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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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moreno. >> i'm alan gionet. good to have you with us. here's what's going on, on this wednesday. a suspected shooter in a colorado planned parenthood shooter is what we could learn about the mental health of robert dear ahead. we won with highly educated and poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> another big win for trump. we take a look at the latest
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closer to super tuesday. and lawmakers are taking up a bill today that could challenge the use of red light cameras across the state. i'll have details coming up. all right, no weather is going to change, and later this week, you won't believe what's coming. let's find out about it. >> we return to the spring-like weather. lauren weather is tracking this for us. good morning. >> good morning, we're heading there today and it's going to be windy in the high country and to bennett, expect gusty winds on and off. they won't be 25 in denver. 20 in burlington. and the mountains, chilly. gunnison dropped to 2 below. 6 in leadville. 24 in grand junction junction. into the denver area
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31 in wheat ridge. that's always a 23 in castle rock. a few clouds to start the day, but mostly sunny skies and temperatures get right back to the low 50s today. 50 degrees around 2:00. let's check with drive. how is it going? >> good morning. it's better than yesterday out on the roads. dry across the denver metro area. hard ly knew snow had fallen if you wasn't apart of it. this is airport boulevard. this is across the denver metro area. let me take you through the high country, the winds that lauren are tracking, we have that closure still in place. 9:00 a.m. as they work there along i-70 and glenwood springs and gypsum. motion. the pilot car takes it's two hours, but it's better than the four-hour detour. >> good point. thank you joel.
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the wild west of politics and after last night, the reputation holds true. here's reid benon with another trump victory. >> we're winning, winning, the country. >> donald trump rode to victory. >> we won with highly educated and poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> with trump highly favored before the -- the fight is between cruz and rubio with second place. cruz showing progress. >> we're one step closer to turning the pages on the failures of the obama, clinton disaster. >> rubio -- as critical for a general election win. >> we can unite this party. >> democrats hit them on the issue of race at cnn south
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>> we heard from trump and others, a racist ethic to try to dela -- >> hitting rival clinton over her paid speeches to wall street demanding she releases the transcripts. clinton says she would on one condition. >> sure, if everybody does. why is there a standard for me and not everyone else. overnight rescue crews found a wreckage of a plane that crashed in nepal. the plane hit 23 people onboard. there were no survivors. the poly police say the plane flew into the side of a mountain and burst into flames. there's no indication anybody onboard was american. that plane was on an 18-minute flight heading to a resort town west of cap man due. state lawmakers take up a bill to restrict red light cameras in certain areas. jaime
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this is the first time, jaime, that lawmakers have taken up this issue of red light cameras and a lot of folks don't like. >>reporter: definitely not the first time. back in june, governor john vetoed a bill that would have banned red light cameras state wide. once again, house lawmakers, they're going to take up another bill that aims to challenge this very issue on the red light cameras. now, in cities across the state, red light cameras considered a safety tool. standing guard at intersections detouring red light runners. the current law allows for what it calls a use of automated vehicle identification. today, the house committee of transformation and energy seeking to limiting the expansion, not ban them. they do allow them within school zones and arterial roads, meaning major roadways that serve through traffic.
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governor did veto this bill last june, he told lawmakers he would support legislation to limit cameras to the areas to school zones and construction zones. he said he'll put them towards monitoring traffic and other safety concerns. that's in this bill taking up today, and something lawmakers hope to see. jaime leary, cbs 4 morning news. a hearing set to review the status of robert deer, the man who claimed he shot and killed people in colorado springs at a planned parenthood. shawn chitnis is tracking this story. good morning, shawn. >>reporter: good morning, britt. this is to see what happens next. now, robert deer was transferred to the state hospital in pueblo for mental
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decide if he can go to trial. a judge rejected a request by deer's defense team to stop those from asking deer about the shooting. his attorney wanted to block results of his mental state. checking his competency comes from his attorney. deer says he wants to represent himself. three people were killed in that shooting last november. nine others were injured. and that planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs reopened for the first time since the shooting earlier this month. this review hearing is set to begin at 1:30 in the afternoon in colorado springs. live, shawn chitnis, cbs 4 morning news. >> shawn, thank you for that. a jury finds a woman on a vicious attack with a pregnant woman guilt. lauren has reaction from the woman who lost
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>> there's nothing in any shape or form to prepare you for something like this. >>reporter: nearly one year after being attacked and losing the unborn baby that lane stole from her, wilkins says she has found room in her heart for forgiveness. >> i do not hate lane. but i'm angry for her deceitfulness. >> she's grappled with the hainness of the crimes. >> it never entered -- >> in darkness, wilkins says she's found hope. she thanked prosecutors for seeking justice and strangers for sending encouraging messages. she was embraced by jurors who stayed behind. >> it felt bigger than myself. it felt a trial for justice for aurora and for myself and the community.
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court when lane returns for sentencing this spring. she says she'll do that for -- >> i may never get an explanation from her, and i've come to discover i don't want anything from her. >> that was lauren reporting. wilkins says one day she wants to open a community center to help those focus on healing. she says she'll be back in court when lane is sentenced. i-25 near the parking fly over is back up after a crash last night. two people were thrown from an suv. we're people. state patrol tells us they were thrown from the suv when it swerved through a fence and hit a tree. the suv ended up near the softball field near john f. kennedy park.
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of the patients tells us six of them have tested positive for blood bourne pathogens. >> these are patients that had surgery at swedish medical center during the time period that rocky allen was a tech. >> testing will make sure the results were not false and determine where the patients contracted the virus. surgical charges. president obama and the first lady will honor music legend ray charles. it's apart of the -- artist like yolanda adams and brittany howard will perform charles music. president obama will talk about the music legend. the event will be streamed at starting at 5:00 pbs on friday. great tribute. here's lauren at the bus stop with the kids. >> temperatures in the upper
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kids. clear skies on the way 50s. jackets home. place. a straight shot through the high country until you get there's a closure in place and the pilot cars moving along and that closure starts at 9:00. you can turn on our news partners at koa for the latest traffic and weather together. coming up,, (donkey sound)
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welcome back. time for the cbs 4 morning news health watch. there's a genetic link between migraines and severe stomach problems.
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by the american academy of neurology found more than half patients with migraines and tension headaches had ibs -- they had one gene that delivered from healthy people. new research shows children with asthma who are sent home after a hospital visit with prescription medication returned less time to the er. boston university created a program that make sure asthma medications are delivered to hospital rooms after learning almost 40% of pediatric patients were not able to get their prescriptions filled in a timely manner. and students who do physical activities while learning math and spelling score higher on test compared to students who just sit at the desks. the study at pediatrics looked at second and third graders and found the score increases in the active group equal to four
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lauren, can they do it? >> the video made me want to taking an outside. we don't have a full moon, but it's hanging nice and bright in the sky. a great picture this morning. beautiful out there. it's clear as well. we do have a few clouds, but all over, not too bad. let's look at our wind speeds. gusty in the foothills. estes park, gusty. it's windy into the foothills and it will stay that way today. we could see winds up to 40 miles-an-hour. maybe a breeze here in denver, and it could get gusty on the eastern plains as well. we're starting this wednesday morning off with 25 degrees in denver. 35 in boulder. 23 in akron. 19 in fort collins. high country, you're chilly. 6 in leadville. 9 in steamboat. zero in gunnison. 24 in grand junction, looking at our satellite and radar, we have clear skies out there. a few clouds, but overall, it's a perfect morning. as we look at our future cast
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people love the snow and want that to continue. we had the chance of that later on into the weekend and into early next week, but we're going to dry out and warm back up. temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow morning, we're waking up to sunshine and another lovely day tomorrow if you think the 50s and sunny is lovely. 52 in greeley. and a lot of 50s and 6 #0 0s on the eastern plains. mid-to low 30s and mid-to upper 30s for the high country. 37 in eagle. 30 in steamboat. 47 over in grand junction. so for today, you need a nice jacket because it's cool out there and this afternoon, we're in the 50s. you need your sun glasses with the sunshine. tomorrow, more of the same and warmer on friday, close to 60s and close to 70 on saturday. let's check with joel are our morning drive. >> this is i-70 and estes. you
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enough to keep you company. southbound coming into town. it speeds into the 60s. 9 minutes from 120th to i-70 this morning. once you get to the i-70 or the mouse trap cam, i-25 in that southbound direction, still plenty of space between the cars. seeing a few more cars onto the roadways, but this is what it looks like across the denver metro area across the high country and winds to worry about. lauren has been tracking for us. this is i-70 between gypsum and glenwood springs. we have the closures in place as crews scale the rock. they're putting in fencing and bringing in a helicopter to do that. from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m., you get to go on one lane at a time using the pilot cars and it's a two-hour delay. >> we talked about that in social media. we can understand why they have to do it during the day because you cannot walk up that hillside with rocks coming down at you at night.
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>> you have to know what's coming so the work has to be done during the day. a video shows a small plane crashing into a busy street in north los angeles. amazingly nobody was hurt, not even the pilot. the pilot walk away. witnesses heard the plane's engine sputters before the crash. >> it was terrifying because there's a moment, what do we do. we don't know what to do. >> we figured there was going to be a fire or something or something like that, and we all
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welcome back. let's look at what's happening across the country. the western side of the country, warm, mild, sunny. the eastern side we're watching. there has been a huge line of storms that have moved to the south shifting to the northeast. georgia into the caroline's today into the northeast and the cold side of this into parts of midwest. michigan, indiana and parts of ohio. well over 6 inches of snow possible. but the bull's eye for severe weather is parts of north carolina creeping up into virginia, but some severe storms are possible today. we're talking the possibility of isolated tornado, damaging straight line winds and large hail coming from the storms that's going to roll through. it could be very dangerous out there. if you're flying out this way, possible delays. i would expect that. if you're heading into the northeast, this morning, we have delays into la gore y'all and 15 minute deez lays into parts of philadelphia.
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begin, eastern side of the country is very active. so be careful. check with your airline. dia, wait times 5 to 10 minutes. >> this is i-70. the stretch from the foothills on in looks great. green and wide open. seeing slowing through the express way. i -70 is wide open and inbound on pena boulevard is a straight shot. >> thanks, joel. oil prices gives -- here's jaime yuccas with today's money watch. >>reporter: consumer confidence down to its lowest amount in seven months. investors are concerned about oil prices. the dow sank 188 points. the nasdaq dropped 67. southwest airlines could head to southeast. they
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are flown there. u.s. carriers face a march 2nd deadline to submit applications. sour news for candy lovers. mavrs is recalling milky ways and snickers and other candy bars because plastic was found in its products. the company is concerned it could be a choking hazard. master card will let you buy items with your face. the credit card company is launching selfies and fingerprint technology to allow customers to make purchases. the company will be able to -- requiring users to blink while shooting the picture. that's your cbs money watch report, for more head to i'm jaime yuccas in new york. 7:30 our time. >> coming up next, clean up will begin as apart -- which had more than 20 tornado tear through the
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ahead, the search making starting at daylight. time under the bank of the west sports break. >> red wings, abs, how incredible is it going to be. i thought how great it would be if the teams faced off 15 years ago. matt and john mitchell visiting the cooler's field yesterday. and both thought the ice looked small with no seats off the glass. the excitement is starting to build. the avs can't overlook san jose tonight. >> this is the first time i thought about this game in terms of actually looking forward to it, and being excited because i'm here right now and we're both here and getting to see this, but i think we know it what's at stake this week, and with only having two games, you have to make them count.
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nuggets lost last night to sacramento, 114-110. >> this has been the bank of the west sports break. download the mobile app by bank of,,
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,, i'm hillary clinton and i her life's work has been about breaking barriers. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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temperatures outside this morning at 25 degrees. chillier than it has been over the past few days. we're on the warm side of the -- wednesday, february 24th. i'm alan gionet. good to have you. >> i'm britt moreno . thanks for joining us this morning. people in colorado love to say how they love how the snow moves out and the sun returns quickly. let's find out about the forecast today. lauren is tracking that. good morning. >> good morning, we're off to a
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berthoud pass, gust at 15 miles-an-hour. black hawk and allen's park, winds at 25 to 30 miles-an-hour. it will be gusty in the foothills and parts of the eastern plains. cooler today. the storm system yesterday knocked down how temperatures. it's chilly. 12 in lineman. 34 in boulder. 14 in avon. 0 in gunnison and 24 in grand junction. foothills, 29 in -- 29 downtown. and 23 in aurora. as we look at our satellite and radar, no rain and snow. clear skies with a couple of skies. temperatures to the low 50s. 2:00. it should be a nice day. we'll talk about the weekend in a moment . let's check with joel. >> the great weather means a great drive. a few more cars on the roadways. that's what we're


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