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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on wednesday november 2nd. >> i'm alan gionet. here's what's happening now on the cbs4 morning news. >> high flyball to left center. at the wall. grand slam! >> tonight the baseball season will come to what could be a spectacular conclusion. we're going to a game 7 in the world series. back after being down three games to one. singer justin timberlake recently made news for something that almost got him into big trouble. why ballot selfies will be a topic in a denver courtroom today. plus, cooler for denver and the front range and a little bit of rain and snow in the mountains. your forecast is coming up. thank you, ashton. happening this morning, a hearing involving the upcoming election and social media. you didn't think the two went
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this heads to a courtroom and we're talking about a law restricting ballot selfies. our jamie leary is live this morning at u.s. district court with the latest on this. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning, britt. republican state senator owen hill is the guy fighting this law right now. he's going to head to court this morning to ask a judge to temporarily stop enforcement of this law that he calls outdated. the law was created in 1981 as a way to prevent coercion disseminate a completed ballot. it's okay to take a selfie with a ballot in hand, but you can't show who you voted for. colorado's secretary of state wayne williams says it's a thousand dar fine and up to a year in jail for violating it. he explains the reason is possibly selling of the vote or trading the vote for something. the little known law came to light recently when the
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misdemeanor. colorado lawmakers have twice rejected bills to change the law. another state senator will try for a third time to get rid of the law in the next session. for now the secretary of state says this is heading to court this morning, and he says under this law he doesn't believe anybody has been prosecuted to date, so that's reassuring for anybody who may have accidently done this. this will head to court, it will start at 9:00 this morning. live in denver, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. thanks, jamie. we have lene huge hacking scheme, this one had a man gaining access to private accounts and photos. a colorado man is sentenced to prison after caught selling access to pictures on the web site photo bucket. our rick salinger has the story. >> reporter: after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit computer fraud, he is now headed to prison.
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accounts were hacked. >> all i hear is brandon, wake up, the fbi is here, and they kicked in the doors. >> reporter: for $20 he provided a computer program to access photo bucket accounts designated as private. he told us he didn't realize what he was doing was illegal. >> i would have had that plug pulled faster than you could have a pizza delivered. >> reporter: but prosecutors said many pornographic. >> it has to be horrendous. it has to be terrible, and i apologize to each of them for what i helped facilitate with that software. >> reporter: his codefendant got probation after agreeing to work with photo bucket to improve its security. >> you know, they're teenage kids. what are you doing with that
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oh, putting up naked pictures we're going to stop this. >> reporter: his warning to others, the internet is not a safe place to be. time for weather and traffic. here we go. let's start with ashton. >> good morning to you, britt. good wednesday morning, everybody. doppler 4000 is showing a few rain and snow showers in the colorado high country. it's not much, and the snow level is quite high for early november. it's up around 10,000 feet. in western eagle county into pipken county to aspen we have a over here northern park county, including around kenosha pass and up towards berthoud pass and the winter park area we do have snow falling over those higher passes there. the higher peaks seeing snow. mountain valleys are above freezing. gary our weather watcher in breckenridge reporting 34. we're not worried snow in town in the mountains. higher peaks we do have snow. down here in the denver area we have temperatures in the 40s all around the metro area. it will be cooler today.
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clouds, and as we progress into this afternoon the clouds will clear, so increasing sunshine. that's the way i like to look at it. the more sun we see obviously the warmer we'll be. i don't think we can top anything much higher than about 60. coming up we'll check the fiveday4cast, including the weekend. now let's get a check on traffic. chain and passenger traction in place. vail pass, this is where they've been in place. you have the plows out there. you can see the accumulating snow along the si eisenhower and johnson tunnels. snow accumulates onto the roadways there. i'm sure we'll have passenger traction restrictions in place. you have to be winter driving ready this time of year. looks like we have a fresh accident over vail pass. across the denver metro area, side street didn't along coal -- accident along colfax close to speer and may have trouble i- 70 and i-76. not causing any delays. the earlier delays we had northbound coming into town
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we have breaking news to bring you this morning out of des moines, iowa. two police officers are shot and killed in what is being called an ambush style attack. it happened around 1:00 this morning. police say the attacks happened 2 miles apart. the police officers were from different departments. we should get more information throughout the day. the cubs are mounting comeback for the ages. after being down three games to one, we are all tied up at three games a piece. we have a game seven tonight, folks. last night the cubs took a commanding lead over cleveland early. a grand slam by addison russell in the third inning made it 7- 0. the cubs storm back to win 9- 3 last night in cleveland. cleveland fans will have to wait another day for their
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tonight would be historic. the cubs have not one the world series since 1908. cleveland has been winless since 1948. game seven starts tonight at 6:00. both cities want it so bad. we have six days to the election and campaigns are putting a focus on colorado. chelsea clinton spends another day in our state to boost support for her mother. she will visit a campaign office in boulder today, after spending time last night in aurora. and for the republicans, at the larimer county fairgrounds at 5:00 tonight. today donald trump will be in florida. hillary clinton in nevada and arizona. our reed binon shows us new ads for the campaigns. >> reporter: amid tightening polls and late october curve ball from the fbi, the campaign's focus is back to trump. clinton's campaign taking on trump in a new ad featuring his past comments about women.
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very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner is not ready, i go through the roof. >> reporter: clinton echoing that line of attack in florida. >> he sure has spent a lot of time demeaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting women. >> reporter: trump never one to shy away from conflict, going after clinton and the president over obamacare. >> hillary clinton wants to expand obamacare and make it even more expensive. >> to face less than enthusiastic support in his own party. house party paul ryan said he voted but didn't mention trump's name. >> we need to support our entire republican ticket. >> reporter: ohio's governor refusing to vote for trump, instead writing in john mccain's name at the top of his ballot. actions that drew criticism from former pennsylvania senator and gop presidential
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kasich and paul ryan. particularly john kasich. you signed a pledge you would support the republican nominee for president. former president bill clinton is expected to be in a rally in fort collins and in denver. tomorrow, donald trump, jr. will be here for a rally with colorado youth outdoors. you can check ou high country drivers had a windshield full of snow last night on i-70. we'll have a look at what the ski resorts are doing about their openings. move over quinoa, there are new grains stealing the spotlight and they've been
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,, ,,
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it's back. snow in the high country last night. our meteorologist chris spears in the weather lab. >> reporter: a little snow falling in the high country as a weak weather system crossed over the state. keystone yesterday. dry slopes in need of snowfall. keystone resort having to delay their opening from november 4th, now they are planning a week later, november 11th. we also have learned loveland will be delaying the start of their season. while this snow is by far not enough to fix the problems the ski industry are seeing, we are hopeful the weather pattern
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meteorologist chris spears, cbs4 news. we're hopeful, though this snow wasn't widespread. >> no. we still have some snow falling in the high country, perhaps a little bit of dusting at the top of keystone. they were supposed to open this coming friday, but it's been delayed a week. they make snow at night, it's cold enough, and during the day it melts. sun up at 7:30. we'll start the day with a lot ofcl sunshine. temperatures in the 40s around town. aurora, you're at 40 degrees. southeast aurora at 40. 42 ken caryl and 44 in arvada. state-wide, mountain temperatures generally in the 30s. for the most part we're above freezing in the high country. that's why the precipitation that is falling in the mountains is a combination of rain and snow. snow generally above about 9500 to 10,000 feet. over kenosha pass, a couple of
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same situation. around aspen we have rain and snow. looks like our lightning detector observed a little bit of lightning in the gunnison valley as well. you may be hearing a few rumbles of thunder in gunnison. few more rain and snow showers in the mountains, especially the central mountains today, park county towards gunnison county and san juans a few raindrops or snowflakes, but no significant snowfall. denver and the front range, eastern plains, we'll stay high temperatures will be cooler. 60 for our high. that's much closer to normal, about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. then for tomorrow and friday back up near 70. for the weekend highs in the 60s and small chance of rain saturday. here's that moisture you've been tracking in the high country, it's affecting the drive, campaign and passenger
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it looks like this morning. you can see the snow covered roads and ice. be prepared for winter driving conditions. you can see we've got an accident at vail pass as well. across the denver metro area side street accident 13th and speer, blocking off three lanes. serious accident. in the eastbound direction of i- 70 at sheridan a car abandoned, not causing delays. thank you. many of us want to make sure that we're eating right, especially with the upcoming meals which will take place. our weijia jiang shows us how ancient grains loaded with protein and nutrients are making a comeback. >> we are making a tuscan farro and bean salad. >> reporter: she had never heard of farro but now she cooks with it every week. it's one of the ancient grains.
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and are packed with more nutrients than other grains. >> a lot of them are higher in protein than wheat and have different vitamins and minerals, invite men c, calcium, magnesium. >> reporter: registered dietician say others are popping up on restaurant menus and in products on shelves. many are gluten-free, making them easier to digest. >> you can incorporate ancient grains much the same way of rice or pasta. you can bulk of soup or stew recipes as well. some of them do well in salads, too. >> reporter: erin says the grains are easy to prepare and tasty. good nutrition is her top priority after being diagnosed with melanoma a year and a half
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healthy and whole. >> reporter: she hopes reaching back to our agriculture past will protect her future health. weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. >> it looks good, doesn't it? you want to give these meals extra time. experts say the grains can take a little bit longer to cook than the other grains. new information on a new kind of supermarket in the united kingdom. this puts food destined for the dumpster in shelves. in britain ab43 every year. the store is selling items with expired sell by or best by dates. they do tests for safety by inspecting the food. if it's bad, they do throw it away. >> disgusted the way the world is going and exploiting it as much as we are and not appreciating what the earth gives us. >> customers pay whatever they want because the items are
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we're coming off a brutal day on wall street, and stocks are off slightly ahead of this morning's open at 7:30 our time. plus, we have a new place to look at, if you want to take part in those ugly holiday sweater parties. here's today's moneywatch. >> reporter: hulu is teaming up with walt disney and 21:00 century fox. users will have access to more than 35 networks, including fox, abc and espn through their
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it's set to debut early next year. on wall street tuesday, the dow dropped 105 points. the nasdaq slipped 35. actor whoopi goldberg is showing off her holiday style with a new line of what she calls her ugly sweater collection. they'll be available at lord and taylor beginning today. each sweater goes for $139. one week before election day, starbucks is rolling out a new cup. the green cup features dozens of diverse people, including a the coffee giant says the new cup is meant to be a symbol of unity during a divisive time. for more, go to weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4s. we're on a cooler day. >> it is a cooler day. you'll notice the difference especially this afternoon. highs around 60 degrees in denver. your travel forecast, most of
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down in new mexico. in the midwest today some rain from kansas city over to chicago and then into southern michigan. that rain will try to make its way towards cleveland. it should be mainly dry for game seven of the world series tonight. game temperatures will generally be in the 60s, so mild for cleveland this time of year. east coast looks good today. sunshine and 60s for places like philadelphia and all the major airports across the country are in good shape this morning. let's get a check on traffic. if yo the high country, make sure your car is winter ready. chain and passenger restrictions in place over vail pass. in denver, nice dry roads, along i-70, inbound pena boulevard, at or posted speed limits. cub fans are anxious to watch the final game of the season tonight.
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using wrigley field as a message board. >> reporter: with six days until the election, donald trump says he has momentum, while hillary clinton has pumped more money into states she thought she had already locked up. i'm hena daniels in new york and i'll have more on campaign 2016 coming up. you have to go back to 1979, the pittsburgh pirates were the last team to go down 3- 1 in the world series and win game six and seven on the be the next team to accomplish that feat. they have to get game six last night in cleveland. the cubs leaving no doubt about this one from the start. kris bryant with a solo shot in the first. cubs up 1-0. it got better for chicago. nobody has been more streaky than addison russell. grand slam, six rbis, tying the
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today. on the ice the av's fall to nashville 5-1. ,, ,, woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president!
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onald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. this is the colorado none of us want to lose. i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress to stop the sale of our public lands. coloradans should have the freedom to use this land for ranching, hunting and fishing, not watch it sold off to the highest bidder. scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message
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live picture this morning from the eisenhower tunnel. we do have some snow back in colorado. this is the news on cbs4. six days to go until election day and we have a game seven coming in the world series. this is wednesday, november 2nd. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. that snow is a welcome sight for us. we are starting the coldest day of the week. you may feel that. let's get over to ashton and
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the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. certainly will be the coolest day this week. to put things into perspective, we'll still reach into the lower 60s this afternoon, which is above normal for november. it's just not going to be as warm as it has been recently. we just mentioned the snow. it is coming down in clear creek county, eagle county. we'll have your full forecast coming up. now let's get a check on traffic with joel. we're watching out to the eisenhower johnson tunnels, fresh snow roadways, causing chain and passenger restrictions in place. they're in place from eisenhower up to over vail pass. thanks a lot. breaking news out of iowa. a police sergeant in des moines says there is clearly danger for police officers right now after two officers were shot and killed in ambush style attacks as you slept. they were shot 20 minutes apart, only a few miles apart.


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