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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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iowa. two officers sitting in their patrol cars are shot and killed in ambush style attacks. six days to go to the election. the fight for colorado is far from over. the campaign visits here today. plus, we are watching the radar this morning, because we have rain and snow in the mountains, especially along i- 70, once you get above idaho springs. plus a cooler day state-wide. your forecast is coming up. ashton, at that rain and mountain drive. thank you, joel. we go right to this breaking news. we have a deadly attack on police officers, this time it is happening in iowa. two officers are dead after an ambush style attack. police say one shooting happened early this morning when officers checked out a report of shots fired. they found an urbandale police department officer shot. police then found a des moines
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miles away. investigators say both officers were sitting in their patrol cars before the shooting. police are working on information about possible suspects. officers there are now working in pairs so they are better protected. free speech or an attempt at voter coercion? people are getting ready to argue for and against taking ballot selfies in colorado. our jamie leary live. a federal judge will hear this case today. >> reporter: this morning, alan. this law has been fought by lawmakers in the past and rejected every single time. but this morning a state senator is taking it to court to fight it, asking a judge to temporarily stop enforcement of it. this is republican state senator owen hill from the springs. he calls the law outdated. it was created in 1981 to guard against voter fraud. secretary of state wayne williams says by taking a
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it to sell their ballot or trade it for something. if you take a picture, it better not show who you voted for. secretary williams says it's a misdemeanor that carries a fine up to a thousand dollars and up to a year in jail is possible. this little known law started gaining attention recently when the denver d.a.'s office issued a warning saying it's a misdemeanor offense and now the law's language has selfie in it. for now, that state senator is hoping to put a temporary stop on it, so you can take a selfie at the ballot box. we're going to cover this hearing. it begins at 9:00 a.m. this morning. live in denver, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. jamie, thank you. we'll talk about politics now. mike pence turns his attention to colorado today. the republican vice presidential candidate will speak in loveland tonight.
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the larimer county fairgrounds at 5:30. and it is day two of chelsea clinton's colorado stop. she heads to boulder this morning to encourage more meme to get out -- people to get out and vote. she spent time in aurora yesterday. she'll visit the campaign office in mapleton this morning starting at 9:00. mike pence and bill clinton have colorado stops scheduled. you can see the full list of campaign visits at home in castle ck condemned this morning after investigators found explosive materials inside earlier this week. police say nearby homes are safe. this is all in the plum creek neighborhood. investigators found the explosive materials on monday. that came after the arrest of two teenagers for an unrelated reason. we've learned an officer went to talk with one of the boy's parents when he spotted the items. police say chemical containers are still inside, but there are no more explosives. investigators say the parents probably knew of the chemicals,
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dangers. >> my whole thing is i hope parents pay attention to what their kids are dabbling in and requests they make. >> the home isn't liveable until the parents pay to remediate what's inside. >> >> a little cooler, but you'll certainly notice the conference this afternoon -- difference this afternoon. you can see snow in the colorado high country. it's not much. we have to emphasize this is not a major snowstorm by any means in the mountains. i-70 above idaho springs and georgetown it turns into snow. could be another inch of accumulation for some mountain areas, particularly right here
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we'll check in with joel for the latest on the traffic in just a moment. wheat ridge at 42. you're not going to notice much of a change this morning. you will notice that change later on today. ten degrees cooler in the afternoon. 40 degrees at the bus stop. let's get straight over to joel, find out the latest on the road conditions. ashton, as you are traveling into the high traction restrictions are in place. our first pictures of the morning commute, i-225 and mississippi, that's one area of town really starts to load up. i want to take you across the denver metro area and show you a lot of green on this map. southbound coming down into town, that's where we are seeing slowing and now slowing starting to develop in the eastbound direction of i-270. not too bad on the drive times with speeds into the 50s still. but slowing down eastbound along i-270. we'll see the speeds dip into
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drivers can expect delays again on i-70 in the high country. crews installing new rock fall panels along the highway near georgetown. the panels are help protect drivers from falling rock. the work will continue through tomorrow from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 at night. they're just trying to get this all done while we have good weather. thank you. a 4.5 magnitude earthquake has shaken central oklahoma. the u.s. gs in golden said it night. it was near pawnee, 75 northeast north of oklahoma city. people on social media say they felt it as far away as oklahoma city. there's no way to know for sure if fracking is to blame.
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after a giant guisier -- we're getting a closer look for a proposed budget for colorado next year. governor hickenlooper has presented his $28.5 billion plan and it calls for cuts to education, cuts to hospitals and road construction to help close a $500 million short fall. it sets asid$1 marijuana revenue for affordable housing. his top budget leaders say the proposal can be accomplished without regard to the outcome of the november election. the city of denver may soon require gender neutral rest rooms. it requires changing the city's building colds, so this means signs saying men or women would be gone. the goal here is to make bathrooms more accessible.
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everyone. city councilor clark says small businesses would benefit. >> the businesses are required to sign them, men and women. a lot of businesses aren't doing that because to better serve their patrons they're saying, no, this is just a toilet, anybody can go in, lock the door, and that is technically against the rules. >> it doesn't affect multistall bathrooms, still gender specific. we're seeing snowfall in we shot this video near the eisenhower tunnel last night. meteorologist chris spears got an update on the effort to get the ski resorts open. >> reporter: there is hope after all. a little snow falling in colorado's high country as a weak weather system crossed over the state. but take a look at this video we shot yesterday. this is keystone, dry slopes in need of snowfall so the season
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keystone resort having to delay their opening to november 11th. loveland will be delaying the start of their snow season as well. this snow is not enough to fix the problems the industry is seeing now for getting up and running for the season, it is a sign of hope and we are hopeful the pattern will change now that we're into a new month. meteorologist chris spears, cbs4 news. >> chris, thank you for that. after being down 3-1 in the world series, game seven tonight in cleveland. >> 2-0. high flyball to left center. at the wall. grand slam! 7-0 chicago. >> all right, all right. the cubs win game 6, 9-3. it will be a historic win for either team tonight. the cubs have not won the world series since 1908. the indians are on a 68-year championship drought.
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6:00. we couldn't have written a better baseball story. >> it's unreal. i hope we get that clock right. the clocks are running backwards. everything is askew. coming up on the cbs4 news, the effort to fix the colonial gas pipeline after that big explosion. and up next, our wednesday's child feels the
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how it reaches marshawn, who is learning how to best embrace his autism. this practice is called neurological music therapy and it can help with movement and speech. from the piano to the violin, marshawn finds the beat and has an impressive sense of rhythm. ? hello, marshawn ? ? everybody say, hi, marshawn ? this will be a great way for him to bond with that family. >> you can find out more about marshawn or any of the children looking for adoptive families. call the adoption exchange, you'll find the information at f0 you can join me later at noon to see his full story. ashton is here with the latest. a little cooler. >> a little cooler. especially this afternoon. we'll have cooler air that will continue to filter into colorado today behind a cold
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days ago. i'm sure you noticed yesterday was cooler than halloween when we set a record. the sun will be up this morning at 7:30. overall we're going to have a lot of cloud cover through much of the morning. then as the day goes on we're going to see more and more sunshine. skies will clear later on. mid-40s just about everywhere in the metro area. in the mountains we have a combination of 30s and 40s. most mountain towns are safely above freezing. avon at 41. 36 in steamboat springs. we're not concerned about any mountain towns, but over the passes like vail pass and berthoud pass and approaches to the eisenhower and johnson tunnels there is snow this morning. we could pick up another perhaps inch of accumulation along a stretch of i-70 there on the east side of the eisenhower and johnson tunnels. meanwhile, in the foothills of jefferson county and boulder county, including along 119, conifer, evergreen, we do have light rain falling this morning. some beneficial moisture. most of us won't see any precipitation. got a lot going on, including a
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low pressure cut off from the main flow in the atmosphere. tomorrow it will be in arizona, meaning a lot of precipitation for arizona and new mexico. this low is cut off, it can basically do whatever it wants to do. it will come back to colorado friday, late in the day, and into early saturday. this is 9:00 p.m. friday that we're looking at. we will see rain for the southern half of the state. i don't think we're going to see much for denver. if that moisture can sneak a little bit the front range and eastern plains. that will be on saturday. meanwhile in the mountains some more light rain and light snow to start the weekend. 60 degrees today. tomorrow 68. up to 70 on friday. there's that small chance of rain coming our way the first half of the weekend. here's joel. good morning. take a look at from copter 4 as you're making your way along i- 25 at i-225 to the tech center. look at all those headlights and taillights. morning commute underway.
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don't have any accidents on highway across the denver metro area. that's leading to a good drive when drivers cooperate. 50s now, southbound coming into town, some speeds dipping into the 40s through portions of that drive. ten minutes from thornton to denver. westbound along i-76, eastbound along i-270 starting to see patches of slowing. here's our mousetrap cam, starts slowing down when you get underneath i-70. i-70 itself in the eastbound direction great ee loading up quite yet. there's that slowing eastbound along i-270. obviously off to the west much different situation as you head up into the high country, campaign and passenger traction restrictions in place as you get from the eisenhower johnson tunnels up over vail pass and then along 285, no chain or passenger traction restrictions but be aware of ice and snow. where they're chaining up now at vail pass you can see how
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is. thanks, joel. big report from facebook and how much are people paying for tonight's world series finale. this is the news on cbs4 from wall street. let's go to jill wagner live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. jill, a lot of 401(k)s took a hard hit yesterday in the markets. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, alan. investors are on edge as polls show the presidential race is tightening. the dow fell 105 points yesterday. the nasdaq dropped and futures are pointing to another lower open today. facebook reports its earnings after the close today. wall street is expecting facebook ad revenue grew by more than 50% year over year. investors also are looking for how many people are using facebook every day. that number topped a billion last time they checked. staples has a new incentive for workers. they'll help some of their best employees pay off student loans, about 100 bucks a month
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to start they'll be giving the benefit to their top performing employees. if you want to see tonight's historic world series finale in person. stubhub can get you into the game, cheapest tickets about a thousand bucks. believe it or not, that is for standing room only. floor seats with all you can eat and drink, $50,000. >> oh, my goodness. >> well, it is history, jill. thanks wednesday's top stories, searchers say it could take weeks to find a missing boy's body in weld county landfill. officers arrested logan rogers in the death of this child. he's the boyfriend of the child's mother and told investigators he brought the boy to a meth house and the
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manslaughter and reckless child endangerment. the governor of alabama has declared a state of emergency following a deadly pipeline explosion outside of birmingham. a track hoe struck it while trying to make repairs. state leaders are now concerned about shortages and they suspect price hikes could happen at the pump along the east coast. the first college football playoff poll is out, and the cu buffs are at number 15. that is six spots higher than in the ap poll. they play ucla tomorrow at home and kickoff is at 7:00. in denver we have 43 degrees. what are the weather watchers seeing? >> 40s across much of the area. including paul on the west side of westminster, 54. 31 along i-70 east of vail
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i'm running against evil.
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f0 it's 6:24. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. we're checking your morning colorado into new mexico, there could be a couple of rain showers there that could cause a few delays. seattle and portland rain today. rain in the midwest. northern missouri into southern iowa and into chicago there will be some rain. that rain will move towards cleveland, ohio, but should be mainly dry for game seven of the world series there. temperatures will be relatively mild for northern ohio this time of year. 60s for that game tonight. all major airports from coast
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rays, especially in the mountains. chain and passenger traction restrictions over vail pass. in town, i-25 and colfax, live pictures from copter 4, some slowing around the stadium curve and southbound coming into town, typical this time of day. eastbound along i-270 slowing down on the approach to highway 85 westbound along i-76. along i-70 inbound along pena boulevard should be a good we have speeds still into the 50s. let's get a preview of what you'll see today on "cbs this morning," here's charlie rose. >> ahead we're tracking breaking news, two officers killed overnight in iowa. plus, a new update on early voting in the battleground states. what it says about each candidate's path to victory. and ben tracy shows us a new generation of drones heading under water.
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>> you can catch "cbs this morning" right after our newscast at 7:00. 6:26 now. ahead, a look at how technology will help make those trips to the mountains faster. we'll show you. tough night against nashville for the av's. what happened ri,, this is the colorado none of us want to lose. i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress to stop the sale of our public lands. coloradans should have the freedom to use this land
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scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message because i won't let that happen. "what's your position on equal pay for women?" "it's too early in the morning to ask that question."
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this is the news at 6:30 on cbs4. we have big breaking news this morning out of iowa. two police officers are gunned down overnight in two apparent ambushes and other officers right now are on edge. the very latest in just a few minutes. >> our hearts go out to that
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snow. check it out. it's back. cooler weather is here and ashton tells us how long we could see that cool weather linger around. thanks for joining us. i'm britt moreno. >> i'm alan gionet. it is good to see some snow in the mountains again. here's ashton altieri for you this morning. >> it's a great sight, including in sum county where -- summit county where there's some snow falling on keystone. you can see the shot eisenhower and johnson tunnels. accumulation not much, maybe an inch or two across a small stretch. 42 dia. 46 boulder. 43 in greeley. mountain towns are mainly above freezing. it's only the peaks and passes we'll see the snow. we're not going to see snow in those mountain towns. doppler 4000, meanwhile, showing that snow and rain also in the high country. again, we'll stay dry for denver and the front range today. more on your weather ahead. let's get a check on the
6:31 am
in the high country has caused chain and passenger traction restrictions to be in place from the eisenhower and johnson tunnels up over vail pass. this is why. it's kind of hard to see, look under the lamps. do you see that snow really coming down, and it's making for a slushy, sloppy, wet drive. not only along i-70, but 285 as well. tough drive from conifer through bailey. thank you so much. we want to go back to this breaking news out of des in says "there is a clear and present danger" for police in the area, this after two officers in that area are dead this morning after they were shot in two different ambush style attacks. police say both were sitting in their patrol cars doing nothing wrong when they were shot. an urbandale officer was shot around 1:00 this morning. a des moines officer was found shot about 20 miles away and 20 minutes later. police are working on a suspect
6:32 am
on the job for safety. we also learned all urbandale schools are closed this morning all day long. more college students unfortunately out of luck this morning. a popular for profit college in denver has suddenly shut down. cbs4's shawn chitness is live at the heritage college campus live this morning. may have a little audio problem. >> reporter: alan, good morning. thank you, sorry about that. we're outside of the school where we can still see those some students, the first way they were learning about this closure. of course, that's frustrating for them because this coming just a couple of weeks before some schools were set to, or some students were set to graduate after spending tens of thousands of dollars to get this program here at heritage college. a for profit school that offers problems in health care-related jobs. the college says it's permanently closing its doors and that note posted says the college doesn't have enough
6:33 am
late as yesterday morning had no idea about the plan to shut down the school later that day and they still don't know if they're going to get their certificates that they've earned and paid for, even teachers say they were only told tuesday afternoon, even though for months there were signs that the school was running out of cash and they couldn't afford basic supplies. >> i am really upset, because i don't know what's going to happen. i mean, i didn't go to school over a year to have the rug pulled this. >> reporter: just one of the students very frustrated about what's happening here. some of them are going to gather outside of the school beginning at 8:00 a.m. to voice their anger about how all of this happened. we tried to reach out to some of the staff based in the denver area, unable to get a hold of them. we are told it's happening to their locations around the country. shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. shawn, thank you so much. we are learning more about the
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this weekend. a driver hit 28-year-old karina pulec. she was a successful local attorney. she recently moved to colorado to be closer to family. coworkerssay her direct is a tremendous loss -- death have a tremendous loss. >> lovely young woman. great intelligence, great poise, well liked. >> police found the white pickup that hit her, but no one was inside. happening today people who are homeless in denver will have new work opportunities. city leaders are launching a new pilot work program. they hope to connect people who are homeless with day work opportunities at city agencies and private companies. the mayor will make the announcement this morning at 10:00. it will happen outside the city and county building. time for a check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4s. here's ashton. good morning. >> good morning to both of you.
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the foothills, and even the far west side of the denver metro area, places like morrison, west side of lakewood, may even see a few raindrops early this morning. talking about our temperature trend, we started the week very warm. yesterday we hit 70. today around 60. will feel more fall-like today. but tomorrow back into the upper 60s and friday up near 70. most of us are in the mid-40s. centennial at 44. louisville 46. brighton at 44 de most mountain areas are above freezing, and therefore most mountain towns are not going to see any snow. over the higher passes we definitely have some snow falling, including along i-70, once you get above about idaho springs and georgetown is where it transitions into snow and continues to the east entrance to the eisenhower tunnel. over much of northern jefferson county, including the foothills from 285 and up to the west
6:36 am
i'm not convinced all this is reaching the ground. west side of town could be light rain, perhaps enough to get the pavement wet. won't be anything major. as we look at the weather setup, a lot going on. front to the east of us. cutoff low to the west of us. they can do whatever they want, they're cut off from the main flow. this goes into southern arizona, near tucson, then comes back to us friday and saturday. the snow mountains, rain from colorado springs to the new mexico state line, quite a bit of rain there. few showers are possible saturday in the eastern plains, that will be our only opportunity to see beneficiary moisture from that system. gradually clearing skies today, 60. tomorrow 68. 70 friday. small chance of rain saturday and we'll move our clocks back one hour. will be the longest weekend. year. that is like an early
6:37 am
loading up and slowing down in the usual spots. take a look at the drive times, we've got speeds from the 60s dipping down into the 40s. look, no accidents southbound along i-25. that sure helps the drive time of 10 minutes. i-76 loading up eastbound along i-270 loading up as well. southbound along i-225 speeds that are down into the teens. that's 11 minutes. and it's slow, especially in the eastbound direction of i- from i-25 out to i-225. across the denver metro area, looks like we've got our first trouble spot, i-25 near santa fe. outside of that, a lot of green on this map. slowing i-225 we were talking about. here's the snow ashton has been tracking from idaho springs up over vail pass. winter driving conditions similar situation along 285 as well. as a matter of fact, what it looks like as you get to vail pass. chain and passenger traction
6:38 am
there. new partnership between cdot and panasonic could help improve your drive on i-70. developers are creating technology to link cellular, radio, and roadway sensor data. the goal is for vehicles to talk and share information with each other. then this data could help alert drives of safety warnings such as low visibility, maybe an accident up ahead. cdot expects to have more than 1.2 million connected vehicles on its alan. a glimmer of hope when it comes to denver's rent prices. analysts from apartment list report prices are virtually unchanged over the past month. the study shows two bedroom places in denver will run more than $1,700 still. highlands ranch is the highest rent prices in the denver metro, two bedrooms rent for close to 1800. that may be a glimmer of hope, but they are still high. new video shows celebration
6:39 am
the wellton park apartments offers more than 220 units for low and moderate income families. a cbs4 investigation finds some area grocery stores selling something that they shouldn't be. brian maass has the story tonight at 10. here's a brief preview of what we've been finding out. >> reporter: for our undercover producers, it was easy to repeatedly buy prescription drugs where they were not supposed to be sold. where it's happening and what they're selling. >> watch brian's investigation unthe counter medicine tonight on cbs4 news at 10. and find out why so many doctors are concerned about what we found. coming up next, officers react to a deadly ambush on police officers overnight in iowa. two of their own are dead. colorado could become the
6:40 am
selfies. the effort to make that happen today. a lot of news still coming. after being on the road for the majority of october, the av's have six of their next eight games at home to start the month of november. beginning last night against nashville would be nice to get on a roll. preds score first, power play, nashville dominated the second. johansen sneaks it in. preds had 19shots in the second period alone. not much better in the third. that tells you the story there. av's had a closed door meeting after the game, just eight games in and already trying to figure out what's wrong. >> i'm not going to go into details, but i think it was a productive meeting and we're going to come into the rink tomorrow with a different attitude and reload.
6:41 am
around and mope around. we have to come to work. tonight it's got to be said this was embarrassing. >> in the we've cubbies -- world series cubbies win game six in cleveland, forcing game seven tonight. ,
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,, ,, ,, woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on.
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house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody
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to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? time for weather and traffic on the 4s. it is 6:44 on this wednesday
6:45 am
colorado. snow level is high, above 9500 to 10,000 feet. look at this, rain in the foothills of jefferson county including around genesee and morrison. and the showers are trying to progress to the east. largely they'll be unsuccessful. on the west side of town, including lakewood, ken caryl maybe the west side of highlands ranch enough rain to perhaps get the pavement wet. not much. let's get a check on the traffic with joel. little more than into the high country, up in vail pass, chain and passenger traction restrictions in place. copter 4, i-25 at 104th southbound coming down into town, that's loaded up. we'll lookty drive times in just a moment. be grateful you're not on colfax. no big accident, it's just
6:46 am
slow you down too bad. slowing both directions of i- 270 and eastbound along i-70 from i-25 to i-225. joel, thank you for that. this news now, the community in des moines, iowa is heart broken and likely frightened this morning. there were two deadly ambush style attacks against police. the police chief says there is a clear and present danger now for police officers in the area because the officers were gunned do wrong. the first officer, an urbandale officer was shot around 1:00. about 20 minutes later and 2 miles away police found a des moines officer shot. the sergeant for the des moines police department had this to say and he had trouble holding back tears this morning. >> it doesn't look like there was any interaction between these officers and whoever the
6:47 am
that's the best we got that we can explain the scene now. >> police say they are developing suspect information but aren't ready to share those details. officers there are doubling up on patrols. we're expecting an update on voter turnout in colorado. so far more than 1 million coloradians have returned their ballots. 399,000 from registered democrats. 371,000 from republicans and 281 ballots from unaffiliated voters, even though they are the largest group of voters in colorado. today people are fighting for the right to take a selfie with their ballot choices in colorado. you may remember singer justin timberlake did this recently. he took a picture with his document showing his vote in his home state of tennessee. it made headlines and raised eyebrows, because taking photos or video inside polling stations is illegal in tennessee and here in colorado.
6:48 am
federal judge will look at the issue of ballot selfies today. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning, britt. republican state senator owen hill is the man fighting this law. this morning he'll take it to the courts, asking the courts to temporarily stop enforcement of the law, which he calls outdated. it was created in 1981 as a way to prevent voter coercion and makes it a disseminate a completed ballot. colorado's secretary of state says it's a thousand dollar fine exculpatory to a year in -- and up to a year in jail. the little known law gained attention recently when denver district attorney issued a
6:49 am
punishable offense. the secretary of state says he doesn't believe anybody has been prosecuted under this law. but it is a misdemeanor offense, so the possibility is still there. the hearing this morning will start at 9:00. lye in denver, jail -- live in denver, jamie leary. thanks a lot. hillary clinton heads to nevada and arizona today while trump campaigns in florida. the political over. trump campaign spending at that million on ad buys. clinton's campaign is countering with a 6 figure ad. political ambitions are burning as we stand close to the election. so was one guy's trump sign. a denver man says somebody set his trump banner on fire. flames burned his fence and yard. john kay says he was sitting at home when a denver police officer came by to tell him
6:50 am
to us, because whoever did it had to know we were home. >> denver fire investigators say that fire is arson, but they don't know who did it. before you vote don't forget to watch shaun boyd's reality checks on all the issues in our state. you can find them at investigators say chemicals found inside a home in castle rock could have caused a deadly explosion if officers had not stumbled upon them after the arrests of two that house remains condemned this morning. police say nearby homes are safe for families living in that plum creek neighborhood. investigators found the explosive materials on monday. it happened after the arrest of two teenagers for an unrelated reason. an officer went to talk to one of the boys' parents when he spotted the explosive items. police say chemical containers are still inside, but there are no more explosives. the home is not livable until
6:51 am
remediate what is still inside. firefighters will have to be on hand any time anyone goes in because they say it's too dangerous. an earthquake rattleed people last night in oklahoma. the epicenter was near pawnee, about 70 miles northeast of oklahoma city. they've had a plague of earthquakes amid increase in fracking activity, but there's no way to know in that's to blame. no reports of significant damage from this on the colonial pipeline flowing again in alabama to open the flow of gasoline to millions of people on the east coast. the fire from that deadly explosion monday is still burning. a piece of equipment hit the pipeline sparking the blast. one worker died, several others hurt. the fear of a fuel shortage and spike in gasoline prices is settling in across the southeast. >> people going crazy in line down the street. last time we didn't get a
6:52 am
people were fighting over gas. i hope it doesn't go that crazy. >> same pipeline had a big leak in september. the governor of alabama has declared a state of emergency. that allows truckers to keep moving. it eases restrictions on how many hours they may drive. new video of a deadly fire at an 8-story karaoke venue in vietnam's capital. it started yesterday. 13 people died. th homes as the smoke continued to billow out of it. it took crews more than two hours to get a handle on that fire. also new this morning, we know all the miners trapped underground in a gas explosion in china are dead. the blast happened earlier this week. rescuers worked around the clock, but they found none of the 33 miners alive. leaders are calling for an investigation. china's mining industry has
6:53 am
philadelphia this morning, as transit workers enter day two of a strike there. trolleys and subways are shut down over failed contract negotiations. it led to big traffic jams yesterday. the regional rail line is the only big system operating right now. here's good news, now companies across the united states are busy hiring for the holidays. a new survey shows macy's, j.c. penney, office depot and max to fill those spots. companies are expected to hire nearly 740,000 workers for the holidays. happening today a lot of potential home buyers are keeping an eye on the federal reserve. the fed wraps up their two-day meeting today. likely to keep rates the same ahead of the election. but they could signal a rate hike is likely in mid-december.
6:54 am
cleveland. the cubs were down three games to one, but they have come back against cleveland. >> 2-0. high flyball to left center. at the wall. grand slam! >> awesome. first pitch of game seven is tonight at 6:00. the fans in chicago went crazy after that grand slam. [ cheering ] >> here's the deal, a win for either team will the cubs are on a 108 year world series drought. cleveland hasn't won since 1948. a new tradition at wrigley field has some cub fans leaving their mark for loved ones no longer with us. they're writing emotional messages along the brick wall with chalk. most of the writings are dedicated to family and friends no longer around. >> who will write the script on
6:55 am
a big deal. it is a big deal and weather should be nice. 60s in cleveland. not bad for early november in northern ohio. here in colorado that is snow that you see along i-70 near the eisenhower and johnson tunnels. there could still be another half inch to inch of accumulation along stretches of i-70. denver metro area very light rain on the west side of town. to the east just now starting to see light there, 7:30 will be our official sunrise. temperatures in the 40s around de collins this morning. 30s and 40s on the eastern plains. most mountain towns are above freezing, so any precipitation for mountain communities in town would just be rain for today. highs will be in the 50s in the mountains. here's doppler 4000. you can see some snow once you get up above about 9500 feet. relatively high snow level. foothills all rain, including this little area of moderate, even heavy rain that moved out
6:56 am
cross over 285 between conifer and morrison. get ready along that stretch. there will be a lot of rain. upper level low is cut off from the main flow of the atmosphere, means it can do whatever it wants. will head to tucson today and back to colorado friday and saturday. that means rain in the mountains, snow above about 9500 feet for friday into saturday. the front range and eastern plains, a small chance for rain on saturday. that's really our only opportunity. temperatures in the 60s the next couple 70 on friday. and small chance of rain saturday. here is joel. this is i-25 as you get closer to santa fe and loaded up. that's really the story, traffic story. southbound coming down into town speeds in the 40s, down into the 30s. 11 minutes from 120th out to i- 70. mousetrap cam, plenty of cars
6:57 am
metro area. chain and passenger traction ,,
6:58 am
,, ,,
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? breaking news. a manhunt is under way in central iowa, after two police officers who were ambushed killed. >> with six days to go, hillary clinton tries to divert attention from the fbi e-mail investigation. donald trump hopes a hidden vote will put him over the top. and for the first time in centuries, researchers uncover the burial slab where jesus is said to have been laid to rest. we will show you what they found. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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