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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  February 25, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MST

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,, (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. developing now, a shootout in the quiet mountain town of bailey, in park county. a homeowner shot three deputies, serving an eviction notice. one deputy die. another is in critical condition.
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karen morfitt with more on the deputies, and new details about the suspect. we start with tom mustin with the latest on the case. tom. >>reporter: well, karen, it's quiet now here at the platt can young fire station. you can see the flags at half mast. dozens of deputies worked around the clock on this case, and tonight is a time to remember their fallen come regard. >> he served his community in a superior way and he made the ultimate sacrifice. >>reporter: officers swarmd this bailey -- swarmed this bailey home after the death of nate carrigan. carrigan and two other park county deputies went to the friendship ranch subdivision to serve an e vigs notice to resident martin wirth. he came out on his deck, then went back inside. officers followed him inside the home, and wirth opened fire with a rifle. >> what i heard was the ar's going sxauf it freaked me -- sxauf it freaked me out.
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also injured. martin is in critical condition. wirth died after deputies returned fire. wirth's neighbors says he had predicted his own death. >> he felt like they were after him any way. you know, he says, one of these days they're going to kill him. i thought, they're not going to do that, today was that day. >>reporter: more that you know one officers swarmed the area, piecing together evidence. by nightfall, flags were at half-staff and heart broken law officers had a small request. >> turn on your porch lights, talk about nate, talk about all of the wonderful things that our law enforcement officers are doing on the streets of our country, each and every day. >>reporter: so tonight, if you can, turn on your porch light in honor of corporal carrigan. the motive in this case, there will be a press conference tomorrow, we'll bring it to you live on cbs4, and
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tom mustin, cbs4 news. thank you, tom. bailey certainly a tight knit community and many people are grieving there tonight, deputy carrigan was a 13-year veteran with the sheriff's department. he also worked closely with the high school. even coaching football and baseball. karen morfitt in bailey, and you're finding people just stunned by what happened today. >>reporter: jim, stunned to say the very least, now, i had a chance to speak with special of the community members up here, all of them telling me that this is the type of town that you maybe don't know someone directly, but you feel like you know them because you've seen them at the coffee shop or met them through a friend at church. today they most more than a dep tishgs they lost a friend. -- deputy, they lost a friend. >> when you're from a small mountain community, you care. >>reporter: tonight, the small town of bailey showed just how much they care, after learning that one of their deputies, corporal nate an was killed, he came here to the platt canyon church.
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because he helped our community as much as he did, and he gave his life for this community. >>reporter: inside, there was no candle light vigil or scheduled to follow, simply a time for sharing whether it be hugs, tears, or just memories of a man that left his mark on an entire community. >> just because you don't know someone intimately, you see them in the diner, you know what they schools. >>reporter: that was the case wednesday night. melinda never met carrigan, but sometime. >> as my would say he was a fantastic son and he took care of people. >>reporter: jack schmidt the connection was through his grandson. >> my grandson was on the baseball team and the baseball football team, he had a lot of nice things to say about him. >>reporter: their hearts are
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other officers also injured, one still fighting for his life in the a lakewood hospital. now, we know that deputy, kolby martin is in critical condition tonight. he was shot multiple times in the lower body. the second -- the third deputy that was also injured in this case we're told is captain mark hancock, he was grazed in the ear and he was transported to the hospital and at home tonight. we're live in bailey, karen morfitt, cbs4 news. we are learning more about the shooter seen here, martin wirth. he posted videos ranting against the government and police. and was a part of an anti-establishment movement taking place in denver. kelly werthmann where the group used to protest, kelly. >>reporter: karen, martin wirth was known to be one of the older members of the occupy movement here in denver.
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the 58-year-old expressed his anti-police and government opinions. martin wirth spent many years in a battle, mostly with his mortgage company. in this youtube video, he explains why he department make payments on his park county home, which he eventually lost. >> i did not pay mortgage to a bunch of crooks. >>reporter: wishth also took on battles with the government, filing this federal complaint in 2013 in an effort to have state foreclosure laws repealed. a magistrate threw the case out. in 2014, wirth ran for state senate, and on his candidate facebook page, began a verbal battle against the police. calling them a danger to us all a, and adding because i write such things, cops want me dead. >> it didn't have to happen. >>reporter: tim hollande met wirth during the occupy movement in denver. he was shocked to hear his friend was involved in a deadly shootout with the authorities because he said says wirth was not a violent person. >> i don't believe what the cops
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>>reporter: hollande believes when wirth opened fire on deputies wednesday morning he was acting in self-defense. >> the way i see it, is martin had reached the end of the line. and he did what he did. >>reporter: and we've learned tonight that this morning's shooting is not the first time that wirth killed someone. according to the coloradan, wishth was acquitted of the 1994 murder of his neighbor in fort collins, that was all over a chess game. we're live in denver, kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. we are expecting an update from the sheriff tomorrow on the investigation and also the condition of deputy kolby martin, we'll have all of the latest developments on cbs4 news and now, to denver, where the district attorney announced today no charge s will be filed against the police officer involved in a shootout in sergeant tony lopez, jr., was shot several times during a
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lopez fired back, hitting jason wood. wood, then carjacked a woman, and led police on a chase. before crashing. murder. developing tonight, a mumps outbreak, here in denver, 6 people have tested positive and vaccinated. and while six cases might not seem like a lot to you, health specialist cal thi walsh explains it's triple the number of cases. >>reporter: the mumps cases were discovered here at the denver health adult urgent care clinic in late january, three friends came in the feeling sick. >> all had some jaw swelling, in this region, which is pretty common for mumps, they also had low grade temperatures and felt ill. >>reporter: the source of the infection is a person who moved to colorado from iowa where there's been a mumps outbreak since july 2015, that person is thought to have spread the virus to the three friends and two healthcare workers who treated
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symptoms -- developed symptoms. >> not having a high awareness that mumps in the community leads the other spread. >>reporter: you may think if you've been vaccinated against the disease, no worry, but heather young told us all six of the adult pashs had been immunized. the mumps vaccine is 88% effective, and immunity can wayne after 15-20 years. recommending another vaccine, but we'll wait for further guidance from the cdc. >>reporter: mumps cases are mild, but some can have serious complications. >> some of those are inflammation of the brain, inflammation of the --. >>reporter: cbs4 news. now, mumps is spread by sneezing and coughing, doctor young says wash your hands often and if you do have symptom, call your doctor before staying in and stay home if you're sick.
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capitol to restrict the use of red light cameras after failing to get a ban on the cameras through the last legislature, steve is pushing a new bill. this would would restrict the use of the cameras by allowing them only on main roads and not on local streets and neighborhoods, opponents of the bill say the cameras benefit communities and aurora for example, a half million dollars from red light camera ticks goes for programs helping abused kids and victims of domestic violence. >> ooipts certainly not -- it's certainly not lining anyone's pockets, it's going towards communities that greatly support the community. >> the bills paed committee today. another case of an exploding e-cigarette, caught on camera. burning. >> how a man is doing after it blew up in his pocket. >> school bus drivers under the influence, putting kids' lives in danger.
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ashamed of them. >> how the school districks test could president barack obama nominate a republican to the supreme court? >> and why are there mountains of trash in the streets of this big city? >> and the storm that brought us snow earlier in the week, it still sits over the northeast, more tornadoes today. we're on the other side of the weather coin, we have high pressure, that will keep us in great shape. could threaten a record high on saturday. >> the broncos aren't putting any pressure on peyton manning, to make a decision, yet. and coming up, i'm not supposed
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do.
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a stronger country. a man from kentucky is being treated for second-degree burns after this bizarre incident. his e-cigarette blew up in his pocket.
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tries to pay, flames shoot from his pants, the cigarette in his pocket exploded. >> he put his hand in the pocket. there was fire. big fire. and he was burning. >> he is trying to remove his burning pants. >> what was that, you have a bomb in your pocket? like that. got a bomb in your pocket? i was probably shocked. like this, my hands were -- >> one of the clerks grabbed a fire extinguisher to put it out. >> what is going on, man, i don't know. >> e-cigarette explosions are becoming more common. >> i heard a loud explosion, similar to shotgun bang. >>reporter: he was at work when his blew up, the blast knocked him out and a fall broke his neck. >> we all thought he got shot or somebody shot at him. >> so terrible. the u.s. fire administration has
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and explosions, caused by e-cigarettes. some people in the industry blame the user, they claim the devices explode because people charge them with the wrong charger. president barack obama might be considering a republican to replace antonin scalia. the white house is going to vet a republican sandoval, a former federal judge, and considered a moderate republican in his home state. sources tell cbs, sandoval did meet with ne nevada's senator harry reid on sunday and they talked about the supreme court vacancy. and do you smell that? it's a river of stinking trash, meandering through the streets of beirut, lebanon. it's been piling up, due to a mud move's long garbage crisis, a reported a agreement to sent thousands of tons of waste to russia, fell through last week. the lebanese government shut down an overflowing landfill last july.
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solution. the mayor of ithaca, new york wants to make his city the first many the u.s. to let heroin addicts use the drug injection site. he says this plan was born out task force. >> i believe in it because i watched the -- people work to -- [ inaudible ] i believe in it because it is based in times, and -- [ inaudible ]. >> the mayor wants to add a 24 hour crisis center at that site, and provide resources on treatment and recovery programs, the goal is to keep people alive, so that they can help them and not jail them. new at 10:00, cbs4 as learned a bus driver has been fired by the school district. >>er liz beth is accused of crashing a school bus full of
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influence of drugs. >> we wanted to know what colorado school district s are they're riding the school buses. so, we started digging through to find out. boulder county. >> it was last december. >> 8 students in one driver were over. >> 5 kids hospitalized, two were seriously injured. >> coming around the corner and it tips one way and tips the other way. >>reporter: elizabeth told the police she ingested 6 prescription drugs and facing child abuse and dui charges for that incident. federal guidelines require school districts to randomly test half of their bus drivers for drugs. and 25% for alcohol every year. >> we've seen bar bit watts, the marijuana is the biggest, thc is the biggest culprit. >>reporter: denver public school safety manager has overseen more than 500 random drug tests in
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come back positive, including one for cocaine. any positive test is grounds for immediate fierg. >> not only do you not meet the standards but you're participating in substance abuse and you can't work here. >>reporter: in the same district where he worked, in the last three years, two other drivers were fireded for positive drug tests. our open record request revealed jefferson county has had two positive tests in the last three years. aurora has had one. we learned douglas county had three positive drug tests last year, among bus drivers and a total of five in the last three years. >> if a person does that, i'm ashamed of them, and i think they're ashamed of themselves. >>reporter: john adams, president of the union for denver public schools bus drivers. >> the folks that are apply for these jobs and doing these jobs truly care about what they're doing and they know better than to go out and do something that would jeopardize themselves, the
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>> the lawyer says the suffers from fieb ro -- her lawyer told us she is confident that her client will be acquitted. >> we will see what happens. now, let's get over to ed for a check on the weather. >> we have a nice day today and several coming our way. we have clear to partly cloudy skies across the state, just some high clouds, only form of moisture over our state, the whole west under the influence of high pressure. the little cool front has backed in the eastern plains, this will keep the temperature about where it was today. just not going to let it warm up. high pressure brings that southwesterly flow into our area. and wait until you see what saturday looks like, this is the system that gave us the snow earlier in the way. they have from north of maine into tennessee and tons of rain here and more tornadoes again over the east. all up and down the eastern seaboard. now, you can see it's drying out a little bit. north.
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and here's how it happens on the big futurecast. you can see it finally cranks out, and pushes right off the coast by friday. and look at most of the nation, very dry around here. but here comes another little system on friday into saturday, and this could just drop a few snow showers in the mountains, really, that's going to be about it. then this high pressure ridge builds back in for sunday and into monday. and then tuesday, we get another push into here, and that's when we might see rain or snow in the city. 50 and 53 were the highs today. 48 and 21 are the normals, 71 and 8 below are the records. 33 and 27 now, southeast 7 for the winds, 49% humidity r a rising barometer. latest from our weather watchers, these are highs, 47 from brush today. westminster, 49. denver had 52. and north colorado springs reported 55 from our weather watchers for the highs today.
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lake estes. frank in sunrise from broomfield. silver plume. this one from mark, over keystone. we have scott smith here from purgatory resort. a lot of good snow to board and ski on, just a blue bird day up there. well, as far as the temperatures go tonight, mostly in the teen, low 20s over the eastern plains. single digits, below 0 readings out west. temperatures in the teens and 20s. tomorrow, where we were today. 40s, 50s over the eastern plains. 40s and 50s. here is your denver forecast. good looking one, too. for tonight, mostly clear skies, 21 and 19 are the overnight lows. tomorrow, fair, seasonal, 52 and 50 for the highs. here comes the warmup, 58 on friday. look at that, 70 on saturday. the record for saturday, 73. 60 on sunday. 63 on monday. and then we have a little change. 46 on tuesday, with a chance of rain or snow showers, not much better on wednesday.
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but friday, another chance for showers, we're starting to see
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well with, gary kubiak and john elway are at the nfl combine in indianapolis this weekend, they're still waiting to see what peyton manning decide, whether to return for another season, or to retire. once a decision is made, denver can slid fie a position that is currently shadowed in
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coach will continue to field questions about his quarterback. >> it's about him taking his time, and you know, to work through things, think through things, there's no hurry here. want him to enjoy what just took place. we'll go from there. nothing has changed from that stand point. we went through this last year, and we're going to stick to it, exactly how we did it last year. >> john elway speaks tomorrow, so what if peyton wants to come back next year? according to the century link sports poll, 63% say the broncoss should cut him. needing a win to boost their tournament hopes, george king started the second half on fire. ten quick points, two of them here on the steal and flush, then senior took over. josh scott finished with 26. cu beats the top 25 team of the season, 75-72, might be time to
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avs trying to take business at home before hosting the red wings in saturday's outdoor game. forward shawn making his presence felt. he gives the avs the first goal of the jam. a power play goal and gave -- pokes to one home, five minutes remaining, avs lead 3-2. nuggets don't look like a team playing on back-to-back nights against the clipper, the man mall doing those things. the bucket. 17 at the half. clippers tonight. with the steal, and flush, and currently denver leads in the fourth, 76-64.
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can you remember a spring where you felt good about the rockies pitching staff? it's a constant concern, and
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we know that the rockies can hit, but can they pitch. mark haas is in scottsdale. >>reporter: tomorrow will be the first full team workout for the rockies, although, a lot of these guys have been here for weeks, some even for months. been a big story for years, can the team get enough from the rotation to be competitive? >> it's all i think you can read about right now, rotation needs to step up and i think we do. over the last couple of years, doi jt this think we've -- don't think we've been as good as we can. we have the talent to do what we need to do. >> strides we need to take, we're in the rebuilding process and we've got a bunch of young talent and older guys that steer us in the right direction. some guys that have had a lot of success here. and that's what we need, you know, young guys got to step up. >>reporter: you don't hear the word rebuild a lot around heeshg but one thing they did rebuild during the off season is the
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with the rockies, mark haas, cbs4 sports. >> i think tyler chat wood said it right, if they can stay healthy, they have a shot. they were so decimated last year with pitching injuries.
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in the ocean and fish on a sandwich is that when ocean fish swim in pairs they're less likely to get eaten. arby's,
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a weather alert as deadly storms move up the east coast, three people, including a small tonight. when a reported tornado hit the small town of waverly, three hurt yesterday. and tonight, we're getting reports of building destroyed pennsylvania. driving rain, strong winds in new york city. thousands of people without now. storms over the white house, too. here we are in colorado.
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with a couple of his buddies, oh, they're in the pastures or the meadows, no, they're west of broomfield. >> that's beautiful.
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hollywood, almost live. it's comics unleashed. with your host, byron allen. tonight, byron welcomes andy hendrickson. mark vieira. aaron jackson. and paul morrissy. and now, the man who thinks that video games will be very popular one day, byron allen! >> yeah! yeah!


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