacher cast, we stay fairly dry and by lunchtime a little snow pop up in the high country. we're still drive across the front range. throughout the afternoon into the evening the snow will ramp
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foothills and front range. in denver we may get some rain throughout the afternoon. you may see a few sprinkles but most of this will be contained to the high country and the foothills and south. overnight we get snow in denver. by tomorrow morning there may be a few inches on the ground. eastern plains, you make it light to into the southeastern corner. this is gone by tomorrow night. southern mountains are an area that could get hit hard and some of the same ludicrous to areas could see a to 4 inches. aspen and grabbed crested butte . and damage to southern areas like trinidad. may pick up 4 to 8 inches as well. as we had more into the front range area to the foothills, 60 as we had more into the front range area to the foothills, 6010 inches possible for areas
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county. we will see a burst of good snow and we needed out there. it has been a dry streak. late today, 49 denver, 50 boulder, 51 to really -- greeley. it will feel windy and chilly today. 30s to the mid-40s on the western slope. we start off sunny and the cloud cover. chance of rain throughout the afternoon so grab the umbrella. by 9 am that may have changed to a snow rain mix. tomorrow a chance for morning snow and it clears up quickly and we could have sunshine tomorrow night. mid to upper 40s by wednesday and end the week nicely in the upper 50s with such an. very nice morning commute across town. this is from the tech center cam . no reconstruction projects to get in the way. i-70 and havana, maybe some slowing from the express lanes project.
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of the way until 9 am and if you can get lined up in queue as they would say in europe then that pilot car. that is at 9:00 and a hard closure outside of chips and to glenwood springs. from 9 am until 4 pm you will have closures each day. suggesting instead of using colorado 131 which is an alternate, possibly using highway 9 from silverthorne. it is may be better equipped to handle the traffic and the new cross on highway 42 greg and south on highway 13 from craig meeker to rival. a big detour but that will be in place to the day. if you are lucky enough from 4 pm until 9 am to get through the plus delays. the pilot car will lead cars. an update on the story of a lost wedding ring.
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broncos fan at that game last month. another man found the ring and contacted cbs for for help. we aired the story to find the owner. the happy ending. >> reporter: it literally was like lord of the rings, when frodo loses his ring. >> it is a wedding band adam green never thought he would see again. >> i saw it for a split second and forgot about it because we were watching the game. >> he and his wife figured it was gone for good. but now from dallas green talks to the man who found is that wedding band, jim swayze. >> it has been a month. how did you find the story? >> arenas from denver and a broncos season-ticket holder.>> a bunch of my friends were like
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i can't believe it was you. >> green and his wife had only been married a few weeks. he blamed losing it with aggressive cheering. >> my finger she quite a bit because it was so cold. >> green says he is thrilled to get the original back and is responsible. that. good to get it back. he saved my marriage. >> mark taylor. michael malone was hoping his nuggets with deal if you went from teams still in a slump after the all-star break. the coach didn't count on the nuggets being the team acting break. nuggets hosting the celtics yesterday. boston jumped out to a 26 point first-half lead but to denver's credit they didn't make a game of it. emmanuel starts a break with
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of the 18 and the lead was down to five mac. that is as close as denver got. boston pulls away late winning by 20. >> that team plays hard and they play together and they have an identity. that is something we're trying to get. giving them credit. the guys are still on vacation but we have come out of the break with no sense of the defense of identity and that is disappointing and we have to find a way to get that back.
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...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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furniture row racing team getting more attention after the photo finish at the daytona 500. martin truex junior did not expect to be racing near the lead. the team had to start near the back of the pack and use a backup car. not a good day for danica patrick. she crashed her car after 15 laps. directs positioned himself perfectly. down the stretch he was not to net with denny hamlin. denny hamlin one by -- one to buy one hundredth of a second. closest finish in daytona high -- 500. >> wish i could have one but we will have to watch that real for the rest of my career. today was a great day. we all want to win. this is competition. i would be lying if i said i didn't want to win.
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have to look at that. denny's mom posted some of her sons writing from third grade on twitter. titled the daytona 500 underwriting said he would want a car like bill elliott's car. he would want to win on february 17, 1998. he missed that but it last -- the last line reads,,
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,, ,, ,, the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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happy monday. i am britt moreno. we have breaking news in aurora. a swat standoff and close off a major intersection. a live update coming up. he drove his uber passengers to their destinations and in between stopped to kill innocent


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