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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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mm hmm hmm-h-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> a landlord is shot inside of her denver apartment. right now, police are searching for three suspects on the run. good evening, i'm tom mustin. >> i'm kathy walsh. melissa garcia is at 38th and high. the scene of the shooting. what's the latest in the investigation?
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wrapped up here at the crime scene moments ago. now, the suspects are described as three black males and police detained one person this morning for questions but as of yet, no arrests. this is the apartment building where neighbors say the landlord lives on site. no one we talked to knows who would have wanted to shoot her. detectives were in and out of unit 1904 all saturday morning. crime scene investigators worked to determine what is behind the shooting of a home. tommy was asleep when shots rang out at the apartment complex across the street. >> a police officer knocked on my door out of a dead sleep. anything. >> reporter: police say three men went into this unit and inside. >> it is scary they are shooting people. >> it is crazy. woman.
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rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. police couldn't comment on whether apartment surveillance may have caught the crime on camera. the shooting has cole neighborhood residents like connie curtis feeling so unnerved. >> guns are so available to people and we end up with isolations like this. >> reporter: and neighbors remember another shooting not far from here some months ago. it is still very early in the investigation. live in denver, melissa garcia, cbs4 news. >> thank you melissa. police are investigating after two people were shot to death in commerce city. around noon today, police discovered the bodies of a 62- year-old man and a 43-year-old woman. a third person was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. they are not searching for a suspect. and new tonight, loveland police are looking for two men who broke into a home and attacked a woman with a baseball bat.
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police say the 20-year-old woman caught the men trying to steal from her home. the suspects hit her with a them out. she was treated at a hospital >> happening now, the search is on for two men considered armed and dangerous. police say the men tried to rob the all american pawnshop and ended up shooting a customer. happened last night at the store near parker and mississippi in arapahoe county. the victim was shot in the leg and is expect today be okay. the two suspects were last seen running down parker road. they were wearing masks. they are both african- americans. one of them wearing a black hoody with the word stallion written in yellow. a woman is found safe after reportedly being kidnapped in loveland. deputies found mia hamilton during a traffic stop 1:00 this morning. they arrested the man in the car for kidnapping an robbery charges. she was taken from the budget host motel near johnson's corner on friday.
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her into a van and drove off. it is not clear if she knew the suspect. happening tonight, the avalanche are taking on the detroit redwings at coors field. the puck drops in an hour. jeff todd is live outside the stadium. jeff, fan haves been waiting for this game quite some time. >> reporter: tom, not just since months ago when it was announced they were going to have this game. but hours ago, check out how many people are here. they call this spectator plaza and it has overtaken blake street. there have been concerts, games, lots of avalanche fans tells us they are excited to take in the experience which could be once in a lifetime. many people who bought tickets to tonight's game bought tickets to the alumni game. we have heard from a lot of them who love the outdoors, the nice weather, and the huge crowds.
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it was good to see the house packed. it was the best atmosphere. >> couldn't have better weather either. >> no. 60 degrees on a saturday in february. warmer than opening day. >> reporter: this is going to be the third game played on the ice they built here in coors field. last weekend, colorado college and the university of denver played in front of about 35,000 people. last night's alumni game, about 43,000 people. now, for a baseball game, coors field holds about 50,000 people. we will see how many will make it out o this game. but there's going to be a couple of records. the warmest outdoor game they have ever had? 62 degrees in los angeles. definitely feels a lot warmer than that right now. we are live in lodo, jeff todd, cbs4 news. >> thanks jeff. new video tonight from south metro fire rescue. crews are mopping up this brush fire in parker. now 100% contained.
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structures were damaged. weather. but boy, when you see that fire difficult. we need some moisture don't we dave? >> we do. in february, you know, it is nice to make it into the 70s . it feels good and everything. but if you don't have that moisture and those higher relative humidities, the fire danger really goes up. and we really did a whammy to the temperature today. we made it to 72 degrees officially in denver. the record high, was 73. 73 degrees today. so, unbelievable today. pueblo made it to 78. greg burrman, our weather watcher up in lyons had a 75 miles an hour wind. so the combination of the heat, the wind, and low humidity, is keeping the fire danger going and we have some pretty strong winds going now. berthoud pass has a 52 miles an hour gust. not too bad downtown. it is not too bad for the big game down there. 23 in broomfield, 24 in golden. as you move up into the
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loveland pass, 40 miles an hour wind. so red flag warning continues from larimer county to northern weld county until 7:00 tonight. also, from monument hill all the way down through trinidad into southern colorado. we had one brush fire pop up near strow road and parker in the parker area earlier today. one acre they got it contained and got it out rather quickly. we have a cold front coming through tonight. that is what is kicking up the wind tonight. behind it, it will be cooler tomorrow. more humidity. that will lessen the fire danger. but, i don't think it is going to bring us much moisture. so we get a little tiny bit of relief coming up for tomorrow. >> all right, we will take anything we can get. >> for sure. >> see you in a bit. we have new details about a death of a skier in beaver creek. he is 39-year-old sam beal. he was the owner of blackberry farm, a luxury resort in tennessee. he was pronounced dead after an
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he is survived by his wife and five children. a colorado man is dead after being swept into the ocean. happened wednesday in redondo beach, california. rescuers went into the dangerous surf after reports of people in the water calling for help. they pulled four people from the hospital. three others are in serious condition. the latest on a surgical technician who allegedly put thousands of patients at risk. the navy confirms rocky allen was previously court marshaled for stealing a painkiller back in 2011. he pled guilty an served 90 days of military confinement. he was later fired from a hospital in san diego. we are told for allegedly doing the same thing. and he is now accused of stealing the same drug while working at swedish medical center. they have urged 2900 patiented to be tested for hiv and hepatitis. the boulder county treasurer is sending out a warning to residents. pay your property taxes or lose your home. that is exactly what happened
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residents including a man struggling with multiple sclerosis. the county sold bob mchugh's home after he couldn't pay his property tax. he said he had to pay has medical bills instead. >> run away screaming. they are trying to kill me. i swear. you know? ridiculous. this is not the wild west. >> he tried to negotiate with a new buyer but man refused. campaign 2016 is comeing to colorado. hillary clinton supporters are canvassing denver neighborhoods encouraging people to caucus for clinton ahead of super tuesday. and we have just learned hillary clinton has won the south carolina primary tonight. now, some of her supporters include prepresentive diana degette and robin hickenlooper. and tomorrow night, bernie sanders is holding a rally here in colorado. sanders will speak at 7:00 p.m. in fort collins. but there are events around the state throughout the day.
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in boulder and a feel the bern chili cookoff in colorado springs. coming up, an emu left for dead has a new lease on life thanks to local wildlife center. how that center nursed the injured animal back to health. >> and an update on artist and singer yoko ono who was rushed to the hospital last night. >> we have a little cold front tonight. some of us will get a little bit of snow out of that. i'll shoal you when and i will show you when we might get a little rain or snow to help with the fire danger. >> can john elway really afford to be patient with peyton manning's decision? avs excited to play in an outdoor game.
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,, ,, >> new video shows a ups truck engulfed in flames on a california highway. it was part of a deadly pile u involving eight vehicles. investigators believe street racers cause the crash. that stretch of freeway will be closed until at least tonight. >> developing now, the zika virus has been confirmed in nine pregnant women from the u.s. that is according to the cdc. all of the pairs picked up the virus visiting overseas. three of the babies have been born.
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an update now on yoko ono hospital. first report said she suffered a stroke. then she was said to have extreme flu like symptoms. the 83-year-old widow of john lennon went to the hospital on the advice of her doctor. she is recovering and should be released soon. a story of survival out of adams county. creative acres has a patient once again standing tall. >> here he comes. >> reporter: for near leader three decades. creative acres has helped many animals but none quite like drew. he is an emu born there not long after his parents were taken in. >> now he can stand on his own. >> reporter: owner maxie is not sure what happened to him, but found him on the property with massive neck and head trauma
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>> this is not the first time i heard that. >> reporter: she had years of experience rehabbing animals. >> everybody says a lot of things can't be done and i figure things out myself. >> reporter: up to four hours a day, the emu gets physical therapy. finally, he is starting to walk and eat on his own. >> reporter: with just a couple more months of therapy, the once doomed emu will be as good as new. >> the people educated saying no, we are not going to give up, the more it is better for the animals. >> reporter: mark taylor, cbs4 news. >> to learn more about creative acres and to make a donation, head to our website. people and animals alike celebrating international polar bear day today at the denver zoo. visitors got to see the bears lee and cranberry enjoy an icy treat in their exhibit.
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endangered species. then hundreds of people braved plunge. they were each asked to raise $75 to participate. you have to pay to do that? the good new is that money benefits special olympics. >> good cause. let's check things out with dave aguilera. does it qualify as a polar plunge when it is 65 degrees? >> i'm betting it felt good. we made it to 72 degrees. one degree away from the record high set back in 2006. downtown, we were 71 degrees. not a bad day to wrap up this last weekend of february here. out there, we are still at 65 degrees. downtown, northwest wind at 9. it is that westerly wind kicking up that has boosted the temperature. we call chinook wind. the pressure, the humidity so dry, that is the reason the freudian sore still thereupon tonight.
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she said she doesn't have the wind quite that far east. out there. we did start with sunshine. and a big mass of high clouds drifting right across the eastern plains here. high clouds caught up in the westerly flow. very high level moisture. enough to make it feel a little colder toward the end of the daytime still, temperatures are way above normal. we have a low pressure area near billings and a cold front extending all the way down to nevada. here is how it looks on the weather map here. this cold front has most of the moisture with it in wyoming, montana, and canada. so as it goes through tonight, north. we may get a couple of inches of snow in the mountains. i just don't think it will denver. behind it, we will clear out tomorrow morning and cool down tomorrow as well. so here is the way it plays out. here is a little touch of mountain snow overnight. we stay clear out of the even plains.
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we are in the sunshine here. we stay there most of the day tomorrow. lit be a cooler day. the temperature down and the humidity levels up will lessen the fire danger. we will not have a red flag warning in the picture tomorrow. overnight lows torques , 30s , teens. tomorrow's highs, 60s and 50s across the eastern plain. so a little cooler. those are still above normal on temperatures for late february. we are sitting pretty and we will be in the 40s and the 50s in the mountains. partly cloudy skies. mid to upper 30s for the overnight lows. breezy, cooler, close to 60 for the high tomorrow. we will do that again monday, 60 degrees. clouds and wind. and there will be another shot of moisture coming in for monday. if you had been watching week right? we were talking about a chance of rain and snow. us.
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see a couple of inches of snow. so all that will do is cool us down then tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we will be in the 50s. >> we love the weather but bring us moisture. >> man, we need a big dump don't we? >> we do. we do. >> okay. >> maybe march will come through. >> well said dave. thank you. coming up, the oscars are tomorrow. but will it be overshadowed by controversy? >> and two heros come to the rescue of a ,,
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all kinds of teams use slack to do amazing things. >> the story of two heroic senior citizens. >> a postal worker was being attacked by dogs when two men with a shovel and trowel came to his rescue. howard nathan has the story. >> reporter: earl tillford raced up the block. at a slightly quicker pace. he is 84. when three dogs escaped the
5:23 pm
>> they had knocked him down. >> reporter: b owser, onyx, and clover attacked the mailman. jim and earl were sculpting concrete. when he saw what happened to the mailman, he took off. faster than earl. >> i called 911 and they came back and bit me. >> where did you get bitten? >> my leg. >> reporter: earl was armed with his trowel. >> it was the only weapon i have. >> our whole family is horribly upset. >> reporter: the mother of the dog's owner says this is not typical behavior for these dogs. >> these are family dogs around kids and people all the time. >> reporter: dana says the gate the dogs use to make their escape will be fortified. in the meantime, what is earl's advice? >> what would you say to the mailman when he comes by the next time? >> run faster. [ laughter ] >> reporter: howard nathan, cbs4 news.
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gentlemen. the mailman is recovering. the dog's owner faces stiff fines and possible jail time. a lot of people are talking about this picture. it shows a deputy getting a hug from his k-9 partner. the pima county sheriff's department shared it in arizona. manson is a chocolate lab who specializes in sniffing out drugs. he and chase garrett have been partners for years. >> we went from not knowing who each other was. now, he is a great dog. he is a great partner. he is just fun to have in the car. it makes the hours go by. >> deputy garrett says he never realized that selfie would get so much attention. but he is sure happy his partner is getting much happening tomorrow, the stars will be walking the red carpet for the 88th annual academy awards.
5:25 pm
the art work is up. all eyes are on leonardo dicaprio who could finally take home the gold after four nominations. but the diversity issue is hanging a dark cloud over. >> the film industry is 20 years behind television. they have to catch up or people will stop going to the movies. >> host chris rock is getting his jokes lined up. some say he should have stepped down as host. others say he is the perfect choice to get people talking about the diversity issue. happening now, it is officially restaurant week in denver. the event kicked off last night and goes until march 6. more than 200 restaurants are offering a three-course meal for $30. now, be sure to make reservations. we have a list of all the restaurants on just click on the clinks and info section. up next, south carolina voter haves their say in the primary. it is the latest contest before super tuesday. we have the very latest on campaign 2016 coming up.
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irs last year is worse than first thought. how bad? and what it means for tax season coming up. >> live look outside right now. a little smoggy and warm. 65 degrees. dave is up next to tell us if we will get some moisture any time soon. stay with us. >> for the news you need when you need it. like us on facebook, twitter, ,,
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,, ,, ,, >> welcome back. the latest on campaign 2016. hillary clinton has won south carolina's democratic primary. she now has momentum headed into super tuesday. but bernie sanders isn't throwing in the towel just yet. cbs4's craig boswell has more from washington dc. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: cbs news projects hillary clinton beat bernie sanders in south carolina's
5:30 pm
exit polls show clinton black voter. >> when you look at all of the candidates that are out there, there's nobody more qualified. >> reporter: but sanders did well with the young. >> when ever he is on tv, i just see through the screen. [ laughter ] crossed the state all week trying to protect her lead. she did a combined nine campaign events just yesterday. both candidates are looking ahead to super tuesday when more than 800 delegates are up for grabs. today, clinton courted voters in alabama. >> i know there are a lot of people in this state who want to continue the progress we have made. >> reporter: while bernie sanders struggled to gain traction in the palmetto state, he has shifted his focus to texas. he spent the day campaigning in austin. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends, and your neighbors, and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: 222 delegates are at stake in the lone star state. the largest prize for democrats next week. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> right now, clinton is leading sanders in delegates. the magic number to win the presidential nomination is 2,383. weather wise. moisture. let's get the weekend forecast. meteorologist dave aguilera is in colorado's weather center. >> we are indeed. i wish we had better news for you. we have a couple of cold fronts coming in, but i don't think they will do a lot to get rid of the fire danger. today, we kind of added fuel to the fire so to speak with one degree away from a record high at 72 in denver. lamar, 80 degrees there. even 71 in limon. very warm. when you have a high fire
5:32 pm
threat, warmth and wind. all day long today, we have had good southwesterly westerly winds just blowing right ahead of that front across colorado. that is really drawing things out across the area. we have had wind gusts anywhere from oh, 6 in littleton all the way to 26 in golden. higher than that as you go into the mountains time to time. we have seen gusts 4 to 50 miles an hour. even 60 in some locations. estes park had a 37 miles an hour wind. in lyons, it was up over 70. really strong and going through tonight. all of that together with ten to 15% humidity has a red flag warning going through 8:00 p.m. from loveland, fort collins. also in southern colorado from about monument hill down through trinidad. we had one brush fire that kicked up out in parker today. the firefighters really got a hold on that quickly. it only burned an acre. that was about it. i think we are all kind of just
5:33 pm
ever we have one of these windy days. tomorrow things will change a little bit. we may get a little relief. i will explain in a little bit. >> thank you dave. new details on a cyber attack on the irs. the computer breach is seven times larger than initially thought. last may, cyber criminals stole the tax forms of 104,000 people. in august, the irs upped that number to 330,000. well now, the agency is saying it is closer to 720,000. the information stolen includes data that can be used to file a false tax return and collect a refund. starting next week, the agency will warn affected taxpayers about potential identity threat. they will offering free credit protection. the u.s. navy is going old school. they stopped teaching people how to use the stars to
5:34 pm
now, they are bringing back celestial navigation. >> every degree is equal. >> reporter: lieutenant caleb handy is teaching midshipmen something he never learned when he joined the navy. celestial navigation. >> the students have this blank stare of i'm not understanding? >> um, you do get that a lot. eyed what is this look. >> reporter: this is a sextant created in the mid 1700s. it was named for its scale which extends 60 degrees. it uses the stars to determine a navigator's location. the navy stopped teaching celestial navigation more than a decade ago when gps became high-tech. now with high-tech threats, they are bringing it back. it cannot be tampers with electronically.
5:35 pm
in this age of cyber attacks? >> i wouldn't call it a fear, but a potential threat. >> reporter: it is not just the naval academy. they are bringing it back fleet wide including at navy rotc units at college campuses. >> i had never done it before. never imagined i would be. >> reporter: these midshipmen told us they were on board. >> you never know what is going to happen. you want to be there for the worst case scenarios. >> is there ever a moment you think the navy will eliminate it again? >> i hope not. >> reporter: it is a maritime tradition that could be a lifesaver. >> they will get three hours instruction in the classroom and practice on the water. a disturbing new video out of a nevada high school shows students holding a secret fight club on school grounds. parents were outraged to see two kids trading blows during school hours. one of them takes a punch straight to the face.
5:36 pm
the students who recorded this fight are heard laughing in the background. >> we have shut down the location for when the fight had taken place. >> the place is allegedly an old clubhouse near the baseball field. new video out of brazil shows you can teach an old dog new tricks. four shelter dogs rescued from the slums in sao paulo were trained to chase down stray balls. they don't like giving the ball back as much has they like the fetching. [ laughter ] they are expected to take part in the award ceremony. >> you can't blame them. >> dead you see them running after that one? >> wouldn't the ball be all soggy? >> who knows what they do. >> about as soggy as the ice.
5:37 pm
a big game for the avs. they are battling to make the playoffs. and alumni playing for some ,,
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>> the nhl started playing outdoor games on a yearly basis in 2008. tonight, the avs get their turn. not only to play in one, but also host it at coors field. avs and red wings practiced ton ice yesterday afternoon. the sun should be mostly down when they play tonight. certainly plenty to be excited about as the avs become the 21st team to get a taste of outdoor hockey. who better to play against than the long time rivals? but it is not an exhibition game. the avs are right in the middle
5:41 pm
>> it is is a huge two-point game for us. we certainly want to win this game and keep ourselves in that. >> we are chasing a playoff spot. tonight is another game. >> game tonight, probably going to be a little faster paced than that alumni game. how great is it to see the stanley cups back on the ice. patrick roy was just fantastic in net. even bet tore see the avs alumni to get one more win against detroit. >> they are experienced, the people are awesome. definitely a better pace than i expected. it was pretty competitive. this game had everything. >> it wasn't just river boat
5:42 pm
both teams wanted to play well. have pride out there. i think both teams put on a good show. >> it was fun to see the guys on the ice again. who was your all-time favorite avs player? please vote on nfl at the combine. john elway said over and over that peyton mans has all the time he needs on his future. but clock is ticking faster than he will let on. his contract becomes guaranteed if he is still on the roster march 9. and no one expects the broncos lo let that happen. also, brock osweiler becomes a free agent march 9. while elway can say he is being patient, getting a little antsy. yet. but i would think that is probably something brock would want to know. at this point and time, we will talk to brock.
5:43 pm
everything is real fluid. you know. we know where brock is. he knows what we have to offer. we have great interest in brock. >> i spent a couple of days at rockies spring training. motivated them. made them jealous. we will have their answers tomorrow night on all-access. i don't think anybody is predicting a rockies parade for 2016. most experts think they will finish fourth on fifth in the nl west. speaking of being surprised ... >> i think we are looking at a team that could surprise some people. >> surprise some people. >> i think we are going to surprise some people. >> i think we can surprise some people. i know every team says that. but we have a little different sense. >> is it a surprise if you tell everybody you are going to do it?
5:44 pm
16th straight today dating back to last year's championship season. they beat sacred heart in front of a sell-out crowd to improve to 3-0 in 2016. soccer and potentially exciting news for the rapids. team usa goalie tim howard expected to join the club this summer. howard will finish his season with everett and then come to the mls in july with a contract running through 2019. he has been the national team starter at the 2010 and 2014 world cups. skiing and another injury for vail's lindsay vaughn. she was leading a race when she crashed an suffered a minor fracture in her left knee. she had to be taken off the course on a rescue sled. but she later posted that despite the hairline fracture, she still may race in a combined event tomorrow. this virginia student didn't see his own shot go in.
5:45 pm
senior andrew borut had 18 seconds. he quickly turned back to get another ball. then he realized he did not need to take that second shot. he hit the first one. >> he should get a double for making it the first time. >> it is not cheap. good for him. we have a live look outside now.
5:46 pm
,, ,, ,, (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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hey candidates,
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>> welcome back to cbs4 news. a live look outside. hayesy. 65 degrees. 65-degree ins february. what's going on here? we need some moisture. can you help us out? >> no, but dave could. come on dave. >> i wish i could. i would make more money if i could. we were watching for it today. but nothing big blew up for us. we have a red flag warning until 7:00 tonight. loveland, fort collins. wellington.
5:49 pm
it is windy and dry there too and you go into southern colorado in monument hill, trinidad. i-25 under a red flag warning but i would say all across colorado. we have wind, we have dryness going on. so, wherever you are, we have to be careful. at least for the next few hours. but we are just not going to see much relief the next several days. wind in loveland 12. not as strong as it was earlier, but just to give you an idea of how much it was blowing, greg burrman had a top gust of 75 miles an hour. that is hurricane force wind. earlier today. three big major things we are working on. a lee side trough. a trough of low pressure east of the continental divide. high pressure over arizona bringing in a southwesterly wind. so, that is kicking up some wind. at the same time, there is a cold front coming in from utah
5:50 pm
that is squeezing the pressure gradient. so it is all funneling into colorado. now once this front goes through which will happen between 10:00 p.m. and midnight tonight, the winds will relax. humidities will increase. we will see a little mountain snow. and tonight's temperatures will be cooler. that will loiter fire danger. not as good as getting some rain and snow, but lit be better tomorrow. with the wind today, it really kicked up the temperature, we were one degree away from the record high at 72. old record was set in 2006 at 73. so, almost felt like an early taste of summer there for you. debbie bidwell in fort collins has 63 right now. beautiful afternoon going on. phil curry lives in frank town. he has 62. his little message today, his calendar must be wrong. 70 degrees on a winter day? it must be colorado right? temperatures, we are looking at 30s for overnight lows tonight on the eastern plains. 20s and teens in the mountains and the western slope. tomorrow, we will be above
5:51 pm
though a shade cooler. mostly 60s and 50s out east. and a lot of 40s in the mountains. my forecast tonight, partly cloudy. breezy. 37 downtown. 35 at the airport. tomorrow, near 60. it will be mostly sunny early. a little breezy time to time. 60 on monday. but monday, we have another shot of moisture coming in. it will create some wind for us. and give us some mountain snow. but only wind here unfortunately. not much moisture. on wednesday, we have another shot coming in. maybe some isolated showers to soak things down a little bit. but nothing really big to get rid of this fire danger that is looming. march is typically our snowiest month so we are hoping el nio and march get the plan together and come through with some moisture by then. >> we have our fingers crossed. >> thanks dave. a one-year-old boy in colorado almost died after swallowing something just the size of a nickel. britt moreno reports, the
5:52 pm
know about the danger. >> reporter: this little boy at something so small that had him fighting for his life. >> carry to think this was actually happening to us. >> reporter: dana lacy was terrified when she herd her one- year-old son choking. >> i was putting in the laundry. about 60 seconds it felt like it was extremely quick that i thought i heard him choking. >> reporter: the choking quickly stopped and one precautionary doctor's visit later, brock was back to playing and eating like normal. then, in the middle of the night, brock got a high fever. they rushed him to the emergency room where an x-ray revealed a dangerous problem. >> i could read it on her face that something was really wrong. and it was just a matter of tell us what it is. >> reporter: a lithium battery sat lodged in his esophagus. 28 hours later, it was removed, but the crisis was far from over. >> the nurse gave me a bottle
5:53 pm
and i said it leaked didn't it? he said yes. and i said how bad is it? and he said, um ... it is black. and it is burnt. and have never seen anything like it. >> reporter: brock was med flighted to children's hospital in aurora where he was in the critical care unit for a month. the battery acid had burned a hole in his esophagus. and had leaked chemicals into his body. >> i had to know. i said, do you think that brock is going to die? she said in my heart of hearts i don't think she going temperature die. but i don't think you will bring home the same child you brought into this earth. >> reporter: once he was released from the hospital, brock still had to spend five months on a feeding tube. now, one year later, he is healthy.
5:54 pm
>> he looks great now doesn't ,, ,,
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,, ,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, ,, >> dave has a final check on a toasty forecast.
5:57 pm
still not a bad day. we will cool it down about 60. mostly sunny. a little breezy. 60 again monday. but more clouds and wind on monday with another little shot of moisture coming in. mountain snow to start the week. we may pull showers out of the forecast on wednesday with 59. let's hope. >> bring them on gave. >> thanks dave. >> thanks for watching ,, bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water
5:58 pm
the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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