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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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turns to riot in portland, oregon. good morning. we're in the 30s to get this veterans day started. it will be a cooler day followed by a nice weekend warmup. your forecast is straight ahead. a little pocket of trouble spots as part of the morning commute. alan, luckily none of them on highway. i-25 is back open after anti-trump protesters managed to shut it down at 6th avenue overnight. the highway closed at 23rd. protests got heated at denver police moved in to get people off of the highway. our jamie leary live with a look at what happened in those protests in denver last night. jamie. >> reporter: good morning, alan. this is the second anti-trump protest here in denver. but this one much larger and at one point it did cause the closure of i-25.
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>> reporter: the protest began outside the state capitol here around 5:30 last night. 3,000 rsvp'ed on facebook. they chanted, not my president. the large group marched in a line that at times stretched for blocks. police monitored the situation. they marched to the 16th mall and later to the araria campus. it was around 10:00 when the protestors took their message towards i-25. some could be seen jumping down a retaining wall to gain access to the highway, forcing the closure briefly between 23rd and 6th on the interstate. the highway was back open by 10:15. it was just after midnight when
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despite the huge crowd and the blockage of traffic throughout the metro area last night, there were no arrests and police say things remained largely peaceful. more protests are expected for today. live in denver at the capitol, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. thank you so much. a little bit of a different story in portland. protests got out of control there last night. police described this unrest as a riot. >> police used smoke grenades to clear the scene. protestors continued to move into the street blocking traffic and jumping onto cars. some lit fires in the street. heated arguments broke out among people. a woman threw laundry detergent at protestors. officers took several people into custody. protestors also gathered in downtown oakland, california. they blocked traffic on the interstate there.
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protests "very unfair." in a tweet he said the protestors were inciteed by the media. president-elect donald trump's transition to the white house is underway. yesterday he traveled to washington and had a 90 minute discussion with president obama in the oval office. it focused on domestic and foreign policy. he also met with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan. we are getting into his possible cabinet make- up. his choices will show it is not going to be business as usually. >> you are going to see a lot of barriers put up to have people turn this into a feeding at the trough thing. you'll see techniques we've been using for decades brought into these agencies. it's how you make them smaller and more efficient.
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chris christie, dr. ben carson, or bobby jindal. and possibly sarah palin as interior secretary. trump is reportedly considering rnc chair reince priebus. you may just need the hat and gloves this morning. 31 degrees. it feels chilly outside. we're going to get to ashton now, figure out what the forecast is looking like and as you can see just a beautiful sight out to the east. but it is chilly because of yesterday's cold front. we made it up to 70 ahead of that front yesterday. today will be noticeably cooler. 31 out at the airport now. here at the rooftop of cbs4 we have 37 degrees. the sun will officially be up at 6:40 this morning. temperatures in the 30s for most neighborhoods. dia just dropped to 27 out that way. if you're near the airport,
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morrison is 36. boulder is 36. that 27 at the airport, that's close to normal for a morning here in the middle of november. 37 is what we'll say at the bus stop. this afternoon closer to normal with highs in the 50s. this cooldown does not last long. a weekend warmup to talk about. now let's check in with joel. we have trouble on that morning commute. we have a traffic alert we're following. copter 4 nearby at tenth and wadsworth where we have things down. you have the barriers up. then there is this house fire nearby that. copter 4 just returning these images, just arriving on scene. i'm sure we'll continue to follow this. you can see the garage there, that whole street now blocked off by police and emergency vehicles. that is impassable right now if you are in that neighborhood, something we're going to continue to follow. southbound coming down into town speeds into the 60s. dipping into the lower 60s and 50s for a portion there.
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thornton to denver. mousetrap cam shows traffic stacking up along i-25. wide open over i-25 on i-70. big accidents that we have now 10th and wadsworth, also on federal at kentucky and the lights malfunctioning 16th and park. you can turn on our partners koa news radio for the latest traffic and weather together. a police officer in grand junction was dragged under a suspect's vehicle overnight. the officer suffered minor injuries. the suspect is dead. it all happened after midnight near the intersection of south 9th street and pipken avenue. police are still investigating. we'll bring more details if we get any. a teenager sentenced to life nearly 20 years ago will walk free. this comes after a 1997 murder in adams county. he was behind the wheel when a
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an innocent man died. a judge sentenced him and passenger to life without patrol. he was 17 years old at the time. a district court judge determined his lawyers were ineffective during trial. >> he was a juvenile and the drive of the car, not the actual shooter, and thought 19 years in prison was certainly enough time. >> he pled guilty counts of second degree murder and felony menacing. the case review is a result of a supreme court ruling. in january justices found it unconstitutional to automatically sentence juvenile killers to life without parole. new this morning, the son of denver broncos' owner pat bowlen will not have his harassment conviction
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him and his girlfriend last year. he was arrested for domestic violence. he is currently serving a probation sentence. we have surveillance video of a not so discreet shoplifter in fort collins. the camera shows a man trying to stuff a large box into his jacket, but he couldn't get that to work out. eventually police say he figured out how to get something out of the store. he stole several high priced items. he wasn't caught. we are honoring our veterans today and some of your errands may have to wait. here's a live look over the capitol building. most city and county offices are closed, including ones in denver. there is no mail service today. today people will celebrate the service and sacrifice of our veterans during the fort
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ceremony. [ bagpipes ] >> video from last year. that program starts at 11:00 a.m. at the vfw post near south clay and west hampden. today veterans and military members can visit any colorado state park for free. all you need is proof of your service. you can also salute our veterans during a parade tomorrow in denver. it kicks off at 10:00 in the morning at 14th and colfax. 31 degrees. yahoo! reveals new details about a
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f0 copter 4 now, breaking news, and this is what we think
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this is on west vassar way near kipling and morrison. you may have heard a lot of fire trucks, police and such rushing to the scene of this fire. as the helicopter comes around you can see they have this pretty well knocked down at this point. kipling and morrison area in lakewood. we're working on further details about a fire there and we'll let you know as soon as we get more info. >> we hope no one is hurt in that fire. obamacare enrollment is slowing down. we after donald trump won the president-elect. more than 100,000 meme selected health plans. that is the busiest day since open enrollment began november 1st. the last day to enroll is december 15th. trump has said he will replace and appeal obamacare. researchers discovered the year you were born plays a major role in how vulnerable you are to the flu. a new study find people born before 1968 are likely exposed
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first of two groups and are much less susceptible in adulthood to other strains within that group. those born after 1968 appear to be protected against that second group. today our military veterans can get free flu shots in honor of veterans day. american family care is offering them at three different locations and this includes the one on south downing and on south colorado. denver arts week wraps up tomorrow. you can still great deals. museum of contemporary art is offering admission for a penny. they have four exhibitions now. you can go to links and info section at to learn more about what's going on. 6:14 on this friday morning. weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4s. ashton, it's officially cold out. >> it is chilly. today will be a reminder that this is actually november.
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sometimes with the weather we've had recently. but today we're going to get a taste of fall-like weather. 37 where we're at now at cbs4. some areas are colder than that. at the airport we've dropped to 27 degrees. greeley is also at 27. fort collins 37. we're feeling the chill up and down the front range. teens and 20s in the mountains. consistently high temperatures throughout colorado this afternoon, with most areas in the 50s. mountain towns the plains, 57 in burlington, 1 degree cooler than that in frisco later today. clear skies throughout the state. we'll get to enjoy mostly sunny conditions again today. one exception is near trinidad. few clouds there. you can see this stream of cloud cover from northern new mexico into kansas and that's where our confident is located -- cold front is located. as it moves away from us today it allows high pressure to build in. our cooldown because of the front only lasts one day.
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lots of sunshine. highs in the sixies for both saturday and sunday. northern pacific ocean, yesterday i talked about a storm system off the coast of japan. here it is now, it's made its way to the aleutian islands of alaska. that's the system that will move into colorado the end of next week. looking more likely we will see snow in the mountains late next week. but at the same time it's looking less likely we would see moisture along the front mid-60s for your weekend. by next tuesday, joel, 74, close to a record. but that will be the warm before the storm, my friend. we'll enjoy it while it lasts. i-76 and i-270, you can see a couple of things. we've got some light volume, but as you get along i-270, that's where it's a mess for drivers now. and nearby at i-76 we've got a little trouble spot at 74th. watch out for that. that's where we've had an
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50s right now. nine minutes, not too bad from thornton to denver. through commerce city an accident in the eastbound direction of i-76 at 74th. the other big accident we have is federal at kentucky. then we've got a vehicle that's on fire, lowell and 37th. we've got an accident 10th and wadsworth, and then that fire where they're working and that's right near near kipling street there. watch out for that, all of that will cause you delays. drive times, southbound along i- 225 still got speeds into the 60s. good sign for the next quarter hour. both directions along i-70 speeds into the upper 50s from i-25 to i-225. thank you, joel. the markets have been wild to watch this week. let's see where they're heading this morning as we close out this election week. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange.
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>> reporter: good morning, britt. the postelection rally continues. dow jumped 218 points thursday, which means it opens today at a new record high. nasdaq fell 42 points. banking stocks got a big boost. investors think a trump administration will ease regulation on the financial du frank reform act. according to a new regulatory filing, yahoo! says it saw evidence a hacker had broken into its computer network 18 months before launching an investigation. that massive breach exposed personal info from about 500 million accounts. and today is veterans day of course. many restaurants are saying thank you. vets and active military members can get a free entree
6:19 am
or burrito at chipotles and baskin-robbins will give part their proceeds to veterans organizations. there are tons of deals out there and well deserved. >> so true. well deserved and they deserve a lot more. thank you veterans and thank you, jill. well said. friday's top stories want to get to. the country really, north america has lost a music legend, leonard co was best known for his powerful songs like "halleluiah." ? halleluiah, halleluiah ? >> leonard cohen gained attention for his poetry and books. a memorial will take place in los angeles. dead at the age of 82 years old. he really framed a generation along with bob dylan.
6:20 am
trooper killed in the line of duty is now suing the drunk driver who hit her and in a rare case the bar that served him alcohol. trooper jursevics was killed last fall. he is serving an 8 year sentence. the lawsuit claims he was negligent because he was driving drunk and speeding and goes after the bar claiming the employees served alcohol to a visibly into they're getting a competitive advantage ahead of sunday's game against the broncos. they signed john phillips and shiloh keo from the broncos. romi bean will join us later this hour and will be talking about the sunday morning matchup. we have a lot to look forward to this weekend. this morning 27 degrees.
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>> it's chilly. our weather watcher don in deer trail has 24 degrees. so yes, a chilly start to this veteran's day. a nice weekend warmup ahead. ,,
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welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. it is time for weather and traffic on the 4's. we are checking out your travel forecast. it will be a cool day
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anywhere in the west. mostly sunny skies, with one exception near seattle. rain today. dallas texas, 73 with sunshine. minneapolis few clouds, 47. 46 chicago. mostly sunny on the east coast, with almost 60 in washington, d.c. all major airports are in good shape. look at this beautiful sunrise this morning. it's chilly outside, 37. let's check in with joel. he has the latest on the traffic. take a look at these pictures we're just getting in from copter 4. logan. eastbound direction shut down because of a water main break and the water continues to pour out of there. this again at logan and 6th. eastbound direction of 6th avenue completely shut down. you can see the water just continuing to make its way down the street. you got heavy police presence, fire there. a lot of water onto the roadway. that will take a while to clean up. eastbound 6th and logan. what about the drive heading out to dia?
6:26 am
if you are heading down and out to the airport should be good. accident eastbound direction of i-76 and that's as you make your way to 74. volunteers are helping a fallen veteran and his widow. hurley butler of denver planned to rennovate his kitchen but died on this day in 1998. now home depot and volunteers of america are finishing the job so his wife, maria, can stop relying on a microwave to >> she's just so happy. we've been going at this since about january, and getting all the details together for her and we were able to surprise her and there have been tears of joy and she's just incredibly happy. >> volunteers installed 10 cabinets, countertops, a new sink, oven and refrigerator. here's norah o'donnell.
6:27 am
trump's first 100 days as we learn more about people he's considering for posts. my conversation with defense secretary ash carter on this veterans day. the strategy against isis, russian aggression and his advice to the next administration. the news, it's back in the morning. see you right at 7:00. >> cbs this morning right after our newscast. it is cold out this morning. 27 degrees now in denver. >> it sure is. h long time. coming up, anti-trump demonstrations shut down i-25 last night. a look at how this all ended. and the latest colorado ski resort to say we're not quite ready to open. >> what a bummer. and this is exciting, junior weather watcher dan from thornton is helping out ashton with the weekend forecast.
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good morning, everyone. we have a new river in downtown denver. take a look, copter 4 is over the scene of a large water main break. if it were to zoom in here, you would see there's a lot of water rushing out onto the streets and this is choking up traffic. let's get over to joel. good morning. >> good morning. you can see they are rerouting traffic as you travel along logan. that's the street that you find along here where the water is pouring out. it continues to pour out and actually making an escape down the storm sewer. this is eastbound along 6th at logan. it is completely shut down. they have a local detour, on
6:32 am
curiosity slowing or as they call it, as i heard in chicago, gaper's delay. >> that's one way to put it. it is chilly. most neighborhoods in the 30s, if not the 20s. erie down to 28 at this point. brighton is at 29. 32 in castle rock. checking in with one of our cbs4 junior weather watchers, hunter, he's in northglenn, 36 degrees. hunter this morning thank his uncle nate and uncle jake for their service on this veterans day morning. by noon we'll be at 53. a high today of 56. it will be about 15 degrees cooler this afternoon than it was yesterday. you'll notice the difference. this cooldown doesn't last long. warmup for the weekend and we'll have that weekend forecast straight ahead. thanks, ashton. we continue to follow breaking news about a fire here in what appears to be inside a garage.
6:33 am
we'll have a live report coming up this morning. denver nightclub is back open less than 24 hours after a robbery and shooting in the club's parking lot. that eventually led to a chase that ended up in arapahoe county. we brought you this story as breaking news yesterday morning. denver police say somebody robbed two men in gunpoint in the parking lot of the nightclub early yesterday morning. the suspect shot one of the men. the victim is expected to survive. that suspect is still run after abandoning a stolen car. after several incidents outside the club over the past two years, some neighbors say this isn't anything new. >> probably a police car or an ambulance here about once a week. >> denver police say they are working with witnesses on some kind of suspect description. you could soon see more electric cars in denver. leaders are working to bring
6:34 am
to the city's fleet by 2020. there are only three now. the additional cars are expected to save denver an estimated $800,000 over the next decade. leaders expect to receive a state grant to cover most of the costs of these vehicles. winter park is the latest colorado resort to reschedule its opening day. the target is now wednesday the 23rd. workers have the snow guns firing up, but the warm weathers on the 16th. we'll take you live now to a-basin. it is one of two places in colorado you can ski right now. loveland opened one run yesterday. and that snow looks pretty. we need more of it. time to meet our junior weather watcher, dan, from thornton, who is with ashton in colorado's weather center. hi dan, hi, ashton. good morning to you, britt, and good morning everybody and good morning, dan.
6:35 am
>> good. >> i noticed the star wars sweatshirt and that's because of this new exhibit at the denver art museum. do you like star wars? >> yes. >> it's not your favorite series? >> no. >> what's your favorite? >> harry potter. >> excellent. what town do you live in? >> thornton. >> how old are you? >> ten. >> what school? >> sky view elementary. >> thanks for coming in here and being one of our junior weather watchers. what's the temperature outside now in denver? >> 37 degrees. >> what time is the to be up? >> 6:40 a.m. >> that's right. a few more minutes. you said you don't ride the bus, right? you ride mom's bus. >> yeah. >> that's a real comfortable one. you have friend that ride the bus. what's it like at the bus stop? >> 32 degrees. >> that's pretty cold. these are the high temperatures across colorado. what do we have for greeley later today? >> 59 degrees. >> what about over here in frisco? >> 56 degrees.
6:36 am
>> you got it, man, exactly. one of those days with almost consistent temperatures. here's doppler 4000. clear skies. you see these clouds down here? yeah, it's because of this. do you know what we call those? >> cold front. >> that's right, cold front. came through yesterday. it's why it will be so cool today. high pressure builds in for the weekend. what do you think, are we going to have clouds or sun this weekend? >> sun. >> that's right. a nice weekend warmup. today's high 56. what aboom >> and sunday? >> then 66. >> let's keep going. >> 68 and 74. >> 74 degrees next tuesday. that's right. >> right near a record. >> close to a record, that's right tuesday. anybody you want to say hi to? >> hi jackson, hi sam, and hi nick. >> good morning to all of them. thank you, you did a terrific job. are you going to check out the
6:37 am
here's joel. remember, new want to be part of our junior weather watchers program, head over to our web site, the force is strong with that one. take a look from copter 4. this is not what you want to see. live pictures coming in, 6th and logan. they're trying to clear out an area there so they can get down and turn off this water main break. you can see heavy police get right to the spot so they can get that shut off and they can get traffic moving again. until then, eastbound 6th is shut down as you get to logan this morning. we're going to continue to follow that for you. across the denver metro area. not our only trouble spot. we've got a couple of side street accidents including along federal right at kentucky that will trip you up. here's where water main break
6:38 am
see the trouble at 74th, it is blocking off a lane. luckily it's in the eastbound direction and not the westbound direction where we typically see the volume this time of day. southbound coming into town, light volume, speeds into the 60s. 9minutes from thornton to denver. drive times, mousetrap cam, light volumes and it's a friday, so we expect that. here is your drive times making your way southbound along i- 225, speeds into the 20s. he had a rake out there trying to clear debris in that water main break. we'll get the latest on that coming up. also coming up, protests over the election turned violent. this is portland, oregon. one woman threw laundry detergent at a protestor. colorado companies get ready to send yet another rocket into space today. the goal behind this mission.
6:39 am
to overcome to beat the saints this weekend. teams in the nfl will do just about anything they can to get a competitive advantage. the broncos' coaches had to laugh a little bit when the saints signed not one, but two of their former players this week. the saints added john phillips and roster. this wouldn't be a surprise if they're divulging inside information. >> it doesn't change anything. it means they now know our system. shiloh is singing like a canary. he did it when he came here, i can tell you that right now. we played cincinnati and he came in and gave us everything. that's just the league, man. you just got to deal with it.
6:40 am
nuggets, took one on the chin last night, they fall by 24 to golden state.
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? good morning, everyone. breaking news out of denver this friday morning, live look from copter 4 as crews work a massive water main break that is flooding the streets at the intersection of 6th and logan. take a look, it looks like a
6:44 am
our jamie leary live on the ground getting her feet wet now. >> reporter: good morning, alan, good morning, britt. you can see behind me how massive it is. we've been looking at it from the air. take a look from the ground, thank goodness for these storm drains doing their job. eddie is going to zoom in. you can see where it's bubbling up. i just talked to denver police. they said this happened about 30 minutes ago. you can see pretty large police kind of directing traffic, which doesn't seem to be too heavily impacted now. they told me one of their main concerns is making sure people are going slowly through this intersection so they don't hydroplane, because there's a lot of water here obviously. they told me what likely happened when they see this kind of water flowing is it's an old piping issue. currently denver water attempting to find the shutoff
6:45 am
going to be a lot of work to do today once they find that valve, because they'll have to dig up concrete and repair that broken pipe, if that's what it is. let's check in with joel for a look at your traffic this morning. good morning, joel. good morning, jamie. we've been watching here from copter 4 and they had the big thing and turning it. hopefully that's a good sign. never a good sign on your morning commute and to the west of that you have that complex off of grant that has a starbucks in it. you have a lot of folks that will be affected. a lot of added traffic that heads through that area. you can take 5th if you need to get around that this morning. there are a lot of other options because it is downtown this morning. but ashton, this is eastbound along 6th avenue as you get to logan downtown, right in the heart of downtown. it's a mess. it is a mess. probably the only way that we would have wet roadways this
6:46 am
we're not getting wet roads from mother nature. beautiful start to the day with lots of sunshine. another completely dry day throughout colorado. sun has been up since 6:40. 35 degrees the temperature outside at cbs4. city park the same. but commerce city you're 30. erie at 38. boulder 36. a chilly start to the day. and there will not be as much of a warmup as yesterday. we almost ma yesterday. instead 56 today, a little closer to normal for the middle of november. we'll check your weekend forecast coming up. thank you, ashton. breaking news out of lakewood, crews are working a fire in the 900 block of west vassar way. from this picture they have it knocked down. it all happened next to kipling and morrison. copter 4 was over that scene and cbs4's shawn chitness worked his way out there.
6:47 am
this is pretty much wrapped up. firefighters getting ready to clear the scene. from where i'm standing i can see this is primarily a garage fire with damage to the top of the house. let's take another look at some of that video from copter 4. we're being told by crews here with west metro that this call came in around 5:30. there was work being done at the garage inside this house and that likely caused some fire by accident. it spread, destroyed a car that is inside the garage, and also spread up to the top of house. primarily to the outside of one of the bedrooms. enough damage to keep the homeowner away from the home until they can get those remares -- repairs done. no one was injured and investigators will try to figure out what the cause was. like in lakewood -- live in lakewood, shawn chitness, cbs4 news. we have a new round of protests in many cities around the country over donald trump's election win.
6:48 am
oregon. people lit firecrackers and destroyed property. this is what it looked like in oakland, california. demonstrators once again stopped traffic on the interstate there. police say the situation grew violent, people throwing rocks and bottles. hundreds of protestors, thousands actual, ended up going all the way to i-25 where some of of they walked and shouted about the election. they eventually on i-25 were met by police who tried to keep them off the highway. >> just let people know we're in this together. he was not elected by the majority of people. he was not wanted by the majority of people. and we are not here to protest a republican. we're here to protest an ideal of racism, of inequality, of
6:49 am
every class. >> despite some confrontations with police, there were no arrests in denver. president-elect donald trump is now responding to all the protests across the nation. he tweeted last night "just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protestors incited by the media are protesting. very unfair ." and he also tweeted this morning saying "love the fact that the small groups of protestors last night have passion ou country. we will all come together and be proud ." he is not saying much about this conversation with president obama, but the two did meet yesterday at the white house. >> now we're going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if we succeed, then the country succeeds. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. >> the president-elect also met
6:50 am
mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan. a ballot issue in denver still too close to call. amendment 300 would allow pot smoking at some restaurants and bars. now 51% of the vote is in favor of allowing that. we have 49% against. but denver is still counting votes. we likely won't even have the final results on this one until next week since of course today is the veterans day holiday. more on that coming up. new from overni suicide car bomber attacked germany's consulate in afghanistan. it killed at least six people and hurt more than 100 others. the taliban has claimed responsibility. secretary of state john kerry is now the highest ranking american official to visit antarctica. he arrived today for a two-day visit. he'll speak to scientists about
6:51 am
there. rocket with strong colorado ties about last off. it's carrying a powerful satellite. you're looking at animation of the planned mission. several colorado companies have a hand in that launch. the goal of this mission is to help people around the world see more of our changing planet. that is so cool. happening now, most city and county offices in our st veterans. here's a live look over the capitol building. the closures include offices in denver and there is also no mail service today. people will recognize our veterans today during the annual fort logan national cemetery ceremony. this is video from last year of that. the program starts at 11:00 at the vfw post near south clay and west hampden. >> want to make sure everybody
6:52 am
tough challenge on sunday. >> they sure do. we play the saints in new orleans and the broncos are hoping to make things happen with the run game. romi bean is joining us now and this game really puts us to the test. >> it does. they got to pull this one out. broncos have been so good for so long on defense, it's difficult to believe one of their biggest issues now is defending the run. as they head to new orleans for a game they need to win to keepi sure the saints will test them. let's make a list. the raiders ran for 218 yards and three touchdowns in their win over the broncos this past sunday. now the broncos will be without one of their best running defenders in derek wolfe. the saints ran for 248 yards and two touchdowns in their win this past weekend. on top of all this, the same
6:53 am
home games this season. in the saints run the ball like the raiders and chargers did against the broncos, brees will have all the time in the world to find his receivers. put all that together, it spells trouble for a broncos defense. >> enough problems dealing with drew and what they do. the last two weeks, week and the week before really good again. it's been two different guys. they're committed, good offensive football team. they make you get down in the box and it's why they're so good at what they do. very explosive making a lot of big plays, and another tough group for our defense to deal with. >> all right. my x factor is cornerback bradley roby.
6:54 am
penalties. if talib misses his game as expected they'll certainly look for roby's way. they gave up 300 passing yards per game and tied at last for sacks. >> you can hear week days on denver sports 660 on weekdays 3 to 6. let's get to traffic and weather on the 4's. >> this has eastbound along 6th avenue completely shut down. the picture on the right portion of your christian is from cop -- screen is from copter 4 and the left is from eddie castro at the scene. you can see the water pouring down into the sewers.
6:55 am
off. this is 6th and logan and will affect your drive making your way into downtown. they have it shut down, but they've got to now tear up the roadway and repair the water main underneath that. this will affect traffic through the morning commute this morning. across the denver metro area, the earlier accident eastbound along i-76 in the cleanup stages, it's pushed off to the shoulder. couple of other trouble spots, but no big accidents to get in your way and not a lot of volume either. we have speeds nine minutes from thornton to denver. thanks so much, joel. we are in the 20s and 30s up and down the front range as we look at a beautiful sunrise here on this veterans day morning. all the numbers just updating. dia at 30 degrees now. greeley at 27. meanwhile it's 36 in fort collins. 36 in boulder as well. later on today highs will be in the 50s throughout much of the state, including here in the front range. our temperatures will basically match most mountain towns and that's because of a cold front
6:56 am
the cooler air associated with that front impacting the eastern half of the state. front moves into texas by tonight, allowing high pressure to move in for the weekend. nice weekend warmup. and then the end of next week we still expect a storm system to move into colorado. that storm near the aleutian islands of alaska. there it is. should be here the ends of next week. looks promising for mountain snow. today, 56 with sunshine. tomorrow 67. 66 sunday. early next week it stays mild. changes the end >> ashton, thanks a million. let's go to our pet of the week. >> this is hula hoop known to be a playful little girl. >> and talkative. >> she was barking at us, wasn't she? she loves playing tag and she needs a family. >> maxfund is the place to go for this great dog. she was at one point a stray. but she's doing great. she does great things like she stands up on her back loves and does funny dances.
6:57 am
>> call the maxfund if you'd like to bring her home. with that, we'll leave you with a great friday. have a great weekend and go broncos, right? >> remember your ,, ,,
6:58 am
,, ,, first there is shaving. blades. sharp and precise. then gillette shielding. comfy lubrication before and after. and also cooling. oooh. i got goosebumps. gillette proshield chill
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proshield chill from gillette. the best a man can get. proshield.
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good morning. it is friday, november 11th, 2016. a demonstration in portland, oregon, turns into a riot. anarchists break windows and police respond with rubber bullets. >> the president and president-elect meet for the first time setting into motion a peaceful transfer of power and only on "cbs this morning," ash carter tells norah what the trump administration should know about fighting isis. we remember the poet, folk


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