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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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i congratulate him on a hall of fame career and i wish them continued success in the future. we will have more reaction ahead right here on cbs 4. first, let's get to the forecast. lauren, the work week is here. the work week is here. we have snow in the high country. we need the snow. across the front range, we are drive for now, but showers could roll through this afternoon and evening. it is 34 in fort collins and greeley and 38 in burlington. 34 in craig. on the other side of the state, not much moisture today. red flag warning start at 11:00 a.m. today with low humidity and gusty wind. dry conditions bring out fire danger. hour-by-hour, we are dry through noon today. a chance for afternoon and evening showers. they will not bring too much rain, but we will take that we can get.
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how is the morning drive shaking now? there have been a few trouble spots here and there and i will break them down in a second. this is i-25 and 80th. you can see the volume in both directions on my 25 right now. sums -- on i-25 right now. some slowing. there is a suitcase in the road that is blocking a lane southbound at i-25 and i 225. there is an entrance ramp problem. then this side street at northbound kipling at c-470. if you are about to get in your car, you can turn on our partners at koa news radio on 850 am and 94.1 fm. you can get traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the tens on the way to and from work. saying goodbye to an
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peyton manning is announcing retirement at broncos headquarters. media from across the country will be on hand and that's where we find our jamie leary. good morning.>> reporter: say goodbye to one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. now he is a shoo-in for the football hall of fame. he played his it -- his entire career for two teams, the colts and the broncos. he won super bowls with both and he is the only quarterback in history to do so with two franchises. in 2013, manning broke the single-season touchdown record with 55. in 2014, yet the most career tds with his 500 night touchdown pass. in 2015 he overtook as the over -- the all-time passing leader. now just shy of 40, manning will forgo $19 million and a 19 season at the nfl way he -- where he served as pro-back and
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most -- five mvp awards. his 18 season may have been the most trying from adjusting to a new coach, gary kubiak, to unrelenting health issues and questions about his character. his worth `--'s work ethic has never been in question. the post. congratulations payton on an incredible career, you change the game forever. and this from von miller, thank you payton, you showed us what greatness looks like. i love you and appreciate everything you have done for me personally and for the organization. you are the real mvp. hashtag superbowl 50 champions., you can -- online at , you can find more manning highlights. we will stream that news
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i am jerry leary, cbs 4 morning news thank you for the recap and the highlights. we will continue coverage morning we learn about your plans for made -- for nancy weekend. she will be buried at the library in simi valley, she was one of the most influential first ladies in u.s. history.>> reporter: a steady stream of mourners stopped by to leave flowers and pay respects to former first lady nancy reagan. >> i thought she brought a lot of class to the position of first lady. >> reporter: nancy reagan died of congestive heart failure on sunday at her los angeles home. she was known as her husband's vicious protector and advisor. she was an advocate of stem
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husband's diagnosed -- diagnosis of alzheimer's disease. members at the presbyterian church talked about the first lady after services.>> she owes greeted everyone with a smile, as did her husband.>> reporter: nancy reagan's best-known project was the just say no campaign which was aimed at keeping kids and teenagers away from drugs. though she had critics, admirers will remember her for storing -- restoring grace and elegance to the white house. nancy reagan redefined the role of first lady. she will be buried alongside her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library.
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valley, california. former president. jimmy carter said he no longer needs cancer treatment. the 91-year-old made the announcement when teaching sunday school yesterday . carter was diagnosed with melanoma last august and thought he only had weeks to live. after several forms of treatment, he was declared cancer free and now he will end those treatments. the democrats took part in another day in -- of debates in flint, michigan. both candidates talked about what it would take to trust the government again and that also went after each other was strong language.>> reporter: the vermont senator. , bernie sanders, and hillary clinton debated in flint, michigan about the water crisis. >> what is going on is a disgrace beyond belief. >> reporter: the water became toxic with lead after city officials tried to cut costs.
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failed to do anything about it. there was a call for the michigan governor to resign. >> people should be accountable wherever that leads. >> reporter: the due date -- the debate came just days before michigan voters head to the polls for the primary. this follows the bailout of the auto industry. >> i voted to save the auto industry and he voted against the money to save the auto industry. >> if you were talking about the wall street bailout where this economy. >> you know. >> excuse me i'm talking. in the michigan polls, but sanders hopes that his debates will change voter minds. cbs news, flint, michigan. candidates will leave michigan after the state's
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committed to the people of flint. fake irs agents have been around for a while now, but the old ploy he has got the new life. >> if you have not gotten this for smell yourself, you probably know someone that has.>> i'm calling regarding an enforcement action. >> reporter: the irs scam is everywhere. >> especially this time of year abound tax season, you see an increase. >> reporter: now we look at how the scam is -- has evolved and how they are trying to trick you. >> i was surprised when i got the second call and it was the same person. >> reporter: why can't law enforcement stop the irs scam and what do you need to do if you get the call? join us tonight at 10:00. tonight, the city will post flyers to warm the homeless population to move off the sidewalks.
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camps set up near coors field. karen morfitt has more.>> reporter: personal belonging to make ship -- makeshift homes buying the sidewalks. it is an attractive area for the homeless peers >> out here i am free and i can do what i want. >> reporter: the camps have grown so large that there are concerns about health and safety. pedestrians trying to navigate through it have the same concern. >> i cannot get passed on lawrence, the street that i live on and i have to take alternate routes.[ applause ] the city is ordering the belongings be removed. they are citing an ordinance that bans blocking of a public way, including sidewalks. an official notice will be posted monday. if the items are not moved in 24 hours, the city will do it.
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packing up tonight and moving, but a lot are not going to. >> reporter: the city will take the items to a temporary storage location. if not claimed within 30 days, they will be destroyed. >> it's going to be horrendous, there is going to be crying, screaming and yelling.>> reporter: we did reach out to the colorado homeless coalition . in a statement, they said these myths by the city are costly and unproductive and they believe that it will do little to address the needs of the people experiencing homelessness. this monday morning it is 45 degrees in denver. we are watching a big story today as peyton manning says goodbye. today, fans will look at peyton manning the player. he will resign from the game and we will look at the
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a huge day in denver as we say goodbye to a hero. the sports world is getting ready to say goodbye to peyton manning. he will announce his resignation from the nfl this morning and we hope to learn what his next adventure will be. he is leaving the nfl on top. peyton manning spent less than one quarter of his a career here in denver. he will be remembered as a special -- it will be remembered as a special chapter in franchise history and one that ended with a super bowl
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that he has chosen to play with us. with that said, i introduce the next quarterback of the denver broncos, peyton manning. >> he is long gone. 30-25, 15, 10-5. it will be peyton manning's seventh touchdown pass. >> yes for today and now is up to 55 touchdown passes on the season.>> back from her -- from a three-man rush. >> there he is, demaryius thomas. move over brett far and make room for the new king.>> a four- man rush and he looks right and throws right to fowler. a diving catch and the conversion is good. >> the denver broncos have defeated the carolina panthers to when superbowl 50. >> thank you very much, go
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we all know what a great passer that peyton manning was, but when the broncos played in dallas in 2014, he did something he really did late in his career. he ran the ball.>> with the right guard, they run it with marino. no, it is peyton manning with a fake and peyton manning scampers into the end zone. touchdown. >> that is one for the ages. >> touchdown denver.>> reporter: he kind of trotted. marcus where was one giving props to manning. he said, when i played against him in dallas in 2013, i had the bootleg responsibility and i never thought he would do it. the thing was that he looked at me before with this image of, i got you. and he did. this is how brandon marshall responded on instagram. he said, p money it has been a pleasure. i have learned so much about the game of football from
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who had a busy weekend.>> i did. we want to thank everyone who came out to girls in science. it was a success and the museum of nature and science was full of fun caused -- clubhouses dedicated to stem careers which are science, technology, engineering and math. girls got to try out the green screen which was a big hit. they also got to make cloud finders. most of the girls we spoke with love math and science. >> somehow in my elementary school and middle school, we lose them. hopefully as these girls age, it reminds them of the interesting careers that are out there and encourages them to stick with the same interests that they have. there were also a lot of parents, grandparents, siblings
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it was reminder to encourage their girls to continue with their interest in math and science. there were a lot of awesome kids out there this weekend. i want to thank everyone who volunteered and those who brought their kids. it was a wonderful event. looking outside this morning, i can't get over how awesome it was this weekend. it looking at doppler radar, we have store -- snow from the southwestern corner of to the north. it is popping into the sangre de cristos. we are dry and there is a chance for rain in denver later on. there are winter weather advisories and warnings in place today through 6:00 in the mountains. a good shot of snow in the mountains needed. generally 5- 10 inches of fresh powder. by lunchtime, we will get rain on the east side of town and in the foothills and that will pop off in the denver through the afternoon and evening. may be some isolated thunderstorms, nothing severe. in the northeastern corner, maybe some thunderstorms later today. we were clear out in the evening hours.
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the border of colorado and nebraska throughout the evening hours. we could see more mountain snow tomorrow and we will take it. no advisories yet for those areas and we will get another couple of inches tomorrow. 34 in greeley and 38 and burlington. 36 and avon. 34 in steamboat and craig. 37 at grand junction. wind is gusty in the southern part of the state with wind at 40 miles per hour along will greet pass. -- wolf creek pass. storms will crank up with red flag warnings that start at 11:00 this morning. all the way from the southeast at to carson and yuma counties. temperatures mild and cooler than yesterday when we almost hit 70. 53 in denver and 57 and greeley. 50s on the western slope. 30s in the mountains. week have a high of 53 today
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then we warm up later in the week and we will be back up to the 70s. you can see headlights and ramp restrictions in place. you can see the cones that a long here and they are inching their way farther to the west and hopefully they will be completed shortly. it is still a pretty good drive and the bulk of the slowing is passed u.s. 36. the average speed is 51 miles per hour. the mousetrap camera with a lot of cars and still plenty of space between the cars. we are seeing a little bit of snowing -- slowing as you get past the curve. this is at 285 not on the highway. then there's a suitcase on southbound i 25 and 225. then a portion of the ramp is blocked at happy camera --
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restrictions at vail pass. in indiana woman has set a new record for jogging on a treadmill. holly swinehart log 73 point log 73.3 miles shattering the old record of 68.5 miles in the same time period. she has completed four 100 mile races in her lifetime, but she wanted a new challenge. motivated. after setting the record, she already had celebration plans in mind. >> i'm going to put up my feet and drink a couple of beers and i'm going to relax with my kids and enjoy hanging out with them on the couch.>> reporter: the guinness book is expected to make the treadmill frond official in the next few
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mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman says he wants to be difficult it -- extradited to the united states.
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and slick -- and sick. he said he is ready to plead guilty, but only if he is held in medium isolation. he was arrested in january 5. -- in january. before that, he broke out of prison in 2001. the annual iditarod race kicked off yesterday. the race was moved to fairbanks last year. this -- this year it is back home in willow. each mosher or driver works with at least one dog. they also have to pick up after all 16 dogs on each team. handler save the environment this year is unlike any other race. >> as far as the dogs are race. for us, it is a big deal with all the people. it's a big show.
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able to compete with mosher's from around the world -- mushers from around the world . and new film opens this week about a holocaust survivor then on revenge. get ready for the hottest one shoot -- swimsuit event of the year. >> reporter: the victorious -- victoria's secret's swimsuit event happens. you can see all of the angels in their swimwear beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. christopher plummer stars in the film, remember. he plays a man with dementia who sets out on a cross-country journey to find the [ null ] who killed his family . plummer
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remind himself about his mission. the film's director says the story is unique. >> it is about memory and a grander ndp -- deeper setting -- and deeper setting. the ties to history. sally field plays in a movie, hello, my name is store is. it is a may/december romance with an old twist. doris falls for a much younger colleague. >> doris is compelled by john and apples are out of her hidden environment, where she has been.>> reporter: hello, my name is stores, arrives in theater on friday. -- theaters on friday. we start at 45 degrees here
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big day as we prepare for the peyton manning anticipated retirement announcement. we are live at broncos headquarters with the details. you are talking about the wall street bailout were some of your friends destroy the economy. >> you know. >> excuse me, i am talking. a full recap of the debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. we also remember the life of nancy reagan. the city of denver getting ready to clear homeless camps from downtown streets. here from those who agree and those who do not like the move.
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at 6:00 , i recall ,, ,, ,,
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facing a four-man rush, he looks right and throws right. the two-point conversion is good.>> reporter: that was a moment right there. peyton manning will no longer play another down in the nfl. he threw his last pass in superbowl 50 and today he will officially hang up his jersey. we are live from the broncos headquarters in inglewood ahead announcement. we will all watch as he makes his departure from the nfl and say thank you. start the week. moreno. allen is off this week. let's go to lauren whitney for the weather.


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