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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the truck can the debris will have all are to be removed. the driver has serious injuries. had to be airlifted out to get to a hospital. no word yet on the condition of that driver. or why he lost control of the truck. now, to our top story tonight, law enforcement escorted the body, of park county sheriff's deputy, nate carrigan, deputy carrigan was shot in the line of duty yesterday. >> nate was a caring individual that went above and beyond. >> another deputy, kolby martin was also shot and we have learned today that he is still in serious condition, but has been up and around in the hospital. deputies returned that gunfire yesterday, and killed the shooter. our melissa garcia checking in live tonight, people say deputy carrigan was an important part of that community. >>reporter: he was, jim, and grief counselors have been on staff here all day, at the school, now, not only was
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baseball coach here, he was also a former school bus driver, and school resource officer. today, we spoke with the parents who remembered him as a student here. >> i was like a second mom, sort of. >>reporter: cathy barnett says she was the van mom to her son, number 58 and his teammate, number 56. >> he was a really nice guy. >>reporter: nate carrigan, who graduated from platt canyon high in 99, grew up to be a protector of his community. >> if i ever got pulled over in this county, he was there. within five minutes. >>reporter: a deputy with the park county sheriff's office for the past 13 years. >> this is one of those things that should not have happened. >>reporter: in what fred calls a high risk eviction, 8 deputies arrived to the home of 58-year-old martin wirth.
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confrontation yesterday. mr. wirth did. we simply responded to the situation that was presented to us. >>reporter: three deputies were shot and including fatal wounded to carrigan. before deputies returned fire, killing wirth. one deputy taken to st. anthony's hospital remains in serious condition. as law enforcement continues what will be a long investigation, platt canyon school district superintendent says students and faculty are feeling the loss of the well-known can and caring coach. >> that's the kind of character and the kind of connections that he had with our students. and our staff. you know, he coached alongside of them, many of them who went to school with. >>reporter: and carrigan we're told had a fiance and four step daughters, in lieu of flowers, his family is asking that all donations go to a scholarship fund set up at bank of the west in carrigan's name. live in park county, melissa gars siia, cbs4 news. thank you.
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wanted for skipping parole who was killed by the evans police this morning. they shot him after he pulled a gun and shouted to them, shoot me. near 37th street. that's where lauren dispirito joins us live now tonight with the latest. lauren. >>reporter: well, the highway is open here, karen, but you can see parts of the scene are still blocked off. 12 hours later. officers are still processing evidence here, and we spoke with one man who lives along highway 85 and says he heard the entire shooting. >> cop cars everywhere. like a movie, back and forth, all over. >>reporter: about 1:30 in the morning when the evans police went to check on a suspicious vehicle near 40th street. two male suspects ran and the police chased him. >> he was running. >>reporter: he says he saw the officers take one man into
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>> rattling my win dau. >>reporter: he heard gunfire. >> but it was like 10-12 shots. and it stopped. >>reporter: investigators say after catching oneen ma, a second suspect got away and hid for two hour, around 3:30 a.m. the suspect hopped a fence, saw an officer and fired, missing him. then, the police say the suspect ran again. pointing a handgun at the officers and yelling shoot me, kill me. three officers fired on him. now, the suspect died at the hospital and so far, investigators aren't releasing his name or the names of the officers who shot him. they were wearing body cameras at the time, the footage was recorded and that's something that the investigators are taking a look at. they haven't said what was suspicious about that vehicle initially or what suspects were doing, but they now believe that the man kwho died was wanted on felony charges.
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officers knew that at the time of the shooting. cbs4 news. and right now, some breaking news from our neighboring state of kansas, a mass shooting in heston, kansas. at a factory. people are dead. crews are now doing a head count in that building, trying to find out who else might be missing at this point. we'll of course update you as we get more information on n heston kansas. the latest on the rock slide that's caused a traffic -- cdot has one lane of i-70 open in both directions, that happened late this afternoon. a massive rock slide shut down i-70 completely last week. crews were able to it fw one lane moving on sunday. state trooper vehicles will be guiding traffic through both directions. hour-long delays are still possible, especially during
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a pks e teacher is on leave after being arrested for child porn charges, they sent letters to the parents about the arrest of lucas young. the letter to the parents, the school's principal says it does not appear that the students from the school are involved. a former death row inmate now accused of a new crime, wilkerson was arrested sunday, for allegedly kidnapping and raping a woman in mesa county. the grand junction sentinel reports that wilkerson was arrested in texas in 1978 in connection to the deaths of three people during a jewelry wilkerson spent 4 years on death row and released after a judge threw out his confession. law enforcement is calling sex trafficking a serious problem in colorado. the state capitol to alert the public. in denver, alone, the commercial sex industry brings in an
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every year, a sex trafficking survivor shared her story today. sheri was 16 years old when she was rescued from a hotel on colfax four years ago. >> there are children walking down the street right now, praying that there's going to be a police officer who stops them, or a john, and a john means they are one step closer to being done for night and a police officer means that they're safe. >> sheri says it's important we all know the signs of human trafficking, because one phone call to the authoritiess really can save a teenager's life. the controversy over vaccinations is heating up. a bill that would require the school to inform the state which children have opted out of the vaccines. monitoring the immunization records and rick, it sounds like it was a busy hearing room today. >>reporter: it is still going on, jim, we spoke with one woman
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come here by an organization that is part of home schoolers for christians. but the bill is supported by those who say centralized records would be helpful in outbreaks like the one we're having with the mumps now. what this bill is not about is requiring more students to get vaccinations. it's about who will keep charge of the records. state representative dan -- is a sponsor of the bill. >> this the bill will require parents or students to submit to documentation to the department of public health and environment instead of the school. >>reporter: this hearing was packed with the parents who oppose the bill. christine carter has four children and has had them vaccinated. >> i have the freedom to report what i'm going to do with my children or not. >>reporter: you don't think that's the government's business. >> no. >>reporter: some of those who are opposed to to vaccinations are fearful of the state getting
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have opted out, for fear it's a step towards track k them down. she says he has a vaccine induced brain injury. >> designed to circumvent the law, protecting privacy and bully people into every vaccine on the market. >>reporter: vaccinations remain as controversial as ever at the state capitol. once a testimony is completed on both sides, then the committee will take a vote and decide whether or not this bill should be passed on to the full house. live at the capitol, rick sallinger, cbs4 news. thank you, rick. clear and crisp around town today, and ed, looks like we're going to be warming up, huh? >> that's right, doppler 4,000 shows we have nothing but sunshine around here. the big picture, more of the same, lots of sunshine, but with sunshine comes drying conditions and i'll show you where we have a fire weather watch. .
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has seen in government, should the agency be able to force apple to help hack a terrorist's phone. apple had a new move in the debate today. >> find out what to expect for the final gop debate before super tuesday. >> with is and what an airline is promising after a family says a boy was remove oed from a flight for -- removed from a
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here's the latest now on the dispute between apple and the fbi over iphone security. the government is asking apple to unlock an iphone belonging to shooter, today, apple asked a judge to vacate that court order. the company says the fbi is through courts.. the fbi director disagrees and says the fbi is trying to get answers in the investigation. apple says it is willing to take the issue to the supreme court.
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is the last one before super tuesday. >> and donald trump's rivals might come out swinging, shaun, we know next tuesday could be ten of some of those campaigns, maybe they better start swinging. >> it is a point not lost on the candidates, jim, nothing trump says seems to hurt his candidates. >> after three straight wins, donald trump walks into tonight's debate as the guy to beat, but it's the battle between senators ted cruz and marco rubio that could turn ugly. >> those two fighting each other, would be prowrestling, no holds barred. >>reporter: head to the polls on super tuesday, 600 delegates are up for grabs, the biggest prize is texas with 155 delegates, trump leads the count with 81, rubio and cruz are behind him, tied with 17. political science professor cal -- says it's risky to go after trump during the debate. >> as politicians, you're used to counter punches, you say
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you say something to trump, he knocks you out. >> the latest person in the trump's cross hairs, mitt romney, who questioned the billionaire about his taxes. >> frankly, i think we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >>reporter: trump fired back on twitter r, posting this photo of him with his tax returns and says why romney doesn't endorse marco rubio. trump says his taxes are complicated and no rush to release them. the stakes are especially high for ted cruz, the pressure is on for him to win his home state next tuesday, if he wants to stay in the race. he's up in the polls but trump is at his heels and in florida, a new poll shows that donald trump is beating florida's senator marco rubio by a wide margin there, very bad news for marco rubio. we really are at a very crucial stage in this campaign.
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>> we'll see. >> thanks, sean. developing tonight, allegiant airlines is apologizing to a family in arizona after a young boy and his family were asked to get on the flight. he was having an allergic reaction on a flight from washington state to phoenix, his family says another passenger's dog set off the boy's' reaction. the passengers started to cheer. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. and it's not my fault, it's the dog's fault because one of them had a dog and said no, way, i'm not getting off the plane, my dogs. >> his dad has cancer, that trip to washington was one of his dad's wishess in his bucket list. all right. let's get to ed greene. >> it is going to be a warmup in the weekend, all of the sunshine around here, it looks like
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unless you see a few clouds over the eastern plains. the stationary front that keeps the temperatures where they were yesterday. warms us up nicely. this is what's left of the big storm, what we're going to do is go back to sunday, at 5:00. you can see a little storm coming out of texas right here, we'll keep our eye on that one. this is now monday at 4:00. when we started to see the snow along the front range picked up anywhere from 1-2 inches in the city to 15-20 inches in the foothill areas, now, this system begins to come out, very heavy showers and thunderstorms. killer tornadoes in this batch of thunderstorms. and more heavy showers and thunderstorms, now, there's that system that was ahead of it. watch how these two merge, that adds to the moisture. and the snow. and now, it is dying down just a little snow left over, all moving out to the northeast. and look at the rest of the nation, just not much going on, especially over our area, and with that, we have a fire weather watch for portions of
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because of the low humiditys, warm temperatures and those gusty winds, really dry things out. so we're watching the fire danger there. 48 and 42 is what we did today after starts of 17 and 23. about where we were yesterday. and about normal for this time of the year. 49 and 21 are the records. 74 in 1986, 1874 holds the record low of 11 below 0 for this date. 50 and 47 right now, a southeast wind at 10. 21% humidity and a steady barometer. a lot of shots from his plane, and this is breckenridge from the air. i think that's a terrific shot, you can see all of the sno e that they have, and all of the runs at breckenridge. temperatures for tonight, mostly in the teens, 20s over the eastern plain, teens for the higher elevations, gunnison, high mountain valleys, cold at 1 below. we'll see teens, 20s and 30s out west. for tomorrow, start to warm it up a bit. 50s and 60s over the eastern plains.
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let's take a look at the forecast now for tonight. mostly clear skies, 29 and 27 are the overnight lows, then for tomorrow, looking at mostly sunny and milder, 61, and 59. and here comes your warmup. 70 degrees on saturday. we'll look for 58 on sunday. cooler but still 10 above normal. 62 on monday and then the next change comes on tuesday, cools it to 49. chance of rain or snow. >> thanks, ed. well, more people getting angry over the cost of prescription drugs, so cbs4 investigator brian maass found ways to safe on prescription drugs. >>reporter: we went shopping at pharmacies around town with a camera. >> give me a couple of minutes. >>reporter: at even the pharmacy workers were surprised by the discounts we found. >> for the same prescription for 30 days at a time. >> yeah. that's going to save me. >>reporter: that's right, $600 less than insurance. >> people are outraged at how
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>>reporter: tell you about the new app and website that's empowering cob summers to find -- consumers to find the lowest prices for the medications. >> they don't have to go in and unknowingly pay whatever they're told. >> be sure to watch drug discounts tonight at 10:00. john elway says there's no rush on peyton manning. >> and who doesn't love a good
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hey candidates. enough talk.
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john elway met the media today at the combine. you will never guess who the questions were about. peyton manning, i know, i was shocked, too. peyton is contemplating his future, the broncos aren't rushing him. march 9th, when if manning is still on the roster, his 19 million dollar salary becomes guaranteed and that is not going to happen. so the clock is ticking. but elway and the broncos are giving peyton the time and space they believe he's earned. >> i met with peyton a couple of nights ago and we had a good talk and i said, after the game, we're going to give him as much time as he needs and he still needs more time, so we're going to afford him that time. it's still in his court, we're going to give him that time and let him enjoy the win. >> march 9th. well, hockey weekend, this is going to be at coors field, avs and wing, old timers game tomorrow, the regular season match-up on saturday night. avs warmed up with the wings
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right place at the right time. the third, the 15 #g9 of the year, give the avs the 3-2 lead, san jose tide it, they went to a scoreless overtime n the shootout, matt duchene, he won it with that one. avs win it, a great hockey match, 4-3. >> tremendous match-up in boulder with the buffss hosting arizona. josh scott was awesome, 26 points, also a monster on d. final seconds, cu by 3, a chance to tie it all up. but their 3 went long. cu fans giving their fans a chance to celebrate, they stormed the court, cu won the biggest game of the year, 75-72, but the court storming by the fans, not appreciated by wild cat coach sean miller. >> in an arizona player is going to punch a fan and going to punch the fan out of self-defense and when it happens, only when it happens,
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breath and say, we have to do something to protect both teams. >> all right. that's what he thinks. coming up at 6:00, mark haas at scottsdale. the first rockies workout, both look to be in mid season form. mark talks tonight at 6:00. >> it looks like 90 degrees today. >> can we storm the field at coors field.
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breaking news in south-central kansas, shooting at a lawn mower products facility. reports that the gunman is dead as well. all about 35 miles north of wichita. we'l >> pelley: tonight's republican debate takes on new urgency. it could be the last chance to catch trump before next week's super tuesday. also tonight, elizabeth palmer r takes us inside syria at a turning point in the civil war. >> reporter: there is certainly no cease-fire here at the moment, and there's not going to be any time soon. n. >> pelley: daylight reveals the destruction done by a night of violent storms. and will this idea take off? plans for a wide body aircraft for wide bodies. >> at the end of the day, it's all about making money. captioning sponsored by cbs s this is the "cbs evening news"


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