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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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,, ,, ,, thanks for joining us. i'm britt moreno and we have breaking news in park county at this hour where one deputy is this happened near pine and iris and bailey sometime around 10:00 this morning. we know several bomb squads are on the way. our jamie leary is in bailey where we are waiting to hear
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what can you tell us right now? >> reporter: we are in plat canyon at the platt canyon fire station one. this is the staging area for both media on one side and you can see behind me multiple different agencies who have responded to assist in this. there is a lot of information coming in at this time. we still have learning some of those details as are law enforcement on scene, two people confirmed dead including the suspect. the other person, a park county deputy. two other officers injured in this but their injuries considered nonlife threatening. we were told this happened in some type of a shootout and we were told by a witness as well, this is unconfirmed, though, that she did hear shots coming from her neighbor's home but again that is not confirmed. an officer said that the shooting happened earlier this morning. those details are unclear as well. but we are awaiting public information officer to come speak with the media. we do know that platt canyon high school and fitzsimmons middle school are currently on
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multiple agencies responding here. north just a couple miles north of where i am is approximately where the shooting happened but you can see they are remaining tight lipped right now until an officer can come on scene and talk to the media but, again, we are still gathering details. two schools on lockdown right now, platt canyon -- excuse me. lockout. platt canyon high school as well as fitzsimmons middle school. we do have those two officers with nonlife threatening injuries but we are still waiting to hear the extent of those and no details on the suspect. we do know they could be looking for a possible other suspect at this point in time but, again, that detail not confirmed at this time. we are waiting to hear from an officer, though, so we will continue to gather information and check back in with you as we learn more. cbs4. >> we know you will continue to that news conference live. we are also updating our website as we get more information so stay with us right here on
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charged with opening fire on the planned parenthood in colorado springs is going back to court. the judge ordered robert dear to undergo a mental health hospital. attorneys for dear asked for that evaluation to see if he is competent to stand trial. he faces 179 charges in that shooting spree that left three people dead and injured nine others. dear originally asked to represent himself in a phone call with our rick sallinger dear said the attack was, quote, spur of the moment. in an earlier court appearance, he said he was guilty. he is due in court in just over an hour. a developing story now after denver police arrest a man who broke into a preschool. that man, 22-year-old benjamin henry wallace appeared in court this morning. staff members say he tried to enter the catholic charities building then kicked in the window of another building.
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into its emergency protocol. >> unfortunately the intruder did gain access into the facility but due to the quick thinking of staff he was locked into a room that he couldn't gain access to the main facility. >> none of the kids or the staff were hurt. police arrived within minutes and arrested wallace. our blue skies have returned and the temps are warming up but that's also bringing another round of dangerous conditions. meteorologist lauren whitney is tracking red flag warnings for us in colorado's weather center. lauren, what's up? >> for the eastern plains right now we do have a red flag warning that's in place through 5:00, so very low humidity, gusty winds and some warm temperatures. it's been very dry out on the eastern plains lately plus when that storm system left now we have dry air moving in. take a look at some of our wind speeds out there, akron, lay, , limon,
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morgan, briggsdale, 30 to 40- mile-an-hour winds. our foothills, it's also been very windy up ther no red flag warnings in this area but loveland pass, kenosha pass winds 40 miles per hour. and our humidity on the eastern plain is low as well, denver at 16%, but eastern plains 20% right now in most areas. our temperatures are warming up as well, 48 out at dia, 52 in greeley, 51 out in ray, our high country still cool in some spots, 16 in steamboat, 32 as you head into avon. and as our skies -- and our skies are clear. taking a look at our hour-by- hour forecast, 49 degrees at 1:00, we are at 50 by 3:00 and the upper 40s by 5:00 tonight towards the northeastern side there today, the winds the day. we will talk more about that in a moment plus the warm temperatures we are in store for this week. >> thank you, lauren. developing now, the fight
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cleaning up homes damaged by a water main break. the city of boulder says it's not going to compensate them. insurance companies are saying tough luck. more than a dozen homeowners suffered thousands of dollars worth of damage. the water main break happened on february 15th. homeowners are now considering a lawsuit. now to campaign 2016, another win for donald trump as he takes home the most votes in the nevada caucuses. cbs's mark albert updates the race. >> reporter: we love nevada. we love nevada. thank you. >> reporter: donald trump scored a huge victory in the nevada caucuses tuesday night. >> we won the evangelicals, we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated. >> reporter: he even won a group that pundits said wasn't possible. >> 46% for the hispanics, 46%, number 1. >> reporter: marco rubio and
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results of last night's caucuses, each claims they are the only one who can beat trump and both agree there's still time to take him down. >> i think it's important to take a deep breath here. the republican nomination is decided by delegates, over 1200 delegates you need to have. we are not near that number. >> reporter: trump won 81 delegates so far with rubio and cruz at 17 each. all eyes on next week's super tuesday with 595 delegates at stake. >> i cannot wait to get home to the great state of texas. >> reporter: texas has become a must win state for ted cruz if the senator hopes to remain a viable alternative to trump. >> it is our duty as texas conservatives to support a leader that we can trust. >> reporter: wednesday he picked up the endorsement of abbott. white house. >> president obama says it is his constitutional duty to make a nomination to fill the
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he also says it is the senate's duty to hold hearings despite partisan politics. >> once there is an actual nominee, once this is no longer an -- that those on the judiciary committee recognize that their job is to give this person a hearing to show the courtesy of meeting with them. they are then free to vote whatever their conscience dictates. >> the president made his comments during a meeting with the king of jordan. there's still no indication nomination. it is the question that football fans are asking, will today we are hearing from time line. kubiak and the rest of the coaches are in indianapolis right now checking out the nfl combine as the team prepares for the draft. this morning he talked with reporters and, of course, among the first questions, quote, is decision? >> the bottom line is we made a decision how we are going to go
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about him taking his time, you know, to work through things, think through things, there's no hurry. want him to enjoy what just took place and then go from there. nothing changed from that standpoint. that plan continues to be in place. i think he and john have had some conversations. i had a brief one with him yesterday. we will be talking probably today but i know this week -- >> kubiak told reporters the broncos think the world of osweiler. he played in seven games playing well in tough situations. cubeio says osweiler has a bright future and really special. we will hear more from kubiak on cbs4 news at 5:00. coming up, a look at the path of destruction, powerful storms left when they ripped through the gulf coast states. and how much homework should kids be doing every night?
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later on at noon. and here's a live look at where the dow is heading this afternoon, negative territory here. we will be right back after this. ,,
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,, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. breaking news in park county. a deputy there has been shot and is killed.
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been injured. we also know bomb squads are on the way to the scene and right now those two schools, platt canyon high school and fitzsimmons middle school are off of that lockdown. everything back open and everyone is safe at those schools. our mark taylor just arrived at the scene and he's sending us photos. hang with us for the very latest on a deputy shot and killed in bailey, colorado. a weather alert now after severe weather roared through the gulf coast and into florida, three people died in the storms there, 160 motor homes were blown apart in new orleans, residents in the path of the storms were stunned by the violence of them. it was a tornado. i was crying and i was so scared. i mean, the house would not stop shaking the whole entire time. it was terrible. >> when the weather gets so bad, the roof of your gym and the wall just blows off. >> in florida, the storms
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and houses. the national weather service is trying to confirm if a tornado hit in the pensicola area. just horrible stuff happening there. >> it was terrible yesterday. now a lot of that is shifting up into the northeast and east coast and some other areas dealing with bad weather as well. outside for us we have beautiful conditions here in the denver area, gorgeous clear skies. i think i looked outside to see if i could find any clouds and there's one right outside my window but other than that, it's been tough to find. it's really gorgeous outside. however, on the eastern plains it is very gusty outside so as we take a look out east all the way from denver where winds are about 22 miles per hour out to the eastern plains where we have gusts close to 40 miles an hour in akron and ray, limon and burlington also gusty. dia, southeast aurora and hour here. strasburg into parts of fort morgan 20 to 30 miles per hour. foothills gusty winds too.
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pat about 40 miles an hour, black hawk the winds gusting around 20 miles an hour. temperatures we have been warming up nicely yesterday. 48 degrees in denver, 51 in ray, 49 out in burlington, and the high country 16 in steamboat, 25 in leadville and 40 as you head towards grand junction. now with these dry conditions and these gusty winds and warmer temperatures, we have a red flag warning through 5:00 tonight for all the areas that you see in red. so no burning, be extra cautious outside, very low humidity plus gusty winds, so fire danger a concern throughout the rest of the day. skies will remain clear, don't have any rain or snow today or really for the next several days. the west dominated by some pretty high pressure but as you take a look off to the east we are expecting potential severe weather, there's been big storms and there's also a cold side to this system so a lot of snow expected in areas all the way from illinois all the way up into parts of michigan, into the northern part of new york state, a lot happening out that direction. so as we take a look at what's happening for us, back to
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beautiful day in store except for that wind out on the eastern plains and then overnight tonight we have a few clouds, tomorrow morning maybe wake up to a couple up here across the front range and then mostly sunny skies again tomorrow with temperatures around where we are at today so looking at our highs for today, we have 51 expected here in denver, 54 in greeley, 40s, 50s out on the eastern plains, our southeastern corner remains our warm spot with lots of upper 50s in the mountains, 20 in steamboat today, 32 in frisco and 44 over in grand junction. if you're planning out the rest of your day, sunshine here in denver, 50 degrees right around 3:00, 47 by 5:00 and really statewide we are going to be sunny so it's not like one area is getting rain and the others aren't. just nice and dry for everyone. in the 50s again tomorrow, by friday we are in the upper 50s, it should be a beautiful day on friday. saturday we warm up quite a bit. we get to the upper 60s but it will get a bit windy around here, so the next five, six days are looking to be dry and fairly calm except for some winds. >> that looks very nice, thank you, lauren. most people see this as a
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views it as a hobby. coming up, ,, ,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,, homework is a way of life for kids and parents but are some families suffering under the weight of all the school assignments. too much homework prompted frania cornell to home school her sons and niece. the pta recommends 10 to 20 minutes of homework with an additional -- even kindergartners are hitting the books at home. >> their attention span is short and they need to be doing other things, so they need to be mastering tasks like making and keeping friends and spending time with their families. >> for the cornells, cutting
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times for things like museums, music and swimming lessons as well as a chance to, you know, just be a kid. it is now to -- it is time to meet our wednesday's child seth. we took this selfie at anderson's vacuum store. cute guy here. seth is a country singing song bird who likes to figure out how things work including vacuums. take a look at this. >> as you can see, this is how you turn it on. >> it's a chore. sometimes a pain. many of us push around the carpet cleaner only when it's an absolute must but not seth. >> you love it? >> yep, i love it. >> our wednesday's child tells us tidying up is ics, i like roberts -- robots. >> i got the remote for you and put this down for you. >> okay. >> goodness. just when i thought it couldn't get any cooler. in addition to cleaning, seth
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>> push that. he is intelligent and caring. >> pause it. i want to be a fireman, like helping people. i've had that dream for a long time. >> and i think you have to be very brave for a job like that. fire. automatically turn around. >> the 12-year-old is self- aware. >> school is going pretty good. working on raising my hand better. >> are you one of those kids in class who has a lot to say or are you more quiet? >> i have a lot to say. >> we have introduced you to seth before when we worked on science experiments together last year. his hope for a family and a brighter future remains as strong as ever. >> i've got -- good jobs, just lots of money. >> what do you think will help you get that good life that you're wanting, buddy? >> an education.
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also cleanse the soul. how much do you like it on a scale of one to 10? >> he said 10 there. he is a really smart kid. he's got a great sense of humor. you can find out more about seth or any of the children looking for adoptive families. please call the adoption exchange at 303-755-4756 or 800-451-5246 and you will also find all the information at we have the forecast coming up plus an update on our breaking news of the deputy
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. we are following a developing story for cbs4 news news at 5:00. healthcare providers on the in denver we know of at least area. at 5:00 find out why these cases could be linked to a state. and lauren joins us now with what's happening outside. >> take a quick look.
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plains right now, winds 30 to 40 miles an hour, gusty in the high country as well and don't forget we have a red flag warning. and we want to update people on our breaking news out of park county. we understand one deputy is shot and killed, this incident involved at least three other park county deputies. the suspect was also shot and killed. let's go out live now to the scene right now where people are giving us an update and before we do that, we are going to take a look here at a us. he just got to the scene and he is reporting that the road here is closed at pine just before iris and let's listen into what they are saying on this deputy shot and killed in bailey. >> explain about what we know. at about 9:30 this morning, three members of the park county sheriff's office went to a home in the friendship ranch subdivision to serve an eviction notice when they were confronted by a subject who was armed.
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there were three members of the park county sheriff's office that were hit. one of those deputies lost his life. an 11-year member -- i'm sorry -- a 10-year member of the force up here. another deputy was shot. he was taken to saint anthony's central hospital for life threatening injuries. he is currently in surgery at this time and then a third member of the park county sheriff's office was shot, nonlife threatening injuries but still transported to saint anthony's for treatment. the sheriff has requested the assistance of the colorado bureau of investigation. members of our investigation section as well as our crime scene response unit have responded to the scene. there's also tremendous support from the jefferson county sheriff's office. they have members of their staff here ready to lend support in addition to assisting crime scene and
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providing patrol duties in the area, obviously, this is very taxing on the park county sheriff's office on their resources, they are providing additional patrol duties in the area. they have also sent in the jefferson county bomb squad along with the sheriff's office s.w.a.t. team. the jefferson county regional s.w.a.t. team to provide assistance at the scene. that is in an aburned dance of caution to -- abundance of caution to make sure everybody responding to that area is safe. we had opportunity to sit down with the sheriff just a few minutes ago and obviously while he was seemingly very upset, he is in full support of his team and providing just amazing leadership at this very difficult time. as we give this presser, he is headed down the mountain to st. anthony's hospital where he is going to be with the family of the member of the park county sheriff's office who was shot during the incident. very strongly he felt that he needed to be there with them so he is going to stay with them for a while and then he's going
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we are going to hopefully have a briefing a little bit later where the sheriff will be with us but please understand that's a very fluid situation. his concern right now is for his deputies, his staff and, of course, the community and so what he would want us to relay is this, it is a dark day and he would ask for prayers and thoughts and just focusing everything you have on support of the park county sheriff's office. >> we will start here with anastasia. we don't have a lot of information on the suspect. we have a number of investigators that are processing the scene and that's a lot of the work that's going to be done this afternoon. we want to learn why, the ins and outs of what happened during that eviction process and the circumstances surrounding that.
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>> we don't have specific information we want to ensure we are using all the resources at the ready. >> you don't have the name of the suspect? >> we do not at this point we are still sorting through that once we get confirmation we will be sure to relay that. >>reporter: on the scanners when responding law enforcement said he was quote unquote a survivalist. >> i cannot confirm radio chatter at this point it is very preliminary in this investigative process and it would be unfair to comment on preliminary information. we will hold on that that is certainly a party as part of this investigation we will relate that. >>reporter: deputies?


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