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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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f0 good morning, everyone. welcome to the cbs4 morning news at 4:30. it is tuesday, november 2nd. i'm britt moreno. thanks so much for joining us. let's get a check on the forecast. we are into november but still a little warm. it is, though it is a little bit chilly around town now with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we have cloud cover outside and in the mountains just as expected we have a few rain and snow showers. as we zoom in around frazier
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of us. could be a reason gait sprinkle or -- renegade sprinkle or two. temperatures in the 40s. this is still above normal for the second day of november. should be waking up with temperatures just above freezing. lunchtime temperature 56. and today without a doubt will be the coolest day of the week with a high temperature close to 60. little more like it for this time of year. but, britt, the cool weather doesn't last. back up in time for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. now let's get a check on the traffic. joel hillan is here this morning. good morning. in the high country this is what you've been tracking, all that moisture and it's been making for a cell phone e drive -- sloppy. no chain restrictions. you can see that orange and that means lower visibility and the possibility of maybe some
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well. in the denver metro area different situation. green and wide open. we have a couple of construction projects, looks like we have slowing northbound coming into town to the south of c-470. but along i-270, i-76 looking great. no ramp closures in place now i- 25 evans or colorado. joel, thank you. we have some breaking news to bring you this morning out of des moines, iowa. two police officers are shot and killed in what is being called an ambush style at. morning. police say there were attacks that happened about 2 miles apart. the police officers are from two different forces. police should release more information throughout the day. again, two police officers killed in des moines early this morning. with less than a week to the election the campaigns are putting a focus on colorado. chelsea clinton spends another day in our state to boost support for her mother.
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spending time last night in aurora. for the republicans, vice presidential candidate mike pence will take part in a rally at the larimer county fairgrounds this evening, and today donald trump will be in florida. hillary clinton in nevada and arizona. here's our hena daniels with the latest on the campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton capped a whirlwind push through florida tuesday, firing back against protestors. [ chanting ] >> we are not going we are going forward. >> reporter: while trying to keep the focus on rival donald trump. >> he does not respect women. >> reporter: campaigning with former miss universe in dade county, clinton lashed out at trump over his treatment of women. >> he has shown us who he is. let us on tuesday show him who we are. >> reporter: the democratic nominee has been targeting female voters as she tries to
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scandal. president obama campaigned for clinton in ohio yesterday. >> has she made mistakes? of course, so have i. but she is a fundamentallally good and decent person who knows what she's doing and will be an outstanding president. >> hillary is not the victim. >> reporter: looking for a path to 270 electoral votes, trump has been heavily campaigning in traditionally democratic states. in wisconsin yesterday he had a message for early voters. >> wisconsin states where you can change your early ballot, you can change your vote to donald trump, we'll make america great again. >> reporter: the trump campaign is spending $25 million on ad buys in several battleground states. clinton's campaign countered with six-figure ad buys in colorado, virginia, michigan and new mexico, insisting it's because they have money to burn. hena daniels, cbs news.
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really big part in in election process, from people voicing their opinions to taking selfies, when they probably shouldn't be. justin timberlake took a selfie that he regrets. he took a picture to document his vote in his home state of tennessee, unfortunately taking photos or videos inside polling stations is illegal in tennessee, and in colorado. today a federal judge will hear arguments for and against these ballot selfies. the colorado law banning people from publishing their ballot choices have been on the books since it passed in 1891. some are argue it is outdated and violates citizens' rights of free speech. on october 20th, denver's district attorney sent out a release to remind voters it's illegal in colorado to show
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social media. investors are hoping to get a boost in the middle of the week. jill wagner is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, alan and britt. investors are on edge as new polls show the presidential race is tightening. the dow fell hundred 15 points yesterday, the nasdaq dropped 35. futures are pointing to another lower open. facebook is reporting its earnings after the closing bell today. ad revenue grew by 50% year over year. investors will be looking at how many people are on facebook and using it every day. last count it topped a billion. staples has new incentive for workers. they'll help some of its best employees pay off student loans. about 100 bucks a month for three years. capping out at about $3,600. to start, they're giving this benefit to top performing employees only.
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people communicate. apple users will have more options. they released a new list of them, including creech e clown, finger -- creepy clowns, fingers crossed and avocado. >> i don't want to get a text message of a creepy clown. use a different emoji. >> reporter: i don't know if they meant it to be creepy or if it's just a clown and people are thinking it's creepy. >> this could be our interpretation of the clown? >> reporter: i be. >> okay, jill, thank you. maybe it's art. tonight the baseball season comes to an end. it is game seven between the chicago cubs and cleveland indians. one of these long suffering teams will be crowned champs. >> 2-0. high flyball to left center. at the wall. grand slam. >> what a hit!
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he drove in six runs last night and the cubs win 9-3. >> you kind of have to put it out all on the table. i wouldn't say the luckiest will win. the people that come up in the big situations, the guys that make routine plays and the guys that make the spectacular plays to avoid the big inning. i think that will be the difference makers. >> here's a bit of history that is fascinating. the cubs have not a won a world series since was in 1948. and standing room only tickets for tonight's game are going for as much as 2,000 bucks on the secondary market. a cbs4 undercover investigation finds some area grocery stores are selling something that they shouldn't be. brian maass has the story tonight at 10:00. here's a brief for you. >> reporter: for our undercover
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drugs where they were not supposed to be sold. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: where it's been happening and what they're selling. >> we need to stop selling that, i stop. >> watch brian's investigation, under the counter medicine tonight on cbs4 at 10:00, and find out why doctors are so concerned about what we found. more money woes, this time involving a popular for profit college. it shuts down leaving students upset signs at heritage college say the school is out of money. our shawn chitness is live at the school campus with the very latest. shawn, good morning. >> reporter: britt, good morning. one of those signs still on the door this morning. we can see it right here. for some students the only way they found out about the school closing, they were planning to gather outside here at 8:00 a.m. to voice their anger about what has happened. certainly a frustrating time for them. the announcement came weeks
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to graduate. this was for the for profit school which offers programs in health care related jobs. the college says its permanently closing its doors. the note says they don't have enough money to keep operating. students were attending classes as late as yesterday morning and had no idea about the plan to shut down later that day and they don't know if they'll get credit for what they've studied and paid for. even teachers say they for months the school was running out of cash. here's what one teacher had to say. >> given up an entire year of their lives, a lot of money, and they're just, i don't know how to say it in nice words. >> reporter: that teacher obviously frustrated for students, but also not sure if she's going to get a full paycheck. we tried to reach out to the school that is based here in denver, unable to get a
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live in denver, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. shawn, thank you so much. this cooler day is sandwiched in between warm days this week. we'll talk to ashton about the forecast. 43 degrees this morning. this is coming up, a fire leaves 13 people dead at a karaoke bar in vietnam. coming up, why the country's prime minister is worried the bar may have violated the law.
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,, ,, ,, good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. some women who are trying to have a baby suffer from
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at risk for ptsd following a miscarriage. british researchers say four out of 10 women in the study met the criteria for ptsd including reexperiencing their pregnancy loss, nightmares and flashbacks. new research finds not getting enough sleep may cause people to eat more the next day. doctors in the u.k. looked at 11 previous consumed an average of 385 extra calories the next day, much of it coming from higher fat foods. overweight and obesity rates among children rise during the summer break, not during the school year. researchers from the university of texas tracked the body mass indexes of over 18,000 early elementary school children for about three years and found children gained weight faster
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are we on par now for november temperatures? >> for the afternoon we'll be close to par. but this morning temperatures are definitely warmer than they usually are. that's not to say it's warm. temperature outside cbs4 here this morning is 46. we have 45 over at city park and 44 in centennial. we're usually waking up to temperatures a little below freezing the early part of november. it's mild for early november, till chilly. you'll need a jacket. most mountain areas are in the 30s this at leadville. 36 degrees this morning in route county at steamboat springs. we do have a couple of showers in the mountains. just as expected. it's not much, snow levels quite high. about 9500 to 10,000 feet. up in granby and throughout the eastern sections of grand county over berthoud pass there is snow coming down. from aspen all the way to glenwood springs we have rain and snow there this morning as
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a.m. i don't think there's going to be much precipitation left in the high country. then this afternoon we should see the activity pick back up. snow level stays relatively high. i haven't mentioned denver, the front range because of precipitation because we're going to keep it dry again today. westerly down sloping wind unfortunately dries out the atmosphere and therefore another dry day for us. certainly cooler. about 10 yesterday. we'll top out at 60. near normal. tomorrow up to 68and 70 on friday. a beautiful end to the week. for the weekend, highs in the 60s. on saturday, joel, we're still hanging on to that small chance of rain. i wish it was a better chance. i feel like there's still time to become a better channels. eisenhower and johnson tunnels, the moisture we have up that direction, looks like it's
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but there is lower visibility. that's that orange color we see there. as you make your way from the tunnels up to vail pass, that's the worst of it now. another reminder to make sure your car is winter driving ready. denver metro area, i-225, i-70 nice and wide open. i-270 similar situation, a little bit of slowing along c- 470 as they do on going road work. we've been watching the ramps at colorado and have reopened, as they've been doing work on those. closures will be in place again tonight. >> thank you, joel, for that. 13 people are dead in an afternoon fire in hanoi, vietnam. it started in an 8 story care eke e bar and spread. it took more than two hours before it was under control.
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make sure the club was following fire preventive measures. a guard said the fire started in a side board, but staff could not put it out. it is six days to the election and you'll find a measure that would allow termly ill patients to take life ending drugs. you may have seen the tv ads for and against it. shaun boyd gives them a real check. >> reporter: of all the ot 106 is the one people tell me they are most torn over. proponents call it end of life options. and opponents call it suicide. opponents say it has fatal flaws.
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protection from enticing insurers to drop expensive treatment. >> reporter: first, proposition 106 allows doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of medicine to someone determined with 6 months or less to live. a psychiatrist exam isn't required, that's true. the measure says two doctors must confirm a person is mentally competent, meaning they can make position. but thosedoctors don't have to have mental training. second, they say insurers can't deny or alter benefits available under a policy. so you could challenge your insurance company. finally, a doctor does not have to be present when a person takes the medicine. there have been cases where people have awakened.
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oregon, health officials say they don't know if there were complications. the former governor of oregon, one of the speaks people. >> oregon's law has strict protections against coercion. we have been had a single proven case of abuse and 106 has those same protections. doctors across colorado have looked hard at 106 and support it. >> reporter: that's all true, but there's more you need to know. pros person make three requests for the medicine, one written witnessed by two people. the measure does not require anyone witness or record the person taking the medicine, so it would be exceedingly difficult to know if they were coerced at this point or not. while coercing a person is a serious felony, the initiative also gives immunity to anyone
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you would have to prove negligence. on the last claim, there are doctors for and against this. bottom line, the measure does have a lot of protections built in. but there are also valid concerns that it will have unintended consequences. as both sides point out, this is a question of life or will make based on your morals and values, not an ad. after being on the road for the majority of october, the av's have six of their next eight games at home to start the month of november. beginning last night against nashville, would be nice to get on a roll. avs answered, off the rebound, tied at 1. second period,
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nashville dominated the second. puck loose behind the net. nashville up 3-1. that tells you the story right there. the av's had a closed door meeting after the game, just eight games in and already trying to figure out what's wrong. >> i'm not going to into details, but it was a productive meeting and we're going to come to the rink tomorrow with a good attitude and reload, because we don't have time to mope around. we got to come to work. tonight it's got to be said this was embarrassing. in the world series, cubs win game six in cleveland, they
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to keep our communities safe, we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness
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welcome back, everyone. an 8-year-old boy communicates
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way. he connects through music. meet our wednesday's child. >> the teachers here work with children by incorporating music therapy and that's what's happening right now with marshawn. ? hello, marshawn, everybody say hi marshawn ? >> reporter: guitar strumming and singing draws the enthusiasm from our wednesday's child. the eight-year-old marshawn, overcome by joy, he dances while music teacher maureen plays a song just for him. ? >> reporter: today we are getting a unique look at the power of music and how it reaches marshawn who is learning how to best embrace his autism. this practice is called neurological music therapy. >> using music to facilitate
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help people with speech and movement. >> with kiddos that have autism it's a great way to connect. it's a great way to get eye contact. it's a great way to really see their true inner beauty. >> reporter: from the drums to the violin, marshawn cannot only find the beat, but reveals an impressive sense of rhythm. she communicates through music, and feels a special connection to the piano. >> watch this, marshawn. >> whoever his forever family is this will be a great way for him to bond with that family. >> you can find out more about marshawn or any of the children looking for families. call the adoption exchange at call the adoption exchange at the numbers here and all the at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.


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