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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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aguilera is talking about a ,, all kinds of teams use slack to do amazing things. . new tonight, a woman was killed when she was hit by a car while walking along i-25. it happened early this morning in the northbound lane near johnstown. now investigators want to know what she was doing out on the road. good evening. i'm kathy walsh. >> and i'm tom mustin.
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melissa garcia is live in larimer county where the accident happened. melissa, you talked to witnesses. >> reporter: we did. right now, tom, authorities are still trying to identify the woman who was killed. now, that driver did try to stop, but it was too late. down here in the grass next to the interstate, you can still see pieces of the tire and a post that broke after the driver plowed into her. a bent sign post and shreds of tire line the edge of i-25 at mile marker 254 near johnsons corner. colorado state patrol responded just after 3:00 a.m. sunday when the driver of a 2006 ford expedition traveling northbound hit a woman walking along the fast lane of the interstate. people staying at the rv park just across the frontage road saw the flashing lights, as officers shut down i-25. >> i couldn't believe somebody was out there. >> reporter: it's a 75-mile-per- hour stretch. >> it surprises me that there was somebody actually walking down there.
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>> reporter: tracks in the dirt shoulder show where the driver came to a stop. >> the driver's got to be beside himself. oh, he's, he's going to have days to process that. >> he looked pretty distraught about it. >> reporter: the woman died at the scene. authorities say neither alcohol, drugs, nor excessive speed were factors on the part of the driver. the driver does not face any charges, and authorities say an autopsy on the woman killed is pending. live in larimer county, melissa garcia, cbs4 news. >> such a sad story. thank you. new information tonight, alcohol is suspected in a crash that killed two people near franktown. investigators say 27-year-old athena munoz crossed the median in her accord and struck two motorcycles head-on. a couple in their fifties were thrown from the bike they were sharing and were killed.
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none of the riders were wearing helmets. turning to weather, another warm and wonderful day today. we're in for more of the same this week. meteorologist dave aguilera is in colorado's weather center. looks good, dave. it does look good. despite cooling down by 10 degrees today, still felt wonderful. yesterday, made it to 72. today, we were 60 degrees. with that added sunshine, humidity levels went up behind the cold front. our humidity levels are 10 to 12% from dia, boulder. yesterday, they were 5 to 10% with the heat and the wind. the fire danger has gone down just a little bit as well. and as we look at the wind, it's not gone away completely. still 22 mile-per-hour in castle rock. 11 in blackhawk, a lot better than what we saw yesterday when they were just off the hook in a lot of locations. winter park at 20. most of the wind staying up in wyoming. it's always windy occupy there. now we have a system coming
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is going to bring snow back to the mountains within the next 24 hours. we have a chance of rain and snow here in denver. not a lot, but there's a little chance and in the week ahead, we might eke out a little bit of moisture to get march going. we'll outline it all, coming up in a little bit. >> dave, thank you. a man is behind bars accused of causing an explosion in his colorado springs home. he was allegedly making hash oil when it exploded on san marcos drive. that process uses potentially explosive chemicals. happening now, people in jefferson and park counties are honoring law enforcement. saturday, neighbors and jeffco deputies placed blue flags along 285 after a shootout last week that killed deputy nate kerrigan and injured two others. today, the tribute was continued to kenosha pass. matt kroschel has more.
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mile stretch of highway they are putting the small blue flags, lining the highway as a symbol of the thin blueline. the broken hearts can be found far beyond park county because of that horrible morning. >> it impacted everyone in the community. >> reporter: so many tears and questions that just don't have answers. >> these men and women, like i said, they put on this uniform. they don't know if they are coming home tonight, unfortunately. officer kerrigan didn't. >> reporter: volunteers are finding strength, though, in a simple gesture here. >> until we run out of supplies, the sun goes down, or our legs can't take us anymore. >> reporter: miles of little blue flags and ribbons stretching past the high school and through park county. >> to remember nate kerrigan and to tribute the other officers in colorado that sacrificed their lives every
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it hurts that the violence has gotten this bad and we're losing these wonderful people and all they are doing is their job. so this is my way to come out here and say thank you. >> reporter: a small way this community can start to heal. and we have new information about the funeral services that will be held for the fallen deputy. this information coming to us from the jefferson county sheriff's office. monday, march 14 at 11:00 at faith bible chapel, in arvada, when the services will be held. until that time, residents here in park county tell me they are going to be keeping up this show of support for local law enforcement. they say they have to. reporting live in fairplay, matt kroschel, back to you. a police officer and shot and killed her very first day on the job in virginia.
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his wife and opened fire on three police officers. officer ashley gwendne was killed. neighbors are shocked. >> i heard the shots, four to five shots back-to-back. >> how did this happen over something so stupid? that's -- it's so sad. >> the officer, a six-year marine corps reservist was sworn in just friday. expected to recover. developing now, police are searching for three gunmen who shot and landlord in her apartment. it happened around 5:00 saturday morning at 38th and high in denver. the victim was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. the shooting has people living in the cole neighborhood on edge. >> it's obviously scary that people are coming and shooting people and then still at large. >> it's crazy. i feel really bad for that woman. i hope she is okay. >> the suspects are described as three black men. investigators are trying to find out why that woman was targeted.
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sanders is here in colorado. he's holding a rally in fort collins. sanders will be speaking to a packed house at csu's mobi arena tonight. jeff todd joins us live from there. sanders is looking to drum up support after a big loss last night in the south carolina primary. >> reporter: tom, something these supporters are not too worried about. we talked with some people who were the first people in line. we're still about two hours away from bernie sanders actually speaking here. the first person in line got here about 7:30 in the morning. a few people joined her around 8:00, 9:00. outside of mobi arena, there is a massive crowd, some starting to make their way in. it's estimated to be somewhere around 8000 people. but from the crowd we saw outside, it is just enormous. around 11:00 is when a majority of the crowd started to show up. they have actually snaked all the way around the intramural fields outside of the arena. it's going to be packed in here.
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supporters tell us they expect to hear about is college tuition, climate change, wealth and the economy. when we look around the crowd, it's a somewhat young crowd, obviously on the csu campus, a lot of young adults. also, we saw a number of volunteers going around, more mature crowd of volunteers, making sure everybody signed up to vote and knows where to go on tuesday for the caucuses. for now, live in fort collins, we'll have much more coming up on the cbs4 news at 10:00. back to you. >> thank you, jeff. and hillary clinton supporters are canvassing denver neighborhoods again today. both candidates will battle it out for hundreds of delegates this week on super tuesday. we'll have more on how it all works in colorado, coming up in the next half hour. a lot more to come on cbs4 news at 5:00. up next, how a local salon is giving back to denver's homeless community. >> crystal clear skies out there tonight, but there is a cold front moving into the pacific northwest that will affect denver's weather to start the week. we'll talk about that.
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. welcome back. a downtown denver salon is giving out free haircuts to the homeless. the event has been going on all day. their goal is to give out 300 cuts by the time they close tonight. cbs4's mark taylor has the story. >> good, come on back! >> reporter: for three years-- >> take a seat. >> reporter: -- bell and beau's salon has operated out of downtown denver. >> it's an old vintage feel. we cater to the business district of downtown. >> reporter: but this sunday, they are catering to a different crowd. >> no side burns, completely off. >> reporter: denver's homeless. >> just want to give back and put some good out there. >> reporter: it's called haircuts for the homeless. >> are you okay with being razored on your neck? >> reporter: nearly a dozen of
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>> it's good to give back like this. >> reporter: organizers say they see people down on their luck every day. >> i can never afford a hair cut. it's very expensive. >> reporter: and hope a hair cut can lead to better things. >> i'm grateful, thankful. this is a great thing. >> reporter: in addition to cut and style, patrons also got a free lunch. >> if we can change the life of one person, that would be great. >> reporter: organizers hope the day gives them the opportunity to move forward from past mistakes and reminds everyone not to judge potential employees based on how they look. >> make sure that anyone homeless, you don't just shun them away because of their appearance. they may have the skill set to get the job you want them for. >> reporter: mark taylor, cbs4 news. >> today's event goes on until 7:00 tonight at the bell and beau's salon. patrons receive a bag filled with hair care products. a great event on a beautiful sunday and we've got a nice looking week ahead, dave.
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will move in with cold fronts. 22 mile-per-hour gusts over into castle rock and parker right now, 18 up in estes park. when the front came through yesterday, man, the winds howled. centennial, broomfield, denver and aurora, close to or above 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts. manitou springs, colorado springs, 71 mile-per-hour gust. lyons, 75 mile-per-hour. last night when they had the big hockey game at coors field, the fake snow on the field was being blown around by the 30 to kind of crazy. looking at today, we made it to 60 for the high. more than 10 degrees cooler than yesterday behind the front, but still a great day. normal high is about 50. right now, 59 with a southeast wind at the airport at 10 miles per hour. humidity at 18%. berthoud at 61.
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here's the satellite. we started out cloudy this morning, but look how the drier air came in and we cleared out and we're sunny. a pretty clear evening tonight. looking upstream, there is a couple of things we want to point out. the front that came through last night now is marching its way down across oklahoma, into dallas. a little rain along that front. the next weather maker will be a system up in portland right now, producing rain and mountain snow up there. that will slide down in the next 24 hours into colorado and bring us snow in the state. tonight, we go mostly clear. tomorrow morning, probably about 4:00 in the morning, we start to see clouds build up around craig. that's the next system coming through. the morning will be sunny. then the snow ramps up in the northern and central mountains during the afternoon. we might see a little sprinkle of rain from denver and east in the plains. overnight, another shot coming
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a little snow on monument hill, castle rock, up into evergreen. i don't think that's going to make it into denver, however. it will snow probably 2 to 5 inches of snow in the mountains in the next 24 hours with this system coming through. tonight, we're looking at 30s and 20s across the lower elevations. should be pretty mild. tomorrow, near 60 here. near 70 in pueblo to lamar. 40s and 30s for the mountains. my forecast for denver tonight, mostly clear, breezy, 32 degrees officially, 35 in the city. tomorrow, increasing clouds, a little windy. maybe a late day shower and overnight flakes. not much accumulation from that. the high tomorrow should be around 60, but pretty gusty, up to 30 mile-per-hour gusts going on. then we'll keep it about 53 on tuesday with a cooldown and wind. back up to 61 wednesday. then bring it back down to 58 on thursday. so we're hovering around the 60- degree mark, which is about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year as we transition to march. >> real comfortable. >> we still need the moisture.
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so we're coming up on that hopefully. >> we're hoping march teams up with el nino and brings us moisture. >> come in like a lion. >> let's hope. >> thanks, dave. in sports, the nuggets will be losing one of their stars, at least for a while. >> and will peyton manning make ,,
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. mark joining us now with sports. buffs getting closer to a lock for march madness. >> not quite there yet. resume time, cu looking good with 20 wins, including a marquee one in arizona on wednesday. would hate to take a bad loss today against arizona state. senior night for josh scott, final game in boulder. dunk here, cu up eight early. a's su not making this one easy. gary blake for the three. sun devils took the lead.
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scott not going to be denied. cu up late in the game. scott finished with 18 points, with most of his colorado family in attendance. buffs won by 10. they finish the regular season next saturday at utah. >> i had to huddle the team, love you guys, bottom line, enjoyed these past four years. i'm glad we came out with the win for all the seniors as well. csu visiting nevada and antione scott, another big game for the rams. 28 points at csu battled to force overtime against the wolf pack. rams live and die by the three. they had no chance, as nevada dominated the extra 5 minutes. they pulled away for the 87-80 win. nba and the nuggets will be without their leading scorer for a couple of weeks. michael malone expects gallinari will end all of the nuggets' upcoming seven-game
5:23 pm
he sprained his right ankle during friday night's overnaomi loss against dallas. gallo is averaging 19 points a game. he did miss six games in december with a sprained ankle as well. nuggets host memphis tomorrow. steph curry briefly left his game last night with a sprained ankle, but did not stop him from tying the record with 12 threes in the game, including a 30-foot game-winner against the thunder in overtime. he also broke his own record for threes in a season, with 288 now. he still has 24 games to go. at 53-5, the warriors clinched a playoff spot in february. nascar, martin truex picking up where he left off last year. constant contender, but unable to take the checkered flag. in atlanta today, truex and kevin harvick battled for the
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then the 78 car fell back, slid back to seventh, while jimmie johnson pulled away for his 76th career win to tie dale earnhardt on the all-time list. dale, jr. finished second. so another top 10 for the 78 car, but how many times will truex and furniture row win this year? vote at rockies spring training continuing in arizona. first intrasquad game tomorrow, taking on the diamondbacks on wednesday. access, the denver broncos super bowl parade began just down the street from coors field. most of the rockies players were still on vacation or in scottsdale, but i'm sure they saw the pictures of a million broncos fans filling downtown denver. while i was in arizona this week, i asked some of the guys what it was like to see another colorado team celebrate a title. >> to see someone do it in your city, in denver, there's a little jealousy, no doubt.
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come out and celebrate us, win a world series for them. >> it gives you motivation. you want to do the same for them. it was awesome. i'm a big bronco fan. i started watching football in denver. so i'm excited because they deserve it and hopefully we can do the same thing. du lacrosse hosting dartmouth, racing out to an early 7-0 lead after one. kind of put it in cruise control from there. du won 16-6. that makes them 4- 0 this season, 17 straight wins overall. golf, final round at the honda classic on the 12th hole. adam scott was in a bit of trouble in the fairway bunker, but the aussie pulled off the shot of the day, knocking his iron close enough for birdie, ending a nearly two-year
5:26 pm
two shots ahead of sergio garcia. finally, peyton manning may or may not retire this week. broncos say nothing officially yet and plan for him to continue talks with the team. our arby's fan talk question for the night, what do you hope happens with peyton and the broncos? how do you want to see this play out? tweet me your thoughts on the whole situation and the best tweets will air on all-access. tonight, seems like we're trying to retire peyton for him before he makes a decision. >> lot of talk, but no concrete facts. >> there's a few opinions out there. >> thanks, mark. well, coming up, an astronaut talks about a year on the international space station just days before he's set to head home. >> and a virginia police woman is shot and killed on her first day on the job.
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all kinds of teams use slack to do amazing things.
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. developing now, an army staff sergeant is facing murder charges after police say he killed his wife and opened fire
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washington, dc suburb. it was the first day on the job for the officer who was killed. brian webb has the story. >> reporter: officer ashley againden was shot and killed on saturday on her first day on the job with the princeton county police department in virginia. >> she clearly had a passion to serve others. >> reporter: she and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute saturday night about 30 miles outside washington, dc. police arrested 32-year-old ronald hamilton, an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. they say he shot and killed his officers. >> it was very scary. to-back. >> reporter: yellow tape roped off the crime scene sunday. residents paid their respects at the hospital where the officers are recovering.
5:31 pm
something so stupid, that's -- it's so sad. >> reporter: gwendon, a six- year marine corps reservist was sworn in friday. this picture was posted to the department's twitter page, welcoming her and another officer. it said be safe. hamilton is scheduled to be in court on monday. brian webb, cbs news. >> the two other officers wounded are expected to recover. officer gwendon is the fourth officer killed in that department's history. right now, russia is holding three days of mourning 36 people. it happened thursday after a methane gas leak caused several explosions and the collapse of a coal mine. four miners were killed. 26 miners were trapped. another collapse killed six other people. today, rescue crews searched again for survivors, but all of dead. turning now to weather, a warm week ahead of us. meteorologist dave aguilera is in colorado's weather center. dave, any more wind today?
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out there blowing, but certainly nothing like take a look. flag. you can't see it because we're so far away, but the flags are not much wind. take a look at the mouse strap town. despite being about 12 degrees cooler than what we had yesterday, because of that windy front we had go through last night. high today in denver was 60. same thing in colorado springs. pueblo made it to 67. everybody just dropped the temperatures just a little bit. that's still not bad, a normal degrees. andrew billue, younger weather degrees. still nice. doppler 4000 those clear skies across the state. as we widen the view out for you, there's a system way up here in the pacific northwest spreading rain and mountain snow in that area. that's going to get caught in the track here and slide down hours. what that will do will increase the snow in the mountains. for us here in denver, it will
5:33 pm
give us a small chance of a little rain, maybe overnight snow coming up tomorrow night. we'll outline that for you. but all things considered, kathy, we got a front here, maybe another front later in the week. i think march is going to come through like a lamb, not a happy lamb, but maybe just an average everyday lamb. >> we need a wet lamb! >> indeed. >> snow elam. >> one of those angry lambs would be good! >> your favorite. campaign 2016 is back in colorado. tonight, bernie sanders is holding a rally in fort collins. he'll speak to supporters on the csu campus starting at 7:00. and hillary clinton supporters canvassed denver neighborhoods today. both candidates are trying to drum up support ahead of super tuesday. even though colorado will take part in the contests on super tuesday, the outcomes here won't impact the delegate count. political specialist shaun boyd explains why. >> reporter: colorado, one of only a handful of states where
5:34 pm
in on who the nominee for president should be. after the state party's executive committee decided to cancel the presidential preference poll. >> we're talking about the presidency here. i think if you see what is happening, some of the questions happening in other states with caucus and straw polls, that concerns me. >> reporter: colorado republican party chair steve house says the change comes after the republican national committee made preference polls binding, meaning the state's delegates are required to vote at the national convention for the candidate who wins the caucus. in the past, delegates could change their votes. >> how do you run a straw poll in a way that honors the process being done right without they shenanigans or issues? i still believe if you're going to bind your delegates to a candidate that may very well be the next president of the united states, you should do it with a voting process we know and believe in. that's why we advocate a
5:35 pm
>> this is an idea that both my agree on. >> reporter: the head of the colorado democratic party has worked for years on bringing back a presidential primary, key. >> democracy at its finest. you're meeting in people's living rooms and churches and schools across the state and talking about who they are supporting for president and democratic party, legislative races and county commission. >> reporter: the state democratic party also won't award any delegates tuesday night, but it will do a straw poll, and enthusiasm is high. >> our phones are ringing off the hook. we've had to call in extra volunteers to try to tell people where the caucus location is. >> reporter: the poll itself, rather informal. people show up, divide into clinton or sanders groups and volunteers count them up. but because results are reported to the media, both democratic candidates have campaigned here, while we haven't seen the republicans yet. >> in the end, colorado's going
5:36 pm
general election that it's going to be crazy. >> that was shaun boyd reporting. the caucuses are the first of a four-step process in choosing a nominee. typically, only about 2 or 3% of either party attends them. there are two proposed ballot measures this year to establish an open primary in colorado, meaning unaffiliated voters could participate. new video tonight shows a carnival cruise ship rescuing cuban migrants in the gulf of mexico. the ship came across the 16 migrants while cruising. pittsburgh steelers linebacker james harris was on board and posted the photos. the migrants were taken to the nearest port. rescues like this are not out of the ordinary, according to the coast guard. earlier this month, a disney ship picked up 12 migrants. a group of 12-year-old girls are locked up in juvenile
5:37 pm
two of them poured crushed red pepper flakes into the teacher's soda. she suffered shortness of breath and a sore throat. >> it's a terrible thing. i don't understand why kids have lost all respect. they got to be held responsible for their actions or they will never stop. >> the girls say the stunt was retaliation for sending one of them to the principal's office the day before. the teacher says she is heartbroken, but she didn't want them arrested. we have an update on the health of yoko ono, the widow of former beatle john lennon. ono's son says she is back home after spending a night in the hospital with extreme flu-like symptoms. the 89-year-old was rushed to the hospital in new york friday. initial reports said she suffered a stroke. ono has won two grammy awards as an artist and producer. nasa astronaut scott kelly is set to return to earth this
5:38 pm
year in space. he and a russian cosmonaut have spent nearly 300 days on board the international space station, part of a research project on the effects of long- term space travel on the human body. kelly spoke about his experience last week during an interview from space. >> it's somewhat of a harsh environment. never even after i've been here nearly a year, you don't feel perfectly normal. there's always a lingering something you feel or it's just not normal. having said that, it's not necessarily uncomfortable, but it is a harsh environment. for instance, having no running water, it's kind of like i've been in the woods camping for a year with regards to hygiene. it's even more complicated here. then the fact that everything floats makes your daily life just more difficult. i could go another 100 days. i could go another year if i
5:39 pm
it would depend on what i was doing and if it made sense, although i do look forward to getting home here next week. >> i bet he does. tomorrow, kelly will hand over command to british astronaut tim peek. then late on tuesday night, the earth. here's. starting today, disneyland and disney world are introducing surge pricing for tickets. the resorts will charge three different prices depending on the calendar year, divided into value, regular and peak periods. value passes will drop to $95, offered monday through thursday. a regular pass for most weekends and summer weeks will cost $105. on the busiest day, entry will cost about $112. that includes most of december, spring break, and july weekends. imagine if you could not recognize people's faces, even your own family looked unfamiliar. on tonight's 60 minutes, leslie
5:40 pm
blindness, a rare and puzzling neurological disorder. >> reporter: most of us take for granted that we can instantly recognize people we know by looking at their faces. but imagine for a second what life would be like if you couldn't. >> no idea. >> i don't have a clue. >> reporter: couldn't recognize yourself in a mirror. >> this is the problem i've been having. >> faces? >> yeah, faces. >> reporter: that's what life is like for people who suffer from a mysterious condition called face blindness. >> does anyone know who that is? it's someone in your family. it's your daughter. >> hmm. watch that full report on face blindness, coming up next on "60 minutes" right after our news. up next, we'll head to
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getting ready to hit the re,, ,, ,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, ,, . happening tonight, it is the 88th annual academy awards.
5:44 pm
and stars are making their way to the dolby theater, but there are protests over the all-white list of nominees. chris martinez is on the red carpet with details. >> reporter: hundreds of fans waited for hours along the red carpet to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. >> are we going to see leo? >> i'm hoping to see ryan reynolds. >> reporter: at this year's academy awards, the best picture appears to be the most hard to call category. the ref vaunt has the best odds in las vegas. its star, leo dicaprio appears poised to win his first academy award. for the second straight year, all of the acting nominees are white, and the # oscarsowhite has dominated the headlines. the smiths will not attend tonight's ceremony. several top african american directors are staying away, choosing instead to host a live
5:45 pm
where the water is contaminated with lead. comedian chris rock is hosting, but hasn't given the standard preshow interviews. instead, he tweeted out a blacked out television screen. at first ame church in los angeles today, the reverend al sharpton put advertisers for next year's oscars on notice. >> if they want to have a whites-only awards, you don't need no black dollars in your pocket. >> reporter: sharpton will lead an antioscars rally before the show and his organization is putting together other protests around the country. chris martinez, cbs news, hollywood. >> the academy has recently taken several steps to diversify its membership. for the third weekend in a row, marvel's sarcastic hero "dead pool" took the top spot at the box office. >> one thing that never survives this place is a sense of humor. >> we'll see about that, posh spice. >> oh, come on.
5:46 pm
angry rosie o'donnell? [ laughter ] >> the film starring ryan reynolds raked in $31.5 million, bringing total domestic sales to nearly 300 million. that makes "dead pool" the third highest grossing r-rated movie of all time. "god's of egypt" raked in $14 million for a second place finish. rounding out the top five there. we've got a live ,,
5:47 pm
to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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. welcome back. taking a live look from our library cam, 56 degrees, beautiful skies. dave, what a february weekend. >> i'll tell you what, we couldn't end the month much better. we still need the moisture, but we'll take the nice weather. in the week ahead, we have a couple of cooldowns. all temperatures in the five- day will be above normal. we've got a nice stretch going on here. today we started out with clouds, as drier air slid in here and for the early part of the evening, mostly clear tonight. let's widen the view. the cold front that blew through here is over chicago, st. louis, a little bit of rain and snow around the great lakes.
5:50 pm
lot of wind when it blew through last night. some of the foot hills, hurricane force winds. not that crazy today. looking at the weather map out west, there's high pressure over l.a. there's a cold front north of san francisco, up into portland. that will be the weather changer coming up for the start of the week as we transition into march. the low over vancouver won't make it through colorado. that should move into the northern rockies. but this lagging cold front here will slide through and create mountain snow for us, maybe a little bit of rain or snow late in the day for the denver metro. we'll talk more about that in a minute. a recap of the day shows we made it to 60 for the high, 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. still felt good .61 downtown. we started the day at 36 degrees officially at the airport. 59 right now downtown, 58 at the airport with a southeast wind at 10, humidity at 18%. still dry, but better than what we had yesterday.
5:51 pm
watcher in lakewood. button. karen up in superior is at 55 degrees right now. still a nice afternoon. skies overnight. by tomorrow morning, we start to cloud up a little bit in the northwest. we see a few clouds over denver, but i think we'll have quite a bit in the way of sunshine in the early part of the day tomorrow. more clouds by the noon hour. in the afternoon, see the green blobs going by in a little chance of a shower probably after 4:00 in the denver metro and eastern colorado. a shot of snow in the mountains. behind that, another shot of moisture. overnight we may see light snow from castle rock to monument hill and back up into evergreen with a little accumulation. i don't think it's going to be a big deal for us, but everything is coming from the northwest. hard to get upslope for that from the east. in the mountains, 2 to 5 inches of snow from the whole thing coming through tomorrow into tuesday morning.
5:52 pm
30s and 20s out across the eastern plains. still above normal on temperatures across the eastern side of the state. 60s to near 70 here because it's a northwest flow, a downsloping wind for most of us. that's why the temperatures out east are still warmer. let's bring it down. mostly clear, breezy. 32 to 35 from the airport back to downtown. windy with a late shower tomorrow. 62 tomorrow. 60 at dia. some of the gusts tomorrow could beef up to 30 miles an hour. snowflakes flying by tomorrow. 53 on tuesday, cooler. then we go back up to near 60 for wednesday, thursday and friday, with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies depending which day. friday won't be partly cloudy. it's partly cloudy. spelling is different. >> thank you, dave. some drivers say denver's parking enforcement division
5:53 pm
the full report comes monday night at 10:00. brian maass has a preview of our investigation. >> reporter: he parked in a legal space, fed the meter and still got a $25 ticket. >> i think the rules are flawed and they need to be looked at. >> reporter: we found a problem city-wide that some believe is >> is it entrapment? >> reporter: that's what we why are following directions finding directions, then finding fat parking tickets on their cars? >> don't you think the signs are a little misleading?
5:54 pm
,, ,, ,,
5:55 pm
,, ,, ,,
5:56 pm
,, . looks like march will be coming in hot and dry. >> yes, we're rolling out the red carpet for march. temperatures above normal, but no 70s. 60 tomorrow. 53 on tuesday. we keep it near 60 all the way through friday. thanks for watching cbs4 ,, all kinds of teams
5:58 pm
captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> tonight on 60 minutes presents, preserving the past. >> the $540 million national museum of african-american
5:59 pm
the national mall. its complexion rendered in shades of bronze, a building of color against history's white marble. >> this is not the museum of tragedy. it is not the museum of difficult moments. it is the museum that says here is a balanced history of america that allows us to cry and smile. >> italy is home to two-thirds of the world's cultural treasures, trouble is the country is too broke to keep its historic rooms, churches and monuments from crumbling to dust. >> but now, some of this most treasured and endangered landmarks are being saved not by a government but by a more respected institution: the fashion business.
6:00 pm
now. >> when pope benedict xvi came to the familia he consecrated the church as a basilica. >> not since 1883 when it was first envisioned by antoni gaudi had it been seen in all of its glory. >> he wanted to write the whole of the history in the catholic faith in one building. i mean, how crazy and how extraordinary and how ambitious that idea is? >> cbs money watch pup date brought to you by: >> glor: good evening. apple and f.b.i. take their encryption battle to congress on tuesday.


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