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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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person in the parking lot and another 14 inside the building before an officer gunned behind him down the officers is being called a hero. >> he had to stop that threat. you got 2 or 300 people in there luckily 2 or 300 people came out. >>reporter: representatives rushed to the factory after hearing about the shooting. one couple was reunited as cameras were rolling. police say ford was armed with an assault rifle and an automatic handgun. investigators are trying to figure out how a suspect with a criminal record was able to get those weapons. cbs news heston, kansas. ford did have convictions for multiple burglaries fleeing conduct. continuing our coverage of the nation on denver's only 6:30 newscast. the governor of michigan has approved $30 million to help the people of flint pay their water bills. he says residents should not have to pay for lead tainted
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now the money will pay for about 65% of the typical bill covering water use for drinking, cooking and baiting. residents in flint have to foot the sewer portion of their bills. bill cosby dropped one of his suits. >> they will refile the definition suit against johnson an intense coast guard rescue off the east coast the helicopter crew from new jersey plucked 7 people from a fishing boat that ran a ground near new york city. the water was so rough a coast guard boat capsized when trying that rescue earlier. helicopter crew was able to drop all 7 fishermen safely on the shore. what a job they did. you might assume your health insurance provider negotiate the lowest possible
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drugs. >> cbs 4 investigators brian moss checked out a new app called lowest med that can save you a lot of money. >>reporter: with the cbs 4 producer wearing an undercover camera we went to three pharmacies with three different prescriptions and we got three very different results. >> i heard about this program and want to know if i get a better price. >>reporter: at this stop a wal- mart we tried sim what statin a popular cholesterol medication. fire 30-day prescription the cash price is just under $20. but with the lowest immediate discount card the prescription was just over 6 bucks a third as much as the cash price. a good savings but our insurance plan came in even lower. at our next stop a k-mart pharmacy in denver even bigger savings with lowest med. we used it to buy an expensive specialty medication. >> 47.44. >> how much? >> 47.44.
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>> my insurance through mail order makes me pay 100. >> for the same prescription for 30 days at a time? >> yeah. >> that's coming up $47.44. >>reporter: using the app instead of insurance will save our producer $600 a year on this medication. the pharmacist was not surprised. >> insurance companies will rip you off they will it's the nature nature of the beast they are a for profit organization. >> they don't have to go in a thinkingly pay whatever the prescription cost is. >>reporter: ceo says his consumers. >> most consumers don't realize prices vary. they simply go in with an insurance card pay whatever they are told to pay. >>reporter: the app an its companion web site spit out the lowest price at dozens of retailers near you. discounts are automatically applied.
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super and one last time big savings. >> we can definitely put it in and then run it through. >>reporter: for another expensive specialty medication look what happened. >> that price is 73.36 with that discount demonstrate. >> say again? >> 73.36. >>reporter: that's $27 less than insurance. >> those who have insurance if you have a high deductible health plan you should check the prices on lowest med also. >>reporter: workers at all three pharmacies told us that most customers mistakenly believe their insurance will always offer the lowest price. >> do you ever see a discount card that beats the insurance? >> sometimes. >> sometimes. >> it depends than your insurance. some insurance is crappy. >>reporter: brian moss cbs 4 news. >> without insurance the lowest med discounts could save you thousands for more information on saving monday on those prescription medicines go to tonight the red cross honoring local people who have saved lives the annual heros
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a woman who helped evacuate people from a fire. a doctor who left his practice to serve in iraq. group of people who performed cpr to save stranger who had a heart attack. >> they embody the spirit of the american red cross. the people that we're honoring are ordinary people that do extraordinary things. cbs 4 britt moreno. were there today. a california couple was told their baby had a serious heart defect. >> doctors were able to perform a surgery while he was still inside the womb. how they likely saved this little good night guy's life. you have sunshine for the weekend with mild temperatures going to be a nice saturday and sunday. but here comes our next little system heading our way. going to behave a lot like the one we saw as far as timing
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to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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. a baby in california is alive after a rare and extremely delicate procedure. >> it happened before he was even born. chris martinez reports from los angeles. >>reporter: just looking at grayson davila you wouldn't know what he's been through until you see the scars on his chest. 22 weeks into his mother's pregnancy doctors at children's hospital los angeles discovered he had hypoplastic left heart syndrome a condition that leaves the left side of the heart under developed. >> you can imagine without half of your heart it's hard to survive. >>reporter: babies in the womb should also have a small hole in the heart to help blood flow but grayson's was closing up. >> you feel like everything's stacked against you. >>reporter: so the davilas turned to a rare fetal cardiac intervention. doctors insired a long thin needle into samantha's womb
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heart to allow blood to flow back to the right side of his heart. >> it's only about 2 to 3 millimeters wide. >>reporter: the procedure worked strengthening grayson's lungs so surgeons could perform open heart surgery 10 weeks later when he was born they converted his one heart chamber to do the job of both. >> normally the right vent cal pumps blood to the lungs now we're asking it to pump blood to the entire body. >> he was born on the 19th of november we got to bring him home the 27th. >> that friday. >> but it was worth it. it was worth the wait. >>reporter: grayson's three month old heart is now functioning as expected. >> where are those morning smiles? >>reporter: he still faces two more procedures but doctors say he should live a normal healthy life. chris martinez cbs news los angeles. just incredible. doctors say grayson will undergo a second surgery when is e is six months old and time surgery whenever he's 3.
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so is there any spring-like moisture coming our way? forecast is coming up. ,, ,, what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. not down the mountain but up it. that's terrifying. in one of these. sweet the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4 wheel drive and an exclusive auto locking rear differential. let's do this. so if a real wheel starts to slip the axel automatically locks to
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14 people are dead in somalia after a gunman stormed a hotel. >> extremist group al-shabab is claiming responsibility. >> clearing the way for more attackers. hotel guards fought back killing four of the gunmen they were not able to get past a second checkpoint. polls are open in iran's parliament election. 55million iranians are eligible to vote but the supreme leader only allows certain people to run for parliament. the election is expected to should some light on how voters feel about that historic agreement which curbed iran's nuclear activity and in return international sanctions were lifted.
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make a spectacular emergency landing today in guam nose gear failed to deploy. the pilot balances the plain plane as he puts on the brakes you can see the front of the plane hitting the ground as it landed only 3 people were on that flight none hurt. no smoke or fire airport operations went on as normal j allows just like they drew it up. what a sensational job land landing that plane without any nose gear. >> those folks are good. >> lovely weekend coming our way. >> good. >> last weekend saturday was a great day sunday cooler monday tuesday we had snow timing the same for this next system although it will be a waker system won't give us as much snow. take a look at you see we have a beautiful flight in the city. temperatures on the mild side not much in the way of breezes certainly no moisture at all. that is backed up on doppler 4,000. border to border we have just clear skies across the state. in fact most of the nation is
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high pressure holds to the west coast we have shower activity yet another system sitting in the pacific. dry around here so we got the red flag or fire weather watches all along the front range here down to the south low humidity's warm temperatures gusty winds red flag warning from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for saturday. as we take a look at the highs we had around you see that cool air we talked about. temperatures only the in the 30s and 40s. 40 washington. new york city 38. look at chicago just 33 degrees today. we have the opposite affect in the west. we have the flow under the high pressure ridge. 88 degrees today in phoenix some of this warmth coming our way tomorrow you will feel it. pretty nice today at 61 and 64. 49 would be normal. 71 is the record. 28 and 29 the lows. that's above the norm of 21 and 8 below is the record. east wind at 8. 22% humidity. barometer is falling.
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of steamboat springs lit up in dusk as you pull back you see what a beautiful place that town is nestled in route county. great shot. temperatures for tonight pretty nice mild over the eastern plains with 20s and 30s. up in the high country mostly tense and 20s single degree read national guard gunnison. tomorrow nice in the eastern plains 60s 70s of threatening 80 over the southeast. 30s and 40s higher elevations out west temperatures in 50s to the mid-60s. here goes the forecast. for tonight clear skies 35, 34 overnight lows. then for tomorrow mostly sunny and mild. 7 officially at the airport. 72 degrees downtown. a bit cooler on sunday but still not bad. 10 above normal at 59. 62 on monday. then late monday into tuesday maybe a couple of rain or snow showers. that is it. 52 tuesday, 61 on wednesday a ass the sunshine returns.
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>> we do need some moisture. >> thanks. >> today we got a behind the scenes look at the denver art museum's newest exit. samurai the exhibit includes intricate and lab rat suits of armour from japan. in all 140 objects will be on display. some nearly 900 years old. >> an amazing variety of helmets. there are some weapons. we have horse armor which is extremely rare and very fun to be able to see that. >> sounds like your closet. >> it opens march 6th. special tickets are required. there is a discount for member. computers robots have put hundreds of people out of their jobs for years.
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,, ,, . stocks ended the day strong on a mostly flat note by today's closing bell the dow did lose 45 points nasdaq gained 10. the s & p 500 lost 2. >> play say is changing its coupon policy it will no longer accept coupons on clearance items. coupons will apply at macy's sale and full price items. the store says clearance items will style be deeply discounted but those savings will be
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you see on the tag and not getting running up at the register. play says says the change is an effort to make the shopping experience easier for customers. kohl's will be closing 18 underperforming stores around the country by the end of this year. company says the closures are anticipation of slowing sales chain wide. kohl's says it will announce the specific stores shutting down in the next month. mercedes-benz is bucking the trend it is replacing some of the robots on its assembly line with humans turns out wrote robots can't keep one all the custom options mercedes offers for example in its s class sedans there are four types of tire capps and even a choice for your cup holder the variety is too much for the machines to handle. happening now foodies celebrating the start of denver restaurant week. >> from today to march 6th 200 metro area restaurants will offer a three course meal for 30 bucks. reservations highly recommended
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. >> cherry creek school bus driver accused driving while drunk that's where we begin the reporter brief. >>reporter: nathan greenwood village behind me west middle school where a school bus driver was on the verge of losing his job. michael hobbs of denver was arrested after dropping off 30 students a member of the school system thought he might be drunk so a sheriff officer was called. he admitted he had been taking over counter pled caring and had a beer with lunch. last time he had an over-the- counter medication was 9:30 after the students were at school. then the deputy said hobbs agreed to a field sobriety test
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>> i'm rick sallinger the division of floats vehicles office in denver where religious head coverings will no longer have to be removed for driver's license photos. s they had been told they had to photos. women were ordered to put head scarves behind their ears. the attorney general and homeland security have agreed the regulations were being interpreted too strictly. >> a disabled resident lost his home for failing to pay $175 in property taxes. bob hike cue is one of four who have lost their home for that loan. he couldn't afford to pay his property taxes when he came down with ms now he's being
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say they gave him months of warnings but never heard back from him and investor both bought his 175-dollar tax lien sold the house to a property company. mchugh says the company refuses to negotiate selling him back his home. the treasurer says everything about the sale was legal, but that government officials are meeting to brain storm ways to prevent this from happening again. >> how about 70 degrees tomorrow. only chance for rain or snow monday into tuesday otherwise clear sailing. >> we're ,, hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. in the ocean and fish on a sandwich is that when ocean fish swim in pairs they're less likely to get arby's, we have the meats phil: previously on "the amazing colombia. rocky start.
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phil: but it was marty and hagan who sunk into last. >> never thought we'd be at the bottom of the race. phil: and at the detour, tyler and korey were all business. >> we're killing it. phil: passing leaders brodie and kurt to win the leg. you are team number one! scott and blair overcame a fishy speed bump to stay in the race. comeback. >> ahhh! phil: but one final mistake -- >> what? hagan and marty are running. i guess they left the taxi over here. phil: cost them dearly. you have been eliminated from the race. 10 teams remain. who will be eliminated next [captioning funded by cbs
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