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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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%f0 hi, everybody. this is the news on the day after you know what. thursday, november 3rd. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. we have rewritten history. fans in ic still celebrating as the cubs win the world series for the first time since 1908. they came down from 3-1 to beat the indians in 10 innings. and this hit past third base to end the long drought. it was a close one. too bad one team had to lose. too good to be true. >> kind of how it works. >> we'll have more highlights
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>> ashton, we know this weekend with the cubs' victory the clocks will run backwards. true. you're absolutely right. crazy things are happening. cubs win and crazy things start happening, like an extra hour of sleep. we have 40 degrees outside in denver. we have mostly clear skies on top of us. doppler 4000 isn't showing anything really anywhere in the state with the exception of the san luis other than that, clear conditions. sunny state-wide today. all the moisture is to the south of us, from arizona through new mexico and into texas. look at all that rain down there. some of this moisture, some of it, will make its way northward into colorado starting tomorrow and into saturday. we're going to talk about that coming up. for today expect mostly sunny skies. by noon we'll be at 62. a high today of 68. a bit warmer than it was yesterday. still far above normal for this time of year.
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lower 40s for the kids later this morning. here's joel. good morning, ashton. take a look at the drive, i really think you're going to like it. i-25 and arapahoe road. we've got on going construction. also construction closed off the ramp from southbound i-25 to evans. those closures in place tonight starting at 7:00, but tonight is the closures. across the denver metro area, a lot of green, at or near posted speed limits. thank you. today presidential campaigns will keep the focus on our state. donald trump, jr. is going to be in colorado today. tomorrow former president bill clinton will be making stops, including denver. our hena daniels has the latest on the campaign. >> reporter: it was one of her biggest crowds yet. hillary clinton was greeted by 15,000 supporters in arizona
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>> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos, african-americans, muslims, p.o.w.s. >> reporter: president obama complained for clinton in indices yesterday. where african-american voting rates have had a slow start. >> i hate to put a little pressure on you, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. >> reporter: in florida the same time in 2012, driven in part by trump's comments about mexicans. new polls show the race in florida is essentially tied. >> in six days we are going to win the great state of florida. >> reporter: donald trump had his own warning for voters if hillary clinton wins. >> if hillary clinton were to be elected, it would create an
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>> reporter: in an attempt to woo women, trump's wife will be back on the campaign state trail today in pennsylvania. it will be her nicer speech since being accused of plagiarizing michelle obama since july. >> both republican nominee and his could hold duel rallies -- political specialist shaun boyd spoke with mike pence about undecided voters. >> we're leading in two different national polls and "the denver post" just reported it's all tied up in colorado. >> reporter: mike pence told an overflow crowd in loveland it's game on. >> until very recently it seemed like he was out there fighting all on his own.
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together. colorado is coming together. we're going to make donald trump the next president of the united states of america. >> reporter: but the path to victory remains narrow. colorado factors in. >> how critical is the state of colorado? >> colorado always looms large in our national elections, but i think particularly so this year. and i think donald trump has a message resonating with people here in colorado, people that believe in economic freedom. people that believe in ruged individualism. olive branch to conservatives to a party divided. >> now is the time to say with one voice to our fellow republicans it's time to come home. >> reporter: pence's closing argument aimed at those still on the fence leaning toward trump. >> whoever is the next president, that president will likely set the course of the supreme court the next 40 years. that's for real. so colorado, we got work to do. you got six days to do it. >> reporter: this race is hardly over.
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two to three bigger states like north carolina, florida, ohio where he is up, the race will come down to a collection of smaller states and colorado is prominent among them. no wonder trump has been here at least 10 times in the last three months and his campaign isn't ruling out another visit before tuesday. in loveland, shaun boyd, cbs4 news. a man in a wheelchair is hurt after being hurt near colfax and franklin. police say the driver of the the man in the wheelchair does have serious injuries. we have no word of possible charges associated with that. church vandalized for making a political statement and this is not the first time. possibly for the same reason. our shawn chitness live with reaction from church leaders this morning. shawn. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here outside of first unitarian church where we can still seal the vandalism.
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there's a black lives matter sign and paint sprayed all over. this is happened for a second time almost exactly a year later, someone pouring red paint over this sign and their support of that movement. they think they're going to react differently. last year they got a team together to pressure wash and clean up the mess that was made by someone. this year, though, the leaders at the church tell us th the struggle and the challenge that those who support this movement, black lives matter, and other movements like it face and let it be a reminder to those that are against it, as well as those in support of it each day. they did talk to police, they did file a report, and detectives telling them because there isn't surveillance video there likely won't be a way to find the person responsible.
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black lives matter has infuriateed someone to the point where they feel like they have to vandalize our building in the middle of the night and run away. >> reporter: we did reach out to the local black lives matter chapter to get their reaction to this incident, and they were unable to comment at that time. live in denver, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. thank you, shawn. investors are seeing effects from the election as america is uncertain about who next commander-in-chief. wall street folk hope to get the numbers back on track. >> let's go to jill wagner see what's happening ahead of the open. hi, jill. >> reporter: good morning, alan and britt. uncertainty is putting investors on edge. s&p fell for the seventh day in a row. that has not happened in five years. dow dropped 77 points. nasdaq down 48. futures pointing to another lower open.
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show the presidential race is tight. markets traditionally don't like uncertainty. a donald trump win would likely bring huge changes to taxation, and trade policies. every day that you wait to book for thanksgiving will cost you. it's expected prices will jump about $4 every day, and about ten dollars a day in the 10 days before thanksgiving. this year's holiday toy cre the interactive toys that hatch from plastic eggs. they're sold out online at wal- mart, amazon and target. they retail 50 bucks but are selling about a thousand dollars on ebay. i haven't heard of these until recently. >> hot new things i guess. >> i think we got a craze going. thanks a lot. we want to talk more about our big story, the cubs are
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champions for the first time in 108 years. >> it is true. streets of chicago largely peaceful as people celebrated the victory over cleveland in extra innings, ending curses. following a 17-minute rain delay they were tied in the tenth before up. 8-6, cubs. last chance for cleveland. they narrowed the lead to one. tough play for kris bryant, but he gets it done. cubs win, cubs win. they come back after being down three to one to win their first
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>> it's like a heavy weight fight, man. just blow for blow. everybody playing their heart out and the indians never gave up, either. i can't believe we're finally standing after 108 years finally able to hoist the trophy. >> nobody can believe it. the world series drought over. plans for an epic victory parade in chicago are now underway. some cubs ns celebrating and maybe calling into work sick this morning. fans outside wrigley field were ecstatic after the win. fans poured into the streets outside wrigley field. the bars were packed. this were even some tears flowing down, happy cub fans faces. one of the most well known fan,
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reporters how he thought chicago was celebrating. >> people actually tripping and you know, at a time like this it gets emotional, you forget there are curbs and you slip and trip and fall. >> he showered reporters in champagne and asked them to take victory sips offcamera. this was such a good series. both teams have such an >> cubs won it two years last time, so we'll see. women and children among women and children among 19victims in a dead at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. "what's your position on equal pay for women?"
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researchers are taking a closer look at how smoking affects those living with hiv. the study from massachusetts general hospital found smoking significantly reduces the life span of people living with hiv, possibly more than the disease itself. the study found smokers are hiv can develop related diseases such as lung cancer more often than those who are not infected and cut their life span by more than eight years. 90% of american children eat too much salt. a study looked at the eating habits of more than 2,000 children. researchers say when kids develop a preference for salty foods early in life, that continues into adulthood putting them at greater risk for cardiovascular problems. and doctors blame daytime sleepiness and a tendency to stay up late with teenagers
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schedules. researchers say starting school later in the day to better match teens' body clock patterns. if you have work that has anything to do with people in chicago, forget about it. ashton, i wouldn't -- >> i wouldn't count on much at all. i doubt there will be many people at work, or on time today in chicago. 43 in denver. this is our camera at lookout mountain. most 30s or lower 40s. 41 englewood. 40 in northern highlands ranch, or northern douglas county in highlands ranch i should say. north side of town the cooler spots like erie, you're noticing it. it's 32 degrees there. it's even cooler as you make your way into weld county. greeley at 30 degrees. fort collins you have 36. most mountain towns are waking up to temperatures in the 20s this morning. later on high country locations
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we'll see 60s on the western slope, including 62 for meeker and 68, that's right, 68 in grand junction, beautiful day there. that's about where we'll be in denver, 68 degrees. few 70s on the eastern plains later on, including 72 in burlington. i showed you this earlier, clear skies. sunny day here. out east, see all this rain here moving through pennsylvania and new york? that's the rain that moved through cleveland causing that brief delay for game seven last night. end of a big front that goes from ohio through texas and the southern portions of new mexico. at the very end of that front there's an area of low pressure that's been cut off from the main flow in the atmosphere, which means it can do whatever it wants. tomorrow that low will move north. it will weaken, but it will spread moisture in the southern part of our state. good chance of rain for the san
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don't think we're going to see much. today, no chance for rain. mostly sunny. high 68. tomorrow 70. there's that small chance for rain saturday. high 65. saturday night, early sunday morning, we go back to mountain standard time. we gain an hour this weekend. it's my favorite weekend of the year. i don't care what the weather is like, it's always my favorite weekend of the year. and i tend to show up to church on time sun mornings -- sunday mornings which is also it's nice and wide open. no cones blocking off the left lanes. how about that for a change? seeing a great picture across the denver metro area. 285, 6th avenue, c-470, i-70 into the high country, dry conditions. same on i-225. southbound coming down into town, 10 minutes from 120th to i-70. joel, thank you. at least 19 people, including women and children are dead in a train collision in pakistan.
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at least 50 others are injured and bodies are still trapped inside. it happened in the early morning hours. one train was parked and another rammed into it. now officials are looking into why the second driver did not stop. you wouldn't less a grocery store clerk prescribe drugs, right? a cbs4 investigation found it is happening. here's our brian maass. >> reporter: it's store on denver's west side, selling everything from tortillas to meats, and that's not all. when our undercover producer asked for something for back pain, the clerk sold her a prescription medication, supposed to be des penceed by a pharmacy or doctor. we went back again and it
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antibiotic. a couple of miles away at another store we found the same thing. they sold us children's amoxil inwithout dosing information. that can cause life-threatening allergic reactions. >> it can hurt the person taking the wrong drug in the right way or right drug in the wrong way. >> reporter: health experts are concerned with handing out prescriptions without guidance, which >> it should not be used in children. it can produce discoloration in the teeth. there's no guarantee it's got the amount of drug in it it says. >> reporter: this has happened before. this year investigators found this greeley store selling prescription drugs without a license. the state issued a cease and desist order in july. both of these fort collins stores dispensed meds in 2014.
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cultural norm. >> reporter: dr. farley oversees clinics that serve the latino community. he says it's common in mexico. >> when folks come up here they don't drop their cultural background at the border. >> reporter: he says there are plenty of low health care options that -- low cost health care options that are safer. >> it's best to go to a primary health ca grocery store. >> reporter: we went back to the first store and the owner said he didn't know it was legal. >> of course, it's illegal, i'm not going to do anymore. >> brian maass reporting. we had all the medications we bought tested and they verified they were indeed prescription meds. we spoke to the owner at the second store we visited in denver and she said what happened there was a mistake. here's sports. for those hoping the
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rookie paxton lynch, don't hold your breath. trevor siemian named a captain for the second half of the season yesterday. broncos got back to work getting ready for the raiders. wade phillips was back at practice. despite the raiders' derek carr coming off a 500-yard passing game against tampa bay, denver defense not that impressed. >> they make it hard watching their secondary. but i mean, everywhere. he had so much confidence in cooper, he'll throw it up to them. we have a chances to get picks. >> they're two good receivers. i wouldn't put them in the elite category. we have guys that have elite receiver and one good receiver, that's different. meanwhile, derek carr full of praise for denver, calling
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quarterback tandem in the nfl. ,
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f0 archeologists in jerusalem say they believe they have uncovered the burial slab where the body of jesus christ was laid to rest. it is deep inside the church of the holy sepulcher. they made the discovery while doing a restoring the shrine, after peeling back layers of construction projects, they found a marble slap with a cross carved into its surface. >> i feel like we are as close as possible to saying this is exactly the spot that constantine said here is the burial of jesus christ. >> just amazing. 60 hours after the find, the
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good morning, colorado. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on thursday, november 3rd. >> i'm alan gionet. here's what's happening now on the cbs4 morning news. the cubs. >>s to be a tough play. the cubs win the world series! >> oh boy. first time since 1908, the loveable losers, also known as it's chicago cubs are your world series champs. coming up, highlights and the massive celebration. also this, five days to the election and both candidates are turning to states like colorado for lasts-minute support. their message to undecided


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