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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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>> fellow officers rushed to a hospital in lakewood to support the two wounded deputies, both are still being treated at this hour. state troopers, officers from other agencies all coming by to support the wounded deputies and their families. the deputy nate carrigan was popular in the bailey community. >> an occupy denver leader and ran for the state senate. we are expected an update from the investigators at the scene. the shootout happened in rural park koun near pine and iris in bailey. the deputies went to martin wishth's home to evict him this morning. we do have team coverage. >> most of the afternoon, with the family of the other deputy who was transported to st. anthony's for treatment, he wanted to stay with the family, both families by their side throughout the entire afternoon, that was his priority. as we moved through the day and evening, he's going to come back
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team here, and do some other each other. so while he wanted to be here, he wanted me to express that, why he isn't, and also, share his thoughts of thanks, and great pride for this community. it's been a tremendous outpouring of support. and truly loved. and we greatly appreciate that. especially the sheriff. so that's why -- we're hopeing comments at some point. it won't be today or tonight. we'll stay with that piece. as you know, a news release was recently sent out by the park county sheriff's office. that news release detailed the events of the day. listed those members of the park shot. and it also provided a little sheriff himself. if you don't have ak stes to that information -- access to that information, you can find oit tn jefferson county sheriff's office facebook site. the cbi is pushing that
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serve and then park county has also sent that out. there are a lot of tunes to get the latest -- opportunities to get the latest information. i wanted to talk a little bit about corporal nate carrigan. so, i don't profess to be able to share the stories that are going to be released about nate, and the what he's meant to this community and what he's done to help everyone around him. what i do know is that he served his community in a superior way and he made the ultimate sacrifice today and his service to that community. and as we go into the evening, and we're doing things with our families -- we just ask that you keep nate and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers. turn on your porch lights, talk about nate, all of the wonderful things that our law enforcement officers are doing on the streets of our country each and every day. so fred will definitely -- the sheriff will take measure about nate and what he's meant to this community.
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now because i couldn't begin to capture that. >> [ inaudible ]. >> that, i can't confirm. and we'll go into questions here in a minute. let's go a little bit further into the briefing. i do have an update on the conditions of the others who were shot and injured during the course of this incident today. master patrol deputy colby martin, he was transported to st. anthonys, was in surgery, he is in critical condition. that's the report from the hospital at this time. i'm very happy to report that captain mark hancock was also treated at st. anthony's and since been released, he's released from the hospital and being with his family at this point. and an update on the case. earlier today, as you know, the park county sheriff's office requested the assistance of the colorado bureau of investigation to process this scene, and to conduct the investigation. with the help of the jefferson county sheriff's office, and of
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cbi, we're looking at about 100 people who have responded to this area to unravel this very comprehensive scene up at the house. so they're working steadily throughout the afternoon and they're going to go deep into the night. long after the sun sets, to process as much of this area as they can. and they'll keep coming back to this scene and until it is processed as completely as possible and as professionally as our people are trained to do. so in the news release, the suspect's name was released, i think you all have that. i know there are a lot of questions and in connection with the suspect, unfortunately, at this time, we are still vetting out this information, we know there are a lot of rumorss and chatters and things of that nature, but we can't make any specific comments about his involve. we are going to keep processing that, learning more, and when we
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certain to provide that. >> can you talk about -- the priority is from now until morning? talk about processing the scene? -- [ inaudible ]. >> the question is, what is the priority tonight. we have the crime scene vehicle up in that area. and any number of agents and investigators, so the effort is to really understand what happened. so they're going to conduct a number of interviews, they're going to collect evidence. they're going to canvas the neighborhood, they're going to do what they can to really build that complete picture that relays what took place today. >> did you have a question? >>reporter: bomb squad called earlier and the s.w.a.t. team, did they find anything to indicate anything doing dangerous -- [ inaudible ]. >> the question is, that there was a bomb squad and the s.w.a.t. team were called out to the scene. they have since cleared, all is well.
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abundance of caution with that mean m people responding to the scene, we wanted to make sure everyone was safe. >>reporter: was f this was a standard eviction why were there park county detectives on the scene? >> why were detectives there. i don't know the exact players who responded to the scene. i just know that there was a team that went in to take care of they viks process. as for why they were there, and you know, deeper into the element of what happened, i just can't comment on that at this time. >>reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> pardon. >>reporter: [ inaudible ]. so the question is, what did the officers know this was a high-risk situation. they had background information about the suspect in this case, but we're just not going to talk about it at this time. thoroughly and make sure we have a complete understanding.
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>> i'm not sure about the protocols, i don't have that information for you at this time. >>reporter: other law enforcement -- [ inaudible ] providing support, tell me -- obviously, [ inaudible ] helping, regular duty -- [ inaudible ]. >> right. so who has been assisting park county today. to say there's been a massive outpouring of support from law enforcement across the state is really an understatement. it is what i've seen, just being at the substation, a number of officers coming and going, wearing different patches and i don't have the list of them, but ki certainly get that for you. people bringing food. we've had people simply stopping by and saying we're thinking about you, i'm sorry. weave seen this community before and they rally and to see the state law enforcement coming together to provide that saisens as well is truly remarkable.
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specifically, right now, it's cbi with the assistance of the jefferson county sheriff's office along with the park county sheriff's office. >>reporter: can you clarify, has anyone been taken -- [ inaudible ]. >> there you have it, a very difficult date daye up in park county. we know that sheriff's corporal nate carrigan was shot and killed during an eviction situation today. and also, two others with the park county sheriff's office, deputy colby martin has had surgery today. he is still in critical condition. and i should say deputy martin being treated at st. anthony's hospital. mark hancock was treated and released from the hospital, that is good news. the dead man, the person that they went to that home trying to evict, martin wishth has been prominent with occupy denver. he was shot can and killed as the deputies returned fire. we expected to hear from the sheriff this afternoon at the
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medina, susan with the colorado bureau of investigation, saying that the sheriff is very interested in how things are going at the hospital, he is martin and his family. let's get to mark taylor in the friendship range very busy scene all day. >>reporter: karen, this has been a very active crime scene, ever since we got here, this morning, we want to show you where this happened. if you look in the background about 200 yards away, there's a cream trailer with a deck behind it. that deck is attached to the home where this happened this morning. now, here's what we know right now. police say that just before 10:00 this morning, they came to this home to serve an eviction notice that's where the police say martin wirth came out on to his deck, paused and then went back inside. officers quickly followed him. and that's when he opened fire on them. and officers returned fire.
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killed and two more -- deputy was killed in the fire fight. neighbors say martin wishth kept to himself. neighbors say he had several altercations with the police, one as recent as two weeks when wr he felt that the police were targeting him. she knew wirth had weapons. >> things happen, you know, because the officer shouldn't have lost his life, there shouldn't be two officer s in there wounded and i i don't think martin should be death. >>reporter: police are on scene here investigating. although they do say that residents in this area are in any danger, we have been hearing rumors that the bomb squad were on scene, but they don't see any danger for the people living in this area. we will keep you updated as we learn more. back to you. we have been digging deeper into the past of the community activist who opened fire, martin wirth. >> team coverage with
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>> he was 58 years old, he had published anti-police statements and had been in a foreclosure dispute. >> there's no other evidentiary requirement. >>reporter: in this video posted to youtube, wirth admitted not making payments to his mortgage payments, say they were a bunch of crooks. >> i did not pay mortgage to a bunch of crooks. >>reporter: park county records show wirth lost his property in 2014. after failing to pay, more than $116,000, he owed, on the iris drive home. in 2013, wirth filed this federal complabt against governor john hickenlooper. asking that state foreclosure laws be repealed and that the government officials be criminally charged. for depriving him of his civil rights. a federal magistrate threw the wirth case out of court.
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senate, a facebook posting he called himself a high value. because i write such thing, said wirth, cops we want me dead. last month, things seemed to come to a head for the man on iris drive. park county arrested wirth january 20th for driving under -- and alluding the police. a local judge signed this document, ordering the park county sheriff to evict wirth from his home. now n the past, wirth had been affiliated with the occupy denver group. he posted he had been trained as an engineer. reporting live from the newsroom, cbs4. a community meeting is planned for 6:00 tonight at the platt canyon community church, we will continue to let you know any updates on this story during our newscast. well, just a few weeks ago, another sheriff's deputy in colorado shot and killed, deputy derek geer with the mesa county sheriff's office, shot after
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we just learned this week that 17-year-old austin holzer will be tried as an adult. he is charged with first-degree murder. new developments tonight in the case of the man who has confessed to opening fire at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. robert dear, asked to speak in court again today, but this time, the judge said no. dear is charged in the deaths of three people and wounding 9 more. in those shootings last november. our investigator rick sallinger talked to dear last month, rick was in court in the springs today. rick, i was supposed to be fairly basic mental competency hearing. >>reporter: jim, we learned today that the state hospital report on whether robert dear is fit to stand trial, is not ready yet. it will be done next month. and they'll hold a hearing on march 23rd to turn over that report. but the defendant was present, here in court today, and once again, tried to have his say. victims and their families were on hand for the court hearing.
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silently until the proceedings were about over. i'd lake to say something, your honor, he said. the judge told him, he may not. then, as he was leaving, dear turned to the media, come see me, i have secret case files, he said. i'll tell you about it. get an exclusive. last month, by phone, he called us, he said his problems began while watching the branch siege in texas. >> started 22 years ago, in waco, i'm a christian, and so when they burned up those christians, and 17 little kids, i was pretty upset about it and >>reporter: dear claimed he has since then. and he decided to make his last stand at planned parenthood to save babies. the state hospital in pueblo is expected to turn over its
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>> at that point, either side can request their doctor examine the defendant, to also determine competency. >>reporter: the definition of competency is whether the defendant is able to understand the charges against him and assist in his own defense. live in colorado springs, rich sallinger, cbs4 news. thank you, rick. an important health watch tonight, there is an outbreak of mumps in denver. six cases have been identified in x now healthcare providers all across the state are on alert. cbs4 health specialist cathy walsh live at denver health where the outbreak was discovered. cathy, do we know where it originated? >>reporter: karen, health experts have linked it to an outbreak in iowa. and while six cases may not seem like many, we usually only have about 2 a year in denver. and in all six of the cases, the people had been vaccinated. the mumps cases were discovered
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urgent care clinic. in late january, three friends came in feeling sick. >> all had jaw swelling, in this region, which is pretty common for mumps. they also had low grade temperatures and just felt bad. >>reporter: health investigators believe the source of the infection is a person who recently moved to colorado from iowa. where there's been a mumps outbreak since july 2015. that person is thought to have spread the virus to the three friends. and two healthcare workers who treated them at the clinic, then developed symptoms. >> not having a high awareness, that mumps is in the community, leads to other spreads. >>reporter: you may think if you've been vaccinated against the disease, no worries. but infectious doctor told us, all six of the adult patients had been immunized. the mumps vaccine is 88% 15-20 years.
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another vaccine. >>reporter: mumps cases are usually mild, but some can have serious complications. >> some of those are inflammation of the brain or enself-liets, it can lead to fertility problems in men. >>reporter: now, mumps is spread by droplets, sneezing, and coughing, the experts say wash your hands, if you think you have symptoms, call your doctor, don't go to work, don't go to school. reporting live in denver, cathy walsh, cbs4 news. thank you. coming up, a car salesman killed in a crash during a test drive. why that driver now faces serious charges. >> and the damage from the severe storms in the south, more people have died today. and we'll tell you where the violent well is right now. . >> we had nice weather around here today, we're going to see several more days of that, but as jim just said, this line of showers and thunderstorms
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we continue to follow that breaking news, the shooting death of park county sheriff's deputy nate carrigan. deputy carrigan, one of three deputies who went to a home near bailey to evict martin wirth, wirth opened fire and the deputies entered his home this morning, they fired back. wirth was killed. deputy carrigan died, two other deputies went to st. anthony 's hospital in lakewood. deputy colby martin is still critical condition. a developing story tonight, a tragic ent to to a test -- tend to a test drive. a cars male man is killed after a customer -- a car salesman is killed after a customer crashed into a tree. police believe the customer, 28-year-old alex demetro was under the influence of drugs. friends and coworkers gathered last night to honor the salesman.
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like a father to all of us. we're all here together. you know, we're all family. >> the customer has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony dui. developing now, the carolinas bracing for severe weather after tornadoes ripped across the gulf states yesterday. at least six people have been killed in the storms, dozens hospitalized. at least 70 homes damaged in pensacola, florida. one couple hung on for dear life in their closet and nasty weather moving north, knocking down trees and power lines. the clock was ticking for a woman no n maine who needed a new kidney. >> instead of spending years on a waiting list and dialysis, she took action. she put signs on her car, in her yard, asking people to get tested. it wasn't long before the perfect stranger did come forward. >> i'm still amazed at the number of people who don't have a clue who i am, but they still are willing to fwif me a piece
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>> linda's donor is a mother of four from northern maine, the surgery is now set for march 1st. >> love those stories. ed, we're on for a nice warmup. >> yeah, we really are. i did put a 70 degree reading on the five day. had a lot of sunshine around here today, just clouds difficultying in from the -- drifting in from the west. look at the east, this big storm, just working its way up the eastern say board and take a look at this line of showers and thunderstorms now moving into pennsylvania. at this time, all of these red squares are tornado warnings, tornadoes on ground right now. we also have the gold box, severe thunderstorm warnings and the cold air pushess the rain into it, look at the big band of snow from kentucky and indiana all the way up into canada. here's what we did today. 50 degree, 53 downtown. 48 is normal for this time of the year.
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8 below, in 1874, the record. 45 and 44 right now. a northeast wind at 20. teens and 20s over the eastern plain, single digits, teens at the higher elevations, a couple of below 0 readings as well. the cool front will push on through the area, and sort of just keep temperatures where they were today. that will be the 40s and 50s, 20s and 30s for the mountains and out west, temperatures in the 40s and 50sment now, let's take a look at your forecast for tonight. we'll see mostly clear skies, 23 and 20 are the overnight lows. low 50s once again. take a look at this warmup, push it to the upper 50s on friday. there it is. 70 degrees on saturday. 60 on sunday. 61 on monday. and tuesday, is that change for
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we continue to follow our breaking news, one park county deputy killed, two others are recovering. >> tom mustin has an update, tom. >>reporter: jim, i can tell you that the press conference just ended here at platt canyon. the community here is heart broken with the death of deputy nate carrigan. he and two others went to serve an eviction notice in bailey, that's when the shots rang out.
5:29 pm
where it happened. around 9:30 this morning, the deputies went to the home. the sheriff's office says that homeowner, 58-year-old martin wirth, whos was a known activist here, opened fire with a rifle, killing the deputy can and wouning two others, one -- serious, kolby martin. still, a lot of questions after the tragic death of this ten year veteran. expect to have more answer in the next day, and more on cbs4 news at 6:00 and 10:00. once again, this is a community that's heart broken after the tragic death of the person they're calling a hero. we're live in bailey tonight, tom mustin, cbs4 news. thanks, tom. right now, an update on dozens of dead trees around bear creek reservoir in lakewood. wild land crews with west metro fire removed 70 potentially dangerous trees. the trees are mostly cotton
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in flood waters in 2013 and last year, recent winds did bring some of them down. thanks so much for watching colorado's news channel. >> back to the scene where a sheriff's deputy has been killed, >> pelley: tornadoes bring death and destruction to the east after a string of deadly twisters in the deep south. >> i saw something coming at my face, and i said, oh, my god, i'm going to die. >> pelley: also trump with the victory of the night and the quote of the week. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> pelley: a jury awards millions for a cancer death linked to talcum powder. and riding down racial barriers. >> you know, for me as an african american from a diversity standpoint, i'm definitely carrying on that


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