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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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we can tell you, once again, the flag is at half-staff behind me, in honor of american hero gunned down in the line of duty. we're live in bailey tonight, tom mustin, cbs4 news. thank you, tom. we do have new information on president barack obama's search for a new supreme court justice to replace antonin scalia's vacant seat. cbs news reports the white house is vetting nevada governor brian sandoval for a possible nomination, he is a former federal judge r considered a moderate republican in his home state. sandoval met with harry reid. trying to reinstate the murder conviction. >> the latest chapter in a 40-year legal battle. we are covering the nation on denver's only 6:30 newscast. found guilty in 2002, of murdering his teenage neighbor in 1975. he did serve ten years in prison
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out the conviction, claiming the defense. prosecutors disagreed with that and the victim's mother says after four decades she believes that he is the killer. >> i think he belongs in jail. >> if prosecutors lose their bids, he will get a new trial. million dollar bail. a car salesman who died warren was in the passenger's seat of a red corvette when the customer slammed into a tree. investigators say that 28-year-old driver was on drugs and going extremely fast. >> he was a guy at work, that it didn't matter what kind of day for you. he would make you laugh, he would make you smile. >> overwhelming. i didn't believe it at first. >> the driver was arrested and charged with vehicular
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the influence of drugs. a ferris wheel in davenport, iowa, shut down for the season, looked like it was in full high winds. cell phone video showing the gusts up to 60 miles per hour ride. several damaged and had to be removed. they are checking the wheel for mechanical issues and should be open in time in may. davenport. wheels. >> at that time. >> so if you've been on a flight lately, you know economy seats getting smaller and less comfortable. >> cozy, jim. >> yes, that's it. >> an entrepreneur in london says he has the fix to the unbearable chairs, how the twister seat works. coming up. >> your first job, jim, they hadn't invented television yet. >> clear skies around here, nice and dry in the west. nice and mild. how mild?
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,, ,, ,, ,, happening now, frontier airlines is looking for flight attend ntds, the company is
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hiring is on a rolling basey through the end of the year. for information on how to apply, links and information. airplane maker airbus wants to make airplane seats more comfortable, and filed a patent variety of people. >> bleachers, great. but different idea. >>reporter: no matter how much patience you pack air, long hall flight in economy can leave you defeated. a team of london diners hopes to ease the pain with a twist on economy seating. >> just like your body, you've got this spine, so you do this, and the seat does this. >>reporter: adam white, director of fact ri design, came up with the idea on a long hall flight to japan. >> four or five hours into the plane, you're doing this and i'm twisting. >>reporter: the chair is like a skeleton, you'll see what i
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then a rib cage that shifts with your every movement. the skeleton will be padded and covered. white says the end result is a chair that adjusts to your body, and is more comfortable to sit in and even sleep in for a long stretch of time. >> if i didn't like you, i can twist -- you can twist the other way. >> yeah. >> on the original concourse seat. >>reporter: he knows comfort. he began his company designing the last seats for concord. several airlines have shown into in the twister, which takes up no more space than a typical economy seat. that's a big selling point as airlines try to jam more passengers on board their flights. cbs news, london. >> do they try to jam us in there? is that what they do to snus. >> yeah, and they are. white hopes the twister seat will take off in a couple of years. >> that's great.
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found the wreckage of a small plane that went down in n epa l. >> all 23 people on board died in the crash. denver's only 6:30 news. that plane was headed towards a town known as a gateway to a popular trekking route in the him lays. radio contact with the aircraft was lost about 8 minutes in, bad weather was a factor. the eldest of the castro brothers is dead. the older brother, he died on tuesday, in havana, cuba. the 91-year-old wasn't as well known as his two younger
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active role in the revolution that led ed to fidel and raul takes control. mountains of crashes are closing the streets, the result of a garbage crisis that's gone for months. a reported agreement to send the thousands of tons of garbage to russia, fell through last week. the lebanese government shut down an overstuffed landfill last year, and has been searching for a way to dispose of the trash ever since. >> i have never seen anything like that, that's incredible. >> that can't be good. >> or smell good. >> bad for tourists. speaking of good, our weather will be terrific, we could hit the 70-degree mark on saturday. >> we'd like that. >> we would like that. let's take a look outside, we have winds whipping around here in the metro area. stronger in the foothills, and stronger out on the eastern plains, you can see it's breezy right now. we take a look at the doppler 4,000, a few clouds are drifting in, nothing going on.
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we do have a cold front to the north. that's going to wash over the state. that will keep the temperatures about where they were today. we don't see a warmup tomorrow. when he 50 today. 50 yet again tomorrow. but back east, that's the story, and this was the storm that brought us our snow a couple of nights ago. you can see, it is shower, thunderstorms and snow along with it. all day long. and very heavy snow is bind it, all the way down into kentucky. you can see the temperatures are cool as well. 36 in chicago. 50 degrees warmer down there in miami. so you can see the clash of those two air masses, and that helps the instability of the system and the severe weather they are getting. you can see the warmer weather here, 70s and 80s, that soon will move our way. yes, we could be at the 70-degree mark by saturday. 50 and 53 were the highs today. 48 and can 21 are the normals,
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east wind at 12. 33% humidity welcome to the animal portion of the show, here's the elk up there at es pes park, a northern flicker here from westminster. bailey. pretty little shot here from cynthia. this from silver plume, we ended up with pete and buffalo at the rocky mountain arsenal. as we take a look at the lows tonight, mostly in the teens to around 20 degrees over the eastern plains, single kijt digits for the high country. teens and 20s out west. and then tomorrow, about where we were today. we'll see 40s and 50s over the eastern plains. 20s, 30s, for the mountains. out west, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. here's a good looking forecast. for tonight, we start with mostly clear skies. tomorrow, we'll see partly sunny conditions, seasonal, with 52 and 50 the highs. about where we were today. and then we start to warm up. 58 on friday. look at that, 70-degree reading on saturday. 10 degrees cooler sunday, sunny,
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partly sunny skies. colder, comes tuesday. >> ed, thanks. well, now, it is time to meet our wednesday's child, he loves to sing country music and figure out how things work. britt shows us seth. >>reporter: it's a chore, sometimes a pain. many of us push around the carpet cleaner only when it's an absolute must. but not seth. >> you love it. >> yep, i love it. >>reporter: our wednesday's child tells us tidying up is fun. >> i love cleaning. and i like electronics, i like robots. >> i'll put this down for you. >> okay o. >> my goodness. >> just when i thought it couldn't get any cooler. >>reporter: in addition to cleaning, seth loves learning about how vacuum s work. he is intelligent and caring. >> i want to be a fireman, helping people.
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very brave for a job like that? >> yeah. i'll go to the fire. turn around. >> 12-year-old is self-aware. >> school is going pretty good, working on raising my hand better. >> are you one of the kids in class that has more aye lot to say or more quiet. >> i have a lot to say wrp we have introduced you to seth before when we worked on science experiments last year. remains as strong as ever. >> a good life. a good job, lots of money. >>reporter: just all that, stuff, right? >> yeah, pretty much. >> so what do you think will help you get that good life that you're wanting? >> an education. >>reporter: while the vacuum collects dirt and grime, it can also cleanse the soul.
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the other children, that are looking for forever homes, call the adoption exchange at the numbers on your screen. you'll find the information at several denver police officers were honored today for going above and beyond the call of duty. nine officers received the citizens appreciate police award. as well as a mayoral certificate of appreciation. among those honored, officer katherine -- she helped a sick elderly man by getting him to a hospital and paying for his medication and his groceries. mayor hancock was there to congratulate these officers. >> in the job that you do, there are bounds to be challenges, bound to be mistakes. and we're going to hear about those. but we don't hear about is all of the good that you do. and so that is what makes what's happening here so very important. >> the award recipients are selected bay group of 16 citizen volunteers. more than 200 officers have
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>> great. well, apps on your phone can realizing it. >> one woman says an app on her phone wound up taking over her is the economy rigged? acquired more wealth than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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higher today, thanks to an crease in the price of crude oil -- increase in the price of crude oil. new tonight, democrats and republicans at the state capitol joined forces on bills preparing for colorado students on jobs and industries that need skilled workers, the bills included -- computer science programs. also a tax credit for businesses that offer a prentice ships and a pilot program that encourages more high school students to earn industry certifications. >> this makes all of my 8 years here worth while to see what we've done touth on what i think is probably the most crucial issue that faces us in education. and that is keeping our kids in school. getting them to graduate and going on to a meaningful career. >> the bipartisan package includes bills to streamline licenses for mental health professions and better training for electricians.
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longer buy hoverboards on amazon, just a few days ago, the government declared hoverboards unsafe, the lithium batteries have been known to explode and cause fires. amazon did remove the segue brands off the side. you'll come up empty. those popular apps on your smartphone can be convenient and fun. >> but some also carry malicious software known as malware, giving hackers easy access to information. susan harvey was a victim, used a credit card to download a game, through a google play account. she found hundreds of purchases had been made. turns out, more than $5,000 worth of transactions. >> my heart sank. i just -- i sat there looking at it and rolling through, i physically, i was sick. because i didn't know what they were.
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apps ask for, are way beyond what they should be asking. >> remember, when you download an app you also give permission for it to k assess other parts of your -- access other parts of your phone. you should delete every app you're not using. >> facebook users can do more than like a post. an extension of the like button. you can now be wowed, express sadness or anger over a post. hover over the like button and the icons will appear. fort collins is third on the list of the happiest and healthy yes cities on the u.s.. several factors including people
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all kinds of teams
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an update now on the death of park county deputy nate carrigan, he died in a shootout over an eviction order, three deputies went to the home in bailey. the home lured the officers in and when they went inside, the suspect shot at them. the homeowner is dead. we will have community reaction on cbs4 news at 10:00. knowing their kids are safe on the school bus is a real concern for parents of course, especially after reports of drivers at the wheel, impaired. well, coming up tonight at 10:00, brian maass takes a done to make sure that the bus driver s are soeb. >> it was a terrifying scene, a bus rolled sending five children to the hospital. the driver telling the police she was on six different prescription drugs. we wanted to find out if drivers are being drug and alcohol test theed. how aufrn and what they are show
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showing. we found a number of positive tests. >> if a person does that, i'm a shape of them. >> watch passing the test tonight on cbs4 news at 10:00. >> nice days are coming our way, 50s, then 70 degrees on saturday. 60 on sunday and monday. next chance for rain or snow comes tuesday. >> loving the weekend, thanks for joining us on colorado's news channel. >> have a great evening, we'll look for you tonight at 10:00. ,, bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has
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build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> jeff: previously on "survivor"... you have two minutes to salvage whatever you can off this boat. 18 new castaways divided into
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the brains tribe has a ton of knowledge. >> i worked for the government doing data analysis. >> jeff: no one's resume was longer than debbie's. >> i'm a captain, civil air patrol. i have extensive training. >> blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. >> jeff: but it didn't impress her tribe. >> she annoys everybody to death. >> jeff: the beauty tribe, the women thought they could use ty. >> ty's perfect to take along with us. >> by tai got caught looking for a hidden immunity idol, making himself the odd man out. >> i don't fit in, so i feel like i'm in trouble. >> anchor: the brawn tribe was flecking their muscle, but alecia couldn't keep up. >> she doesn't do anything. >> hard sun. my shoulders are fried. >> it's so hot out here, it scrambles your brain.
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only one losing her mind. >> i have a bug in my ear. >> it hurts so bad. >> i see it. ew! >> jeff: at first immunity challenge, darnell and alecia were a mess, exposing brawn's weakness. the brawn tribe goes to tribal council. at tribal council, alecia fought to stay in the game. >> i'll work my butt off in challenges, and i will step up. >> jeff: her tribe gave her another chance, sending darnell home. darnell, the tribe has spoken. there was a theme to tonight's tribal. if you're going to talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk. 17 are left. who will be voted out tonight?


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