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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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one of the suspects is dead. >> surrounded by crime tape. near west moncrieff and loil. that after police responded, to a reported home burglary in the highlands, moments later, more gunfire at 35th and lou lowell. >>reporter: jim, witnesses tell us that there was a huge exchange of gunfire at this busy intersection of 32nd and lowell. if you take a look. each one of these blue marker as peers to be a bullet casing, as multiple businesses have bullets in their windows. as the police chased the suspect through this neighborhood. at this home on grove street, two police officers responded to a burglary call around 1:30. shots were exchanged between the police and two suspects.
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into custody. >> police pursued to this shots were fired. >> banging and oh, my gosh, he's >>reporter: witnesses described hearing dozens of gunshots between the suspect and police. >> like the guy was like shooting recklessly, i was more afraid of getting shot with a stray bullet. >> carjacked a vehicle. >>reporter: 35th and lowell. where the driver lost control of the stolen car, and crashed. >> at that location, the officer -- shots were exchanged between the suspect and two officers. the suspects was hit. and was pronounced at the scene. >>reporter: the suspect died at the scene. >> shot. shots fired. >>reporter: at some point during the pursuit, one female officer was struck in the foot and expected to survive. no other officers were hurt. now, that carjacking victim was not injured as well. police are of course still investigating and have not yet
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shot or either of the -- police officer that was shot or either of the two suspects. live in denver, mark taylor, cbs 4 news. thank you mark. nou now on to a weather alert, the clouds settling in right now. bringing in colder temperatures and snow for many of us. the cdot camera on monarch pass shows that snow already falling down there tonight. meteorologist justin mcheffey in the mobile weather lab found snow in conifer. >>reporter: we had a cold front drop through denver earlier today and behind it, the temperatures are dropping quickly and right here in the foothills, we've got a pretty pronounced up slope wind flow. you can see the flakes flying. 20 minutes ago, the ground was not white. here in the foothills, going to pick up the most out of this
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but we also think that the by tomorrow morning, denver will ground. ed greene will be along with here's a look at the winter weather advisory for much of the high country. especially in western and southwestern colorado, but make note, of the foothills, also included in the advisory, and portions of western douglas and jefferson county. so probably by tomorrow morning, significant accumulations, especially at elevations. so we're right off 285 here, and you can start to see some of of that snow filling in the the 10:00 p.m. news tonight r we'll start to see the news right in denver, coming up in a few minute, ed greene will let you know how long this lasts and specifics on how much we can expect in the city. thank you. right now, an update for you in the trial of the woman who a k toed 27-year-old -- a k toed 27-year-old michelle wilkins.
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against dynel lane of longmont. lauren dispirito has been covering this trial and lauren, you found out that the jury is going home for the night, huh? >>reporter: they are, they were just sent home for the night, within the last five minutes. that means that today, jim, they spent about 6 hours deliberating, we know that they had two questions that those were answered during that time frame, but not shared with reporters. so now, they'll come back tomorrow to continue those deliberations. the last they heard from each side in this case was the closing arguments, that focused entirely on intent, and this question of did lane deliberately do this, was she trying to kill michelle wilkins? in closing arguments, prosecutors and the defense each sought to answer for the jury one specific question. did dynel lane intend to kill michelle wilkins, the day she cut wilkins' unborn baby from her body. >> you can't take a baby from smshgs steal their baby from
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without trying to kill that person. we know what this defendant was doing and what her intent was when she left michelle wilkins there to die. >>reporter: feared being thrown out of her house if she couldn't produce the baby she'd lied about being pregnant within. >> a good plan or seem to make sense, doesn't mean it was an intentional plan. >>reporter: the defense told the jurors to find lane guilty of a lesser charge, taefrpted manslaughter, evidence like the lava lamp used to strike wilkins proves she did not plan the attack. >> if her intent was that i'm going to kill this woman, to cut her baby out, why wouldn't she have one weapon on her? why wouldn't she be prepared in any way? why would she do this in her daughter's bedroom? using accessible things during
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because it was a hasty, impulsive and reckless act. there never was any intention. >>reporter: and that of course has been the defense's theory all along, not that their client is innocent, but she's guilty of a lesser charge than attempted first-degree murder. in addition to the charge, this jury will have to issue a verdict on, they have four counts of felony assault to consider, and one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy. we're live in boulder, lauren dispirito, cbs 4 news. >> thank you, lauren. new information onl tonight on the former surgical tech from swedish medical center accused of stealing syringes with painkillers, free tests to 518 patients, to screen for possible exposure to hiv and hepatitis. allen worked as scripps green hospital for 20 days, three years ago. about 3,000 patients at swedish medical center have been add viedzed to get -- advised to
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allen has been fired from four hospitals for drug theft and under investigation in another. officers find a body inside of a home, the stand off began last night, at a home near east hampton and south him layia. asked to check on the home and when a deputy got there, he was shot at a. in the stand off, began. no one was hurt. during the stand off, some families nearby were told to evacuate or stay inside. finally this morning, a s.w.a.t. team entered the home and found the man dead. the latest now on the uber driver prosecutors now say has confessed to the weekend shooting rampage in the kalamazoo, michigan. appeared by video link before a judge today. 6 people were killed saturday, 2 seriously wounded. investigators say dalton admitted guns down a man and his 17-year-old son at a car dealership. he then killed 4 women, outside
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the judge today denied bail for dalton. happening now, traffic moving again through glenwood canyon, all cars haveen a escort. the highway is going to close tomorrow morning at 9:00, as the crews work to repair the damage from the rock slides last week. matt kroschel is live, it will be quite sometime before traffic returns to normal. >>reporter: karen, probably more frustration out here now for drivers that the canyon has been partially reopened. you can see behind me, folks kind of park and waiting, pause the pilot car operation just started at 4:00. they were a bit delayed today because of the weather, we've seen off and on snowflakes flu the canyon and -- through the canyon and cdot is still working and have a lot of work left to do. >> 4:00, going to have a pilot car at 4:00. >>reporter: is it open? kind of. >> during the daytime, niement. >>reporter: traffic controllers manning the daytime closure
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>> you're taking the alternate route. >>reporter: some drivers still confused and left parked and waiting up to 4 hours. >> you kind of have to roll the dice on whether sitting here is worth while. >>reporter: the reopening at 4:00. cdot has a lot of work to do. allowing for the 1-lane pilot car operation, on top of the continued rock fall threat, snow could have more problems for cdot. >> that's going to slow down the operation. >>reporter: as they race to get the interstate operations through glenwood canyon back to normal. and our crew just drove through glenwood canyon, we could see where they're working there with the massive slide happened, there are still huge boulders on the interstate, they have weeks ahead of them before they get things back to normal. live in glenwood canyon, matt kroschel, cbs 4 mountain newsroom. still a mess. we are following that weather alert tonight, colder temperatures rolling in and ed,
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get a good shot of snow. >> in the higher el rations and here along the front range, where justin -- nothing goes on in the last 20 minute, the snow has filled in. 2:00 a.m., a pretty good shot of snow in the city. coming up, we'll run the hour-by-hour for you and also showing you just how much snow you can expect in your neighborhood. also, next at 5:00, a new push to get all workers in colorado paid sick days off. >> plus, they lost loved ones in the sandy hook school shootings, see how families are targeting the company that made the rifle used that day. >> and the evidence showing good results after giving teenagers the hp virus.
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ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. new developments right now in a lawsuit filed by families of the victims killed in the that mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. this lawsuit targets the company, that made the rifle.
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adam killed 26 people,s was late 2012. attorneys for bush master, argued that rifle maker is not at fault for the massacre because the company did not sell the gun to the killer. well, a few dozen parents went to our state capitol today asking for tighter gun control in colorado can they included the sister of the sandy hook victim. cbs 4's jeff todd checking in from the capitol and a controversial l bill did november forward today. >>reporter: one of the bills that's proposed that would loosen gun control, even a proposal that would let the entire state vote to repeal any gun law that's ever been enacted, these are things that these moms say they're going to continue to fight. >> we're trying to keep our families, our communities safe, we're not trying to take any legal guns from any legal gun owners. >>reporter: one of nearly 50
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who tell legislators they need to act to keep people safe. >> a school psychologist at sandy hook that was murdered and i'm going to always speak out and fight for common sense gun laws here in colorado. >> 20 times more likely to die by gun in the united states of america, than any other advanced industrialized developed country and who would tolerate that? we've gotten together as moms. >>reporter: senate bill 17 passed the second reading and expected to be voted on again tomorrow. it would allow people to not need a concealed carry permit including on school campuses, one of many bills at the capitol looking to give gun owners more rights frng we're trying to keep our families and communities safe. we're not trying to take any legal guns from any legal gun owners. we don't want guns to fall into the hand of dangerous people and the mentally ill, felon, people with drug and alcohol abuse, we're trying to keep guns out of danger rous hands.
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that the moms say they're trying to fight would be a bill that would allow employee staff to carry on a school campus, no gun bills either being stricter or looseer, have hit the governor's desk. now to a doping story about a -- developing story to get workers paid sick leave. with the cap of 9 paid sick days. it would also allow for workers to bank unused sick time. >> right now, we're one of the only industrialized countrys in the world that does not provide any kind of paid sick leave at all and many people who have this benefit at work, don't realized that 43% of workers or 813,000 workers in colorado do not have this right. >> senator carol says paid sick days would help families whose
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and in tonight's health watch, ten years of vaccinating -- there is hope those declines will lead to reductions in diseases called by hpv. 42% of girls and 22% of boys have the recommended 3 doses of the vaccine. for the first time in 20 day, snow is back in the forecast, 3 weeks. you can see from this radar, we had little snow and now startling to fill in. a little bit thicker. warmer on the eastern plain, some of that is rain. the rain is changing over to see. it is coming our way. got a big trough of low pressure here, here's the front that pushed through, and started to cool us off this afternoon. and you can just see a lot of snow, just circulating through the area. but then we have a nice weekend coming our way.
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some of the rain is heavy. and we've got snow pushing through the great lakes area. let's look at our hour-by-hour, you can see at 5:00, we've got snow starting to fill in along the front range, that continues to do that spread out the rain goes away, as the cold air changes most of that to snow. over the southeast, they will still a little bit of rain shower activity by 10:00. your morning rush hour, 6:00 a.m., you can see maybe southern metro area has a little snow. it could be off and on for the morning hours and then it kind of all dies down, we roll this right on into wednesday. wednesday morning at 9:00, sunshine pretty much border to border. larry pierce shows us, steamboat springs, from a couple of hours ago. a winter weather advisory for 6- 12 inches. see this little pink spot, that's pikes peak, 8-14 inches of snow. the metro area, i think the month northeast you go, the less
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here, and then it gradually works its way to 5.5 inches. anywhere from 2-5 inches, across the metro area is right. 51 and 52 is what we saw today. 28 for the morning lows. 48 and 20 would be normals. 72 and 6 below are the records. humidity. we've got a rising barometer. >> sunday, a beautiful day for stroll through the canyon. this from dale, sunrise from fort lupton. and from erie, a different color to the sky. this one from mark floyd. the lows tonight, mostly in the 20s and 30s. teens, 20s for the high country. 20s out west and tomorrow, a colder day around here. only 20s, 30s, 40s for the eastern plains. 20s and 30s for the mountains. the denver forecast. for tonight, we'll look for snow
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it will be cold tomorrow. light snow. lit be slick. and then for tomorrow, maybe another inch or two here or there. 38 and 37 are the highs. look at this. good recovery. 49 on wednesday. back into the 50s on thursday and friday. look at how we start the weekend with 65 degrees by saturday. next chance for snow, though, could come sunday. >> all right
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and welcome back, code by mcleod from the avalanche is our guest on xfinity monday live. hosting the wed wings on saturday -- red wings on saturday. battling to try to hold on to the wildcard spot. they got blown out in vancouver, lost 5-1. they ran into a goalie and ryan miller, have a great game. just the way things go sometimes. and avs have won on nights when they didn't play well and they lost in a night where they weren't playing that bad and patrick can live with that. >> through the second period, i said, i don't have much to say, i mean, you guys are playing a good game. we're down 3 goals, keep going. we're playing well. and there's no reason for us to change anything. i mean, just keep, you know, keep putting pucks where the goalie plays like he did,
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>> and avs host the sharks on wednesday. nascar, and not sure if and when martin truex can feel good about being a part of history yesterday at the daytona 500, truex was driving his new chevy -- his toyota car with new sponsor bass pro shops and a new technical alliance with joe gibbs racing, one of the best cars in the race. he quickly worked his way up, and had as good a chance of anyone to win, but he was edged out by denny hamlin, one 100th of a second, closest finish in history. a good start to the year, considering all of the changes. >> second. that was important for us to you know, kick off the year, and try to form that relationship, and show the guys they could trust us, we're going to be a strong
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. update on our breaking news, three areas of the highlands off
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a police officer is in the hospital after getting shot in the leg. one suspect is dead and the other is being >> pelley: an uber driver is charged today with six counts of ch murder in a saturday night shooting spree. also tonight, a top cruz aide is fired for posting a bogus video of rubio. >> every single day comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> drew: why did this mega-bus with 40 passengers burst into se >> the bus boomed and then boomed again and you see sparks and flames fly everywhere. waited more than a century for >> it was the greatest time of my life.


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