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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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it has been a minute since we've woken up to snow in the metro area. here's a look at 6th and sims where shawn chitnis is. you can see the flakes flying from this perspective. many people are waking up to inches of snow this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm britt moreno.
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we have a few delays. boulder valley school district just the mountain school oz a 2-hour delay. deer creek elementary delayed 90 minutes. the big districts around the metro area are on and no delays there. >> kids are going to school this morning. >> sorry. we have team coverage. shawn chitnis live in lakewood with a look at the roads. he's moving around trying to stay warm and lauren whitney has when the snow is going to end. >> let's start with -- we see it's steeper, jaime. >>reporter: some folks receiving more than a few inches here. genesee, one of those locations. you can see how the plows have been working the side roads. east, slushy. let's go to the weather mobile lab and check on the temperatures. it's 21 degrees right now.
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picked up a little bit here, but it's numerous how i was here last freezing. i'll show you. this is more than a few inches. genesee got hammered with snow. light, fluffy. i would say more than a good 10 inches has fallen so far. it's still coming down. those roadways very wet at this point in time. you can hear it just behind me on i-70. there are chain restrictions in place. i talked to cdot and they said big rig from denver to vail right now. but definitely a little mix of snow and slush. packed powder and ice on the roadways here on i-70. let's check with lauren whitney who has a more detailed look at the weather. >> if you're leaving the house, it's cool. we haven't had chilly temperature in a while. let's look at our snow totals so far.
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winters with a foot of snow. ward reported 8.1 inches. nederlands, 7 inches and ohio springs, 5 inches and the snow is going strong in the foothills and southern colorado. it's going to take a while to filter in. as we zoom into the denver area, the east side and north side of town is drying out. castle rock breaking up. the foothills and bailey, and evergreen and boulder, nice snow fall. temperature was cold this morning. with that snow and wet weather. 29 degrees in denver. 30 in boulevard. 38 in craig. 31 in grand junction. your hour-by-hour forecast, throughout the morning, we clear out. we may get more sunshine and it will get windy. let's check with joel. how is the drive going? >> no packed powder in the immediate denver metro area. us 6 and sheraton, you don't need packed powder to have a troubled drive. we have the right lane blocked off.
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the side rail there, and this has been in place for the last hour or so. eastbound along 6th avenue along sheraton. you get passed that, and it's a nice wide open drive. in the high country, along i-19 to the south of us 6 as you get out the black hawk. you can see the snow packed conditions we have across the denver metro area into the high country at least. taking a look at the road weather index. chain and passenger restrictions in place towards the eisenhower tunnel. if you're going to get in your car, turnover to koa and 94.1 fm for the latest weather and traffic together. shawn chitnis is showing us what it looks like in the south side of the metro. >> let's go to shawn and tell us shawn? good morning. i'm in lakewood standing on what would be grass, but there's a descent amount of
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covered in snow. plenty of snow on the ground here, so luckily not that much on the roads behind me here. they have been plows coming through, but there's some slush and snow on ground you have to deal with as you drive around this area especially the side streets. not quite as much in other parts as there is out west in lakewood. denver and the text center getting a descent amount of snow fall. the snow not sticking onto the roads in denver. mostly just the trees and plants. a lot of roads. no matter where we went, we saw car cars covered in snow because there was plenty of time for the snow to pick up on your car. be prepared for that. it will likely be snow on your car that
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amount of snow in like wood. plows are trying to make it easier for you. shawn chitnis. >> shawn, i'm amazed at looking at your video. you were keeping people informed from the west side. thank you very much. you can stay up-to-date with our storm, with our free cbs 4 weather app and becoming a u reporter by sending your weather pictures. an officer is dealing with a lower leg wound. police were closing in on two men west of the federal. officers took one person into custody. police say the other man shot a female officer in the leg. he car jacked a woman and took off. >> the guy, he was shooting like recklessly. he was afraid of
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>> i started hearing ricker shade. >> investigator say the man started shooting again before police shot and killed him. we expect identities today. jurors could reach a case in the woman accused of cutting out an unborn baby out of a woman she met on craigslist. in closing arguments yesterday, prosecutors argued that lane knew what she was doing and knew she could have killed wilkins. they're asking for a lesser charge and not attempted murder. republicans in caucuses -- if the polls are correct, it will secure a third win in a row. in politics, most politicians let security deal
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>> a guy is throwing punches and screaming at everything else when talking. the guards are gentle with him. he's walking out smiling, laughing, i would like to punch him in the face. >> rubio and cruz are trying to be the main alternative to trump as his john kasich tuesday is weeks away. cruz is going into today's contest without his communication's director, rick tyler you saw there, he resigned after sharing a false news story on social media saying that cruz -- ahead of that state's democratic primarily which comes up this weekend. happening this morning, denver mayor michael hancock will introduce a new app to help people get around the city. it's called "go denver."
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-- the mayor will inrrow owe will-- the mayor will introduce it today. this is why the canyon is not fully open again. >> you do not want to meet that. the work. you can't do that work at night. let's go inform joel hillan as we keep you informed. yesterday. the pilot cars who were supposed to be delayed for an hour plus, and now they're saying two hours plus. i-70 is going to remain closed. 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. either direction from gypsum to glenwood springs. the alternate route is syracuse. it may be worth it than sitting in all that traffic. >> yeah, taking a look at our bus stop forecast. chilly and wet conditions on the sidewalks and on the streets if you're in denver.
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have snow at the bus stop. temperatures cool on the way home. you could have more sunshine. let's check in with our weather watcher, john with 15 inches in cold creek. >> there's piles of snow. next, how people are showing support to apple over the on en
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,, ,, ,, good morning. we're live in genesee where the traffic is slow going. snow is accumulating. this is overnight. we have 10, 12 inches. you can see chilly temperatures, 21 degrees with a
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coming down unlike some areas. this is one of those areas that got hit hard. icy road conditions, some cold weather and some accumulating snow coming down. for the bird's eye view, let's check with lauren who has the latest. >> thanks for the great updates. here's at i-70 and soda creek. we're going to see this stick around for the high country and foothills. dry air filtering in. here's a look at floyd hill where there's snow out there. you can see the roads are slushy and joel will update us in a moment. let's look at our snow totals. tally ride at 5. and steamboat, keystone, 3 inches. there's fresh powder if you get to go skiing. taking a look at the satellite and radar, a couple of breaks in the clouds.
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filtering in. parts of the west -- you can see the east side of town, we have cleared out and gotten lighter. perry park to boulder, there's a good line of snow. some areas getting a de-- north of estes park into allen's park, snow continues. south, colorado city into silver cliff and canyon city, again, good snow fall for us. if you're driving through the area, we have some snow fall expected for a while longer. winter 11:00 a.m. they're in place through the evening as the areas could see snow stick around for a while. our future cast, we see that snow moving in by 9:00, 10:00. up in denver. maybe sunshine. we're looking at the snow possibly, some light snow into the high country through the afternoon and into the evening.
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clear waking up to clear skies and it's going to be chilly out we warm to the upper 40s, low 50s into the afternoon hours. temperatures right now, 29 in denver. 24 in lineman. 28 in burlington. 23 in gunnison. 21 in greg and 21 in grand junction. low 40s on the western slope. 30s in the mountain areas. for your 5-day forecast, this spring-like weather returns. this was a fast system. 50 on wednesday, and close to 60 on friday. let's check with joel. >> here's near founder's parkway and a lot of folks will be heading into town. you can expect wet conditions. it was icy earlier. condition have improved. speeds -- take a look at us 6 and sheraton, we have
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finally clearing. we had the it has 30-seconds. in the high this is highway 119 is the to us 6. the chain restrictions through boulder canyon have been lifted, but a tough icy drive. passenger restrictions remain in place along the mountain corridor and c 470 to the eisenhower tunnel. there's an accident at i-25 and us 36. it's on the ramp there. southbound coming into town, it's start to go slow. 6th avenue cleared out of the way. there's an accident at 285 at i-25. speeds into the 20s. 14 minutes to 120th to i-70. ex excellent drive times, c 470 along i-70, there's a 14 minute
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>> joel, thank you. we want to update people out of breaking news in arizona. four members of a family has been shot inside of a glendale home. here's a look out of arizona where you can see ambulances here and plenty of officers. this is happening in a suburb outside of glendale which is 40 minutes outside of phoenix and we're hearing there's a possible active shooter here in this area. we're working to gather more information and as it becomes available, we'll update you. wall street looking flat ahead of this morning's open. let's find out what's coming today in your money watch report, hi, jill. >>reporter: good morning, alan. looking at the big board. the futures pointing to a -- yesterday, oil prices climbed and stocks went higher. you
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members of amazon's $99 a year prime loyalty will get free two-day shipping. and starbucks is changing the terms of its rewards program. starting in april, customers will earn points based on how much they spend rather than the system that gives rewards based on visits. some people are steamed because they have to spend more money in order to get free stuff. alan and britt. >> how do you like that. jill , thanks a lot. >> they never make it easy. tuesday's top stories. a hospital in california is offering free test to hundreds of people so they can get screened for hiv and hepatitis. this comes as a swedish tech is accused of stealing syringes filled with painkillers. allen worked in san diego for 20 days 3 years ago. the hospital is asking 518 people to get tested
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hospitals in arizona where this man worked are offering free testing. demonstrators are expected to stage rallies at apple stores across the nation today in support of the company. right now, apple is dealing with a battle with the fbi in refusing to help the fbi low -- the pentagon is submitting a plan to -- to close the prison in cuba. it will call for detainees to be moved to other countries while others sent to facilities in the united states. the move comes days after the white house announced for president obama to visit cuba. if you're getting up, you hope schools are cancelled. can't help you, lauren. we don't have full cancellations. 8 inches in golden and it's
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miles-an-hour, but the dogs are ,,
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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welcome back. taking a look at our travel forecast for today. no major delays. down to the southeast and we're looking at big storms possible. already have tornado warnings in parts of text as. there's a big line of storms wrapping out of the houston area and moving into louisiana. louisiana from
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florida today could see the potential for of tornado and large hail and damaging winds. this could be -- very dangerous if you're traveling out that way. i would check in with your airline and the threat does continue into the east coast, but this is the bull's eye for our big weather today. let's check with joel hillan. how is the morning drive going? >> we have mobile 4th on the roads showing us the drive in the denver metro area. southbound along i-25 approaching c 470. you're going to find splash back. look at -- we have an accident on the ramp from us 36 to i-25. it looks like we're seeing slowing eastbound along i 270. you get along pena boulevard in town,
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>> it you own a -- labrador -- german sheppards gained favor in denver taking the number two spot. from the golden retriever and pushing the golden retriever to third. this is big stuff. today is world spade day. that's an international campaign showing the benefits of saying and neutering animals. you can have your animals said or neuters at the animal shelter starting at 7:30 this morning for free. nasa are calling artist. they want to put songs and videos on its space craft. there's a cyrus wreck. the space craft will launch later this year and go to the asteroid. it will collect samples of the asteroid sent back to earth. nasa is going to put a hard drive of artist work on a cyrus wreck before it goes
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on details how to submit your work, go to an update of your commute. a live look an i 70 and genesee. all the major school dis-- district are open. deer creek elementary delayed 90 minutes. clear kree school district delayed 2 hours. you can't deal with something, but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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good morning, everyone. we begin with a weather alert this morning. snow is falling across the front range and mobile 4 is out here on the roads. we have team coverage of this storm. thanks for joining us. i'm
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>> and i'm alan gionet. around the denver area in mobile 4, the west are wet. >> we have team coverage. shawn chitnis is live in lakewood. jaime leary in the mobile lab at i-70 and genesee. let's go to her first, good morning. >>reporter: good morning, britt. definitely chilly out. the wind has picked up. the mobile weather lab telling me 12 miles-an-hour. we were seeing 3 when i checked on it. it makes it feel colder. the reach issue is this commute this morning. traffic is moving slowly right now along i-70 near genesee. the roads are icy. tlir slushy and i talked to cdot and they have chain restrictions for passenger -- from denver to vail. it's icy out. take it easy this morning. seeing glare on the roadways and the traffic is taking its time.
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a while since we've seen the conditions and cdot telling us they have their plow in full force. clearly some issues going on with those. for more of a detailed look, let's check with lauren whitney. good morning. >> good morning. there's a breeze and wind chill. a live look at look out mountain. there's a lot of cloud cover to get through. we may see sunshine this afternoon. on our satellite and radar, other areas are going to take a little while longer to -- you can see this stick around for the next couple of hours before it moves out. in the high country, we may see high snow -- we'll talk about the next couple of days and our warmup. this cold isn't going to stick around for long.
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where is mobile 4. yale. as you get through the bridges, a wet drive and you're going to fight that splash back. country. cam. cars taking it easier the further west you go. there's through restrictions lifted. you can see how icy the conditions are. almost a 21 minute drive with average speeds into the 20s from 120th to i-70 slowing as well. alan as you drive eastbound. >> shawn chitnis at 6th and sims. >> shawn, what are conditions like right now? >> alan, we have a descent amount of snow as you can see. collected pretty well where i'm standing and behind me, i can
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highway 6 and some of the conditions they're dealing with the roads just next to me and they're off of the highway. they have slush. there was snow this area. so that's likely the with. coming up at 6:45, we're going so we're going to show you what we found. live in lakewood, shawn chitnis. shawn, thank you for that. new this morning, two people hurt after a hit-and-run near us 36 and baseline. police say the two were changing a tire when a driver hit them. doctors treated and released a man, a woman is still in the hospital. police say the hit-and-run vehicle is possibly gray. they say it could be missing a right side mirror. this morning, a michigan mother is talking about her 14-year-old's daughter fight to
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weekend that killed 6 people. abigail's heart stopped at one point, but her mom calls her a fighter. >> abigail is strong, and she was a vibrant, beautiful young lady and did not deserve this. >> absolutely not. abigail was with her adopted grandmother when jason dolton opened fire on them and three other women in a cracker barrel parking lot. abigail was the only survivor in that attack. meantime, two men, a father and son were killed within the same hour while car shopping. last night, community members held a candle light vigil for those in a church. one uber passenger is talking about his terrifying uber ride with the accused gunman hours before the shooting. dolton took a phone call on his blue tooth and started acting strangely. >> he was running red lights and squealing the tires. we ran a stop sign and sideswiped another
6:36 am
obviously was panicking. >> tried to get out, but couldn't. >> dolton admitted to carrying out the attack. neighbors describe him as -- we're 8 weeks into the new year and your resolution resolved may be reign, but there's one way to get you back on track. >> imagine a diet where you can eat pizza. >> it looks good. whatever you have in your cupboard. >> here's espresso powder, so you could make coffee drink and >> instead of counting calories, we're counting cents and at the end of this diet, we'll have money to spare in purchases can add up and they can cause us to not be able to do great thing was our money.
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this is great, it has tips for taking a break from spending. >> we're on the weather and tell us what's going to happen, lauren. >> let look at i-70 and genesee. you can catch the snow flakes falling at i 70 and genesee. the on ramps look icy, so joel will update us on the road conditions in just a moment. conditions. thank you eddie for that great picture. let's check with our snow totals. a new report from pine cliff. 15 inches of snow and 7 and a half for northwestern golden and allen's report reporting -- we're going to see the snow continuing. for denver, we government a dusting of snow on the cars and grassy spots. heavier snow continues to the south and we're looking at snow
6:38 am
country through the afternoon. we'll zoom into the denver area. it's down to our south and castle rock getting snow fall as you head towards spruce wood to golden and heavier bans of snow fall as we go to the north, is the of boulevard and estes park getting that snow fall. south of town towards colorado springs, canyon city to trinidad, we have heavier pockets of snow. winter weather advisories in place. one to three inches of snow for the southern part of the country and san juan could get a few inches. as we look at the future cast for today, it's gone by 9:00, 10:00 this morning, in the higher elevations, this may linger longer and then we're looking at the snow sticking around through the afternoon and evening hours for the high countries and san juan. denver, we may get sunshine and gusty winds. so we'll clear. it's going to be cold with temperature s
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and 40s. as we look at our clear skies, tomorrow we wake up to sunshine. it will be chilly. tomorrow afternoon, lots of sunshine and back to spring-like weather. 30 in greeley. 38 in burlington. 12 in leadville. 21 in steamboat and investigate. 31 in grand junction. temperatures today for this clears, we're looking at 45 in greeley. 30s in the mountains us once again. and by the end of the week, we're looking at 39. >> 6th avenue, you can see the roads not too bad. that splash much different situation into the high country. take a look at i-70 and soda creek. from our cdot this is colorado 119, you
6:40 am
onto the roadways. ramps on and off ramps have been tough along i-70 making your way out to georgetown from evergreen. this is multiple accidents and passenger restrictions remain in place. we are across the denver, metro area. we have a crash passed that. i-- this is one towards castle pine. expect slowing. parker road out to i-25 and here's a look at the drive towns. speeds into the teens so you're looking at advantage speeds at 27 miles-an-hour from 120th to i-70. that's going to take you 20 minutes. >> someone facebooked me and said at least i have an excuse for being late to work. what happens when a crane catches fire.
6:41 am
this video. it looks like a stowaway gorilla. the space station, the story behind this really strange video coming up >> someone bought a gorilla suit. school and businesses closed. if you're a kid getting up and wondering if you have school, you do. clear creek school, two-hour delay. other than that, everybody school is on. we give you a live picture. there's the break-in the clouds that lauren has talked about is coming as the snow will taper off, but we have a lot of fresh powder in the mountains. if you ski, you're going to love that. here's your sports. four days until the abs host the red wings.
6:42 am
team's alumni will relive the -- teams combined for five stanley cups. most of the big names will be back for this game making it a must seen for the current abs players. >> i don't think we'll see the brawls, but with patty and -- once the game goes on, the intensity will pick up. they'll going to do whatever it takes to get that win. >> did they look ready to play? >> they've been skating and we've been shooting. he looks ready. he looks sharp. we'll see. >> limited tickets available for the game
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,, live pictures this morning. this comes from our look out mountain camera today. we break. all that cloud cover that covered most of the metro area as this storm has moved in. there you see the snow line. you can tell where the snow ended from east of the look out mountain. this morning, the roads in the denver area are picture. you can see slush in that area. if you head west, you find that snow, mobile 4 found icy spots here. this is west we see the light
6:47 am
and this is what it has been like in lakewood in some west. shawn chitnis is there. we're going to check in with him shortly. first, jenny leery with the latest. it has been heavy there, jaime. >>reporter: good morning, alan. snow coming down. you can see cdot in full force. i talked to them. they said they have all of their plows out. we're getting a close look at your morning commute. the roads are icy despite the work cdot has been doing. you wake up, we have a good foot of snow on the and again it is still coming down. very chilly out here. mobile degrees. traffic is definitely
6:48 am
big plows in the road and the big rigs taking their time because chain restrictions are in place. let's check with in with lauren right now with the detailed look at the weather. good morning, lauren. >> good morning, jaime. it's chilly and windy. >> we're in the colorado's weather center. we're going to touch on it. the seems its snow is accumulating on the ground. how much has we gotten. >> a half inch and most melted. the high country, we saw 15 inches of snow. in pine cliff, one of our weather watchers a doze of snow. northwest golden, about 7 and a half inches. about 8.1 inches for ward. taking time for snow totals -- 16 and a half inches of snow in cold creek canyon. if you're
6:49 am
anything -- it depends where you were at. north side and east side of town, you probably didn't get much. let's check with joel hillan. >> there's places where there's great. along 6th avenue near denver west, you can see there's splash back as you get further into the high country that you start to see a difference. this is at colorado 119. the snow coming down and you can see how icy and snow packed it is. this is south of i-6. the snow restrictions on highway 119 and bolder canyon has been lifted. an 18 minute drive. >> joel, we talked about shawn chitnis going at 6th and sims. shawn, tell us what it's like. >>reporter: i wanted to get closer to the streets off of
6:50 am
let me step out the way. there's slush and snow on the road and that's what's folks are dealing with. let's look at what we saw overnight. lakewood, it stopped snowing. there was plenty of snow on the parking lot, on the grass and on the cars and around the areas as we were talking earlier in the night, we were able to see the snow fall that we were talking about in the tech center. if the snow didn't come onto the streets there, they definitely got onto the shrubs, the plants and other parts of the city. a good amount of snow fall we're seeing fall. the plows were working across the town as well all night to try and help as much as they could, so some of the conditions we'll be dealing with again. some snow and slush on the streets in lakewood. shawn chitnis. >> thank you, shawn.
6:51 am
take a break from our weather coverage to bring breaking news out of arizona. unbelievable pictures here. authorities are saying two people have been shot inside of this home. we were reported four people from a family shot. but now it's two people. a fire has broken out in this home in glendale arizona. this is a suburb located 40 minutes outside of -- you can see heavy smoke billowing from the roof. firefighters have been trying to attack that fire. two people shot. we're working to gather more details. the details are just are not coming in right now. so we will continue to stay on top of this and as we learn more, we'll update you on what's happening here in glendale arizona. a police officer shot in highland's neighborhood is this shooting happened yesterday after a reported burglary. police say they were closing in
6:52 am
officers took one person into custody. the other man shot ay fail officer in the leg. >> i've been shot. shots [indiscernible]. shots fired. >> after the shooting, the man car jak cked a woman and apparently just took off. a police chase ended a short time later at 34th and lowell. investigator say the man started shooting again before police shot and killed him. today, jurors will be back at it returning to court to deliberate the case again lane. labor is accused of cutting an an unborn baby from wilkins. a woman she met on craigslist. in closing arguments, prosecutors argued that lane knew what she was doing and knew she could have killed wilkins. the defense says lane cannot plan that attack ahead of time and asking jurors to find her guilty of a lesser crime. the republican caucus takes place in nevada today. trump is looking to beat rivals cruz and
6:53 am
cruz is going into aides. he excepted -- suggesting rubio insulted the bible. on the democratic side, sanders and clinton will take part in a town haul event tonight in north carolina. ahead of the state's primarily coming up this weekend. a construction site fire brought down a giant crane arm crashing down. firefighters in melbourne australia were able to bring that fire under control, but not before the crane buckled. crews believes an electrical fire started. crews are getting back on i-70 yet again for another day of rock fall mitigation work in glenwood canyon. these men and women have been busy out there, cdot took
6:54 am
crews have a lot of repairs to do following the rock fall. i-70 is going to close again at 9:00 and closed until 4:00 this afternoon. one lane is going to be open. rock and roll runners can look forward to an alternative band -- g love and the special sauce will take center stage for this fall's race. the concert is free. it's open to the public. the 7th annual music half marathon return s s to denver on sunday october 16th and it will start and finish in civic center park. there will a 10 k and 5k. 16 days after the broncos took hoefr the -- before they took home the lombardi trophy. they're looking for offense. combine offense runs through monday.
6:55 am
thursday night april 28th. trending this morning, it's safe to say the crew onboard the station station is having fun. new video shows, kelly in a gorilla suit. he's returning march 1st. >> he has been almost a year in space. i think it's getting to him. >> it might be. >> here's lauren. >> there's breaks in the clouds and sunshine in denver. let's talk about snow totals. 16 and a half inches from weather watcher john. we have seen an inch and a half. palmer is reporting 11 and a half inches. so lots of snow in the northwestern corner. as we look at our satellite and radar, we'll zoom into the denver area. castle rock into highland's
6:56 am
the -- heavier snow fall continuing and it's going to be that way for a little while longer. boulder still have light snow fall. continuing. we're going to see the snow stick around. winter weather advisory in place. the snow can stick around more in the southwest corner. our future cast by 9:00, 10:00, most should be begun, but some may stick around for the higher elevations. snow possible evening. our drive. how is it going? >> mobile 4 head nothing the eastbound direction of i-70 as you make your way down into town. it's a better drive than 30 minutes ago, but it's wet. this up into the high country, through you go.
6:57 am
conditions we have. passenger restrictions remain in place. slowing in the usual spots and a couple of accidents along us 36 and castle -- >> only in colorado will very with this snow and it clears out and the sunshine returns.,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,, good morning. 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz fires his spokesman rubio. donald trump intensifies his caucuses. an uber driver admits to the shooting spree that killed six in michigan. the 14-year-old miracle survivor shows signs of progress. artificial hearts keep thousands of people alive. the new technology that could replace transplants. but we begin this morning


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