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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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we begin with breaking news tonight, a gunman in kansas kills three people, wounds 14 others, happened at a manufacturing plant in the small town of hesston. that's about 35 miles north of wichita. the gunman was an employee of the plant, he first opened fire in the parking lot, then he ran inside of the building. >> i seen a guy pull up, and he stopped, and popped out, heard him yell something, that's what got our attention, turned around, popped out with an ak-47, and fired shots and went into the building. >> the first officer inside of that plant, shot and killed that gunman. cedric ford, that officer is being credited for saving many line lives. an incredible moment in the chaos, afterwards, a woman was reunited with her husband on live tv.
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because you were able to talk to him? >> yeah, is talked to him. he said he's okay. he just said somebody next to him got shot. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> ten of the people wounded in the shooting are in critical condition. there is no word tonight on why the man did what he did. and just in tonight, a bus driver for the cherry creek school district accused of driving drunk with some 30 kids on board, michael hobbs was arrested this afternoon, right after he dropped off the students from west middle school. the district says a staff member thought she smelled alcohol, and rortsed it. police -- reported it. police say hobbs did fail a field sobriety test and denied being drunk. now to campaign twix and the final republican -- 2016 and the final republican debate, with donald trump the clear front runner, his two closest followers went after him early and never let up.
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chance for marco rubio and ted cruz to gain ground. >> marco rubio landed blow after blow, mocking and embarrassing donald trump who was on his heels for most of the debate, as rubio went on the attack like never before. realizing this may be the last chance to stop donald trump. >> if he builds the wall, the way he builds trump towers, he be using illegal immigration to do it. >>reporter: donald trump found himself flustered for the first time in the campaign as marco rubio hammered him, over among other things, a lawsuit accusing trump of hiring illegal immigrants. >> trump told his workers, you'll see a million dollars for hiring illegal workers on his contracts. >>reporter: hitting trump for bankruptcys, inheriting his money. the healthcare plan. >> so that's the only part of the plan? just the lines, the interstate competition.
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different plans, competition, so many different plans. >> but now he's repeating himself. >> no, no, no, i'm not repeating myself. i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago, outside of -- five times five seconds ago. >> i watched him. >>reporter: trump would ket can you tell a democrats. you don't have v one republican senator, backing you. >> donald, if you want to be liked in washington, that's not a good attribute for a president. >>reporter: trump clamd he was building a new -- claimed he was building a new republican party, criticizing george w. bush and praising planned parenthood. >> millions and millions of women, cervical cancer, breast cancer, are helped, by planned parenthood. >>reporter: but for all of the damage, rubio and cruz did tonight, and they did get the best of trump, i'm not sure it will sway voters, i'm not sure
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but we'll see, come this next tuesday. when nearly 600 delegates are up for grabs. thank you. now, a developing story yesterday. a homeowner shot three park county deputies trying to serve an eviction notice. corporal nate carrigan dies. deputy has been upgraded. kelly, you've been taking a closer look at the moments leading up to the deadly gunfire. >>reporter: well, jim, we should mention that evictions normally there can be those cases where the homeowner refuses to leave, and that can create a very enforcement. which is exactly what we saw here yesterday morning. this. >>reporter: when park county deputies went to evict martin wishth from his home, they knew there was a risk.
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last month, wirth threatened to shoot the fist cop he sees -- first come he sees. he never believed the eviction would take a violent turn. >> not to the extent that i would have ever thought that he'd shoot at somebody. >>reporter: wirth opened fire on three deputies after they followed him into his home. >> that's not something i would have done, just knowing these people in the past. i would have stayed outside. and then took cover and had him come out to us. >>reporter: grant is a former jefferson county s.w.a.t. team leader, he says high risk evictions usually involve s.w.a.t.. >> if you believe he's that much of a risk, stop, have him come out, using the blow horn, or the pa on the car, if he doesn't come out, and then you make ask him to come out. so no risk on going in after him. >>reporter: but the sheriff says wednesday morning. >> i wish i had all of those resources, i don't. park county is a different type
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>> remay not have the resouse -- he may not have the resource. he did the best he can with what they had. >>reporter: the sheriff said today he wished there would are been a different outcome, now, he is asking for time to grieve with his office and with his community. we're live in bailey, kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. now, the latest on a shooting involving the police officers in evans near greeley, early this morning, cops were checking out a suspicious vehicle, along highway 85. two men ran off. >> looked like a movie. cop cars everywhere. chasing people. back and forth, all over. >> one of the men was arrested right away. when the officers found other man, they say he shot at them, so they fired back. the officers were wearing body cameras and investigators are looking at that footage. to help determine exactly what happened. an unruly airline passenger accused of making threats and trying to kiss a flight attendant is convicted on
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to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. involved. >>reporter: yeah, karen, passenger had already been drinking when he got on the plane, and when the flight attendant refused to serve him violent. -- became violent. jury. now, lynch, became verbally abusive, even aggressive with the flight crew, and some of the passengers. according to the court altercation, but lynch reportedly made unwanted passes at one of those flight attendants, he became so combat they've the pilot and copilot had to niche wrat the cockpit lock down proers before landing, years in prison. and $250,000 fines. whether or not he'll receive
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we're live tonight in denver, karen morfitt. an update on the massive rock slide in glenwood canyon, there is one lane of traffic moving in each direction along i-70. those crews have been working hard for more than a week now to clean up the debris, and repair the damage from the slide, there's a lot more work to do. and an escort vehicle continues to guide traffic through the canyon and drivers will still be encounterring delays. right now, cometer 4 -- cometer 4 is showing the accident scene involving a cement truck, west of lyons. a helicopter took him to a hospital with serious injuries. the road through the canyon just reopened tonight. new at 10:00, tonight, thieves in weld county are finding easiest targets and stealing from the most needy. jeff todd live. all of f the targets are -- of
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>> it's happening from here all the way up to windsor and these of i-25. and simply taking change right off of the counter, but in half of these case, that meant that they're stealing from charities. are here? vaguely? well, we had somebody come in and steal it. >>reporter: it's all brenda has week. >> a gentleman was in the store a few times prior, of stealing the hunger jar. change that feeds the hungry people. there was dollar bills in there as well. i'd say maybe $50-75. i guess, he's hitting the other places, too. >>reporter: the weld county sheriff's office thinks there are three other robberies by these two men. they're all similar, happening in the early morning hours. at this con coin mead, a charity
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taken, spare change, meant for earthquake relief in nepal. >> very sick. very, very sick. upset. >>reporter: at two different come and do locations, the men have taken entire change dispensers. in total, investigators think the suspects have gotten away with only a few hundred dollars. >> it happened once, it can happen again. >>reporter: brenda says her employee was shaken up. >> he was very violated as far as that's how -- to feed children, people that are hungry. >>reporter: this is the car that the detectives are looking for, it's an early 2000 ford taur russ or mercury sable. anyone that recognizes the car or the vehicle is urged to call the weld county sheriff's office. there hadn't been any weapons and can this hadn't turned violent, but they're hoping that somebody recognizes the car or these suspects. live, jeff todd, cbs4 news. tonight, two unlikely heroes
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dogs. how they fought them sxauf what's next for the dogs own. >> plus, giving teen sexting the green light, why new mexico might make it legal for kids to exchange new photos. >> beating the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. the app that's saving people hundreds of dollars. >> the video of the driver who couldn't come close to passing the sobriety test. >> clear skies, the whole western half of the united states, so the next several days, sunny, and very mild around here. in fact, your weekend could start with a near record high. >> in sports, spring training, the rocky pitchers are optimistic and john elway is
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more proof tonight you never know who will become a hero. a postal l worker in longmont was being attacked by dogs when two men, armed with a shovel and a trowel, came to his rescue, cbs4's howard nathan has their story. >>reporter: earl raced up the block, well, at a slightly quicker pace, she 84. when three dogs escaped their yard and pounced on the mailman. >> they had knocked him down. >>reporter: they ran out of their yard. earl's neighbor, jim, ran after them with his shovel and used it on the dogs.
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they would have chewed him up. >>reporter: they were skumenting concrete on earl's yard. he took off. a little faster than earl. >> he got them off. and then, i went up and called 911, and they come back and bit me. >> on my leg. >>reporter: earl was armed with his trowel. >> that's all the weapon i had. upset. >>reporter: the mother of the dog's owner says this is not typical behavior for these dogs. >> these are family dogs that are around kids and people all the time. >>reporter: danna says the gate will be fortified. in the meantime, what's earl's advice? >>reporter: what you say to the mailman? >> run faster. >> or carry a trowel. the mailman is recovering. developing now, new
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in new mexico. right now, teenager ks be prosecuted for sexual exploitation if they share pornographic images, but the new bill would a lo u the minors, 14-17 to share nude photos with each other as long as it is con sheshl. new video tonight showing a suspected drunk driver, pretty much doing a face plant on to the pavement during a sobriety test in massachusetts t. 51-year-old driver slammed his minivan into a truck and hit a pedestrian. the driver is facing dui charges. all right. let's get to ed, a lot of sunshine, still kind of cool out there, ed. take care of that over the next several days, clear skies tonight, the western half of the u.s., lots of clear skies, what's left of o our system. we do have a little bit of snow there and the cooler air bind it. this front wavered along the front range, that's why it kept much as we had yesterday.
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the warm desert air comes up over our area. let's go back to sunday at 10:00 o'clock, you can see the system over texas and right up the eastern seaboard, keep an eye on this one. then monday at 3:30, that's when we started to get the snow along the front range, an inch a and a half or so in the metro area, up to 20 inches in the foothills, that sends the next system their way with heavy thunderstorms, and then those killer tornadoes and more of those. and now, you can see that other system is, up ahead of it. this one catches up, and they combine. so you can see a lot of snow on the western side of it and that colder air, lots of rain on the eastern side of it. and now, it has pretty much dissipated, a little bit of snow its grip on our nation and not much else going across the west of the west, as we take a look at the fire weather watch, low humidity, high fire danger. south-central portions of colorado posted for saturday.
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after starts after 17 and 23. 49 and 21 would be the normals. waldon 35 for a high. fort collins, 45. northwest arvada with 53. and 56 in aurora today. it's 38 and 35 right now. the southwest breeze at 13. 44% humidity. we've got a steady barometer. take a look at this picture from phil curry, this is breckenridge with plenty of snow. take a look at this. cherry hills village, this blue heron is taking off. and take a look at this shot, rich coalman, in rocky mountain national park at night under a full moon with a 30 second exposure so you can see the mountains and the snow. temperatures for tonight. mostly in the teens, 20s, over the eastern plains. a few below 0 readings, looking at 20s and 30s out west and then for tomorrow, we start to warm it up. 50s and 60s over the eastern plains. 30s and 40s for the high country. and out west, temperatures in the 50s, to near 60.
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for tonight, we'll look at the clear skies, 29 and 24. the overnight lows. tomorrow, nice wind, sunny, milder and for the next couple of days, there's the 70 soornd. 58 on sunday. rain or snow showers tuesday, cooler, 49, but look at your plus four more, 50s, 60s, sunny skies. thank you. you might assume your health insurance company negotiates the prescription meds. >> but that's not what our cbs4 investigator brian maass checked out a new app and the inventors say they can save you a lot of money. >>reporter: it can save you a lot of money, you put it in your smartphone, lowest med. it has a comeion website. it lets you -- companion website. it lets you compare prices. we decided to put it to the test. cbs4 producer wearing an undercover camera, we went to three pharmacies with three different prescriptions. and we got three very different results.
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>> and i wanted to know if i could get a better price than what i'm currently paying. >>reporter: at this stop, a walmart, we tried a popular cholesterol medication, for a 30 day prescription, the cash price is just under $20. but with the lowest med discount card that appears on their app, the prescription was just over $6. a third as much as the cash price. a good savings. but our insurance plan came in even lower. at our next stop, a kit farm si in denver, bigger savings with lowest med. medication. >> $47.44. >> how much? >> $47.44. how much do you usually pay. >> my insurance made me pay 100. >> for the same prescription, for 30 days at a time? >> yeah. >> it's coming up $47.44 were. >>reporter: using the app
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the producer $600 a year on this medication. the pharmacist was not surprised. >> insurance companies are take trooiing to rip you -- trying to rip you off, they will. for profit organizations, they want to make money. >> they don't have to unknowingly whatever they t cost is. >>reporter: brad, ceo of lowest med, says his company is empowering consumers. that prices vary. they simply do go in, usually with an insurance card and pay whatever they're told pay. >>reporter: the app and its companion website spit out the lowest prices near you. discounts are automatic lay plied. one last stop. a denver king soopers and one last time, big savings. >> we can put it in and run it through. >>reporter: look at what happened. >> that price is $73.36. >> say again.
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>> those who have insurance, if you have a high deductible health plan, check the prices on the lowest med, also. >>reporter: workers at all three pharmacies told us that most customers mistakenly believe their insurance will always offer the lowest price. >> do you ever see a discount card that beats the insurance? >> sometimes. >> sometimes? >> it depends on your insurance. some insurance is crappy. >> without insurance, the lowest med discounts could save you thousands of dollars. for more information on saving money on prescription, go to and i don't know about you guys, but i always assume my insurance was giving me the lowest price, i was wrong. you can find it in other places.
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john elway says he wants to keep vonn miller and jackson, and he's talking about both about new dealsings he wants to use brock osweiler, but he will not use the franchise tag on the quarterback. he may want to keep peyton manning, he may not. whatever john thinks, he's not saying. manning is ponderring his few tushgs if he's on the ros e march 9th -- roster march 9th, his pay becomes.
10:27 pm
time that they believe he's earned to decide his future. >> i met with peyton a couple of nights ago and we had a good talk, after the game, we're going to give him as much time as he needs and he needs more time, we're going to afford him that time. we're going to give him that time and can let him enjoy the win. >> who's your quarterback, 57% of you say you take elway over manning. rockies will go as far as their pitching carries them. that's a depressing thought. as mark haas discovered in scottsdale, the rockies think new relievers. >> also, free agent signees chad kwauls from houston and jason from chicago. three veteran guys who know how a strong bullpen can be a great security blanket for a young time team. >> that was in the past. any time you can shorten the game, it helps the hitters out a
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think they have to go out and can score 8, 9, 10 runs, it helps the starters out. you know, if you're winning after 6, five or six, then you go out there, game over, with the royals did last year. seeing them in the post-season is. i mean, they were winning, after the -- probably about the 5th inning in the post-season. ball game is over. >>reporter: of course, that doesn't matter if the rockies are down 7-2 in the 4th inning. with the rockies in scottsdale, mark haas, cbs4 sports. all right. mark, time for a break, up next,
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,, ,, ,, ,, hockey weekend began at coors field tonight, they let the media fall over themselves on ice, i'm guessing a few pulled muscles, but no fatalitiess. to the defending champions, du
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air force, sacred heart coming to the country. a legacy in the west, the last win against the eastern power house duke, helped but it puts a target on their backs. >> one of things these guys has got to learn that we are the best -- the biggest game on everybody's schedule and so that brings motivation, it doesn't bring quit. we won't show up. no, they say wow, we're playing denver, let's give it our best shot. >> a lot of great players out there, he,,
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always nice seeing the handiwork. >> this is marsha, the tree on the left-hand side -- or is that a tree on the left-hand side? >> oh. >> how do you like that silhouette. huh? >> spectacular. >> that's wonderful. >> thanks for watching cbs4 news. >> stephen colbert is next. >> we hope to see you tomorrow. lit be


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