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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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wouldn't get this job. [laughter] >> so you all would be watching kneel patrick harris right now. >> chris rock talks about the controversy over diversity at the oscars and we'll have a look at the big winners. here's the start of your day. take a look at this glorious sunrise. a live look from copter 4. snow could fall in the higher elevations and here in the metro, we could see windy warmer weather. happy monday. today comes around once every four years. it's a leap year. i'm britt moreno. >> and i'm alan gionet. happy february 29th. we're going to get a change in your weather. lauren is talking about it. hey, lauren. >> good morning. take a look behind me. we have a few cloud downtown. hopefully those make for a gorgeous sunrise. let's check with the wind speeds right now. 54 mile an hour gust ads we head towards winter park.
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they're going to crank up into the evening. 52 in boulevard thank to wind. 37 in fort collins. 29 in burlington. 31 in grand junction. we have a few clouds out there. you can see rain and snow towards utah. we're waiting for that to head towards us. here in denver we get into the 60s with partly sunny skies. noon, 60 degrees. 62 by 2:00. and 50s by 5:00 tonight. let's check with joel. >> good morning, lauren. getting the roads -- look at i-225, you have the ramps and either direction making your way into town or making your way out to the airport. it's starting to develop into a tougher drive. southbound coming into town, take a look at these speeds from the 40s to the 30s. 12 minutes from 120 to i-70. let me show you the bottom map. we have a trouble spot along colfax. it's right just to the east of i-225. we got a trouble spot on iliff. that's at von. it's not on i-225 itself.
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screen, we have a rain which is stopped on the tracks and that's 136th. you can turn on our news partners and alan, get your traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the tens. six people hurt after a crash in littleton including two children. you can see how badly damaged that suv is. shawn chitnis live. shawn. >>reporter: alan, good morning. while the scene has pretty much cleared, i'm going to step away distance. that's what's left of that car. and we were able to talk to one family member who saw his family in the hospital okay, and then came here and saw that suv and couldn't believe the damage that have happened to it, and how all those family members were able to get to the hospital and make it out okay. or at least be okay.
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late last night this car was traveling evident on bowls and something happened when the driver hit two trees. csp tells us there's six peoples with injuries and two treated for serious injuries, they are children and the family tells us that he couldn't believe what he saw and he came here and finally got to see suv. >> when you see something like this, man, i mean, it actually means something worse, you know, and i'm real thankful. >> csp is looking into what happened investigating this case. and they're going to look into whether alcohol or speed may have been a factor. live in littleton, shawn chitnis. colorado lawmakers will look at a -- we're talking about mental health evaluation. jaime leary is live.
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bill dealing with the mental healthy valuations. can you outline it for us. >> the mental health evaluation is a key piece of information that jurors make to make their final decision. it's not reported via audio and video. it's not required by state law, but this new bill aims to change that. during the theater trial, defense attorneys didn't want james holmes sanity video -- at least one psychiatrist argue that video gives a more accurate and complete record than handwriting notes. while prosecutors eventually successfully argue to have holmes mental health evaluation recorded, this would make it apart of a court order. the prosecutors will be present for the reading of this bill as well as a juror from the holmes trial
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of the victims, tom sullivan. this is an important issue to get this mental health evaluation recorded by law. jaime leary. nate carrigan was shot last week while serving an eviction notice. two other deputies were hurt and survived and the gunman died. his service in nevada and starts at 11:00 a.m. hundreds of blue ribbons and flags line a stretch of highway 285 in honor of deputy carrigan and all law enforcement members, neighbors and deputies began putting those flags along the road over the weekend. >> it hurts, it hurts that the violence has gotten this bad and we're losing these wonderful
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my way to come out here and say thank you. >> you'll see them along i-285. volunteers put flags and ribbons and it's a reminder of what can be lost so quickly. we're one day out from super tuesday. on the democratic side, clinton is trying to build on his lead. rubio is not holding back as he tries to stop donald trump's momentum. >> we don't need a guy who is sweating and scared. >> he doesn't square because his pours are clogged from the pray tan he uses. >> it's getting ugly. trump is ahead in georgia and virginia. he trails ted cruz in texas though. cruz is now going after trump for failing to condemn supportive comments from former klu klux member david duke. >> i don't know david duke. i don't believe i have met him. i'm pretty sure i never met him. >> there's been ugly -- no
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outside groups do, but in my view, racism and big tree has no place in politics. >> clinton is ahead of sanders in virginia, texas. the oscars are now more political than politics and the politics are more entertaining than the oscars. the boston globe -- leonardo dicaprio has a golden statute. he won his first statute for his role in the revenant and he talked about global warming. >> let's not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. >> the movie mad max fury road was the most hon order film coming away with six awards. >> the stars and everyday people
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-- there were no black nominees. host chris rock used every chance he could to talk about the elephant in the room. >> i'm here at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. you realize if they nominated host, i wouldn't get this job. >> the president of the academy -- you can check out a photo gallery of the academy awards at the forecast as the kids get going on the last day of february. >> temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. on the way home, winds could crank in the foothills. let's check with our weather watchers. david jensen reporting 31 degrees. we'll talk temperatures coming up in a moment. it's start to go slowdown this morning. average speed dipping into the 40s. let's
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not too bad. a 6 minute drive. next on the cbs 4 morning news, a cruise ship recently damaged in a storm is dealing with more issues. why it had to turn around again. a navy seal is about to receive the medal of honor. he talks,,
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,, ,, ,, for the news you need when you need it, like us on facebook, twitter and colorado's online news channel. welcome back. let's outside this morning from look out mountain. we have pretty colors developing on our clouds. i think we have a good sunrise. get your cameras ready or get your cell phones ready to take pictures and tweet them to me. i love to see what the sunrise
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so we don't get to look it. windy to start the day. winter park, the gust right now at 54 miles-an-hour. it's really windy in some spots. these winds are going to get worse as we head into the later part of the day. estes and golden -- westminster, winds close to 30 miles-an-hour. here in denver, we may see winds around 30 miles-an-hour. 52 in boulder. 9 in gunnison. 22 in craig and 31 in grand junction. you'll see a few clouds and rain and snow off to or north. we're looking that to head our way. we may see snow starting to develop around lunch time. in the high country -- denver, we stay dry with cloud and our winds gets going. in the mountain area, you may pick up a couple of inches of snow.
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isn't a big one coming through our mountain. we could use a good shot of snow. partly cloudy skies and that should clear. by tomorrow morning, we're back to sunshine and windy and a few clouds tomorrow and a spot of snow. overall, this is moving out. when we're talking about snow in the high country and other parts of the state is going to be dry. red flag warning from noon until 6:00 tonight. fremont and parts of pueblo paso. $62 in boulder. lot of 60s and 70s out on the eastern plains. 30s and 40s in the mountain. 38 in steamboat and 59 over in grand junction. if you're planning out your day today, mostly sunny skies. more clouds into the afternoon. 60 degrees by noon. 62 by 2:00 and gusty through the afternoon and for your 5-day forecast tomorrow, we'll calm down an smidge and low 50s for wednesday. temperatures back in the 60s.
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buckley and quincy where we had a gas main break that happened late in the week. repairs are going to continue through the morning commute this morning. so you're not able to pass along buckley and quincy there. you can see the cars being rerouted. just a heads up if that's apart of your morning commute. speeds in the 20s as you make your way passed 112th and that continues through 92nd. i-70 starting to slowdown. we're across the denver metro area. a trouble spot at iliff and von. stuff on the road. they're working to get it cleared out. there's an accident sable and colfax. watch out for that. i-225 itself is clear. c 470 clear as well. as you head into the high country, take care. lauren has been tracking the high winds. both hands on the steering wheel. we're getting used to that because it's dangerous along highway 40 towards winter park.
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thank you. in business headlines there's a fight to keep airline seats from getting smaller and smaller and we're getting a preview of the latest iphone. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange. it's hard to keep up with the new phones. >>reporter: it does feel like everyday i'm talking about iphones. good morning, britt, alan. it could be a rough start for wall street after chinese stocks plunged last night. this week, investors are waiting for the government to release the february's job's report. it's going to show the job growth is strong despite the stock market. gas prices inching back up. aaa says the national average jumped up 4 cents. they're at the lowest point for this time of year in a decade. denver, it's lower. $1.64. apple is going smaller. the tech jie giant is
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is going to release a new iphone in march. it will look identical to the iphone 5s except it will have curve edges. it will not have the new 3-d touch feature. there's a new plan to stop airlines from stuffing more passengers into coach. senator charles schumer is adding an amendment to have the -- to have a minimum seat. >> my short legs aren't bothered by this, but i know the taller people feel cramped. >> for a short person, it's a tight squeeze. it's uncomfortable. i get that. thank you. all right. they are pleasing me with that. monday's top story. people are remembering today a pastor who was shot dead inside his church in dayton ohio. william
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his office at st. peters missionary baptist church. his younger brother daniel pulled the trigger. witnesses say that shooting happened as the choir was singing. the schooler's family member says that he was bipolar. nobody else in the church was shot. there's a clean up of mining sites including the ones near silver ton. there's 300-0000-- 3 million gallons. town of -- the town of silverton --. today president obama will award the highest -- in 2012, edward took part in a mission to save an american doctor kidnapped by the taliban in afghanistan. he was the second
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>> it was at that time that i engaged the person i was on top of and jumped off. a guy was onto the doctor who was about 3 or 4 or 5 feet away to my right. >> buyer's say the real hero is nicolas check, the seal who died during that mission. he'll be the 11th living medal service member to receive the honor. it happens once every four years. >> bruce is reporting 41 degrees from risk canyon this morning. says gusty. not too bad. we'll talk about your travel forecast and what's happening across the country, after the break.
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,, ,, welcome back. take a look at this sunrise. this is from our mile high camera. this is just perfection this morning. the colors are so awesome. i tweeted out a bunch of pictures. if you're leaving from dia, it's going to be bum tea. security wait time is 20 minutes. all lots open and snow open in the pacific northwest. most of the system is going to move north to colorado. we'll get clips in our high kuny and -- our high
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let's check with joel hillan. >> a traffic alert. copter 4 on its way to i-24 and broadway to the -- to the southbound direction. a semi-is hanging off the interstate. we're working to get pictures and we'll show that those when we get them much the copter 4 got to identify the location. let's go to the map so i can show you where this is at. southbound i-225 is running slow. if you're headed to the airport, watch out. that's on colfax at sable. copter 4 heading out to alameda. we'll show the pictures in a few minutes. you can call it a cursed cruise ship. they went into a storm. people and furniture and stuff were tossed around as they
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they were almost damaged and went back into new jersey and safe harbor over the weekend. there was another severe storm ahead. ship workers san tied it after onboard. they said life aboard appeared quite normal. some of the best tasting tap in colorado. where? >> -- eldorado springs. judges in west virginia based it on odor and mouth feel. columbia won first place for best in the world. this week, the rocky's spring training continues in arizona. the first interest squad game is today. then the team will take on the diamondbacks on wednesday in scottsdale. >> let's get a preview of what you see today on cbs this morning.
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>> ahead, kevin frazier on last night's oscars and how host chris rock took on the academy's diversity issues. on this leap day, we see why time slowed down to give us one more day every four years. all of that and more. the news is back in a minute. thanks charlie. a 4-year-old are known forgetting into miss chief. >> rescuers freed that child from a vending machine, apparently the first one he's seen, so he got his arm stuck when he tried to reach inside. >> it took crews six hours to get the little boy out. they distracted him with a bear and some cartoons. poor little guy. coming up next, the c bshgs bs 4 morning news, people remember a virginia police officer who was killed. believe it or not, working her first shift on the job.
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here's a live outside. if you can, get outside and take a photo of this. this is a dpoerj us start to the day. the sunrise stunning. 42 degrees in denver and lauren is tracking moisture ,, ,, ,, everyone complains about millennials.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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a really tough morning drive for the driver of this pickup truck. scene. take a look to the left. a truck is dangling over the guard rail precariously positioned in the south plat river hanging over this guard rail happening on southbound i-25 and alameda. >> particularly deep right there, but joel, if you look at that. maybe he's lucky there was a tree there. once the copter comes around, you'll see it's the tree that stopped him from going into that body water and
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he does have a back injury and car. no passengers in that car. but again, you're going to see that right lane and right shoulder that's going to be blocked off from probably the next couple of hours as they work to recover that vehicle. that's right through the hart of rush shower. take a look at the drive times. we have southbound coming down into town. 19 minutes on that drive from 120th to i-70. that's not going to get better once you get passed i-70 because of that accident. look along i-270 i-76 and it's going to be a tough drive as well. that is the situation we're going to watch as we expect this to impact the morning commute, lauren, for the next couple of hours. >> not good joel, thank you so much for the updates. let's look what's going on outside. on the roof top, it's breezy. wind are going to get worse as we head into the afternoon. let's see what's going on this morning. we have a gorgeous sunrise. this is from look out mount april and
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our day. if you took pictures, tweet them to me, laurencbs4. let's check with our temperatures as we start off with the winds. 50 in boulder. 32 in denver right now. 22 in lineman. 27 in greeley. 31 in grand junction right now. so warm today across the front range. we're looking at a hands for mountain snow and parts of the state are concerned about fire danger. we'll talk flag warnings as well. let's send it downtowns to britt and alan. breaking news from overnight. an suv rolls over with six people inside including two children. shawn chitnis, you have been there monitoring the scene. how is everybody doing right now? >>reporter: britt, the scene has cleared up. we know that everyone is going to be okay. it's an impressive fact to learn that everyone is going to be okay when you look at this video
6:33 am
ford expedition was at the end of this crash and rollover. you can see that it was almost destroyed there. amazing everyone is going to be okay. six people and two children with serious injuries and family members who saw them in the hospital couldn't believe what they saw on the scene. at 6:45, you're going to hear from the family members and find out what led up to the car ending up on its side. shawn chitnis. colorado lawmakers are going to look at a bill involving mental health evolvealuation. jaime leary covering this story. this has tied to the aurora theater trial. >>reporter: it's a question today. should audio and video recording be allowed for a court ordered mental health evaluation? that's what some lawmakers are hoping with this new bill. a committee will present the bill this afternoon
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with the insanity plea to have video recording of the mental health evaluation. this was a major point of contention during the james holmes trial. the judge ruled in favor the video and made the case as -- one psychiatrist made the case as to why it should be recorded. the defense of course making the case as to why it shouldn't be recorded though. but coming up at 6:45, we're going to hear from that psychiatrist or hear what the psychiatrist said as to why there's a benefit to having video instead of just handwriting notes. live in denver, jaime leary. >> thank you so much jaime. a community is coming together to remember a virginia police officer killed on her first day on the job. police say army staff sergeant ronald hamilton shot and killed officer ashley guindon saturday night. this all happened as guindon was checking out a shooting in washington dc.
6:35 am
can killed his wife and opened fire on police. last night the community came together to remember officer guindon. >> we'll continue one step at a time in honor of ashley. we would discredit her service if we did anything else. >> two officers shot are expected to survive. hamilton will appear in court today. four officers in colorado were shot last week. morning them, nate carrigan who died in park county. and two other deputies injured. howard nathan tells us how people are showing support to law enforcement in colorado. >>reporter: police have to put up this barricade to protect their memorial. those gathered to bridge the gap between police. >> society has changed in how
6:36 am
officers and i think people just don't respect them like they used to. >> a lot of people in the community think police are out to get them. i know, i dpru up in the community and i thought the police were out to get me until i realized better. >> supports say you thank the military for their service, try doing the same for the police. the hiring fair happens at the pepsi center. the workshop starts at 9:30. the hiring fair starts at 11:00. all registered vet and their spouses can get two free tickets to tonight's nuggets game against the grizzly. some say they believe the enforcement department is setting those up to fail. brian
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>>reporter: he parked in a legal space and fed the meter and got a $25 ticket. >> i think the rules are flawed and they need to be looked at. >> we found a problem city wide that some believe it's setting drivers up for failure. >> is it entrapment? fund raising? >> that's what we wondered. why are drivers following directions and finding fat parking tickets on their cars. >> don't you think these signs are misleading. >> we see why --. spots still open for a 1-hour skate session. tonight, the fun starts at 5:30. $50 will get you ice time, a skate rental and a food voucher. >> it was a fun weekend with so many people playing outdoor hockey. lauren, i say hockey ought to be outdoors. >> i heard people saying they
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alan, i know you went to the event. we're getting ready for baseball field at coors field. it's windy in some areas. 50 mile-per-hour -- as we zoom into denver more, winds aren't terrible just right now, but as we head into the afternoon, expect things to get cranky. windy in westminster. some parts of the state, fremont and el paso, red flag warning. it's going to be dangerous in some spots today. the opposite side -- we'll talk about snow in a second. 32 in fort collins. 27 in ray. 22 in craig and 31 in grand junction. we have a few more clouds on the eastern plains and more moving in. we have a chance for snow in our mountains. this system to our
6:39 am
we're going to get clipped by this in our state. looking at the future cast. we have a chance for snow. mainly starting in the late morning inches. this afternoon, in denver area. however, most of that does stay in the high plains. there's a chance we get showers in denver. tomorrow morning, sunshine and winds strong. a pleasant day tomorrow with more mountain snow. temperatures today, 61 for us in denver and greeley. 60s, low 70s for the eastern plains. 30s and 40s in the mountain. a slight chance of rain coming through. and it will be windy for us at times. it's going to be gusty. 53 tomorrow. and then 61 on wednesday with gusty winds once again. joel, what's going on?
6:40 am
along i-225 that we follow. a copter forced to land if the this is video from a few minutes ago. you can see the truck hanging on because of that tree. it was one driver who hurt his back, but otherwise, he's not injured. no passengers in that car, luckily. this is going to be a mess for drivers as you make your way through the commute. here's i-225 and alameda. the camera between alameda and santa fe. you have the right lane and right shoulder blocked off. this is slowing down traffic as we go back for i-225 and 8th in the southbound direction. we're across the denver metro area where the accident happened. we've got a couple of trouble spots and quincy and buckley where they fix that gas main and then on sable at colfax there, also causing some slows as well.
6:41 am
as you make your way southbound coming into town. look how slow -- 21 minutes from 120th to i-70. southbound i-225 passed -- coming up next, some of the latest insults from candidates ahead of super tuesday. this of course happening tomorrow, and do they live under a rock? someone from a prominent company confusing whoopi goldberg for oprah. the tweet getting a lot of attention. ouch. we've had great sunrise shots today. it's a beautiful start to this day. that weather is changing a little bit. lauren is coming up with the latest on that. here's mark haas with your morning sports. >> talking nba, the nuggets having one of his best seasons, but will spend a couple of weeks on the bench sidelines with an
6:42 am
he got hurt during over time loss against dallas. he expected galla will miss the home stands. he's the leading scorer with 20 points a game. nuggets host memphis tonight. nasa -- he slipped a few spots back and on a late restart, 78 car fell to 7th. jimmy johnson pulled away for his 76th career win.
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have a good week.,, ,, (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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good morning, everyone. we've been tracking this for you. a driver losing control and a pickup truck sent over the guard rail hanging over the south flat river on southbound -- we know the driver is okay. >> how do you get out of that because that's hard to think about how you do that safely. and joel, i'm beginning to wonder if they're going to leave that for a little bit and let rush hour go through there. wow, what a predicament. >> it depends how safe that tree is because that tree is securing that truck there. if the tree is stable, that's not
6:47 am
stick it out through morning rush hour. take a look from our cdot camera that we have live. they have emergency responders there. they're probably trying to figure out what equipment they need to get this truck down and you know, if there's any damage to that bridge as well. there's a lot they have to look at. i want to show you this other camera and show you the backups. this is near 8th avenue. it's just tough now because of that. and in the northbound direction, you're doing fine. this is one of those accidents, lauren, that comes in the southbound direction and where you least like it to be and it's making a mess of the commute. >> thanks for keeping us updates. let's outside. we have cloud cover in denver area. it's breezy for us. in the foothills, winds stronger. here's a look from look out mountain. i tweeted out
6:48 am
temperatures not too bad. a windy day. doug is reporting -- we'll have red flag warnings. back to you in the studio. >> lauren, thanks very much. colorado lawmakers are going to look at an issue that plagues our state. violence and mental illness and how to handle it. there's a new bill here, jaime, dealing with mental health evaluations. explain. >>reporter: during the james holmes trial, it was a big point of contention, whether holmes mental health evaluation should come with audio and video recording. his die fence team-- if his defense team wants that to happen. he's recorded scores of examination and shows -- the camera would be owe-- he said it
6:49 am
notes. with this bill, it would require a court ordered mental health examination to have video and audio recording. the da who prosecuted holmes, gorge will be present today for the reading of this bill. as well will a juror from the case, along with tom sullivan, a parent of one of the the bill is expected to be heard about 1:30 this afternoon. live in denver, jaime leary, cbs 4 morning news. thank you, jaime. breaking news, six people survived a terrible crash in middleton. we know two children were in that vehicle as well. shawn chitnis is live at pierce and bolt with an update. good morning, shawn. >>reporter: good morning, at this hour we can get a sense of what's left of this scene. i'll step away so you can notice there's two trees in the distance that have been destroyed by that ford expedition that went ahead and rolled over after hitting those two trees.
6:50 am
from a family member who couldn't believe what he saw after seeing that car and visiting the families at the hospital. we under that likely that car was heading east on bowl. hit those two trees and ended up on the westbound lane off the median. chp says there were six people injured and two are children with serious injuries, but the family members were able to see that for themselves, the car here for themselves saying this is an important lesson for everyone to take away based on what happened. >> people be careful. anything can happen. you never know. >> and csp is still investigating. they'll look into whether alcohol and speed were a factor. live in littleton, shawn chitnis, cbs 4 morning news. we have details of a memorial service planned for fallen deputy nate carrigan. he was killed serving an eviction notice.
6:51 am
and the gun man died in a shootout. deputy carrigan's service held march 14th at the faith bible church in arvada. hundreds of blue ribbons and flags line the street. neighbors in jeff deputies put those flag and ribbons along the road over the weekend. supporter continue that tribute all the way to kenosha pass. a virginia student is detained. he's accused of trying to steal a sign or banner with a political slogan in january. he pegged for forgiveness during a news
6:52 am
>> we have made -- but please, save me. please. [ crying ] >> [indiscernible]. >> beg ging and crying. they tried to take the banner to back to a fellow church member in united states as a trophy from north korea. tomorrow, super tuesday. that means caucuses here in colorado and other caucuses and primary's across country. 865 of the democrats tomorrow. other republican candidates are turning up the insults on donald trump. america great. he's going to make america orange. >> trump faces criticism for deflecting questions about whether he would deny support duke. >> would you just say unequivocally you condemn them. >> i don't know what group you're talking about. >> i'm talking about david duke
6:53 am
>> i don't know david duke. >> following clinton's big win in the south carolina -- a cbs poll shows clinton is ahead of sanders in some big states, virginia, texas. sanders has a big shot in the caucuses here in colorado. the vermont senator spent time in our state and talked to a huge crowd on the csu campus. nassau astronaut kelly is set to return to earth after a year in space. he'll hand over i ss command to astronaut tim. they'll land in asic stand tomorrow night. kelly took these amazing pictures and we compiled a slide show of his best on our website at you can check these out. all the pictures are
6:54 am
the oscars are more about -- or more political than politics. leonardo dicaprio talked about global warning and finally took home a global. >> it feels surreal. >> the movie spotlight won best picture of the 88th academy awards. it's about the boston globes reporting on the sex scandal -- rock made some laugh out right and some laugh nervously. >> if you want black people every year at the oscars, have black categories like best black friend. that's right. and the winner for the 18th year in a row is wanda sikes. attending this morning, a lot of people are talking about a funny tweet about the oscars
6:55 am
we had no idea that oprah was tatted. that was posted on this photo of whoopi goldberg. total beauty is apologizing to oprah saying it was a mistake. i don't know how you do that one. breaking news, take a look at a truck hanging over the edge here the southbound i-225 near alameda about to go into water if it weren't for the tree holding it steady. it's going to cause rubbernecking. >> i'm sure he thought this was a mistake. traveling southbound along alameda. these are pictures that you saw from copter 4. copter 4 had to land because of the winds. it was unsafe. here's the truck. you have the right lane and right shoulder blocked off and you're going to have serious rubbernecking and that's causing delays.
6:56 am
back, it's a solid line of red until 6th avenue and slowing that. southbound coming into 20s. so lauren, right now, you're looking at a 19th minute drive to get to 120 to i-70. >> let's outside. we have more clouds. gusty already in some spots. winter park, winds at 45 miles-an-hour. as we zoom into the denver area and into the foothills, it has been gusty in the foothills and estes park at 30. we're going to see the winds get stronger through the day. some areas are worried about fire danger. fremont and paso and -- starting off with 43 in denver. 29 in ray. checking out our satellite and radar, we have cloud cover to start the day. we're watching this storm system head our direction. that heads into colorado. we're looking at a chance for snow. rain chances in denver. we stay
6:57 am
temperatures, we're looking at 61 here in denver and we'll be windy through the day today. >> it's kicking up. copter 4 has to land, there's not issue. and stronger. >> good luck to everybody. happy monday and happy weekday. >> we leave you with,,
6:58 am
,, hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america all come to look for america to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris rock challenges the hollywood establishment. the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier. donald trump and marco rubio attack each other for the way they look. on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady. we begin this morning with a


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