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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:22pm MST

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cbs news. always on. >> developing now, the search is on for a group of men who opened fire in a gas station in northglenn. the shooting happened last night outside of the shell station on 120th near washington street. >> cbs4's howard nathan is live there tonight. howard, what are you learning about the people who were shot? >> reporter: one young man who was shot was eventually allowed to go home after paying a visit to the hospital. the other one receiving medical treatment here at the scene. the northglenn police are hoping you can recognize somebody who was seen in the video. they are looking at surveillance camera video. they are studying it. they are thinking maybe one person you might recognize that you are about to see. multiple gunshots were fired outside the shell gas station sending one man to the hospital. they were involved in a disturbance with a group of
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during the altercation, police say the suspects pulled out handguns. they have not said what touched off the fight. photos taken from the surveillance video revealed young men described as white and hispanic in their teens and early 20s . they do not know the group of five young men. they fled westbound on 120th avenue. at the time of the shooting, police say the vehicle did not have a front license plate. all right, so a handgun was found at the scene. police recovered that. if you know any of the five young men, they are asking you call the northglenn police. howard nathan, cbs4 news right now, police are investigating a double shooting in commerce city. around noon today, police were called to a home at 96th avenue.
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and a woman. a third person was take ton the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. they are not looking for a suspect at this time. now, to the campaign trail. hillary clinton is celebrating tonight after her second democratic primaries. voters in south carolina clinton. the former secretary of state got 73% of the vote. bernie sanders got 26%. cbs news correspondent craig reactions. >> reporter: hillary clinton won nine out of ten of black voters in south carolina. she now has as you mentioned, back to back wins. she took south carolina tonight by nearly 3-1 margin. hillary clinton ran away with the south carolina presidential primary. cbs news projected she beat
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>> thank you very much south carolina. >> hillary! hillary! hillary! >> reporter: exit polls showed 84% of black voters went with clinton. she also dominated among women by nearly 50%. ann bollton hopes americans give her a chance to be president. >> she sees that the americans have what they need to have. >> with more than 800 delegates up for grabs, sanders looked past south carolina and over the next three days, is focusing specifically on vermont, minnesota, massachusetts, oklahoma, and colorado. sanders was in texas early on tarred where he is fighting an uphill battle in the polls. >> and, if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends, and your neighbors, and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, alabama. >> reporter: clinton campaigned in alabama before returning to south carolina for her victory
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>> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we are not taking anyone for granted. >> reporter: voters there told cbs news that political experience was important to them and analysts say that helped clinton pick up a win in south carolina. this race, though, is far from over. in the democratic contest for the nomination, delegates are awarded proportionately until the very last state votes. craig boswell, cbs4 news. >> now candidates from both parties will race to hit as many super tuesday states as possible in the next three days. that includes colorado. tomorrow night, bernie sanders is holding a rally in fort collins. he will speak at mobi arena at 7:00 p.m. there will be a supporter's march in boulder and a feel the
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death of a skier in beaver creek. the victim has been identified as 39-year-old sam beal. he was the owner of the blackberry farm in tennessee. he was pronounced dead after an accident on the slopes. he is survived by his wife and five children. a landlord was shot inside of her denver home. happened early this morning at an apartment near 38th and high. tonight, police are searching for the suspects described as three african-american men. now cbs4's melissa garcia tells us tonight police want to know why that woman was targeted. >> reporter: detectives were in and out of unit 1904 all saturday monoing. crime scene investigators worked to determine what is behind the shooting of a home. tommy clenon was asleep when a.m. the street. >> a police officer knocked on my door out of a dead sleep. then he asked if i heard anything. >> reporter: police say three men went into this unit and
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inside. >> it is obviously scary. you know. that people are, you know, coming and shooting people and they are still at large. >> it is crazy. i feel really bad for that woman. i hope she is okay. >> reporter: the victim was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. police couldn't comment on whether apartment surveillance may have caught the crime on camera. the shooting has neighborhood residents like connie curtis feeling unnerved. >> guns are so available to people. and ... we end up with situations like this. >> reporter: melissa garcia, cbs4 news. an update on the kidnapping of a woman in loveland. the larimer county sheriff says mia hamilton was found safe this morning during a traffic stop. they arrested a man in the vehicle with her. he is facing kidnapping and robbery charges. hamilton was taken from the budget host motel near johnson's corner on friday. witnesses say three men pulled
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it is not clear if she knew the suspect. now nearly 51,000 people packed into coors field tonight to watch the avs lose in heart- breaking fashion to the red wings. the final score 5-3. cbs4's jeff todd was there. this was certainly a game to remember. >> reporter: oh kathy, such an exciting game into the final minutes. it has taken a few weeks to set up the rink. take a look. they are already working on taking it down. then the puck dropped it was 65 degrees here at coors field. not a big problem on the 22- degree ice. 50,095 people had a beautiful night to enjoy outdoor hockey. the attendance is only about 350 shy of the capacity for a baseball game as the stadium gets ready for rockies season. the fans say this is something they will never forget. >> i thought the avs came out, they were really resilient. they came back every time the red wings scored.
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have to come back to score one more. >> was the rink too far away? >> no. i don't think so. >> half of the stadium was denver. half of it was detroit. everybody got along. it was fun. >> the atmosphere was incredible. i have never been to a game quite like this. i have been going to games since i was six years old. pepsi center. this tops it all. it was just incredible. >> it was a great experience. but, you know, we had a loss, but i would do it again. >> it is february. it feels like 60 degrees out here. i don't need a jacket. it is colorado. what are you going to do? you got to love it. >> it was really awesome. i really hope they bring it back. >> reporter: it was a uniquely colorado experience. during the first intermission, the fray performed a few songs. there was a flyover by f-16s from buckley air force base. the 65 degrees is now the warmest temperature for any of the 18 nhl outdoor games that have been done over the past decade and one of the the
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during the game was actually not even caught on camera. it was during a commercial break. the family of the park county deputy who was killed in the line of duty today was inside the stadium. they showed his picture on the board and the stadium erupted. we are live in coors field, jeff todd, cbs4 news. some athletes are considering skipping the summer olympic ins brazil. >> i don't want to be worried. i don't want the anxieties. >> a new travel warning giving athletes cold feet. >> new information about what caused the fiery crash. the confession that led to a driver's arrest. >> disney takes a page from the uber play book. >> and an emu gets a second chance when many doubted he could survive. >> the vets were like good luck. >> how he was nursed back to help next. >> the winds were really rocking tonight as a weak cold front blasted through the area. it will give us a little change for sunday.
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and if we will see any rain or snow. >> seems like a lot of people are trying to announce peyton manning's decision for him. plus, a rivalry renewed. highlights ,, ,, (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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enough talk.
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in the ocean and fish on a sandwich is that when ocean fish swim in pairs they're less likely to get eaten. arby's, we have the meats >> the zika virus is causing
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brazil is at the epicenter of the outbreak. now the cdc is urging caution for anyone traveling to rio. and some athletes may skip the competition because of health concerns. the warning about traveling to brazil is the strongest one the cdc has issued to date. it is triggers new concerns. >> at some point, i want to start a family. >> reporter: two time olympic gold medalist hope solo says she is kicking around the idea of staying home. >> i don't want to be worried. i don't want the anxieties. >> reporter: the american women's wrestling team competed in rio last month. adeline gray talked about the zika concerns. >> if i was planing to have a child in the next month, i would be uneasy about this. >> reporter: most olympians are of childbearing age making them vulnerable.
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concern me is if a woman athlete is pregnant or thinking she is pregnant at the time of the games. >> 400,000 cases of zika have been reported in brazil. in the u.s., there have been 107 cases. all of them are travel related. new tonight, three people were stabbed at a ku klux klan rally in southern california. a small group of clans man had scheduled an antiimmigrant rally in anaheim. when they showed up they were attacked by counterprotesters. one clans man stabbed a man flag pole. 13 people are dead after street racers caused a crash on the freeway near los angeles. two vehicles were racing on interstate 5 when one of the drivers lost control and hit a ups tractor trailer. the semi then hit six other vehicles and caught fire. three people were killed
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one man was arrested after he admitted racing on the freeway. he could face charges of vehicular manslaughter. happening tomorrow, disney parks will put a new ticket pricing policy in place. the theme parks will be priced according to demand. the cost will go down slightly. but rise in busy months like july and december. their version of surge pricing is designed to relieve overcrowding. an emu has a second chance at life thanks to a local animal sanctuary. daru suffered massive head and neck trauma. vets told the sanctuary owner nothing could be done to save him but she knew there was still hope. myself. >> the emu gets physical therapy up to four hours a day. he is walking and eating on his own again. he will be fully recovered in a few months. he could do some rehab outside today.
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>> it was really a nice day. we were one degree away from the record until tend of the day when the winds started kicking up. it is still windy out there tonight. look at this. gusts of wind in westminster going 34 miles an hour right now. 22 castle rock. 42 up on kanotia pass. look at sterling. 48 miles an hour. 51 sydney. blasting through here. look at the map. ahead of it, we had high cloudiness. then the front came through. behind it, we are seeing a little light snow in some of the northern mountains. maybe an inch or two of snow. this will be about it. this is a dry end of the system with the moisture in northern wyoming. we won't see much out of this. the folks at the big hockey game saw the fake snow flying around with some of the wind gusts that were going 25 to 35 miles an hour. brian madden took this shot and the fake snow and the little white dots you see there as we
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it is kind of crazy there for a while. nothing compared to what we had in lyons. greg burrman had a peak wind of 72 miles an hour. hurricane force wind up there. looks like the wind will stay with us through the morning. this is the futurecast forecast. into 7:30 tomorrow morning. still windy and still breezy around the denver metro area. but watch what happens in the afternoon. the wind really relaxes somewhat by 5:00 here. breezy in the mountains. 5 to 10 going on here in the city and most of the metro. and we have another surge of moisture coming in for monday afternoon. that is going to kick up wind again. it will be another cold front, so the wind will kick up monday morning and get even stronger later in the day bringing in a little bit of mountain snow for most of the state. 72 with our high today. 71 downtown. the record was 73. so just one degree away from that.
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mild at 30 and 34 respectively. we are at 355. northwest wind at 22. but gusting up to 35 from time to time. lori finch is our weather watcher in foxville. 42. 49 in berthoud. now behind this front, we see the little light snow here, but take a look. tomorrow, we will see the skies clearing out. mostly sunny across the state. we will be in great state. my forecast tonight is calling for partly cloudy skies early and wind kicking up early as well. we will be in the mid to upper 30s . mild night again. mostly sunny. breezy, cooler. that is still above normal this time of year, 60. 60 monday, then chance of rain returns wednesday. a few isolated showers popping up. 59 degrees. we had in there earlier last week, monday, tuesday, a little rain snow mix. i'm taking that out. i think we will be dry and windy with that. next weekend, looks like 50s and 60s . should be pretty nice. >> wow.
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>> thanks for watching cbs4 news. >> mazda saturday ,, ,,
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>> from cbs4 sports, this is mazda saturday sports extra brought to you by mazda. >> welcome to mazda saturday sports extra. i'm mark haas. 65 degrees when they dropped the puck at coors field make it history. a windy third period added to the drama. outdoors so much fun. you never know what you are going to get. 50,000 showed up to coors for this one. they got themselves a grate show. 1-1 in the first. tyson barrie get it is nice feed. the great finish. 2-1. later, gabe landeskog


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