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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> reporter: we are noticing in the last 10 to 15 minutes of lot of things coming off. that is something new we have noticed recently. it has been pretty quiet and we have seen the same scene with a lot of police presence here as well and along the street behind me. let's talk about how this started. happening around 9:00 last night. to deputies were trying to respond to a welfare check and they went to a location where there was a man that was listed in that area. he tried to -- he did fire a off. no one was hit in the deputies did not respond fire. a reverse 911 call went out to people in the area. the homes closest were evacuated. and rtd bus was on scene in case anyone needed to stay warm.
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about how aurora police are working with the arapahoe county sheriff and that they are dealing with a suicidal man who has barricaded himself inside a home. we continue to see the scene closed off. within the last 15 minutes noticing several things from the area. to get around that. hampton closed from both directions and this is just to the west of e-470. you are not able to access if you are coming from tower road to e-470. not able to access across on hampton. use quincy or jewel. you can't access himalaya. it does remain open at quincy. brighter picture of the drive around denver metro. a four car accident shutting down northbound broadway near i- 25.
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still having access on july 25 in the northbound direction. we are able to say that i-70 has reopened and will be open for three hours. they are using a pilot car situation. in three hours we will have closure again, 9 am until 4 pm. use the big four hour detour. live look from copper for. warmer weather coming to an end. lawrence is talking about snow in the metro and big snow for the mounds. she is in the colorado we're still drive. the snow will roll in. it will wrap up throughout the afternoon so let's look at what morning. a few clouds to start the day so should be a mild day outside. winter weather advisories, these cover the northwestern mountains down to the san juan's and parts of sangro de cristo's.
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mountain areas looking at 48 inches as we head into the front range foothills, 6 to 10 inches possible later today lasting through tuesday. this is a quick event done by tomorrow afternoon for most of 29 denver. 28 boulder. 28 craig. 19 leadville. hour by hour forecast, it looks pretty mild endeavor. chance of rain throughout the afternoon. let's check in with britney. closing arguments begin in the trial of a woman accused of a brutal attack in longmont. this has been a big case.>> reporter: it is wrapping up pretty quickly. testimony wrapped up on friday and this case will soon be in the hands of a jury. to present closing arguments before the jury deliberating the fate of dynel lane.
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ahead of schedule. claims defense did not present the case and barely cross- examined prosecution witnesses. lane is charged with attempted first-degree murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. michelle wilkins testified. lane did not testify. she did wipe away tears when prosecutors played a recording. lane said it was michelle wilkins attacked her with a knife. analyst cbs4 legal analyst karen steinhauser says that lanes case is difficult to defend. >> all of the defense we do is to make sure her constitutional protections were met and that the prosecution had to meet their burden of proof. >> lane's attorneys did not make the case that she is insane but if convicted she does face 140 years in prison. everything begins this morning at 9:00 and closing arguments
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and overbought driver may have picked up one person in a ride between a shooting spree on saturday in kalamazoo. six people are dead and two others hospitalized. uber driver jason dalton faces murder charges. his rampage played out over the course of seven hours. police say he shot and heard a woman at an apartment complex. he is accused of gunning down a father and his teenage son at a car dealership. police say dalton opened fire on five people in a restaurant parking lot killing 4 and injuring another. a four-year-old girl remains in critical condition. a passenger who rode with dalton describes his behavior. >> may be a mile from my house and we got a telephone call and after that telephone call we started driving erratically. we were driving through medians
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stop i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> dalton picked up and drop off passengers between shootings. investigators think he was looking for more ride fares after the final attack. senate lawmakers will take another look at again bill at the capital. if passed it with a allow legal gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a permit. the bill would make it illegal to carry concealed weapons on school campuses. a big weekend in the race for president. one day after the republican caucuses in nevada. marco rubio and us senator ted cruz battling for second place with jeff bush out. trump says he is not underestimating his republican rivals. >> i am dealing with talented people and smart people. good people. i think they will be competing. >> senator. bernie sanders is looking to rebound from a tough loss and abetted to hillary clinton.
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voters. the democrats have their next carolina. present more to do following a rockslide on i-70. workers reopened when lame but don't count on it being open over the next several days. cdot will be closing the interstate from 9 am until 4 pm when the road is open. drivers could experience delays of more than an hour. a pilot car will guide vehicles. crews continue to clean up. we will have to be prepared that while the running cars in the situation that there will be shutdowns enclosures as we are doing permanent scaling. it takes four hours to go around this. we had the detour is listed on the website. an eight-year- old boy is thanking firefighters for saving his life seven years ago.
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face down in a small. good samaritans pulled the toddler from the water and started cpr and flagged down a west metro fire truck. robby spent 10 days in the hospital but he survived. >> because they saved my life and i wanted to take them. >> i think of that call every time i drive by. >> he got enough things that go wrong to have something positive come out even so many years later is feeling good. >> i am going to remember this whole life. >> a moving story. the smiths want to thank the man who pulled robby from the creek and started cpr. robby says he just wants to give them a hug. the kids heading to school today. >> temperatures today for the kids, 30s. on the way home they have a chance for rain. let's check in with the weather
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14 in breckenridge. will start today in the mounds. i-70 is reopened that will close again at 9:00. there is a shift in the detour. cdot suggesting using highway 9 from silverthorne to steamboat springs. you may be sipping coffee right now. how many cups of coffee could reduce alcohol effect on the liver. why it pays to be a man if you sell on ebay.
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,, ,, ,, welcome back. let's look at copper for. you can see the moon big and bright.
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sunrise. rifleman today and this is the full snow moon and perfect timing as we are expecting snow in colorado. what a great shot from copter for. let's look at what is happening outside. no snow yet. clear skies in terms of moisture but we do have, cover. we're looking at the snow to whirlwind around lunchtime. it is hard to pick up more in the high country. in the high country, a few more clouds and partly sunny to mostly sunny. eastern plains are dry. the snow ramps up into the evening and in denver a chance of rain showers throughout the afternoon and into the evening. most of this will stay to the high country and western slope. tonight snow creeps into denver and the south side of town could pick up the most, quickly clears out the afternoon and by the evening we are clear and cold and we still have snow in
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most of the mountain areas will pick up 4 to 8 inches of snow from steamboat to aspen and bill and crested butte. as you had to the southeastern mounds. parts of the sangro de cristo's, this pick up more. heading into the foothills and we are looking at 6 to 10 inches for areas like evergreen into douglas county and i-70 into the tunnels. idaho springs and georgetown. no advisories in denver. we will c1 to 4 inches of snow, town. temperatures now, starting off with 29 denver. 23 greeley. in the mounds, 27 avon. 19 steamboat. 32 in grand junction. temperatures for today, upper 40s, 49 denver. 49 greeley. 48 boulder. eastern plains, lots of 50s. 30s and 40s on the western slope. today there is a chance you will get brain.
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and chance for that rain and grab an umbrella. some folks may get a few showers. five day forecast, 38 tomorrow, clear out throughout the afternoon. we are warming up for the rest of the week and get to the 50s by friday. police situation continues, hampton and hill umea -- himalaya. hampton a shutdown at himalaya. shawn chitnis is collecting details for us. this is affecting traffic and to access himalaya. you could take the or jewel. if you need access onto tower road. we will follow this for you on cbs4. slowing now and not a lot of space between these cars. from the 40s dipping into the 30s. as you get past 84. 12 minutes on the drive from
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us 36 as well. we have an earlier accident that blocked off the northbound lanes of broadway and trying to get that open. you can still access onto i-25. go to the west, i-70 has reopened for the next two hours from 45 minutes. get in line before then and that will be a good thing. it will allow you to go through there. they turn around and grab one and had you back in the other direction. the closure goes in place at 9 am until 4 pm. we've been talking about this. the snow, cdot is saying we could seek full closures again. let's see if wall street can keep the games going. jill wagner is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. happy monday.>> reporter: happy monday. markets open after the best
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higher open. gas prices are going up. aaa says the average for a gallon rose 4 days in a row last week as crude oil rebounds . drivers are paying $1.57 a gallon in colorado. america saves week begins today. instructor bank to pull an amount from your checking account every month. we talked about gender and equality regarding paychecks. now it exists when it comes to online sales on ebay. 600,000 ebay auction sales were looked at and when men and women sold the same products, women received at lower prices. $.80 for every dollar. to the moon and beyond. 18,000 people applied for nasa's next extra not class. it is triple the number that apply to previous classes. 14 spots. the future astronauts could be
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thank you. let's look at monday's top stories. >> us supreme court in session today for the first time since the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. john roberts expected to mention his passing from the bench. scalia died and laid to rest on saturday. the court has an even number of justices until the spot is spelled. deputies have a sketch of a man sexually assaulting a woman and parker. the woman's car broke down this tonight on the east side of town. a man approached her and assaulted her. he is that in white, 6'3" between 20 and 30 years old. investigators said he was driving an older model white or light gray single pickup with floodlights about the.
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furniture car racing lost by so little at the daytona 500. closest finishing race in history. that is danica patrick going air bound. he held the lead most of the day order was near the lead. in the final lamp he and denny hamlin were side-by-side near the checkered flag in denny hamlin wins by a nose. >> i did all i could do. i had to read until the pack started. it couldn't have been 20 feet from the line. really proud of that effort and proud of that for bass pro shops and toyota. it has been a rough week. we tour of some cars. this one we followed it to the end. proud of everyone and the teamwork today. >> hamlin the tracks by 100th
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distance of 4 inches. if you miss the snow it is returning. let's go to mourn. >> 26 degrees in bennett. the winds are very calm. we will talk about snow and what is happening coming up.
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the pacific northwest heading towards us. down into the southeast this is an active weather area proposed rainstorms. severe weather today in texas. tomorrow that shift to the southeast. our snow heads to the midwest and looking at snowy conditions there tomorrow. wednesday and thursday as well. if you are heading to dia, security what time 20 minutes. centennial says they are on accident alert to the police situation. hampton and himalaya. have disclosed both directions at himalaya. we need to be on accident alert. if you are heading out the door to the airport south into town, it is tough. still good on i-270 on pena boulevard.
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and get traffic and cbs4 news. coffee may do more than give you extra jolt in the morning. it could help cut alcohol effect on the liver. researchers say 2 cups a day could reduce your chance of developing alcohol-related by 44%. cirrhosis deteriorates the liver by blocking blood flow and experts a coffee will never balance out all the negative effects of alcohol but it does heal. avalanche need to win if they need to get in the playoffs. at the shane scored the only absolute with 24 seconds left. final score, 5-1. they play the sharks wednesday in an outdoor games at coors field on friday
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james last night. courtside microphones caught a woman heckling him as he protested a follow-up call and in the end the cavaliers the them. i guess she told me he said. 29 degrees in denver and the snow is coming later today. coming up next, do details -- details of the shooting in michigan. what that driver now accused of said. here is the start to your work great. happy monday.
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an update on the ,, ,, ,, ,, (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard,
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so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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investigators say someone shot at a deputy near hampton and himalaya. people there are evacuated while authorities worked a standoff. this is been ongoing since nine while authorities worked a standoff. this is been ongoing since 9 pm last night. weather alert. we're getting ready for some snow. the sky painted with change in it right now. warmer weather has come to an end. high country. parts of the mountains are expecting more snow. this morning a number of state. let's go to lauren whitney who is talking about this now. >> a cool start of the sunrise, i am watching it develop. let's take a live look outside where you can see gorgeous denver.
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let's look at what is going on with the winter weather advisories. most mountain areas will pick up 4 to 8 inches this afternoon to tomorrow. said the mounds could see quite a bit in the sangro de cristo's. the front range foothills may see 10 to 15 inches. here in denver, 1 to 4 inches and moves out quickly. mountain areas will see the snow stick around longer tomorrow. will break it down more in a moment. the mountain snow has seen -- has cdot queries on edge. we will have daytime closures but cdot saying if they get significant snowfall that can't keep it stabilized. we may see another foreclosure of i-70. southbound into town, and i on traffic. it gets down to the teens pass -- past 104th. broader picture this morning, we are dealing with an accident northbound on broadway that has
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you can access onto i-25 was slowing as well. people are waiting to get back into their homes. authorities were to try to get a man barricaded in a home to give up. the latest on the standoff. >> reporter: this has been a fairly quiet scene for hours beginning last night into this morning but about 30 minutes ago we heard a series of loud bangs. take a listen. that was a change in what we have been dealing with for the morning. the scene has grown a little bit larger as they continue to get ready for traffic to come through and have to avoid this area. it is a suicidal man who has barricaded himself. there were some shots fired by
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night and that is when this started. coming up we will tell you more about what we understand is happening and how this all started and how we got from 9 am until now. coming up. shawn chitnis. today closing arguments begin in the trial of the women accused of a brutal attack against a pregnant woman in longmont. virginia leary is live in boulder. >> reporter: this case proceeding more quickly than many expected. testimony wrapped up on friday and that dynel lane trial. it is already in closing arguments for both sides. the defense rested on friday without calling any witnesses. they classic you did -- cross- examined the closing arguments. the hearing is 9 am this morning. this case has been difficult to
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analyst karen steinhauser talks with us about the best case scenario for dynel lane. jamie leary. people are talking about their encounters with the uber driver accused of a shooting spree. in between rides, he was killing people. investigators are disturbed by dalton's alleged acts of random violence. family members of the victims of the community struggle to make sense of the killing spree and investigators are piecing together the rampage that spanned several hours. jason dalton faces multiple murder and weapons charges connected to a deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo. officials say the uber driver targeted his victims at random. mark danon gets chills thinking about his encounter. it's crazy to think that someone could have gone out and
6:35 am
with a straight face like he is going to work. and got nervous when dalton picked them up in a car that matched the one police were looking for. richard smith and his son tyler were killed car shopping at this dealership. problem -- barbara hawthorne was killed at a cracker barrel. >> you never expect this to be this close to home. >> dalton, a married father of two, had no prior history.>> dalton is neighbors said he never showed any signs of violence. he is being interviewed and his phone is being looked at. a 14-year-old girl shot is still in the hospital. don champion. a cyclist has life- threatening injuries after a hit-and-run in boulder county. this happened yesterday on 36 n. of . to present looking for
6:36 am
windows for the boulder daily camera sent us these pictures of the scene. the car involved may have damage on the passenger side and a missing side view mirror. it has been six months since the gallons of waste spill from the old king mine. not in colorado. rick salinger travels to the region to show us the lingering effects. >> reporter: it was called an environmental disaster. now we return to see the impact. >> we decided as farmers to turn the water source off. >> how the water from colorado has left its mark on farmers from a tribe in new mexico. >> i don't know if i could go in that area without using water. >> the aftermath, the cold desk old king mine spill. >> watch the return to go king
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estes park, the 4 x 4's our elk. randy applegate posted this on facebook saying traffic here is ridiculous. they were in the turn lane headed left. that is courteous driving. let's get to laura tracking the potential for snow working into the state and of course in the metro area. this is an awesome picture. >> the sunrise is incredible right now. we treated out a bunch of pictures. the sky in denver looks like it is on fire. it is bright orange and also neon pink coming in from the foothills. send them our way. we would love to see the sunrise from your view. that is beautiful. snow later today which is beautiful as well. we have cloud cover to start the day. clouds -- skies are clear.
6:38 am
pickup in the high country and not quite into the foothills yet. denver through the afternoon, a chance of rain. the snow gets going into the later afternoon and evening. tonight denver has a chance for snow thing tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning may have no in the southern part of town and we're getting the snow in the high country. quickly gone by lunchtime. snow will continue in the high country into the southern mountains as we head into the evening. let's talk about snow totals. 4 to 8 inches for most of the ski areas. some of the southern mountains, up to a foot possible. as we head into the foothills areas near the tunnels, winter park 6 to 10 inches possible. it may be tough to see at times. be careful of that. denver, nothing for us. we do have a chance for a 1 to 4 inch of snow and most of that coming in on the south side of
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29 degrees in denver. 38 boulder. 24 burlington. 25 avon. 32 in grand junction. today a high of 49 in denver in greeley. 48 boulder. 50s east in the mountains. 30s to the 40s on the western slope. hour by hour forecast, a chance for rain so grab an umbrella. we will get mainly more cloud cover and see the chance for snow overnight. five day forecast, 38 tomorrow but snow in the morning. 40s on wednesday. 50s by thursday. hamden and himalaya, this is to the west of e-470 and that closure remains in place. hamden is closed. take tool or quickly. there is an elementary school nearby.
6:40 am
across denver metro, no big accidents on the highway. closed southbound coming into town. 20 minute drive from i-70 and flowing at the usual spots. further to the west, i-70 has reopened for a bit. daytime closures at 9 am to 4 pm. use a pilot car that will pick up another line of cars and come back this way and will alternate. there will be hour plus delays. shifted the detour a bit. use highway 131. they are suggesting using highway 9. it is bigger and able to handle more traffic. as you continue west towards crag and south, through meeker before coming out of rifle, either way you plan it if you want to punish the time if you
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a bullet narrowly misses a sleeping baby hitting this script. that story coming out. you have to see this woman. 106 years old. she started a dance party at the white house. her secret to a happy life. here is eric christiansen. >> michael malone was hoping his nuggets with steal a few winds -- wins from teams after the all-star break. the coach didn't count on the nuggets being the team acting like they were still a great. nuggets hosting the celtics yesterday and the nuggets were in a funk. boston jumped out to a 26 point first-half lead but to denver's credit they didn't make a game of it. emmanuel starts a break and
6:42 am
the lead was down to five. that is as close as denver got. boston pulled away late winning by 20. >> that team plays hard and they put together. they have an identity. that is something we're trying to get. but give them credit, i don't know what happened over break. the guys are still on vacation. we have come out of the break with no sense of the defense of identity and that is disappointing and we have to find a way to get it back. what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. not down the mountain but up it. that's terrifying. in one of these. sweet the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4 wheel drive and an exclusive auto locking rear differential. let's do this. so if a real wheel starts to slip the axel automatically locks to provide better traction. feels like a beast. grips great. dude that was awesome. now during truck month get this silverado all star with a total
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i
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sermon breaking news. authorities have evacuated people near hampton and himalaya as they work a standoff. >> shawn chitnis is live. >> reporter: we continue to hear the loud bangs from that direction coming behind me and within the last 30 minutes a few more. some started before 6 am. listen to those. we know that this all started around 9 pm yesterday went to deputies were going to make a welfare check in the area and they arrived in the location trying to make contact with the man who had fired a shot outside of the house towards the deputies. no one was hit or injured in the deputies did not fire back. this all started to escalate.
6:47 am
closest. folks had the option to stay in an rtd bus for warmth. hours later we're still dealing with the situation with the area blocked off. we look high above and that shows you there is a large presence as we continue to block off this area. both getting ready for work at school, that will likely be a challenge. joel hillan to talk about the options you have.>> this time of day to see hampton both directions like that, very little traffic and the only traffic you see our police cars. it is shut down at himalaya. this is to the west of e-470. the best ways around will be currency or jewel -- quincy or jewel. you can access on to himalaya. let's go to the map. if you need to access onto
6:48 am
is jewel. >> a little bit of slowing westbound over i-76. >> sunrise colors are starting to fade but it is beautiful in denver. gorge is still out there. we do have more cloud cover from lookout mountain and the pretty faded. we're looking at the possibility of rain today in denver and looking at the chance for snow tonight. 24 from orlando. we will talk about the snow and advisories coming up in a moment. today closing arguments begin in the trial of a woman accused of cutting out a pregnant woman's unborn baby. jamie leary's life in boulder county. the trial was quick. >> reporter: the trial for denial lane almost over. nearly a week ahead of schedule. attorneys for both sides will have a chance to present closing arguments.
6:49 am
their case on friday morning after calling 16 witnesses since wednesday. the defense rested its case without calling any witnesses. denial lane is charged with first-degree murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. for cutting an unborn baby from the womb of michelle wilkins. the judge will allow jurors to convict dynel lane of a lesser charge if they so choose. >> best case scenario is to help the jurors do not find premeditation or that there is somebody on the panel that says something has to be wrong with her. lane's attorneys did not make the case that she is insane. if she is convicted, she could face up to 140 years in prison. jamie leary. today a gun bill that has driven debate at the capital could be moving forward.
6:50 am
proposal by tim devil to let legal done -- gunowners carry concealed weapons without a permit. a judge could also decide whether a lawsuit brought against gunmakers by families of the victims in the sandy hook elementary school shooting can go forward. nine families and an administrator who survived the attack saying the makers of this driver -- rifle knew it was not suitable for civilian use. gunmakers claim federal law protects them from liability when their guns are used in crimes. donald trump and clinton have momentum after big victories over the weekend and south carolina and nevada. us senator ted cruz marco rubio are fighting for second as the republicans turn attention to the nevada caucuses tomorrow. hillary clinton is hoping to solidify support in at least a dozen states but first she and bernie sanders have to get saturday's democratic primary
6:51 am
>> something really special is happening here. >> we will see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> more than half the votes needed to went back the nomination will be determined in the 28 states that hold primaries and caucuses. cdot is getting ready for closures in glenwood county. crews have more work to do from that massive rockslide on i-70. last night workers did reopen one lane so over the next several days cdot will be closing the interstate from 9 am until 4 pm. galena shut down. when the road is open there could still be delays of an hour or more. they will use a private car to guide vehicles between bear creek and hanging lake tunnel. take the detours but that is a four hour trip. we had those listed on our website. cbs
6:52 am
burst into flames. this happened north of chicago yesterday. passages say the bus had just left when they heard a loud pop with the driver pulled over and smoke pouring out. everyone made it out in time. parents in knoxville, tennessee said a bullet flew into their home and came inches front a sleeping baby. pieces of chitwood fell into the crib. the bullet hit the headboard. >> fear, terror, grateful she was okay. when i hung up the phone with 911 it hit me and i started to hug her and sobbed. >> offices believe the bullet was from a nearby shooting. a happy update on a story of a lost wedding ring. adam green is getting his wedding ring back after he lost it during the afc championship game. he and his wife figured it was gone for good.
6:53 am
it and he contacted cbs for the week after the game. that. i appreciate it. good to get it back to you. >> you saved my marriage. >> green and his wife had been married a few weeks. he blames losing the ring on the cold and january day and some aggressive cheering. green has offered to share some of his season tickets with the swayze's next season. this is a 106-year-old woman improving you are never too old to break in. virginia maclaren got to visit the white house for black history month and she showed off her moves. >> all know you are not. >> slowdown. >> oh my goodness. >> i want to be like you when i grow up.
6:54 am
at 106. >> it is incredible to watch. this is all on social media. she said she has had a lifelong dream of visiting the white house and she was thrilled. >> what a moment. buffer energy. i hope we all had that spirit. lauren is tracking the forecast. >> today a chance for snow in the high country. sunrise was so spectacular and now we have a lot of clout to deal with. more of those throughout the day today. let's check in with satellite radar. there could be snow into the western slope. clouds here in denver and for parts of the eastern plains. looking at the winter weather advisories, 48 inches for most mountain areas as we head into the south, 8 to 14 inches for sangro de cristo's and pike's
6:55 am
idaho springs and georgetown, 6 to 10 inches of snow. in denver you'll notice we are advisory. 1 to 4 inches of snow and the heaviest totals should come feature cast, fairly mild, after lunchtime we see things ramp up a little bit more in denver. we may see a chance of rain in denver throughout the afternoon the heavy snow starts cranking into the high country in foothills overnight tonight. the snow could head into denver so we may wake up to it tomorrow. the snow will clear up quickly by lunchtime. snow will continue in parts of evening. 31 burlington. 32 grand junction. today highs 49 in denver. 50s on the eastern plains. 30s in the mountains today. 30s and 40s for the western slope.
6:56 am
afternoon after 3:00. temperatures get down to the low 30s by 9 pm. five day forecast, we start the day with no potentially and that clears up quickly on tuesday. after that smooth sailing for the rest of the week. a few tricky spots out there. tricky traffic spots. i-70 and ward road to a more dashew bit more volume. south bend coming into town, a lot of volume. here we are across denver metro. trouble spot eastbound at federal. watch out for the southbound blockage from. were 2 to 25. you have handed that is closed at himalaya. use currency would you will. we do have closure in the high country. one lane is open and a pilot kark taking you both directions. suggesting a chain to the alternate round when they close it at 9:00.
6:57 am
highway 9 at silverthorne. enjoy the drive today. it will be different. >> snowy conditions possible tomorrow morning. >> missing this no. >> will be right here for you. thanks for watching. we will ca,,
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,, ,, we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. these


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