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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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the race for the white house. more on those stories in a few machines -- minutes. >> luther here last night.
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dry cold front came through right around -- kicking off that big -- this morning though with that wind still going at -- temperatures are very warm. 48 in stapleton. 45 in boulder n. boulder right now 33. 23 in aurora. start out breezy this morning. the front that came through last night dutched a little bit of light snow? some the mountains and it's left behind a few clouds this morning. now to clear out as we go through the day. breakout about 4 it degrees and a little on the windy side this morning. 58 by noon. should be in the low 60s. right around 0 degrees from a high today and we will have partly cloi disabled vehicle skies during the day n. the weekend ahead we start march, of course, which is typically our snowiest month on average. wee see if there's any snow for the first few days coming up in a little bit. >> thanks. the -- a pleuz this morning
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after being hit by a car. stale property says that it hit a pedestrian near gods towp. it's not clear if they were walking on the highway. the driver was not hurt. the identity of victim has not yet opinion may be available. >> a breaking overnight another police everglade -- in the line of duty this time in california. virginia. the officer will be sworn in on friday. two others were hurtle one person was taken into custody. it happened friday on 120th near washington street. cbs 4 has the story. >> mull gunshots were fired out the front door of this shell gas station sending one man to the hop. two man and a woim said they were involved in a
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young men. during the altercation the suspects pulled out handguns. police have not said what started off the fight. time of the shooting. police say the vehicle did not have a front license plate. >> howard nathan reporting. in denver aland lord is shot inside her home. it happened yesterday morning. three men went into unit and there. yesterday. take want to hospital and is expected to be survive. neighbors are shaken. >> yeah. it's obviously scary. people are coming nineteen the shoog people and they're still at large.
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and we end up situations like this. three suspects are described onlied a three african-american men. no word on a motive. >> now to campaign 2016. it's another major victory for hoibt the former secretary of state. she adds to the already large lead she has. cbs's frank boswell reports. >> hillary clinton ran away with the south carolina presidential primary. cbs news projects clinton beat vermont senators by a wide margin. >> thank you so much, south carolina. >> exit polls showed 84% of black voatders went with clinton. she also dominated among women by nearly 50%. and boulder hold -- a chance to be president. >> main thing i think -- is to
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what they need to have. >> sanders looked past success saturday and over the next three days his focusing specifically on vermont, minnesota, oklahoma and colorado. >> support ners rochester, minnesota. >> minnesota can play a profound and important role in moving this country forward toward a political revolution. >> shea campaigned in alabama before -- >> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for dpranted. >> political experience was important to them and they say that helped clip top pick up a decisive
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cbs news, washington. >> bernie sanders will be in colorado today. he'll speak at the mobi arena. there will be other events throughout the day as well as tissue people -- held in colorado spripgs. >> well, it's a large league for clintonful right now including -- clp ton leads sappedders by a wide margin. ted cruz has a slim hope. bn carson in fifth. we want to show you all the states that will have -- supersteuz. 11 states including colorado
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in just about 48 hours. coors feel. 50,000 packed the stadium to watch the avalanche and red wicks play in the outdoor -- the state's first outdoor game. at 65 degrees. no that beas the previse record two years ago. the they would make it close several times but four goals -- gave the win to the red wings. full hls in sports in 15 minute. >> let's talk about that forecast. >> what an interesting night t. the warmest and a big gust of wind through that fate snow. >> they had to -- a shore period of time. >> this morning a will be of cloudy skies cove many temperatures are mild we'll see a break in the cloud cover.
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day than yes. 38 degrees this morning. skybo >> coming up on colorado' news channel worries grow over the zika virus. why athletes may skip this summer. >> . whether or not peyton manning will call it a career and in our next half hour it's oscar sunday. how the issue of,, (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than
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needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level with your help, as president,
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right the country is dialing with an epidemic that has many worried and considering skipping all together. appeared on cbs this morning earlier this week and says there's a lot in life to worry about about having to put a future family at risk to play a game. >> i doen to start a family. and i don't want to be worried. i don't want those anxiety or the con it's a test. i don't want to risk the health of a child. it's just a scary time and there's really no good answers to it. so uni know more i don't really
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a really informative decision. competition. if they were pregnant they would easy. news on more new confirmed cases in our health headlines. >> zika have been confirmed in nine pregnant women in the united states. that's according to the cdc. all contracted the virus overseas. three babies have been born one with a brain defect. government researchers are also investigating ten additional reports of pregnant virus. >> good news for bees people trying to slim down. rerps in st. louis found just a 5% weight loss could spark the biggest health benefits >> nsms a person weighing 200 pound cut it and function.
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family have better mental health. thelt. tham according to cdc it's working pretty well so far. thissen's vaccine cuts the chance of getting the flu by 60% making it one of the most effective in recent years. by pairson last year only produced -- reduce the risk by 20%. >> 6:13 on this sunday morning. a live look outside. temperatures pretty mild out there. >> it is mild. a little wind, at cloud cover. kept it up there. despite having a cold front go through last night. that cold front really brought some wind about 30 to 40 miles an hour wind overnight
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had that big outdoor hockey game. they had fake snow out on the field. so when the wind came up it starting is sending those little fake snow flake around. brian madison sthent shot. the stands there. a little many mini blizzard for a while. >> right now winds are kicking up a little bit. not too bad in the city. and i think that will be -- during the morning and less than intensity as we get into the afternoon. temperatures right now not bad in most locations. 41 in forth collins. 44 down in colorado springs. really is the 1 -- is our weather watcher. he's got 45 this morning. there's a little pocket of cloud going through denver right now. a little bit of cloudiness and
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the -- that one front that went through last -- most of moisture well into the danielle -- light snow the mountains. this one is another system that's moving in to vancouver, portland. shas going it shoot down no colorado monday and tuesday. it'll deliver some mountain snow and for us there's a slight -- i mean, slight chance of -- we might get a few showers late in the day. more cloud cover than that. i don't think it's going to be alleviate the threat
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so temperature today about 62 downtown. partly cloudy skies. 58. slight chance again and very small chance of a sprinkle late in the day and looking ahead keep it in the 50s all the way through thursday. another little shot at motorcycle. and even that doesn't look very big early. >> i'm going to -- just -- i'm going to bay here. >> we need a few wig -- you get. >> the broncos shot the family of -- died just days wildfire super bowl 50. he and his daughter made it to san francisco for the game a few hours after getting off the plane he died from a pull -- a special visitor family.
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people who had known her gad had become pron koas fans just for him. a denver post report suggests that peyton manning may be inching closer to his decision. they're hearing by the end of next week f. he's still on the roster the team will owe him left on his contract. he finished his season with everiton and join the raps in july. a musical -- even aye cobs request k fete tickets. stage of fright. this morning, legend silts down with anthony may
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his career his own. for nearly half a several he's been one of the most flamboyant performers. i was so nervous last night. >> probably a good thing. >> he has more than 50 top 40 hits. but this night he was also debuting some new songs. >> i mean, play more than three or four because -- what is that feeling like in you're going to the
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crazy night sir elton's 33 stowd yoat -- henned to sell prate his life. >> uf a certain tone. i want to -- elton john set this record. those can be selected sunday morning at cbs 4 starting at 8:00. time now about 6:19. last year's data breach is making waves. find out just how big and actual -- it actually is. and as we head to break here's a
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,, ,, and 65 degrees when they dropped the puck last night making it the warmest history. then a windy third period only added to the drama. but that's what makes playing outdoors so much fun. get. a great show in store. tyson br reincarnated gets the
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later, making sure this felt like a rivalry. a little scrap with a detroit player. head though the third. able it clean this one up. about a minute left. able to somehow sneak one past varly. they woulded a an empty net tore win 5-3. tough loss for the avenues which was a fient nigh. a lot worse than previously thought. with deals and this week's top
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>> the gross domestic product grew -- that's better than expected. on friday, the dow closed down 57.s. a cyber happens in theist is most -- more than 7:00,000 in count. more than double. the information -- includes data that could be used to file a tax return and collect refind. the sifers mailing notifications to the evacuative cast pairs. >> >> going vegan. new flavors that including
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and -- they'll be made with many -- that's your cbs money watch report. some guys saying. maybe setting people up to fail. full report monday at 10:but for a preview now here's brian moss. 25 dollar tip. >> i think the rules are flawed. >> we found a problem that some people are setting drivers up for failure. >> thases what we woppedder. why are drivers following -- set by the fact --
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>> the last sunday of february. the sun is trying to peak up over that horizon. mild temperatures out there. we have 44 degrees from our weather watcher. a little cooler than yesterday moisture? tbl the heat coming up in the next half hour. >> police want appearances following a shooting and the stars will walk the red carpet in l.a. tonight
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letion check in with dave he's in colorado's weather center. good morning. >> start to our last sunday of phenomenon here. temperatures are up. the wind is down. just a little bit but boy, really rocking last night in some of the foothills of the front range. still a little windy on the west side. 21 miles an hour gusts going on. and then three to -- but what a morning. a front go through last night. northern mountains. cloudiness. start out partly cloudy. but during the course of the afternoon we'll have quite a bit of a sunshine as the day goes on. start out with partly supny. a little more cloud koar than sunshine going on and
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we're going to be about 578 in newton. high 62 degrees. that's still way above normal for this time of year. now like what we had yesterday although. i don't know what you saw what high was. 7 # degrees in the afternoon and the record high was 73. one degrees away from a record. kind of crazy. >> we do want to update you on some breaking news. one person is dead after being hit by a car. they tell us that the suv hit a pedestrian near johnstown n. name or jender is being released until the coroner finishes their investigation. the driver of that suv was not hurt. it's not clear flt person was walking on the highway right now. no charges are pending. the -- skybo >> a person is hurt in an accident with a light rail train. southbound lines were shutdown for a couple hours. that person is expected to be okay.
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for two menner canned armed robbery ape dangerous. police say the men tried to rob the all-american pawnshop and ended up shooting a customer the victim was shot in the leg and he's expected to survive. they were last seen running down the court as well. >> there's not like -- police say that that suspect are toat -- a black hoody with the word stahlon written in yoil. >> a landlord is showing denver home. and now police are searching for the suspects. described as african-american men. melissa garcia reports police want to know yt woman was targeted. >> detectives were in and out of unit 1904. crime seaps investigators worked to determine what's mind the shooting of a landlord in her north denver home.
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shots rang out just after 5 a.m. at the apartment complex across the street. >> these officers aren't going to make -- and then you asked me if i heard anything. >> three men went into this unit and shocked the woman who live inside. >> it's only scary that people are, you know, coming and chooting people and still at large. >> it's crazy. >> i feel really bad for them and i hope she's okay. hospital and expected to survive. police couldn't comment on whether apartment survey guns are so available to people and we end up with situations like this. >> melissa garcia. cbs 4 news. >> developing now. they continue their investigation into a double shooting at commerce city. happen around noon yesterday.
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36th avenue inside the another big primary win. cbs reports from the campaign trail and what was former secretary of state means for the race to the white house. >> not just to win a decisive win more hillary clinton in south carolina. >> we've now gone through four early states and i want you -- and tomorrow, this campaign goes national. >> campaign looking at south carolina results is indicator of how she made their apartments contests on super tuesday. they hope south carolina would show strength among minority voters.
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here. they would also be key in so many peuns are inside. contests. >> never stops. whole again. >> not yielding yet. my mare day away from the state. first -- i congratulate -- we intend to win many, many of them. >> but:ton with the big win and the momentum in the last contest before supertuesday. >> well a lot of vote thes are coming up. bernie sanders will be in
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mobile arena and then csu at 7:00. as well as supporters. march will happen in boulder. >> it's a large lead. right now clinton leads sanders by a wide margin. 544. 2008 and 200 # needed. a five -- on their both con sideses. he didn't even manage more thawn one. is that a ted cruz? >> march key rubio and carson. we do want to show you how many priors or caucus. 11 totallies colorado. >> for man -- the latest poll
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>> a little bit of controversy on the republican campaign trail yesterday. after being -- donald trump can be overheard telling new jersey governor chris christie to get on the plane and duohome. wref some reaction. >> happening tonight, the stars will be walking the red carpet for the 88th annual academy awards. definitely knows how to grow an oscar party. a lot of people might be looking to win art of -- who could finally take home gold after five nominations. but the big story the diversity issue. tagging a dartmouth and the film street is 20 years behind television.
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>> getting his jokes lined up. 6:37. how our locals are recooperate rating after the mild ,, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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would you look at that collecting out the sunrise this morning. sunrise was officially at 6:36 this morning. we've got a little bit of cloud cover out there. making it through great way to wrap up our last weekend of february here. good to have you here this morning. colorado's weather center. check out the weather watcher. very mild temperatures like tom clays in westminister but a little windy out there. quite windy here. gusts up to 25 miles an hour. kicking. no snow on ground. it's all melted out there and we go a little further up north. up a the forth collins lips. >> those readings this morning. and there. i think we'll wind up with mostly sup shie. high temperatures will be in the low 60s from denver into forth colins. about nid 50s in evergreen.
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week ahead a couple of chances of moisture but very small. but we'll outline those for you coming up in a little bit. >> last summer the environmental disaster left the river orange. for the clean up. now, cbs -- shows us one of the areas suffering most. >> this mountain known as ship rock is sacred to the people who live here so too is is the water that lives through the slat. >> brims loog, drop water -- heavy melts float from you. >> threatening their economy and their spiritual way of life. about 6 feet high.
6:43 am
is sending hem this the board which satness he told us how he shut them off and made her tissue they still vice president turned it back on. so 550 farmers in the region and felt the impact. >> among them is -- his family. can only bundle up what might have been a bowptful harvest. the loss at $10,000. >> it mitt me hard, my wife hard, my family. it didn't us ship mere. >> to had her return tissue but the baros were rejected because we just deleted the previously used drawings. >> i know that that occurred but we did analysis and we determined that they meant all of our campus.
6:44 am
>> the san juan remains mother ci conditions. but the navajo insist that's not acceptable >> . the perks sa has told them it's safe. use the water from this river so their crops but they don't tremendous. untheir ericka campbell fate system drops down. >> it -- it may let the water come spring but then kind of it downs. i don't know if i set him. looking at the low at the water quality before and after. >> appears the lasting quact on what the colorado warytd the have tbrown. up next, we chat with dop and the iowa caucuses
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you can enter,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, ,, ,, not getting your best sleep? the wrong bed. enter sleep number... he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life.
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ultimate limited edition bed. plus no interest for 48 months. hurry, ends monday. our partners are raffling dream home. joining this morning to talk about it, president of the boys and girls club. thanks for having me. >> tell us about that. >> 2.75 million. this is 4,000 square feet. a study. it's got a workout room. >> you know, an indoor and outdoor pool. it's got glass light. it's incredible video. >> envotes and jer reit's one of
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somebody could win this. is if you buy a ticket or three tickets for 400 or five for 20. anything. you really don't. what's the money -- right now even though -- just to give you an example -- and to have a healthy life so it goes to all of those ailments to make them a is success for your danielle add. >> early bird on march 18th chvment a chance to officerny. if you just buy a few more dollars you're particular
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an is go on. get your at the end of the day. >> slowtly. >> 2700. >> yes >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. the final ticket deadline april # 2nd. is that right? >> april # 2nd and the is second early bird is march 18th. >> thanks. appreciate it. all -- i'll step out the mothers 6:49 on the clock. let's check in but he got ore >> i found -- we just can't shake that wind. fn though we're heading into the last few days. a little bit of high cloud. speaking of whip man o oh man it was really rocking.
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all had wind gusts two or -- brian madd issue took this shot last night with the hockey game going on and fake snow, a little pieces of -- what i suspect of paper down on the field making it look like know. >> it start -- it was -- they dropped the puck at 65 degrees. it was a warm night last night. 37 miles per hour in golden. 25 in estes park. not as windy. still in the mountains and eastern plains as well. forth collins. they've had a cold february
6:51 am
our weather watcher in krorn prupgs. >> -- last night had a little bit of light snow and some of the mountains up here. nothing -- now we'll be cooler today. here's the system as it came flu. most of the rain and snow was up in the dakotas. there's another is system now moving into vancouver, portland and some of those areas. that's beginning to get caught in the train coming through tomorrow into futurecast shows up very well. parly cloudy to mostly clear duringed course of the afternoon. tomorrow morning snow in the mountains and the northwest. we'll have some clouds increasing out east and then
6:52 am
breaks and that'll be about it. up a chance of a little late day mix coming in on wednesday. let's wish that in here because mark, it's within so dry around here. we really need a lot of moisture to let things happen. >> let's check a czech on the top stories. right now -- it happened friday night at 0th near washington street. no word on what started that fight. the young men are white or he's panic >> . breaking overnight. policen to hate us. they he to be -- ashley had just been sworn in to the prince william county police force on friday. they were responded to a domestic shooting.
6:53 am
one was taken the to cuss manies duh. she's the -- who died in the line of duty is far this year. blis been working on an unrelated calorie when they were told of an assault in the area. website said police told the victim, down soobs -- do no. duts but three majoring dabs we are just about done this morning.
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even,, ,, on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america all come to look for america
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. this tuz is a big day for astronaut scott kelly. he and a fellow -- more than 300 days in space on
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command to british astronaut. it's dedicating to save every animal he can even when others have given up. >> here he comes. >> but none quite like roo. >> so much better. >> he's an emu after his parents were taken in. he's isn't sure what happened to him but found him on the property last month with massive head and neck drama and the vet told her there was nothing that could be done. >> they were like good luck. >> but she didn't need luck. she had years of experience rehabbing animals >> . done and i just kind of figured things out myself. >> up to to you are otherrings therapy. >> he doesn't like that.
6:57 am
>> and finally he's starting to walk on eat on his own. >> like we just don't give up. >> with just a couple more months of therapy the once doomed emu will be good at any. >> the more people who are educated and don't say no we're not going to give up, the better it's for the animals. >> one last look at the forecast. >> good weather for rehabbing cooler than yesterday 72 yesterday. partly cloudy. breezy on the west side and tomorrow, 58 degrees. there's a small chance of a sprinkle latest murder it spring late in the day. the first three days of march is a slight chance we might get a little rain, snow into thursday.
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brooke: hey everyone, this is chicken soup for the soul's hidden heroes. the cameras are rolling. this is a different kind of hidden camera experience. everyday people who show courage and kindness to they know how to do the right thing. what they don't know is their stories with the world. coming up, we've got the best of the best today on hidden heroes tending the game for our basketball bullies, our hidden heroes go in for a slam dunk. boy: you're a terrible


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