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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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,, ,, ,, the state patrol is investigating why a driver lost
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thanks for being with us. i'm bm britt moreno. mark taylor joins us live. mark, what are you learning about this driver? >> britt, we have concerned that colorado state patrol said the driver of this suv full of children may have been intoxicated. she has been identified as 30-year-old alan angela of middleton. we're told shortly after 1:00 this morning, she lost control and rolled that vehicle ending up in the opposite lane. a family member at the scene of the crash says there were two adults and 7 children inside that vehicle. one of the younger children possibly an infant may have a broken leg and we're told all will recover. >> i'm thankful. i'm real thankful that everybody is okay and they got bumps and bruises because when you see something like this, i mean, this usually
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>> now, it's not clear right now if moore is the mother. she's still in the hospital. mark taylor, cbs 4 news. developing now, a denver man charged with his 11th dui appeared before a judge today. 54-year-old ramon coral faces four counts of vehicular assault for a wreck on christmas. the charges alleges he was driving drunk near 48th avenue and inker street when he crashed head onto another car serious injuring two people. he's set to appear in court next on june 3rd. he remains in custody on $50,000 bond. new development as crews remove a pickup truck that ended up hanging over i-25 near 6th avenue. it happened around 6:00 this morning. copter 4 checked it out and a tree kept that
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plat -- and the driver was cited for owe wind is a concern. there are red tag warnings to the south of us. meteorologist lauren whitney has insight from colorado's weather center. >> look at how strong the winds are. 22 mile-per-hour. gusting close to 30 miles-per-hour near fort college ins. and 40s towards leadville. as we zoom in here more into the denver area, we're not too bad. is the side of town, parker and elizabeth towards highland's ranch, winds 20 miles-an-hour. shifting to the foothills. berthoud pass, 40 miles-an-hour. we're going to see the winds get stronger as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. because of those strong winds along with low humidity, and dry fuels, we have
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under pueblo county and fremont. be careful. it's going to be windy. 60 degrees in denver. 59 in boulder. 61 in fort collins. 60s out on the eastern plains right now. a lot of 30s to the 50s in the high country. 34 in steamboat. 52 in grand junction. snow and rain in parts of our higher elevations of the foothills. rain on our eastern plains and passing clouds moving through the state. we have a chance of snow on our mountains today and a chance of rain, maybe creeping through denver later on this evening. i'll show you the future cast in a moment, but temperatures in the low 60s through this afternoon and then 50s into the evening hours. we'll talk about the rest of the week as well. britt, we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, lauren. tomorrow is super tuesday with hundreds of delegates up for grabs in campaign 2016. dozens of states are holding primarily's and caucuses.
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and 865 on the democratic side. craig boswell sets the scene ahead of voting. >>reporter: trump finds himself ahead of controversy after -- on sunday, trump didn't immediately condemn the white supremicist. >> he says he doesn't want his support. >> i disvalue duke and the day before. >> trump's opponents are on the attack. >> it makes him unelectable. how are we going to grow our party with a nominee that refuses to condemn the kkk. don't tell me he doesn't know who the ku klux klan. >> that's ground among democrats and republicans, among everyone, that bigetry has no role no politics.
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president will not be -- who refused to condemn the kkk. clinton re-tweeted it. >> thank you so much south carolina. >> clinton is looking forward to super tuesday after her victory in south carolina this past weekend. >> tomorrow, this campaign goes national. >> democrats will vote in 11 states and polls shows clinton with huge leads and the three with the largest number of delegates up for grabs. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. law enforcement and the community will honor deputy nate carrigan. he was shot last services in arvada. his sacrifice and life is being remembered in the mountain community of bailey with hundreds of these blue ribbons. flags and ribbons now line a stretch of highway 285 to honor the deputy and all law enforcement officers.
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and deputies with jefferson county started putting up these ribbon and supporters continued tribute all the way to kenosha pass. no bomb for the army staff sergeant accused of killing his wife and fatally shooting a police officer. it was ashley guindon's first shift with the police department. two other officers shot and injured as well. neighbors tell reporters they were shocked by the violence. >> it has always been a peaceful neighborhood. >> he was a gentle giant. >> hamilton admitted to shooting his wife and the three police officers. he faces capital murder charges and could be sentenced to death if convicted. the number of victims from an irs data breach keeps growing. hackers used the get transcript information to get information on hundreds of thousands of people. cbs january crawford look at how many americans were hacked. >>reporter: not even virginia tax attorney wayne zell was pro victims from hackers who stole
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>> someone was trying to claim a refund using my social security wrong. >> the irs data is the latest in in may 2015, the irs says that hackers -- that number grew to 334,000. this month, the irs says there's 724,000 victims. >> the ir is frankly not doing enough to protect us. >> the irs says hackers used personal information gather the from other online sources like bank accounts to answer personal identity questions on the get transcript forms. one possible corporate, irs tax prepare. one audit found six out of -- they failed to providing adequate security to customers.
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because we don't use proper passwords and proper security. >> the irs is notifying the hacked people by mail. >> the online download feature of get transcript has been suspended since may of 2015. the irs is working to restore that, but with enhance security to better protect taxpayers. washington. clarence thomas asked questions during arguments. the questions came as the court considers placing limits on the federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. thomas asked the lawyer defending the law if any other law suspends a person's constitutional rights. it's a curiosity over the past few years. he relies on written briefs and doesn't need to ask questions. coming up next, why
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medal of honor says it belongs to another man. and plus the remin ,, (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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after a flury of reports about broncos quarterback peyton manning this weekend, things are quiet to start the week. several outlets reported he made the decision to retire, although
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heard anything. that means broncos are putting the tag team ano year to work out a contract to keep him in denver for a longer period of time. miller has said he would to go anywhere. stay with us here, von miller. let's talk about the warm weather and the wind that's causing some concerns out there. >> the wind is start to go whip up. let's outside. we have clouds thanks to the wind s s. a mountain wave cloud. plenty of sunshine downtown. it's nice, but it has gotten gusty, maybe you don't want to be outside in some spots. as we look across the states, winds at 30 miles-an-hour and gusty in da
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y downtown and 20 mile-per-hour winds in aurora and into loveland. estes park, georgetown, along the way, you're going to hit gusty winds around 20, 30 miles-an-hour. this just started in parts of el paso and estes and fremont county. winds up to 40 miles-an-hour. windy and dry. be careful, even if you're not under the wind advisory, be careful. denver up to 60 degrees. 61 for greeley. 62 in burlington. and the mountain, it's warm thanks to the wind. 34 in steamboat. 52 in avon. 34 in leadville and 52 in grand junction. on our satellite and radar, rain on the eastern plains and snow in the high countries. here in denver, we're on the sunny side, but looking what's happening. this system is moving into the midwest.
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south dakota. snow in our northern and -- denver, maybe a couple of showers roll through and eastern plains will get rain. that will clear out. tomorrow morning, we should wake up to clear skies. still a bit windy out there. and the winds are going to die down a touch tomorrow. still windy. not quite as bad and we have a chance for a little snow just up to our north tomorrow. not expected much from that tomorrow. we'll talk more about the wind it a moment. 62 in denver. 62 in greeley. parts of eastern plain -- areas gotten to the 40s like avon. 30s to close to 60 the western slope. 60s for a while. there's a chance for a few sprinkles this denver. for your 5-day forecast, we're cooler and we have some calmer winds for a while and then on wednesday, the winds ramp back up. it's going
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excessively as today. we'll feel warm and mild. we could see wind for the weekend. >> 60s is nice. we'll take it. >> we'll take 60s. thanks lauren. some drivers believe the city of denver parking system is helping us fail. brian maass looks at fire hydrants and meters. >> he parked in a legal space and fed the miller and still got a $25 ticket. >> i think the rules are flawed and need to be looked at. >> i think it's setting driving up for -- >> is it entrapment and fundraising. >> that's what we're wondering. why are drivers following directions and finding big fat tickets on their cars. >> what brian found out about hydrant headaches tonight at 10:00 on cbs 4. coming up, why a navy seal says his medal of honor truly
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the line of duty. and here's a live look at where the dow is,, to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water and threaten our climate. sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. bernie sanders -- people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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happening now, astronaut scott kelly is spending his final day at the international space station. he's already spent 340 days in space along with a comanoc. scientist wanted to see how -- it's apart of the mission to mars. kelly collected samples which will be compared to his identical twin, mark kelly. the two men will return tomorrow to russia. today, president obama presented the nation's highest military honor. the medal of honor to a navy seal who helped rescue an american held hostage
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fair warfare byers is the first active member to receive the medal in four decades. doctor joseph was reused after his driver were kidnapped in 2012. they called byers a professional while byers remembered the team member lost in that raid. >> today's ceremony is unique. a rare opportunity for the american people to get [indiscernible]. a warrior that so often serves in the shadows. >> my teammate, friend, and brother, nick check, the reward is his. he was an american hero and a hero in that operation. he was killed during that operation. he died a warrior, and he died to bring back another american. >> gracious there. byres is the 11th service member to receive the medal of honor for actions
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and we have a final,, ,,
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,, dr. phil weighs in on a custody battle involves 4-year-old sophie. her mother and father were mefr together, but daniel says he wants to be e get visitatn until sophie turned 3. why daniel says he worries about lindsay's instability and its impact on sophie. what does dr. phil believe is best for this little girl at 4:00. colorado is joining a campaign to recognize rare diseases. at 5-year-old, meet this little girl with a syndrome that's rare, she's one of serve nine the state diagnosed with the condition. and lauren joins us with a final outside. >> it's gusty out there. look at the numbers on your screen. gusty. it's going to be a windy day and the winds are going to get stronger. warm, low 60s.
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s and looking at satellite and radar. it will rain on the eastern plains. for your 5-day forecast, gusty again on wednesday. >> all righty. happy leap day this is haystack tv, powered by finding reliable services can be like finding a needle in haystack, but with finding the needle just got a lot easier. now here's the host of haystack tv, chris kane. p if you always wanted to get rid of that unwanted fat, p then the staff at md body and med spa might have p the answer for you with this revolutionary procedure. p amanda walker from md body and med spa joins us today. thanks for being here. thanks for having me. p so, really, who doesn't want to lose unwanted fat; right? exactly. so tell us about cool sculpting. pyeah, so cool sculpting truly is the gold standard in p non-invasive permanent fat removal and body contouring. p so the technology was developed by harvard scientists, p and, really, what sets cool sculpting aside from all of p the other fat loss alternatives is the fact that we do p offer a permanent means of
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p have the most experience in performing these very artistic procedures. all right. and what areas can you treat? p i'm assuming the stomach for sure. that's right. what other areas. p we are now fda cleared to treat the double chin. rwe are so very excited to announce this new technology. pthis is a very difficult area to target, with just diet and exercise. pi mean, look at these before and after photos, very life changing. p so we can permanently eliminate the fat p and the double chin and contour the neck. p in addition to that, we can, of course, p treat the love handles, the saddle bags, the outer thigh, the inner thigh. pbasically any area that tends to be stubborn rand resistant to diet and exercise you most likely rare a candidate for cool sculpting. that was an amazing photo there. right. p and anyone that has a double chin doesn't want it. exactly. p and there's no exercise, like you said, to take it away. p you said the procedure is about an hour? that's right. p what do people do during that treatment? pso most of my patients will kick back and watch netflix. p i do have some patients that will take a nap. or some people work.
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out and be on conference calls. pso it can be a very comfortable, relaxing, and productive time. p all right, and going back to that photo. those results are amazing. yes. rcan everyone expect those results or what can people expect? absolutely. p so we're seeing an undeniable amount of results, p especially when maintained with a healthy lifestyle. p this gentleman here treated the right side of his flank intentionally. p this is five years after his procedure, p and that pocket of fat is still and slimmed down, so, again, very, very long lasting undeniable amount of results. pyeah, i mean, really, the photos just, you know, speak a thousand words. yes. p is there down time then, when people come in p and spend that hour and go through the process? there is no down time. okay. p like i had mentioned, this is s non-invasive procedure, p so people are able to resume their normal activities p immediately following cool sculpting. all right. p and you mentioned the great results. p how many treatments does it take, though, p to get those great results? r you know, typically one treatment. p all of these before and after photos that you're seeing p is what you can anticipate from one procedure. p but if a patient does have
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consultation >> steffy: oh, my god. are you serious right now? >> wyatt: would i be down on my knee right now if i wasn't? [ chuckles ] oh, my god. steffy. you are amazing and exquisite. you're one of a kind. like, you're the only woman that i want to be with. tell me that i can do that. marry me. >> quinn: i just told you i loved you. >> liam: [ chuckles ] yeah. so you're not taking it back? >> quinn: [ chuckles ] i couldn't if i wanted to.


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