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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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were robbed at gunpoint and one was taken to the hospital right outside of a nightclub. we'll have the latest coming up. a violent robbery at a denver key bank now the fbi is asking for help to try and identify this group. good morning from colorado's weather center. our weather watcher doug goodman reporting 42 in north lafayette. most of us are in the 40s. all that police activity causing delays this morning. here'swh you get into the south glen area. we'll tell you how to get around it. thank you, joel. overnight protestors in california marched along the downtown streets eventually shutting down traffic on the 101. there were other demonstrations happening across america. [ chanting ] >> reporter: demonstrators in oakland, california protesting into the night wednesday against the election victory that shocked the world. similar protests took place in
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through the west coast to los angeles. some demonstrators there setting fire to a donald trump effigy. others blocking the highway. in new york as many as 5,000 people gathered outside trump tower, while in the nation's capital anti-trump chants echoed through the streets. [ chanting ] >> reporter: a similar outcry heard in chicago. [ chanting ] >> reporter: some even calling on clinton to challenge the you, we all need you. this country needs you. >> reporter: clinton herself sending a different message as she conceded. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> reporter: the rage that played out on the streets wednesday a stark contrast to the tone set by president obama as he spoke following trump's victory. >> we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and
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follow those words with action, inviting trump to meet him at the white house thursday. two men are robbed, one of them is shot. it all happened early this morning outside the stone nightclub on morrison road. that's where shawn chitness is live for us this morning. shawn, earlier we asked you about a suspect. any idea if this has all changed? >> reporter: britt, we know police have cleared the scene and moved on to trying to hearing about the suspect being in one cone and now another. this all started just before 2:00 a.m., though. that's when police tell us these two men were robbed outside of the nightclub at gunpoint. one of them taken to the hospital in critical condition from his injuries, gunshot wounds there. we know the other man, the one that was injured, is in stable condition now and the other man wasn't injured. but that suspect did get away
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first hearing about this happening in denver county, now in another county. we know that is what is keeping denver police busy at this time. for now they haven't been able to give us a description on the suspect or car they're looking for, but we do know they're pursuing that car this morning. live in denver, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. the suspect chased across county lines, even for a short time on southbound i-25. cbs4's jamie leary picks up the story, she's in arapahoe county now, live in complex near arapahoe road and holly in centennial. what's going on there, jamie? >> reporter: a lot of police act. this is a multijurisdictional effort. arapahoe county, police involved. half a dozen police up the block. we are on glenco off arapahoe. holly is down the road.
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officers, they have guns drawn, dogs assisting, searching for a suspect. we do flow this is connected -- know this is connected to the case shawn is working on now. big scene, big investigation going on and a lot of police activity. it's still early in the investigation. they couldn't tell me how long the blocks will be there, so they are diverting traffic this morning. still a lot of investigation going on at this point in time. so we're going to gather information and let you when learn more. thank you so much. 5:04on this thursday morning. let's get a check of weather and traffic. good morning, ashton. >> good morning, britt. wasn't yesterday nice? wow, 74 our official high yesterday. only 2 degrees away from a record high. today we start cooling things down a bit. but we'll still be far above normal for the middle of november. sun up at 6:39. just like yesterday it will be tough to find a cloud in the sky across colorado, with high
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weather. that means our dry streak continues. it's up to almost 30 days in a row. by 9:00 a.m., 51. at noon, 66. a high of 68. a bit breezy as well at times today. not enough wind that will cause issues. but we have a front approaching us that will create wind. we'll talk more about that and have your weekend forecast straight ahead. let's check in with joel. good morning. hopefully it's enough wind to get the rest of the leaves off the trees. i-25 and arapahoe road this morning, should be a great i-25. across the map, that's what we're seeing across the denver metro area. we saw where jamie was. you have a portion of arapahoe and glenco shut down. still should be able to access along holly. keep that in mind if you live in those neighborhoods around there that you probably can't access there. the fbi says a recent bank robbery in denver was so
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workers and customers would not even get out alive. our lauren dispirito has the latest. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured a denver bank robbery investigators are calling more violent than most. it happened monday at the key bank at the 2300 block of south colorado boulevard. video shows two men get out of a gold dodge sedan, then rush into the bank. one hops the counter, and the suspects point ns employees and customers. denver fbi spokesperson deborah sherman. >> the men were very violent, very dangerous. they really held people hostage, threatened their lives. >> reporter: investigators think these men have struck before. the bank they hit is near a school and the robbery happened around 10:00 a.m. >> that's so scary. a lot of people are walking around and with their kids. >> reporter: during the robbery, the men wore unique gloves. white with red stitching,
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a detail investigators and neighbors hope helps identify the men and lead to their arrests. >> the way it was described they behaved, makes it sound like they may be desperate and do anything. >> anything with information is asked to call crimestoppers. learning more about the aurora nurse who is accused of swapping needles to steal painkillers at university hospital. she was in court yesterday. she got fired from four suspected of stealing syringes. she was never charged. we have also learned she tested positive for hepc. today the trumps go to washington. president-elect donald trump and his wife will meet with president obama and the first lady at the white house. mr.obama is calling for national unity to help the transition go smoothly.
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smartphone. why, ahead. and high tech is helping bring honor flights to veterans of world war ii and the ,,
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thousands of veterans of world war ii and korean war have experienced honor flights which bring veterans to washington, d.c. to see overtime memorials built in -- the memorials built in their honor. all can't travel because of their health. but technology brings the memorials to them. here's don champion with how it
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seen a lot in his 92 years. he flew dangerous missions in the army air corps in world war ii. >> lad some scares up there. >> reporter: more than 70 years have passed, but the memories have not faded. >> i think of the people that are, they paid the real price. boy, i tell you, they're real heros. >> reporter: cook wanted to visit the national world war ii memorial in washington, d.c., but he's not healthy enough to make the trip. t' because we as a nation waited far too long to build the world war ii memorial, and we're losing our veterans at a rate of 500 a day nationwide, world war ii veterans. >> this is your lucky day. >> reporter: sarah hill cofounded honor everywhere, which brings the memorials to ailing veterans through virtual reality. >> they can feel like they're there. >> reporter: cook was able to
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he's goggles. his daughter and son were also choked up. >> this memorial is for him and to have him see that and to see the expression on his face, just, i know it meant the world to him. >> reporter: it's a new way to salute aging war heros. don champion, cbs news. >> on veterans day the will add a virtual tour of the vietnam wall. it really is a great thing for them. little experience there that he wouldn't get otherwise. >> he deserves it. let's get over to ashton now. hi, good morning. good morning to you. i'm afraid it's much of the same. dry and warm weather. yes, it's pleasant, it sure is enjoyable spending time outdoors, especially in the afternoon with this nice weather, but there's a price to
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we've gone 29 days, today will be the 29th day in a row without any measurable precipitation along the front range. last time we had rain was october 12th. we had a whopping0.01 inches of rain. warm today. 21 days now with above normal temperatures. last time we had a below normal day was the 20th of october. temperatures are far above normal this morning. we're supposed to be waking up to temperatures in the 20s. we haven't had that happen once so far 50 in arvada. littleton at 41. as we take a look at the state wide map, it's chilly in the mountains and mountain valleys like alamosa, san luis valley, it's 11 degrees. very cold in some high country locations. 20s and 30s on the eastern plains. pleasant day state-wide. highs in the 60s and 70s for the eastern plains. 60s western slope and 50s and 60s for most mountain towns. mountains are really looking
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ski areas to open. many of them have delayed openings and we see hope, but not until the end of next week. for now we're watching a cold front in montana and north dakota. that front will drop south passing over denver and the front range as we go into tomorrow. it will be cooler for veterans day. nothing dramatic. highs in the 50s tomorrow, which frankly is where we're supposed to be this time of year. unfortunately, no moisture for this front to work with, so no chances for rain or snow. if you fast forward to the middle of next week, the 16th of november, we're still dry. but look what happens, a storm system moves over the state, the green is where we could see rain or snow, this is for next thursday, a week from today, 17th. system gets out of here as quickly as it arrives and dry again for the weekend ahead of thanksgiving. we'll keep you posted on that. that's all next week. the next five days sunny and dry. 68 today. 56 tomorrow and mid-60s for the weekend. good morning.
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nice and wide open on that drive into town. that will carry from golden through arvada into denver this morning. we've got couple of trouble spots, looks like we have something new developing along colfax at i-25. we've had that police activity overnight. our jamie leary here in this neighborhood, it's near glencoe and arapahoe road. she tells us there are street closures in place. we'll continue to watch that. to access arapahoe along holly. thank you. cell phones play a major role in our everyday lives. a new study says the amount of time you spend on them could affect the quality of your sleep. here's our health specialist kathy walsh. >> reporter: like many of us, jenna can't go long without staring at her smartphone. she checks her apps at least once every couple of minutes. >> i think if i were to take an intentional cell phone fast, i
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long. i think it's now a habit. >> reporter: a new study suggests that habit could affect your quality of sleep. researchers studied more than 650 adults, tracking how much time they spent on their smartphones and their sleeping habits over a month. they found extended screen time was linked with poor sleep quality and less sleep, especially for those who used smartphones before bed. doctors say that may be for a few reasons. >> maybe if you don't sleep well you look at your ph more often. but the other alternative is looking at your phone supposes you to blue light. blue light is alerting and can inhibit your sleep and fragment your sleep throughout the rest of the night. >> reporter: doctors say getting enough quality sleep is critical for your physical and monthal health -- mental health. jenna says her smart phone habits have thrown off her
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>> reporter: doctors say trading the smart phone for a book could help ensure a better night's rest. >> that was kathy walsh reporting. the bottom line here, hang up for your own health. ,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,, you could say you heard it here first. jill told us the election day could hold surprises for the
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sure. jill schlesinger. when the markets opened things were different. i don't get it, jill. help us. >> reporter: all right. on tuesday evening the results are coming in and i'm watching the markets, and i'm saying this is what we would expect, if trump has a victory, global financial markets would push down stocks, u.s. futures were down 5%, that indicates about an 800-point wipeout for dow. mexican peso cratered by 13%. dollar was down. and buying in save havens like the yen and gold. then markets reversed course. i think by the time they rang the opening bell the stock market steadyed. we closed more than 1% higher on the session. the dow added 270 points. so much for predictions of stock market crashes under a
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next 18 hours? >> reporter: i think what happened was there was a little bit of the big thinking going on. you get this information and you say, oh my god, i'm scared. anxiety goes into high gear, sell everything, right? then you start to say, well, okay, i know trump's campaign rhetoric on trade and immigration is not good for the stock market. but it's really hard to measure the impact of what those policies would be for here in economy until we have them. so we don't really know. we don't know what it means for corporate earnings. i spoke to a number of traders overnight and they say, we learned a tough lesson from that brexit vote. unexpected outcome, stocks got pummeled and in the subsequent couple of weeks the stock market marched back up higher and these traders lost a ton of money. i think the issue here is investors are concluding it's
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figure out the impact of what a trump presidency would be for the economy and for markets. for more on what you should do next and what to expect from trump going forward, go to jill >> congress wants trade deals to remain and be put through. we'll see what happens. we appreciate it very much, thanks. >> take care. we're going to switch over to weather and traffic as forecast. good morning. >> good morning. it is time for the travel forecast. across much of the country it's going to be very, very quiet today. no major weather-related issues expected anywhere, including on the west coast. travel throughout our region, rocky mountain region, looks terrific. midwest in good shape. even the east coast will get to enjoy sunshine. cool, though, boston 49. washington, d.c. up around 60 degrees today after some rain there yesterday. all major airports across the country are showing green.
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let's get a check on the traffic. let's hope it's in good shape. it's in great shape this morning, if you are taking someone out to the airport, along u.s. 6 from golden through lakewood into denver, should be a great drive. along i-70 and along pena boulevard, nice and wide open at or near posted speed limits. drive times, speeds into the upper 50s. joel, thanks a lot. 5:25now. temperature of 45 degrees. people reacted to trump denver protestors were out voicing their opinions. why some say they're worried about the future. >> reporter: president-elect trump will meet with president obama at the white house today. this as the stunning victory is sparking protests across the country, including here at trump tower. i'm hena daniels in new york, i'll have the latest on transition of power coming up. frustrated was the word of
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headquarters. after giving up 218 rushing yards sunday, the broncos' defense frustrated. after a lackluster performance against the raiders, the offense is frustrated, too, trying to figure out what is going wrong. broncos are in the bottom half of nearly every offensive category. >> we're all a little frustrated. but i think we're doing some good things, too. it's tough, but i think guys are working re that's the thing. guys are working hard and we're not seeing it pay off on suns like we want it to -- sundays like we want it to. >> basically, getting over the last week and trying to get better. you don't want to be the team, well, their defense is good and offense, they got up and downs. we want to go out every quarter and put up points some kind of way. nuggets back home tonight. they get to host golden state,
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get twenty gigs and four lines for only 160, with no surprise overages.
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good morning, everyone. we are tracking breaking news that spans the metro area. there's been robbery in denver that led police on a chase for a stolen car all the way into arapahoe county. >> we have team coverage this morning. jamie leary is live where police have found a stolen car near an apartment complex in centennial. shawn chitness is where that robbery and shooting happened in the first place in denver. let's start there. shawn. >> reporter: alan, police were here for a few hours collecting evidence outside of the club where all of this happened. they have been able to clear
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they tell us two men who were outside of the nightclub were robbed at gunpoint. one of them seriously injured with a gunshot wound taken to the hospital in critical condition. we know that he is stable. the other man, the other victim in that robbery, okay. but the suspect able to get away with that car and of course at this time we know that police were trying to catch up with that suspect after that robbery happened here. live in denver, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. >> shawn, thank you very much. policese car across county lines, even for a short time on southbound i-25. let's go to jamie leary, she picks it up in arapahoe county now live in a neighborhood near arapahoe road and glencoe in centennial. what's happening there? >> reporter: these are called the villas at holly. this is where that pursuit ended at one point. officers lost sight of the vehicle they were chasing, a red camaro. this is where it ended up, this is where they found the car ditched.


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