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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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,, ,, it's saturday, february 27. right now, the search is on for two dangerous gunman in arapahoe county. where they were last seen and what led up to the shooting. >> we are only hours away from the avenues and red wings outdoor game. but what does that mean for the ice. we have complete coverage. live from colorado's . good morning. we will have more on those stores in a few minutes but first, let's start with breaking news. if you live in the latter neighborhood, you may be seeing
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they are investigating a shooting. one woman was shot and taken to the hospital. she is expected to survive. police are looking for three suspects. we will keep you updated. let's check on the weather forecast. chris spears standing by. a pretty awesome start to this last weekend in february. teens and 20s up that way. that along the east of the foothills, a lot of us are waking up to the 30s and even lower 40s from denver to colorado springs. 22 out at lyman. closer to your neighborhood in the foothills, the eastern areas , 27. 25 and takano for two of the cooler spots. and we have some pockets in northern douglas county. several of our weather watchers are checking in this morning. 38 degrees from jim bruce outside of fort collins reporting calm winds but that
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wins -- the winds across the state are a little gusty up around steamboat springs. a pocket of rain northwest of salina but we will watch these numbers pick up this afternoon because of a cold front approaching on the jet stream which will drive those winds. but for now, a sunny start to the day. we will watch those clouds build just a little bit along with the wind. but those temperatures are very nice. up near 70, if you can believe that. a major intersection in aurora [ technical difficulties ] right now, police are investigating. new overnight, a woman reportedly kidnapped from a
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deputies found near hamilton around 1 o'clock this morning during a traffic stop. they arrested a man for kidnapping and robbery charges. deputies say she was taken from the budget hotel yesterday. witnesses said they pulled her into a van and drove off. it's not clear if they knew the suspect. dangerous. police say they tried to rob the all-american pawn shop and ended up shooting a customer. it ended -- it happened last night in arapahoe county. police say the victim was shot in the lake and is expected to be okay. the suspects were last seen running down parker road. they were wearing masks so there is not much of a description right now. one of them was wearing a black hoodie with the word stallion written in yellow. the democrats are down to the wire in south carolina's. they are holding their presidential primary today.
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only a few days away. you all, on the republican side, donald trump got a surprising endorsement. we do jane -- we report. >> reporter: the former gop presidential candidate, chris cristie, endorsed donald trump saying he is the only one that can defeat the democrats. >> who is the best person to stop hillary clinton from ever getting inside the white house again, this is the best person to do that.>> reporter: ted cruz was stunned when he found out about the endorsement later, he played it cool. >> listen, i think the endorsement was, no doubt, troubling news for the rubio campaign.>> we'll -- what we artist. >> reporter: marco rubio has been attacking trump since 2008. once a joker, always a joker, it never ever changes.
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tuesday but the democratic candidates have to make it through the primary first. hillary clinton is expected to easily win south carolina but she is campaigning there until the very end. >> we are putting the break maybe. bernie sanders also held a rally at the university. >> what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at national priorities.>> reporter: south carolina voters head to the polls on saturday. cbs news, the white house. bernie sanders is campaigning in colorado this weekend. doors open up at 4 pm. yoko ono was rushed to the hospital in new york city. some reports say she stafford
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a tough game for the nuggets last night. they lost in overtime to the nuggets. >> getting a shot off! and of the goes to an nba lead. to overtime! >> the final score was 122-116. the next game is monday night against the memphis grizzlies at 7 pm. tonight is the big hockey game but the avs are taking on the red wings. they hope to have the same success as the alumni team. last night, called hall of famers including the head coach nearly sold-out crowd. those fans got to see quite the game. >> like it or not, they have some expectation for us and you well. and that is helping -- we felt when we were playing. we wanted to come and play hard for them
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and make them proud of us. >> the avenues are hoping for the same outcome. the sunshine glare is making things a little bit difficult and it's going to be about 70 degrees. think lee, the players are not to worried. >> it's one thing if the ice is too slushy or something like that. i think it would just get cooler and cooler as the game progresses tomorrow night. so i think the ice should be fine.>> the puck drops at 6 o'clock tonight and we will have complete coverage on cbs 4 news at 5. 70 today. take a look at this. i know everyone is worried about that forecast. we will have passing clouds and be windy at times but mild.
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60s for the game. coming up next on colorado's newschannel, a selfie that has gone to the dogs. we hear from the deputy coming up in this video. >> ,,
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,, ,, 7:11 on the clock. several horses sent deputies on a wild chase intestacy -- in tennessee. a highland was -- a highway was shut down. they were able to leave them home about an hour later. all of the horses are fine here switching gears just a little bit. -- all of the horses are fine. switching gears just a little bit is going to be a
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>> the holes are getting closer inside. i have to tell you. blue skies. a beautiful start to your last weekend of february. get out and enjoy it if you can today. make some plans outside. on the eastern plains. 42 at dia. 40 in colorado springs. 39 its lineup. severance. 13 out west of the nash. greeley has 18 and shelby has 23. over colorado. that will bring us warmth that see this little kink, that is a dip in the jet stream going to cost -- cross colorado over the next couple of hours. it will not do much in terms of
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here we go with the futurecast. a band of clouds increasing from the west later this morning and it will slowly cross the state as we go through the afternoon. mid afternoon, we should be -- it should be crossing the front range. a few snow showers will crop up behind that front in the northern and central mountains but it's really harmless. a weak weather system. it's going to be a wind shift and this will be the story. watch futurecast as we go through the day today. the high country, purples and reds. very gusty winds up to 50 miles an hour. the winds will spill out across the cheyenne ridge in southern colorado and that is why we do have red flag warnings in effect for these areas. denver is not included. fort collins in colorado springs, you are in this red flag warning but just because we are not in here does not mean we do not have elevated
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it will be very dry and very warm. 70s for the most part along the eastern plains. right along the 70 degree mark in the front range. 40s and 50s of pie. if the-60 on the western slope. your five day forecast. 69 degrees today. windy and warm up a touch cooler tomorrow behind that weak front. but 50s to near 60 is not bad for this time of year and monday through wednesday, it's really more of the same. those 50s to low 60s for the maybe. maybe a skiff of snow sunday night into tuesday -- monday night into tuesday. this is a nice way to start march. >> not a weekend to spend indoors bench watching for house -- fuller house. >> put it on plot -- pause and get out and play today. 7:14 on the clock. only on for, it's not often
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chance to reunite with people. it's rare to happen a decade later but one young boy had to say thanks.>> we went to this other pond. >> reporter: the eight-year-old , robbie, loves to fish. >> one of the biggest things i caught out of there was a 50 pound turtle. >> reporter: and like any fisherman, he loves to tell fish stories. >> i would to jerk my pool and -- poll in this blog came out. >> reporter: he has another story where the details are unbelievable. >> i saw a pitchfork and i wanted to go and grab it.>> reporter: march 3, 2009, is a davies firefighters will never forget. >> i think about the call every time i drive by there. >> someone just pulled a child from the greek. -- creek. he is not breathing. >> we got him into the back of the ambulance as quickly as we
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he was slippery, cold and wet work he came into the ambulance doing cpr and we delivered him screaming.>> i knew it was hard for them to find a baby in that condition and bring him back to life. >> reporter: this weekend, robbie, now grown up, wanted to say thanks. >> it means a lot to his big sister to meet them and me, to work i just want to thank them. -- and me, as well. i just want to thank them. >> were given up things to go wrong to have something positive come out, even so many years later, it definitely feels good. >> i will probably remember this like, my whole life. >> we really loved having him here.>> robbie's mom says they are still looking for two more people to say thank you to work -- to say thank you to. still ahead, a bottle selfie.
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his k-9 partner.,,
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good saturday morning to you. you're watching cbs 4 morning news. 7:20. 37 degrees. thank you for joining us. so great to have you with us. you are looking at if you from our mountain camera looking at a view toward downtown denver and our eastern plains. you see those clear skies, most of us are waking up to clear skies this morning. it's fairly common out there in terms of the wind. some places are in the 10 to 50 mile an hour range. but not too bad. along the continental divide. morning. this will change this morning
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on the jet stream. most part. we are in the 30s to lower 40s. a few places in the 20s. teens and 20s. we help you get up to the freezing mark later today. 30s in the foothills and low to mid 40s across parts of the city. we do have some 30s on the county. a few upper 20s in the far northern suburbs like takano and erie where it's just a little bit called this morning. weather watchers all across the state checking in with their current conditions. we have 30 degrees from david barry on the western slope just below 6000 feet. for today, in denver, get ready for a very sunny start with those clouds will increase after the noon hour. those winds are going to pick up. two things. winds and temperatures near 70 today. it will be very windy and we have a high fire danger. we will talk about that in the
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are talking about this picture. it shows the deputy getting a hug. the sheriff's department posted it to their facebook page last week work hansen is a five-year- old chocolate lab who specializes in sniffing out drugs. he and garrett have been partners for three years. >> he didn't know who i was and i didn't know who he was really. he didn't listen to much but he's a great partner and he's fun to have in the car. he makes the hours go by.>> the deputy says he never realized the selfie would get so much attention but he is glad his partner is getting much- deserved recognition. >> coming up, a concert.
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bringing nathanson,, ,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them-
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you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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welcome back. tickets are on sale now for the blood center. joining us to talk about it, ms. lambert and johnny kemp laid. thank you for week -- waking up with us. you know a lot about how people can save lives>> in 2010, i received by during an emergency and it's really easy to sit here and say i am alive because i donated blood.>> it's going to be a great, fun event work tickets start at $30. there is also blp tickets available that allow you access to a special pre-concert party. on saturday, may 7, we will take over -- we will be at paramount theater. >> i actually got the chance to go and it was a lot of fun.
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getting done and of course, the complete concert. tell us more about how you help out the people in the community.>> the collect blood from all over colorado. it takes a lot of money to make sure we are collecting a safe blood supply. processing all of the blood to make sure it's ready to go to hospitals, 100 hospitals all over colorado. >> and celebrating a big birthday today? >> it was 1923 that it was started by a group of philanthropists. so we're asking people to celebrate our birthday today because we have -- you can give us a gift of $10 and text the word be day to 50155 and make a debt -- and make a gift.
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we hope so much to see more of you. and i plan to attend the event took the give live concert is saturday, may 7 at the paramount theater. a beautiful venue. tickets are on sale now. we have everything you want to know about this on cbs still ahead, a look at your concert counter -- calendar and a live look at high country.
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we do want to update you on breaking news out of denver. police are on the sheen of a shooting in the rhino neighborhood. it happened around 5 o'clock this morning near 38 in brighton boulevard. one-woman has been taken to the hospital. police are still looking for three suspects. >> it is 7:30 on this saturday morning. i am mark taylor. let's take a look at today's top stories. police are looking for two gunmen who shot a customer last night at the all-american pond near parker in mississippi. they reportedly tried to rob the shop and got into some sort of confrontation. the victim is shot in the leg but is expected to be okay. the suspects were wearing a mask so there is not much of a description but one of the men had a black hoodie on with the word stallion in yellow writing. a major intersection in
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hamden in parker was closed overnight because of a crash. you can see from these pictures that an issue be has slammed into a wall, flipped on its side. two people are hurt. a big pop again -- a big hockey game tonight. the alps versus red wings. -- the arabs -- abs -- avs versus red wings. we do want to talk about that forecast. we have a great forecast. we planned it that way so i could get outside and play today. up on the rooftop, we don't even have a jacket on. there are some beautiful lenticular clouds. you can big al to the west. -- if you can, peak out to the west. some of the wins we have around colorado, not too bad. just a few wind gusts in the higher elevations above timberline that is this ever going to change today as the weather system approaches. a fairly comfortable start work
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if you low 40s down in denver. denver. we are above freezing from the foothills across the city. upper 30s and lower 40s are very common. one of the warmest places, along the i-70 elevated stretch. through stapleton and south of commerce city, low 40s. 30 degrees from our weather watcher this morning when he reported from west littleton. here we go with the hour by hour. we will make a nice rise through the 40s as we move into your 8:00 our. 60s by noon and this afternoon, some of us may actually touch those lower 70s but i will keep us right up against 70, 69 or so. those clouds increased today and so did the winds. and that means high fire danger. i will tell you who is under a red flag warning in just a few minutes. new overnight, a deadly
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a semi truck and several cars were involved. you can see the massive flames coming from this truck. at least three people died and several others are hurt. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash . developing now, a man accused of driving a school bus while intoxicated is out of jail. deputies contacted him on thursday after a coworker reportedly smelled alcohol on his breath.>> reporter: about 30 students were on the bus driven by michael hart thursday afternoon. he made one stop before authorities contacted him, questioning his sobriety. >> i saw the bus stop down there at the quarter. and a cherry creek vehicle behind it with his lights flashing. >> reporter: a never watched as the children piled off the bus and eight sheriff's deputy responded to the intersection. he was taken away shortly after.
7:34 am
district says a fellow staff member alerted them to the possibility that he may have been drinking after he smelled alcohol -- after she smelled alcohol on him in the bus line. >> at that point, his bus was loaded and he's had -- and he had taken off.>> -->> reporter: his blood test was well under the limit but he failed the roadside test. he told deputies he was sick of the flu and had taken a lot of medication. nyquil, dayquil, aleve and theraflu. after first denying that he had consumed any alcohol later admitted to having a beer at lunch. >> i cannot imagine any bus driver having a drink and driving their kids anywhere.>> the district says they looked at the video and everything seemed normal. he is currently on paid administrative leave. >> now to the latest on a surgical tech who allegedly put thousands of patients at risk. we now know he has done it
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the navy confirms rocky allen was previously court-martialed for stealing a painkiller in 2011. he pled guilty and served 90 days in military confinement. he was later fired from a hospital in san diego for doing the same thing. he is accused of stealing the drug while working at swedish medical center. swedish has notified 2500 patients that they need to be tested for hiv and hepatitis. 7:35. it's officially restaurant week here in denver. it kicked off last night. more than 200 restaurants are offering a three course meal for under $30. so be sure to make your reservations. we have a list of all of the restaurants on our website, . an exciting new rock duo who is obsessed with the past is one option for music lovers this weekend. >> reporter: the rock duo is so enamored with the music of the past that they have actually
7:36 am
cassette tape only. they will do a lot of big things in the music business. we have a great opportunity to see them at the bluebird theater this saturday and sunday night before they graduate to the bigger venues which they will. rickie lee jones, singer- songwriter, has always had a great relationship with colorado. at red rock. she will be at the theater coming up on sunday night. find out about these shows and a lot more and we are adding new concerts to the concert series every day. go to kabc oh one thing you could say about the debits is that they are inconsistent. example. gary harris drove a three and built a 23 point lead! but, blewett took the nuggets misfire but he's at the right place at the right time. the nuggets lead back up to 14 but they blew it again! the game would go into
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and former nugget, raymond felton, took over scoring nine points as the nuggets lose again they should've won. 122-116. that your morning sports. we will see you later. this has been the chevy
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,, ,, (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> look at this. -- a pro golfer who just celebrated her 20th birthday is celebrating another big milestone, a hole-in-one. it happened in a tournament in thailand. even better, they were giving away a new car on that whole. temperatures are already in the upper 30s. we are possibly getting up into the 70s. i think somebody is going to hit 70 in the denver area, for sure, mark. we're giving you a live for you -- a live view. a little further up, over to empire junction, cdot is saying some pretty heavy delays. keep it in mind if you're
7:41 am
22 in lyman. 40s from denver down to colorado springs. 36 in lafayette. 40 in southwest right and. 26 up north of sterling. warty two on the east side of franktown and 26 for the northwest of rush. those are our weather watcher reports. jet stream is sitting just almost on the top of colorado. this is a disturbance carrying a week back -- weak cold front with it. it will be crossing through over the next 24 hours. it means a cycle down, a lot of wind and we could get some mountain snow in some northern ranges. you can see that on the futurecast. for the most part, mostly sunny to start. here comes another bank of clouds. from west to east. it crosses the state. that is the front that works its way through.
7:42 am
of it and slightly windy behind it. here are those snow showers the northern and central mountains. uc health as they pop up and go away. really not anticipating the bigger story besides the nice warm temperatures will be the wind. the wind could get near 50 miles an hour at times in the northern foothills. some of that does spell out across the the colorado and the cheyenne ridge just north of denver and that is where we will have red flag warnings in effect just after sunset tonight. fort collins, you are included as well as colorado springs, point below and trinidad. do have an elevated risk of fires due to the low humidity and very warm temperatures. if you are outside today, be very careful if you are doing any barbecuing. or where you discard cigarettes because it only takes one spark. low 70s in the northeast. upper 70s in the southeast.
7:43 am
warty stick 50s the pie. 50s to near 60s on the western slope's. this is a delightful ending to february across colorado. 58 tomorrow and that is a cycle down from today. our average high is about 49 or 50 so this is all good news. monday, 62. another fast system comes through monday night. mark, it could lay down some late snow showers. it's not looking to be a big deal and the beat goes on. we roll into march in those upper 50s and lower 60s. incredible for this time of year . the beat goes on. >> my ipod. >> ipod! >> you know, my iphone. [ laughter ] a one-year-old boy in colorado almost lost his life after he swallowed something
7:44 am
the family wants other parents to know about the danger. >> reporter: this little boy ate something so small that had him fighting for his life.>> it's scary to think that this is actually happening to us. >> reporter: dana lacey was terrified last year when she heard her one-year-old son choking. >> i was putting in a load of laundry. about 60 seconds, it felt like. it was extremely quick that i thought i heard him choking. >> reporter: one precautionary doctors visit later, he was back to playing and eating like normal. then, in the middle of the night, he got a high fever. they rushed him to the emergency room where an x-ray revealed a dangerous problem. >> i could just read it on her face that something was really wrong and it was just a matter of please tell us what it is. >> a lithium battery sat lodged in his esophagus.
7:45 am
but the crisis was far from over.>> and the nurse gave me a bottle with a corroded black looking item and i said, it leaked, didn't it? and he said yes. i said how bad is it. he said it's black and it's burnt and i have never seen anything like it. >> she was mad flooded where -- he was air flighted where he was in critical condition for a month. the battery acid had burned a hole in his esophagus and the chemicals into his body. >> i said i have to know, do you think he is going to die? and she said, in my heart of hearts, i don't think he will die but i don't think you will take on the same child you brought into this earth. >> reporter: brock still had to spend five minutes on a feeding tube. now, one year later, he is healthy.
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>> 7:45 on the clock, ,, ,,
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hello, jimmy john's? [squealing tires] [swoosh] jimmy john's here! what took ya so long? jimmy john's! freaky fresh delivery. bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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it's not nice to bully a robot. especially one getting rave reviews for its abilities. to the reports white had to get pope, shoved and teased to shop its skills. >> it's a wow moment. for robot fans, an impressive new version is unveiled. and what steals the limelight? robot abuse.>> that it's interesting that america is building robots that people can bully. we will be right back. in 100 years, that scene is going to be in the robot version of roots.
7:49 am
>> reporter: and it's not just physical, but mental torture. the hockey stick, taunted and teased. this after doing such a nice job of lifting boxes, take this job and shove it. i'm out of here. no wonder atlas stands visualize robot revenge scenarios. and this isn't the first time the highly regarded robot design company, boston dynamics , has missed treated one of its creations. >> it's a robot! >> reporter: actually, there's a perfectly good reason for this robot abuse. when most robots fall down, they cannot get back up and often have to be carried off for repairs. but when the new atlas was
7:50 am
get back on its feet. and though it stumbles through the snow like bigfoot, it never loses its balance on the and even terrain. that's a very big deal. one commentor noted, it looks like me coming home from the bar last night. you might think the engineers are just brutal bullies, lacking any sense of humor -- this was last year's christmas greeting from boston dynamics. even if the robots are wrapping all the way -- rapping all the way. cbs, new york. it's about 7:50. you not remember the dress debate that pretty much broke the internet. a year late, -- a year later, here is the jacket debate took our friend says this jacket is white and blue but i see mike brown. which is also what i see. what do you see, chris.
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>> something's wrong with my eyes this morning. take a look at the satellite nothing to show you. that is good news. you have a ,,
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7:53 am
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ba da ba ba ba a live look at i-70 and floyd hill where you can see traffic is starting to pick up on this saturday morning. cdot saying there are 30 minute delays right now. if you're heading out this morning, he prepared to be patient. luckily, not due to weather. take a look at this red flag warning. we're worried about fire danger today all along the front range. low humidity, strong winds and
7:55 am
that is not a good combination. a little cooler tomorrow but weekend. >> thank you for waking up with us this is haystack tv, powered by finding reliable services can be like finding a needle in a haystack. with finding the needle just got a lot easier. r now here is the host of haystack tv, chris kane. peripheral neuropathy. p damage to the nerves in your feet and legs, or your hands and arms. r it can be a devastating condition that causes pain, p numbness, tingling and burning. p it could slowly progress over many years, and it can become rsevere and debilitating. rthis condition affects an estimated 20-million americans. r dr. dean anderson is a chiropractor at front range p medical center, which is a an integrated health clinic, and r he's here to discuss an advancement in treatment that's p providing great results and offering hope for many of those p suffering from neuropathy. p hey, thanks for being here. r thanks for having me. r so tell us exactly what is peripheral neuropathy.
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peripheral nerves, chris, which rare usually in our feet, legs, our hands and our arms. p and patients that come to see you, what are they dealing with? p most patients we see have been dealing with this p for a long period of time. p so we see a lot of patients who are frustrated, they sometimes p feel lost because they've been told nothing else can be done, p and then they're just having to deal with the side effects of p decreased quality of life. r you know, oftentimes it they can't sleep at night. r they suffer with a lot of burning pain,. p they have numbness or they have issues with balance, and it's tvery frustrating. t what causes it? p well the majority of cases we see are caused by blood sugar r problems or diabetes. p but there can be a number of things, whether it's toxicities, pside effects of medications, and some cases are idiopathic, rwe don't know the cause. p all right, well treatments then, what are the traditional p treatments that are out there? p well most patients we see that have been dealing with this, p they're on medications like gabapentin, larotin, lyrica, v and all of which are good. p they can manage the symptom of pain, but it does nothing for t the nerve. p so as the medication wears off the pain is back, and it's just r this ongoing process.
7:57 am
t medication. rwell that's just it, the medications can be good for p managing that symptom of pain but it does nothing for the p nerve, so as that medication wears off, r the pain is right back. p well talk about what you do in your office, because you're rhaving great results and, really, people that have been p told that nothing can be done for your pain, r you're helping them. p yeah, the technology that we use is what we call electronic r signaling treatment. p it's a form of current that we use at very high frequencies rdepending on the type of nerve damage patients have. r nerves are electrical. r we want to get these nerves to fire better. rnow with this technology, we also use what's called a p vasopneumatic device which helps increase blood flow or pcirculation to the nerves, so by stimulating the nerves, getting rblood to these nerves, we allow these nerves to rebound. p all right, well talk about the results that you're getting v then. p well, number one is we want to see subjective improvement, r patients feel better. r we want to see that they can sleep at night. pthey're not fall risks, they can have better balance, p and they can just do more. r we also want to see an improvement in nerve function, r so we monitor that very carefully by assessing patients p as we go through, because the
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p all right, now you're very unique in what you're offering, p because you are helping people that have been that they can't t be helped. rbut talk about what else you do in your office. p well as patients come in, we go through a screening process or p qualification process to make sure we understand not only p what's driving their condition but also what type of nerve tdamage they have. p there's different types of neuropathy, and we specifically p want to know, because that affects how we treat the t individual. p all right, we actually talked to a few of your patients, and r let's take a listen and see what they had to say. v great. p when i first started coming to dr. anderson, p i had no feeling in my feet. p it was very, very difficult for me to drive a car because i tcouldn't feel the brake pedal anymore. r what has happened since is absolutely fantastic. p i no longer fear losing my balance as i walk, i have p feeling in my feet and lower legs again, and driving a car p makes me much safer on the roads than i used to be. p he told me he though he could help me and found out that it's p probably my autoimmune system
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r i then went through the treatments, and right away i p could tell a difference, and now i can walk by myself. ri was falling down a lot. p and if anybody has any question about it, you need to try it. r at least come and see how it works for you. p anyone that is suffering from pain, they need to give you a rcall, you can help them. r i'm going to tell them how to get ahold of you. r thanks for being here. v great. many patients are told elsewhere that nothing can be done for the pain from neuropathy and that they just have to live it with. if you've heard this same thing from your doctor, dr. anderson is offering a free screening that includes looking at your personal health history, a confidential questionnaire, and a patient-specific neuropathy exam to determine if you are, indeed, a candidate for treatment. this is $120 value in his office. appointments are limited so call (720) 851-9694 or visit
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narrator: today on "lucky as brandon rescues two land in the same forever brandon: i've seen it a separate two dogs that together, and it just shatters their world. they're never the same i'm not going to do that to these two. narrator: but his plan is about to hit severe turbulence. brandon: hold on, hold on, hold on. the difficulty of training two dogs at once is they feed off each other's it's almost like one battery charging another, charging another.


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